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[ July 21, 2017 ]

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“Philadelphia Mom” charged with plot to join the Islamic State


First it was “New York women,” and now it’s a “Philadelphia mom.” The enemedia goes into overdrive to obscure the reality: Muslim women, and Muslim men, are waging jihad against the United States from within our borders, and trying to join the Islamic State.


“Keonna Thomas, Philadelphia Mom, Charged With Plan to Join ISIS,” by Pete Williams and Tracy Connor, NBC News, April 3, 2015

A Philadelphia mom has been charged with planning to go overseas to join ISIS and martyr herself — going so far as to buy plane tickets.

“That would be amazing… A girl can only wish,” Keonna Thomas allegedly told an ISIS fighter in Syria who asked over the Internet if she would be involved in a suicide mission.

“I can make that wish come true,” the unnamed fighter allegedly replied.

The government says Thomas, 30, researched travel routes to Turkey and bought a plane tickets in late March.

Thomas, who also went by the nickname YoungLioness, allegedly posted support for ISIS on Twitter, writing, “If we truly knew the realities … we all would be rushing to join our brothers in the front lines pray ALLAH accept us as shuhada [martyrs].”

Court documents say that after applying for a passport, she told a friend that she would deactivate her Twitter account “till i leave for sham [greater Syria] … don’t want to draw attention of the kuffar [non-believers].”

In one exchange of messages with the overseas ISIS fighter, he talked about how he would shoot or behead his wife if she turned out to be a spy and betrayed him.

“Cutting head is more personal,” Thomas responded, according to the criminal complaint.

Thomas’ relatives, reached by phone, declined to comment. Neighbors told NBC Philadelphia she lived with her two children and grandmother in a house where American flags dotted the awning.

She was held without bail after a brief court appearance on Friday afternoon and is due back in court next week.

Her arrest comes two days after two Queens women were accused of plotting to plant bombs in the United States on behalf of Al Qaeda….

  • EJO

    I think this woman, and her New York counterparts are insane. That I believe is the only explanation for this way of thinking. Insanity is a prerequisite for joining ISIS. Or any terror group for that matter.
    And then there is this:

    Sweet, innocent little children. Hands up. Don’t shoot.

    After heartbreaking picture of four-year-old Syrian girl ‘surrendering’ to photographer, Red Cross worker shares image of SECOND youngster putting her hands up because she thought camera was gun

    * Crying Syrian girl was photographed in Jordanian refugee camp in November

    * She threw her hands up in the air and began crying when she saw his camera

    * Cameraman broke into tears when he reviewed the heart-breaking image later

    * Follows iconic image of another girl who surrendered to cameraman in Syria

    * Thousands of children have fled embattled country to seek refuge in Jordan

    * Conflict charity claims their experiences cause terror-inducing flashbacks

    By Jay Akbar For Mailonline / Published: 10:43 EST, 3 April 2015 / Updated: 02:49 EST, 4 April 2015

    Read more:

    • Pray Hard

      They’re just losers, some are insane, others become insane. Show no mercy.

  • AIG

    Is that a woman or a fire hydrant?

    • harbidoll

      don’t walk your dog near

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  • How is she allowed to have her face covered in a US court ?
    Talk about accommodating the muslims.
    This is in a USA court of law …right?

    • Tatonka

      Garbage is best kept in the bag

      • ar109546

        I agree, please return to your dumpster

      • milt w

        True but why cant it be a clear bag?

        • Tatonka

          To keep people from puking

    • Betty4440

      they say it is for religious reasons. but then again they do lie.any judge lets this happen in his court room should loose his seat as a judge. vote him out. we are not allowed to cover our faces. it would indicate we are up to no good. like robbing a bank or store or even going to kill some one. so why are they allowed a free pass on this? it needs to be band in AMERICA.

  • harbidoll

    there might come a point when muslims will become very upset over all the “bad press”. Then we might have a Real problem in the US.

    • HappyHuntress

      We already have a “real problem” as many Muslims adhere to Sharia Law. They don’t come to America to enjoy freedom of religion, but to enforce their beliefs and Islamic laws on everyone else… or kill the infidels.

    • Pray Hard

      Fair sarcasm.

    • No Quarter

      harbidoll. Guess what? We already have a problem and have for quite some time. The more that end up in one place the worse it gets for everyone else and our government is importing them. The more press the better because it helps people wake up to this threat.

  • Lords50000

    You don’t have to be joining the Islamic state to be a enemy of America. What about those Muslims who hate the West but pretend to be ‘good citizens’ and undermine society from within?

    Veteran Loon Watch member is a Jew hating Jiihad sympathiser is DrM who blogs as DrMaxtor and whose real identity is said to be Dr Rushdi Cader, of Umma Clinic who was deported from Israel Muslim activist and founder of the UMMA clinic Dr Rushdie Cader

    Dr Rushdie Cader is the founder of a Muslim clinic in California and he teaches police in self defence

    He is heavily active in online anonymous Jew and Israel bashing. He has a nazi like blog
    promoting typical Muslim conspiracies centered around Jews and Israel.
    Since joining Loon Watch DrM has not updated his own blog. He now posts
    regularly at Loon Watch.

    DrM has been cited approvingly at many Islamic and anti-semitic sites including

  • mezcukor

    We should ban the burka.

    • milt w

      Get right to the heart of the problem –Ban Islam as a terrorist organization which it has proven to be so many different times.

  • Pray Hard

    Rip that f’ing burqua off of her face!

  • Michelle

    Jail her ass to Kingdom come looks like another convert by the name yet again brains in the feet

  • Barb_R

    I can’t believe the judge tolerated her niqab.

  • QuM3

    Why not let her leave,, why not let them all leave.. If they go to jail here we have to pay for them, if they go to Syria to fight its more then likely we will kill them there.

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