Bavaria: Using Babies as Shields, Refugee Mob Tries to Kill Aid Worker, Demands New Apartments


12 Nigerian woman attacked a worker at the refugee camp in Bavaria. They cornered him and demanded an apartment. They then put a scarf around his neck and tried to suffocate him.
He said that he didn’t fight back because they held up their babies as shields, and said they would drop them if they wouldn’t get to move into apartments.

Merkel’s trojan horse.

Google translate: A Nigerian woman should have tried to strangle an employee of the Inner Mission. (thanks to BJ):

A group of women attacked on Tuesday afternoon an employee of the Inner Mission (IM) Munich in Bayern Kaserne. About 15 asylum seekers from Nigeria would have the man who has worked as a manager of IM for the property, asked to give them an apartment. The reported Günther Bauer, Chairman of the Inner Mission, on Wednesday morning. “This is a completely new dimension,” said Bauer. It was the first time that one of his staff had been attacked.

According to the IM the women had surrounded the man in front of house 12 of the Bayern Kaserne and harassed, one of them tried to strangle him with his scarf. The employee of the Inner Mission had not fought since the women wore all babies or small children in their arms. Some of the women would have held up and threatened to drop them when the staff will give them no home their babies. Only with the arrival of police officers the situation had calmed down.
Three women are said to have beaten the 49-year-old’s face

Police said that they investigated four Nigerian women 21-30 years of age for grievous bodily harm. One of the women is not only trying to strangle the 49-year-old manager with a scarf. Three others are said to have beaten him in the face. As long as the women who were involved in the incident, already live in the Bayern Kaserne, was unclear, said Andrea Betz, director of the Refugee Division of the Inner Mission. At least, however, since the mission had taken over the house two months ago.

On Tuesday evening, there was another incident in a refugee camp in the West End. Several callers alerted against 21.35 clock the police and reported a brawl with up to 50 participants. As the emergency services arrived at the hotel in the Tübinger Straße, the brawl was ended. Two groups of Eritreans and Pakistanis were apparently in dispute get a milk that has been heated in a microwave. The situation escalated so much that a 24-year-old Eritrean suffered a fracture of the eye socket and a 27-year-old, also from Eritrea, a laceration and a sprain. A police spokesman praised the good support of the Security Service of the accommodation that have exemplary responding.

  • Isabelle Baptiste

    The living thread between civilized behavior (civilization basically is at stake) and barbarianism is fast-ly fraying. It boils down to the age old fight of good versus evil. We all must make our choices and take our stand on where we are in this epic nightmarish story.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Deport the lot, babies included. Continue deportations of all colonists not willing to behave

    • roger

      I am surprised that this story was printed at all in Bayern newspapers, although I don’t think Bavaria is as extreme in their PC nonsense or that the press is as tightly controlled as in Merkel’s Germany. I wonder if this story appeared in the “Local’.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        To be excessively optimistic, maybe germans have somehow forced their lame stream media to actually start reporting rather than censoring the news.

        • MattBracken

          Too little, too late. Brutal civil war is now unavoidable.

        • freebird

          It was the internet with more then one million comments about Cologne who have forced the mass media to act.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            If it took a million to get the lame stream media to report on the story, how may billion will be required for the government to act in the interest of the average german victim?

          • freebird

            Well, I think that the (so called) elite, who have acces to nearly everything, are mistaken in their believing of power.
            Sadly to say, but behind the million there are many more who feel the same but are “just wanted” and not people who “act for what they want”.
            But when the people wake up then the politicians dont can ignore them anymore. To be clear, I speak for people who hate Nazis, Islam, Stalin and this kind of assho*es.
            But I also believe that force and (sadly) violence is good when it goes to the right direction.
            May be we are now in a good time where people check all the lies and give them a good kick in the a…
            “The truth stay´s, the lie dies”.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It looks like decent civilized humanity is in for an uphill fight to get rid of the disease of islam, and that of a sold out socialist leadership.

          • freebird


            I dont know how he was for the American, but for me he was not stupid.

          • Jimmy Hoffa

            attacking iraq, one of the last emaining secular govts in the middle east and a country that had absolutely nothing to do with 911, was one of if not the stupidest foreign policy blunder in americas history. i’m sorry but he was a freaking idiot.

          • Drew Binkley

            Don’t be surprise if their leaders don’t end up like Beno Mussillni.

