Denmark: Muslims who whipped woman in face with iron chains laugh in court


This sounds eerily like the Muslim students who laughed during my talk last night when I was describing Islamic State atrocities.

And worse still, Obama is bringing hundreds of thousands of these hostile invaders from jihad nations to our shores.

“Denmark: Muslims who whipped woman in face with iron chains laugh in court”, (thanks to Jihad Watch)

More descriptions of the attack here. The attackers are “second generation immigrants” (a ‘Danish euphemism for Muslims) – several of them Somalis.

Translated from EB:

According to the indictment, the assault began at approximately 00.10 at Vesterbro in Copenhagen on Christmas night, as Mads Schøllhammer received a major blow to the head with a glass bottle that shattered.

Then he received several blows to the head with a chain lock and wire lock, and the accused gave him “countless” punches and kicks to the head and body. Mads Schøllhammer fell down, but the defendants continued to beat him in the head and body with fists and the chain lock, and they kicked him in the body and head.

Then the four youths pushed Nanna Skovmand to the ground and beat her “several” times in the head with the chain lock.

Translated from EB:

There were both laughing and high fives when a group of young men today sat in the court, accused of a serious assault on Nanna Skovmand and Mads Schøllhammer on Christmas night.

A few times during the reading of the indictment, the defendants broke out in laughter – partly when the details of the attack were read. …

According to 23-year-old Nanna Skovmand, the four defendants started the attack by beating her boyfriend as they were walking in Vesterbro at Christmas night.

As she tried to interrupt the attack, the group went berserk at her and struck with both chains and wire locks. She was also knocked down and kicked.



  • Eve Baldwin

    let more in, diversity is grand, it is our greatest strength. These reports are coming in on a daily basis now from western europe. It it too late to change this I’m afraid, demography is destiny and cultural marxism will only hasten the demise of the west.

  • edward

    Top them all.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Here, here.

  • thomashenryjr

    Just shoot the monsters Publicly

    • L Miller

      Most of the European countries probably have banned guns. US needs to make sure we can continue to own guns. I am thinking I beard that in England even the police can’t have guns-ridiculous! Liberalism ruins everything. The evil ones, of course, will use whatever they can and if they outnumber you the only protection could be a firearm. They have been raised as animals, so they live as animals. Imagine, they believe their false god wants this. The reason they do not fear death as a martyr is because they believe jihad and martyr’s death is the only way they can know for sure they get to go to heaven. They will be surprised at the hell they will be sent to for eternity. They are filled with the lies and the heart of Satan. Pure evil.

      • conan_drum

        Yes you chump and the Muslims can own guns as well! If you own a brain use it, People in USA are getting killed daily even toddlers

        • Covadonga

          The scary part is that Muslims in places like Britain and Australia have guns.

          Criminals – especially those with international connections, such as Muslims – have guns in every society.

          The gun laws only apply to the law abiding.

          With the decent civilians and many of the police disarmed, and with many police ordered by their political masters to side with the scum against the victims, what chance do decent citizens have?

        • David M Pipkin

          wtf are you talking about I think my IQ dropped reading your post are you anti gun if so then dont ever call a cop as he will show up with a gun and I hope you are the first one they shoot I hate gun grabbers

          • buckobond


        • sandra schmidt

          You missed a turn. The gun grabbing, baby killing, islamofascist loving Dems are over at HuffPo.

        • buckobond


        • palintologist

          We have one of, if not THE, lowest death rates attributable to guns in the world.

      • Jurg Bangerter

        The European country with the least crime=Switzerland has the most guns and assault rifles and this traditionally since at least the napoleonic wars.Also Muslims are born cowards and they fear death as much as anybody else, only real cowards have a tradition of wife-beating such as the Arabs always had. Israel beat all t^he Arab nations in many wars and hills of shoes left behind told the tale of the courageous Muslim…lol:

        • dsd

          Muslims are cowards, but they are Biblically brutal with overwhelming numbers. Never saw a Muslim with a fair fight. And Europeans, especially Anglos, are too individualistic; we always fight alone. We are easy prey to the large clan structures of the mid-east.

