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[ July 27, 2017 ]

Eastern Europe Leaders Buck EU Migrant Quotas: ‘We Will Never Accept’ Demands

[ July 27, 2017 ]

California: “Naive” Oakland Muslim Indicted For Aiding ISIS

[ July 27, 2017 ]

Muslim who plotted to murder Pamela Geller threatens confidential informant in the case

[ July 27, 2017 ]

Migrants Overwhelm German Courts With Asylum Lawsuits, as Critics Warn: System Will ‘Collapse’

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More Facebook sharia compliance: Stop Islamisation of Denmark page banned

[ July 27, 2017 ]

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[ July 27, 2017 ]

San Diego ‘Refugee’ Arrivals Lowest in 10 Years Due to Trump’s Terrorist Travel Ban

[ July 27, 2017 ]

VIDEO Austria: Muslim Jew-hatred protest with children, “Allahu Akbar!” “Free when Israel is destroyed”

[ July 27, 2017 ]

Muslim migrant in Austria convicted of plotting murder of Jews

[ July 26, 2017 ]

Rep Steve King: Democrat Muslim IT spy ring is “an enormous act of treason, a...

Muslims masquerading as teenagers in Swedish asylum centre repeatedly rape 12-year-old boy and film the assault


“The case is being treated as especially serious by the prosecutor as not only did the rapists film themselves attacking the boy, but they ‘exhibited particular ruthlessness and harshness’.”

This is the savagery that Sweden — and all of Europe — has brought upon itself. And it is only just beginning.

Sweden-refugees welcome

“Young Boy Repeatedly Raped After He Was Billeted With Migrant Men,” by Oliver JJ Lane, Breitbart, February 20, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Two migrant men masquerading as teenagers are being prosecuted after raping a young child at a Swedish asylum centre, attacking him “ruthlessly” and even filming the assault.

The 12 year old boy was made to share a room with two others, who were said at the time to be 15 years old at the Alvesta asylum centre in Sweden. The child was subjected to at least one attempted rape, and a number of rapes by one of his room mates and another migrant at the centre, which the authorities became aware of in early January.

After police were called it become apparent the men had lied about their age — an increasingly common phenomenon in Europe as child migrants are given greater benefits than adults — and were in fact fully grown migrant males. Prosecuting the case, Emma Berge told the court a dental x-ray proved one of the men was 18 to 19 years old, and the other was certainly over the age of 18.

Investigations into the case have also revealed the raped child was not supposed to be in the home at all, as the building was only licenced to accept migrants in their later teens. Yet he was put into a private room with what they thought were older boys, and the police were not called over an earlier attempted rape.

The case is being treated as especially serious by the prosecutor as not only did the rapists film themselves attacking the boy, but they “exhibited particular ruthlessness and harshness”. As well as being prosecuted for the rapes, the men are suspected under child porn laws for making a recording.

Despite the video recording being held by the police, both men still deny they raped the child….

  • Think on UR own!

    Muslims who harass, rape and kill should be put away for years. Governments should not give soft sentences. These people NEED TO KNOW that such acts are not permitted.

    • FlyoverFred

      Who are you trying to convince? The people who perpetrate these attacks have this kind of thinking fully ingrained in their way of life. It is culturally permissible in places such as Afghanistan to take a young boy as some sort of sex slave. In all of the Middle East, young boys and men are told that a woman outside “uncovered” or without a male escort actually wants you to force yourself on her. Otherwise, why would she engage in these behaviors? It’s how you get Tahrir Square, with forcible rape performed in front of literally hundreds of young men with not one of them raising so much as an objection.

      In order to convince these “refugees” they are wrong, you would first need to convince them that their culture is wrong. Europe has been pissing all over itself to do exactly the opposite for at least two decades now. They sold people on an ethereal concept of “multiculturalism,” claiming that it was Europe’s cultures that needed this injection of worldly values. They isolated those communities for the express purpose of preserving the home “culture,” under the ridiculous notion it would turn out like the Epcot World Showcase. They’re getting exactly what they asked for, and they’re feeling the pain of the side effects. If Europe will be suddenly trying to tell this wave of invaders that their “culture” is incompatible with Europe, they won’t be getting anywhere. They’ve sent the opposite message for too long.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Here is something from the internet, remember that muslims are allowed to keep slaves, this is reasonably contemporary. Is this what europe wants?