          • Jimmy Hoffa

            the leaders will simply get on a plane. fly somewhere safe and write biographies about each one almost single handedly, saved europe.

      • Radegunda

        Many years ago, when I lived in Munich for a while, the sense of Bavarian tradition and pride was quite evident to me. Maybe a little of that sense of actually having a culture worth keeping still has some power there?

      • MattBracken

        This is currently being translated into German.

        Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive

    • MattBracken

      It’s absurd to even suggest deportation at this point. You might as well suggest they be given fairy wings to fly to the moon. There is now no way forward except through a brutal civil war on the level of Lebanon in the 80s, former Yugoslavia in the 90s, or Syria today.

      Will Europa Burn?


      • Yes, the ignorance of the European politicians and good-gooders regarding the true nature of Islam will only be resolved when the citizens realize they’ve been sold out and that they, themselves, have fight back to protect their culture and way of life. A blood bath is coming. None are so blind as those who refuse to see.

        • freebird

          As Austrian I agree with you.
          But the wind in Europe is canging. For the first time Merkel ( chancellor of Germ.) has no mayority for her asylum politic.
          I can show you a video (in german) where a politican from AfD-party speaks in front of 4.000 people clear text. When you listen to their response than you feel, this people want now action.
          2015 were the crimes against asylumseeker 6 times higher then 2014.
          But the best comes from Munich/Bavaria. There have PEGIDA-Munich build a demonstration place with good speekers in front of the mayor office (they want build a new mosque).
          Every 15 min. the mayor hear now Muezzin-prayers from a tape. After two day´s he was running to the police but no chance. Now the PEGIDA has made the next move. 3 hours continuous Muezzin-prayers. The mayor and his staff should be now in a state of dispair.

          • Christina


            my prayers go out to you and the good people of Austria who are against this invasion. I hope you all prevail.

            One question: what the hell is an Eritrean?

          • freebird

            First thank you for your good wishes.
            I just hope that the normal people here dont fall into the trap of this “banner in the wind” speeking political-party´s.
            For staying in power they sell their own people, for staying in power they sell “refugees”.
            Corrupt sh*t without values. It will be hard (and not without blood I fear) but we will get rid of this Musel-sh*t.
            For me I just have to follow GOD, his 10 commandments, my best try´s to be a good human and people who feel the same. The rest can kiss my a…

            P.S.: Eritrea is or was a part of Äthopia ( as far I know). Warlords rules – poverty everywhere, a hell on earth.

          • Christina

            Same here my friend. in USA, corrupt on the federal level to the core. I live in Kentucky, USA and we finally have a conservative governor, I know him personally and trust him with my whole heart. IMO, we all ( the good guys ) have to trust God now and put on our armor of the Lord. We can and will win this battle!!
            Austria is so beautiful, I hope it stays that way!
            Have a great weekend!!!!!

          • freebird

            Have a nice weekend too.
            Their can be no more power then from the creator of all beings. And he loves his creation ( well, not so much the stupid evil doer).
            I will look more to the countrys in the USA. Seems like it is not all the same.

          • B Wiser

            “he’s a conservative, I trust him with my heart”….don’t be a chump. He’s a politician right? Watch what he does and not what he says and cut the “I trust him”…There isn’t a politician anywhere that should be trusted. Let them do something.

          • George E. Smith

            We need to realize that some people get into government because the want to serve the people. Then there are those that are in it for the power and glory and the opportunity to lord it over the “grunts” that pay the taxes.

          • Jimmy Hoffa

            politicians: they come to do good and stay to do well.

          • Jimmy Hoffa

            good advice. you came out and said what i was thinking when i read that “i trust him with my heart” comment. appears my balls failed me for a moment.

          • Jimmy Hoffa

            the lords armor will only help you if you have a firearm. good lord helps those to survive who help themselves.

          • Jimmy Hoffa

            they marched in. they can be marched out. as for the eritreains, sounds like maybe only a warlord is capable of ruling them.

          • Eritrea is a country in Africa between Ethiopia and Sudan..the country is 50/50 Orthodox Christian and muslim. The government is oppressive and commits crimes against people, especially individuals who are considered practicing illegal protestant type christianity. Female Genital mutilation is now banned but is still practiced by a large percentage of both christian and muslim..I did this research because I have christian neighbors that are orthodox christians from there. Very good immigrants who work hard at having the American dream.

          • aa aaa

            Good for them, let them have it in Eritrea.

          • Patsy Barrett

            A person from Eritea, usually black and has a low IQ.

