Large Muslim mobs sexually harass scores of young women on New Years Eve in Germany


This is what Europeans can expect in the “new normal.” A number of my readers didn’t venture out. “It’s way too dangerous on the streets of Berlin on New Year’s Eve.”

For those who did, a large group of Muslims sexually harassed scores of young women in and around the main train station of Cologne. They even ripped off one girl’s stockings and underwear.

“They were with their hands really everywhere. This is something I’ve never experienced,” said one  22-year old victim. “When we called for help, they laughed.” Bags and valuables had “been robbed.” And one  17-year-old is quoted as saying: “I had fingers on every orifice”….. here

It sounds just like Tahrir Square in Egypt, when “freedom movement” revelers were sexually attacking any woman that dare venture out. Think Lara Logan.

The media insist the evildoers aren’t refugees, however there are people on social media who were there say otherwise. According to a post on a big local group on Facebook in Cologne, most of the perpetrators were speaking Arabic. That post got deleted pretty fast. Mark Zuckerberg is Merkel’s mop up boy now.

Translation of this KSYA article [here]:

Sexual harassment on New Year’s Eve –

Cologne police assumes that there have been 40 different offenders.

The extent of sexual assaults on women on New Year’s Eve at Cologne Central Station is gradually becoming more evident. Investigators assume that there have been over 40 different offenders. 30 victims have already filed charges.

Cologne. The police has an investigation team set up to investigate the sexual assaults on women on New Year’s Eve around the main train station. More than 30 victims have already filed a complaint with the police. According to information of the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”, the investigators assume that there have been over 40 different perpetrators that know each other. However, to date, no one was reliably identified and there have been no arrests.

The perpetrators supposedly consist of young men known to the police, who are committing larcenies by trick and burglaries downtown and in the amusement districts like the Zülpicher Straße for many months. Victims and witnesses told the police they had a North African male appearance.

But in the night of Friday, they supposedly haven’t acted alone or in pairs as usual, but in a large group. In the areas Alter Wartesaal / main train station / Domplatte they are said to have offended women badly, taunted, surrounded and robbed them.

A 22-year-old women spoke to the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” the day after, describing how the perpetrators physically and sexually harassed her and her friend.

The other victims had the same experience, she said. The robbers succeeded to hide in the crowd so that police wasn’t able to track them down.

The police denied rumors in internet forums, according to which the perpetrators were refugees. An investigator said: “The recent leads go significantly towards police-known serial offenders, refugees have nothing to do with them.”

germnay nye

To clarify what exactly happened, video recordings are evaluated. Other victims who have been at the main train station and the cathedral on New Year’s Eve in the period between midnight and 4 A.M. and haven’t filed charges are requested to contact the police. [detailed contact information omitted]

  • pdxnag

    If we cannot call them Muslim can we just identify them as feral humans, wholly devoid of couth by reason of the culture of Islam? (I’m thinking wild Macaques roaming Indian cities.)

    • Keith

      I feel sorry for the Macaques being compared with muslims. At least they do not follow the Quran.

    • Pkm

      I am Indian I can assure u monkeys are more civilized than they are, atleast monkeys don’t bother u if u don’t have any food. These savages live to create trouble for others ,and if they don’t find anyone resort to killing each other

  • rockyh77

    A young soldier I met in 2004 in Iraq, Chris Kyle, called them simply “Savages”.

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        • got243kids

          Scorpions, Blackout. Good one!

      • minny-me

        Tell your auntie she has a classless niece for putting this garbage on an article about women being raped. Dolt.

        Where are the Mods.?

  • Eldrick Wo

    i hope the elites know the muslims will come for them in the end

    • euheide

      Hopefully the people will hang them sooner than that.

    • Iamnumber6

      They are banking on that not happening. They will convert publicly. They will bankroll leaders in the muslim community. They will have their private armies. They know in the muslim world there are the rich elite who do what they want, and the peons and all controlled by the violent zealots. The ruling elite think they can retain power in this new world while we are replaced and disposed.

  • ippon

    Where are the German men? Hiding and afraid i guess

    • Heinz Rund

      Some are.

    • Iamnumber6

      I wonder the same about the British dads of the girls used by the muslim gangs there. Where are the men? When they saw there was to be no justice and the government child welfare authorities were complicit. Where were the dads and why were the perpetrators still alive? When there is love there is no need of justice. When there is justice there is little need for force. When there is no justice there is only force.

      • Keith

        Any dad or brother or male defender would have been, and was, arrested very quickly for Islamophobia or any other charge the police could make stick. Much easier than trying to prosecute muslims who are just behaving in accordance with the Quran. Can’t have the locals upsetting the muslims now can we.

        • Iamnumber6

          If it was my father, islamofauxbia would have been tacked onto the multiple murder charges.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is how it was, there was, at one time in the past, men took care of women. Todays alleged male is at best a replacement for small battery powered appliances or, occasionally sperm donor.

          • dba_vagabond_trader

            Not even certain about that with all the soy products these girly boys consume.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Nothing like a vegetarian eunuch to bore a girl completely.

          • Michael McNew

            Vegan is trendy now.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is obvious, the rabbits who are, reproduce more rabbits, which are eaten by wolves.

          • Michael McNew

            Problem is that European “rabbits” or sheep are not reproducing even to replace themselves.

          • Iamnumber6

            Not all of them need batteries. And there are still some good men out there who don’t carry murses.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            True enough, but a significant percentage of male like creatures are of significantly less value than they used to be. There is the odd first class man around, but hey are getting harder to find all the time. Todays instant gratification and unrealistic expectations of what girls are all about is making society a clumsy thing. In many ways, being an ancient witch has advantages.

          • Red

            Mahou, love your observations. ROFL!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Thanks, I have been told I have a mediocre grasp of the obvious.

          • BigGaySteve

            The benefits of 3rd world die verse city

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The problem with the “first world” is that they are trying to make the third world the same as the first… by destroying the first.

          • Mudpuppy

            Thanks to decades of feminazi indoctrination.

          • You’reonyourown

            Take care of yourself. You wanted the foreign cock for years, and now you got it. You’re not my problem anymore.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You have a cock? How cute, it looks like a penis, only smaller.

          • joker

            Which battery? Duracell or Philips?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Energizer bunny, they go like rabbits.

        • Jon MC

          There was a genuinely pathetic (in the correct meaning of the word) written by one of the arrested Dad’s. Sadly I didn’t copy it and predictably it was soon taken down, but I won’t forget the refrain which punctuated what happened to him when he described how the Police treated him for trying to get his daughter away from gang-rape viz-aviz the Muslim perpetrators.
          It was “But you mustn’t upset the Muslims”.

          • Keith

            Must admit I never saw that quote but it would not surprise me.

      • BigGaySteve

        Many of them like Nick Griffon got arrested for hate crimes for trying to stop it. Even some of the girl victims got charged with hate crimes against their abusers. If cops wont do anything to potect little white girls raped by 3rd world moslems what would they do for beheaded gays?

        • Rick McLaughlin

          Go bowling!!

      • Just fed up

        There’s a lot going on in Rotherham you don’t hear about. They don’t want it to spread.

    • bentux

      Afraid to be called Nazis… That’s why everyone is hiding in Germany and tolerating this scum from the middle east and Africa.

      • dag

        Time for Germany to bring back the “Brown Shirts”.

      • Steve

        Its the same scenario over here in the u.s. for white men when they talk about the islamist cult or the black lies mutter bums. If one white person commits a crime against another religion or race we all are branded as accomplices by the pc crowd agenda traitors but if one of the islamists or black racists commits a crime against us its a lone wolf scenario. I see its being played over there too lending me to believe this is a world wide socialist push. Despite this crap we lose as a people if we sit back and do nothing with the chipping away of our cultures by the 7th century fanatics and the anarchy from within crowds.

        • Juanita

          Yep. Furthermore, a number of the allegations made against whites are of questionable validity and the remedies requested are highly excessive. Recently, at a university Mulsims claimed that a female student was assaulted. According to the story,the aggressor pulled off the student’s hajeb and told her to go back to her own country. It is claimed that this happened three months prior to the allegation being made. Now, this student has never been identified or come forward. Supposedly the assault occurred in broad daylight in an area frequented by many but there were no witnesses.

