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[ July 28, 2017 ]

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[ July 28, 2017 ]

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Muslim Media, Memes Mock Israel for Perceived Capitulation at Temple Mount

[ July 28, 2017 ]

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Palestinian reaction after their big win on the removal of metal detector from Temple Mount

[ July 28, 2017 ]

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15 Suspected ISIS Members Planning Jihad Terror Attacks Have Been Arrested in “Moderate” Malaysia


This was a global war, and it is spreading even to areas where the enemedia has insisted for years that all the Muslims are “moderate.” Why wasn’t Malaysia’s “moderate” Islam persuasive enough for these Malaysians, who included a “mosque cleric”?


“15 Suspected ISIS Members Planning Terror Attacks Have Been Arrested in Malaysia,” by Simon Lewis, Associated Press, March 24, 2016:

…Malaysian authorities say they have foiled a plot involving at least 15 people, including a police officer and an airplane technician, who were allegedly attempting to obtain bombmaking materials and launch terrorist attacks in the Southeast Asian country.

Citing a statement from police on Thursday night, the Associated Press reports that 15 people suspected to be members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) were arrested over three days beginning on Tuesday, the day of multiple bomb attacks in Brussels that have been claimed by the group.

Malaysia’s national police chief, Khalid Abu Bakar, said in the statement that the suspects — ages between 22 and 49 — include a mosque cleric, a student, the police officer and technician, and four women believed to be planning to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

A Malaysian man fighting with the group in Syria had ordered those arrested this week to carry out attacks on Malaysian soil, AP said….Malaysia has detained more than 160 people allegedly linked to ISIS in the past two years.

  • rayward

    enemedia — cute, I like it!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Eradicate isis wherever it is found, by the quickest most effective way possible.

  • BrunoPBuhr

    It’s time for Obama to end his lectures about this “peaceful most beautiful religion”. His submission to Islam has been apparent from his first days in office. Muslims murder innocents, carry out their bestial acts because of orders still obeyed from a pedophile who blasphemed the word of G_d to commit heinous acts against humanity! The common thread in all the monstrous acts being committed is the direction of Muhammad the Koran and other writings associated with him. There has never been a peaceful Islam. It is a lie and those who promote it are as guilty as the animals that carry out its satanic commands.

  • joe1429

    How many more attacks before the eu revises its insane open borders policy, where the terrorists are jumping from one eu country to the next

  • Daniel Diamond

    “Modern Moderate” Malaysia
    Corrupt to the core right to the top.
    If it was not for the Chinese and Indians it would be an Islamic backwater.

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