Germany: Anti-Islamization Group’s Anthem dethrones Adele’s Hello from top spot on music charts #PEGIDA


The anthem of the anti-Islamization group, Pegida, has toppled Adele as the number one tune in Germany. This as Merkel opens the gates to the Muslim invasion.
The Pegida Hymn outdid Adele in downloads….but Amazon will use all the proceeds from Pegida Hymn downloads to help refugees. Similar to the Hate Pays scheme that Facebook advertised…Nuts.

You must see where all this leading.

Note the words "Amazon "hilft" means Amazon will help by giving profits to refugees
Note the words “Amazon “hilft” means Amazon will help by giving profits to refugees

Germany: Anti-Islam Pegida anthem Gemeinsam Sind Wir Stark dethrones Adele’s Hello from music charts,” IBT Times, December 30, 2015

An anti-Islamic movement’s anthem has knocked Adele’s Hello off the top of the music charts in Germany. The wordless hymn Gemeinsam Sind Wir Stark (Together We Are Strong) was released just before Christmas to raise funds for the Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West (Pegida) group.

It quickly raced up the charts, despite being widely ridiculed for its simplistic style and absence of any lyrics. On 30 December, after four days in the top 10 of Amazon’s for best-selling singles, the anthem snatched the top spot from Adele’s ballad.

The song’s video has found an audience on YouTube, with more than 130,000 views in a few days. Both on Amazon and YouTube the song drew critical comments from members of the public, with some describing it as “excruciating” and “dumb”.

Other mocked the absence of lyrics saying it well represented the program Pegida stands for. Supporters of the group instead wrote more generous reviews, with many saying they were happy to fund its future activities by purchasing the song.

Pegida started as a protest group in October 2014 and mushroomed into a movement of 20,000 people. In its heartland of Dresden, rallies were held every Monday to express frustration against Muslims, migrants and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In January it started to lose supporters, especially after pictures of group founder Lutz Bachmann posing as Hitler went viral. Pegida’s fortunes were revived this summer by the arrival of hundreds of thousands of refugees. In June, a Pegida candidate received 9.6% of the vote in Dresden.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    As usual, the progressive politically correct will by the chains islam will use to enslave them. Lame stream media has a partner, lame stream social network. However, as the message is getting across, slowly the back flash is beginning.

  • fjesssususus
    • Mahou Shoujo

      Regrettably it is going to take a “remake” of the same nationalism in europe to repel the islamic colonists that traitorous egotistical socialists have invited to destroy the democracy that grew out of a dictatorship, only to be replaced by a caliphate.

      • joker

        Europa ueberalles!!

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Good idea, but it is going to take some doing as europa iss schtoopit.

    • Vlad

      Suffering from SoL?
      You need to stay on your meds

  • fjesssususus

    here are your lyrics, idiots

    • Yo_Its_Me

      Now imagine them all waving Isis flags. Many Islam leaders and followers have declared they are going to finish what Hitler started.

  • fjesssususus

    you germans makeme vomit

    • Uselesscrap

      I say let them wipe out all of Germany first. Then we take care of the muzzies. Germans need a good dose of hell and I am happy to see Merkel giving it to them.

    • Uselesscrap

      Thank you for that video. Never forget, never forgive. Germany deserves to be finished.

  • fjesssususus

    you dont choose the war, the war is choosing you

  • fjesssususus
    • ‘… you hate … you hate me’

      • Yo_Its_Me

        Is that what they’re saying?

  • Michael Copeland

    Yesterday at 16:33 ·

    Top Comments

    • Michael Copeland

      Apologies. this was meant to be a picture:

      Smiling Merkel, “Come on in and destroy our culture”.

      Facebook Liberty GB

      • JasonRMJ

        Seriously didn’t you heard that Merkel the German Chancellor, said Multiculturalism is a lie? I see the full picture She wants these refugee to fully realized what their religion/ideology is, their Children will be part of the German Culture now, not their parent’s culture….

        • JasonRMJ

          BTW Germany Banned Homeschooling so their parents cannot indoctrinate their Ideology…
          also Private schools must met the requirements of a state school, even salaries must be the same…basically Germany is regulating the future generation, the parents are a lost cause.

  • Oh my. I received Amazon cards for Christmas, but now I have to boycott them….too.

    “You must see where all this [is] leading.”

    Oh yes. If we know the origin of the phrase, “The Greatest Generation”, then we know where this is leading, but it won’t be as “easy” as military strategy against another army. When we need to rescue Europe again, it will be very ugly and very messy and much more complicated…but I’ve gotten ahead of myself.

    Suppose the bleeping terrorists coordinate–as they have declared is their goal–a multi-national, simultaneous attack? In that case, it’s every nation for itself. The thing about modern communication technology is it can be used to achieve global calamity with greater ease than before such inventions.

  • Michael McNew

    Best thing Germans (and other westerners) could start doing is having more babies. The birthrates are dangerously low and ultimately demographic realities dictate all other realities.

