United Airlines Coach Class Coke Rule is Islamophobic ….. no, seriously


A Muslim passenger (and White House insider) charged a United Airlines attendant with Muslim hatemongering on the flight from Chicago to Washington on Friday because she was not given an unopened can of Coke.

Everybody knows that if you want your own can of soda, that’s a first class perk.
But everybody also knows that Muslims want to be treated as a special, superior class in accordance with the supremacist sharia. And they are getting it. They sue, harass, taunt, threaten, whine, ululate, and they feign victimhood as they victimize their targets.

But this is Muslim supremacy on steroids.

Robert Spencer said about this:

There is just so much that doesn’t ring true about this latest round of “Flying While Muslim” grievance theater. In the first place, what is this about requesting an unopened can for “hygienic reasons”? The mainstream media, of course, never asks Tahera Ahmad what she means by that. What’s unhygienic about getting a can of soda that has just been opened? Could it be that Ahmad found it objectionable to receive a can of soda opened by najis (unclean, cf. Qur’an 9:28) infidel hands?

And then there’s the passenger sitting across the aisle from her and telling her, “You Moslem, you need to shut the F** up.” Where are the passengers corroborating the words of this shouting lout? Someone must have heard him, but he sounds to me as if he was sent over from Islamophobia Central Casting, straight from the fever dreams of Hamas-linked CAIR and the like.

Finally, there is the most unbelievable aspect of her whole story — a part of it that is never mentioned by the mainstream media: “The pilot also apologized for everything that happened and said that as a white male he recognized his privilege…” Come on. Who talks like that, outside of Salon.com’s offices?

This supremacist is empowered by Obama:

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.58.19 PM

(Screenshot: thanks to JWF)

Anyway, given today’s political climate, Tahera Ahmad will probably get millions out of United, and no flight attendant will ever dare open a Muslim’s can again.

“Muslim Woman Says She Faced Discrimination on Flight, United Airlines Calls It ‘Misunderstanding,’” by Emily Shapiro, ABC News, June 1, 2015:

After a Muslim woman accused the crew of a United Airlines flight of discrimination, the company has apologized for what it called a “misunderstanding.”

The passenger said a United attendant on the flight from Chicago to Washington on Friday refused to give her an unopened can of coke, allegedly telling her it could be used “as a weapon.”

“The flight attendant brought over an open can of diet soda, so I requested, for hygienic reasons, a closed can of diet soda,” Tahera Ahmad, a chaplain at Northwestern University, told ABC’s Chicago station WLS on Sunday. “And so she said, ‘Well, no one has consumed from this can.’ And I said, ‘That’s fine but I would really prefer for hygienic reasons and health concerns.’ … She said, ‘Well, it is against our policy to give people unopened canned beverages.’”

“And then she said, ‘No diet coke for you,’ and she picked up the beverage from my tray table and took it back,” she said.

Ahmad said the same flight attendant then served an unopened can of beer to another passenger.

When she confronted the attendant, “She said it is against our policy to give people unopened can beverages because they may use it as a weapon.”

“So I said, ‘Well I think that’s strange because you’re discriminating against me because clearly you gave the passenger next to me an unopened beverage can.’ And so she looked at that, picked it up, opened it and put it back. And as she was putting it back she said, ‘It’s because you would use it as a weapon.’”

“At that point I was in utter shock,” she told WLS. “I was almost tearing up.”

Ahmad said she then asked the other passengers, “Did you all just witness this discrimination?” and she claims another passenger muttered “you Muslim” and told her to shut up.

“And he said, ‘You know you would use it as a weapon,’” Ahmad recounted.

“I just couldn’t believe what he had said,” Ahmad said. “I was in tears.”

The attendant apologized after the flight, Ahmad said, but she told the attendant that her actions made her feel “very threatened.”

“I was the one who felt very unsafe,” Ahmad said.

United Airlines said today in a statement to ABC News: “United is a company that strongly supports diversity and inclusion, and we and our partners do not discriminate against our employees or customers. The flight attendant onboard Shuttle America flight 3504 attempted several times to accommodate Ms. Ahmad’s beverage request after a misunderstanding regarding a can of diet soda.”…

  • jlh243_1

    They should have landed at the next airport, kicked her muzzie butt off the plane and charged her for the cost of it. ALL P.O.S. muslims should be banned from flying on any airline in the world.

  • Barbara

    28-year-old Atena Farghana drew a cartoon portraying the Iranian leadership as animals for drafting a law significantly restricting birth control. As a result, she was tried, imprisoned and tortured. THIS IS DISCRIMINATION!

    • knight

      More than discrimination but a act against human rights of human abuse. No UN to jump up and down for her but to sit back and do nothing.

      • disqus_mo8ewPYVck

        Because they say nothing about Muslim terror. During the Israel/Hamas Conflict in 2014, the UN gave weapons to the Jihadis to put back into a school AFTER they found the weapons IN THE SCHOOL. What does that say?

    • IslamicShoatsInbreederSquad

      She should have entered it in PG contest and it may have won 2nd place just out of the rights of freedom of speech with a posted title say”Mo & The Boys At Lunch”?

  • abey

    Islam is a disease & Muslims think they’re hygienic. Pigs.

  • TheSnapDude

    If I was on that plane I would have waterboarded her in the laboratory with piss.

  • Here is what I think happened.

    She flies a lot. She knows that once inside the airplane airline personnel open cans for everyone. You can request 10 cans of diet coke, but they will open them for you, they do not limit you to 1/2 can of soda per flight. They tell this to thousands of people every day. They have said this to me. She leaps when she see’s that airline personnel did not open a can for someone and cries islamophobia.

    Its as ridiculous as someone saying that even though cans are opened on all flights for people of all races and religions, not opening it for whatever reason is Judeophobia, or hinduphobia, christian phobia or homophobia against anyone else, hundreds of thousands of people a day who have their cans opened on flights.