          As a remedy for this phantom offense, the Muslims are demanding total censorship against anything that could be considered offensive to Muslims and heavy sanctions for those who do not act in accordance with this ban. Instead of saying “No way”, the university is engaged in diallogue over the concerns expressed.

          It is also well known that a number of the so-called hate crimes committed against Muslims are perpetrated by them not non-Muslims. That has been especially the case with alleged arson and other property attacks on mosques.

          Furthermore, with the black lives matter vultures, it does not matter whether the alleged crime is true or not. Ferguson is the prime example. In additon, black lives only matter to them when the alleged crime has a white perpetrator and black victim. They do not give Tinker’s da#n about black on black crime which is far more prevalent than black on white crime.

          The media helps perpetrate this distorted view by simply not reporting black on white crime or under reporting it. For example, they are not above reporting a severe beating as simple assault.

          • Steve

            The good thing out of this is people are seeing and being educated to the garbage all around including the mainstream media especially since it’s so blatantly biased and hopefully they are learning to find the correct sources and to think critically and hopefully the next president will not be a traitor and continue promoting the crap.

      • Sinan A.

        You are right. I live in Cologne and I can confirm your statement.

        • joe1429

          Sorry to hear you over there

          • Sinan A.

            Well, it’s a nice place to be. I was born in Cologne. And I need no negro woman from US who is telling me what is going on in my hometown.

      • Juanita

        I have said it before and will do so again: only a fool takes instruction from or allows himself to be defined by his enemy. I think you are quite right in your assessment. It is the same tactic being used by minorities in the US that includes Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims. In the US, the backlash against those actions has started and most likely will in Germany when people stop allowing themselves to abused for the actions commited by the ancestors.

        The objectionable and illegal actions committed by some members of those groups are excused and complaint criticized as being bigoted or racist.

        No one seems to see the irony. If those individuals felt so wronged they are free to leave the country, they are so critical of. Yet you do not see a mass exodus from the US. Simillarly, those complaining Muslims are pouring into Europe by the thousands and chaffing at the bit to get to the US.

        • Steve

          As much as the enemy tries to talk about the past negatives of all the people that are hosting them they fail to mention the good things that have been given to them by those very same people.

    • They welcome ? new ‘refugees’ (refugISIS, vs Art 16a) with bouquets ? & teddy bears for the kids ??

      • moneekwa

        refugee-hadis is what they are

        • BigGaySteve


      • disqus_KfWwGWM3T5

        You make an excellent point, I saw a video recently of young girls in Munich welcoming male supposed Syrian immigrants with free kisses. Yes, that is how dumb some of these Germans are. Now do you think these medieval rag heads respect those girls or their countrymen ? It doesn’t take much imagination to see what this misplaced naive cordiality will lead to. Sad, Very Sad. I know that if this happens here where men still have CCW there would have been a vastly different outcome. So does Obama, that’s why he is intent on Gun Control. He knows that no mob or organized army will ever take over an armed society.

      • joe1429

        owwww, how stupid the canadians are!! GO TRUMP!!

    • Toby1

      They have REASON to be afraid. If they stand up to these Muslim mobs of 10 or 20 men, guess what happens? They get the crap beaten out of them

      • Jon in MD 22

        So. Where are the other German men? If one man faces 20 every man in the area should jump on them. You still outnumber the new immigrants.

        • MusicandGamesandstuf

          that’s how a riot starts, but with the way things are going. It’s an actual retaliation thus actual progress.

          sad it has to get this way, but if you let others screw around with your women you deserve to die out. Not because chivalry it’s just basic survival.

    • Janis

      Worried that the Fuhrer, Merkel will put them in jail like the Christian lady, Heidi, for saying a prayer for Germany. If you say something Merkel doesn’t agree with, the government puts them in jail. Sounds like communism, not democracy.

      • Hans.Rosenthal

        Merkel was raised in comunism and was part of the system before the german reunification. She knows the commy system best. Now she is using it against freedom and safety within the german society.
        One fine day she will share her personal ending
        with Mr. N. Ceaucescu well known in Bucarest/ Romania (a couple of years ago)!

        • joker

          Still I cannot understand that at least one German who have had a go in taking out Merkel. Also for many Germans martyrdom is something special. Given Merkel has superb protection it can be done.

        • joe1429

          Yes, but how many germans will be raped and murdered, before they rise up???

        • Steve

          Time person of the year like Mao Stalin and Hitler!

      • Steve

        People need to dig some holes and plant some hope and watch the flowers grow!

    • Edgar

      They all died in WWII

    • 3Storms

      Prepping the bull for their wives

      • MusicandGamesandstuf

        We should cut off the bulls testicles.

        There’s a reason societies used to hang rapists.

    • hihellothere

      Odd, Americans have some brass calling out the Germans, after what you have allowed the political class and “elites” to do to your country. Take a look in the mirror, cuck.

      • ippon

        Thats your justification for German men being afraid, Americans…..the cucks are men who don’t stand up and defend their wives and daughters, sounds like your one of them.

        • dmitriy

          in germany its allowed to have/use gun like in US? Where lots of people have guns

    • BigGaySteve

      PEDGIA has been fighting back, but there is a lot of censorship. A lesbian former stasi leader Anette Kahane works with facebook youtube and twitter to ban videos of moslems misbehaving

    • Thanatar

      What German men? They let their country come to this, what men, really?

    • Khalsa_Singh

      The last man in Germany died in 1945

    • Juanita

      As the old axiom states: discretion is the better part of valor. When you have a government that is seizing private property to house Muslims, threatens to take the children away from parents who report sexual assaults against their offspring by Muslims. and instead of protecting young girls from sexual assault tells them to wear “modest” clothing to avoid rape, then it is clear where government support lies.

      Thus, acts in response to attacks on non-Muslims will be covert not overt. They are happening. Mysterious fires at camps and other sites where Muslims are “housed” are an example. Others are probably not reported since the German press is being censored and not allowed to report negative information regarding Muslims.

      Remember oppressed people develop ways to “get back” at those who attempt to subjugate them. They use those tactics until they reach the point that they can take the actions to end that oppression. A perfect example is slavery in America. Given the options and resources available to Germans, it is not likely that it will take as long for them to end this government atrocity as it took to end slavery in the US.

    • Rajesh Menon

      don’t blame men. Our countries are such that the minorities are always pampered . The women should now learn to pack a mean punch. At least, they won’t be arrested

    • Jason Lewis

      German men are jailed for hate speech.

  • Richard N

    The muslims are the Globalists’ chosen weapon to destroy national identity across the West – with the destruction of the nation states of Europe being their first priority, in order to clear the way for a single European state, managed by Germany, and ruled by the US Globalists.

    It is the proven fact that muslims don’t integrate with their host countries that make them uniquely suitable for the Globalists’ objectives of destroying the nation states of Europe, by progressively eroding a sense of national identity in those countries.

    For this reason, the Globalists and their controlled media and puppet politicians running most Western governments are doing everything possible to avoid an upsurge of hostility towards muslims.

    The destruction of European civilisation as an inevitable price of flooding Europe with muslims does not bother the Globalists – and they fail to see that equally inevitable is that the muslims will seize power from the Globalists – i.e., in Europe, the rulers of the EU & Germany, and their national government puppets like Cameron, Hollande et al – and Europe will end up being Islamic.

    • Evil Liberal

      I agree with you but what do they think they are going to do with those Muslims? How are they going to manage them?

      • Keith

        They don’t care as long as they destroy all decent human civilizations namely the rest of the world.

        • armand

          But why? What do they get out of pure destruction and lack of infrastructure?

          • Keith

            They can then impose Islam on all non muslims and claim that the previous civlization was destroyed by allah as punishment for not believing Mohammad and allah.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        With a chair and a whip, not unlike animal tamers in old circus’s… and a pistol… don’t forget the pistol.

    • Raymond of Canada

      You make about as much sense as blaming Israel. Hey! Maybe this is Israel’s doing!

  • Evil Liberal

    does anyone know the name of the Cologne Facebook page?

  • Iamnumber6

    Mark Zuckerberg, facebook founder, and a self hating jew took great pains to scrub facebook from comments the attackers were speaking arabic. What is it these elites like Merkel and Zuckerberg think this will accomplish? My prediction for 2016 is that the German people are going to become increasingly intolerant of this and begin hitting back. Or one can hope.

