Iran Replaces US Dollar with the Euro in Oil Sales


Obama paid $100 billion in jizya and ransom, and what did we get? Another sharp kick in America’s teeth.

Iran replaces the US dollar with the Euro and other foreign currencies in oil sales, requiring the customers to pay euros for Iranian oil.

Iran replaces dollar with euro in oil sales
February 6, 2016: 2016

Tehran, Feb 6, IRNA – Iran decided to replace dollar with euro and other foreign currencies in oil sales requiring the customers to pay euros for Iranian oil.

A major part of Iran’s oil sale money blocked in foreign banks during the sanctions and Iran found difficulty with receiving them due to US broad restrictions.

Kerry Iran

India, for instance, owed several million dollars of oil money to Iran, a part of which was paid in rupees and they will supply rice and steel sheets
and other products to Iran.

After termination of sanctions, Iran required the customers to pay oil money in euros.

Getting euros is not limited to Iran’s future oil sales either, since Iran has also required various countries to pay their debts for previous oil sales in euros.

India, thus owed 6.5 billion euros to Iran and there are about a dozen other countries with such debts that need to be cleared by euros.

The Deputy NIOC Manager for International, Marketing, and Operations Affairs Safar-Ali Keramati elaborating on the plan said that receiving euros is Iran’s first priority.

He said that this might necessitate signing new contracts with the foreign companies and the Petroleum Ministry has considered a hard currency basket instead of dollars, but the European clients will naturally have no problem in paying euros.

  • BrunoPBuhr

    Why not it won’t be Europe much longer….unless, do you think the Germans might GROW SOME and arrest Merkel for crimes against humanity? Nah

  • MCnNC

    John “F-in” Kerry and Obozo are imbeciles! January 2017 can’t come soon enough

    • haifisch8587

      Are you that anxious to see the coranation of Queen Hillary? The fix is in otherwise she would hsve been indicted. She is getting away with the email scandal for a reason and that reason is she has been selected to replace Obama despite the charade of Americsn elections. Trump is the only one who has chance of defeating her.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    I wonder when it will come the time that all other countries will demand to be paid directly in gold as it was custom in international transactions before Nixon closed the “gold window” in 1971?

  • 762x51FMJ

    So domestic US oil can be sold to Europe for less than Iran can produce it, The 150 Billion will be gone in no time and they can’t produce oil for less than what we can deliver it. Iran will be bankrupt in months and the Iranian people will kick out the Mullahs.

  • karl59

    America’s once AAA credit rating has been downgraded under Obama.
    Coincidence? I doubt it.

  • patriotpatone

    Obamas either the stupidest fool or the best con-man in the world I think the latter!


      No. The stupidest people are the ones who voted for him – twice.

  • Per Madsen

    Most of our oil is domestic, Canadian or Venezuelan. Time to end all ties to this axis of evil.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Why did Americans let hussain veto the pipeline from Alberta? Unless it is part of some plan to make America dependant on imported oil from unreliable sources. Selling off part of the American strategic reserve is also a bit questionable.

      • Tina

        The Saudis pay the environmentalists to demonstrate & shriek about “dirty oil” from Canada so that they can maintain their market share. They also write big cheques to the politicians. Then when the POTUS cancels the pipeline, he can say he’s doing what the people want, but he’s actually doing what the Saudis want.

        When a Canadian group began ads urging the west to buy “conflict free oil,” the Saudis sued them.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          The stupidity of progressive multicultural toady legal institutions is absurd, but has to be dealt with.

        • Reagan40

          That’s the same way the Saudis gave 700 million dollars to the Malaysian President to promote the cause of Sunni Islam and subjugate shia and everything else. I have no doubt that Saudi money is in the hands of western leaders and mainstream media to promote Islam, mosques etc.

        • hal8196

          I agree. The US and Saudis have a long standing agreement to to price their oil in US $. This has us bowing to the Saudis. Also, Warren Buffett owns the trains used to ship the Canadian oil. The petrol $ buys a lot of protection.

          • honeybee

            You are an intelligent person. The Saudis also fund anti-fracking groups. Leonard De Caprio is their favorite :butt boy”.

        • honeybee

          They also fund ” anti-fracking” groups.

