Davos: Europe Migrant Crisis Just Beginning, ‘Imagine One Billion’


And these lefties accuse us of fearmongering.

Curiously, after issuing his dire predictions of an invasion of immigrants of unprecedented proportions and the implosion of the middle class, Schwab accused U.S. Republicans of fear-mongering.

Davos leader Klaus Schwab says that an impending global economic crisis may very well provoke a tsunami of immigration into Europe that will make today’s waves of immigrants look like a mere ripple.

The fact is that if these Muslim countries, long kept afloat by oil revenues, fall — as they should — we should be building walls, fences, and gates. Their countries are failed states that invent nothing and produce nothing. They have lived off the West’s technology of oil production for decades.

Muslim states need to throw off the brutal tyranny of Islamic law and join the human race.

Davos: Europe Migrant Crisis Just Beginning, ‘Imagine One Billion’ By Thomas D. Williams, Breitbart, January 16, 2016:
According to Davos leader Klaus Schwab, an impending global economic crisis may very well provoke a tsunami of immigration into Europe that will make today’s waves of immigrants look like mere ripples.

Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), believes that the plummeting prices of commodities signals an economic disaster for the entire developing world, which will have devastating effects on population displacement.

“Look how many countries in Africa, for example, depend on the income from oil exports,” Schwab said in an interview prior to the WEF’s 46th annual meeting, scheduled to begin in Davos later this week. “Now imagine 1 billion inhabitants, imagine they all move north.”

As a solution, Schwab advocates a greater sense of solidarity with the developing world, with the awareness that economic programs that benefit one country eventually benefit all. In order for reason to triumph, Schwab surmises, “we have to re-establish a sense that we all are in the same boat.”

A simple economic analysis of falling commodity prices is insufficient, Schwab suggests. Instead, leaders must examine the deeper causes of the present crisis, as well as the long-term effects both on the economy and on society as a whole.

“First, we have to look at the root causes of this,” Schwab said. “The normal citizen today is overwhelmed by the complexity and rapidity of what’s happening, not only in the political world but also the technological field.”

Schwab speaks of a time of “unexpected consequences” to describe a world where local decisions have repercussions throughout the globe, in ways that are difficult to foresee. It is this lack of foresight, on the other hand, that has led to “erosion of trust in decision makers.”

Along with his fears of heightened European migration, Schwab has also expressed his concern that technological innovation may cost some 20 million jobs in the coming years, which in turn could risk “hollowing out the middle class,” which he calls “a pillar of our democracies.”

Curiously, after issuing his dire predictions of an invasion of immigrants of unprecedented proportions and the implosion of the middle class, Schwab accused U.S. Republicans of fear-mongering.

Schwab told CNBC that presidential candidate Donald Trump and other politicians were guilty of playing on people’s fears, but he would welcome him at WEF anyway.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    Schwab. Ask any Pole what “schwab” means in Polish, and they will tell you: German kept in contempt. I know that Mr. Schwab cannot be responsible for his family name, but it is sounding ominously nevertheless. And now in light of what he actually says (writes), even more so. Bloody schwab and his “sense that we all are in the same boat.” No, Mr. Schwab, we are not!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Islam has no concept of economics, not unlike American democrats, they think money is free to governments who can dispense it to the ones who are the most demanding. As the world wide economic depression gets worse, the stupid economies of western europe will no longer be able to pay “jizya” welfare to the clouds of locusts defoliating everything, limited resources, a good cold winter and hostile indigenous europeans, mostly form the east, will devastate the colonists. They will soon be living in the squalor of the middle east from which they came.

    • Shafiq Islam

      I hate to burst your bubble, but both of your political parties are owned by corrupt Wall Street bankers and other corporate interests. In fact, many (such as the Bushes and Clintons) obtain large donations from Wahhabi Muslims.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That is politics, but, and it is a big but, the voters do not get any of the largess that politicians get, they occasionally deal with politicians somewhat harshly. Civil disobedience in America is a definite possibility. With an armed population, it could get to be very unpleasant, quickly.

        • Shafiq Islam

          Yes, it’s not going to be pretty. The fact is that politics attracts narcissists like dog faeces attract flies, and even the few who are not corrupt when they are elected rapidly succumb. Bribery is legal, as long as it’s called a campaign contribution.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The only problem is that if the politician accepting bribes, does not take care of those who are paying his way, there will be trouble. As islam can only afford to buy so much, eventually it will turn on its dhimmi for dereliction of servitude, the beans will be spilt, the devil then will have his due.

          • Shafiq Islam

            Yes and extremist indoctrination and terrorism are being financed not by the North Koreans or Iranians, loathsome as they are, but overwhelmingly by your close allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

      • wilypagan

        Trump is the antidote.

        • Shafiq Islam

          I’m afraid that Hillary’s massive support from Wall Street and the mainstream media will result in her election, and you will wish you had Obama back. She will be even worse.

          • No way she will be elected. She is trailing Bernie by 50-60%. It is a bloodbath

          • Shafiq Islam

            You have greater faith in your system than I. Sanders is far from perfect, but also far better than Hillary. However, with the DNC and “superdelegates” in her pocket, you can bet that this Jezebel will win.