        Muhammad did say that slaves should be treated fairly. But they were still a Muslim’s property. Just as abuses occurred under Christianity, so too, many abuses occurred, and still occur under Islam. The difference between the two is that Islam ordains the taking of slaves during war, thus perpetuating slavery. Christianity does not. In slavery’s perpetual existence, Islam has seen great abuses of slaves.
        Everyone knows about the abuses of slaves in the new world. What do you know about the abuses of slaves under Islam? I found two very good books on slavery and Islam.
        1) “Slavery and Muslim Society in Africa”, by Allan Fisher, pub in 1971, and
        2) “The Slave Trade Today” by Sean O’Callaghan, pub in 1961.
        Both books really opened my eyes to how terrible slavery under Islam really is. I use the present tense, because it is obvious that these abuses continue to this day.
        I also have a number of other references concerning slavery in Islam. A general survey is Hughes Dictionary of Islam. It notes a few basic points:
        a) Slaves have no civil liberty, but are entirely under the authority of their owners.
        b) Slavery is in complete harmony with the spirit of Islam. Islam did make life better for the average slave, but Muhammad intended it to be a perpetual institution.
        c) Hughes also says that it is a righteous act to free a slave. I just find it hard to understand that the god who told Muhammad to take slaves later tells him it’s good to free slaves?
        In ‘The Slave Trade Today’, Sean O’Callaghan toured the Mideast and Africa and covertly visited many slave markets. Since Islam allows for slavery and slave trading, he was able to see much of the real world of Islamic slavery. Remember O’Callaghan saw this less than 40 years ago. This probably still continues today, albeit more discreetly.
        In Djibouti he writes:
        “Ten boys were ranged in a circle on the dais (used to display the slaves), their buttocks toward us. They were all naked, and I saw with horror that five had been castrated. The (slave dealer) said that usually 10% of the boys are castrated, being purchased by Saudi homosexuals, or by Yemenis, who own harems, as guards.” p 75
        “Why had the girls (female slaves who had just been sold) had accepted their fate without a murmur, the boys howled and cried?” “Simple” said the Somali, we tell the girls from a very early age – 7 or 8 that they are made for love, at age NINE we let them practice with each other, and a year later with the boys”.
        In Aden he writes:
        The Yemeni told me that the girls (slave girls used as prostitutes) were encouraged to have children, especially by white men. For if a slave girl had a white child, she was given a bonus of 20 pounds when the child was taken from her”. As you can see, the child of a slave remained a slave, the owner could sell the child and make money. This sale is allowable under Islamic law.
        “Only one offense was severely punished; attempting to escape from the harem… The wretched girl was stripped and spread eagle in the courtyard…punishment was administer by a eunuch, a huge powerful Negro who seemed to enjoy his task. 70 lashes were given.”
        “Because of this (the fact that eunuchs can perform sexually), the eunuch often has his penis removed as well as his testicles”! This is also legal under Islamic law, since it is preparing the slave for service.
        n Saudi Arabia he writes:
        ‘The slave population was estimated at 450,000″!. ….Slave auctions are no longer held regularly, only in an alley in Mecca.”
        ‘I was awakened by shouts and screams coming from the courtyard. Rushing to the window I looked down to see a dozen slaves being herded through a door at the far end of the yard. They were being driven in like cattle by three hefty guards armed with long lashed whips. Even as I watched, one of the poor wretches, a Sudanese girl with huge breasts, received a savage lash across her naked buttocks let out a shriek of agony’
        ‘As the next slave was led in, a murmur of excitement went up among the buyers and they crowded closer around the rostrum. He was a slender boy of about 12 years old with beautiful classical Arab features. Although much has been written about Arab brotherhood and solidarity, I knew that the Arab has no compunction in enslaving his fellows should they fall into his hands.
        The boy was naked and tried to cover his privates with his little hands and he ran up the steps of the rostrum……there is an age old saying among the Bedouin: “A goat for use, a girl for enjoyment, but a boy for ecstasy”. He (the now purchased slave boy) was claimed by a tall bearded Arab who led him from the rostrum with an arm around his waist”.