      • honeybee

        Obama is beholden to the major share holders of the UP railroad which transports oil from Canada by rail.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Warren Buffet and Billy Gates have large investments in railroads, or so it is said, that would explain some of it, as hero worship, is strong in the weak minded. There are even those so feeble of mind as to be democrats, if you can believe it.

      • Ron Cole

        I retired fro a large holding company that primarily held natural gas pipelines and oil companies.
        We have a bountiful supply of shale, natural gas and oil that could carry America a century plus. America could have reasonable affordable energy and be completely independent of foreign sources. We could supply allies with fuel and free them from dependence on “enemy” sources.
        Clearly the current muslim fascist terrorist caliphate
        sees withholding our natural resources as a tool to destroy our grand Democratic Republic and enslave it’s citizens.
        Redistribution of wealth is but a part of their grandiose
        nefarious evil plot.
        Where is congress and the supremacist tribunal* in this?

        *Formerly the United States Supreme Court

        • Mahou Shoujo

          There is lots of natural gas and oil to go around. The wealth equalization plan that the democrats envision, sounds something like the Canadian “equalization” payments that are made from provinces that work and make money, then have it taken and given to provinces that are reliant of welfare and indolence as life style.

        • Gui

          Well, destruction of national sovereignity is an agenda carried around all the world. Specially when it’s involves natural resources that would possibilitate economical development and self-suficience.

      • notislam

        Time to give John Kerry and BHO black eyes and broken noses as well as a few less teeth for starters. Then leave them in Iran to perish.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          A pleasant thought, but without unicorns, not likely to happen.

      • Rob Porter

        Trump is right, the deals made by American politicians are useless. As he says, these are very stupid people.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Can’t argue with him on that particular point.

      • Per Madsen

        I pay under $2.00 a gallon for gas and that’s in Calif with big taxes. There is a huge glut. We don’t need more oil or a pipeline.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Not today, but give some thought to tomorrow, short term planning is usually quite a bit more expensive than long term. There is still interest in the northern gateway pipeline to the west coast and oriental markets, when China’s economy gets going again, it will be bidding for the same oil America is.

          • Per Madsen

            I’ve been buying gas since 1977 and it has never been a problem. It’s not a concern. Even though I’ve heard your same tired warning since the 1970’s and now we have electric cars.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            When I started driving, gasoline was about twenty six cents, Canadian, an imperial gallon, which is significantly bigger than the winchester, or U.S. gallon. Electric cars are of limited use in large cities located in mild climates. When the lowest temperature is minus forty, which is the same in fahrenheit and celsius, the battery in an electric car cannot run the vehicle and keep it warm for any length of time to be practical. Nice toy and conversation piece, like alternate energy, but totally unreliable.

          • Per Madsen

            There are more people in California than all of Canada and California is the largest car market in the world and large numbers of people drive electric cars. I don’t because I’ve never paid much for gas but it’s a non- issue. Norway and other oil selling nations are worried. I’m not.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Thats nice, but Caliph-ornia is not the only place in the world. Act locally, think globally. It would be interesting to see an electric car tested in Alaska and northern Canada, where it would have to perform in extreme conditions. Then, the slight technicality of the environmental impact of increased electrical production should be looked at. Try and remember that one horsepower is 746 watts. One square foot of solar panels will provoke about ten watts of electricity. Increased use of hydrocarbon, nuclear or hydro electricity all have associated costs and repercussions. Gasoline is convenient, reasonably prices and plentiful.

      • Obola hates America

        Obola, the turd in the White House, has only one goal: destroy America.

        By allowing Iran to sell oil in Euros instead of dollars, I suspect the practice will spread, the dollar will no longer be the world reserve currency, American dominance in the world will decline rapidly – perhaps fatally – Obola’s goal achieved.

        Jim Rickards explains it all very well. You will get the picture in the first 7 minutes of this video, but you’ll keep watching:

      • tgmoney

        Americans have no say! Hussain only panders to Americans when it is time to vote. He wont approve the pipeline because of the OBVIOUS reasons we are trying to get into everyones thick brain. POLITICIANS ONLY CARE ABOUT THEIR DONERS NOT THE PEOPLE. the oil companies are a HUGE doner with very powerful lobbyists. and so therefore forget the pipeline. which would bring cheaper oil with much safer cleaner transportation.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Well, maybe, oil companies are in the business of making money, they will charge what the market will bear. The bottom line is the individual voters decide, it is important for them to use there heads, not there emotions when voting.