    This is ridiculous that this woman is claiming islamophobia and is another example of the outrageous claims of islamophobia being made by muslims seeking special treatment

  • mycorrado

    If she is a fervent muslim how come she wasn’t escorted by a male relative? And coke cans didn’t exist 700AD, imposible to find that in hadith.. Lol

    • deception7

      Good point @mycorrado

    • Dr. Doomsday

      Yeah, so why is she even flying? Planes did not exist then, or toilet paper and indoor plumbing, electricity, cell phones, make up, healthcare etc.

      I guess using infidel technology, and the grace of this infidel society, is ok, but oh no, can’t take into account that Muslim nations are pits of primitive knuckle dragging goat loving murderers.

    • bigbaddave

      Trust me her request has nothing to do with Islam or being Muslim. She’s just being a pain in the butt or is phobic about germs.

      • Dorrie

        You have NO way of knowing if she’s “phobic about germs”! What she IS, is attempting to cause more trouble for airlines – and she succeeded.

  • Lard4Moooslims

    Typical Moooslim POS. I wonder if the Moooslim knows that the drawing dies for aluminum cans are lubricated with a mixture of lard oil and kerosene. The drawn cans are then thoroughly rinsed, but nonetheless oink oink!

  • How many fellow Muslims are boycotting United? Could United flights be Muslim free?

    If United is Muslim free I’ll Fly United!!!

    • bike mechanic

      Agreed. If they will openly refuse service to them, I will fly only United in the future and they would have to buy most of the other airlines because few people would fly another airline. Excellent business strategy. Better buy United stock right now.

      • Betty4440

        united will pay.watch. that is the reason I want fly. because of the muslims. I am not about to get on a plane with a bunch of cut throats. and I cant take any thing on board to protect myself. no way.

    • Niels Henriksen

      Ha, United could even increase their ticket prices significantly and still have lots of non-muslim customers by referring to these improved safety measures ;-)

    • Kim Hansgen Granger

      I hope not, and next time I fly, I’m buying a Blt with extra bacon and eating it inflight.

    • unkontrollableurge

      oh happy days imagine no Muslims in the air? Its a wet dream!

      • IslamicShoatsInbreederSquad

        I don’t even understand why mooslums ,even the very moderate,nice as pie ones are allowed on ANY public transportation after what they proved on 9/11.

        Guilt by association is still used as a charge so let them prove to people for the next 100 years that no other musluum will attempt to kill Americans or other human again . Oops to late already the cult itself has proven that it is mostly always the moderate cult members ,probably looking to become full fledged radicals by preforming some idiot brainless act ,always including violence and innocent deaths , or to prove their true worth-

        So now it should safely be made transportation company passenger safety policy that no more potential murderous cult’s of any stripe/gender wearing full cult colors or costumes and sexual any perverts not wearing full face costume but uncut beards as a religious symbol stolen from the Mormons most likely, are allowed to be confined with humans .

        this pedo cult have the money and backing let them start their own airline,bus/subway services and toss in trains and ships. Hell the trudeau libiots in Canada could probably get them a few old sub’s for a decent price.

        That keeps sane humans safe and allows cult members to even sniff each other during longer flights.And if they wish to fly higher let a cult member aboard wearing their status symbol vest ,supply fresh batteries on flight to ensure getting all the way to big al’s joint.

        • Abbas

          That you can ask your governments who have been sleeping sucking saudis dicks from a long time and protecting terrorists. Hypocrites.
          You fucktards won’t force your government to release 28 pages of 9/11 report which have all details of saudi and usa involvement in 9/11.
          You pussies just keep whining and can’t do a shit.

        • nych

          LOL..oh WOW!!! Did this guy actually accuse muslims of “stealing” uncut beards from the mormons, who were founded OVER A THOUSAND YEARS after Islam? I cant really tell because he seems to have great dificulty stringing together more than one coherent sentence per post. Also, mormons I do not think even HAVE uncut beards as a religious obligation. Amish do, but they too were founded CENTURIES AFTER ISLAM. I’m not even judging the merit of your opinions, they are irrelevnt to the fact that REGARDLESS of what your views are, , you write, and therefore most likely think, like a TOTAL FUCKING IDIOT, and by posting the above pile of verbal feces, you prove as effectively as anyone POSSIBLY could that you are an historically and politically ignorant, barely literate moron. The best thing you can do to promote your views is to NEVER POST AGAIN anywhere on the whole internet, Instead of vomiting more idiocy all over the tubes and assuring your place in infamy as the only person to ever remain conscious, let alone operate a computer, without possessing a single functional brain cell.

          • IslamicShoatsInbreederSquad

            Gee does that mean ya don’t like me any more?

  • repharim

    I would have told her, “Well what do you expect, it wasn’t MY people that invented flying planes into buildings, so STFU”.

  • No Fear

    I would have given her an unopened can of beer.

  • Cate

    I wished I would have been on that flight. I would have been hard pressed not to punch that muzzie beyatch in the face.

    • Betty4440

      why didn’t she just have obama use air force one to haul her skankey butt to where she wanted to go?.

  • Leslie

    If I was a judge, handling this case, I’d throw it out as a Frivolous lawsuit.

    • Betty4440

      and sit back in my high back judges seat. and laugh in her face. and say go along now nothing to see here. but thanks for the laugh of the day.


    BHO SIDES with the muslim brotherhood all over the Earth!! Thus: BHO is a Devout muslim and muslim brotherhood member and SYMPATHIZER!!

    Please PRAY for our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America and Israel-Yisrael Everyday Everyone!!

    Happy Shavua Tov Everyone!! Am Yisrael Chai FOREVERMORE!!


    • Amen to that! Coming from a Messianic believer!

  • Covadonga

    >”Ahmad said the same flight attendant then served an unopened can of beer to another passenger….

    So [she] said, ‘Well I think that’s strange because you’re discriminating against me because clearly you gave the passenger next to me an unopened beverage can.’ ”

    What’s the problem?

