American Student STABBED TO DEATH in Muslim Terror Spree in Israel


What action will Obama take? The victim was an American in Israel — so Obama will do nothing. If the victim had been Muslim, Obama would be on a plane right now.

An American student from Vanderbilt University was stabbed to death in one of three bloody terror attacks that rocked Israel Tuesday, just as Vice President Biden arrived in Tel Aviv to meet with leaders in an effort to stem Palestinian violence and mend frayed relations with the Jewish state.

The Vanderbilt student, 29, knifed to death by a Palestinian terrorist during school trip to Tel Aviv: US victim pictured as terrifying video shows knifeman on stabbing rampage that coincided with start of Biden visit

Taylor Force, 29, was stabbed to death in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Tuesday
The attack occurred along a boardwalk near a beach in the Jaffa area
Force, a student at Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management, was on a school trip to Israel
In a statement, the school confirmed other students and staff are safe
Attacker has been identified as Bashar Masalha, 22, from the West Bank
Masalha randomly stabbed people on the street and inside their cars
He was shot dead by Israeli police after he failed to stop when ordered to
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden was in a meeting just a mile away at the time
Tuesday also saw three other attacks by Palestinians, one in the Tel Aviv suburb of Petah Tikva and another two in Jerusalem
During the Petah Tikva attack the victim is said to have pulled a knife out of his own neck before turning it on his attacker

By Chris Pleasance and Khaleda Rahman and Jessica Chia For, 8 March 2016

This is the American student who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist on a knife rampage in Tel Aviv before he was shot dead by police.

Taylor Force, 29, of Lubbock, Texas, was attacked along a boardwalk near a beach in the Jaffa area popular with tourists.

Up to 12 others were wounded, with four reported to be in a serious condition, according to ambulance service officials.

Force, a student at Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management, was in Israel on a school trip with several other students and staff at the time of the attack.

In a statement, Vanderbilt University’s Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos confirmed Force had been fatally wounded, but added that all other students and staff on the trip are safe.
americann victim muslim terror

Taylor Force (pictured), a student at Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management, was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist on a knife rampage in Tel Aviv before he was shot dead by police

‘Taylor embarked on this trip to expand his understanding of global entrepreneurship and also to share his insights and knowledge with start-ups in Israel,’ Zeppos said.

‘He exemplified the spirit of discovery, learning and service that is the hallmark of our wonderful Owen community.

‘This horrific act of violence has robbed our Vanderbilt family of a young hopeful life and all of the bright promise that he held for bettering our greater world.

‘Taylor’s family and his friends and colleagues have our deepest sympathy and utmost support.’

The attacker has been identified by security services as Bashar Masalha, 22, from the West Bank settlement of Qalqilyah.

Police say Masalha stabbed several people close to the marina in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, before running towards the Manta Ray restaurant on the seaside promenade, stabbing more victims.

taylor force
Taylor Force (left, with his parents and sister Kristen) was on a school trip when he was fatally stabbed

taylor force with girl

The 29-year-old, pictured with his sister Kristen, was a student at Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management

In a statement, Vanderbilt’s Chancellor said Forcce (pictured with his sister) ‘exemplified the spirit of discovery, learning and service that is the hallmark of our wonderful Owen community’

Masalha then fled towards the center of Tel Aviv, stabbing motorists as he ran, police said.

The Jerusalem Post, citing Israel’s Channel 2, reports that one of those seriously injured during the attacks is a pregnant woman while another is a Russian tourist.

According to Ynet the dead tourist’s wife was also among those seriously injured. The stabbings happened near a beach that is popular with tourists.

Shocking video of part of the attack, uploaded to YouTube, shows a man believed to be Masalha running along a darkened street into oncoming traffic.

As cars slow down, he can be seen running up to several of the vehicles and apparently stabbing the occupants before carrying on up the road.

Video of the attack shows the man, 22, running along a road close to the marina before approaching cars as they slow down and then apparently stabbing the occupants

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 8.09.46 PM

Video of the attack shows the man, 22, running along a road close to the marina before approaching cars as they slow down and then apparently stabbing the occupants

knife muslim terror

Among those severely injured are believed to be a pregnant woman, a Russian tourist, and the wife of the dead tourist, local media reports (pictured, the knife used during the stabbings)

Yosef, a witness who spoke to Ynet, said: ‘The terrorist, young with a sweatshirt, came from the direction of the Jaffa port.

‘At the promenade’s plaza he jumped on a couple of tourists. A woman was stabbed several times, tried to get away and collapsed. He continued stabbing a man and another younger guy in the leg.

‘I was in my car. I ran out, grabbed a metal bar and hit him on the back. He tried to stab me and then fled.’

Another witness, who gave her name as Emily, said: ‘I heard two guys screaming that there was an attack. I ran in the opposite direction and ran into a man who was on the ground in his blood.’

  • Bumpy Rhodes

    The disclaimer stated that there may be images that some would find upsetting. What was upsetting for me was not being able to see that muslim swine shot full of holes.