    • As a Canadian I take exception to any Canadian Natural Resouce such as Canadian Oil being referred to as Domestic by an American. It is much in Americas benefit to buy locally but for some reason America wants to use up the Global supply. The missing word here is first, and then use your “Domestic” suppliers. We Canadians will be by that time locked into long term contracts with other buyers as we will not allow America to dictate; buy yes, dictate no. Make your bid more attractive. Pipelines will help.

      • Keep in mind that through fracking, which costs 25$ a barrel to do, the USA has enough oil to go it alone for a long long long time.

        Sell Us your oil, but keep it cheap. Otherwise keep your tar sands. _> That is a dictate.

        • Comment_on_Thought

          You are dishonest. Bitumen from sand is the same end cost (environmental as well economical) as fracking.

        • Per Madsen

          LOL preach it brother.

      • Per Madsen

        Huh? Our domestic oil comes from the U.S. Our second trading partner is Canada followed by Venezuela. The Middle East is far down the list. No one forces Canada to sell to us. II have a Canadian friend who is a welder in Trois Rivieres when the Canadian dollar was strong and it wasn’t profitable for the U.S. To buy from Canada half the plant was laid off. If it wasn’t for the American economy Canada would be as poor as Mexico. Feel free to sell anywhere else you like.

    • Reagan40

      I agree with you.

    • honeybee

      The Saudis are lowering the price per barrel in an , so far successful , attempt to destroy the Texas oil industry.


        The US should buy that oil and put it in storage so when the price goes up, again, we all know it will, the US will be ready for it own needs and let the rest of the world pay top dollar.

        The US oil producers may have to mothball some of their facilities, but they should be ready to restart when the time is right.

        Cheap oil, cheap energy is good for the world and bad for OPEC and fascist iran.

        • honeybee

          you don’t know the oil business

      • Ron Cole

        Does anyone still think the saudis are our ally?

        • joker

          For my sake they were never our allies!

    • paul

      what about the axis of evil in the white house? Can we sever ties?

      • Per Madsen

        Since I vote Republican this isn’t my mess and I’ll be voting for whoever my candidate is. The WH has been lost for 7+ years.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Not a big deal, for starters the euro is going to be a severely devalued currency as european economic output diminishes, while the costs of islamic colonists increases considerably. International finance is not something the Iranians have the economic brains or power to influence. They will spend much more than they have, with devaluation and inflation cleaning them out.

    • olddog

      Yep..goats will be a million EURO a head..

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Even more for the other end.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Much as I loathe facebook, the occasional article does appear that has some interest:

    RandyPompetti is the author of the note below. He lives in Hanna, Alberta, and not sure if he is an oilfield worker, but he seems to have the knowledge and facts. He actually posted it on Facebook in October, 2015 and looks like it’s been shared over 17,000 times by other Facebook users, and also on many other blogs and websites.

    I am pretty sure his facts are credible or reasonable, and he probably has the political side nailed, when he speaks about the Americans wanting to keep the oil landlocked is an absolute truth. They want to control Canada’s resources and have influential lobbying machinery in all facets of our politics, especially in British Columbia.

    My fellow Canadians, you are buying into a lie regarding our energy industry and the global environment. We are a mere 35 million people, just 0.5% of this planet’s 7.3 billion population. Our country covers roughly 10 million square kilometers of which probably 90% is realistically uninhabitable (explaining why over 80% of our population live in urban centers within 200 kms of the U.S. border)

    We endure temperature extremes ranging from -40C or colder to 35C or warmer. Out of necessity we need to heat our homes for 6+ months the year. We face major transportation challenges simply because of the geography of our country. Yet, through all this we are responsible for less than 0.5% of the pollution generated globally.

    We ARE NOT the problem! If every one of us here in Canada chose to sacrifice ourselves for the betterment of mother earth and self-terminated, the positive effect on the global environment would be…..drum roll please……zero!