          • wilypagan

            Of course we have faith in our system. If seven years of Obama have not resulted in civil war and we have an election this November and take our country back, the Founders definitely did something right. If not, we still have our Second Amendment rights.

            Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist and doesn’t have a prayer, but even he doesn’t support yanking our guns. Old, criminal, Hillary, who spilled state secrets to her Muslim Brotherhood squeeze doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.

          • joe1429

            If she doesnt get indicted first lol. Great “hillary for prison 2016 ” gear on amazon

          • Dr. Doomsday
          • wilypagan

            Wrong. Hillary may be elected president of her prison latrine crew, but she will never be President of the US. The American people are wise to the collusion of the Dems and RINOs with the forces of evil. Go Trump!

          • Dr. Doomsday

            You left out that old Democrat trick -voter fraud, ballot box stuffing and outright lies. Oh, and throwing other ballots into the San Francisco bay (which did happen a few years ago)

          • RetiredNavyphotog

            Dead people voting.

        • Kyron Walsh

          Trump 2016!!!

          • joe1429

            And 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • joe1429

          Prediction: Trump wins by a landslide in Nov!! Trump is the ONLY pres candidate in history to be number 1 for 6 straight mos in a row for the primary polls!! GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • harbidoll

        me thinks the gas/oil prices ARE so low cuz of the immigrants coming in. If (muslim only) immigration/invasion is stopped, the prices will go UP, & they will come in anyway.

        • joe1429

          Wake up… prices low because we finally started drilling our own oil .. in texas. This is only about 10% of our reserves. We are the only country that bends to enviorment wackos. If we were allowed to drill for the rest of our oil, it would be 50cents a gal for gas!!

      • farflung

        Ubed Western European supposedly convert from Islam to Christian, Why do you profess to be knowledgeable about U.S. politics? To most folks in here you are an enigma, to me you are just a common , uncouth savage that needs like all Muslims to be eradicated from the face of the earth.

        • Shafiq Islam

          So now you are making death threats. You really are psychotic. Please get help from a qualified psychiatrist. And literacy is a wonderful thing that allows people to learn a lot. You should try it.

          • farflung

            The uncouth , savages of which you are a member, declared war on the U.S., find it is time we defend ourselves and rid the world of Satanic evil that permeates every nook and corner. The just, shall walk upon this evil with the soles of our shoes. The mind games you play with good people in here fool some, but you are a JIHADI.

        • joker

          Farflung it appears you do not understand English that very well. Shafiq Islam has never written that he is Western European. He is Christian living in Pakistan.
          But then again you are pretending to be a citizen of the US.
          You can always join jour buddies in Raqqa. Go over Beirut and pretend you wish to join the Hezbollah and so slip into Syria. Good luck and send us on this website a postcard from hell.

          • farflung

            What Pakistani, you mean those foul despicable dark age sewage rats, that still wipe their asses with their left hand. Seems even more plausible he as well as you are Jihadis. Kiss emeck mugnoon ackwheat.

          • joker

            For your info, where I live in Europe after doing it we also wipe the backside with a bidet first (of course also soap) and then toilet paper. And it is country ranked as number eight economy in the world. O yes, here some muzzrats have been already beaten up and some executed. By very nasty people.

          • farflung

            MY take on this exchange is both of you are JIHADI ass-wipes needing a good dose of DDT, yep good dusting Yes, you UBEED know full well how to clean up, did you first drink out of the bidet , thinking it was a fountain? Sad yep sad, having to watch you JIHADIS LEARN THE HARD WAY. LOL

          • joker

            Somewhere I feel you type quicker then you think. Perhaps Shafiq Islam is right by saying you ought to seek professional help. However do not do that in Sweden or Denmark because they will apologise for your sort comings and still non the wiser. In Raqqa they are also very good with head problems, try there.

          • farflung

            Going to give you some pointers, just to help you . First don’t shat where you eat, and also don’t drink the water downstream. Also UBED, since you are in Europe on your pilgrimage of conquest, winter there so don’t eat the yellow snow. Yep just want to help a couple of what we call here “Shat eating dawgs”

          • joker

            You have real issues. I am sorry but I am not qualified in giving you advice. If you are really American then you must be living somewhere in the styx of the south.

          • joe1429

            And dont drink the water from flint, lol

    • Leela Kim
      • Mahou Shoujo

        Boring, non sensical, the usual crock of taqiyya.

        • joe1429

          `13 hours…. great movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • joker

        Also is mentioned as a sin that of unlawful confiscating land. Well in that sense the Muslims have to give back lots of land to the original owners. Just as a starter give back Constantinopel, Balkan land and the list can go on.

  • spacearcadian

    USA will have to receive its fair share of muslim migrants (just a few hundred of millions), obviously. the UN says so. bussiness men and wall street will agree, because they are in need of cheap labour and lots of consumers, and americans will have to share their land with mohammad and his followers

    • Tatiana Covington

      Actually, after 2020 it will not need any: robots are developing very quickly, and are immune to religious psychosis.