          • joker

            That is racial stereo typing. Lynch will get you for that, you are soon off to the FEMA camps. But it seems more that we Europeans have developed a low IQ instead of improved on it.

          • Thaaff

            Hahaha – seriously? That is fantastic! That should drive Merkel and her cohorts out of their minds! How brilliant!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Won’t be a long trip.

          • MattBracken

            Good luck, never stop fighting!

          • DFD

            Freebird … “Every 15 min. the mayor hear now Muezzin-prayers from a tape. ”

            Wouldn’t work in the US though. Obama said that the Muezzin’s call is the most beautiful sound he ever heard. Correction, it would be counter productive in the US – or at least in Washington. I think….

            Delando Islam, quickly!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Perhaps he likes it, but if everyone else in the city has to listen to it, they may have their own opinion.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is a very very good, brilliant, idea. The more islam is revealed to the public, the more repulsive it is seen as, in other words the real islam is shown.

        • MattBracken

          It will be terrible, as bad as WW1 or WW2.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        You are very likely correct, thought if there was a politician with a semi functioning brain cell in europe, they would realize that europe is sitting on the brink of cultural and physical destruction. They have a few very bad decisions to take the best of for minimizing damage, they won’t, history will change, soon.

        • Jimmy Hoffa

          the pol’s realize they are now in so deep, there is no way back for them.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Europe is going to have to submit or get off the pot. So to speak.

          • Jimmy Hoffa


      • sheraz

        Why do you people always respond with war your solution to everything is war !!! Why not get the hell out of these countries and they can deal with there own issues. If iraq wasn’t demolished the syrians would of went there if guddafi wasnt murdered then Syrians could of went there. Stop supplying and training these so called islamic terrotist groups (cia gangs more like it) and help it getting rid of bashar .there is always a pattern only if you seek it.

        • Thaaff

          First of all, I do not hate Muslims, only the atrocious acts that so many of them either commit or quietly endorse; I do hate Islam, however, and the Koran – and I don’t give a rip who knows it! Secondly, I do totally believe that the citizens of the UK, Europe and The Netherlands have every right to and should take up arms and rise up in defense of their countries and culture! I would do just that for my country without hesitation! You think that those Muslim invaders should also have a right to defend what they are doing? They are the invaders! As I see it, the only right that invaders and terrorists have is the right to have their heads blown off! If jihadists in America even try to pull off the kind of senseless brutality that they’ve inflicted upon France, Germany and throughout Scandanavia, that is exactly what will happen! We will send them back to Syria or wherever in body bags, neatly wrapped in strips of bacon!

          • Jimmy Hoffa

            no it won’t. it’s been happening in america for decades. now its so bad that our police, our only defense have had their teeth pulled. its happening everywhere in america. get off your soapbox and look around. do you know washington d.c. just voted to pay criminals 9k a year not to commit crime. churchill called that appeasement.

        • B Wiser

          your village called they want their idiot back…..So you think the Muslim scum are “victims”? The victims are the Christians who are being murdered in a wave of genocide….

          • sheraz

            Errrrm which christians are you talking about the ones in the uk, america??

      • George E. Smith

        MattBracken: If Europe burns, where will these nice mothers get a place to live? (Didn’t they have a place to live? Were the living on the streets?)

        I think these people that infiltrated should be taught the ways of civilization. But, it may be too late, or beyond their comprehension.



      These Muslim savages, and they are savages, use other peoples babies as props, as tickets for sympathy and a way to gain “refuge” in the every so gullible Eurabia.

      The kid that drowned in the mediterranean was abandoned by other savages on the boat. If the kids parent was there, I’d expect them to save their child – but a unrelated savage would abandon the child like a used tissue.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Human life is a meaningless commodity to muslims, their death or anyone else’s is largely irrelevant to them.

  • BrunoPBuhr

    Barbaric evil belongs in an environment that suits it, a place where no decent human being will be subjected to it. No mercy for these wretches! Back to the sewers of their soul the filth of their spiritual depravity.

  • No Quarter

    I don’t give a crap about their spawn. If they use their babies as shields, shoot the shields then the women. These scum are trying to kill us, wake the f#$% up! islam = submit or die!!

    • MattBracken

      Women and children used to be called by our troops a Somali Foxhole or a Somali Fighting Position. The men would herd women and children out in front of them, and fire from behind them. It’s just how they are.

