Algeria: Aspiring imam kills his sister, leaves her body in front of police station

ByPamela Geller on March 17, 2016
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Unimaginable inhumanity and misogyny. Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide. A manual of Islamic law certified as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam, says that “retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right.” However, “not subject to retaliation” is “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.” (‘Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2). In other words, someone who kills his child incurs no legal penalty under Islamic law. In this case, of course, the victim was the murderer’s sister, a victim to the culture of violence and intimidation that such laws help create.

An Algerian reader sends me this: “I read today in a local newspaper that a Muslim guy who is so religious and committed to the teachings of Muhammad (a Salafi) killed his sister with a knife after stabbing her many times. Then he threw her body into his taxi and parked that taxi in front of a police station. This guy was about to get his diploma to be an imam in a mosque.”

Algerian court

Here is my reader’s translation of the Arabic story here:

“Life sentence for a ‘Salafist’ who killed his sister before leaving her in front of a police station,”

Yesterday, the criminal court of the judicial council of Annaba has sentenced a “Salafist” to a life sentence. He was accused of killing his sister, a former worker in the city hall of Annaba, and then throwing her inside a taxi he was driving after he stabbed her in the chest and in several areas of her body. When he made sure she was dead, he kept driving with her in the city of Annaba at night, until he left the car he was driving near the main gate of a police station in Annaba.

The accused, who is 41 years old, confessed in the criminal court that he was preparing to get a diploma to work as an imam in a mosque, before he committed his heinous crime on his 46-year-old sister.

The details of the case go back to the date of the past July 1, around 1 am, when police officers who work in the police station of the state of Annaba found a taxi parked near the police station which made them go near it. They found inside of it, in its back seat, a murdered woman, with marks of having been stabbed with a knife in her chest and her left wrist. Beside her was a middle-size knife with blood on it.

And instantly, the police declared an alert to look for the one who committed the crime, who appeared after a short search to be the brother of the victim, who confessed during his interrogation of committing the crime he was accused of, saying he did it because of a dispute happened in the past between him and his sister concerning her bad behavior. He said this had made him leave his family home for more than 10 years.

And on the date of the incident, the accused declared that when he passed Elisa street while he was driving a taxi, he noticed his sister on the sidewalk. She waved at her brother with her hand, which he considered a provocation, so he stopped near her and ordered to get in the taxi. Once she did, he started reproaching her for her actions. Then he took out a knife that was inside the car he was driving and he started stabbing her. When he made sure she was dead, he kept driving with her inside the car around the city at night. Then he stopped the car near the main gate of the police station of Annaba and left for an unknown destination, leaving his sister’s lifeless body.

And the accused added during the interrogation that he left his sister in front of the police station because he was afraid for his mother’s health, which made him leave her and not take her to the family house.

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  • AlOmega
    • The origional roger

      Interesting, yes, that is good way to describe it, I notice that J street are having their tantrums over trump of course, the article says that some Jewish groups are wearing the yellow star of David, they really need to be educated.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Another fine example to todays muslim practicing today’s islam.

    • The origional roger

      And yesterdays Islam ?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Same manure, older pile.

        • The origional roger

          The thing is, after proving himself devout, did he pass his exams.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            It was probably his final exam. He couldn’t find any Christians or Jews to kill so his sister was the next best thing.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Well, girls don’t really count as they are property of men, so all he really did was follow islam’s instructions on how women are to be treated.

          • The origional roger

            Only an 80% pass mark.

          • Lonnie Robinson

            That statement is kind of funny but when you realize the actuality of the act itself it is thoroughly is enraging to me.

  • andersm0

    As soon as you read the murder of a Muslim woman by a family member, you know that it was a father or brother whose frail ego needed revenge for an imagined slight.

    • The origional roger

      Yes, it seems that hell hath no fury such as a male Muslim in a blind rage over these things, the question I have always asked is why does the mother and other female family members assist in the murder of their own.

