WATCH CCTV VIDEO: Muslim Terrorist Ambushes, Stabs Jewish Jogger in Israel

ByPamela Geller on February 11, 2016
muslim stabs jew

Islamic Jew-hatred — it’s the root cause for the jihad against the Jewish state. Footage was released from yesterday’s stabbing attack near the Neve Daniel junction in Gush Etzion. The victim was moderately wounded, although his condition has already improved. A manhunt was launched to find the assailant.

These acts of violence have become like dog-bites-man stories. Nobody cares. The media yawns. But if a Jew stabbed a Muslim — man bites dog — the world convulses.

CCTV footage catches Arab terrorist ambush on Israeli jogger (thanks to Israel Video News)

J Post (February 10, 2016):  Tomer Ditore, 28, was found in moderate condition by MDA paramedics at the scene of the incident near the Neve Daniel settlement.

The Palestinian stabbing attack against Tomer Ditore, 28, on Tuesday evening was caught from a distance on a short video that was published on a number of WhatsApp groups a day later.

A Hebrew speaking narrator can be heard explaining the actions seen on the video, which would otherwise be hard to discern.

It shows Ditore, wearing a bright orange shirt jogging on the the Derech Ha’avot path near the Neve Daniel settlement in the Gush Etzion region of the West Bank.

A Palestinian man runs up the grassy hill and onto the path where Ditore is jogging. He runs behind Ditore and then catches up to him.

The two men can be seen struggling. It is at this point that the Palestinian stabs Ditore and then runs away back down the grassy hill in the direction of the nearby village of Nahlin.

muslim stabs jew 3muslim stabs jew

Ditore turns around and runs a short distance in the direction of Neve Daniel, before stopping on the path. A second jogger finds him there and calls for help.

When Magen David Adom paramedics arrived they found Ditore lying on the ground fully conscious. They transported him to Jerusalem’s Sha’are Tzedek Medical Center where he is listed in light to moderate condition with stab wounds in the upper part of his body.

Immediately after the attack security forces cordoned off roads in the area, including to Nahin, and erected checkpoints to search for the suspect.They have yet to find the assailant.


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    What do we expect from Islam …
    “Born in blood…will die in blood ..”

  • JimboTbay

    not that i condone the actions of these stuck-in-the-dark-ages and living-in-caves savages… but the story gives two descriptions…which is it…. is he a palestinian or an arab???? as in saudi arabia? as in the biggest human-rights abuser on the planet.. as in the one the west ( my country included ) ….keeps arming , because they have the oil and set the price????

    if they haven’t even FOUND the piece of s**t…. how do they know what ” nationality” he is ????

    f*****g IDIOCY on ALL sides… including the reporters

    • Dr. Doomsday

      An Arab living in “Palestine” is a “Palestinian” – capiche?

      • Les Legato

        JORDAN is “palestine”, moron.

        • RCQ_92130

          He didn’t call you “moron”, though I can see why you thought so.

        • vercingetorix

          Right! Who today still knows that the entity that is called Jordan today, was once part of the british mandate of Palestine. That mandate which comprised today’s Israel, the so called Westbank, Gaza AND the Kingdom of Jordan, was given to the British by the UN. If they had given in 1947, when the land was partitioned by the UN, all lands east of the Jordan-river to the arabs and called it Palestine, and all the lands west of the Jordan-river to the Jews and called it Israel, in my opinion the problem would long be solved.



    • Voytek Gagalka

      Who else can stab a Jew in Israel? Did you sleep for the past year or so when that “new intefada” started? Shall I enlighten you how many similar cases are already counted there with no end in sight?

    • Pray Hard

      What f’ing difference does it make? Hey, Jimbo, Muslim is Muslim. Seriously, WTF do you think it was? Good grief, catch up.

    • roger

      You really should start a new paragraph with upper case, yes , you really, really should, OK ?

    • Jack

      Oh yes idiocy the runner, he brought it upon himself by running. If he stops running they won’t stab him.

    • Delilah

      I’d bet money that the witness, the stabbing victim, could identify whether the perp was Palestinian or let’s just say, Muslim.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The only solution is to shoot palestinians on sight, if they are not in their cages where they belong.

  • EJO

    Dear Atlas;

    There you go again. Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. You just don’t like Muslims. You are just a big, fat Islamophobe. Don’t you know that this is just part of their culture?


    But this crap is part of their culture. Stab a Jew, and you get a hero’s welcome, and a parade down Main street.

