More Surrender in Germany: Mainz Carnival Parade Cancelled


The yearly Mainz carnival parade has been cancelled. The official reason was expected stormy weather conditions. Right. Stormy with a chance of jihad terror.

Fact is: They did a police raid near Mainz today concerning possible IS terrorists who were suspected to be planning a terror attack here in Germany.

Do the math. Here again, Europe voluntarily discards its own tradition and culture in the face of the migrant jihad onslaught.

The number of reported sexual assaults at Cologne’s annual carnival more than doubled this year, with 22 cases reported on the ‘Women’s Carnival’ day.

Only nine cases were reported on last year’s “Weibsfastnacht”, when women don costumes and head to the streets to celebrate on the last Thursday before Lent. That number has now risen by 144 per cent this year after the mass sex attacks on New Year’s Eve.

Deutsche Welle reports that in one of the most serious cases, a woman was knocked to the ground on her way home and “evidently raped”, according to police.

That’s the real reason it has been canceled: because of the rampant attacks at the Cologne carnival, which no one is talking about.


  • Hugh Lunn

    Can’t the Euros just give their lovely Moslem invaders saltpeter?

    • Pray Hard

      Now, there’s a solution, huh?

    • Marc Goldstone

      Bad idea as it’s the main ingredient in Black Powder.

      • Richard

        Reminds me of Captain Kirk battling the Gorn.

    • I’d rather they give the muslims a pig’s peter.

  • spacearcadian

    Merkel, the EU, the UN, your elites, the media HAVE ALREADY DECIDED that Europe and the West will belong to Islam and muslims. so better stop whining, moaning, writing your useless comments in blogs, etc. because the decision have already been taken. You must comply, eat halal, pay the jiza, give one of your women to muslims, do not criticize mohammad, etc and nothing bad will happen and there will be peace because Islam is the religion of peace

    • joker

      In a way you made a valid point by saying there is no point in whining, moaning and writing on blogs like this. Action is necessary. Somebody like Merkel has to face somebody with an Uzi. That will do.

      • Gabriel A. King

        Her head should be a public display as to the fate of traitors.

    • Gabriel A. King

      Not before I mount your estrogen laced head on my wall and play darts with it.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Instead of making Cuckoo clocks in the black forest, germans should be making chicken clocks in the yellow cities.

    • Infidel Knight

      Or jewelry made of bacon.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Lederhosen made of pig skin and a mandatory dress code would be nice.

        • Infidel Knight


      • joe1429

        Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • concern00

    FFS Europe – WAKE UP!

    • spacearcadian

      It´s too late. The politicians and the elites have already decided that europe will belong to Islam and muslims. Native europeans must submit and maybe it will be granted them the right to live, if they pay a tax

  • pdxnag

    Daily Jihad is now a staple news segment alongside weather and sports.

    • Gabriel A. King

      You noticed that huh ?

  • Johnno

    I enjoyed this video of a woman in Germany who mercilessly was beating up on a Muslim man who was harassing women in the street. Don’t know what she had in her purse, but it seemed to do the job nicely.

  • Pray Hard

    Everything Islam touches turns to sh*t.

    • Michael Copeland

      The SADIM touch.
      (MIDAS backwards)

    • Stephen Honig

      We need a revival of the Crusades. Europe is doomed! they should resurrect Hitler, this time it wouldn’t be the Jews, but Muslims going to the crematorium.

      • honeybee

        Europeans traded the Jews for Muslims, ah the ” Mills of G-d”.

    • True, and don’t forget that everything that Barry touches also turns to sh*t.

    • HomoRationalensis

      The most horrific cult ever

  • The weather can be the real reason. In the Netherlands parades are canceled too. It is 3:30 am now and the storm is increasing.(As of course is the jihad storm )

  • bentux

    Here’s another story on islamization of Germany:
    A university in Dortmund, Germany, offered its students some kind of chill-out room. Muslim students soon turned it into a praying room and forbid female students to use it.
    They demanded from women who wanted to use the room not to wear perfume and to start wearing a headscarf. They started storing their Korans and prayer rugs in there and attached Arabic and German instructions on how to behave inside the room. Soon female students weren’t allowed at all. The university surrendered. Instead of kicking out the Muslim students, they closed the room for everyone.