    Look, it was a can of beer. Muslims aren’t allowed to drink alcohol. So the beer-drinker was obviously going to drink his beer. He wasn’t going to use the unopened can as a highjack weapon, since he wasn’t a Muslim.

    • This is your Crapcan speaking

      Why would she want to drink Coke anyway? Is Coke now Halal?
      Also Coke has lots of bubbles frothing away. I’m pretty sure that bubbles aren’t allowed in Islam.

      • Lacouray Too

        ‘I’m pretty sure that bubbles aren’t allowed in Islam.’
        Nearly fell out my chair.

        • Dorrie

          Neither is music or joy. Their life is all about death.

      • Grandmere

        CEO is a Muslim.

    • crazyottojr

      One thing may be since the passenger had to buy the Beer he can do with it what he wants. The coke is free and so they want you to drink it on the plane. Whenever i fly they always open the can for me when ordering a diet coke but when I buy a beer they just hand it to me. The idea being you want a free coke drink it on the plane the beer you buy go ahead take it with you. They are just reluctant to say it openly.

      • Covadonga

        Good point. He bought the beer, so the whole can is his, not just one cup.

        The stuff the muslima said the stewardess said about “you might use it as a weapon” may be nothing but pure taqiyya (i.e. religiously permitted or mandated B.S.) on the part of the muslima.


    Every American should turn this story around and use the same tactic to bankrupt every muslim owned business in America. Take the time to find markets that sell HALAL food for the muslim clients, go in and demand bacon and other non-HALAL products, when they refuse to carry the products claim discrimination because your GOD allows the consumption of these products.
    To beat these assholes down use their tactics against them, in America there is far more non-muslims than muslims.
    As for the all nigga muslim in the WH, F_ck him and the thing he calls his wife!
    Americans wake up! Take the fight to them and run their rag asses out of America!

    • joker

      True, bankrupt them by not buying anything of them. Demand goods they cannot provide because they are Muslims and sue them for that.

    • David Linebarger

      That’s ingenious.

    • John Heaton

      Brother thats the best idea I’ve heard to date!

      • Sammie Jo

        It is past time to start fighting back and let them know we’re not going to take it anymore. We have to do it, bungling barry isn’t going to do it.

    • Don’t buy barbaric halal food

      Recently, here in the UK, a Christian couple running a bakery refused on religious grounds to bake a cake with some gay wording for 2 gay men. It was against their Christian beliefs they said. In court the judge ruled in favour of the gay men. Now, whether you believe the Christian couple to be right or not is a matter of personal opinion but the law made a legal decision.
      So how about going to a muslim printers and telling them to print some pictures of mohamed (their paedophile leader) and then taking them to court when they refuse. Bet the decision would be different

      • Nina

        Maybe not. Pamela got her Mohammad bus posters put up!

    • Nina

      Excellent comment. It could force a real change in attitude.

    • bob

      I agree. Would love to see our military evict that tratior and his crew from the WH.

      • Dorrie

        That won’t happen because Obama has removed all the top brass that he felt was against his agenda.

    • bigbaddave

      And I suppose you consider yourself a Christian? LOL

      Oh and please don’t defame the USMC with your bigoted and ignorant rants against other US Citizens. Real soldiers/sailors protect and defend them all regardless of race or religion. People like you give the US Military a bad name.


        Bigbaddave, I see your practicing seagull politics again. Typical liberal puke, you fly in squawk about nothing, shit on everything then leave the the mess for others to clean up!
        You rank right up there with best of them though, how long have you been living on the public dime?

  • Gordon Millar

    In hindsight, the stewardess could have released the gas building up in this situation by opening the can in front of the passenger, not letting the passenger aquire the lethal weapon :-)) If we loose our cool, if we start to hate the individual, and see red, we loose in the legal system. We need to be as cool as the one trying their best to be offended. The civilization Jehad is raging for sure, they are using our laws against us. But in this situation, our abhorence of supremacist sharia was taken out on someone who Identified with it, not against those trators who allow people infected with Islam, to invade our countries en mass. I think we must play it smart. . . . . but then, . . . I’m still in my Armchair

  • Dave from San Antonio

    The religion…of being a “victim” and how to claim victim status. STFU, sit down and enjoy the flight…

  • Dave from San Antonio

    I hope she was flying with her husband or a male relative. Being a muslim woman…I think there are certain restrictions against being in public without at least one of the two mentioned.

  • Rose

    First, I don’t believe the muslim. Second, I am fed up with the Safety of the Plane, Crew, and Passengers taking a back seat to the “OFFENSES incurred” by Aggressive muslims.
    It seems NONE of the laborious “security procedures” are there to keep the plane safe from Attack.

  • Paul K

    Forget about the brutality and sickening sadism of ISIS (ISIL, whatever),
    Boko Haram, Christian persecution, Iran’s insane and inhuman leadership
    etc., this incident (if it did happen) – second only to cartoons, possibly – is
    the greatest injustice ever suffered by any ever and will never be equalled
    again. We should all weep bitterly.

    • Paul K

      * “ever suffered by anybody ever”

    • Fitterjack

      I’m weeping right now ….with joy! I hope it did happen to that turbin wearing jihadist!

  • Andy_Lewis

    A good kick in the can is called for.

  • Joe

    Wow. Look at some of the vile and violent comments here. I suppose biggots and biggots promoter are the same all over. And you find it hard to believe someone would have made those comments to her? How do you people sleep with such hatred in your hearts?


      Joe, I’m more concerned about your friends flying passenger planes into buildings, bombing marathons with pressure cookers, beheading British soldiers on the streets of London.
      You can go to HELL to join Moohammed.

    • Lacouray Too

      Now that we got your take on the pissant muslima; didn’t hear from you yesterday Joe, guess you were too busy being “outraged.”
      What’s your take on the Catholics 6, mooslims 1 soccer/football game?

    • joker

      What indeed a hatred here. Just F….ck the Fu…ck..ng Muslims. And that is a liberal statement

    • Betty4440

      Joe you sound like a mocking bird. cant you say any thing else?