      • wilypagan

        Geez, the hat that perv is wearing looks too much like Santa hat. Let’s not ruin Christmas with such an image. Isn’t he supposed to be wearing a rag on his head?

      • Mannie

        That is what machineguns are for. And pray you have an iron stomach. This is why you simply cannot treat those people as full humans. Just like the Japs of WW-II. They have re-civilized. I have no hope of the slimes doing that.

  • Ice_Captain

    Babies today, terrorists tomorrow. Get rid of them now Germany or else you will look like Detroit in a couple generations

  • Eureka Brigade – Warriors

  • nolascout

    Never again do I want to hear…”Let the women and children” in. UGH….Je Suis Charlie!

  • EJO

    This article is really long. I didn’t read the whole thing myself. But if you are interested go here:

    When Worlds Collide: Unassimilable Muslim Migrants Crash Europe’s Fantasy Islam

    Andrew McCarthy — January 12, 2016

    What happens when the West’s fantasy Islam collides with the reality of an imported critical mass of unassimilated—and defiantly unassimilable—Muslims?

    Cologne happens.

    Nor is it only Cologne. That was just Ground Zero of the New Year’s Eve rape jihad in Germany. As National Review’s Ian Tuttle notes in an alarming column about the predictable—and, if I may say, predicted—surge of sexual assault in a Europe overrun by “migrants,” the jihad included similar episodes, albeit on a smaller scale, in Stuttgart, Hamburg, and even astride the Brandenburg gate in Berlin.

    We are finally learning about the magnitude and harrowing details of the attack after days of Stasi-like information suppression. Chancellor Angela Merkel may not be big on German security, but she is a bulwark when it comes to fantasy Islam.

  • enemies R among us

    Look what is happening to Europe when you let muslims migrants (invaders) into your country.

    • spacearcadian

      it´s already tool late

  • Millionmileman
  • knight

    Got to stop the refugees before they leave, even sink the boats or sink them close to shore. Get them out of our countries.

    Attacking a person like this is a terrorist attack and should be treated as such. Using the babies I would take them away from the females and permanent sterilization of the females.

    They should give all Muslim females refugees permanent sterilization, the females may learn the hard way they are not wanted, not able to give birth.

    • E Wood

      Sterilizing men is far cheaper. Why pick on the women? Not that I advocate either, just curious.

      • knight

        Because they send their children to kill, no respect love for the child.

  • La-La Land

    What. A. Mess.

  • knight

    Disqus, changing rules, and that some of us, use other if they do. They can get us for our anger and what we may say

    “Targeted harassment or encouraging others to do so”

    If I get kicked we should all leave Disqus

  • EJO

    Migrant crisis: Bavaria mayor sends refugees to Merkel

    A Bavarian mayor angry about Germany’s asylum policy has sent a busload of Syrian migrants to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin.

    But he has ended up paying for their accommodation in the capital himself.

    Pete Dreier, mayor of the district of Landshut, said he wanted to “send a signal” that Germany’s asylum policies could not continue as before.

    The bus arrived in Berlin on Thursday evening. All those on board volunteered to make the journey, the council said.

    Germany took in 1.1 million asylum seekers in 2015.

    Mr Dreier said he had informed Mrs Merkel of his bus plan in a phone call in October.

  • Jon Sobieski

    Welcome to the zoo. This is Germany. Oh my god, can you believe this is Germany. It would be a laugh riot if it wasn’t so tragic for the Germans and the West.

    • Uselesscrap

      So glad for krautland!!!! :) the final solution!

  • EJO

    ‘Remember It Well’: Why Anti-Migrant Politicians Say You Should Know the Arabic Word ‘Taharrush’

    Jan. 14, 2016 11:36am / Sharona Schwartz

    “When one imports Islam in the Netherlands, one also imports the misogynistic culture of Cairo, Damascus, Riyadh into our cities. Next to headscarves, burkas, mosques, honor killings, and terrorism, we now have taharrush,” they added.

    The Dutch politicians suggested the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Cologne provided yet another reason to keep out Middle Eastern migrants.

    Anti-migrant politicians from the Netherlands, Geert Wilders and Machiel de Graaf, wrote a columnWednesday for the Gatestone Institute warning Europeans to familiarize themselves with the word “taharrush.”

    “Remember it well, because we are going to have to deal with it a lot,” they wrote. “A culture that has a specific word for sexual assaults of women by groups of men is a danger to all women.”