    • hal8196

      Sounds like the “safe spaces” demanded by black university students in the USA.

    • mjazzguitar


    • Gabriel A. King

      More evidence how feminized and “PC” the western establishments have become. The native men will eventually have to bypass the institutions and take matters into their own hands.

      DEUS VULT 1776

  • itchy

    There will be no Christmas for Europe this year.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Easter has been cancelled in western europe due to cowardice and general fear of being called racist bigots. All christian churches will be converted to mosques.

    • Stephen Honig

      Are the Jewish holidays also cancelled?

      • honeybee

        jews in Europe, have always celebrated in private.

        • joker

          That is not true, but indeed at home. As it should be.

          • honeybee

            What is more then home ????

      • joe1429

        Are there any left in Germany??

    • Gabriel A. King

      Actually…. both the Queen and the Pope released statements a couple months back to the effect of:

      “Enjoy your last Christmas”….

      • karl59

        This Pope will soon see the day when people
        in Vatican City will be saying Allah Akbar
        instead of Hail Mary.

    • jbm

      Hi itchy,

      Britain is no longer a Christian country and should stop acting as if it is, says judge

      A major inquiry into the place of religion in modern society has provoked a furious backlash from ministers and the Church of England

      2067: the end of British Christianity

      Projections aren’t predictions. But there’s no denying that churches are in deep trouble

    • HomoRationalensis

      No drinking
      No women on streets, “uncovered”
      No pork

      What else do the savages do?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Blizzard of chicken feathers forecast for all of western europe. With some cities flooded with sporadic frightened piss-showers. A jihad is forming, expected to dominate the forecast area for the foreseeable future.

    • Don Grantham

      Long term forecast: Rapidly spreading rape accompanied by militant demands, with 100% chance of capitulation. It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey, and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life.

  • itchy

    Australia there is a new political party called Australia Liberty Alliance and I would vote for them on there Stop muslim immigration alone. Hell we have enough street kids and unemployed alone without bringing in more leeches to suck on the welfare teet, also there other policies seem to be getting away from this sick goody goody do right sickness sweeping western countries. I would not vote for Labor if they promised the streets to run with gold. Huh! they already tried that one and we got poo. By By Libs you sold your sole when you knifed Abbott. Something has to change right now with our dumb law system that denies its people basic rights over immigrants

  • mjazzguitar

    Sometimes they portray videos as something they are not, but this is said to be vigilantes dispensing justice to Muhammadan immigrants:

  • bonnie loranger

    the darkness of Islam is slowly falling upon Europe. So tragic

  • Denis

    there are too many moslems in Europe now to stop their jihad. Good bye dear old EU!

  • Infidel Knight

    Don’t ya just love Sharia Law, carnivals are unacceptable. However, public goat orgies or rape contests; it’s what Allah has directed.

  • Duchess of Pork

    Once summer arrives in Europe and the second migrant wave brings more mayhem I fully expect Oktoberfest to be cancelled as well. Muslims started agitating for this last year and their numbers will be greatly swelled following the summer trek northward. And we now know the propensity of western leaders’ desires to appease Muslim demands.

  • joe1429

    It is probably safer for the German women, that it was cancelled, this yr, as they dress up in sexy costumes, and will get raped!

  • Gabriel A. King

    People won’t tolerate this forever. Eventually… there will be a “William Wallace” moment. In the movie, that was the point at which he took revenge for the murder of his wife. Which after a long train of abuses… the Scots quickly rallied to join the cause.

    Let it be known that there is no act so brutal, inventive, or depraved enough which is sufficient justice for the political traitors who have betrayed us all….. or for those traitors who supported the radical Left….. or for the Muslim invaders.

    The people will only tolerate so much “acclimation”. As the tyranny increases, the awakening quickens. Even a complete moron now can see that the west is being forced to surrender ALL of our culture, traditions, and Liberty…. and even being robbed of our money without our consent to finance this invasion.


  • karl59

    Mass surrender only creates more Moslem demands!!!!!

  • Save Europe

    Glad to report NOT in the UK – Easter eggs and cards in shops everywhere!

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