    • SassyMe55

      Hopefully they start with the government that created it.

    • tarandfeatherthecrooks

      Perhaps they are already resisting and retaliating but is the information being suppressed by the media? If individuals report actual retaliation they will be harassed, lose their jobs and be charged for “inciting hate” or hate crimes. Islam has already purchased government, both in EU and North America as well as placed their Jihadi plants in all the governments and media. It is a global network of death squads and bankers.

      • According to my friends in Germany and Sweden tarandfeather, there is plenty of hitting back going on, it just does not get reported. Same here in Britain. In a town near where I live in northern England a taxi firm owned and staffed by Pakistanis was the centre of a grooming and abuse ring preying on local girls. Police had done nothing for several years so the local lads decided to take a hand. It was quite a bloody affair
        Not a word was reported on television or in the papers because it was so widely known what had been going on and that police, care workers and local politicians had been complicit in the cover ups.

        We in the developed world are under attack and the attack dogs are controlled by the ruling elite.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          When the backlash gets out of control the surprisingly stupid politicians and media will be trying to explain while asking everyone to control themselves. As they have done nothing about controlling muslims, their bleating will be a fart in the whirlwind of retribution against muslims for their crimes. It will be ugly.

          • It will be very ugly.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Extremely, contrasted by the hand wringing angst of limp brained politicians and lame stream media which are incapable of spinning or ignoring it at that point.

          • Mudpuppy

            It needs to be ugly. It needs to be fugly. Those barbaric savages need to be slaughtered.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The utter stupidity of politicians is more absurd every day. They are fully aware that islam is violent, oppressive, ignorant, intolerant and hateful. Yet, even after repeated failures including rape and murder, the authorities will not acknowledge that fact that there is a problem. It is very much necessary to vote new intelligent observant and proactive politicians into public office. There is not, a single one in the allegedly civilized secular west that can be allowed to remain in any position of influence.

          • Chipsie

            Trump 2016 for the USA

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There has to be better, but at least he isn’t hussain.

          • BigGaySteve

            The serbs got attacked by Clinton when they tried to deport illegal alien moslems.”

            “And when they behead your own people in the wars, which are to come, then you will know what this was all about.” —Slobodan Milosevic

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Democrats are rank stank amateurs wen it comes to international diplomacy.

        • Just fed up

          Yes I hear there is lot going on with retaliation that does not get reported. The UK is now a mad house. Do the politicians really expect this to carry on? Hiding the truth has been done throughout history, it never works.

          I noticed posting facilities on Yahoo and in newspapers are removing interaction facilities with other posters. It’s incredible what is going on. It’s only a matter of time till someone starts killing politicians

      • Michael McNew

        This BBC documentary explains how Saudi Arabia wound up dictating terms to the USA and UK.

    • Michael McNew

      The best thing for Germans, and for that matter western Europeans in general and American middle class people, to do is have way more babies. The left is the driving force behind discouraging marriage and births. See them for what they are striving for.

      • BigGaySteve

        They know people that evolved in k style evolutionary settings have less kids when stressed and those from R settings have more. Proof that they understand this instead of equality is Common Core teaches math like Haiti, if they believed in equality they would copy Germany/Japan.

    • BigGaySteve

      former stasi leader Anette Kahane helped

    • dmitriy

      germans gonna create a team with russians to kill all enemies in face of ISIS

  • George Tannous

    Animals do not live in cities and towns they prefer the forest

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Not so sure about that, I live in the northern Canadian boreal forest, there is nothing, including wolverines and muskrats, which are natures nasty nasties, that approach the subhuman behaviour of islam.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    And where were German men? Must have been discount night at the spa, having their nails and facials done while getting their coiffure progressively con-temporized. It is said that German men, who appear to be mostly eunuchs, are popularizing cosmetic surgery, they have small artificial silicon testecles inserted in their scrotums, where their balls used to be. A technique developed in Rotherham England.

    • SassyMe55

      Afraid of being arrested for being Islamaphobic or be called a Nazi.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        True, fear and submission are what describes German men today. The only thing that will liberate Germany, from the insanity of its government, are Germans, best they get started while they still exist as an identifiable culture.

        • SassyMe55

          Very true. They need to start with the government that created this mess. That includes all western countries and their men.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It is a social phenomena that history will look back on and wonder why european men of the present era evolved into such subservient apathetic clueless dorks, allowing an inferior sub species replace them. The introduction of inbred islamic dna will set evolution back 2000 years.

      • Kook of the East

        Be more afraid of your country and culture disappearing. Soon, it won’t matter if you are called islamophobe or Nazi.

    • bentux

      It’s not just the German men, it’s the German justice that sucks. There have already been so many rapes committed by Muslim immigrants and very often the perpetrators are not even prosecuted.
      This woman here was raped for hours by two Africans. She committed suicide after 8 months because she couldn’t live with it anymore. Apparently, they drugged her. The video is in German but just watch her mother’s reaction in the very beginning.

      Something is seriously going wrong here in Germany. And it’s not just Germany, Austria and Sweden have the same problems. Our media is even protecting the offenders, you won’t find their names, anything about their origin or how they looked like. I hope Canada or the US don’t go down this road.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The progressive politically correct that rationalize mindless subhuman violence will spend their lives frustrated by the inferior people who will not accept their self proclaimed genius. They will rot in hell for eternity for abusing the life they were given. Some things will wait until they mature in the fullness of time. Hell, for a progressive, is knowing that they are wrong, but are too proud to admit to it and change, all the while watching their victims enjoy the gifts that are given, if asked for.

      • tarandfeatherthecrooks

        A Muslim Brotherhood placed plant as an assistant to the secretary of State Benghazi Killary and you wonder if we’re going down that road?

      • Sackville1683

        What the FUCKING HELL is wrong with the West that we put up with this!!!!!!!!!!! My heart breaks for that mother and father. And the savages just walk merrily on. It will come to war. It must.

        • disqus_KfWwGWM3T5

          We have victims such as this poor soul who commit suicide because they can’t wait any longer for justice. What would the state of this poor women’s mind have been had she seen the Men of Germany stand and punish these perps. I have to believe that justice delayed is justice denied. If this should ever happen to one of my loved ones I can assure you Justice will NOT be delayed.

      • Tooi de Vry

        Good heavens…..the arrogance of the bastards when they left the court…….subhumans and barbarians……The pain of the parents at the loss of their daughter and a state that are supposed to protect them that is failing….The girl made the naive mistake to trust them and she paid dearly for it……Why are Europeans so ignorant.

  • Pray Hard

    There is only one thing that will solve this. It is not “dialogue”. It is not “multiculturalism”. It is not “tolerance”. It is not “understanding”. It is not “political correctness”. It is not “jobs”. It is not “education”. It is not “opportunity”. It is not “more money”. It is not “better housing”. It is not “submission”. It is not “leftism”. It is not “liberalism”. It is not “Bernie”. It is not “Hillary”. It is not “raising taxes”. It is not “turning the other cheek”. It is not “better police protection”. It is not the “military”. It is not “politicians”. It is not “removing crosses”. It is not the “legal system”. It is not “Perry Mason”. The list of “not’s” is endless even though all of those are spewed at us as solutions. Remember the liberal outrage when that goofy candidate for governor of Texas, Clayton Williams, said regarding rape, “If it’s inevitable, just lie back and enjoy it”? Remember that? Now, the very same f’ing liberals are telling us to do exactly that.
    Arm yourselves.

    • olejacob666


  • Mahou Shoujo

    Facebook is a shallow attempt to make the manipulatable feel involved while being sold to assorted marketing corporations. Do not go there, the warm wet feeling you get will be replaced by a cold wet spot that has to be avoided in bed after the occasional ecstasy.

  • bentux

    Apparently, a German politician (Ralf Stegner) even made fun of this on his twitter account.

    But seriously, what did Merkel and her government expect? There are about one million horny Muslims now in Germany. They have no respect towards women and consider them as fair game. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the only reason why they came to Europe in the first place. I can’t imagine what will be going on here in a few months during summer. There will be gang rapes all over Germany.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Cologne has been infested with Turks for decades, just growing bolder as more of the same pours into Europe.