  • Areyoukiddingme

    These people belong in caves….put them back where they belong…the women are baby ovens, and the men are from the 7th century. I’m sorry…I called them people. Apologies.

  • meangirl

    A year ago, I wanted to go visit Germany. I had plans and all. Now, I have no desire to go and you have to be crazy to take your family there. Stay away.
    I went to Paris a week before the attacks. It was a scary place. Homeless people EVERYWHERE. Muslim men camps (tents) on public square, Men sleeping on the streets…Armed soldiers patrolling the streets with machine guns. It was a rough place to be. BEFORE the attacks. I can’t imagine now.

    • Tina

      That’s even worse than I imagined. I just read that a Canadian school district has cancelled ALL school trips to Europe because they cannot get travel insurance after the Paris attacks. This decision was made before the rape jihad & terror attack next door in Turkey. Insurance companies aren’t racist. They’re realists. They don’t want the liability.

      • Don Grantham

        The same applies to the rest of us… we’re realists, not racists. However, that narrative is not supported by the Lieberals.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Business exists to make a reasonable profit. If europe want to submit to the prophet, they will loose their profits, which will make it impossible to give the sons of the prophet welfare, resulting in more violence as they fight over whatever is available.

    • Tina

      I love Paris. We had planned a trip to France for this year, but I have no desire to be surrounded by Moslim rapists, thieves, aggressors & terrorists. It makes me furious that the imbecile governments are ruining their beautiful cultures & countries with Moslim criminals. Does anyone ever want to visit Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi, etc? The answer is NO!!! And we don’t want Europe turned into an Islamic hellhole!!!


        Londonistan is the same. Overrun by Islamists who threaten the US and Eurabia with 9/11 scale attacks, operate rape gangs that target non-muslim girls, behead British soldiers like Lee Rigby on the streets of Londonistan.

    • Mannie

      Roger that. Europe is off the itinerary for a long time, I think. I’m glad I visited there when it was still civilized.

  • Platopus

    They use our goodness against us.

  • Platopus

    It is good to destroy the bad.

  • Po Tato
  • Black Eagle

    Pakistan? Eritrea? I thought they were all “Syrians”?

    • munchenfez

      Poor harmless Syrian women and children escaping trial and torment according tour that scumbag imitation POTUS. We have this filth here in our home. FGS keep it out of the last bastion of (still just) democracy.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Many Syrian Christians and Yazidis were murdered by muslims as tey tried to get to europe as refugees.

  • Poptoy1949

    Should have never let them in the country to begin with. Let Muslim Countries take in there own. And if those Countries are not willing to take them in……it speaks volumes. So begin to pay attention.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia know what muslims are like, that is why they will not allow them in as refugees. Look at what palestine and now europe have turned into, no one, sane muslims don’t want that.

  • Caesar Kay

    Germany’s biggest mistake goes back 40-50 years when they accepted muslims as working migrants. They already have enough problems with their residents muslims as it is. Taking another 1.000.000 on top of them is just hard to believe. They must be totally out of their minds. Perhaps the old guilt got the better of them?

    • Mannie

      All of Europe has a population problem. They are breeding themselves to extinction. Their reproduction rate around 1.6 per female. 1.4 is said to be impossible to recover from. Break even is about 2.3. The slimes breed at around 6. There is no good news for Europe unless they start screwing like rabbits.

      The US breeds around 1.8. The Latinos are our salvation. They beat hell out of importing slimes.

  • Yitzhak

    Why didn’t he let them drop the babies.? It wouldn’t be his fault and it’s a win win for everyone.

    I would say – “oh good – please do”.

    • Thaaff

      I agree, call their bluff! Whatever these so-called mothers do is on them! They should NOT, however, be allowed to get away with their violent actions against the aid workers – if one of those women attempts to strangle or otherwise harm an innocent person, she should be knocked out, at the very least! Why in the world should those barbarians get away with acting out like that?? If I may offer a strong and heartfelt suggestion, the good citizens throughout the U.K., Europe and the Netherlands should seriously consider covertly acquiring personal firearms to defend yourselves and those you care about! If you all, or a good number of you, were secretly armed with handguns and rifles, you would then have the chance to fight back against the increasing aggression that you’re faced with … and also, your governments would not have all the power over you that they now have (and are taking full advantage of)! Please do at least give this idea some thought – it might be easier than you think! God be with you all!

      • Yitzhak

        Merkel’s lot thinks they can maintain a status quo, a detente with a slightly changed society – this would give them a cheap labor force so they think, However, as we can all see they are going to fail. This is the situation upon which the next phase will precipitate.

