Chaos: Migrants storm French port of Calais and board British ferry


Complete and utter lawlessness. Western governments stand by and attack those who stand in defense of freedom and speak against this hostile invasion.

Ferry services have been disrupted by the incident aboard the Spirit of Britain vessel, according to the city’s mayor Natacha Bouchart.

Open border militants host-welcome party Calais invaders. Hosted and paid for by multimillionaires who support Hillary Clinton.

“Migrants storm French port of Calais and board British ferry,” Reuters, January 23, 2016

PARIS (Reuters) – Around 200 refugees managed to break into the port of Calais in northern France on Saturday after a demonstration of support for migrants living in a slum nearby ended, enabling some of them to board the front deck of a British ferry, an official said.

“A demonstration in Calais has drawn around 2,000 people and in the end around 200 people entered the port, with approximately 50 of them boarding a ferry, the ‘Spirit of Britain’, on an external deck,” deputy Calais prefect Denis Gaudin told Reuters.

MS Spirit of Britain is a cross-channel ferry operated by P&O Ferries. Gaudin said that some of the refugees had decided to quit the boat voluntarily and that the rest would be removed by police, if necessary by force.

A spokeswoman for P&O Ferries said the port of Calais was still closed on Saturday evening. She said the migrants had not managed to get inside the ship, as staff had locked the doors to prevent all access from the deck.

Thousands of refugees fleeing war and poverty in Africa and the Middle East have gathered over the past year in a vast slum near Calais, dubbed “the jungle”, using it as a stopover point before trying to smuggle their way across to Britain in the hope of a better life.

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  • Ellie

    These people are NOT refugees! YOU INSULT the real refugees who sit in dangerous tent cities in Kurdistan, Iraq, Syria and Jordan! NO ONE will even acknowledge these Christians and other minorities that have lost everything to ISIS! NO REFUGEE can make the 25000 mile trip from Syria or Iraq to Europe! Not without help from the Muslim Brotherhood who is recruiting and sometimes funding people from all over the middle east and Africa to come tot he west for “allah!”

    • Red

      Absolutely correct!

    • warminster100

      25,000 miles is the circumference of the earth. that is a long journey.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Allowing for hills and detours, its a long way to europe from hell.

    • Shafiq Islam

      Yes, those in greatest danger, the Christians, Yazidis, Bahai and others, have been abandoned by the west, while it embraces antisocial opportunists, a significant number of whom are dangerous radicals.

      • movingwaters

        The UN greatly reduced the small amount of aid made available to them. The aid monies set aside by the USA to help refugees was being primarily spent on Muslims – thank you Obama regime. Last year, Christian group confronted Congress with the truth of that, and was able to get some real help. But it is winter again and those people are still there. There are great revivals going on in those camps, and Muslims coming to Christ.

        • Rob Porter

          If this is factual then it is amazing. Islam has nothing to offer other than hatred and misery.

          • movingwaters

            Definitely factual. I am somewhat plugged in to the persecuted and restricted church. The regs were written to protect those who are enemies of Assad, who is Shia. Christians were not his enemy, but some of the Sunnis are. His security services were apparently not above some pretty brutal reprisals. The Military Industrial Complex and the banksters that run America wants Assad out for reasons related to oil and gas, and the proposed location of a gas line. The State Dept. feels that even if we obliterate Syria, those who are not directly enemies of Assad should not get to relocate here. The fact that we still arm and train ISIS to chop their heads off is apparently irrelevant to State. These people are so twisted, as I am sure you know.

          • Rob Porter

            You are right, those in State and sick and twisted. Obama is pure filth.

      • Rob Porter

        I have read that the UN organization that is heading the Middle East refugee programme in radically Islamic and looking after Muslims first and foremost. No doubt it wants to flood the silly-minded West with Muslim fifth columnists.

        Western leadership is a cowardly and rotten (Barack Obama) disgrace for failing to look after the most persecuted people in the Middle East.
        By their “fruit” we know they are rotten.

        • Shafiq Islam

          Rob, I haven’t read that, but it makes sense. The Christians tend to avoid the refugee camps because it is too dangerous for them there. Obama doesn’t care about the Christians, and neither did Bush, or the various civilian and military US officials, with perhaps a few isolated instances. Saddam and Assad actually did protect Christians and other minorities, and now they have no protectors at all.

          • movingwaters

            Some Kurds have protected Christians, but I don’t remember where. Other than that grace, you are absolutely right. A few weeks ago I heard my own Congressman interview some woman from State concerning the UN and the State Dept. having written the regs to prevent Christians from coming here. I know they did because I follow the persecuted church every day. She told my Congressman that Syrian Christians don’t want to come here because they feel safer in Syria, and would just like their homes and jobs back. Of course they would. They get raped and murdered in the European refugee camps. And they would prefer Syria. But they will be killed there. She took a small truth, and made it into the whole story of why we exclude Christians. The truth is, The USA and the UN favor Islam. They want chaos and murder to come here so we will beg them to take away our remaining freedoms and give us a police state instead.

