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NY Times Reports on “Serious Concerns with Refugee Terrorists in US”: 14 Muslim “Refugees” Arrested on Terror Charges


The arrest of a California man on charges that he traveled to Syria to fight with terrorist groups, then lied about it to the Department of Homeland Security, offers new ammunition for both sides in the fierce debate over the refugee policy of the Obama administration.

The City Council, County Commissioners, School Board and churches are rebelling and protesting the Obama administration’s attempt to force the City of Hamilton, Montana to accept hundreds of Muslim invaders from “allegedly” Syria. But we know ISIS is printing those passports and they are sending who they want here.

Do you blame them?

“NY Times on serious concerns with refugee terrorists in US,” by Ann Corcoran, RRW,  on February 21, 2016

I wonder how many of you saw this story? It was in the New York Times on Friday (how many of us bother to read the NYT?), and is actually very useful and informative.
Fourteen refugees, who came in through the UN/US State Dept. Refugee Admissions Program, have been arrested in the last two years on terror charges

We learned a lot about the alleged terrorist at the heart of the NYT story, Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, last month at the UK Daily Mail.  He is an Iraqi-born Palestinian who came here as a refugee via Syria.

Longtime readers may remember that Saddam Hussein had invited Palestinians to Iraq and when his government fell, many moved to Syria and the US kindly began admitting them to the US as refugees.

This story back in 2009 was big news at the time because we don’t take Palestinians in any large numbers in the Refugee Admissions Program.

Here is what the New York Times said on Friday:

WASHINGTON — The arrest of a California man on charges that he traveled to Syria to fight with terrorist groups, then lied about it to the Department of Homeland Security, offers new ammunition for both sides in the fierce debate over the refugee policy of the Obama administration.

Conservatives and some federal law enforcement officials say the case of the Californian, Aws Mohammed Younis al-Jayab, 23, shows that the refugee program leaves the nation vulnerable to terrorism. But Homeland Security officials and Democrats in Congress contend that his arrest demonstrates that the system works.

The system worked for this guy, but how many more Mohammeds are out there?

Before his arrest, Mr. Jayab seemed like a typical young adult: He liked sports cars, studied computer programming at a community college in Sacramento and worked nights as a security guard.


Farmer thought refugee screening was secure, until now!

But the federal authorities have charged that Mr. Jayab, who was born in Iraq and came to the United States as a refugee from Syria, traveled to that war-torn country from late 2013 to early 2014 to fight on the side of terrorist groups and then lied about it to the authorities.


Still, some members of Congress and security experts say the arrest of Mr. Jayab has forced them to question the screening process. Federal court documents show that at least 14 people who came to the United States as refugees have been arrested on terrorism charges in the last two years, including Mr. Jayab.

“I thought that it was very secure until I saw the arrest in California and Texas,” said John J. Farmer Jr., former senior counsel to the federal commission that investigated the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, who is now a professor at Rutgers. “Now, I have my concerns.”

Continue reading here.

P.S. Rural Montanans do have something to worry about!

  • Roger

    “HAMILTON – A public hearing on a proposed letter opposing the settlement of Syrian refugees in Ravalli County and the surrounding area drew hundreds…
    The Ravalli County Commission hosted the meeting, which had to be moved three times to accommodate the crowd.”

    * The meeting drew a huge cheer when it started with the Pledge of Allegiance !

  • preferred user

    Democrats just want immigrants ( of any kind ) for future voting blocks… Dem’s are dispicable !

  • pdxnag

    We can manufacture our own. All we need to do is say that the inherent evil and conquest in Islam is good, as in Islam is Peace(tm).

  • Mahou Shoujo

    You can’t choose your relatives, but you can choose your friends. It is not a good idea to select your friends from a mentally unstable tribe who’s primary goal is to force you to submit to their will, or kill you. Try north eastern Alaska, if the federals must settle their assassins somewhere. Better yet, send them to libya.

    • Budvarakbar

      Better yet – send the dam feds to Lybia

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Ok, that would work too, make sure hillary the orc is in charge of security when they get there.

  • The origional roger

    Neo Feminists will tell you that Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, is a fine example of integrated, former asylum seeker, and he should have a job teaching kindergarten, after all, guns are only a problem with right wing ownership.

  • Gordon Anderson

    Buying votes

  • berserker

    It is interesting that these “refugees” are being dumped in very homogeneous (white) states. Why aren’t they being dumped in more “multicultural” locations? Deliberately destroying communities in the service of the diversity dogma.

    • SK

      It’s called changing the voting demographics. The dems will get more electoral votes this way.

    • Just My ImAgitation

      Mis-Appropriating the Culture – White is the S#1T
      Too much Christian over-tolerance for man-rights dooms a civilization.

    • Budvarakbar

      Yes – of course – Obama’s private army — they have the weapons and ammo stockpiled for them!

  • bikerken

    That doesn’t look like a bunch of refugees to me. It looks like an army out of uniform.

    • ljm4

      they don’t need no stinkin’ uniforms to do mohammed’s dirty deeds.

  • carpe diem 36

    We know Obama does not give a hoot about our security, but there must be others who do care and why are they not doing what needs to be done and not pay attention to what Obama wants. Montana and every other state should plain refuse to accept them, and what is Obama going to do, go to war with Montana?

  • Aaron Mullet

    Your claim of 14 arrests is not cited and is not backed up by any other sources. The real number as of today is 5 I believe.
    That statistic means refugees are less likely to be arrested for terrorism than American citizens.
    You are a fraud.

  • Steve

    The only surprise here is that this story is being reported in the new york slimes. I’m kind of wondering whether that reporter is going to have a job much longer.

  • Generalpatern

    “Serious concerns” will not save you.

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