        • Thaaff

          Merkle might even believe that bringing in those so-called “refugees” will provide a cheap labor force, but I think that there is a deeper and much more sinister agenda going on here! The UN and the world banks have an agenda of gradually destroying the nationalism of every country, with the end result being the creation of a global economy, religion and culture! I believe that they are relying upon the ‘overrun and conquer’ ideology of Islam coupled with the recent overly tolerant attitude of the UK, Europe and The Netherlands to severely undermine every notion of national identity and national pride that has heretofore been the cultural norm throughout the west! To me, all of what’s been happening is like an expertly choreographed dance on the world stage! What do you think?

          • Yitzhak

            It’s something like that – it’s the Western power elites – the economic elites country specific and international – not so unified (or maybe so???) but all the same agenda . UN is irrelevant , not “Bank” but principal shareholders of Bank’s wealth, but just as important are the other corporations especially energy corps, – the elite are individual families PEOPLE (such as Bilderberg members) ,not institutions, with no real loyalty to any nation and they are the owners of the majority wealth of the Western countries, the majority shareholders of the corporations, the .001 percent.
            They THINK they can control the situation maybe they can, – they want markets , oil, Islamic oil wealth, cheap labour, globalization etc
            Setting one group agianst another suits them fine – divide and conquer.
            voters adn natioanlism are a threat to the power elie – teh voters cna take away theri wealth – that’s why they scream “socialism” adn “commies” liek a dirty wrod every tiem they see such a threat to their power adn welath. Teh economic system we think is capitalism is actually economic fascsm ofr economic Satalins as teh elite have most of the capital. Ther eyse to be more capitalsim back in the ’60’s –
            It’s a process that will not stop until a “singularity ” is reached na th eelites have total economic power – as such political power becomes meaningless except forte thret of “voters” .
            Tehy seem to have managed the theat of voters since an overwhelming amjority of Europeans are AGAINST immigration. andit doesn’t sem to matter.

          • Thaaff

            Yitzhak, you totally nailed it! Everything you said makes perfect sense – I couldn’t agree with you more! I must say that I am amazed at how the leaders of these countries throughout Europe and Scandanavia are all behaving the way they are, so blind to what is happening to the citizens of their countries, so oblivious to the destruction of their own countries, almost as if they were under hypnosis or something! Not really, of course, but I think that it seems that way! All of this must be just peachy for George Soros and his friends! The next few years, beginning now, are going to be more and more astounding, that’s for sure … this is only the beginning! We are all going to have to be very strong in our convictions and know where we stand, because there will be some shaky times ahead! Thankyou for sharing your profound insights, I found them to be quite edifying! One last point – have you been noticing how time seems to be going by faster than even in the last few years? Do you perceive that days seem to be shortened? I’ve definately noticed, as have every one I know – I’m just wondering if you have noticed it too. Thanks again for your reply and God bless!

          • Yitzhak

            I fixed the text copy and spelling – for the second time. in the other post.
            Events are accelerating, Unexpected events (black swan events – usually disasters) are occurring more frequently. A lot of people report a feeling of final catastrophe perhaps this or next year….In that sense time is shortening, there is not much time left..

            The power nowow is very strong in favour of the economic elites -any small shift of wealth now in their favor has shattering effects on the whole system – there is no wiggle room anymore for the population to find alternative ways to survive.

          • Thaaff

            Yitzhak, you’re so right! It kind of feels like a sudden silence in the air, doesn’t it? This is most certainly going to be a happening year, and I think this will only increase from now on! You’re also right about the balance of (financial) power becoming more polarized toward the “elite” few who actually believe that they are running things! Some people believe the world is coming to an end – the world itself is not, but the world system is, and very quickly! Beginning this year or next, there will be signs and wonders in the skies and on the earth … these will cause some confusion and alot of fear! We’re all in for quite a ride!