  • ‘IMpure’ 8:37 German woman WON’T GET ANY SYMPATHY from ‘pure’ Muslims
    ‘… But sorrow thou NOT over (these) people without Faith.’

    • Mahou Shoujo

      When muslim hordes are like worms withering on the sidewalk after a rain, they will get as good as they gave.

  • brian crawford

    its gonna be fun when this crap comes to texas

    • Barthel

      Or any place else in America.

      • peppers1

        what about dearborn

  • Toby1


  • IB
  • yuttles

    we need to ban and outlaw islam before it’s too late.

  • fixento

    That’s one of the reasons why Americans have a constitution with the right to bear arms. Sexual assault and rape is the same as attempted murder in the US, therefore, any armed civilian could have legally shot all of the barbaric Muslims that were assaulting the girl. The German people need to replace their politicians with real men and women that have the interest and welfare of the German people in mind, not some old dried up liberal socialist prune that has an armed guard to protect her.

  • Dave Mc

    German women must simply get used to the occasional bunch of fingers up their asses, if they are going to insist on being in public without covering themselves from head to foot. There were plenty of cops on scene there, with orders not to interfere with the activities of the new arrivals. Usually these things are kept out of German papers, to allow the populace to continue kidding themselves that their culture has not vanished and been replaced with Kasbah behavior. Germans will come to understand how things are, one victim at a time. It’s hard to ignore after one muslim fists you while his brother steals your purse.

  • John Willis

    Hey,you want to go out in public looking like a muslim cocoon,you deserve what you get…..

  • Daniel Nilsen

    I can’t help but think that Hitler would be a great solution to this.

    • Barthel

      He would as long as he leaves the Jews alone this time.

  • allan guldberg

    How on Earth can they be serial offenders, and still in the country?

    • Janis

      Exactly. They try and put the brave people they have, the Heidi Mund’s in prison for saying a prayer for her country and defending it’s freedom, but have the rapists running the streets.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      German law is fairly stupid.


    The women should spray some kind of special glow-in-the-dark paint on the men who harass them that is invisible. Let it be scented. You can tell them that it’s perfume. This way the refugees won’t see it. Then get a special flashlight. If you flash it on the refugees, it will light up. That’s your man! They can’t say it wasn’t them!

    • Evil Liberal

      Pepper Spray. Except Germany sold out a couple of weeks ago.

  • Barthel

    Try that in Alabama, Diaper Head, and you’ll get yourself killed.

  • So young Muslim males are snatching women purses. Who do you counter that? Catch a 3 foot Coachwhip snake and put in a old handbag and pray one of those Muslim thugs snatch if off your shoulder. Won’t he get a big surprise when that snake latches on his hand. Naturally the coachwhip has same color as a Cobra only its non-poisonous and the Thug will mess his drawers. Or put a armed rat trap in the bag.

    • Johnno

      Or simply carry some bacon in your purse…….

    • Sharpsguy

      I think the degenerates are pursing women’s snatches, not the other way around………

    • Mudpuppy

      Carry a deadly snake. Those savages need to meet Allah (Satan).

  • Sigrid

    I will never understand Islam male mentality. Natural things like nudity, and consensual sexuality is “offensive” to them, but harassment is not?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Muslims, are, for the most part, seriously inbred. They are very tribal, with a first cousin being the ideal breeding partner. After 1400 years of inbreeding, all sense of decency and intelligence are gone, leaving a subhuman creature that is less intelligent and having the morals of a blue bottomed monkey.

    • Mudpuppy

      All things are permitted them when perpetrated against the “Infidel”.

  • Hilary

    gross. women are going to live in fear and be afraid to go out. better get some self-defense moves and weapons, girls.

  • BobInBpt

    Well ! I certainly hope that by now the German males in the area have castrated all of these “invaders” or sent them packing to Allah !!!!!

  • keith

    … in the future, history books will note that in the early decades of the 21st Century Europe fell to Islamic domination, a repeat of Medieval history… it will also note that the US was spared this fate as a result of its citizenry being heavily armed…

    • notme123

      which is one reason why 0 is trying so hard to confiscate our guns.

  • Areyoukiddingme

    I’m looking forward to when Mark gets what’s coming to him as well as all the other leftists. Long overdue.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Multi national British and German police force. Police parade at Rotherham city council’s tribute to islam.

    • Darrell Standing

      Great image … sad but true !!! ?

    • BigGaySteve

      That’s what leftists want for all cops not just citizens

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It is regrettable, but you are absolutely right.

  • Natalie

    Why aren’t the men standing up for their fellow females?

  • Mira Lea

    This is how the Moslems force the women to remain inside. All women – and girls – and toddlers. They sexually assault them, knowing that this behaviour will cause fear – which is how Islam works. Through fear and shame and degredation.

    And when people fight back, they are labelled Racists, Intolerant, Islamophobes, Nazis.
    They laugh as if they are above the law – because by intimidating the Politicians and Authorities into backing down, they believe that they are above the law.
    And every time the people back down, the Moslems become bolder and more audacious.
    This is Islam at work.
    The only way to stop it is to kick them out and not let them return.
    Or don’t let them in in the first place.

    • berserker

      They only understand force. The West sees itself as being tolerant and compassionate; but the invaders interpret it as Allah making the infidel stupid.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Which many infidels are, stupid beyond sucker, well into fatal.

  • Lorraine Whipkey

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  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    A small demonstration of Europe’s future………….

    “…Other victims who have been at the main train station and the cathedral on New Year’s Eve in the period between midnight and 4 A.M….?”

    Wasn’t it the Cologne Cathedral which deliberately turned off its lights to protest when a PEGIDA demonstration marched by several months ago? I wonder if they’re going to do anything to protest these assaults on their parishioners….

  • It seems to me that either the women get tazer’s or their men start going out at night and FUBARING these INVADING ANIMALS!!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      German men? Such a creature exists? How quaint, wonder what one looks like?

  • enubus

    How come Merkel isn’t out there getting grouped and raped, after all this is all her fault! When are Germans going to go teutonic and rid themselves of all the cockroaches. Political Correctness is killing Europe.

  • Michelle

    Shoot the bastards doing this and place the rest in KLs and make them work for their food. The problem is that by the time they do this it will be too late. Where is the German pride? Where are the Leftists when thus is happening? .far away in their happy, safe middle class suburbs. Bu not for long. Greater violence is the ONLY thing that muslims and islam respect. Better start soon. the irony that this is happening in Germany after the Holocaust is incredible. It seems that placing pacifist Jews in KLs was okay but the Germans lack the guts to do it to the violent inbreeds of islam Shame Germany!!!

  • Mary

    Well, you asked for it by welcoming muslim refugees in your country. You thought you were better than the rest of the world for being human to savages. Stupid germany. Every place where muslims were welcomed are now all destroyed. You think Germany is an exeption. Think again. Oh wait. Ran away. Here comes more muslims.

  • mathewsjw

    read the translation it was NOT “harrass” it was uncounted sexual assaults with “fingers in every orifice” according 2 German ladies

  • conan_drum

    A spay can of day glow paint would be useful, spray them especially in the back and then the police cane easily identify them. I would suggest the face but that may be classed as an ‘assault’ in court

    • Mudpuppy

      The courts will let them go. That paint would be more useful as a target for the ones that get away from the slaughter that should be happening.

  • Carrie1912

    It’s time to split the United States. Put the criminals, muzzies, welfare cheats, looters, perverts and homos (in other words, all democrat supporters) all on one end of the country. Put the hard workers, self reliant, God fearing Americans on the other end. May the best society win.

  • Mamat Mamat

    Several months ago, their accomplices Hajjah Angela Merkel and a bunch of do-gooders welcomed these savages with open legs. Now, these savages are harvesting what were provided for them…

  • Pumpwater

    Quality of everyday life in Western Europe is being rapidly ruined by these mobs, traditional festivals are being cancelled or people are staying at home. The ever present threat of violence and assault is changing our lives for the worse, but why aren’t more people angry? I cannot understand why our indigenous populations are apparently so comfortable with these changes. Perhaps as each new incident is rationalised by our leaders as part of the new everyday life, we have just got ‘atrocity fatigue’. Perhaps we are now good at just shrugging our shoulders and offer a little thanks that it was not us and get on with our lives. Perhaps the fear of being called racist is just greater than the threat to our way of life.

