German swimming pool where two Muslim migrant sex attacks have been carried out says it has been forced to segregate men and women


This is surrender. Instead of enforcing the law and holding the Muslim migrants accountable for their crimes (and deporting them, and stopping importing more), Germany is beginning to surrender and adopt Islamic mores. The segregation of men and women is common in Muslim countries. This is a sign of the Islamization of Germany.


“German swimming pool where two migrant sex attacks have been carried out says it has been forced to segregate men and women,” by Simon Tomlinson, MailOnline, March 5, 2016 (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur):

A German water park that has been the scene of two sex attacks by migrants have announced plans to segregate men and women.

The plan will involve banning men and teenage boys from using the waterslides at certain times when only women, girls and very young boys will be allowed access.

It comes days after police arrested two asylum seekers from Afghanistan for a sex attack on two girls on the slides at the Arriba water park in Norderstedt in the Schleswig-Holstein region.

The girls aged 14 and 18 had been using the water slides but their attackers, both from Afghanistan aged 14 and 34, had been waiting for them at the bottom and had then sexually assaulted them.

The accused are being kept in custody as prosecutors said that the degree of the sexual assault was so severe that it justified rape charges.

Before that, the fun park was at the centre of similar problems last summer when four teenagers aged 15 and the fifth aged 17 had also been molested on the slides by a group of asylum seekers.

Seven boys had blocked the slide with their rubber rings and then started groping the girls on the breasts and had been putting their hands between their legs.

At the time, Arriba boss Ruud Swaen, 55, said he regretted what had happened and added: ‘We will be doing everything to make sure something like this doesn’t happen in the future.’

But those measures did not stop the attack in February on the two teenagers, although the water park is still not going as far as banning asylum seekers.

Instead they have pledged to have the segregation of women and men on the slides at certain times, as well as further security cameras on top of the 48 already being used.

They have also hired plainclothes security officials, dressed in swimwear to look like other visitors, who will be on patrol swimming in the pools and using the slides.

Germany has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on the distribution of posters in numerous languages aimed at asylum seekers, informing them of correct behaviour towards women….

  • Barbara Spectre-Kalergi

    Great band aid. Unfortunately, the invaders will continue to attack Germans outside of the pools and gang rape boys at the pool.

  • Fred

    Sharia law in Germany.

    Wake up America or we are next.

    • Tom

      Wanna bet? I live in rural Michigan. I could have 15 men to whip ass in no time. Women are not play things.

      • Fred

        The more you can get the better.

        These savages must be stopped

      • Joyce D.

        What about in Dearborn? I’ve been reading about sheria law there? Is this true?

        • Tom

          Used to live there before we moved way north. It’s in a bad way. We moved from a mostly muslim neighborhood before 9-11. Information has it there were celebrations after 9-11. I wouldn’t have handled that well.

          • Joyce D.

            Tom, thank you for responding. Do you know if these muslims moved in gradually or a bunch at a time? Did you and your neighbors have meetings or something to try to stop this infiltration? When did this start happening in your prior neighborhood? The more I learn about this cult, the more I want to do to keep them out and not let any more in.

          • Tom

            We were a distinct minority when we moved in. One of our American neighbors was amazed when we moved in because we were NOT Arab. We stayed about 2 years.

    • ninetyninepct

      And now Canada. Jesus akbar.

  • Mannie

    They voted in the government that can do this to them. They put the government in place, they can overthrow it. Until then, it’s their country. Their circus. Their monkeys.

    When their country implodes, we must absolutely seal our borders against European refugees. Let them stay home and fight or die. Euronate on them. We don’t want their disease, here. We have enough of their kind already.

    • Lenn

      It is all of Europe, now Canada as well.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Don’t leave out the multicultural, politically correct islamic Shari’a state of Dearbornistan, Michigan — where any public criticism of islam (spit) or public proselytizing of the Christian faith is now criminalized.

    • Virginia Allston

      And you don’t have “the desease” in the US? Who’s running The show in DC?!

      • Joyce D.

        Unfortunately, the muslim in the White House is.

        • joe1429

          And he will be on steroids, these last months, trying to bring over as many as he can here

          • Joyce D.

            Unfortunately, I have to agree. I just hope that if Trump is allowed in, that he gets rid of them. I don’t even want to vote this year, but I have to because I don’t want the known liar, traitor and terrorist Hillary in there.

  • Save Europe

    Germany creates Sharia Law on itself. It’s very simple. Simply state – any migrant who rapes or murders – the death penalty. Any who then carry out any other crimes – immediate deportation without appeal. All women should be allowed to carry coshes.

    • Omendata

      And forced deportation of the entire family of any immigrant that commits a crime that will make em think – if they can?

      • Save Europe

        Superb idea. Like it A LOT!!!

  • Lenn

    Dumb and dumber! They should of course just ban ALL moslems from entering amusement parks, swimming pools and malls!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Ban all muslims from europe,

  • fulham2014

    As good dhimmis we have to please our Muslim masters, up to when is the question.