          • Yitzhak

            It’s something like that – it’s the Western power elites – the economic elites country specific and international – not so unified (or maybe so???) but all the same agenda . UN is irrelevant , not “Banks” but principal shareholders of Bank’s wealth, but just as important are the other corporations especially energy corps, – the elite are individual families PEOPLE (such as Bilderberg members) ,not institutions, with no real loyalty to any nation and they are the owners of the majority wealth of the Western countries, the majority shareholders of the corporations, the .001 percent. They THINK they can control the situation maybe they can, – they want markets , oil, Islamic oil wealth, cheap labor, globalization etc
            Setting one group against another suits them fine – divide and conquer. Voters and nationalism are a threat to the power elite – the voters can take away their wealth – that’s why they scream “socialism” and “commies” like a dirty word every time they see such a threat to their power and wealth. The economic system we think is capitalism is actually economic fascism or economic Stalinism as the elite have most of the capital.
            There used to be more capitalism back in the ’60’s –
            It’s a process that will not stop until a “singularity ” is reached and the elites have total economic power – as such political power becomes meaningless except for the threat of “voters” .
            They seem to have managed the threat of voters since an overwhelming majority of Europeans are AGAINST immigration. and it doesn’t seem to matter.

      • Patsy Barrett

        For those of you who have a metal shop there are hundreds of videos online about how to make guns. I can’t understand why it is not happening or is it?

        • Thaaff

          Oh yes, Patsy, there are a number of how-to videos on You Tube that show how to make guns – also about how easy it is to convert a simple, inexpensive air-soft gun or BBQ gun into a fully automatic AK-47! A lot of people who own the necessary tools and equipment are making guns all over the country right in their own garages, and ammo too! Another way of obtaining an unregistered firearm is to actually use a 3-D printer! All one needs to do is type out the specifications and put certain liquid elements into it, I guess like putting ink into it, and an actual gun is produced! I really don’t know the specifics of doing that, but it certainly can be done! I hope that this was somewhat helpful to you!

        • Mahou Shoujo

          If you have a 3 d printer, you can make a plastic single shot pistol that will work, for a while.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Consider it “post birth abortions” then have the government pay for that too.

  • Caesar Kay

    Germany’s biggest mistake goes back 40-50 years when they accepted muslims as working migrants. They already have enough problems with their residents muslims as it is. Taking another 1.000.000 on top of them is just hard t o believe. They must be totally out of their minds. Perhaps the old guilt the better of them?

  • Reagan40

    Are these the kind of problems a normal nation should be wasting her time and resources on? As long as we let them, birds will perch on our heads and build their nests all over us.

    • Thaaff

      And poop on your head, as well!

  • Reagan40

    ISLAM is a fraud.

  • Thaaff

    I think that the United Nations is primarily responsible for the unholy mess that is now plaguing Europe, and the so-called leaders of these countries, the U.K., Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and the Netherlands, are their puppets! Mrs. Merkyl and the rest should be removed from their positions by a revolution of the people; they should not get away with the havoc and ruin they’ve caused! What other solution is there? The citizens of these countries are the only ones who can rescue their countries by taking charge and taking care of business! These Islamic invaders will not leave of their own accord – they will have to be driven out and back to their homelands in the Middle East and Africa by force! It won’t be easy by any means, but what else can be done? It’s either the people rising up or giving up and losing their own homelands to these barbaric hordes! Anyway, this is the way I see it!

    • sheraz

      So you are saying people should get arms and fight the invaders back to there own country and force them to do what they don’t want to do it ?? Isnt this the same reason you hate muslims because they preach the same thing ?? Why is it okay for you to take arms and fight your invaders but the muslims dont have the same right ??

      What you are saying people should do and commit is called terrorism isn’t it??

      So are you are supporter of terrorism and a supporter of making people do things against there free will? ?

      if thats the case Then congratulations because according to the law, since the anti terrorism 2001 act you are a muslim. Allah Hu akbar!! See you at Fridays prayers..

  • Uselesscrap

    Yeah, I am sure these Nigerians lived in apartments back home. More likely they had caves or mud huts.

  • Uselesscrap

    Why doesn’t krautland give them some mud and a shovel and let them build their own homes?

  • Larenzo1

    Perfect example of German men have turned into sniveling cowards he should have knocked the hell out of them and not cared if they dropped them off a damn cliff. If they do not care about their spawn which will be trained to cut off his and his families head. That is if he found someone to impregnate his wife.

  • David C. Telliho

    They threatened to drop their babies ? It`s getting harder to call these muslims, human beings. Consider the ant. Disturb a nest, the ant`s will scramble to get their eggs to safety. The Muslim will drop their babies on the ground? Do it.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      True, even animals will attempt to preserve their young, muslims, consider them blood sacrifices.

  • Nancy

    These animals are here,and more are coming in under the radar everyday.
    A new Muslim handbook tells them how to ,”fit” in when they come to America.
    Shave your beards, and wear a cross!!! The difference here….WE ARE ARMED!!