  • ruthy k

    He was a veteran that served 5 years! Obama doesn’t care. He eulogizes Freddy Grey and co. Service men protect him/us all, and they’re WORTHLESS TO THIS ADMINISTRATION! I’m so mad! I don’t know how soldiers and vets contain their anger.
    They /we deserve better than this!

  • Nelson

    Horrible. Outrageous. But Obama won’t do a damn thing!

    • ruthy k

      He’s a vet and Obama won’t do a damn thing!

      • MiddleSister

        Won’t even be mentioned by him. Obama probably won’t even be told about it. Certainly we won’t hear a condolence from him, nor from Biden.

        • ruthy k

          Oh those poor Palestinians! Lets give them more $!×650/88385.jpg?autocrop=1

        • dad1927

          Not like he watches the news. No wonder Bibi won’t come and get a lecture

          • MiddleSister

            I’m not sure I understand your comment, dad1927

      • El Cid

        The child Muslim model bomb maker is a hero to Obama–a decorated veteran is the enemy. Worse, he was cavorting with Israelis!

    • L. A. McDonough

      These tours need to be stopped or suspended for now for an indefinite time. It is just too risky. Church holy land tours and student tours, etc. included. Not worth the risk. Even France and other EU country tourism needs to stop. Europe is over run anyway, soon to be turned over to Islamic control.

      • The origional roger

        Israel needs both the tourism income and the exposure for goodwill and investment, and so that the world can see that they are a normal democratic society under attack, and not the monsters that the press continues to hammer out day after day,

        • L. A. McDonough

          Then law enforcement needs to crack down on the perps so as to make it safe. I realize crap goes on the streets of America everyday. Common sense and being aware is smart.

          • The origional roger

            I have heard anecdotal evidence that the Israeli police is unreliable and policemen would rather keep their heads down and ignore a lot of stuff.

      • lee

        Kill the savages so we can enjoy the world.

      • Up Huff

        Actually, NO. These tourists need to be given training in quick response time and then armed for the duration of their stay. I would think that a few dozen dead Palestinians spread out on the roadway after their first attack might make the wannabe ‘martyrs’ not so anxious to be put on their direct path to Hell.

      • Sifter

        Yes L.A. you are quite right. Let’s also stop going to shopping malls, since many knifings happen there too. Oh, and you’ll have to find another way to fill up your cars, since numerous knifings have occurred at gas stations.

        Just live your life quietly, maybe in a cave,..cuz that’s the life Muslim Terror wants you to have. And you are quite predictably playing a good little slave, Just the way they want you too.

      • dad1927

        If they are to go bring conceal and carry. Its a warzone!

      • MiddleSister

        Isn’t that what they want though? To stop the tourism?

        • L. A. McDonough

          Why even go to these hell holes or other areas where law and order is nil.

    • Stephen Honig

      You know Obama is an anti-Semite and hates Israel.

      • Dr. Doomsday

        Obama hates anyone that is not Obama..

  • Jimmy Dean

    Loser Obama will always look the other way when one of his own commits a crime, whether it be a black person, a muslim or a gay person – he turns a blind eye. That’s our dictator in chief……

    • joe1429

      T minus 9 and counting!! Go Trump!!!!

    • Up Huff

      Hard to ‘turn a blind eye’ when your head is firmly up your arse, I’m thinking.

    • Sifter

      ..dats cuz he’s all three..

    • joker

      American presidents got attacked for fantasy things, today nobody does anything. Why? The Americans are too lazy to pull off a hit. And by the by, what has the American president to do with what happened in Israel?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    How much do the democrats pay muhadajeen martyrs when they are killed murdering Jews? Iran pays $7,000 U.s to the martyr’s family. One would think the democrats would pay better.

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  • Uselesscrap

    Vote for Trump.

  • Uselesscrap


  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    What odds that president Bastard Obongo doesn’t even mention this….unless it’s to worry about the knifer.

  • Judi

    Not a word about this atrocity on the BBC today!

    • The origional roger

      You might not have been looking for the right headlines, it will probably go something like:
      “Palestinian youth shot to death by Israeli police during upsurge in violence”.

      • Judi

        Too true – in fact not only the BBC but all the UK news outlets have yet to mention it.

        • Michael B

          With Trump gaining so much ground have you noticed the slight, ever so slight, shift of the newsreaders opinion towards Trump? A week ago they were almost dribbling out the news of his number of delegates as he started winning state after state. Methinks they know it’s change that’s a coming!

          • Judi

            Let’s hope!

      • Sifter

        Yes, “Yet another extrajudicial killing by Israel takes life of Pali teen”, as though Zionists just murdered Huckleberry Finn.

    • Michael B

      CNN neither..

  • Drew the Infidel

    Netanyahu also knows the score and cancelled his upcoming trip to the US. Like the US citizenry he will simply wait it out till our long national nightmare is over.

  • Mal M

    Joe Biden Vice President of the United States came to Israel yesterday, the same day of this murder. There was no comment form him about this bloody attack.