      • andersm0

        The explanation can be found by looking at any captive group. In the vast majority of cases self-preservation trumps loyalty to your own, Those brainwashed by religion believe they’re doing the right thing. It’s a rarity in Western culture for family members, male or female, to participate in the abuse and murder of a daughter or sister. When it occurs, the revilement from the community is enough to drive home the message it’s aberrant and intolerable behaviour. In Muslim communities, it’s business as usual because there’s a belief the victim somehow deserved it.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        They don’t want to be murdered first for refusal. It is the right of parents, specifically fathers to kill their children and wives, it is not a crime in shari’a.

      • Lonnie Robinson

        Excellent and logical question. The answer is quite simple and that is that the sword of damocles is hanging over their heads as well. If the mother and sister don’t assist in the “honor killing” then the male gets to turn them into a ‘pin cushion’ so to speak. This is obviously TOTAL INSANITY but that’s how they roll.

  • The origional roger

    “She waived at her brother with her hand which he considered a provocation”.
    That says it all.

    • BrunoPBuhr

      There is no logic in the mind of a devout Muslim just violence and murderous rage.

      • Lonnie Robinson

        And so called devout muslims are totally without reason… they’re isane!

  • EJO

    A Kurdish woman was fatally shot Sunday during a wedding ceremony in Hannover, Germany for refusing to marry her cousin.

    The woman’s father, identified as Ghazi H. by German media, posted an image of his daughter Shilan in a pool of blood on the floor, along with a short obituary.

    “She died right in the prime of her life, as a victim of an insidious betrayal and custom,” he wrote.

    Ghazi H. said Shilan was forced into an arranged marriage with her cousin, Sefin, which she refused. Ghazi’s two brothers, Numan H. and H.Hassan, had organized it and decided to take revenge on Shilan for her refusal.

    Read more:

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Repeat after me: nothing to do with islam, nothing to do with islam, nothing to do with islam. Now don’t you feel all better?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It’s a subhuman cultural thing, people would not understand.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    He considered his sister’s waving to him a “provocation”. So he killed her because she waved at him?
    A “life sentence” in Algeria, I wonder how many years he will actually serve?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      In an algerian jail, a couple of days.

  • BrunoPBuhr

    There is a base of ignorance of human decency supremacist enforcement of hate and violence demanded by the laws in the Koran. To be so profoundly filled with rage from the filth Islam promotes as the law of god to act to murder innocents because of a drawing of gd pedophile is bestial! The libtard justice system will probably give him 15 years or so, allowing him to promote the filthy beliefs of Islam in a jail to create more animal jihadies.
    Solitary confinement for treason against the US on death row should be his final destination. No more libtard ” Justice”. Death for all traitors!

    • joker

      To wake you up this happened in Algeria, North Africa.

      • BrunoPBuhr

        Looks like I sleep posted mixing up two thoughts…he’s in Algeria 7 to 9 months at most…will be released by demand of fellow religious saints.

  • Ron Cole

    “A family that sticks together…..”.

  • marble

    To whom it does greatly concern (feminists and women libbers), please note.

  • Robert Batchelor

    These are the nut jobs we’re dealing with. This so-called religion must be eradicated from this planet in the same fashion we did with the Nazis—complete and utter destruction.

    • andersm0

      I agree with you on that. But imagine 1.1 billion Nazis around the world. Imagine that, rather than being confined in one country that suddenly declares open war on Europe, they stealthily incorporate themselves into their enemies camps and there use the cultural freedoms of their hosts to promote and elevate their own beliefs. Then imagine a cooperative political, educational and judicial establishment that silences their own people and praise the hatemongers. That is essentially the situation with Islam in the West.

  • BoWhetstone

    this maggot is representative of his disgusting breed. and Obama is importing his kind into America as fast as he can fill the planes with them
    they step off the plane fully booked into welfare, section 8, cell phone and a debit card with an average balance of $9,000 on it
    it wouldn’t be a surprise to find out that the cell phone is messaged with location and contact info of a person selling guns and bomb making supplies–and prostitutes
    Obama accomplished transforming america

    • Krinkles


      • BoWhetstone

        muslims know how to treat gay blades

        • Krinkles

          whats is it like to fap to goatse everyday?

  • .F*****G MUSLIM’S are not worth a damn.

  • Metatrona

    Maybe she refused to have sex with him??? Muslim men have no control over their impulses.

  • karl59

    I hate to think what this guy will do when he becomes an iman.