          • Jurg Bangerter

            Muslim Obama is noow pushing all Christian nations= North-America, Europe and ussia into a war which only benefits muslims, he sees himself as the Mahdi, the unifier of Islam and he has given US citizens so many signs being a Muslim still the Leftists and Media chose to ignore.

      • ds

        Americans are like Elmer Fud, all talk, total inaction with guns. Why I don’t have an opinion on the gun issues. The gun people need to get together, read some books, and use political action to get what they want. Guns are just fantasies. I can’t even loiter in public without getting approached by police.

  • Rich Jerk

    Send the fuckers to China and let them torture them

    • Allan Dudley

      you send them to china .. the Chinese will send them back as back bacon or fried chicken for you to have for breaky ..

      • Budvarakbar

        You two need to learn some more geography and the distribution of Islam — the western half of China IS Muslim!

  • Nanaknows2

    Round them up and deport them – they will never be civilized

    • David M Pipkin

      round them up and kill them only way to be sure

  • crusader2010

    If that happen to someone in my family There would be dead Muslims all over town, I’d sponsor shoot a bur-qua month.

    • David M Pipkin

      hell yes

    • Eric Siverson

      It did happen to my family only the criminals were Baptists

      • Up Huff

        Talk big, but show the proof.

      • kktex12

        Show proof. Otherwise stick it where the sun does not shine.

      • LimeyAL

        yeah sure, you gotta watch out for those Baptists LOL …. do I detect a liberal.

        • ds

          I’d like to differentiate between Old Left (Enlightenment, Socialism, etc.) and New Left (PC, sellout to the bankers). There is nothing in our Western Left tradition that says we should denigrate Western culture and give all up to an intolerant, scheming foreign bloc of people.
          I do not view New Left as part of our Western tradition…

    • Budvarakbar

      You may have to include some slimeball poiticians and bleedingheart dipsh-t liberals in the target list

  • Barbara

    Taste of their own behavior- stone them to death while their parents watch.

    • palintologist

      Their inbreeding has reached such levels that even something this horrific would fail to make a dent on them.

    • Budvarakbar

      waste of energy – a few ounces of gasoline of the private parts – a match and a recyclable rope should cover it

  • Jim McCormack

    Goodbye Europe. Your suicide pact with cowardly PC has destroyed you and you don’t even know it . Pathetic.

    • NewCrusader

      You know what they say about taking a viper to your bosom, then being surprised when it bites the s*** out of you. That’s what Europe has done…..and now the US is following suit.

      • Madame_deFarge

        Not the U.S. Just Obama, Jarrett minions. They are not patriots.

        • Marvin2514

          Blame too the so called Christian churches who are taking huge sums of money to settle these monsters.

          • walt

            Totally agree. The “lighted signs” in front of churches should have scripture (instead of wise sayings or silly little puns) and reminders to the “lost world” of the horrific slaughter of thier fellow brothers and sisters in Christ…such cowards

      • james

        You stupid or something? USA funded Hitter before he really started taking over Europe otherwise he wouldn’t of being able to put the world into a massive all out war. Also made money from other countries such as GB, and left everyone else to die, kill etc. US only joined the war cos of Japan. Another thing Most of the American people are from GB, Russia, and Europe so don’t act like your not related to anyone in Europe. Basically your the same. These days far worse, than over the past what 50 years.Britain is part of Europe so your calling us cowards? Funny throughout history British have shown more honour etc. in a single toe than you’ve got in your entire well being. Do your country a real favour and get rid of that Obama once and for all.

        Getting back to the matter of what has happened to this woman, there is no bloody excuse for it. If i insult their so called prophet someone will die or be harmed, all cos they’re too much of a coward to face a real man. Another thing you know what they say, “evil spreads while good people do nothing”. Does get me in their religion you can insult God the maker of all things but not Mohammed. So he’s more important and far more worthy than God in their eyes?

        IF their religion is about peace then lets all see this real peace, and none of this cruel evil crap. Otherwise lets be rid of them.