    • Evil Liberal

      The boiling frog.

    • Steve

      This assault on culture is happening everywhere. Your comment about quality of life being ruined reminds me of colin flaherty’s “don’t make the black kids angry” that is well documented for the ruining of white culture in the u.s. We need someone to document the islamist invasion and put it in a book. There’s a lot of videos and stories but the more documentation the better for the idiots who steadfastly deny the truth or apologetically think they can make friends of the enemy.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Europe used to be a tourist destination, with a lot of money being spent there. Note how Egypt’s economy lost a fortune when terrorism destroyed its tourist industry. Europe, you will not be able to afford the welfare money you lavish on parasites that will destroy your country, and you along with it, given the chance.

      • Mudpuppy

        Maybe that explains all the ads I see for Danube cruises with personalities of radio and TV and whoever else. They are being paid to bring in the tourists.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          A few people around here have gone on them, at one time they were quite nice, I am told, a bit expensive, but worth it. Who will pay money to look at a bunch of filthy welfare colonists spewing hate and garbage everywhere, then grabbing your ass and stealing your purse?

          • Mudpuppy

            Yep. I would like to do that. As a youngster, we took a Rhine cruise once. I enjoyed it. My father was stationed in Germany with the US Army.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Very relaxing to float along a river watching the scenery change slowly, while partaking of some mildly intoxicating liquid, with people who appreciate the same.

  • SmithWinston6478

    Members of the 7th century arab death-cult should never be allowed within civilized society. Pity the unfortunate females enslaved, mutilated, and often mercilessly killed in that degenerate, irrationally macho oppression. Merkel’s folly will plague Deutschland far into the future, and may result in violence not seen since WWII.

    “Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill
    “I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of islam wherever they appear.” ~ b insane obola – Egypt 2009

  • Patriot Girl

    Not surprised one bit this will be the norm as it is in Sweden and all other countries that have imported millions of their murderers and rapists! These filthy savages came to Europe for white flesh and welfare! Angele merkel WILL GO DOWN ALONG WITH HITLER AS THE MOST REVILED WOMAN IN HER COUNTRIES HISTORY FOR BRINGING THIS UPON THE GERMAN PEOPLE! She alone is responsible. She doesn’t care and has said so! ” they are here now and nothing will be done about it!” Why she isn’t torn limb from limb or thrown out of office I don’t understand! But the sad truth is a lot of Germans still believe in this horror called enforced multiculturism! Truly they still believe as their kids are forced to clean up after the savages, cook meals, do their laundry and make them welcome! Or they can serve in the army one year! My guess these graduating seniors will choose the army rather than risk being infected with tb or being gang raped at a refugee center! Frau Muslima merkel may you burn in hell with your doppleganger herr hitler!

    • Tina

      Amen to that rant!

  • Mudpuppy

    The government isn’t doing anything to stop this.Time to take the law into your own hands. Time for a rebirth of the Freicorp. Next time, shoot the vile scum.

    The media is right about one thing (even if for the wrong reasons). They Aren’t “refugees”. They are invaders.

  • ______________

    Merkel is not just a traitor to Germany, she is a traitor to her gender.

    • peppers1

      not sure where she fits in to the equation

    • kraftavilqa

      She is also a traitor to her race and species. Most unfortunately Europeans do not have a constitutional right to bear arms. Furthermore fighting back immediately gets you on the ‘right-wing’ extremist list and guarantees you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law: hatecrime, racism, islampoonfauxbia all of them aggravated if possible in other words they will throw not just the book but the entire library at you, yhereby intimidating anyone away from following your example. That’s present day Europe: fascism for all and the democratic right to shut up and pay taxes.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      She is a traitor to humanity.

  • berserker

    I suppose there were too many assaults for the news to be suppressed. Apparently, there were similar attacks on NYE in Kalmar, Sweden as well.

  • Jimmy Mullet

    This would never have happened if the world didn’t kill Nazi Germany.

    • SmithWinston6478

      The Nazis and muslims were allies. Maybe you never heard of Hitler’s asscociation with the ‘Grand Mufti’ back then.

      “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak, and to remove all doubt.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

      • Jimmy Mullet

        Yep, knew that.
        Hitler was happy for some muslims to fight for the cause but no way would he have allowed mass immigration and therefore these problems wouldn’t have happened.
        Post your Lincoln quote somewhere where it’s relevant m8.

        • SmithWinston6478

          “The single greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

          • Jimmy Mullet

            Lol, exactly.

          • Jimmy Mullet


      • Jimmy Mullet

        Why are my replies getting deleted?

  • Up Huff

    Not surprising in the least. Have you seen their women? For that matter their camels and goats? When they can’t find camels or goats they just use one another, I’m guessing.

  • Bill Carson

    This is what you get when you let everybody uncontrolled in your country.And this just started. Yesterday the same ladies were clapping and singing: ” Welcome Refugees” and march against everybody who said something against this Invasion. Now they get the bill. The Germans are very sheepish and they will pay a high price for the insane politics from Angela Merkel if they not find a way to stop her.

  • Truth Seeker

    Probably for the occurrence of such activities, so many jihadis were welcomed in Germany. No Surprise.

  • Joaquin Veyron

    Hey, Pamela. How do you get news from Germany? Any interest in me helping to get information about Germany in German?
    I am German and I speak German. I could help translate news reports in German,

    • Mahou Shoujo

      For those of us on the frontier, where even the lame stream media is marginal, we have to rely on forums like this to hear what is happening as the heavily censored news outlets are deliberately ignoring reality in europe.

  • 3Storms

    You chose to let the cultural-Marxist liberals tell you that you’re bad people for being white people who do not over-populate the planet thus deserving this invasion to socially transform the west. Until more people grow the stones to stand up to the liberal architects of all of this, it’ll only get worst.

  • BenThere

    Merkel has destroyed Germany, making this country unsafe for her citizens, at the hands of these savages.

    Merkel is a far left wing socialist/neo-communist. She was a member of a pro-Lenin/Marx youth group.

    She is doing everything she can to ensure all of Europe is destroyed by 3rd world

    We have the same thing taking place in America, under Obama.

    We have to fight the socialist scum who are out to decimate America!

  • Rajesh Menon

    Women there should learn some self defense and bit the hell out of these savages! One cannot expect help at every juncture. Moroever, if a woman kicks these guys there will hopefully be no arrests from the sickularist Government

  • dag

    Time for Germany to bring back the Sturmabteilung (“Brown Shirts”).

  • marble

    Danke, Teufele Merkel.

  • Brianna Conley

    Wow, this is terrible. Oh look, I’m not slandering a whole group of people despite this fact, shocking. While this is a disgusting, horrible, and despicable thing, the unnecessary remarks and comments sprinkled throughout this “article” are equally as gruesome. Maybe tone it down a little, makes it difficult to take you seriously.

    • Mudpuppy

      You want to know why the comments are as they are? We are tired of Moslem crap and the unwillingness of our “leadership” to do anything about it. Everywhere those vile “people” go, this kind of crap happens.

      • Brianna Conley

        The basis of your argument is so awful. With that, someone could say that all Christians are bad because of the Westboro Baptist Church, or that all black people are murderers because of black-majority gang groups, or that all white people are evil because of the KKK.
        You shouldn’t label an entire group of people as something because of a minority in that group is reigning terror. It’s foolish and naive. Maybe if you actually looked up real information yourself instead of simply following the gossip magazine equivalent to real news sources, you could form an opinion based on truth, not on hate and false rumors.

        • Mudpuppy

          Your examples are flawed. Westboro is a cult of inbred idiots who in no way represent Christianity. The KKK is reviled by nearly everyone. I certainly don’t blame all black people for the actions of thugs.

          The Bible does not teach behavior like any of the above. The Koran and Hadiths most certainly teach the violence and murder that Moslems practice. Mo, himself was a vile, goat-dating rapist who engaged in rape, pillage, plunder and murder with regularity. It’s what they do. It’s what they are. It’s what Islam teaches. Just look at its history. They do what their (un)holy books teach. They do what Mo did, as they are commanded to do.

          Islam is evil, vile, blood-thirsty, savage and barbaric. It was designed that way from the beginning.

          As a black woman, you should be the last one to defend those savages.