  • Joe

    My comment was deleted earlier so I’ll post again (so much freedom of speech).

    Wow. Look at some of the vile and violent comments here. I suppose bigots and bigots promoter are same all over the world. And you people find it difficult to believe someone would actually have made those comments to her in the plane. How do you people sleep with such hate in your hearts?

    • atl slayer

      Hahahaa yea, ok “”Joe”” whatever you say,

    • This is your mother speaking

      You must be mistaken. This site would not delete such a comment. In fact I see your comment is listed twice on this page.
      It’s not difficult to believe “someone would actually have made those comments to her in the plane”. Trouble is there is no proof that anybody did. Where were all the smartphone cameras on this important historic occasion?
      As for the captain -again, there is no proof and, if you’ve been in the world long enough, his remarks just seem unlikely.
      Consequently, in the court of public opinion, she can take as much insulting as she herself willingly and wilfully gave out.Where are you anyway – Syria or Iraq? Those places are overrun by the worst devils in modern history? The people posting here are all pussycats by comparison. Cruel sarcasm may be the style but no one is going to cut off your head- unless your English grammar is really bad.

      • Betty4440

        I suppose she thinks just because she said it happened. we are to believe her. knowing how muslims lie like a dog.with out proof. I guess we are to come up with 4 males saying it did happen. and they have to be muslims also. so they can cash in on it. get right on that.

      • Joe

        A rather insulting user name “this is your mother speaking” nonetheless: TYMS, let’s be honest with yourself, and you don’t need to answer this, simply think about this two minutes before you sleep. Suppose this was a christian or a jewish woman, exact similar story, only the faith of the individual was changed, would you have believed her? Considering the fact that United did their own investigation, the flight attendant in question did not refute Ms. Ahmad’s claims, would you have believed any other woman if she was not a Muslim?

    • Demsci

      Hello Joe,

      So, you found “hate” coming from visitors of this site, in your opinion. And you spoke out against it.

      But in so doing you are globally VERY UNFAIR! “Hatespeech”, the non-violent type, MAY be coming from here, in the West. But it is also occurs MASSIVELY in Islamic countries, we know.

      And contrast the West to Islamic countries in inciting to violence also, it is very much in the West’s favor. Because we do NOT incite to violence, which the other side does all too often.

      And the West’s position is: ALLOW ALL FREE SPEECH (also that in Islamic countries), just put the line at INCITEMENT TO VIOLENCE.

      For these rules there are excellent reasons, because what you call “hate-speech” can have very positive effects as well. And discouraging it, forbidding it, likewise can have “detrimental” effets. All of which gets explained here all the time.

      But you, you unwittingly try to discourage our side, and condone (by ignorance) the other side, and so you help create an unbalance. I suppose merely because you want to be fair, impartial.

      But in reality? You are behaving partial! You have elevated expectations of our side, and lowered expectations of the other side, IMO.

      • Joe


        Thank you for your civil response. I can certainly understand where you’re coming from, however, your argument is flawed. I suppose when you talk about ‘islamic’ countries you mean mostly arab ‘islamic’ countries. There are more muslims living in non-arab countries than arab countries. With that said, I don’t for a moment disagree that there are gross injustice going on in the arab world. Even if you were to consider labour laws, for example, arab world is decades behind. It’s troubling to see the United States supporting arab dictators who are responsible for lot of these injustices. As a muslim, I am glad and blessed to be living in the west. But the larger question is, why is a Muslim living in the west blamed for the crimes of so called arab countries? No one is denying there is a lot of work that needs to be done to bring equality and justice in arab world as well. This is to say Jews and hindus should be blamed for the crimes of India and israel, for example.

        Further, I am not at all discouraging your side. We are blessed to be living in a free nation. You have the right to say, draw, or do anything you wish so long as there is no violence, even if offends me as a Muslim. But perhaps it might be wiser to use all that energy instead and work together to create a more peaceful community. I challenge you to go your local mosque wherever you are and try to talk to them about your concerns.

        This might be a good read, should you wish: http://www.salon.com/2015/06/01/everything_you_see_on_twitter_about_islam_is_wrong_heres_the_real_history_and_information/

  • June Skelton

    Memo to all flight attendants serving a Muslima cokehead: Turn your back, give the can a good shake and hand it to her unopened.

    • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

      Yeah! Or if they get one that’s a bitch, but doesn’t complain about open coke cans, be sure to spit in it first.

      • Sammie Jo

        drop a piece of bacon in it.

        • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

          A ROTTEN piece! Heeheheheheheehheeheh!

        • Abbas

          She knew this might be done by some filthy piggy person like you that’s why she asked for it.

    • Bonnie Frebertshauser

      Give her rat poison

  • craigjohnsminni

    what a load of crap …it is a nothing…she is nothing more than a muzlim grandstanding idiot. fake, fake and fake. they are all fake. Shame they didnt have even a half a thought for the brutalized and abused people across the world who suffer at the hands of their muzlim friends….to me their silence shows TACIT APPROVAL for muzlim atrocities….self righteous bigots…they are all bigots.

  • VoiceInDesert

    Am not condoning the violent behavior of Muslims as taught in their Quran and other literature, but neither do I condone the hatred and bitterness of non-Muslims. An author of the Holy Bible quoted, “Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the LORD’ ” (Romans 12:19 NASB).
    The same Jesus who died for us on the cross also died for Ahmad. When He cried out, “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34 NASB), not only was Jesus thinking of Ahmad, but also those who had bitter animosity toward her. (Just a thought.)

    • Sam

      True, God loves EVERYONE… but you think we should have let the nazis continue marching into all the world? I don’t think so.