  • EJO

    EXCLUSIVE: Meet the all-girl bikini-clad ‘Groping Guard’ vigilantes who patrol swimming pools in Sweden against migrants molesting female bathers

    ‘Groping Guards’ bikini-clad vigilantes patrol swimming pools in Kalmar, Sweden, to stop women being molested

    Women say they took action as after five women reported being molested at swimming baths in town since October

    Kalmar, south of Stockholm, with population of just 36,000 has seen influx of 6,000 migrants with 34 migrant centres

    On New Year’s Eve at least 15 young women were groped in Kalmar’s main square in scenes similar to Cologne

    The women say they want female swimmers to feel safer say they are teaching young migrant men how to behave


    PUBLISHED: 09:41 EST, 29 February 2016 | UPDATED: 14:54 EST, 29 February 2016

    Read more:

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Easy to teach them how to behave, it’s called”conditioning” whenever one misbehaves, drag him out of the pool then beat him severely in sight of everyone. Repeat as required.

  • ljm4

    who is going to protect the little boys?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The article did say young boys would be able to swim with women, which I had wondered about, but your comment makes it clear why.

      • ninetyninepct

        The German women can simply hold the muzzy little boys under for a couple of minutes.

  • wilypagan

    They should cane these little bastards within an inch of their miserable lives.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Punishing germans is not going to fix the refugee colonist crime issue. Deal with the criminals, not the victims and bystanders. How stupid can europeans get… rhetorical question they come up with new demonstrations every day.

    • Roger Baldridge

      Apparently pretty stupid

    • Mamat Mamat

      The stupidity of the Europeans is beyond my comprehension. How can they tolerate such madness? As a non-Muslims living in a country with over 200 million Muslims, I can say that life as non-Muslims in Europe is much more dangerous and humiliating. Their leaders are traitors, their laws are laughable, and their men are nonexistence.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Western europe is so full of numbass non females that it is beyond pathetic. The question “what were they thinking” is a non sequiter, as they clearly are incapable of thought.

  • itchy

    After the second world war in Germany most of the real men were killed leaving a generation of weak and feeble behind and look at Germany now. Appeasers that bend over backwards to support the take over of the country and there lives. barbarack osama is fast tracking this right now with his bias muslime immigration policy which he calls refugees. The real refugees are the Christian minorities that are being slaughtered right now with no media coverage. Shame! shame! shame!

    • I look forward to hunting down this worthless kunt Obama when the time comes…

    • ninetyninepct

      Trudeau in Canada has bluntly refused to consider Christians or Yazidis(?) as refugees. Muslims only.

      • joe1429

        Taking a cue from potus

      • itchy

        Another whore who sells out his own people.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    The cheapest law enforcement method of dealing w/the problem: adopt Shari’a, in whole or in part, because freedom and liberty are just too expensive and tedious to protect — especially when muslums are stuffing your back pockets full of islamic petro-douchemarks.

  • ColonelNeville

    All High Treason Western governments INVARIABLY betray their own citizens and respond to Muslim child rapist invader vermin Sharia Law jihad with implementing Shari Law jihad on Islam’s behalf.

  • ColonelNeville

    If a Muslim male assaulted, raped or murdered any member of my family, I would do my best to track them and their associates down and remove their knees and genitalia. But of course the dimmi law would INVARIABLY side with the rapist invader vermin and not me..

    • mike kelly

      Thats when you indiscriminately pick victims that couldn’t be traced back to you.
      And dont just kill and leave them lay, take the bodies with you to mutilate at your leisure, before leaving the body parts spread out and intermingled among hog//pig carcasses, in a predominately muslim neighborhood.
      Do that enough times and you may just give them reason to pause and ponder the errors of their way and the evil that is islam.
      Barbaric violence can only be defeated by a greater degree of barbaric violence.
      Compassion, help and reasoning doesnt work on barbarians whose only goals are to force you to submit to islam, or to murder you as an infidel.
      That is my advice for you, Colonel, but i would also like to pose a question(s) to you.
      Why must it be a family member or loved one, to be assaulted, raped or murdered before you take any action ?
      Have you no love for your country ?
      Have you no love nor compassion for your fellow citizens ?
      I would think that a man who has amassed enough military knowledge and training to attain the rank of Colonel, would have banded together a group of men capable of killing quickly, quietly and efficiently, long ago already, and would have this dire problem well under control.
      But i dont think that you have and i cant help but wonder why.
      What is going on over there with the Germen men ?
      I would reslly like to know, Colonel, are Germen men no longer men , or what ?

      • ColonelNeville

        Hey MK, well that’s all rather delightful but who has the time? Sadly, the logical result of Western government elitists High Treason betrayal of its citizens to the delusions and lies of multiculturalism and thus Muslim rapist invader vermin, is either total asymmetrical DECLARED war, a slow civil war of attrition or surrender to Islam, slavery, rape, mutilation and death.

        Sadly, instead we have a mixture of all three with the total and civil wars of attrition being waged by Muslims, and Western authorities surrendering to and lying for Islam – while ONLY effectively attacking their own patriot citizens! Basically a leftist, fake conservative and Muslim cartel of Big Lies, rape and theft.

        Unfortunately I am NOT actually a military man – perhaps my greatest failing. None the less – Semper Fi. Be ever vigilant, armed, prepared and stocked up. It really is the end of the world as we know it.