    The global effect would actually be negative because we are one of the most ethical, environmentally responsible producers of energy in the world! If we were out of the picture the U.S. would be mining our oil sands before our corpses had even started giving off methane gas. They would then proceed to build the biggest pipeline imaginable, from Fort Mac to Texas.

    Don’t believe me? Let’s look at some facts. The U.S. has no problem with pipelines; U.S. pipelines that is. They actually have over 3.2 ‘million’ kilometres of liquid petroleum and natural gas pipelines already. There’s also the 1300 kilometre, 122cm (48 inch) line running from Prudhoe Bay to the Valdez Marine Terminal (yes, big bad oil tankers). You are aware, aren’t you, of the Trans Alaskan pipeline running directly through the pristine heart of that beautiful state?

    As of 2010 16 ‘BILLION’ Barrels of oil had been transported through this U.S. pipeline and terminal. The U.S. also has no problem drilling for oil in the Atlantic ocean, the Pacific ocean, the Arctic ocean or the Gulf of Mexico yet they have the audacity to condemn Canada for mining our oil sands in northern Alberta and Saskatchewan?

    The opposition to our Canadian energy development is a well-organized attempt to keep our Canadian oil land locked so that we are forced to sell to the U.S. and to the U.S. only and then at a very discounted price. The U.S. is attempting and succeeding in preventing us from marketing our own natural resources globally to the highest bidder. U.S. foundations (HP, Tides – THE ROCKEFELLERS – et al) are funding the opposition to our oil sands and contrary to popular belief it has absolutely nothing to do with threats to the environment.

    If they really were that concerned about our planet why are they not protesting the real polluters, the real threats to our environment? China, the world’s worst polluter (besides having a tragic human rights record)? No protests.

    Why isn’t David Suzuki over in Beijing chastising Jinping? What about the other major polluters? Russia? The U.S. themselves? India? I can understand a Canadian that is benefiting financially, who is receiving grants to oppose or protest or hamstring our own resource development. What I can’t understand is the rest of my fellow Canadians buying into their bovine excrement.

    In the oil sands, our very own Canadian oil sands, we have the 3rd largest proven crude oil reserve in the world, behind only Saudi Arabia and Venezuela – again, both with ‘stellar’ human and women’s rights track records. EVERY person in Canada, and EVERY province and territory in Canada has benefited tremendously, whether directly, indirectly or both from our oil sands development.

    Over the next 25 years the oil sands has the potential to generate over $1.5 TRILLION in federal and provincial taxes and royalties. Of course Quebec will need their share – but, oh yeah, they don’t want a pipeline either! There is the potential for well over 500,000 direct and indirect jobs.

    So here’s the deal my fellow Canadians. I fear our Canadian ‘goose that lays the golden egg’ is suffering the death by a thousand cuts. Alas, it may already be too late. Maybe it’s already on life support. If you share the views of the Gore’s, the Suzuki’s, and the Obama’s of the world, that our Canadian energy producers and those that work in this industry are bad and evil and a scourge on the Earth, a blight on Canada’s reputation in the global community then fine, stick your fork into the goose as well but please do not whine and complain 10 or 15 years down the road when the wait time for your hip replacement is 3-5 years because our health care system is underfunded and there’s a severe shortage of doctors and nurses in the system. Meanwhile, the Suzukis and their ilk will be flying down to the Mayo clinic in a big bad fossil fuel burning jet for their medical needs.

    Don’t whine and complain when your grandchild’s class has a 50:1 student to teacher ratio because our education system is underfunded and the government coffers are bare. Of course the Suzuki grandchildren will be in private schools so no problem there.

    Don’t whine and complain when your city’s infrastructure is decaying and falling apart and there’s no money to repair it. Instead of whining and complaining make sure you look into the mirror and realize you believed a lie that has cost this incredible country and our future generations an amazing opportunity to prosper and succeed globally.

    If the arguments here ring true for you as well, then please consider circulating this to others.