      • VoiceInDesert

        Believe it or not, I agree. One must know his enemy, be informed, and act accordingly. We should never allow fascists to walk all over us. We are not doormats. It is commonsense to defend oneself, but not try to “get even” out of hatred. Repaying evil with evil, instead of letting a righteous God do it, will hardly accomplish anything.
        Also, we have human government, which the Bible says is ordained by God, the purpose for restraining evil (Romans 13:1-5; 1 Peter 2:13-17).
        Ironically, this was written when Emperor Nero was in power. Good government will do justly, and show no partiality. When we have evil government, of course we must stand up to it, but maintain our good behavior. Our founding fathers recognized this. It is better to obey God than to obey men (Acts 4:19-20; 5:29).

        • This is your mother speaking

          “Also, we have human government, which the Bible says is ordained by God, the purpose for restraining evil”
          You mean something like Constantine circa 330 C.E. ?
          Ok, it’s now about Two Thousand or so years from Zero C.E.
          Result: FAIL! A really big F. Catch up, read History.
          And saying “the Bible says” (actually these days it’s “the internet says”) as if its sayings are self evidently true (as in “a triangle is defined as having three angles so there are no four angled triangles”) is just the same kind nonsense that is spouted by the Catholic Clergy these days when they say they do their own investigations and find nothing to worry about because self-evidently nothing untoward is going on and God knows that otherwise He would come down and give these priests a good clip on the ear (or , umm, rear) but God doesn’t do that so obviously he’s quite happy with all those men priests -and, of course, human government in general. 2000 years of Cardinals, carnality, and little altar boys? -never happened, all lies, and definitely not in The Bible. Yes, don’t wet the bed.

    • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

      No non-muslim hatred and bitterness in this article. Only a stupid whiny attention-seeking muslim.

      • VoiceInDesert

        See my reply to Sam.

    • Lacouray Too

      This beautiful lady says it best.

      • VoiceInDesert

        Agreed. I don’t tolerate intolerance of Jews and Christians.

        • Lacouray Too

          I’ll wait until one of your “garbage bag dressed” women pass and deposit that garbage you posted.

    • This is your Crapcan speaking

      Yeah, like the those hateful and bitter parents of the children killed or maimed by the pretty-faced Boston Marathon Bombers.
      Don’t trip on the steps when you come down from the pulpit -the world is full of random things some call Acts of God.
      As the muslims say Hallal-lujah! and in Shariaspeak: “Pigs might fly with United Airlines but not when the Caliphate comes to America”. Don’t wet the bed.

  • Kenn Daily

    “Look into my eyes and what do you see?” ▼

    • This is your Crapcan speaking

      Twin Coke cans

    • Betty4440

      a dead soul.

    • IslamicShoatsInbreederSquad

      Everything but intelligence.

  • romain reuter

    She should have shut up, and all would have been fine. As for the safety concerns, it is about time that the muzzies acknowledge that it is not buddhists, jews, christians, native americans, zoroastrians, who murder our people. Every full hour 7 non-muslim people die all over the earth, killed by muslims!

    • Fitterjack

      Your just saying that to cheer me up!!!!

  • Pity the Muslim didn’t know that Coke is Kosher, Jewish certified.

    Coca Cola in the United States and Canada
    Coke With Stevia, Coke Plus, C-2, Classic, Vanilla Zero, Coke Zero, Cherry Zero, Cherry Coke, Caffeine Free, Black Cherry Vanilla, Lemon , Lime, Vanilla Coke, VIO (Dairy-Cholov Stam)

    Coca Cola in Mexico
    Original Coke in bottles only

    Why would a Muslim be caught supporting Jews?

    I oppose Halal items because I don’t want to support Muslims.

    Get religion out of our food supplies!

  • joker

    The bottom line is and probably very uncivilized: F,,, the Muslims full stop.

  • atl slayer

    When I heard this story on the radio, I thought it seemed like a poo sandwich,.time always tells the whole story, I like to wait and see if my conclusion was.correct when the final version of the story runs in six months :/

  • wisemanoncesaid

    I could use a new car, maybe I’ll become a Muslim and call McDonalds racist for not providing a country wide Halal menu.

    This could work as a good ad campaign to convert people to Islam. The tag line “NEVER PAY TAXES AGAIN!” would draw (pun not intended) people to Islam.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    “Ebola and the emerging MERS” disease are originating from perverse Islamic-Muslim unsanitary practices, such as drinking Camel’s pee mixed with Camel’s milk, this causes MERS and the Ebola comes from unsanitary pre-burial rites of dead Muslims being washed in un-hygenic ways. thus Islamic practice is now becoming a direct threat also to health.

  • Lacouray Too

    “Tahera Ahmad, a chaplain at Northwestern University…”
    Expected mooslim behaviour. Tahera is a teacher of jeehard.
    Imagine this was a chaplain of any other religion.

    • IslamicShoatsInbreederSquad

      How can she be a chaplain of a religion if she is islamic? They are to backward to have an actual religion yet.

  • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

    Yeah she’s such a devout muslim. Isn’t that a pile of make-up absolutely caked on to her face? Stupid hypocritical bitch… Hey, a new acronym… SHB. Should be used for them all the time.

  • Gabriel A. King

    This is obviously a staged up hoax. Or at the very least, the media got a hold of it and held a field day of BS.
    Iv’e got a better idea… give her an unopened Coke, and then toss the terrorist bitch off the plane into the Atlantic.

  • Peter

    How hygienic is she? Opened can of soda is not clean for her dirty mouth? Go fly Islamic airlines !!!

    • Lacouray Too

      Is that the one where the mooslim pilots fly into buildings?

      • Grandmere

        That’s the one that flies the plane into the ocean.

  • Iplumeria

    So next time I fly United coach class I will ask for an unopened can of Coke and I darn well better get it. I suggest everyone do the same. If we are denied that unopened can of Coke, we have grounds for a discrimination lawsuit. I think a can of worms, or rather Coke, has been opened.

  • CynthiaSpeaks

    Outside of the flight attendant opening the coke can, I don’t believe any of that happened. The woman is lying, or at the very least embellishing. As you said, Pamela, what pilot would even mention white male privilege? No one talks like that, least of all someone who has to be careful surrounding flights and terrorism.