          • Shafiq Islam

            You’re right, and when you really look at what’s going on you will see that Jesus was right: money is the root of all kinds of evil, and it is so in this case. Politicians, the media, academics and others have been bought off with Saudi, Kuwaiti and Qatari oil money. They are the ones funding radicalisation and jihad around the world. Until you come to grips with the facts and cut off the funding, you’ll never solve the problem. The US State Department admits that there has been a 4 to 5 fold increase in terrorism since the start of the so-called war on terror.

          • movingwaters

            His exact words were the love of money – covetousness. Abraham was exceedingly blessed, but his blessings did not become his god. I am sorry to have to say that I think the many in various governmental functions in the USA are very corrupted by petrodollars, and very easy to blackmail. We are probably as corrupt as any other nation, and maybe more so.

      • joe1429

        yes… they are getting raped , sold into slavery, and heads chopped off, as we speak. And a lot of these people stood with us when we were in iraq… and obama..gave them a royal screwing

    • movingwaters

      Amen, thank you!

    • Oldsailor65

      I wish someone in the news media would have the courage to ask Obama why it is so difficult for non Muslims to come to this country.

      Actually we do not need more people in this country unless they have some talent that is really needed here. We keep importing poverty which weakens the country. This is all part of Obama’s plan to destroy this country.

  • Audrey Marie

    Send them on the boat, take a deter to the North, send them on the train, to Merkels home

    • autdrew

      Load em up and drop they in Cairo

      • Beverly

        Not Cairo. Send them back to their home countries ASAP. If their home countries to do want them, force Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf States to take them. Take away their foreign subsidies if they won’t accept them.

        • Rob Porter

          According to the ‘brilliant’ Canadian Minister of Immigration, John McCallum – who usually sounds as if he’s had one too many liquid refreshments – some cities in Canada are “begging” for Syrian immigrants. Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh at such idiocy. Why when medical and other services are so overwhelmed by normal Canadian requirements that they cannot keep up, would “some cities” beg for immigrants?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            In the short term there is possibly some federal money to allow for accommodating them, after a year, the municipalities and organizations participating, will be left with the costs of supporting these “new” Canadians.

          • Rob Porter

            With the economy in recession, many out of work, this now terrible in Alberta, you’ve got to marvel at the desire to take in migrants. OHIP is in an overloaded mess in the greater Toronto area, and a couple of weeks back I found out that in winter a few people die on the streets every night. Ontario through the disgusting stupidity of successive ‘leaders’ had a larger debt than all the other provinces combined. How will it deal with more expenses? Why don’t country’s look after their own people?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Liberal socialism combined with progressive multiculturalism causes administrative stupidity.

      • Rob Porter

        Give them a free ride on a boat in the Mediterranean and then use it for torpedo practice.

      • honeybee

        Egypt has shown more gumption against the Islamist then Obama.

        • joe1429

          Yes… and our potus.. has done everything he could to screw our ally in egypt… how sad

    • empiresentry

      Easier solution:
      1.Keep Klinton Inc out of the Middle east. She removed Gaddafi which opened the borders. She and obama destabilized everything else.
      2. Send them home unless they were invited, processed and have papers.
      3. Evict any that break the law and send them and all family home.
      4. Build fences.

      • harbidoll

        setting up of the 1 world Govt.with strongmen/women ruling over huge tracts of land/ continents.

      • George E. Smith

        That would be a good start!

      • Jack

        Young people must not have heard the expression ‘good fences make good neighbors’.

      • notislam

        For those who are raping —kill them on the spot.

        • Oldsailor65

          Absolutely!!! Kill them immediately with no trial which would only cost money.

      • Up Huff

        Along with sending them home, put Obama and Clinton in cuffs and send them along. Each cuffed to one of the “refugees”.

      • joe1429

        These are all common sense solutions… with the eu doesnt have, lol

      • Nancy

        Break what law? There is no law for the terrorists….only for those that go against them! Just like in the U.S., it’s the beginning of Sharia law here….Muslims are screaming for their rights, in our country. They do not want to assimilate,they want Islam to dominate!

    • ninetyninepct

      Go North and put them overboard to look for the 12 Christians.

      • NoMoreIslam

        Yeah that is the best comment I have read thus far. Yes! Spot on

  • Billy Gjr

    Hope of a better life?..How about hope of a Sharia life!

  • paulwt

    Wipe them out. Save yourselves while you can.