    • Comment_on_Thought

      Thank you for the (rather long) comment. It is accurate.
      The greatest problem facing United States of America and The Dominion of Canada is that both of our elected leader are devout Islamists that are using taquiyya and kitmat to destroy our nations.
      Obama was born as the son of a teenage daughter of a Superior Court judge, the same for Justin Trudeau; easy to manipulate useless fools. Both were groomed from childhood to assume power. Both have kneeled down in sunni/wahabbists mosques and declared their devotion to the caravan robbing, murderous, conniving person of the name mohammed.
      The people need to put a stop to them!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The regrettable fact is both have large cult followings of progressive multicultural self loathing angst filled contrarians who automatically rally against “the man” or any perception of law, order, personal accomplishment and decency. How to get through the fog of pseudo political rhetoric is a real problem.

        • Comment_on_Thought

          Time to take the line from the old CSNY song and teach our children well; with a little change up.
          We will tolerate all except those that call for our death.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Islam has been tolerated for too long, it is time to dispose of it. There is no option.

    • Tina

      He’s right. I’m going to look for it on FB. I read an article in the National Post (I think) & it said that if Canadians immediately stopped using 100% of the energy we currently use it would make a .005% difference to global warming.

      Western Canada is suffering now. The bankruptcies have started & will no doubt escalate this year. He’s also right about the contribution of oil & gas to EVERYTHING! We’ve been very lucky up to now.

    • Don Grantham

      Ask Ezra Levant how he feels about David Suzuki…

      • Mahou Shoujo

        David Susuki should do the honourable thing, shut up, his life style is a blatant act of brazen hypocrisy. His disciples are ignorant toadies of the very dumbest possible.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    In the unlikely event that the euro increases in value, it will be punishing to the flakey economies of europe which are already over spent, incapable of paying their bills or maintain their present standard of living. Civil unrest from radical islamic colonization will be devestating to the life styles of formerly comfortable europeans.

    • Europe is deeper into the clean energy drive than the rest of the globe. The demand for nasty hydrocarbons will generate a devastating competition between the Gulf and Russian producers driving prices lower until transportation will be seen as a separate charge. Russia is there now to try to stop this from happening – pipelines) Meaning pipelines from Russia will compete with tankers for European business. Europe will continue to reduce their imported energy needs as manufacturing will head to areas of lower cost. Those area will need the nasty hydrocarbons but in which currency will they want to pay in; the currency they receive for their goods, the ?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        there is no realistic substitute for hydrocarbons, all the make believe “alternate energy sources” are based on hydrocarbon infrastructure to manufacture, assemble, operate and eventually dispose of. The only reason europe will decrease its dependance on hydrocarbons is the depressed economy it is in, when the economy of europe turns around, it will be Russia’s best customer. Middle east oil is nice, but reserves are not what they used to be, security of supply is questionable, in essence, the middle east is under pressure as it has become very dependant of oil money.

        • Evil Liberal

          Interesting times eh? Alternatives only made sense when the price of oil and gas was high.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Back a few years ago the greenzos were constantly calling for increased taxes on oil to encourage conservation and pay for new non existent technology to replace it. Notice they are remarkably quiet now that oil is cheap. Apparently they have found new windmills to tilt at.

          • Comment_on_Thought

            Windmills and solar panels work well when you live in the big pink house. The country lives on oil and NG.

        • Tina

          The new gov’t of Alberta is bringing in “clean” electricity. A friend in the oil industry said electricity will increase 2.5 to 3 times. For me, that would mean going from $133 to $400 a month. Add to that tens of thousands of layoffs. It’s not a pretty picture.

        • Europe’s manufacturing is rapidly vanishing for a myriad of reasons. Two important ones are labour and energy costs. In Myanmar there have been over 4000 expressions of interest by European “Manufactures” to moving production there. What is most fascinating is that over 1000 of those “European” manufactures want to relocate from China, citing soaring production costs, particular in labour.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Very true, that is what will turn islam on itself in europe, as when the economies collapse even more, there will be ever decreasing welfare or free money to muslim colonists. In typical islamic problem resolving, which always involves ignorant violence, they will turn on each other, destroying what ever is left of europe physically. then freeze and starve.

