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[ August 18, 2017 ]

Echoes of Spain on an open thread

[ August 18, 2017 ]

Bannon: ‘The Trump Presidency That We Fought For, and Won, Is Over.’

[ August 18, 2017 ]

Leftwing “senior reporting” troll Lauren Kirchner at ProPublica threatens Geller Report, harasses advertisers @lkirchner

[ August 18, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Huge fire at Barcelona Airport

[ August 18, 2017 ]


[ August 18, 2017 ]

DRAMATIC VIDEO: Barcelona “smirking” JIHADI wearing suicide vest is SHOT DEAD as he taunted cops...

[ August 18, 2017 ]

Manhunt: Two people SHOT by “ASIAN” near busy Toronto Mall

[ August 18, 2017 ]

Chief Rabbi of Barcelona confirms JIHAD terror has doomed Jewish community there, urges leaving

[ August 18, 2017 ]

MULTIPLE KNIFE JIHAD in Finland: Devout Muslim knifemen screaming “Allahu akbar” randomly stab people in...

[ August 18, 2017 ]

UK: MP tells the truth on Muslim rape gangs — then is forced to resign...

Iran: $7,000 to every terror family


Flush with cash from President Obama, they can now expand their terror operations.

“Iran: $7,000 to every terror family,” Arutz Sheva, February 24, 2016 (thanks to Christian):

Foreign Ministry publishes condemnation after Iran promises to pay families of Palestinian terrorists.

The Foreign Ministry has declared that “Israel condemns the Iranian ambassador to Lebanon’s announcement that his country will financially support Palestinian terrorists and their families.”

The official statement explained, “This is additional proof of Iran’s deep involvement in supporting terror against Israel. After the agreement with the world powers, Iran is allowing itself to continue being a central player in international terror.”

The Iranian ambassador to Lebanon, Mohammad Fateh Ali, recently announced that his country would pay $7,000 to the family of any terrorist killed in the recent wave of terror, and an additional $30,000 to any family whose house was destroyed in response. Fateh Ali made his statement during a press conference in Beirut and further called on Lebanon too join the fight against Israel, promising: “the martyrs’ blood will release the entire Palestine, from the river to the sea”

Also today, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon (Likud) accused the Islamic Republic of embedding “sleeper cells” in the US and Europe. He warned that these cells are gathering weapons and intelligence, and recruiting new members to carry out terror attacks.

“The Iranian regime through the Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps is building a complex terror infrastructure including sleeping cells that are stockpiling arms, intelligence and operatives and are ready to act on order including in Europe and America,” Ya’alon said during an official visit to Cyprus.

Last summer a Cypriot court convicted a Lebanese-Canadian man of planning to carry out terror attacks against Israeli targets in Cyprus. The man belonged to the terror group Hebzollah, which Iran supports.

  • ruthy k

    This is how I toilet train my toddler! They’re being Terror Trained! There’s a name for this. It called EVIL! Pure and simple evil!

    • joe1429

      Actually, they are toilet , terror trained


    Put a $5 bounty on the turbaned head of the ayatollahs.

    No Bag Limit.

  • Fred

    Here we go. This deal with Iran is already biting us in the ass!

    Was Obama stoned in 1979 during the so called Islamic Revolution? Does he not know why the USA has had NO diplomatic relations with this Third World cesspool since 1979?

    Knowing this savage, he probably was involved in overthrowing the Shah. Maybe that’s where he misplaced his birth certificate

    • The origional roger

      He has connections to the place, cousin marriages and stuff.

    • joe1429

      According to his autobiography, he was smoking pot, and experimenting with crack cocaine

      • Fred

        You forgot heroine and PCP, Joe.

        • joe1429

          Unbelievable pass given to him by the media!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Time to shoot a bunch of terrorists and destroy their homes, put a little pressure on the iranian economy, get some money into palestine, and a good time will be had by all.

    • knight

      Best to shoot them all.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Well, yeah, but a few at a time, still think it is a good idea to screw the iranian economy.

  • itchy

    Babarack Osama and the whole democrat party elect are part of the terror that is sweeping the world today, These pansy limp wristed pollies in the last 7 years have time and time again propped up terror groups and denounced anybody who speaks against the islam crazies. Traitors all

  • knight

    How much of our aid, assistance funding this

  • American

    Saddam did this also.

    • Fred

      Too bad Saddam and Khomeini didn’t wipe each other out during the Iran Iraq war of the 1980s!

  • The origional roger

    Obama yesterday issued a statement saying: “I’m appalled and sickened that the Iranians would finance terrorism against the state of Israel, in complete disregard of International law and moral decency ”
    no..not really.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Was he laughing when he said it?

  • Dorrie

    John Kerry’s great deal with Iran, then giving them $150 BILLION has made this possible!

  • RandallFlagg

    thanks to the Obottomfeeder iran has plenty of cash to toss around
    every move the maggot has made has been to bury the American working class
    treason, war crimes (unprovoked unauthorized attack on Libya) the list is long
    impeachable crimes
    and congress does nothing

  • joe1429

    I would think with the 150 bil, 0doushe just released, they would have paid much more

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