        • NewCrusader

          You misinterpreted what I was saying James. I am not proud of how my country is handling (that is, not handling) the problem. I fear for all of western civilization because the stated goal of radical Islam is to destroy it. I am praying that things don’t escalate out of control before Obama leaves office in a year and a half and that we vote in someone with some sense. I am proud of my European ancestry, by the way; Irish, Scotch, and French. And… I would consider myself to be at least somewhat more intelligent than “stupid or something” :)

          • james

            Okay but you know Obama has almost put US into nuclear war start of his administration and is doing things in the middle east for the sake of oil. Countries should change the way they allow Islamics into their country. A more suitable method is needed to help reduce the radicals, and ofc you know its in their faith to kill those who insult Mohammed right? But not if they insult God. Also country leaders shouldn’t be suppressing what the public says as they’re in fact surprising the voice of the people. This is completely wrong and they should be taking steps to take away the threat instead of welcoming it with open arms by having them living next door to us.

      • dsd

        This is bigger than any one leader or country. first anglo saxon countries, now all European countries are being purposefully invaded by foreigners to the point of annihilation.
        There is something stronger than just big business labor policies are pansi New Left professors/Hollywood here.

    • Paul Rohe

      And the US is doing exactly the same !!! Your country is heading towards a dictatorship just like Europe.

      • J Ian

        Actually, European countries are a Parliamentary Democracy and the United States is a Constitutional Democracy. Considering the separation of powers in both types of Governments, it is unlikely that a Dictatorship would be implemented in either form of Government

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          LOL, what was Germany in the 1930’s again sunschein?

        • palintologist

          The U.S. is a Representative Republic.

          • J Ian

            True. Bound by a Document called “The Constitution of the United States of America” which clearly states the terms and provisions

          • I don’t think Obama or Jarrett believe that.

        • Steven Kring

          Shit we have a dictator in white house. Either he lies to get bills passed or just uses his pen to bypass the people that the government is suppose to serve.

      • Steven Kring

        Your ridge and the liberal teachers are winning, but what are they winning. Total destruction of a civilized country. Wake up the silent majority!

    • jon wright

      I wont shed a single tear for the EU and South Africa (Of dark Africa) May they suffer the ancient plagues of Egypt and suffer the wrath of Satan’s children,Islam (The unter menschen)

      • Steven Kring

        But with this government that the idiots voted in we are headed that way. When I say the idiots. I mean the assholes that set back and don’t vote. WAKE THE HELL UP. THE DEVIL IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE

  • Michael Gigi

    These son-of-a-bitch Europeans are getting what they deserve.
    They killed all there Jews and let in these monsters. Mazel Tov

    • Gene Ellefson

      Apparently you don’t know history and you are quite ignorant….

      • CJP

        Yes, the Danish nation as a whole, banded together and saved all of their Jews. When the Jews had to wear gold stars, ALL the Danes wore them, even the King. Then they all worked together to hide the Jews and smuggle them safely out of Denmark. You are racism personified, and I’ll bet you are first to shout “racism” when someone does not like your barbarity.

        • Ari

          Back in the Day the Danes were more mindful of morals… The David Star story has been stretched a bit, but I still like it. The Nazis were threatening and the king of Denmark took certain action. But in general the multicultural “experiment” has been an EPIC FAIL

        • Jurg Bangerter

          All European Life Died In Auschwitz

          I walked down the street in
          Barcelona, and suddenly discovered a terrible truth – Europe died in Auschwitz.
          We killed six million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims.

          In Auschwitz we burned a
          culture, thought, creativity, talent. We destroyed the chosen people, truly
          chosen, because they produced great and wonderful people who changed the world.
          The contribution of this people is felt in all areas of life: science, art,
          international trade, and above all, as the conscience of the world. These are
          the people we burned.

          And under the pretence of
          tolerance, and because we wanted to prove to ourselves that we were cured of
          the disease of racism, we opened our gates to 20 million Muslims, who brought
          us stupidity and ignorance, religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime
          and poverty due to an unwillingness to work and support their families with

          They have turned our
          beautiful Spanish cities into the third world, drowning in filth and crime.
          Shut up in the apartments they receive free from the government, they plan the
          murder and destruction of their naïve hosts. And thus, in our misery, we have
          exchanged culture for fanatical hatred, creative skill for destructive skill,
          intelligence for backwardness and superstition.