  • Countryflowers

    The attendant should have acted like she tripped and poured it on the woman. No one could prove she didn’t really trip. Or say the Muslim woman tripped her. Hehehe

  • knight

    I am sick and tired of them calling discrimation or what ever to break down laws and walk away with a nice lump sum..

    Send her back to the Middle East.

  • Countryflowers

    Maybe we should start having pig roast all over this country. Have a national pig day.

    • knight

      Be nice with salad. Yum yum.

    • Betty4440

      July the 4 th is on Saturday this year.ooohhhh boooyyy Pig day. all week end. starting on Friday.

  • knight

    They should he have done a cavity search on her to make certain she was not carrying any weapons inside her.

  • knight

    Is she a traitorous convert, she looks Western. Looks like a Muslim whore, passed around.

  • This is your Crapcan speaking

    “Yes We Can!”. No that wasn’t about your own can, darling. Hey how about a Can-Can? Oh right, no dancing allowed especially not that kind – aw go on, show us yer knickers, let your hair down, smile.

  • Pazuzu

    So as not to insult their “superior” asses, maybe they should wear some kind of insignia to make them stand out so we can better respect and recognize them: I’m thinking a yellow crescent moon and star attached to their clothing.

    • Betty4440

      attached to their forehead . glow in the dark would be best.

  • gfmucci

    I for one strongly object to diversity and inclusion for those who want to stay separate, superior, and offensive toward the inclusive.

    • Lela Madera

      Well said!

    • wibbys1

      These 17th century savages actually believe they are superior to all others.

      • deception7

        You mean 7th century?

        • wibbys1

          Good point. No 1 in it! Ancient as in before the age of enlightenment.

  • CynthiaSpeaks

    It figures she is a friend of Barry. But listen, people have lost their homes and loved ones in a Texas flood. Our military family has lost many a brave soldier, not to mention limbs and their psyche, Nepal just suffered two major earthquakes and people are being beheaded by ISIS. AND ALL TAHERA AHMAD CAN BITCH ABOUT IS A COCA-COLA? It’s offensive.

  • wibbys1

    Toss her from the plane?

    • Cate

      At 30,000 feet, preferably.

      • wibbys1

        Why inconvenience the other passengers by having to make an unscheduled landing?

        • Dorrie

          Only 1 would be landing . . .

          • Cate


          • Betty4440

            with a splash. right?

          • Dorrie

            more like a SPLAT!

          • Betty4440

            ooookkkkk your way. I was thinking of the ocean.

          • Dorrie

            That’ll work. The plane she was on wasn’t over water, however. Either way, she should be shoved down the chute.

  • IslamicShoatsInbreederSquad

    Any chance the Attendants may have misunderstood her. Being MooSLUM female she would have had to toss in a few snarkyackbers into her speech.

    Working near the white mosque she may have been asking /demanding a gram of coke and it was lost in translation?

  • Michelle

    Should have told her to not make fuss over nothing and hand her another can and tell her why she’s trying to make a problem using her religion as an excuse to have special treatment over everybody else. She was doing it too make trouble

    • Dorrie

      Exactly. She wanted to be the center of attention!

      • Michelle

        Islam Islam Islam that’s all you ever get to hear from them as an excuse for everything over us we don’t exist just them , them and them, they should fly only on Islam planes in Islam countries and go back to Islamic countries and leave the west it does NOT belong to them. When we visit their countries we have to obey their laws and customs we don’t get to demand what we want because we are Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, or other religion we d get thrown out or arrested so these Muslims should be refused in the same way and obey OUR laws which are good enough for everyone else why should they get away with every little winge !!

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    When it comes to dealing with Muslims, “Just Be Rude!”

  • Maureen Donnelly

    Hay I can’t get a full u open can and I’m arian but I can yell cause I’m white cause I’m? Privladged? I repeat I can not that a fken full un open can and I’m white hello and I’m priviladged I’m better than you get it what I’m saying even though I’m white and I rule the world I’m so scarstic I can’t get an unopend can of soda from a white flight attendant again I’m white and the attendant is white I rule the world I can’t get a fuken can full u open can of soda ok I think you get it

  • cmh

    she’s lucky she did not become more unruly as it would have forced the rest of the passengers to take her down.

  • Rocinante44

    oh for the days when the word “muslim” never appeared in the news….now they’re like dog waste in a city park; everywhere, unavoidable, and they make a mess when you come in contact with them

  • veritas

    yes, usually these types of stories are accompanied by iPhone video from several other passengers, interviewed and film at six ? I don’t believe that it happened at all, but what is wrong with the media not bothering to verify her story in any way ?

  • Bonnie Frebertshauser


    • Bonnie Frebertshauser


  • Dr. Doomsday

    What a load of crap. Talk about contrived nonsense. Oh, but we have to have double sympathy -she is a girl, AND a poor, misunderstood follower of Islam.

    Yeah, my ass..

    BTW – no cell phone videos of this? in this day and age?

    I smell bullcrap!

  • flight attendant

    They should not give people unopened cans because the person opening it might accidently spray the contents on another passenger or on the plane. It’s a common sense safety measure.

  • Sammie Jo

    Oh boo-hoo!
    She thinks she’s being discriminated against? She hasn’t seen discrimination. If I had to sit next to her on any public conveyance, I would get up and leave.

  • Yoni

    You folks need to see the real threat here. While no more than few dozens agreed with Pamela and Robert, social media is swept by supporters of Tahera. What is wrong with our message? My fear is that we are doing exactly what caused the GOP to sink; Disassociate from reality.

  • streekyd

    She is a muslim brotherhood member.

  • crazyottojr

    The truth is you can get a soda if you ask for on most United Flights including Express jet. Typically they open the can and pour some into the plastic cup but not always.. I fly on United every other week. There may be some quirky rule for DC flights. I don’t beleive the F/A ever actually told the passenger the reason. I still don’t believe they refused her an unopened can. This was a set up and more proof they are coming to take this country over.