  • wilypagan

    F’ing savages. Deport. Them. All.

  • If the women are willing to harm their own babies, then that is on them and it shows how evil Islam is.

  • Scott JOHNSON

    let them drop their babies, they care that little for their own child….this is the makings of the Zombie apocalypse.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      No different then any muslim who will send their child to be a suicide bomber.

  • berserker

    Even the women aren’t any better. In any case, what are Nigerian “refugees” doing in Germany?

  • Darrell Standing
    • freebird

      Easy to do.
      Moslem – fu*k off, non Moslem – will see.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Legitimate refugees have the attitudes
      That help is replayed with gratitudes
      Muslim maggot trash
      Destroy in a flash
      While regurgitating qur’an hate filled platitudes

  • Don Grantham

    Flood Europe with masses of rampaging stone-age people who have the sensibility of rabid hyenas… is anyone surprised by this? Anyone?

  • Mannie

    Who cares if they drop them? Stomp on them. Fewer vermin to breed. Then hang all those so-called mothers, and break the heads of the rest.

  • chichilouise

    They were threatening to drop their own babies, counting on the Center aide worker to care more for their kids than they do? What a bunch of twisted witches. They should be sent back to where they came from. Next they will probably threaten to hold their breath until they turn blue, or drop themselves to the floor and kick and scream like two year olds. Let them. Call their bluff. Don’t give in.

  • VLParker

    Glad to see these moderates aren’t beheading anyone or burning anyone alive.

  • cthelight

    My God! How the heck can countries allow this to continue.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      That is socialism and multiculturalism in shameless submission to islam.

  • dfd

    to Ejo, you asked: What happens when the West’s fantasy Islam collides with the reality of
    an imported critical mass of unassimilated—and defiantly

    This is what happened here in England, watch the North African “refugee” (Actually they are Muhajiroun, roughly: Undercover Mujahadeen), so, here it is.
    Share the link.

    Here’s a PS for ‘uselesscrap’: Don’t be sad that it didn’t happen in the ‘Krautland’ you hate so much – it’ll soon happen in your shitland too. The more divided we are, that is to say the more hatred scum spreads, sedition that is, the more delighted the Muhajiroun are. Saves them practising taqyia. They have you for that…

    Delando Islam

  • john


  • zookeeper216

    I’m so glad we have borders.

  • Mannie

    Using babies as shields? Shoot them down like vermin. Then stomp on their babies. The rest, smash in their faces, break their heads, and kick them out.

  • B Wiser

    When will criminal prosecution of the German politicians complicit in this coverup occur? Class? Anybody? Can anyone tell me?

  • dfd

    cthelight: “My God! How the heck can countries allow this to continue.”

    Wrong wording , right question, but it is ‘WHY’ and not ‘how’. Here’s the answer, explanation or whatever you want to call it.

    Between the mid seventies, oil embargo, and about 2010 the OPEC countries, that means mostly the Arab peninsular, received 25 to 30 trillion dollars from the West. Now, that’s just a number, so I’ll explain it: It means 25-30 million millions, that’s a number with twelve zeros. It looks like this: 25-30,000,000,000,000.oo That also means over an approximate 35 year period that they cashed in about 2.2 billion dollars per day. Or to make that somewhat more comprehensible (I like the way I said that) that means 2,200 million dollars per day.

    Do you begin to understand ‘our’ politicians? From Washington to Berlin. Hint, hint: They don’t belong to us…

  • searcherseeker

    Blinders were used on horses pulling wagons to keep them from being distracted by anything not in front of them. Progressives put blinders on, which block the view directly in front of them and then, engage in endless distractions.

    Which is worse? Mothers who use their babies as weapons? Or Progressives who refuse to see what is happening right in front of their faces?

  • aa aaa

    O’Bobo’s cousins………….. you expect more from sub human savages?

  • aa aaa

    Shame, to think all those P-08’s, 38’s and Mausers that were destroyed could be put to good use. O’Bobo wants to neuter the US in the same way.

  • wibbys1

    Dude! It was their babies—drop the little M—Fs!!!

  • 4True

    Threatened to drop their own babies? generally I am pro-life but in this case the kids will grow up as deranged as their mothers. Should have let them done it. It’s on their miserable brainless heads.

  • Kay Hall

    We can’t have them here. Don’t bring them in to destroy America.

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