          We have exchanged the
          pursuit of peace of the Jews of Europe and their talent for hoping for a better
          future for their children, their determined clinging to life because life is
          holy, for those who pursue death, for people consumed by the desire for death
          for themselves and others, for our children and theirs.

          What a terrible mistake was
          made by miserable Europe.

        • Jurg Bangerter

          Same as the Dutch? its a myth, Danes and Dutch collaborated as much as the French with the Nazis and delivered Jews to Auschwitz.Danes were part of Waffen SS Wiking.

          • jon wright

            Yes the French are amongst the Garbage of Europe. They want the Jews to stay as they can hide behind them while Satan’s detritus destroy the place. Some of Europes worst people.

    • sandra schmidt

      I have to say, I find most of the French very rude. Hope they like their new masters better than the last ones. The US won’t be riding in on a white horse this time.

      • David M Pipkin

        I agree wiht you on the french we need to let them be and let the muslims do what hitler did take over france screw the french bunch of snail eating sissys

      • Jurg Bangerter

        Cheasapike Bay, where the French defeated the English fleet and made US revolution a success after George Washington had lost all battles.

        • palintologist

          France ain’t what it used to be.

          • Jurg Bangerter

            says a person who’s country went into cerebral shock after 9/11…compared that France lost a milion civilians during WW2 including D-Day

        • Budvarakbar

          That was BEFORE the French revolution Bunkie — get your dates straightened out – Chesapeake Bay was in 1781 – French Revolution started in 1789 —

          • Jurg Bangerter

            More Stupid then you you die, US revolution when French Navy shot British navy into shambles and made Cornwallis surrender.

  • 426 HemiCuda
    • Carolyn Edwards

      Good job K-9 Officer,and your partner!I am right along with you on this!Love your post.I breed GSD for K-9,military.Love it when they take a bite out of crime!Wish you were there with your dog,when they were laughing!!

      • farflung


    • JacksonPearson

      Yep, F**K Islam….:

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    • sandra schmidt


    • Henry Hawk

      like the name

  • Logan Hartanian

    But will Denmark, be able to punish these men, in a way that makes them perceive they are being punished? It may be that Denmark was too civilized a country, for some of the filth they let emigrate into their borders. And clearly the filth, passed into the second generation. How does a country look beyond race, to find barbarism, and turn it away?

    • cmh

      This is why islam is so perfect evil….they desire punishment and martyrdom, it is the basic tenet of the faith.

    • David M Pipkin

      cover them in pigs blood befor you kill them they wont get to haven

  • Rocinante44

    does anyone know of an English-speaking country that hasn’t lost its mind that I can emigrate to? the US is already done and just don’t know it

    • Jean Robertson

      .I agree. where to, I don’t know

    • sandra schmidt

      New Zealand.

      • palintologist

        They agreed to get rid of their nukes long ago and are socialist, if that matters to you.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        The musswein will roll New Zealand up like an old carpet.

      • wq

        NZ is one of those backwaters that sells its citizenship to foreigners because, a la Thatcher, business people create jobs.
        No, people with money invest when there is a market and demand for business.
        Small business in NZ is almost exclusively a Muslim, Chinese affair, making money off the worker NZ suckers. Wait to go Neoliberalism.

    • David M Pipkin

      dude I am thinking of going to Israel at least they dont put up with muslim shit

  • truth seeker

    Poor girl, she was lucky to get out of this alive. The laws against assaults are there, they are NOT being enforced = chaos and lawlessness AND many, many attacks, violent gang rapes on girls and on women. THE END OF CIVIL SOCIETY. In the US, 250,000 from Syria, no questions asked, this year alone. With family reunification, translate to a couple of million? Settling these folks in specific cities. This is serious.

  • Larry Nutter

    Muslims need to be expelled from Europe or all Europeans will wind up needing sanctuary in America because they can’t live in their own country. Muslims will take over Europe if allowed. We need to expel them from America as well.

    • sandra schmidt

      A unfortunate last name, but I agree with you.

    • Eric Siverson

      We can’t take in more Europeans . We want more Muslims for more diversity .