          • Brianna Conley

            You do realize that your entire first paragraph could be used as a shining example to apply to Muslim people. Instead of viewing the individuals as they are (which is individual), you are applying the actions of the bad people that make it into the news onto every Muslim person on the planet.

            The Bible preaches actions deemed unjust as humanity progresses. I’d like you to link me an actual source that says Islam teaches evil. I, myself, know people who are Muslim, and they are perfectly ordinary and not evil, like you claim them to be.

            As a person with the ability to make inferences based on information and the inability to tolerate hate in any shape or form, I expect myself to react the way I currently am.

            And I really don’t see how being black should prevent me from sympathizing for people who are currently being showered with hatred because of some criminals who identify as Muslim.

            It’s even more difficult for me to understand how you continue to justify labeling millions of people as vile with the blink of an eye.

          • Mudpuppy

            “Some” criminals? Are you blind? It’s millions of them. Europe is reeling from their invasion. The rest of them support the “radicals” in some way. Even if it’s just giving money at the local mosque (terrorist indoctrination center)

            The Arabic word for slave is abeed. Islam is an Arabic ideology/”religion”. They use the word liberally to apply to black people. Blacks are subhuman to them. So are women. That’s why I questioned your defense of them.

            The hatred they get is entirely brought on by them and their behavior. They don’t get along with anyone else, not even themselves. They are “moderate” until they are not.

            I already told you the Koran and Hadiths teach evil. There’s your source. Study their history. No sane person can come away from it and not see that it is evil. I apply it to all of them because it’s the system that is the problem.

          • Brianna Conley

            It’s like talking to a brick wall. Continue to spew this, you’re going to believe what you want. I’m not going to waste my time with this.

            I’d just like to point out your refusal to acknowledge the good in Muslim people. It’s really sad. You’re missing out on life.

          • Mudpuppy

            Speaking of a brick wall. A blind one. I believe what I do based on the evidence. Evidence you are not willing to see.

            What I’m missing out on is death. There is nothing good in Islam. There is nothing good in the “Moslem people”. The only good Moslem is a dead Moslem. Islam delenda est.

          • Brianna Conley

            I feel sorry for you, really, I do. Do you usually advocate the death of people you don’t like? I mean, everyone is entitled to their opinions. It’s just sad to know that there are people out there such as yourself.

            Thanks for such an enriching conversation, it’s been very educational.

          • Mudpuppy

            Don’t feel sorry for me. I only advocate their deaths because they deserve it. If they would stay in the Sand and leave us alone, I wouldn’t give them a second thought. But, they came out murdering and raping, so yes, they need to die. The safety of my family, my community and my country demand it.

            If ti was educational, you certainly don’t seem to have learned anything.

          • Brianna Conley


          • ob1

            You asked for link about Islam and evil.
            First,google “Islamic terror group list” and compare it to any other known religion based terror group in history,christian,jewish,ect..
            Then,go and google “Quran verses of violence”,read it,understand that unlike the bible,the old testament,muslim belive that the Quran is god true and final word,each and every word!
            You are smart fine women,young but strong-do yourself a favore and learn how Islam treat other religion when they are the acting ruller! Christian,Budehist,Jews,they all can teach you a thing or two..
            Take care and god bless

          • Brianna Conley


            Thanks for the “link.” Here’s one of my own:

            Do you know any actual Muslim people, I believe knowing people who have the faith that you have so many opinions about has a great impact on your opinions.

            Thanks for your input, though, because I really do appreciate that the conversation is kept flowing!

            Have a great day/evening, wherever you are in the world!

          • ob1

            I’m from Israel,i grow up with Arab Muslim and Christian in Haifa,i know alot about Muslim,Quran and much of my childhood friend got arrested 3 yr ago for killing his own sis,in the name of “Family honor” crap,and its just the tip of the iceberg! i can go on all day long about whats wrong with Islam but at the end-check which group is leading the terror and blood cycle in this world and how they justified this horor in the name of the religion of peace..

            Would love to chat but duty call..hope to catch with you later

            Stay cool and be safe!

          • Brianna Conley

            Thanks for your perspective! Still, I have to politely say that I disagree with you on your initial statements. I don’t believe that millions of people are ticking time bombs because of the Muslim religion, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

            Really, thanks again!

  • Brianna Conley

    Oh my, the comments are even worse! Wow. I’m in Germany on exchange at the moment, and hearing this ridiculous and ignorant comments are so frustrating. Reminds me of looking back at old Facebook posts I made when I was twelve. Seriously people, how are you not embarrassed with yourselves? They say ignorance is bliss, but it’s only bliss for the ignorant. It’s hell for the people who have somewhat of an idea of the words that come out of their mouths.

    • Steve

      You sound like you are from wonderland alice. The reality is you don’t know as much as you think in your student tourism world and yes ignorance is bliss in your case. I guess you would get more riled up at a black lies mutter rally in ferguson. Colin flaherty’s book mentions the media in the u.s. that sugarcoats or ignores black degeneration of the u.s. culture but i’m sure you’d think that his book is ignorant as well.

      • Brianna Conley

        So my opinions are deemed unjustified, radical, and ignorant because I’m a young black person? I really do find it interesting that your way of counter arguing is to point out my race and imply my ignorance based on what actual information? Do you know as much as you think you do? Because all that I got from your reply is what I was complaining about in my previous comment.

        • Steve

          All i get from your reply is that you think you are a know it all at such a young age who blabbers about ignorance of others freely dishing it out but a bit awkward when someone hands your immaturity back to you.

          • Brianna Conley

            Okay. Thank you for sharing your valid and justified opinion. It’s nice to know that ageism is something people still stoop to. Sorry your unable to process other opinions with grace.

            Also, I still haven’t had the opportunity to hear something about the original topic at hand. Still about me. The lack of acknowledgement of the actual issue is usually due to someone not really having information on the issue.

          • Steve

            Yes, people do use ageism as an argument and others just see it when someone deals in absolute blanket opinions. Its a convenience of those who haven’t had a lot of experience often or haven’t taken the time to do their homework. Sounds like you immediately go into the race card mode when race is mentioned which is a good way to alienate others and not learn too much except your own conclusions. Happy vacationing and, as far as the topic, be careful when you go out over there. There’s a lot of statistics all over the news from many sources. I hope they all aren’t ignorant. Hope you learn a little bit about life while you study.

          • Brianna Conley

            Thank you so much for your concern. I find it interesting to see the conclusions people makes by drawing assumptions and misinterpreting messages. Maybe stubbornness comes with age. ;)

            Oh, and I didn’t pull the race card out of my ass, you’re the one who initially mention Ferguson for whatever reason you thought appropriate at the time.

            I hope you learn all little bit about life in general. Knowledge comes to those who accept the fact that there is still information to be obtained.

            Tip: When you assume things, you make an ass out of yourself. One of my many brilliant teachers said that. I see it to be very fitting at the moment.

          • Steve

            You’re too much. I see another progressive in the making with a quick trigger. You’ll do well with the movement as a useful idiot. Typical!

          • Brianna Conley

            Wow, thank you for your unwarranted opinion. The words that come out of your mouth aren’t always fact. Your opinions aren’t the end-all, be-all of legitimacy.

            Nice to know that the only way you can cope with hearing differing opinions is to attack those who believe differently. Here you are, arguing with and targeting a teenage girl. Are you one of those people who worries about the future because we’re supposedly unready to take on the world with all of its buffoons? Suddenly, voicing true and honest opinions (at least I realize I’m not the source for all of the facts, sir) is showing idiocy when it’s against yours.

            Simply claiming that there are “sources that show…” isn’t enough. You can say that about anything. Actual fact: presented sources give you credibility. Age doesn’t give you credibility.

            Thanks for proving that you really can’t fix stupid. Advice given by my great-grandmother. I now know for myself that people will continue to believe what they want. I’m not going to waste my life trying to convince you.

            I was going to link you sources that supported my beliefs, but I’ve realized this entire conversation had no substance. Shame.

          • Steve

            You were the one claiming everyone else was ignorant from the start and noone had anything good to say so good luck with your understanding and tolerance of different opinions since you’ve grown up so much. Yes you are proving your preconceived notions to yourself with every post. Your teachers would be quite proud of your incredible ability for debate and use of the language. Shouldn’t you be out somewhere pestering white people about black lies mutter while they eat schnitzel laying on your slam bam poetry mam reparations for the black folk diatribe in your hijab while odumber backs you up with links to climate change terror and refugee dreamers? Oh, the life of a student!