        This is just a portion of what O’Callaghan saw. This happens because Islam has made it legal for slavery. Yes, some of this is against Islam, but because Islam has made it into an institution, abuses will occur.
        Remember, this happened just 35 years ago or so, and it is probably still happening today.
        It is also noted that as the slaves get too old to perform service or sexually satisfy their masters, their masters ‘manumits’ the slaves. Now, aged, worn out, they are put out on the streets to fend for themselves. These ex-slaves are left to fend for themselves. Their former owner has committed a great, righteousness act in freeing a slave! He gets rid of the burdensome slave, and gets a bonus in heaven. What a religion!
        In Fisher’s book, other observations are recorded:
        In Mecca:
        “We take note of 20 tall Negroes in turbans walking near the Kaba. They are eunuch slaves and are employed as police in the great Mosque. There are about 50 of them all together.”
        “The streets are full of slaves… we see a few old slave women. They are recognized by the poverty of clothing… but we see nothing of the younger women slaves who are kept in the houses of the city.”
        “As we move along we see two or three very old men and women who look like black skeletons. If we go to the mosque at sunrise we shall see some of these, if we go at sunset they will be there too, and if we pass by at midnight, we shall see them there still .. Sleeping on the stones in their rags. They have no home but the mosque, and no food but what they receive in alms; (they were) turned out to seek the bounty of Allah, as their masters would say.”
        Speaking of how Saudi obtains so many black slaves: “they (the slave traders) pose as Muslim missionaries who guide their compatriots (black African Muslims), to the Holy Places of Islam, to make the Pilgrimage, and be instructed in the Quran in Arabic.” Once transported, they are made into slaves.
        “So with the connivance of the Saudi authorities the ancient trade in black ivory is perpetuated in our time in spite of the international conventions”.
        Fisher also notes that white slaves are most highly prized.
        Another interesting comment I’ve come across is that there were regions in black Africa that Muslim missionaries wouldn’t go into. The reason is that if those blacks became Muslim, they could no longer enslave them. So, the Muslims banned spreading the word of Islam among certain black tribes. It was from these tribes that local Muslim rulers would harvest slaves, and sell them throughout the Islamic world.
        Time and time again, slavery in Islam is abused. The west has finished with slavery, Islam continues it, and with that, the abuses go on.
        A recent article on the slavery in Sudan is found in Newsweek, Oct. 12, 1992. Since that time, there have been numerous articles written by every form of press on Islamic slavery in Sudan. Basically, southern Sudanese, who are not Muslim, are attacked, and rounded up, and sold into slavery. Anyone willing to do a search at a library could find these articles quite easily.
        Lastly, I remember watching a Tony Brown’s Journal show. It covered the slavery existing in Muslim lands today, the torture of slaves, the hobbling by breaking the young boys ankles, the seizure of Negro lands by Arabs, etc. Anyone is able to call the show and order this tape. A Negro Muslim from Mauritania was on the show. He described what the Arabs in Mauritania were doing to the Negroes (all Muslim) there. Recent human rights publications have also stated that the same is happening in Mali. Arab Muslims are forcibly taking land, and enslaving Negro Muslims there.
        Just a short while ago, a group of Negro pastors in the US, formed a group to combat Islamic slavery amongst the blacks, both Muslim and non-Muslim in Africa. The information on this can be found in the August 1997 issue of Charisma magazine, and in the 11-17-97 issue of Christianity. The group is called “Harambee” and is affiliated with the Loveland Church in Los Angeles, CA.
        Islam, when compared to Christianity is a step backwards; a step into “justification” of the enslavement of others.
        The book “Behind the Veil” can be obtained from The Voice of the Martyrs @ 1-918-337-8015.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Don’t forget the muslum slave state of Mauritania or the Islamic State. How strange that all the “moderate”, “decent” muslums of the world have nothing to say about these muslum slave states but have no problems ranting and raving about the “apartheid” state of Israel.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Because muslims all practice taqiyya in varying degrees all of the time. The irresponsible lame stream media does not publicize the criminal aspects of islam, only its alleged victimization.