        • Ron Cole

          Last night I had diner with an executive from a
          utility company.
          He held forth on hussien the aliased muslim fascist alien’s thrust to rid America of traditional fossil fueled energy. Coal is it’s main thrust for now.
          His estimates of the increased costs of electricity
          are mind boggling.
          The average family simply will not be able to heat their homes and it hussien’s fascist regime manages to stop shale and oil production and it’s EPA shuts down nuclear plants America will morph into a fourth NWO disaster.
          It’s, hussien the aliased alien’s , goal of ten dollar gasoline will be the ten penny nail in America’s coffin.

          Where oh where is congress?
          answer: Along for the ride.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            From the view of an outsider looking in, America needs a very thorough sweeping of its government floors on every level. Self interest and market forces, along with multicultural progressive socialism have barged in, with the door being held open for them by self loathing American muslim democrats.

      • lizwagner2

        I once read an analysis of the Syrian civil war in which the writer said it was instigated by the Europeans and their Mid-East oil-producing allies who want to build a pipeline, to end Europe’s dependence on Russia for oil. The pipeline dream ran into a roadblock when Assad refused to approve the pipeline route through Syria. And why would he approve it? Syria is a long-time client of Russia, as well as Iran! Come to think of it, now I understand why Europe dragged the U.S. into its attack on Libya. Probably, an alternative pipeline plan that would run through Libya, instead of Syria. Qadaffi had voluntarily given up his nuclear weapons program, and was cooperating with the U.S. There was no need for the U.S. to depose him. But if Europe was looking for an alternative to the pipeline through Syria, and Qadaffi rebuffed them, too, pushing Qadaffi out proved much easier than pushing out Assad.

  • joe1429

    Iran flush with terror dollars now… Israel really screwd

  • Eric

    They want euros so they can buy up bits of Europe to complement the takeover by Jihad and immigration.

    • olddog

      The EU=PU is TOAST..let the kfg goatfkers have it..Crap Full of (D)UMB-@ZZ and LAZY..they’re a good fit for each other..

  • Drew the Infidel

    Paying for $30 per barrel oil with Euros shouldn’t be much of a challenge. At that price neither should using pesos.

    • olddog

      LMAO..140 million pesos per bbl of Oil..

  • Don Grantham

    From the first two pics, I can’t help but hear ” BAH HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA”.
    Then Kerry saying ” D’Oh!”


      Someone should knock out the teeth from that iranian hyena.

  • Gui

    If I’m not wrong, Uncle Saddie tried the same thing in Iraq. And Gaddafi tried to replace the petrodollar for Lybia own currency.

    And… well, all we know how things ended for both of them.

    • KimWilde

      That was before the moslum in chief got in.

    • Tiger

      Actually I heard Hussein and Gaddafi wanted a return to the Gold System and you and I know that the Federal Reserve prints money based on no Gold, Silver or Gem System and the day the world decides to not accept the American dollars we crash.

      • Gui

        Exactly: the Federal Reserve prints money based on nothing more than thin air. Lincoln tried to back the dollar on silver, years before Wilson give the financial control to the private banks through the Federal Reserve Act. Years later, Kennedy tried to back the dollar on silver too.

        • Tiger

          You and I know who set-up the Federal Reserve and why. The same names we see over and over in the history of not only America but Europe. The Creature from Jekyll Island was more than one creature, they were several. If one studies it they will understand all about the Bank bailouts etc.

          But if the children aren’t taught our countries histories or what anything is about then we can’t expect them to ever change it. That is what they are depending on in America the “stupid” and they are massively huge now as we see with them wanting the Socialist Bernie.

          They have not a clue as to how great an Idea our Founding Fathers in America had with creating our Republic. We know when and if the world says no to our worthless printed money what is waiting for America. Ron Paul knows and has been trying to warn people for years.

  • Up Huff

    THIS is what those two azzholes, Obama and Kerry, have brought forth. They’re both the Devil’s spawn.
    If the next Administration, and the current Congress, don’t isolate Iran by severing ALL business, travel, and financial ties with those that deal with Iran, they would be as complicit in cutting the throats of the West as ISIS is.
    The West doesn’t need Iran, and cutting off all Western ties with them and the resulting pressure that would put on Iran, would effectively replace sanctions once again. Iran cannot survive without the West being in their loop. Russia can supply those needing oil, as can Canada and the America’s. What they cannot do is feed themselves adequately.
    Blocking North Korea and cutting them off from their Iranian connections would help to put them down as well. China wants ties with the West for it’s economy, and cutting N. Korea off from that connection would, effectively, strangle them.