  • disqus_mo8ewPYVck

    They are learning very quickly, huh? “Use their system against them…” Item #3, FBI Report on Islamic Extremism, 1994.

  • donemyhomework

    The best solution is to evict Muslims from the United States. There’s eventually going to be civil war anyway.

    • Dorrie

      China has just banned their 5x day call to prayer.

      • donemyhomework

        China, Russia, and Japan have more of a handle on Islam than we do. Islam is incomparable with the U.S. The only reason why Muslims hang around is to work toward the advancement of Islam. The take over of the United States.

        • Dorrie

          Islam is incompatible with the U.S. China hasn’t barred Islam, they’ve only banned their call to prayer – huge difference, since China HAS banned Christianity!

          • donemyhomework

            If you’d read the Quran or did research you would know that with Islam it’s our way or death. So in America there is no such thing as co existence. The Muslims will keep pushing until they have their way and they take over and institute Sharia Law. That’s the key, Sharia Law. In Sharia Law there is no freedom. In China, if the Muslims cause problems, the Chinese go in and kill and arrest the problem. And if you are jailed in China and you get sick, they just let you die. According to what I’ve read in the treatment of uprisings. I can’t speak for Christianity and China except what I’ve read and the indication is that China has banned every religion and gone non religious over it’s entire history. So, in China, the issue of religion is and always has been in a state of flux.

          • Dorrie

            One small correction. Sharia is Arabic for “law” so to say “Sharia Law” is redundant.

            I didn’t disagree with you, but you do need to brush up on a few things ;-)

          • donemyhomework

            Sharia, or sharia law, is the Islamic legal system[1] derived from commands in the basic texts of Islam, the Quran and Hadith.

            The term sharia (/ʃɑːˈriːɑː/;[2] also shari’a, šarīʿah) comes from the Arabic language term sharīʿah, Arabic: شريعة‎ (IPA: [ʃaˈriːʕa]) which means a body of moral and religious law derived from religious prophecy, as opposed to human legislation.[2][3][4]
            Therefore the Arabic term (unlike the English term derived from it)
            does not necessarily refer to the laws of Islam, and may for example
            refer to Jewish Talmudic law.

            Scholars describe the word sharia as an archaic Arabic word denoting “pathway to be followed” (analogous to the Hebrew term Halakhah [“The Way to Go”]),[17][18] or “path to the water hole”.[19] The latter definition comes from the fact that the path to water is the whole way of life in an arid desert environment.[20]

            The etymology of sharia as a “path” or “way” comes from the Quranic verse[Quran 45:18]: “Then we put thee on the (right) Way of religion so follow thou that (Way), and follow not the desires of those who know not.”[18] Malik Ghulam Farid in his Dictionary of the Holy Quran, believes the “Way” in 45:18 (quoted above) derives from shara’a (as prf. 3rd. p.m. sing.), meaning “He ordained”. Other forms also appear: shara’u[Quran 45:13] as (prf. 3rd. p.m. plu.), “they decreed (a law)”[Quran 42:21]; and shir’atun (n.) meaning “spiritual law”[Quran 5:48].[21]
            In the end I agree with you, it does appear to be a redundancy. Probably a bad habit picked up by most everything I’ve read. Thank you.

  • Rob Porter

    What a vile ideology! What vile people it produces by the train load, and what a vile president to align himself with such dregs of humanity – liars, deceivers, people of low moral character and worthless dregs of the world. I’ve never hated people for their differences, but after seeing some of the terrible things happening to Christians and others at the hands of Muslims, my contempt for them as a group grows and no longer do I look upon individuals I see as innocent of complicity in Islamic efforts to impose themselves and enforce their supremacism.

  • Juanita

    These folks are good for trying to create issues where there are none and then embellishing the story to the point of falsehood.

    Being quite familiar with airline policies, I KNOW that no flight attendant would have displayed the rudeness claimed here.

    They just love to play victim and will continue to do so as long as the response is the alleged prepetrator prostrating him, her, or itself in abject apology before the alleged victm.

    The next time the complaint will be that the flight attendant discriminated when she handed everyone else an opened can but gave a Muslim an unopened one.

  • IronMaiden

    Thanks to a comment on Robert Spencer’s site I found this image.

    Compare the two individuals. Brave Ayaan, who loves liberty and freedom, even if it costs her her life VS this despicable, hooded victim bleating over a can of diet coke?

    This same pathetic creature promoted a boycott of Ayaan by retweeting a call that she not be honored at Brandeis.

    If only our government officials could figure it out….sigh….

  • tarandfeatherthecrooks

    It was a set-up. How many actors were involved? From the WH down…I see acting, coaching and follow up. If that Muslim woman wore that much make-up on the streets of Iran she would be whipped and chained.

    • Demsci

      aaahhh, you are just in denial of the obvious, conjuring up some conspiracy-theory for which you haven’t a shred of proof, just to keep your precious faith. Because you probably don’t know of any viable, safe, better alternative to Islam.

      Oh, how I wish you could find some better alternative for Islam, for you Muslims to live still a meaningful and loving life, WITHOUT this stupid religion Islam.

  • Kim Hansgen Granger

    We need to stop kissing a$& and start kicking it. And I mean that verbally. SPEAK UP. Quite frankly, I’m tired of these people saying their feelings are hurt. Then go back to where they follow all your screwed up ideals. STOP TRYING TO CHANGE THE GREAT EXPERIMENT THAT IS AMERICA. WE HAVE A CONSTITUTION, we have laws. You don’t get to be treated BETTER because you want to overthrow our form of governance for yours…. You should be treated as what you are… INFILTRATING TRAITORS WHO DONT CARE ABOUT AMERICA OR OUR CULTURE. Well forget it, babe… I’ve lived 55 glorious years in this amazing country. Not perfect, of course…. But FAR BETTER than living under SHARIA. At 52 I wore a bikini on a beautiful day. I can feel the air blow through my hair, without a scarf on it, I can thank men and women who have fought to keep these freedoms, we have the right to BEAR ARMS AND TO ” bare” arms. We women can work and converse with a man we see, and not be stoned. We are not held back by anything except our fear.
    Do yourself a favor, free yourself…. If you don’t want to meld into America like other generations have, then ….. Shut up. Or leave. See… You have choices.