  • Leela Kim

    So westerners can go everywhere wiping out Indians or Aborigines on the face of the earth but the immigrants can not seek shelter?

    • Ari Chen

      They can seek shelter if they have no where else to go.. but the truth is there are many other muslim nations to go to…and why don’t they go there first?
      Answer is… they are an invasion force. No entry allowed! We ought to shoot on sight…

      • Leela Kim

        FYI, for example Turkey and Lebanon already host millions of refugees

        • Vercingetorix

          You are funny! FYI: Turkey was called Byzantium: It was home to a Greek-speaking Christian population. The indigenous people were slaughtered and driven out by the Muslims. They killed and drove out the Armenians too. Lebanon was once a Christian majority country until they took in the Palestinians refugees. It then caused a civil war, and Christians were driven out. FYI: Turkey is allowing oil shipments from ISIS through their country, so they are supporting the killing of women and children.

    • Tatonka

      You got a point there but that is water under the bridge and we westerners try not to fall in the same trap.
      These “immigrants are no immigrants in the sense of the word but invaders.
      Ask any native how that feels, if they had known what was to come they would’ve wasted every white man that came on shore..Nip the problem in the butt so to speak.
      Something we should do NOW before the numbers get to big

      • wilypagan

        FYI, ‘nip the problem in the “bud”, although your version is hilarious…

    • joker

      Sorry but the so-called red indians and aboriginals are not really complaining. They are milking the financial system by playing on the white guild feelings. But in all fairness, in the end the Europeans only brought good to their land. That they are not able or willing to participate is another story.
      Immigrants can find shelter next door where it is deemed safe. It is not a pick and mix situation.

    • Vercingetorix

      Your stupidity is quite profound. Islam came out of Saudi Arabia in the 600s. By 732 AD they had conquered all of North Africa and Spain. Under a sword they, converted people, who were mostly Christian. They were defeated from obtaining more of Europe at the Battle of Tours. Spain was ruled by Islam for over 700 years. Ever hear of the Balkans? Barbary pirates enslaving over one million Europeans? Indians? Muslim forces killed about 80,00,000,000 in their conquest of the Indian subcontinent. Immigrants Seeking shelter? Raping, killing, and robbing is now seeking shelter?

  • guestinger

    He´s right in that the crisis will occur and make 2008 seem as just the opening .. the world is drowning in debt that can`t ever be paid back- a reset will need to happen at some point, the question is only how orderly it can be- my guess is not.
    In that regard one possible version of cui bono re the invasion would be – create an agressive new class that will keep people busy and off the elites` throats once all comes tumbling down.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Those who have lived their entire lives on public assistance or someone else’s payroll are going to be hard pressed to suddenly become a source for solutions for bettering their own lot in life.

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    Yet another good reason for Britain to leave the EU. Under its rules, all Germany has to do is grant citizenship to its 1 million immigrants and they will be free to move to the UK (and elsewhere in Europe but who wants to move to the failing economies of Greece, Italy, Spain and the suchlike). I wonder how long it will take Germany to resort to this to ease its immigrant problem.

  • swed

    Great point . They produce nothing. Shall we steal from every American and send their money to all these failed states? To “help these poor people”? f them! World has too many. Let the natural order sort this out. Let the filthy rich rag head elite give some of their money to help. This is breaking my heart to see Europe like this. Also I am not afraid. There is no fear here. Only anger and righteous indignation . We know that we must protect ourselves . It’s coming!

  • disqus_yDrMDcCDka
  • Benton Marder

    It is very likely that Schab and his principals rejoice in the Muslim Invasion and Conquest as a means of reducing the West into serfdom. They seem not to grasp that Islam has some 1400 years of experience in imposing totalitarian tyranny by force, raw naked force. Further, they seem in denial (No, not the river in Egypt.) of the reality that useful idiots quickly become useless eaters. They, too, will be reduced to dhimmitude—at best. Europe and Britain will, unless their peoples wake up and rid themselves of their ruling classes, soon become entire Gulag Archipelagos—-making Ol’ Massa look benevolent. Bimeby, all this will cross over sea.

  • Dr. Doomsday

    Imagine a billion? I’d rather imagine a pair of high walls with a minefield in between, on both sides of a mote, and razor wire with machine gun towers..

  • Lenn

    America! Please vote Trump, because you need a leader that is determined to steer clear the US from the coming moslem tsunami. We Europeans may need a place to flee to soon! Which refugees do you prefer..?

  • Cuba

    Crazy Obama Wants More Chaos In Syria..


  • Isabelle Baptiste

    Where can I get my cyanide capsule?

  • joe1429

    The europeans, like the eastern block countries before them, have to be in the streets, by the thousands every day, in sweden, germany, chzech, poland, norway, and the rest!! If it not a massive movement, the same as it was against the ussr, europe, will be overun, and a third world hell hole! The good news is with todays social media, which was not around during soviet times, the europeans can get massively organized… and fast to turn this around. The ball is in their court. Their faces have been spit on on their girls are being raped it is up to them to take back their govt,s and fast…The first step they need to demand that the open borders clause between eu countries is null and void!

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