          • Rob Porter

            Well said. This is exactly why in my opinion today, all Muslims are suspect, and this includes the supposedly “moderate” and “decent” Muslims. Having had personal experience with one in particular who after in his late forties ‘becoming religious’ he turned into a fouled mouthed, angry and irrational imbecile.

            I grew up under apartheid, in Canada have written to newspapers about the fraudulence of the ‘Israeli apartheid’ claim and it’s annual event in mentally retarded Canadian universities. Only once did the National Post publish the letter, but that was it. No longer do I bother to try because Canada’s newspapers are next to useless. The Toronto Sun would not and won’t publish such a letter. Contrast this with ten years in South Africa, 1977 to 1987 speaking out against apartheid and barely a thing not being published. Canada does not have a media that encourages free speech, that of ‘apartheid South Africa’ having been vastly more free.

          • Marinus Hoogedoorn

            Sign on ”The Rebel”,and you get to known the truth wats going on in Canada

          • Rob Porter

            I signed on a few months ago and Ezra Levant has my admiration. (Hey Marinus, did you know that you surname translates to ‘high thorn’?)

        • ColonelNeville

          It’s the same today. Look up the kidnapping and enslaving of camel boys throughout Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Gulf States run by the royal Saudi vermin families et al. Google Islammonitor org “camel jockeys” or my old blog at colonel robert neville blogspot com.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Islam is not nice, as any person looking at it will see, it rationalizes every crime, to make them acceptable to muslims.

          • apichorus

            you are the master of understatement. all criminals must die, wherever they are found, even

          • Rob Porter

            You are very temperate when saying “Islam is not nice”. Islam is nothing more than a vile heap of pigs droppings belief system. It’s adherents should not be allowed into Western societies, not least because what it teaches and Muslims come to believe and practice, causes a form of mental illness. An individual cannot absorb the sickening load of vomit that is Islam and remain entirely mentally balanced. Leaders like Angela Merkel who allow such people into the country they happen to be running should unceremoniously be thrown out of office as being at least slightly deranged. The new Prime Minister of Canada actually dresses up like a Muslim and goes to pray in a mosque – while claiming to be a Catholic. Thank God he doesn’t claim to be a Christian! And Canadians actually voted for the Liberal Party in order to get this half-baked nincompoop as their prime minister!

          • ColonelNeville

            Hey Rob, I like your attention to detail regards the filth of Islam.

          • Rob Porter

            LOL. Nobody ever accused me of not being passionate.

          • Rob Porter

            I’m glad it gives you pleasure. LOL.

          • ColonelNeville

            Hey RP, yes indeedy it does. Semper Fi, patriot.

          • Rob Porter

            Interesting you should say ‘Semper Fi’. I’m South African of mostly Scottish and Irish descent, but many years ago at Niagara Falls I crossed the bridge with a Canadian friend to enlist in the Marine Corp. He had already completed boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina. I had already done military service, but in those days the U.S. had an antiquated immigration law that denied me entry for years, so that endeavour went the way of the dodo bird.

          • ColonelNeville

            Hey RP, thanks for the insights. I have family in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. They went from England originally then via Canada to America. They were literal “wetbacks” as the old pejorative went.

            Yep, it’s so fashionable for the naturally treasonous left and RINOS, to see the definition of a viable state, controlled borders, as passe and even ‘unfair’.

            They would never try getting into Japan without any papers and riddled with disease and of course, they entirely accept that and no one says the Japanese are “racist!” for having Customs controlled entry points. But then it is all a tactical lie to destroy America and the West.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The next growth industry will be mental institutions to deal with muslims and dhimmis. There are too many angst ridden malcontents who find islam a contradictory illusionary cult to facilitate their contrarian attitude. When they realize what islam is, they will start to cackle and crack, as is seen by the insane violence and sloth of muslim converts and colonists. Islam is not self sustaining, it feeds off carrion, when it can’t kill fresh fodder, it shrivels into what is seen in the middle east.

          • ColonelNeville

            Hey MS, a very good insight and observation. Yep, Islam is a corpse grinding machine that makes its own mountains of corpses. As Chuck said in Planet Of The Apes – “IT’S A MAD HOUSE! A MAD HOUSE!”