          • Brianna Conley

            This is literally the most annoying pestering I’ve received from anyone other than my little sister. How about you know when to leave an argument, now you’re sounding extremely immature. If you want, I can screenshot this conversation and get my teachers’ opinions. I’ve already had some given. So, while you act like a sad human being, I am going to go on with my life.

            Seriously, are you five?

          • Brianna

            Since you need proof to be placated, here you go. Time to get out of the bubble you desperately want to stay enclosed in.


          • Steve

            Hey, Bambi can be found “alive and well” at Disney World if you really really trully believe!


            At least you’re trying to communicate now without all the bashing about ignorance.




            Whites can be good people too so don’t let peers and historical influences whether accurate or not be your only guides and cause you to be falsely swayed. I see many muslims in my community who seem to be decent people but they do have a noted problem with segregation and appear not too sociable with westerners in the general community. As a student you are in a closed world. I’ve been there and its for the most part true. Here is what one muslim has to say about muslims in America. He was released (forced out) by the islamic community for his freedom of speech.


            Pop goes the bubble!

  • Just fed up

    Well Cologne is in the PC migrant West of Germany. They asked for this and now they are reaping what they sowed juts like Sweden and us in the UK. The media holds a lot of blame for hiding this. If we get through this and it will need a violent uprising to stop it, because I have a fearful feeling that rape is now OK with the LEFTIEs as long as it is immigrant rape on white girls. Something really weird is happening and I think it is now deliberate. They are selling us out.

    • Tina

      Cologne is the city where the pro migrant mayoral candidate was stabbed last fall. She then won by a large majority. Now she’s shocked by the migrants’ behavior. God some people are stupid!

  • Just fed up

    They must start going after the politicians. The puppet masters you cannot see.

    • Steve

      I suspect there is a lot of underhanded shadow government going on facilitating this crap. Its simply too incredible to see how the leaders are laying down for this. The people will have to take things into their own hands at some point.

  • Just fed up

    I work in mental health. The cure for political correctness is suffering, a lot of suffering. Then the masses will wake up and realize what they have done. This all ends badly. Very badly.

    • Steve

      Yes, i have worked around it too and when enough staff get hurt things change though there are a lot of broken people along the way.

  • Juanita

    I have been saying for a while that American females and children of both genders need to learn self-defense moves and evasive tactics before the “invasion” gets to be a real problem here.

    Those “savages” do what they do because they know the police will not seriously persue them and that the females are helpless against them. Nothing causes a bully to retreat like pushback. Also, there is strength in numbers. It is foolish for women to go out solo in situations such as this.

    • Tina

      The article said the first woman interviewed was in a group, but there were 1000 drunken, aggressive Moslim monsters. This is similar to the rape of the female reporter in Egypt. She was torn from her body guard & camera man, then savagely raped by hundreds of men. Pity it wasn’t that b!tch Merkel.

      • Juanita

        Dear God! I read about the 1000 savages after I wrote my previous responses. Now that they know what they are dealing with, citizens need to plan on how to protect themselves.

        It is clear that they will not get much help from the “authorities”. I have detected a pattern in stories of Muslim violence in Europe, as I am sure others have too. If the police do not admit that they have outright given up, they tend to show up conveniently after the perpetrators have escaped while telling citizens, the press, and any else who will listen about the extensive investigation or investigations undertaken which of course yield nothing.

        In the alternative, the police may claim to have caught one or two perpetrators but you rarely hear of any punishment being imposed for the crimes.

      • Juanita

        I tried sent you a reply. I got a “message” that an error occurred and the process was not completed. Call me a cynic but I have had other instances when for one reason or another my reply is interupted. Perhaps I should say intercepted. I will try to send the message again later. We will see what happens.

    • Steve

      To women i would say that if you are going to die at least take the perpetrator out with you with a sharp instrument. I would love to see the face of the muslime who goes to get his virgins without his weapon. Now that would be some hell!

  • Metatrona

    Muslim men are trained to be degenerates.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      It doesn’t take much, they have an inbred natural predisposition towards it.

  • NoMoreIslam

    Wow you met Chris Kyle! My great respect to you bro!

  • jan

    the turks and kurds in cologen even dont respect the closing times for shops-you know in germany normal shops are closed on sunday,but they open them in some areas and the state do nothing!if a german will do this he must pay a lot of money.

    Also this sex attacks happened in other citys like Hamburg(full of young Asylum seekers who are stealing for months,even the Pimps beat them up because the stole to much)…

  • Mark

    What remains baffling to me is only 50 thous of these savages exist yet for some reason no one wants to go in. If we all are so pissed off then why don’t we align ourselves with Russia who is fighting and bombing the crap out of them. By the time help arrives no one will be left. So either way isn’t it better we just drop the biggest bombs we havè. These kids and women are all tortured and raped daily. I’m sure they would want it to end. God I don’t know why we can’t get Iraq Syria Russia Saudi Arabia and the USA in the same room to make a strategic war plan.

    The men who are raping the European women are the same cowards that left their wives and children behind. Trump was so right. I’m a democrat who completely disagrees with Hillary. Radical Islam is just that. How can you lie about something so simple. Ten family members registered for Trump and win lose or whatever he brought to the forefront with the courage and hate from everyone period. Not one other so called politician said anything. They road his coat tails and for me. I won’t vote democratic this time. I’m voting Trump. He was very very sincere at the rally I attended and one sorry everyone in that stadium felt a love I can’t describe. Not celebrity bs. Hes just to the point and very straight forward. I just think it’s going to get a lot worse and we need someone with negotiating skills. Clearly Obama isn’t respected by anyone let alone democrats anymore. Hillary is not on point. She’s saying the same victim sh-t she said back in the 90s and if you think Trump is a bulky wait until you deal with these savages Iran and so on.

  • bentux

    There have been about 1000 Arabic men on that train station at that time, not just 40-50. A few of them were already known to the police because of similar incidents, and they still grant them asylum. Most of them don’t even have documents. They destroyed them on their way to Germany, because they are of course not all from Syria and knew they wouldn’t be allowed to stay in Germany otherwise. They also lie about their age and pretend to be underage.
    About 60 women already filed charges. Cologne wasn’t the only city, the same thing also happened in Stuttgart and Hamburg. Who knows if it was a coincidence. A female police officer who was off-duty at that time said, they groped her, too, and went even inside her pants. Can you imagine what will be going on when it’s summer and women won’t wear thick coats and long pants?
    In Germany it’s not allowed to use pepper spray against humans — only against dogs. Guns are also forbidden. So they can’t even protect themselves against such attacks. What are they supposed to do?
    Merkel still claims that closing the boarders is not the right thing to do. They have been debating about setting an upper limit for asylum seekers but Merkel is strictly against it. So, we’re expecting at least another million in 2016, plus the subsequent immigration of the family members. They have huge families. If it continues like that, in 2 years there will 10 Million of them just in Germany. And ISIS claims that they seized thousands of blank Syrian passports. Who knows, maybe in a year or so, we Germans will have to apply for asylum in another country.

  • victor

    This is the direct result of massive immigration, refugees or not, of Moslems. It is squarely Merkel’s responsibility.

    Merkel is out of her mind and should be removed from office inmeditately.

    The German people must rise otherwise, again, will follow their leaders on a catastrophic path.

    The thousands, perhaps millions of, mostly leftist Germans and do gooders, who support Merkel’s actions have lost their minds also.

    The sex assaults are just the beginning. Soon many of these losers, unable and unwilling to integrate due to the crazed cultural imprinting they have been subject to since childhood will turn into suicidal nuts will start to kill German Jews on German soil and Germans in general.

    They will do it with anything, bombs, knives, poison, crashing planes. No place, no time will be safe in Germany and the rest of Europe.

    Merkel is kaput. If she is not kicked out soon will Germany be kaput and, once again, will create another European catastrophe.

    The leftist mind set is kabut too because it is the root of multiculturalism, the latest crazy idea generated by the hiper articulate elites. Before they created Communism, Maoism, Nazism.