    PS. Last time I flew they forgot to give me pretzels. Gosh , how discriminating.

  • Kim Hansgen Granger

    If she got a full can, isn’t it discrimination to not give everyone else one too??
    I’m a Christian…. Oh, never mind. I have no right to anything in her eyes.SHE felt threatened?? Eye roll ….

  • TJStokes

    I love the policy. Personally I think they should cover every seat with pig skin. Then lets see how many terrorists will want to blow themselves up in it.

  • TJStokes

    Muslims that bark about discrimination are pathetic. In a muslim country, a single Jew living in their midsts is a reason for outrage and demands of decapitation. They ban all non-muslims from Saudi Arabian cities. They tolerate no one. But they are the first in the line of hypocrits to demand the equal treatment that they themselves exend to no one else.

  • unkontrollableurge

    everything that we endure on aircraft has to do with these these people. her claims are absurd. and there’s not one corroborating with her narrative, they simply apologized to her as a customer for the fact that she was unhappy. you never get a whole can of soda they pour you a cup everyone gets poured a cup. a beer is a different matter a beer is served as an entire beverage people don’t share beers they’re not pour it over ice they’re not mixed into drinks. we could save a lot of hassle but just banning Muslims all together from Air flight. we wouldn’t need the TSA we wouldn’t need to go through any of the scrutiny nobody would take off their shoes because the province of terrorism is entirely Muslim. there was a carbon copy of this lady in New York several months ago that claimed a homeless alcoholic threaten to behead her and was speaking in Arabic which is also absurd and that was exposed as a hoax. And this is the day here where the author of this blog was nearly killed by a knife wielding maniac and another member of CAIR was caught in a pedophile sting, yet this is what is reported in the mainstream media and makes it to the likes of The Daily Show where can brainwash young stupid people.

  • unkontrollableurge

    Geller, in a short amount of time you become one of the most important people in the country waging a battle in the media that few of us can do without the kind of visibility that the mainstream media has. your debate today on CNN was brilliant, you really handed that Erin Burnett a stunning loss on her own program, what a tool she is. take care Pamela, get all the security that you need I’m going to find out where I can send you a few duckets you really deserve it keep up the good work

  • Joe
  • IslamicShoatsInbreederSquad

    Working for Barry S & co. she was most likely after a gram of coke but the idea of flying on a huge pornographic pigeon had her too excited and breathless.

  • Varenik

    “Ahmad said the same flight attendant then served an unopened can of beer to another passenger” ?

    • Dorrie

      Beer isn’t served over ice, thus they hand the entire can to the passenger. Soda is served over ice, stretching the amount of servings per can. It is MOST airline’s policy to not give an unopened can of soda to passengers. If you scroll WAY down, you’ll see this has been discussed previously.

  • Varenik

    Phoenix anti-muslim protesters find peace with islam after being invited into mosque http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/31175-phoenix-anti-muslim-protesters-find-peace-with-islam-after-being-invited-into-mosque

  • DVult

    There are minor altercations between strangers everyday, As long as the interaction is verbal than normal people put up with it. Last year I went through airport screening and complained to the screener that they were not looking for Irish Catholics such as myself (partly Irish descent) so why bother me over my oversized tube of toothpaste and extra shampoo samples I had been collecting for my wife and daughters. He made some crack about my accent we had a few laughs and proceeded. There was no question of discrimination of filing any sort of complaint. The least cooperative and most unfriendly passengers are invariably puslums who are in fact the reason for the extra screening. Of course other passengers seeing them act up would have the urge to tell them to f off and shut up and they deserve it. There is nothing too trivial for these dummies to complain about. As an aside, I also invariably get picked for the puffer. When I explained that my unfortunate problem with flatulence might foul their equipment and the results they didn’t seem amused for some reason.

  • DVult

    If your going to get vilified then fired for not epening a coke then why not just go full reverse-jihadi and cut her head off? If she did it with the coke can so much the better as that would prove it could be weaponized.

  • bigbaddave

    Wow most people on here are are so ignorant. That can of soda thing has nothing to do with her being Muslim. There’s nothing in Islam that would require that, it was just her personal germ phobia.

    • Dorrie

      That is your opinion, but your opinion doesn’t mean “most people on here are so ignorant.” It just means you’ve stated your opinion and you don’t know if the woman has a “germ phobia”, it’s just your opinion. LOL!!

  • bob

    All muslim pigs are cowards.

    • Dorrie

      Yeah … I said that on Facebook and got reprimanded and my comment deleted . . .

  • Varenik

    People, you are such a sesspool. Dregs of humanity, as much as I hate using the word humanity in this context…

  • Favered

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  • IslamicShoatsInbreederSquad

    If not only the flight attendant but a fellow passenger on the same plane felt she could use the unopened can for a weapon and she was so adamant that she be given an unopened can perhaps the other people were justified in their fear and the attendant only tried to protect the other more important lives on the plane? Mosluums and planes have a bit of a bad reputation so better to be cautious around any of them when confined ,flying spaces are involved. always better to Err on the side of caution . At least it is now only conjecture that the gram of coke was able to be a weapon and no longer a point so let it rest.

  • Abbas

    You fools have no face value not even of a pile of shit unless you force your government to break ties with all terrorism funding countries like saudi arab, qatar, turkey, bahrain. You dick suckers can’t do that because you know if you try to do that your own government will obliterate you all pigs. So till then keep bashing muslims online and keep shitting your pants offline.

  • Abbas

    Keep whining pussies.

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