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The mosque morgue is another growth industry. With apostates, infidels and slaves, very good return on initial investment.

          • ColonelNeville

            Hey MS, yep, Islam sucks cancer.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Islam is a brain wasting disease, as clearly shown by those afflicted by it.

          • ColonelNeville

            Hey MS, yes, I’ve noted that. Every interaction I’ve ever had with a Muslim has been a showcase of seemingly inbred mediocrity, irrationality and natural born lying to my face. The alleged ‘smart’ Muslims are from my wide and long experience, invariably just slippery, semi-clever, duplicitous, devious con artist parasites and opportunist mob-mentality thugs.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Muslims follow the qur’an to the letter, when convenient, as deceiving is one of their demon’s traits, it is theirs as well.

            Qur’an 3:54—And they (the unbelievers) planned to deceive, and Allah planned to deceive (the unbelievers), and Allah is the best of deceivers.

            Qur’an 7:99—Are they then safe from Allah’s deception? No one feels safe from Allah’s deception except those that shall perish.

            Qur’an 8:30—And (remember) when the unbelievers plotted deception against you (O Muhammad), to imprison you, or kill you, or expel you. They plotted deception, but Allah also plotted deception; and Allah is the best of deceivers.

          • Rob Porter

            And the Bush and Obama ‘enjoy’ friendly relations with such heaps of human excrement! – because they have oil!

          • ColonelNeville

            Hey Rob, sadly most of government and business et al ad nauseum do. It is as they say, sickening.

          • Rob Porter

            You are right. To them the ‘buck’ is vastly more important than morality and principle. Just consider how the Western world behaved after the Tianenman Square massacre. Initial condemnation and then fell over themselves kissing Beijing’s butt. My contempt knew no bounds.

          • ColonelNeville

            Hey RP, yes, it was and continues to be a disgusting spectacle. The relentless avalanche of events before and since has kind of broken the contract between government and the citizen for me. As Mark Steyn said in a recent column on Islam and its remorseless atrocities, once you know it you can’t not know it and it “haunts your dreams”.

          • Rob Porter

            Mark Steyn says it so pricelessly well. Their atrocities are “remorseless”, depraved and subhuman. Only a disgusting person – like Obama – is not appalled and outraged by their actions. Have you noticed that dirtbag Obama is now making out that Trump has disqualified himself for his talk of banning Muslims from the U.S. This disgusting fraud and excuse for a president never stops trying to determine events. I hope that Donald Trump and his people are keeping a careful lookout over their shoulders.

          • Hedy

            It is not the oil. It is the romantic, nostalgic memories of his childhood in Indonesia, where he practiced the Muslim faith. Remember? The most beautiful thing on the world is the voice of muezzin calling for prayer.

          • Rob Porter

            I recall.

          • ColonelNeville

            Hey H, exactly. Obama does the most relentlessly pitch perfect impressions of a Muslim Manchurian Candidate I have ever witnessed. What would he do different if he wasn’t? Nothing.

        • Rob Porter

          Very interesting and very sad. Pardon my bluntness, but doesn’t this demonstrate what an utterly shitty, excremental organization the United Nations Organization is? If it were anything of an organization for the betterment of human life this General-Secretary Ban Ki-moon bag of useless dung would be doing something about this ghastly slavery. No wonder that in 1899 Winston Churchill wrote that slavery would not end until Islam ended. In his case he was mostly referring to the treatment of females in Islam, but might just as well have been including the slave trade.

          It’s interesting that in the U.S. some blacks hate whites for the slave era, but I never hear or read about any anger toward the Muslim world for its appalling and on-going treatment of blacks. Ignorance is bliss!

          And the Bush family has over the years maintained good relations with the Saudis! Ignorance is bliss!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The u.n is an islamic society, it has muslims or dhimmi in as many roles as possible. The u.n stated it wants to disarm all civilians, as well as redistribute wealth from working economies to slothful violent wasteful ones. Then, it has tried to present international legislation that would allow blasphemy against islam to be an internationally enforced law, with appropriate punishment. Your definition of the u.n is quite accurate. It is the chief proponent and enabler of slavery, oppression of women, cult ignorance though forcing islam wherever it can, all decent countries that value freedom would be well advised to pull out of the u.n thieves market.