    All Moslem illegals must be sent back to Moslem countries. All legal Moslem residents must be given economic incentives to leave. All Moslems who are European nationals must also be encouraged, with generous economic incentives, to emigrate to Moslem countries and the countries who accept them also assisted economically. It is the best solution for Moslems and fort the rest of the World, not just Europe and the US.

    Only Moslems carefully investigated individually can be allowed to remain.

    If not kicked out soon, and her policies reversed, Merkel will destroy whatever credibility Germany had regained since Hitler.

    A sad tragedy such, otherwise intelligent and industrious, people have managed to elect such crazed leader.

    Hitler was evil, Merkel is a good person whose incompetence makes her evil.

  • Evil Liberal

    This story is in the New York Times now. Sometimes life hands you a Straight Flush.

  • olejacob666

    The anger and frustration that is building up in us Europeans are basically a timed bomb. You guys have NO IDEA!!

    When this gets unleashed it will become worse than a nuclear bomb mark my words.

    • Mudpuppy

      It needs to explode now, before it’s too late.

      • olejacob666

        Its not to late. Not at all.

        What is to late is doing something about it not causing a riot and angry mobs of mussies.

        • Mudpuppy

          I agree, it’s not yet too late, but it soon will be. I wouldn’t worry about causing a riot and angry mobs of mussies. Everything causes that. You and I breathing causes that.

          • olejacob666

            Sir, that is a fact. I agree 100%.

  • Hans.Rosenthal

    First the northafrican muslim mob started to set the Cologne Cathedral on fire with fireworks Source: youtube/ After that they started to molest women, steal their handbags, smartphones, they even raped a couple of them. This is the continue of the Arabic Spring riots in Kairo Tahir Square were a lot of women were raped in public too. By the way, the same procedure in Hamburg, Stuttgart and a lot of other german cities. What are the consequences? Don’t talk about the refugees behavoir otherwise you’re called a NAZI. Make the world know what is going on in Germany. One fine day, the germans are so feed up with that sh*t, that they will strike back in a tsunami of violence in which the 2nd WW was a Kindergarden event.

  • ob1

    Good job Merkel,keep bring them by the bulk..You got yourself some dark eyed,dark skin,arabic speaking citizen F**king your daughter in the name of their pedophile prophet,spreading his words and their sperm..

  • genug ist genug

    People teach children ”dont get into cars with strangers” and ”dont let strangers in the house”, but then you have irresponsible leaders like angela merkel who intentionally invite and let in Millions of strangers into the country,and now everybody is able to see the consequeces of this mistaken policy,and it will get worse, every problem that Europe had with muslims will get worse, anti semitism will get worse, discrimination and abuse of women will get worse, crime(robberies,rape,murder etc) will get worse, the terror threat will massively increase, and we Europeans will lose some of our freedoms because already the authorities are demonading more rights in order to spy and counteract such threats.Also gun rights may or will be affected.The visa waiver with the USA will come into question as Americans are not keen on letting in anti american muslims with Belgian,French etc. passports, so the Michael,Stefanie etc. may lose their free travel to the US and elsewhere. And many more consequences that are too numerous to list here may come about.

  • Jaycasey

    Both you and the German media disgust me. You are both acting in bad faith. The far right and the far left are both wrong. What we need is rational thought and objectivity.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      That is the least effective way to deal with islam possible, you are making the fatal assumption that muslims are capable of rational thought and objectivity. Red the qur’an, with reference to the media reports of what muslims are doing around the world.

    • Mudpuppy

      No, what we need is to open fire. That’s the only way to take care of those savages.There is nothing rational or objective about Islam or Moslems.

    • ob1

      You must understand that Islam and rational is oxymoron!! Muslim belive that Islam is the only true word of god and we all,the non-muslim,are Kufar,infidel! they came under OUR democracy,OUR Humen rights,OUR liberal laws and try to force their Islamic Shria,their way of life!
      You don’t see their own Muslim brothers in the countless Muslim countries welcoming this river of so called refugees..i think its all part of transforming Europe into Eurabia..God help us all.

  • Augendoc

    There was one man today travelling to Cologne to make himself a clear picture about the situation, carrying a butchers cleaver in his jacket.
    He got arrested, declared “mentally disturbed” and put in a nuthouse.
    Now you know where the last german men are, that want to protect their females.
    We are not allowed to carry weapons. We are not allowed to critisize muslims. We are not allowed to defend ourselves or others.
    We ARE allowed to pay unbelieveable high taxes (alltogether about 80 to 90% of our income) to pay for an insufficient beaurocracy and an ever dwindeling police force that stands beside those crimes, seeing and doing nothing. They even reported “everything was calm” while 1000 Arabs violated 100 women openly.
    Greetings from germany! Defend your rights to carry weapons!
    See what they do to us, since they made us defenseless.

  • joe1429

    They are just getting warmed up!! The German women havent seen anything yet. Wait until they get settled in. They screwed. Was merkel in any danger, with her armed guards??

  • Morpayne RADIO

    Muslims have yet to try this type of crap here because 1/3 of Americans are armed. It is my belief this is what the war on guns is partly about, making the street safe for Muslims to behave badly.

    Also, as a Hispanic male that has lived in predominantly African American part of the country most of my life, I can tell you neither blacks or Hispanics would tolerate this kind of attack. We would lash out violently very quickly as per our general temperament and the fact we refuse to be seen as weak.

    I think Arab Muslims know better than to try something like this at say…the Puerto Rican day parade in NY or 4th of July in downtown Atlanta. They would be torn to pieces like a gazelle among hyenas.

    • JSain

      Yeah,…Blacks and Hispanics understand this behavior very well.

      • Morpayne RADIO

        no argument here. It is what it is.

        Better than letting them do w/e they want to our women like the pinkys do.

  • Evi Charpentier

    I once respected Pam Geller until I saw the sleazy ads she allows on her mobile site.

    • Mudpuppy

      She may not have control over that. Many sites don’t.

  • Anna
    • Anna

      The video is below the text in this article

  • Ermintruder

    Happy New Year Germany! Welcome to the new Europe; becoming increasingly dangerous for women. Funny how the Women’s Lib movement is keeping quiet on this. I guess its easier to keep beating up Western men instead.
    Our brave new multicultural world eh? Nope, women will have to go back to staying indoors in the kitchen as sex slaves for the men when they get home, or wear the veil. Its what is being ushered in, and the authorities are complicit in allowing the slow suffocation of women’s rights as the Muslims take over. ‘Cover up’ they are told! What next? No NEXT? As they can’t sell traditional clothing to women, presumably?
    The wave of migrants is a troop movement by ISIL and unwittingly we have
    taken in the Trojan Horse. Civil Wars will erupt across Europe. This is
    what they desire.

  • Ermintruder

    The wave of migrants is a troop movement by ISIL and unwittingly we have
    taken in the Trojan Horse. Civil Wars will erupt across Europe. This is
    what they desire.

  • JSain

    Enjoy it, German ladies,….It’s called ‘Diversity’…..and the Globalists say it’s good for you.

  • JSain

    Germans should judge Merkel as the Italians did Mussolini.

  • The assaults and rapes in Cologne and in other German cities were too simultaneous and too coordinated to have been “spontaneous.” It has the fingerprint of ISIS all over it. ISIS warned last year that it was planning something “big” to welcome the New Year. This was it.

  • Marie Shanahan

    Those poor women. :( The two who got gang raped were 15 and 14 years old. Both were assaulted by teenage boys, aged 16-20 year old.

    These men are cowards who don’t deserve to live in a free or defended, society. They should be home fighting ISIS. Alas, they are not “fighters.” Only know how to beg for asylum. Wreck the host nation. Collect in crowds of 20 in town squares to molest and rob the women and gang rape the little girls.

    Safe zones need to pop up in then Middle East and they ALL need to be sent home.

  • Muh Ditia DS

    it’s ironic, that’s why Islamic women are forbidden to move alone especially at night, it should also be noted that the condition of the people in an area different from the other regions. So, need to understand beforehand about the culture and behavior of people who exist in the area in which we live. I hope the perpetrators can be quickly captured, and hopefully we can take a lesson in this case.

    by the way, thanks to read my article Pengertian Hukum Pajak

  • AngiePangie21

    This is horrible… here is another video of two beautiful getting harassed just for holding hands

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