    • Pray Hard

      Islam = Culture = Islam = Culture …

      • RCQ_92130

        .. or lack thereof

  • Pray Hard

    Learn. How. To. Fight.


      Learn. How. To. Shoot. Accurately.

  • EJO

    Death of Free Speech “It’s Illegal to Offend People.”

    512-471-4441-Campus Police

    The University of Texas at Austin police department issued a disorderly
    conduct citation to an outdoor preacher on Tuesday after students
    complained that his message had offended them.

    The preacher used the words penis, and anus in a sentence. He didn’t call anyone a penis, or an anus.–OFEU

  • RCQ_92130

    In the past Israel would retaliate fiercely when her people were attacked by feral dogs. Either blocks of terrorist training camps (i.e., Gaza neighborhoods) would cease to exist, or private citizens would exact equal revenge on equally “innocent” Palestinians inside Israel.

    That all may not be nice or what we would want, but it sure was effective.

    What happened to Israel’s spine

    • Les Legato

      STFU, u have no clue.

      • RCQ_92130

        Got anything you actually disagree with, or are you just a cranky coot with poor reading skills and a limited vocabulary?

  • Les Legato

    Find the POS and burn down his village, and then build a new Jewish town on it.

    • RCQ_92130

      Go ahead. Let us know when you are done.

  • itchy

    Jog with an uzi and if one of those rabie infected f%^#s come near you…………Give it to him, Full clip

  • vercingetorix

    Savages! All these disgusting knife-attackers should be shot dead at once. Their bodies should NOT be given to their relatives but instead should be given to science. Then at least for once in their miserable lives these bodies can contribute to something positive for the whole of humanity. If the victim dies, blow up their houses with everything that is in it.
    Unlike many other people here in Europe, i have had no sympathy for these savages ever! Israel has the worst neighbours any country in the world could have!

    • BHA1

      The Nazi state of Israel has hardly acted in a neighbourly manner since its inception – which was of course carried out under a murderous campaign of ethnic cleansing!

      • Just Opinions

        And yet all her neighbors are so friendly!


        Current day nazi islamofascism – attacking Britain, murdering people in Britiain, bombing the underground, buses, passenger planes.

        The more Islamofascists in the UK, the more death and destruction will befall the UK.

  • Lenn

    Moslems are evil! Not even animals do what moslems do. Israel must expel those demon-possessed critters that are intent on destroying Israel. Israel is the Holy Land, thus no land for moslem man! Cast out the pagan worshippers, the whores of the Devil! Then evict them from Gaza and the West Bank and let them return to their families in Lebanon – where the so-called ‘pals’ come from. Israel must get its old borders back, and it will.

    • BHA1

      Ha ha ha when you thieving racist Zionist scum stop murdering Arab men, women and children and robbing their land then just maybe you should be able to sleep easy in your beds!

      • Just Opinions

        This would make a great lullabye. For a zika baby.


        Hey, Ali Baba and your 40 terrorist thieves, you don’t stand a chance. against Infidels.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    The muzzie rat obviously laid in wait for a convenient victim. Hey, maybe the “moderate” musswein in Ysrael will cooperate w/the authorities to bring their fellow muslim to justice…NOT.

  • BHA1

    A thread full of Jewish Nazis – pure utter racist scum the lot of you!!


      Muslim Nazi Sharmutamed fith sez what?

      Your prophet of Satan who you call Mooooohammed Burns in HELL for ETERNITY – as does and will your entire family.

      Happy Eternal Nakba Nazi!

      • BHA1

        I’m not a Muslim you d!ckhead – but as I guess your grand-parents burnt in Auschwitz it really does you no favours to act like a Nazi! Granny would be turning in her grave at your vile behaviour – if she hadn’t gone up the chimney!!

        • Just Opinions

          The Jews shouldn’t defend themselves this time either. Sounds legit.

          • BHA1

            Israel is NOT the victim here – so PLEASE don’t give me all that!

          • Just Opinions

            They are. They’re just smarter and more powerful than their Jew-hating aggressors.

          • BHA1

            Perhaps you missed the bit about Israel murdering innocent men, women and children ; the bit about illegal land grabs; the bit about illegal collective punishment; the bit about the discrimination Israeli Arabs face daily, the bit about illegally demolishing peoples homes, the bit about the Wall cutting farmers off from their land and water etc etc etc?! Maybe you forget Sabra, Shatila, Qana, Cast Lead, Protective Edge etc etc etc?!
            And you have the audacity to wonder why they might hate Israel and its people?!!! LOL!!!!

