VIDEO: Swedish Police Admit There Are Now 53 No-Go Zones There They Do Not Enter


Rest assured that the media and the politicians will continue to prohibit the use of the term “no-go zones,” and mock, demonize and smear those who use it.

Jeppe Juhl, Danish journalists describes the fall of Sweden

Danish reporter Jeppe Juhl from Newsspeek TV described the deteriorating situation in Sweden, a once peaceful country that now is regarded as the rape capital of the West.

According to Jeppe, Sweden now has 53 no-go zones where police will not enter without backup and often wear bulletproof vests. The same policies are apply to ambulance drivers and firemen.

Jeppe blames left-wing politicians and an inept and cowardly press who have been mouthpieces for the insane idealistic experiment by the people in charge. The country has exchanged its well-functioning and integrated Jewish population with illiterates and violent men from the Middle East and North Africa.
Via Vlad Tepes.

  • preferred user

    Obama and a lot of the Democrats want to invite that disaster here hoping for future voting blocks the DEM’s are truly disgusting now !

  • Gina

    Sweden, Denmark, UK, France, Germany, etc……no way around it, Europe is toast.

  • overboosted

    Like traffic ticket quotas, the police keep insisting these “no go” Sharia zones don’t exist. Uh huh. We all know better than that…..


    • Mahou Shoujo

      Sweden will be like France, all vehicles will have one gear forward, five gears reverse. That goes for the whole country, it will have to back up a long ways to get out of the septic field it is driving further into every day.

  • pdxnag

    Assimilation of a Muslim is impossible unless and until they genuinely declare their apostasy from Islam, and its inherent hate violence and imperialism.

    • Mike_Travis

      True but if they renounce islime they are no longer muslimes. Plus we cannot count on them to tell the truth as taqiyya tells them to lie to further islime (may pig sh!t be upon it)

      • pdxnag

        If someone says Islam is good, as in saying that the Q47:4 call to behead the kafir is good, they should endure something akin to a prosecution for sedition or face summary expulsion. We need to end the false pretense that the practice of Islam is anything other than an open call for violent sedition. A sympathizer of the Islamic monsters around the world who fails to wear their mandated distinctive “Muslim” dress could at least pretend to assimilate. You have to at least interrupt their massing five times a day to reinvigorate their hate in mandated flash-mob hatefests. We do not want or need hair-trigger blobs of hate mingling among us.

  • Virgil

    In the clip Jeppe Juhe says that , “One of the world’s best countries in just one generation has been destroyed by their own politicians”.

    Ronald Reagan warned that, “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation.” So many countries now, have been damaged so badly by their own politicians and the media elites, who have not told the people what is going on.

    When our own leaders are bringing war zones of people whose cultures have been at war for hundreds of centuries into our previously civilized countries, you know it won’t end well.

    • berserker

      – Their own leaders such as Sahlin have said there is no Swedish culture. Others like Reinfeldt have said that Sweden belongs to immigrants. Romson was crying because the border had to be closed. There is something pathologically wrong in Swedish society.
      – If Swedes do not think that they have a culture worth defending, then they deserve the Islamists and other barbaric cultures.
      – Also see:

      • Virgil

        The other problem being that Islam is the enemy to democracy and Sharia Law is the antithesis to democracy; hence police, etc. Are not welcome in their enclaves.

        Also mentioned is anti-semitism is exploding in Sweden, along with hate crimes against homosexuals and the oppression of women. What are they thinking importing more of that in at 100,000 a year.

      • Laurence & hopeful

        If *all* Swedes thought that way, then I’d pity them, but I’d also think they are merely reaping the wrath of their own destruction which they themselves have all sown.

        However – and this is a big however – not all Swedes think that way. Thankfully. So it is up to those sane Swedish people to fight back in the way each can as an individual, and as a group. And preferably a group and the more the better. Unfortunately due to the lateness of the hour it will now be an uphill fight on muddy ground. No matter what. And without any guarantees of being victorious.

        • Benton Marder

          ch more likely, we will be soon seeing a mass migration of western Europeans to the saner countries of eastern Europe—and to Holy Mother Russia herself, leaving western Europe and Britain to become crapholes for the Muslims and the fools that remain

        • a6z

          What makes you think those sane Swedish people command anything like a majority (not even to mention the new Islamic voters)?

          • Laurence & hopeful

            I don’t know the number of Swedish people who are opposed to the Islamization of their own country, whether they be few or many in number; however, whatever the number, I do know that those Swedes who wish to remain in their native homeland, and not one day have to choose from the possibility of three options (if provided), really are in need now to do that which they can to present the “hard sayings” – the truth and unadorned facts – to any and all who may be willing, able and ready to receive that, as they strive to hold further ground from being taken; and if successful in that endeavour to seek to reclaim territory which has been lost.

            And to do these things sooner rather than later is always preferable, and typically has a better chance of success, which itself depends upon several factors.

          • a6z

            To will the end but not the means is childish. The Swedes, taken as a whole, are childish.

            They want to retain their country, of course. That–obviously!–required keeping out these waves of invaders; and now requires the much more difficult means of expelling them. Those means they do not want.