  • Iamnumber6

    Migratory Jihad doen not a refugee make. A Rapefugee perhaps. By what right do these jihadists claim to enter England or anywhere else. Send in the army.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Get a big boat, cattle liner will do, advertise free rides to a better islamic life, when full, set a course for Libya, unload then with electric cattle prods. Return to Calais, repeat as required.

    • Tina

      Excellent idea! French government: Remove these illegal rapefugees from your country while you still have a country to defend!!!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        If europe does not remove the swarms of muslim rats and locusts that infest the land, it will have nothing to protect.

  • joker

    What the lunatics of so-called refugees don’t understand that living in Great Britain does not mean a better life. They will be on the receiving end of organized crime, very low paid jobs or welfare. But then again that might be for them a better life.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      It would be far less expense and infinitely more humane to take the same amount of money spent on muslim colonists, which are a liability on society, using the funds to build cities in the middle east. Libya and Somalia have nothing to loose. If a few refugee cities were built, wth reasonable european funding,they economies of the area would improve, as would europe.

      • Tina

        Good idea, but send the bill to Saudi Arabia & friends.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          The reason the Saudis have as much money as they do, is they are not stupid enough to allow other muslims into the country.

        • harbidoll

          they are paying for thousands of new Mosques, Korans, books, pamphlets

      • Dorrie

        That wouldn’t work, muslims would just bomb them. They destroy EVERYTHING they touch.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          True, but that might motivate the to return to whatever gutter spawned them. It will be necessary to prevent them from goring to europe. no welfare would be a great incentive not tot go there.

      • Generalpatern

        I think they would soon be full or bullet holes, its cultural you know.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Absolutely, in islamic countries, it is not advisable to interfere when mutual enemies are murdering each other.

  • Daiseymae

    Why doesn’t the UK deploy its army? This is turning into a war.

    • Dupper bob

      The British government is on the side of the terrorist this time against the people of Britain..

      • George E. Smith

        Several if not all the EU countries are that way .
        I mean, why molly coddle the locals, they are just taxpayers!

    • Millionmileman

      Because it’s politically incorrect. Over 500,000 signed a petition to ban trump becuse he told it like it is. Eurpoe is doomed and were next.

      • robert owen

        It happens quickly. You’ll be dead soon, I’m sure. You are already illiterate!

        • Millionmileman

          Don’t call me illiterate, I’m an Ex-Pat Brit (escaped in 1969) who speaks, British English, American English and Hebrew. I am referring to a sick UK Government that bans Pam Geller, Robert Spenser, Michael Savage and possible Trump (who I do not support). I have served in combat in the IDF and now in America, under the 2nd Amendment, I can buy a Tavor-21 to defend myself because the AR-15 is so yesterday’s news! Political correctness and multiculturalism is what is killing Britain.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Ar 15. are prone to jamming, even on nice quiet gun ranges, not so sure they are all that great in field conditions but, they do sort of work. The Tavor, my kid has a Tavor of some designation, has never jammed. As I am an old fashioned girl, prefer the sks.

          • Millionmileman

            That’s why the Israeli’s are replacing the M-4 which replaced the M-16. There are excellent Tavor-21 tutorials on You Tube.

          • joe1429

            Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Lancelot Blackeburne

            And by buying a Tavor 21 you’re supporting Israel too. I like that. I’ll look at a Tavor 21 for my next firearm purchase.

      • Iamnumber6

        Yeah, in 20 years we will all be Transgender Mexican muslims if trends hold.

      • itchy

        The truth is going to hurt -a lot for most people

    • Generalpatern

      Deplete might be a better word.

  • Dupper bob

    They burnt down their free housing the other day so they had nothing to lose.

  • Leo Bekker

    Execute them on the spot.

  • Tina

    The Germans & British may hide at home hoping this problem will go away, but the French will only take so much. When I lived there I saw them protest and go on lengthy strikes for far less.

    I’m very happy to see the Generation Identitaire movement in France. It may be small, but they are young people and they can strike for very long periods of time without facing bankruptcy. Hopefully their numbers and support will grow and force the government to remove the Islamic rabble from their land.

    Also, they have the best idea I have seen anywhere: Re – migration. Send the Muslims back to their homelands! Excellent idea! Are you listening M. Hollande?

  • Michael

    Saudi Arabia and other rich Middle Eastern counties don’t want them. What does it tell you? They know they are trouble. So, dumb European liberals are brining them in to destroy what’s left of Europe.

    • notislam

      First it tells me this is how Saudi Arabia pushes the islam 0 nazis into lands that they want to take over.& the LIBERALS of Europe and the USA let this happen —as the filthy Islam0Nazis continue to destroy cultures.