          • ColonelNeville

            Hey RP, you should read up on how deep the Emirates, Saudi, EAU, Gulf States infiltration and subversion is in Australia of all places. Go to islammonitor org .or my old blog colonelrobertneville blogspot com.

          • Rob Porter

            Thanks for this info, I will research it. Australia like so much of the English-speaking world long ago decided to embrace liberal ideas and has duly suffered a mental melt-down in which more consideration and sympathy is given to the violent lunatics of Islam than to their victims. The degree of stupidity and glaring naivety, driven by idiotic notions of ‘tolerance’, is now stunning.

          • Rob Porter

            Hi Neville, I’ve been reading this stuff about Australia and while very troubling, it is good to see that some wide awake Aussies began an awakening process about six years ago.
            I think that Dr Israeli got some of his ideas about Islamic proliferation and patterns of behaviour in invaded societies, from South Africa, Dr Peter Hammond, who a number of years ago wrote a book ‘Slavery, Terrorism and Islam’. He has travelled all over Africa, been imprisoned and beaten up by Muslim scum, and last time I heard, there was in Sudan a standing order for his execution upon sight. This is a gutsy man. If you Google Dr Peter Hammond you’ll learn more. It was he who revealed how with each percentage growth of Muslims in a society, the patterns that with great consistency develop.

            We live in very frustrating times when liberalism, accompanying rejection of old values and evolution of political correctness has turned minds to mush. So-called common sense is now extremely uncommon and its place has grown gross stupidity in which powers of comprehension and analysis seems to have deserted people. Where there should be outrage against Islam we have imbeciles who act as apologist for Muslim savagery.

        • trill

          To long

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Then don’t read it, research the subject yourself, if you are interested.

    • Castration FIRST!

    • They should be put in POW camps for the duration of the war. Make no mistake; Islam has a doctrine of warfare against non-Muslims. Although not many people realize it, we are at war with Islam & rape by a Muslim should be considered an act of war unless there are reasons to believe otherwise.

      Everyone should examine the Koran:

      • Ade

        I like your thinking

      • Rob Porter

        No unpleasantness intended, Red Bee, but are you new to this website? It has for a few years now been emphasizing that we are at war with Islam and reminding us that some Muslims, like the Muslim Brotherhood with whom the disgusting Barack Obama is friendly, has declared its desire to “eliminate and destroy Western civilization from within” – and that Obama and other Western leaders are helping in this pursuit.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        There is no reason to ever think islam is not always preparing war against either non muslims, or muslims.

    • ruthy k

      Shot if possible. i.e. When they’re caught in the act.

      • ColonelNeville

        Hey RK, in a sane world yes, that wanted to survive and cared about it’s own citizens. Sadly, that is not where we are in the slightest.

      • Rob Porter

        No, they should seated on a big vice and the vice then close of their testicles until completely crushed – with no anesthetic naturally.

    • ColonelNeville

      No, they should all be hung or shot as the rabid vermin they are.

    • Rob Porter

      If they kill they should be executed. If they rape they should be castrated with a rusty of knife – without anesthetic!

    • conan_drum

      They should be deported and the word rapist tattooed on their foreheads
      so everybody knows what they are

    • trill

      They should be shot in the face

  • scocope

    I’m sure the Islamic excuse industry will provide a myriad of excuses why this has nothing with Islam or refugees and the excuses will be ready to be used if the press ever covers this story.

  • Ayna

    A 16y old just sexually assaulted (not raped) a 12y old girl in a Dutch swimming pool in a place called Steenbergen:

    It’s an old islamic hostile take over pattern. Rape the woman of the enemy.
    Even with youngsters like this, this behaviour is totally brainwashed and institutionalized islamic performance.

    And with traitors of our countries persisting in protecting their voting/profitable cattle, trying to hush up these ‘incidents’, the disgust of the people rises.
    It’s those small villages like Steenbergen were people are most outspoken in their opinions, because they always have been the first who were getting forced up with asylum shelters without any say.

    Well that’s already changing, not too dramatically still…
    Only a few dead pigs dropped here and there…
    Which is tame compared to other parts of Europe, where more and more future asylum centers are already being burned to the ground.