        • joe1429

          Sadly, the border gates are still wide open, and the destruction of the eu countries… go on

    • virgil – People aren’t stupid and right now you can tell that European countries are starting to wake up to the reality of what their governments/media have done to them. Right now they are in the “polite” stage where they are going, “Um excuse me but do you think this is the best thing to be doing?” But this phase won’t last long because the governments have chosen to misuse their courts/laws in order to enforce and punish anyone who dares to question their destructive polices. Obviously the left wing governments don’t look to history to know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to the “will of the people” but throughout history distorting the law to punish opposition has always failed and instead has always been the flashpoint of pushing the people past the “polite stage” and into the “action stage.”
      It seems to me that many European governments have forgotten that they are accountable to their citizens, not the other way around.
      Western citizens have turned their personal, and their community’s safety, over to the government with the expectation that their governments will act in their best interests but when the government reneges on this then it is the citizen’s duty to stand against their government.
      When it all falls apart, which won’t be long now, and the people rise up against what is being forced on them, I’m sure they will remember, and hold accountable, which politicians and which media were responsible for bringing this upon them.

    • a6z

      That is (get ready for a phrase I didn’t think I would ever write) unfair to the politicians. Sweden was destroyed in one generation by her own people. The politicians actually did what the people wanted. What the people wanted was stupid.

      At first glance this looks like a death wish. When I look more closely, it looks to me to be terminal feminization.

  • RealEngineer2

    The “humanistic super-power” has collapsed…”One of the world’s best countries in just one generation has been destroyed by their own politicians”. Worldwide, the problem isn’t “racism” or “xenophobia”.

    Immigration VOLUME has EXCEEDED “ASSIMILATION CAPACITY”. Too many coming in too fast, and a liberal mindset demanding tolerance of predominately military age culturally incompatible males who find the locals intolerable….

    • Mahou Shoujo

      In essence, socialism in sweden failed miserably, due to incompatible cultures not taking responsibility for their actions. Swedes are naively stupid, muslims, violently stupid.

    • Mike_Travis

      One cannot “assimilate” a group that does not want to assimilate but to CONQUER. Muslimes are barbarian invaders, nothing less. The ONLY way to deal with them is to eradicate them. That is the ONLY reason the muslimes did not conquer Europe hundreds of years ago because the men took up arms, slew the muslime invaders, and forced them out of Europe.

  • hyj

    Muslims who arrive in europe are colonizers, not immigrants.

    • Rick Smith


      • hyj

        Invaders enter by force, without permission. Muslims are entering with permission. They are colonizers with the intention of invasion and conquest. They know it, we know it. But many don’t.

        • Virgil

          Much like when 4000 Muslims marched into Pelusium, Egypt. The government even offered them allegiance/citizenship. And look at it now. History repeats itself.

        • Rick Smith

          Colonizers sounds less ominous. Whenever speaking of the Death Cult of Islam it’s best to describe them in the most threatening way. Just as it is.

          • hyj

            But then it is much easier to disregard, by the ones who want to disregard it, on account of it being hyperbolic. It is thus a good idea to not jump in “correcting” the ones who are using the term – colonizers. Those who call them invaders, should be able to do so freely, and if someone says colonizers, he should not be patronized as well.

          • Rick Smith

            The ones who are going to see is as hyperbolic will the the left wing quislings and there is no reaching quisling traitors. And my word wasn’t meant as a correction is was meant as a suggestion. Don’t be so touchy.

          • hyj

            If we never make the leftist morons understand it, it would be in vain. Those who already know it, know it, but those who do not understand it, should be helped to understand it. And the way to do it is to come off as genuine and as realistic as possible. Hence, colonizers.
            I am not being touchy. Have you considered the possibility that I had not explicitly asked you for a suggestion in the first place? Never mind.

          • Rick Smith

            “If we never make the leftist morons understand it, it would be in vain”

            News flash: most leftists are protected by an impenetrable wall of cognitive dissonance so reason and logic will be justified away in a fog of pretzel twisting delusions.

            “And the way to do it is to come off as genuine and as realistic as possible”

            I think invaders is just as genuine. For example when I describe the muslim prophet I use the terms warmonger and child molester both are accurate and genuine. I know it’s shocking to many, but those who are not shocked by the truth won’t listen anyhow.

          • hyj

            I call muhammad a pedophile and a terrorist. Even better. That they won’t understand it should not be the reason for us to stop trying to make them see reason. Nor should it be the reason to stoop to claims that might be even harder for them to conceive. Both approaches can be used. Not a good idea to jump in with unsolicited suggestions.

          • Rick Smith

            “That they won’t understand it should not be the reason for us to stop trying to make them see reason”

            Wasn’t it you that said using the term “invader” instead of colonizer, was, hyperbolic, and not a good tactic? And I never said they wouldn’t understand the word colonizer, I said invader sounded more ominous.

            Pedophile, terrorist? Yes muhammad is both those words, as well, and I’m not upset one iota that you suggested them as alternate words that you feel are a better. They’re great words.

