Frankfurt: Famous Women’s Guard Dance/Drill Team withdraws from Fastnachtszug Parade, Cite Fear of Terrorism and Cologne Attacks


Ceding the field to the newly importing jihad army. What choice do these girls have? Their government has sacrificed them to their Islamic masters, and their men are MIA.

Google translate:

Frankfurt Fastnachtsumzug: rejection of fear of terror,” Asylum Terror, January 30, 2016:

The Frankfurter woman Garde is not participating in Fastnachtszug. Refusal founded the carnival association with the current situation in Germany.

Fearing terrorist attacks, but also from sexual assault, the Frankfurt city-Garde refrains mitzumarschieren when Fastnachtszug on February 7. The Women’s Carnival Association from Gallusviertel had always participated in the parade through the center of Frankfurt in recent years.

Also this year, the 25 members with a cart and a Fußgruppe this would have been. They have, however, chosen because of the current situation in Germany two weeks ago not to participate, said the first President Stephanie artist on request. The members would be unanimously defined a rejection. Especially the younger garde interior are anxious, said artist. Firstly Frankfurt as an international bank city is a potential target for terrorist attacks. Moreover, the incidents in the Cologne Silvesternacht would the young women insecure. They would now follow the parade on television.

The Chairman of the Great Council of the Frankfurt Carnival Associations, Axel Heilmann said that it was an isolated incident. We do not expect further cancellations. All participants had already received their train number, and there were no demands in terms of safety. The clubs are but sensitized.

The Frankfurt police advise anyone to stay away from Carnival, a spokesman said yesterday. It will increase its presence in this time significantly.

  • BrunoPBuhr

    I guess the Koran doesn’t have directions for gratitude, respect for others, dignity and brotherly love. They have been given so much and act as if the Europeans aren’t good enough to be treated with respect and human kindness.

    • berserker

      They are here to make us submit as directed by Allah and we are submitting. Given that Muslims are determinists, it will not surprise me if they think that Allah is making the infidel submit. In other words, everything is going as planned.

      • Aaron

        Actually, you are 100% correct. Whenever the non-moslem does anything whatsoever in favor of, or to benefit the moslem, the moslem believes his god allah has made it so–that he has been granted special distinction or honor by allah himself. In this way, every good deed or courtesy by non-moslems is considered a type of “submission,” (no matter how well-intentioned) and it emboldens the moslem because of “allah” granting victory to him over the infidel.

        • roger

          I agree.

        • movingwaters

          Thanks for the info.

      • joe1429

        This is just one part of their plan, to impregnate as many infidel women as possible, with muslum babies. I wonder how many thousands will be born next year, due to these attacks??

        • harbidoll

          Europe girls abort their Own babies, much less “products of rape”.LOL never fear. (morning after pill)

      • anotherjoeblogs

        That’s it a nutshell- the more we submit, the more evidence that allah is carrying out his will and this simply bolsters the belief that islam is the one true path and pumps up these devils with confidence on steroids. We are digging our own graves.

      • LadyofRaglan

        Yes, i heard a well-famous Islamic preacher close to Erdogan proclaiming to over 10000 muslim in Ankara or another major city that Allah will release a horde jinnies to help the muslims to convert kaffirs to Islam. Read that as making ifidels submit. Why did all of the World submit to the Nazis? Why is everybody today falling over themselves to submit? It is spooky and looks unreal.

  • berserker

    But Juncker The Great assured us that the attacks in Cologne had nothing to do with the refugee crisis. Keep calm and carry on raping!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Islam has taken germany. Germans now cower under the bed they made and must now sleep in. What a piss-poor end to a once noble nation. Cowering at the feet of a pile of muslim dirty rags, all because they have fools for leaders and bigger fools as followers. The great mosque in Cologne will be the scene of much joyous raping as islam celebrates victory.

    • joe1429

      This just in… our fearless leader.. hussein.. will be paying a presidential visit to an american mosque very soon… to HONOR islam!!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Probably to announce that he is the supreme ayatolla of the islamic republic of america,

        • Benton Marder

          Nahhh, Ayatollah is too minor a status. He thinks himself the Twelfth Imam, the Mahdi himself.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            A typical uppity moslim.