    • Up Huff

      You know the saying: “You can’t fix stupid.”

      • Barbara Tatum

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  • berserker

    Progressives hard at work in Calais:

  • Robert Bayer

    Hard to believe this is just stupidity on the part of western leaders. The leftists in charge obviously want chaos, murder, rape, and the loss of human rights so they can gain greater power. Traitors all to all of civilization.

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    Set up a refugee camp in Syria, ship these people to said camp and let them riot to their heart’s content. But they’ve overstayed their welcome in Europe and it’s time for them to go.

    There was a speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos recently who predicted the movement of a billion people from Africa to Europe in the near future.

    The fact that these rioters in Calais and other parts of Europe can go on their rampages with impunity, or with inconsequential consequences, will only encourage more of those millions to start heading to Europe.

    This garbage has to stop. Europeans need to start deporting these people en masse from Europe before Europe as we have known it is swamped and wiped out.

    • joe1429

      too late… smaller countries like sweden.. are already overrun, and the people dont leave their houses unless absolutely necessary. Some of the school girls in the small villages, have dropped out of school, because for fear of being snatched up while waliking to school as so many others already were. dire situation in the smaller eu countries

  • Generalpatern

    The enemy within, ie Corbyn, says today we should take the 5000 that are there already, to quote him Its not a lot, well maybe it will not stay Not a lot, when the thousands still to come hear your invite jezza, so where does it end 50,000, 5,000,000?

  • Drew the Infidel

    And once they have settled in their new surroundings they will be the same as those who come to the US from Central America. They will have their a** over here and their heart over there.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Taking welfare from here, leaving garbage and filth everywhere.

  • Mamat Mamat

    of refugees fleeing war and poverty in Africa and the Middle East have
    gathered over the past year in a vast slum near Calais….”

    The Muslim males are NOT fleeing war and poverty. The army of rapefugees come to Dar al-Harb to pillage and rape the infidels, as they have demonstrated before the eyes of the world. The west is blind and numb.

  • Jack

    If Hillary or Bill have any remote connection to this the Media should broadcasting this as a lead item 24/7 and if they keep it a Secret @GOP @SCF and INDEPENDENTS should be talking about it on-stop in front IOC the press. It’s bad enough she ignores American Law but she’s moved on to Europeans and European Law allegedly allegedly @refugeewatch

    • notislam

      Killing all who participate would stop things for awhile.

  • noreligon

    Let them all on ,sail out in to the North Sea and sink the ship.

  • Juan
  • Juan
  • guest123

    the migrants are instigated by the soros open borders NGO’s. They should be made to pay all damages resulting from the interference of peoples lives and business.

  • guest123

    the leaders of the western nations are the enemy of the people they purport to lead. the people dont want the honor killers but the leaders shove them down everyones throats. the leaders need their heads chopped

  • guest123

    president Hussein says he wants the same in the USA

  • Millionmileman
  • Up Huff

    Since it’s a port, find all the unused ship anchors and chains, attach each one to the feet of a dozen or so of those who boarded the ship illegally. Steam out into the middle of the channel and dump the anchors overboard.
    Problem solved and won’t be repeated.
    At least by that group.

  • The only good. Muslims a DEAD Muslim !

  • Dogandcat

    One gun by police would stop this nonsense.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Thousands of refugees fleeing war and poverty in Africa and the Middle East have gathered over the past year in a vast slum near Calais. So, why do these colonists work very hard at replicating the war, hate and poverty that they allegedly fled from? Why do they not look around, then work for what they see? Admittedly they are self entitled muslims, that is no excuse, they can still work, or get kicked out of the “Garden of Eden/europe” by angles, saxons gauls and huns.

  • donojibway

    Vote for Sanders or Hillary if you want this same scene in the US, they both want to bring in hundreds of thousands of them. Obama will have done so in the next year now that our “Republican Majority” funded Obama’s Syrian Refugee program just before they went on Christmas break. It was all in the 2016 Omnibus spending bill. It would not have passed either house without the large Republican support. Both of my Tennessee Republican Senators voted for it. It also funded sanctuary cities. Of course almost all of the Democrat reps and senators voted for it. There is only one presidential candidate who has promised to put the brakes on this Muslim immigration and that is Donald Trump.

  • joe1429

    Yes, i agree with you michael. If the sourrounding arab countries dont want them, the stupid eu should have never done this. And to make matters worse they refuse to stop, even though they see the chaos!! What is needed is a massive movement to bring down the eu govts, like they did with the eastern block in 1991!!

  • chichilouise

    I guess this follows those same refugees burning down the tents and all equipment in their camp. Time for some tough love. Hope no one gives in to them. Put them on a boat and dump them in the Middle East.

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