    Everything indicated that it won’t be long before they will be coming for the established traitors who are responsible.
    Some of those traitors are already trying to reverse their lies.
    They see the harvest of their planted poisonous seeds coming too.

    • You are spot on; this is the Islamic way of conquest. Infiltrate (migrate in the name of Allah), create chaos and destroy the host society with kamikaze type fighting. Islam seems to have been designed to brainwash people to achieve this.

      I made an attempt to explain how this works:

      • Mahou Shoujo

        What is amazing is that the non females of europe stand by, with their knuckles dragging on the ground behind them, slack jawed and vacuous, while this all goes on.

        • It is not that amazing to me. I don’t know what country you are from but I am a Dutchman. I did not realize there is a problem before I decided, in 1914, to take a closer look at Islam and do my own research as you can read on my website here:

          What is mind boggling though, is our leaders seem to be oblivious to the threat of Islam. It is not my day job to do research in this area and it is not for most people, but it is their job and I say they fail miserably (see my webpage: ).

          I think European men are standing by, “with their knuckles dragging on the ground behind them, slack jawed and vacuous” as you put it simply because they are unaware of what is going on.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            What wold it take to make european non females aware of the circumstances? Large colourful advertisements in spas and hair salons? Do non females not look out the windows at what is going on around them? Or poke around on computers for something to do? Apparently they are busy poking each other, from all outward appearances. Western europe is lost, when islam proclaims shari’a law, they will not notice their heads rolling in the gutter.

          • apichorus

            the animals will first display angela’s head on a pole, and still, the braindeads will find some excuse for this, i.e. still not admit, until their wife or daughter or mother is raped or beheaded. Denial is an unbelievable phenomenon, and after years of brainwashing…

            exactly what is happening at all American universities right now.

    • a6z

      What ails the Swedes (and Norse)? At first blush it looks like a death wish; but seen closer it seems to me to be terminal feminization.

      • Ayna

        A combination of both, combined with a few other phenomenons that all come down to the treacherous, self-enriching behaviour of treacherous collaborators and cowards.

        And that goes for all non-muslim ‘islam=peace’ preachers.

    • Gabriel A. King

      The Muslims must be exterminated, and the Leftists and politicians forced to pay for their crimes via the death penalty for treason.

  • Chemical CASTRATION …unless the chemicals aren’t available, then mechanical would be acceptable!!!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Claw hammer is acceptable.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Typical lying muslims, they took pictures of their crime, then blatantly lie about it. They assume everyone is as stupid as they are… in sweden’s case, they might not be too far off. In any event, immediate castration and deportation with the castration procedure televised as a warning to others.

  • Lela Madera

    Maybe they’ll say they thought the kid was a goat!

    • Bernadet Rodakowski

      If it weren’t at the expense of a 12 y.o., I’d be laughing… Because I believe there’s some truth there, somewhere! A military ( or so it was labeled) video shot with night vision cameras actually showed 2 men assaulting an animal in such a way in a rural area that I believe was Afghanistan. Was it real…? It seemed to be. It was picked up during a general recon sweep of a landscape. Who knows, there’s lots on the internet that is fabricated.

      But I’ve watched plenty of posts & interviews w former military who have served in the Middle East, that’s where I heard this phrase about a Muslim man’s sexual proclivities:
      (warning! Crude content, not my thought, hearsay only)

      “If you want children, have sex with a women. If you want to relieve tension, have sex with a boy. If you want true pleasure, have sex with a goat.”

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That, is the true face of islam.

  • Gary Smith

    Has anyone ever heard of a Muslim actually admitting he did something wrong? It’s always the same with these people; deny and keep denying until the bitter end.

    Then again, maybe they don’t think this is wrong at all…

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Muslims are indoctrinated from birth that they are the “best of all people” their ignorant arrogance is unbelievable, subhuman morals, intelligence typify muslims. In their world, violence, rape, murder, theft and oppression are perfectly normal, being the traits of the perfect man, muhammad,

  • Ade

    Money should not be wasted on their incarseration .. other more
    effective .. more affordable methods of punishment should be employed ..
    they are used to sharia law and we want them to feel at home .. it
    would be racist and mean hearted of us to deprive them of the comforts of home in the form of their traditional punishments

  • Zvi

    Savage cavemen conquering Europe

  • JSebastian

    What did anyone expect from the members of a cult that venerates a pedo?