          • Just Opinions

            I know the situation quite well and have drawn different conclusions from yours. Perhaps because I see people, not Jewish apes and pigs like you do. You sit at the keyboard wishing every Jewish man, woman and child be slaughtered. That I don’t miss. You don’t want peace. Your anger reveals your insanity, so you fit right in with the cause you align with. Another day of disqus … go get’em tiger.

          • BHA1

            I wish no ill will on Jewish people generally – but that wouldn’t fit with your own Zionist hate-filled victimhood!

          • Just Opinions

            Oh, now you reveal you’re a comedy writer.


            I wish ill will on fascist sand nazi swine like yourself and your Pal-e-SWINIAN pals.

            ETERNAL NAKBA on you all.

          • BHA1

            I can only assume you are 12 years old – a sad hate-filled little racist scum-bag!!


            I can only assume you are a brain damaged piece of Socialist filth.

            Your day of reckoning is coming. Good people are sick of Islamofascism murdering people all over the world.


            BHA0, Perhaps you missed the bit of your fellow terrorist filth murdering innocent people as in:

            – 9/11
            – Pan Am 103
            – Metrojet
            – July 2005 London transport
            – Mumbai India
            – Nairobi Kenya mall
            – Boston Marathon
            – San Bernardino
            – 250,000+ dead in Syria
            – Fort Hood Texas
            – Ottawa, Sydney, Copenhagen, Bali
            – ISIS swine beheading Lee Rigby, Daniel Pearl, James Foley
            – Stoning girls to death over your laughable ‘family honor’
            – Taliban swine shooting girls in the head for wanting an education
            – Murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh

            Bring it on piglet BHA, we’re all ready and waiting for swine like you.

          • BHA1

            Your way too fucking stupid to understand that just as I hate the murdering Islamist bastards I also hate you murdering Zionist scum too – but I guess your stupidity doesn’t allow for such ‘subtle’ differentials in thought?!


            BHAzzhole1, Where on these posts have you highlighted the World-Wide terrorism of Islamofascists???

            All you could do is WHINE about Israel resisting Islamofascism.

            Brutish Muslims BOMBED London transport on July 7, 2005, bombed Pan Am 103 which crashed on Lockerbie Scotland, beheaded British soldier Lee Rigby, openly threaten the UK with 9/11 scale attacks. Where is your self-righteous indignation????


            You aren’t fooling anyone you dumb sack of SHlTler.

          • BHA1

            Of course your propagandists try to conflate Islamic fundamentalist terrorism with the Palestinians just cause but Europeans can see through this cynical and ridiculous ruse – now run upstairs to bed so mummy can put your jim-jams on for you!!



            How could it NOT be????

            Pal-e-SWINIANS CELEBRATED 9/11.

            A Pal-e-SWINIAN assassinated US Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

            – Hamass executes gays – throws them off rooftops.
            – Hamass executes “collaborators” and drags their bodies behind motorcycles through the streets of Gaza
            – Pal-e-SWINIANS supported War Criminal Saddaam Hussein

            Islams War against the Entire World has already reached the shore of your tiny appeasing island of ungrateful socialist scum.

          • BHA1

            I don’t need to be educated by you or anyone else about the Islamist threat to us all – but please don’t try to sell me the usual Zionist deflection from Israels own crimes!!
            As for ‘appeasing’ anyone I’m sure my own grandfathers and many thousands from our ‘tiny island’ would have had a hand in saving your family from the gas chambers you ungrateful ‘git’!!


            Islamist threat? Don’t you mean IslamoFASCIST threat?

            Your red herring, laughably trying to divert attention from MUSLIM TERRORISM which is plaguing the entire world is failing.


            Your grandfathers would shoot you for dishonoring them by being a verminous nazi scumbag.


            The WORLD is the victim of Islamofascism and Socialism. Time to RESIST both.


      Brutish Nazi, Enjoy your Rapefugees! They’re coming after your mother and sister thanks to the Chunnel.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I hope Mr. Ditore makes a full recovery. As for the muslum perp I hope he suffers a violent death.

  • Just Opinions

    Hating on Jews is really pathetic. Of all the so-called minorities on earth, Jewish people are one of the few legitimate minorities and unlike islam they actually are persecuted. With the major religions tallying at near 2 BILLION apiece, it is amazing that islam can’t peacefully tolerate the last remaining 10-14 million (yes million) Jews left on the planet. It’s almost like their God tells them to do this.