  • Beach_Road_Mauler

    With Iran’s current government war is inevitable. Just as it was in 1941 with Germany and Japan. And just as in 1941 appeasement doesn’t prevent war it guarantees it. I can’t imagine how Kerry and Obama think this will end up. These people speak of killing Israel and death to America daily.

    They “negotiate” with us while they blow up mock American aircraft carriers !!!! It’s like Obama reading Mien Kampf and thinking it’s just political posturing. Do they really think it’s not their plan at some point to attack Israel and the US? These 7th century lunatics are just biding their time until they have the weapons they need to either attack us or blackmail us. Unbelievably bad leadership !!!

  • wilypagan

    Wouldn’t it be an absolute hoot if the EU and the Euro disintegrate right after the mad mullahs load up on Euros? Ha, ha, ha. The Western hemisphere, especially North America has plenty of food and oil. They can try to destroy our currency, but it will come back to bite them.

  • honeybee

    My hope is the Trump’s Justice Dept will prosecuted Kerry and Obama as traitors to the USA.

    • haifisch8587

      My hope is thst I will win the Power Ball lottery. My hope and yours have an equal chance of happening. Instead, these two will go on to collect outrageous spesking fees and the rest of us will buy lottery tickets

      • honeybee

        Somebody has to win.

  • olddog

    works for me..the EURO is just like the EU=PU continent…TOAST!!!

  • Vae Victis

    I believe that there will be a war between US and Iran. US will defend the petro dollar. It has happened before when Saddam and Gaddafi tried something similar.

    • Gui

      If this occur, it probably will be a proxy war like the one taken in Syria. The probables scenarios would be ISIS making his way to enter Iran or the emerge of a armed opposition group against the mullahs.

  • lostlegends

    This move will decrease demand for dollars a lot and increase demand for Euros modestly. The dollar price of gold is the inverse of the price of gold, so a much lower dollar is good for gold mines and gold holders. It will also put pressure on US interest rates to go up some. Libya wanted to be paid in gold for oil which is the background reason why he was destroyed by the USA. This move will encourage the UAE to follow suit. Ditto Irag.

    During his administration former PM Mahathir of Malaysia demanded a restoration of the international gold standard followed by a domestic gold standard. He wrote a book on it which I own. Muslim countries are tired of getting ripped off with paper scraps that are “who owes you nothing.” Which means a debt based, fiat dollar, which is, of course, also unconstitutional.

    There are signs China and Russia are moving to a gold standard, and they are halting trade in debt-based, fiat bucks. This will devalue the buck a lot and push gold and silver sky high. They hold all the aces. We are bankrupt.

    I look forward to this. Am a gold mine owner. Get yourself a weather vane, so you know which way the wind’s blowing; and buy a calendar so you know how much time left you have, for the time’s they are changin.’ Most folks will have this tsunami hit them like a sailing black swan and I ain’t talkin’ ballet.

  • idiots

    since when us dollar is world currency? us has more oil than it needs, why american private companies buy oil overseas and resell it to us taxpayer?

  • paul

    usually that gets you killed. Now, muslims are favored over everyone else.

  • joker

    The Mullahs are laughing but for how long they will be laughing?

  • lizwagner2

    Seems to me this is another piece of Obama’s plan, not just to rebalance power in the Middle East, but also to deal a significant blow to the U.S. economy.

    The world has bought oil in dollars since at least the 1970s. If Iran is getting euros for oil, now, it’s because Obama told them, in one way or another, “Fine with me!” He’s choosing not to challenge it. Now, it’s legitimate to argue the world shouldn’t have to buy oil in dollars, just because the U.S. and Saudis struck a sweetheart deal, decades ago. On the other hand, allowing Iran to sell oil for euros, instead of dollars, means Obama is pulling a large, “load-bearing” beam out from the structure that holds the U.S. economy together. The Saudis can’t be happy about this, either.

  • SeRiOuSLy!!??


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