  • retiredbobinFla.

    Hang them!

    • a6z

      The moral superpower has no death penalty. Nor unduly long prison sentences. Nor particularly uncomfortable or high-security prisons.

    • Gabriel A. King

      500 lashes each tied to the whipping post in the public square… followed by burning at the stake.

  • a6z

    “The case is being treated as especially serious by the prosecutor as not only did the rapists film themselves attacking the boy, but they ‘exhibited particular ruthlessness and harshness’.”

    The case is being treated as especially unserious by the politicians and people of Sweden. They have what appears to be a death wish; but which to me appears on closer examination to be terminal feminization.

  • The origional roger

    If the politician’s in the countries really want to be honest they would have the weekly police briefs read to high schools throughout Europe in their entirety, warts and all, then let the people decide.

  • Gabriel A. King

    Baseball bats and other weapons need to be applied Liberally to the RapeFugee’s until even their dental records are unidentifiable.

  • Sid Eejit

    And still they let these people in. The noose around the European neck is tightening with everyone of them who enters. Only the intervention of God Himself will cure this. It is already too late for European leaders to do anything.

  • Lia


  • Robert Bayer

    You can be sure that no matter how many innocent children and women are raped … how many innocent people are murdered for being apostates or non-Islamic or gay or non-slave-acting woman … the leftists will attack the victims and take further steps to support the murderous Islamic barbarians …

    Remember …leftists and their power have to be destroyed first… there is no hope of victory versus the oppressive savagery of Islam until that happens …… because leftists fully intend to destroy democracy, human rights and civilization no matter how many hundreds of millions have to die for them to enact their foul idiotic oppressive ideology…

    Every act of violence that so unnecessarily is encouraged by leftists to take place such as the rape of this pitiable boy is still another reprehensible outrage by the leftists and Islamicists who are absolute evil.

  • It will certainly be found that this incident was due to a species of “sexual emergency” among the young men perpetrating this petty crime. Deprived of the opportunity to fulfill their biological drives with Nazrany females (who are all promiscuous, exposing their faces and limbs without thought for the temptations they flaunt in the presence of virtuous men of the One Faith), these Sons of dar al-Islam comported themselves as the Qur’an and the Hadiths dictate, expending their overflow of sexual energy upon a comely doe-eyed little boy, all praise be to Allah and to Mohammed, His Prophet.

  • Jaime_the_Scribe

    I’ll guarantee this trash will be protected, as always, by their leftist/liberal apologists. Sweden really have made a rack for their own back, just as Germany has done. These people are not welcome in our countries and I hate seeing these idiots and their ‘Refugees Welcome’ placards (notice how it mainly appears to none indigenous people that love to do this?)

    We, the people, did not invite them nor want to deal with them. Enough is enough.

  • bentux

    Another woman was raped in Innsbruck, Austria, at 6pm (!) by a migrant:
    Again, Germany media doesn’t say anything about it. Same for the above mentioned boy. Not a single newspaper reported on that.

  • Lee Berry

    Castration comes to mind…

    • ljm4

      absolutely, let it be known we will equalize the personal pain; FGM begets MGM…wait for me; I’ll get a not so sharp kni fe.

  • conan_drum

    At least they are being prosecuted. Muslim men are the reverse of most ‘normal men’ who have penis as an appendage, In Muslim men they are a penis to which is attached a’man’. That is their thinklng apparatus.
    Boys girls all the same they cannot keep it in their pants

  • Infidel Knight

    @Pam: I know you and Trump have “issues.” However, Trump is the only candidate that gets the Islam threat for what it is. He is the only one who can and will defeat it. Name me any other candidate that would have put the Pope in their place over this..??

  • got243kids

    Only the wolf performs brutal savagery of this sort and only the Sheepdog will stop it.

  • Stephen Honig

    The Muslims should get anal sex with a dry broomstick, that comes out of their mouths.

  • Badger

    They should be hanged for that.

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