    • rockyh77

      That will only work if they can keep those babies from being turned into Muslims by the schools, social media and “friends”. Only the influx of Catholic Hispanics are preventing the US from becoming a nation on it’s knees to Islam in one or two decades. We may have until 2050 providing the nukes in Pakistan aren’t launched before then.

      • Michael McNew

        Most children stay with the general religious preferences of their parents.

        • rockyh77

          Many of the children in modern times are changing that trait. Their parents have become non-religious and have left a void being filled by the internet. ISIS recruitment is successful. So the dynamics are even worse, well beyond the influx of migration.

          • Michael McNew

            So the solution is obviously for people to re-connect with their religious values and have big families.

          • rockyh77

            NO my dear. The solution is the same as it has always been. When Adams told Jefferson if you go to war against Islam it will be a war that lasts forever. Jefferson replied then we had best start now.
            The ONLY solution is to destroy Islam.
            I am not naive. But I have seen the work of Satanist that tortured a nine year old child to death. I have seen the work of Santeria and of Islam. They are not that different.
            If a people do not believe in a benevolent God they should be sent to their final judgement. Jefferson knew this after he had read the now famous Quran of his. We do not have the luxury of ignoring evil. We have an obligation to our God and to ourselves to protect our children.
            Restructure of our schools to center them in horticultural centers, farms, is critical for them to understand who God is. The blessing of heirloom seeds is the beginning of that appreciation. We can fight evil without becoming evil ourselves but we can not do it by letting banks control our governments.

    • Yo_Its_Me

      I thought the same at first, but the world population is almost off the map. How about if we just put a child limit to 4-ish. Even that would slow them down. Then eff the rest.

      • rockyh77

        How about prior to receiving any tax derived finance be it asylum, political office or welfare they get sterilized?

    • hans

      No-germany must stop the immigration!
      Germany is one of the countries with most people per m2!You cant find a place in germany where you find no civilization.France,Spain,Poland had only the half of people per m2.

      The same goes for Japan-but they know that they are to much.So its no problem if Japan had only the half of people.
      Automatization is the future.

      33% of all new borns in germany had immigration background,Merkel sayed one time 50%!Ofcurse not all Muslims but many.
      But Africans are also crazy-who sayed this? A famous Socialdemocrat and Burgomaster from Berlin!He says they made more trouble than the arabs,they drink and run crazy.Also all Gipsys from the east want to go to germany and the north.They get 5-10 children…In 100 years you will find more germans in Brasil and Canada than in germany.

      • Michael McNew

        Old people, not young. When mortality catches up to the people who are over-60 now then that is when German populations take a nosedive.

  • rockyh77

    The civilized world has more to fear from it’s own leaders than any weapons arsenal. – it’s Trump Time.

  • Jerry Jansen

    If they were smart they would yank it off of Amazon so the refugees get NOTHING from it. What BS.

  • Esteban Sperber

    PEGIDA ueber alles.

  • hans

    Americans can also buy it.
    PEGIDA give the money to Homeless People(Org. for Homeless people didnt get monexy anymore-everyone spends his money for “Refugees”)and Victims of Left Wing Violence(they burned some cars).

  • rockyh77

    The point of all this is that our culture is being changed from within by politicians bought and paid for by people who want this done. The future can not be predicted in the total confines of the past. Partly yes. But you must understand the changing dynamics are being structured first. Second ask by whom.
    Who would want Islamic, particularly Wahhabi, spread. Why they look to be a very strong international organization that sells children to pedophiles (Satanist organizations). They are using motorcycle gangs, such as the Mongols. Let’s see over 800 in CA. and 1200 in Germany almost like a standing army. They are spreading to Australia along with the dear Muslims. Don’t worry surly someone will do something:) Let’s just wait for our public servants like Chis Christie to take action. To realize there is no plan is better than believing in a false one. Christie is a Muslim puppet as are many others. The Clintons are pedophiles. Look at Bill’s trips to Little St. James.

  • fuckyourname

    the elite doesn’t understand that these boogeyman words like “racist” and “xenophobic” are no longer having effect on us. we know that we are not racists were fighting against an ideology.

    • Enough’s Enough

      So true! I had assumed that these good Saul Alinsky-ites understood that once a lie is no longer effective vis-à-vis bullying* the (perceived) enemy into silence, one is supposed to switch to ANOTHER lie and use IT to death! Did they learn NOTHING from “Rules For Radicals?”
      * – of course that’s not CONSIDERED bullying, because these delusional social “warriors” don’t CALL it bullying!

  • Joaquin Veyron

    The funny thing: the PEGIDA anthm, to be honest, is pretty much “rubbish”, so not very good. But the Anti-pegida propaganda wave run by our German MSM really pushed this song to be the current #1 in Amazon sales. Really weird, but for the first time for long: thank you very much for your support, MSM!! :-)

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