  • Jonah

    The will to survive as a people has departed Europe and we are merely watching these peoples not understand that their Constantinople moment is near.

  • Lonnie Robinson

    What a bunch of surrender monkeys. And segregation won’t help because they’ll just rape somebodies little boy. These are some crude mother fcukers. They look human but their not.

  • Carol

    So the innocence must suffer from the hands of vile monsters who know nothing about humanity…

  • Roger Baldridge

    Forced to segregate?

  • DKR

    I would boycott an establishment,business, social club, or building that is catering to these demons. Any business that would allow something like this to happen and then punish the rest of civilization needs to have their doors shut down. BOYCOTT = No paying customers, no business.

    • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

      Then google halal and establishments -subway and macdonalds lead in Canada.

  • Jimmy Dean

    How about simply castrating these migrants? Do a few as an example and the rest might straighten out. If not, do them all or send them home….

  • conan_drum

    How do you tell a ‘good’ muslim from a bad muslim, just wait around and observe.
    Eventually his/her true nature will appear

    • Infidelnight

      The only good muslim is a dead muslim. Given the circumstances and the opportunity all muslims will revert to their savage teachings.

  • Drew the Infidel

    They neglected to mention that the water has to be changed after being contaminated with raghead slime and human filth. Soap and water for them is an epiphany.

  • Infidelnight

    Why not just deport the muslim scum and go back to being a free country.

  • SK

    Just say NO…. To muslims

  • Dave Mc

    The entrance fees for waterparks in Germany are quite expensive and most families can”t afford to go there frequently. So now instead of being a treat it has become a threat to visit them.

    • Joyce D.

      How exactly do these “refugees” afford to go to these water parks?

      • ninetyninepct

        Free invader entry courtesy of Angela. Humans pay.

        • ljm4

          their cult leader pedophile mohanned said: “migration cannot be ended as long as there is an enemy who resists.”

          this is a hijrah and not to be ignored….

      • joe1429

        lol… bc they getting all the goodies from the stupid e u govts.. who by the way will be bankrupt in the coming years because of this massive welfare class that was just IMPORTED in!!!

        • LaurenGlenn

          I read that they are discussing to raise the retirement age to 70 years. The health insurance is billions in the red because of the additional million plus people they have to cover, so the prices will go up. Property values drop in areas where refugees are living and affordable apartments are not on the market anymore.

      • LaurenGlenn

        Adults get 150 € allowance a month beside housing, food, shelter, clothing, health insurance……

        • Joyce D.

          Thank you for answering. They get food, shelter, clothing, insurance and money? I’ve been reading about issues with these muslims and also reading about the homeless problem of your natural citizens. We too, have a large homeless population population, many that are veterans. I just don’t understand why our governments take care of people who want us dead, but treat our vets as trash.

          • LaurenGlenn

            There aren’t many vets in Germany but the number of people living in poverty is growing and the gap between rich and poor is getting bigger. There’s no money to make with veterans or poor people but the refugees fill a lot of pockets. For example, I read that relatives of politicians buy crappy real estate which is used for housing refugees. The government pays well and they make about 5 times more money than with normal renters. These mass shelters get 30€ per day for housing and feeding a person. Former empty huge buildings are now gold mines.

          • Joyce D.

            This is hard to read. I want to press the down button because of what is going on, not because I don’t like your response. I’m so tired of hearing from some of my “intelligent” family and friends that muslims are good people and the bad ones are extremists. I’m disgusted that citizens of the USA (not me) voted in this muslim, TWICE.
            I’m not sure how much 30€ is. But getting all the other stuff alone is enough to do major damage to any economy.

      • ljm4

        European water parks have now been transformed into perverted moslem meat markets…and I’m not talkin’ halal…

        • Joyce D.

          This is such a crime. No government should make “refugees” become such a burden and force the government change the laws for them.
          I fear this will be happening here in the US because the liberals ignorantly thinking “muslims are good people”.
          I appreciate your comment, but I’m not sure if I hit the up button because I like it or the down button because I don’t like what is going on?

  • This is total and utter capitulation to Islam, simply put.

  • joe1429

    I hate to agree, but they not only need to be segregated at the pools, but also in different neighborhoods.. Apartheid, the only solution for the eu,,,and FAST!!!!

    • ljm4

      There are already no-go zones in Europe. Now those ARE some dangerous neighborhoods!

  • MiddleSister

    Scardy-cat German patrollers dressed in swim gear will really deter these savages. Why not get real about this and patrol like you mean business. These gropers and molesters & rapists are pool scum. Ban these pool scummuzzies. Do not give in. And German girls and boys? Fight back & yell & scream for help if you’re attacked! My God, do these people even know to kick & yell & scream & fight back????

  • ljm4

    Since boys up to at least age 15, are seen as desirable, then all boys under the legal age need to be with the women; leaving adult men swimming alone with the evil untrained basturds. Let’s hope the local men will be able to teach the POS moslems about freedom to defend their own.

  • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

    There going to need a big score board to list the infractions.

  • Joyce D.

    It’s there any way to share this on Facebook?

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