          • hyj

            My terms were responses to your reply. Your unsolicited suggestions were out of nowhere. You felt the need to jump in, just for the sake of it.
            I never said it is not a good tactic. I said both should be used. And the one who uses colonizer should not be “corrected”.

          • Mike_Travis

            Rick, without wishing to be argumentative, the term “terrorist” is a fabrication of governments who KNOW the facts about islime but who DON’T want their citizens/subjects to know the truth which is they are barbaric animals who follow a death cult intent on subjugating the world to its cult (NOT religion). As you know, terrorism as a tactic used to achieve a goal of an armed force much like the Nazi’s used blitzkrieg, attaching wailing sirens to their Stuka dive bombers to “terrorize” those they were attacking.

            I for one refuse to call them terrorists as it allows the government to dictate the terms of the discussion which if allowed will always tend to favor the government view rather then the factual, honest one.

          • Rick Smith

            True Mike, as a whole, the Jihadists are simply the military wing of the ummah. Just like all countries have a military wing. But, they do use the tactic of terror, just as their child molesting false prophet did. He even boasted that the tactic made him victorious.

            Bukhari :: Book 4 :: Volume 52 :: Hadith 220

            Narrated Abu Huraira:

            Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and ……….I have been made victorious with terror…………. (cast in the hearts of the enemy), and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.” Abu Huraira added: Allah’s Apostle has left the world and now you, people, are bringing out those treasures (i.e. the Prophet did not benefit by them).


          • Mike_Travis

            Rick, point well made. Thanks.

          • Patsy Barrett

            The invaders are at the very low end of the IQ scale along with the leftists. No hope for either. The war will be them vs the rest of us. Have you read The Bell Curve? I believe their brains are genetically different and they are incapable of any change.

          • Mike_Travis

            Calling mooham a pedophile, warmonger, rapist, murderer, slave holder, polygamist etc is only shocking to an uneducated or ideologically blind person. Those of us who know the facts know you are correct.

          • Mike_Travis

            Rick, precisely. And we know the punishment for traitors.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The lies of swedish socialist government minions, with complicity of sweden’s lame stream media have finally caught up and blown up in sweden’s face. By lying and pretending there was no problem, it allowed the issues to expand, now they are exploding. This is going to take a lot of work and effort to clean up the mess, before that can be done, a lot of honestly about the situation is mandatory. The big “bang” is no longer a theory in countries colonized by muslims.

    • Steve

      When they deport or arrest one the family should go as well. It works with the savages.

  • Rick Smith

    Remember when the leftist quislings made Steve Emerson out to be a liar for speaking that very same truth?

  • Ohio man 007

    why use police? send in the military with the police. if there is a disturbance, arrest the people and DEPORT them immediately (on the spot!) if they resist – let the army resolve the issue. these migrants understand only control.

    • Mike_Travis

      100% DEAD on correct!

    • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

      Military is controlled by the government,the government would not want it known that their plan to allow an influx of maggots failed miserably and show’s how stupid lieberal ideas are.
      So better to allow the NO GO zones and pretend everything is OK.

  • Awesome Houston Welder

    Join me @ HoustonWelder on Twitter for more Trump supporters & info about islam – let’s support Pam Geller and all women.

  • Laurence & hopeful

    In countries that have welcomed far too many immigrants or migrants who refuse to integrate, and especially when whole villages, towns and cities have now been overrun and lost, and changed into Islamic enclaves – and where no non-Muslim in their right mind and concerned for their own safety would enter (alone); particularly when knowing that public servants (police, fire, ambulance, etc.) will not enter alone, but only enter in number, and heavily armed – a heavy handed response is required.

    In a country like this, if there is any possibility of hope, it may be in the best interest of that nation to declare martial law, also giving the military unimpeachable license, to do whatever they must in their attempt to restore law and order and civility. And even then it may be too late.

  • Mike_Travis

    Islime is a disease, one that is eating the world like a malignant cancer. Here is the solution.

    Eradicate islime!

    Execute muslimes who commit crimes in our countries!

    Deport ALL muslimes form America, executing those who refuse to leave as they are invaders! (Swedes will have to find a spine and deport them on their own)

    Ban islime permanently!

    Execute the TRAITORS in our governments by LAW for they are encouraging the invasion and conquest of OUR countries!

  • joe1429

    Very sad. I have seen blogs, where in small villages in sweden, some women living alone have had their homes invaded, and raped more than once!!

  • Steve

    You can’t say they were not warned but in their defense they have been victimized by the progressive left socialist globalist push and this is what they have to show for it. Who knows at this point if they can be saved but they had better certainly do an about face and revise the plans.

  • trill

    The Europeans will move to america.. Oh but wait they won’t be allowed because america will be importing jihad instead. Disgrace

  • Barbara Spectre-Kalergi

    Isn’t this Israel’s plan — bribe/pressure European countries into accepting Islamic migrants and thugs, scare Jews into moving to Israel, and the hoard eventually ethnically cleanses Europe of those pesky white Christians?

  • chrismcphail

    “If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest
    seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” – Samuel Adams

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