    • LadyofRaglan

      “The great mosque in Cologne..” Did you mean the big formerly Christian Cathedral which is right outside the main train station where the New eve rape happened? It was there were the muslims were invited to pray to Allah and the woman, Heidi Mund was arrested for proclaiming Jesus as Lord over Germany….
      is that the mosque you mean? You would be right…

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Yep, thats the one. Where the former custodians, back when it was a Christian church, shut off the lights in protest of ingrates not welcoming its new parishioners .

  • To bad they are submitting to the muslems this way. . This will not stop the attacks.

    • honeybee

      Summation invites attack/

  • Warren Gacsi

    My opinion of those ”koranimals” is that they are lower than the slime under a rock.

  • The Greatest Freedom

    This is what happens when th EUnuchs at Brussels decide our future.

    • harbidoll

      Dont put all blame on the men. The women have grown SO independent these days the dont even get married.! They will keep/take a baby or 2 plus financial support tho.LOL

      • The Greatest Freedom

        An EUnuch is not a man

        • harbidoll

          theyr not allowed to be men nor carry weaponds

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The Europeon Islamic Union is completely on-board w/this. Whether it’s because they’re on the take to islamic petroeuros or they’re just plain cowards or a combination of both might never be known.

  • roger

    Terrorism is working, and it’s outcome is the shutdown of every thing un Islamic.

  • joe1429

    Unfortuantely this will become the new norm in germany, either cancelling womens events for fear of rapes, or spending a lot more on police protection for them, which is common sense.

    • MPAcosta

      Where is the German Army? Don’t they have weapons?

      • Benton Marder

        The present Bundeswehr is not the Wehrmacht of old; neither is it the Waffen SS. Times have changed.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          From what I’ve read, the largest division in the SS was the Handschar, all muslum division.

  • Fred

    The Nazis of the 21st century have taken over Germany. They are spreading faster than the plague.

  • Dave Mc

    Many smaller towns have cancelled Carnival, the large ones are going ahead with it, for economic reasons, I believe. Most babies in Germany are born 9 months after Carnival-this will further depress birthrates, at least of babies that are not the result of rape. Carnival has traditionally been one of the few times each year Germans really cut loose. A controlled, sober, careful Carnival celebration is going to be a terrible thing, in those cities where it will still take place, in name only.

  • Gleaner1

    I cannot share this view that a cultural event loved by a European city must be deprived of an essential element for fear of terrorism or sexual assault, in my view this sends the wrong message. If this challenge is ducked at THIS stage, what will be the situation in 2 or 3 years time?

    NO, we’re under attack, OUR defense is to attack them, deny them freedom to move in that city, confine them to other areas so they understand their offensive actions have consequences – for THEM.

    As any successful parent knows, you HAVE to start as you mean to go on.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Surrender. What else is there to call it? Germanistan’s present, the “moderate”, “nominal” islamic future for the dying western world.

  • Duchess of Pork

    Do the beefed up police reinforcements, the sophisticated surveillance cameras, the very special efforts being made to inform foreign visitors about carnival courtesies (in Arabic and ‘other foreign languages’ so I’m reliably informed) the assurances from your State Interior Minister, Mayor, Police Chief and carnival committee that women will be able to move around Cologne without being worried not allay your fears then girls? Dear me, you are going to have to muster up a little courage. Perhaps you could take a few lessons in fortitude from Heidi Mund who appears to be the only woman in Germany currently prepared to speak out against the violations that have so intimidated you.

  • mandelson

    So women can be firemen, combat troops, presidents and all patriarchs can go to hell! Reality is a so and so however and its looking like the girls will have to cover up and stay in doors after dark since mass enrichment occured by the hundreds of thousand. The only answer the left comes up with is to employ more cops and dont provoke the enrichers. Slut walk anyone?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Replace lent with ramadan, no eating or drinking during daylight hours, frequent prayers and a massive rapefest to celebrate eid el fitr, which will replace easter.

  • The Greatest Freedom

    ..”You mustn’t act yourself, you must obey, you must give must submit to the overwhelming need to obey”- Hitler or Merkel?
    PC dictorship = Fascism
    Answer: Hitler’s speech after power takeover 1933

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