    • Sifter

      Not true. Update…

  • joe1429

    So sad… But it wont even be mentioned by this potus! Congrats to Trump on 3 more wins last nite… Michigan, mississippi, and Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jack

      Joe, I like how the pundits predicted that Trump wouldn’t do this well yesterday including Fox. They hate him so bad b/c he personifies the GOP losing control of the Party. How many warnings did the Establishment/GOP-RNC get over the last 2 election cycles yet they kept ignoring the GOP voters? Now they have answer!

      • joe1429

        Yes… fox has been on his case, without mercy , over the last few mos. Even now the hacks from the five, perino and guttfield, will not say a kind word on Trump

  • Jack

    Barack Hussain Obama doesn’t care when a Jew or Christian is murdered by a Muslim Terrorist unless its threatening one of his plan/programs. Last week when asked if he considers what is going on by Muslim toward Christians genocide, Kerry replied it requires a lot of study its not a simple answer. The exasperated Chairman of the Committee gave him a tongue lashing and 11 March to complete the ‘study’.

  • Stephen Honig

    Why is it that we never hear from the asshole Abe Foxman on anything that relates to killing Jews, Iran threatening Israel etc. Why does he love Obama and the Muslims? What’s the difference between him and George Soros?

    • Sifter

      Only a few years. You can have Foxman. Soros…Heaven should call him yesterday.

      • Stephen Honig

        Why heaven? Did you ever hear of hell? You don’t have to kill anyone to go there.

  • Fred

    May Taylor Force rest in peace

  • Fred

    Great job by police killing the savage!

  • Up Huff

    If I were Netanyahu I’d order the IDF into Ramallah with orders to level EVERYTHING, following the Biblical injunction to “leave not one stone upon another”.
    With clear warnings to all those who DO leave the city as it’s leveled that the next death in Israel would result in the same happening to EVERY building in the West Bank. EVERY one of them.
    These Muslim ‘terrorists’ need to understand that their actions will bring a quick, decisive, and overwhelming response for their actions. Devastatingly so.

  • Dennis

    Although I am certain that many people of the Arab culture are not in favor of committing acts of terror and seeking insane martyrdom in the unknown hereafter, with their Fatah politicians praising the conduct of those fools and promoting these acts of terror in their effort to return to land which is long lost to them, and with the mullahs teaching and preaching that Islam’s Jihad is intended to be an affirmative and offensive expectation of the followers of Islam, and with the conduct of some of its people reflecting acceptance of that type of actionable insane and unreasonable
    conduct, and with their total disrespect of other religions, and their continuous determination to dominate the entire world, and with the failure to accept and convert to Islam as being suicidal to those of us
    who will not, what is the OBVIOUS CONCLUSION of all this insanity outlined in
    the news being broadcast? The “’solution” is simply that these two
    cultures (Judaic/Christian & Islamic), especially in the Middle East, and
    probably everywhere around this world, cannot live together in peace and
    harmony. Therefore, the only conclusion must be that they need to be SEPARATED
    as permanently as possible. Though I believe that in the Middle East the people
    of the Islamic culture will suffer more for that happenstance then those of the
    Jewish/Christian culture, simply because they will lose the developmental
    skills of the Jewish/Christian state of Israel, and will likely fall further
    into poverty and decline, the circumstances require SEPARATION because of their
    Islamic belief system that disables them from being able to live in a
    harmonious civilization and promotes their abominable conduct. The recent spate
    of knife violence and killings which supposedly follows these two cultures
    violently opposing the rights of one or the other to pray at or near the Al
    Aqsa Golden Dome Mosque and Western Wall in Jerusalem, and the attempt to burn down Joseph’s Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs should leave us all with the conclusion that SEPARATION is required. Our administration, and most of this
    world’s leaders are failing to come to this “set in stone” conclusion. The
    so-called “solution” should be framed with the underlying understanding that
    Israel must have defensible borders and that those who are displaced must be
    compensated and provided with livable space elsewhere in the Arab world, and if
    the Arab countries who receive aid from the U.S.A. refuse to provide livable
    space for those of their own culture, we should begin cutting off the financial
    aid that we supply, especially to those Islamic countries that hate us so
    openly, all of which is contrary to what the Arab world did to its Jews when
    they forced and expelled them out of their countries in the 1900’s without any
    compensation and the taking from those expelled of all their worldly assets confiscating all of their property and possessions. Israel
    ought to set forth what lands it needs to provide defensible borders and the
    needed Separation from the culture that refuses to accept all others, and
    simply take it without further ado. Right now the world actually can do nothing
    to stop them, with Russia and the crazies now in conflict with each other and
    an America who is being led by an incompetent coward who has no idea how to use
    and will not use our military to ever do the right thing. This is what I believe
    needs to be done by Israel’s leaders, and the rest of the world be Damned.

  • suqsid4

    His White Privilege /s

  • dad1927

    If obola had a son.. he would be palaeostinain

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