      • Larry Nutter

        I recognize good sarcasm when I see it, good job!

    • jon wright

      Boy U dont want those shit europeans here,they will use the americans as slaves. Dont even think of something like that.They will bring their class and status system with them.

  • Allan Dudley

    what they are orchestrating is something more sinister than meets every ones eye .. this is just the beginning..of the end.

  • Mike E. Cooney

    Find them and kill them all…problem solved.Blame your socialist lazy, politicians desiring cheap labor from devils .

    • Derrick

      No. None of these immigrants work. The younger ones go to school and college to take over later. A large percentage of Moslems and Latino gangsters and criminals are here to kill Americans: Christian, Jew, any skin color. It’s to give power to the Caliphate which will be shared by Turkey and Iran.

      • Pat H.

        Not sure why the comment before Derrick was deleted. The person was making the point that th elites want cheap labor–therefore immigration. But what to do with that pesky middle class ( that makes America, or made America great)? Get rid of them. When you reduce people to “resource/production assets,” this is the result–and getting rid of people has been practiced by government people for centuries. The history of war and politics is rife with it. I agree that these bums the welfare parasites don’t work, though. But the imports will be easier to control than a lot of Americans if this is the reason..

      • KD Elkins Gaur

        I would feel more safe having our neighbors from the south, legal or not, living here any day. Most ‘Latinos’ are our fellow Christians, our brothers and sisters in Christ. There won’t be any jihad from them except to defend, not aid. If the misguided jihad thinking muslims dare and try anything here like they have in their own lands, Latinos will fight by our side to defend their faith, their families and their fellow Christians. They also wouldn’t want the muslims to invade their nation either, which would be next on the list.

  • Bill30097

    This makes me laugh:

    • Awesome pic!!!

    • yvehc_telorvehc

      should’ve been a pig

      • JacksonPearson

        You mean something like this:

        • sandra schmidt

          Love your flag.

        • Betty4440

          you forgot rape.

      • Betty4440

        they hate dogs to.

    • sandra schmidt

      Give that dog a bone!

      • LL

        bone ……….??? BEEF !!

        • Budvarakbar

          No! — Pork!

    • Betty4440

      hahahahhahhahahhathis should really happen.

  • Wrap them in pig skins and burn them alive… See if they laugh then. Sounds just!!!

  • 426 HemiCuda
  • chuck_2012

    Danes are too stupid or afraid to put these people away. Say goodbye to denmark, sweden and finland.

    • Budvarakbar

      Speak for us Americans — too dam stupidand PC chickensh-t to hang the Ft Hood shooter —

  • Jean Robertson

    ‘Alll the countries of the West, trashed natural law and Judeo.Christian Western Civilization over the last 45 years, while pushing in millions of this kind of “immigrant” into all the western countries. Smart, don’t you think? sarc And the West won’t quit, they are still being brought in by the boatloads, planeloads…. what a successful operation of co-operating with savages to get rid of Christianity, white people, once and for all. Congratulations.

  • slicerdicer

    Where’s the fathers and brothers of these ladies? Are there not any real men in these countries that will not tolerate this abuse of their women?

  • Lela Madera

    They are so brave, like dogs attacking a rabbit. If you think this is bad, you should see how they treat animals. Worse than barbaric.

    • handgunnar

      And they treat their women even worse than their animals. Easy to see why Obastard and the Democrats like them so much. They share the same (dis)regard for women.

    • mjazzguitar

      I will never eat anything with a halal certification for that reason.

  • petemobtv

    Gotta get a gund.

  • Lisa Miller

    Where will this end? Even our Congress, as much as they dislike Obama, are sitting on the asses and not doing anything to impeach this hidden jihadist and moron. He is deliberate on his attacks of the US and keeps inviting the diseased sources of jihad to enter our country. I know that Americans will not let happen to the US what the Europeans have allowed in their countries. These radicals are really messed up (that the nice way of saying it!) and Obama is their biggest supporter. this woman and see how irrelevant human beings are to them. Laughing? they are true piles of manure.

    • Budvarakbar

      First — the jihadists are NOT messed up – they are following the dictated ‘sacraments’ in their putrid Ko-rap book — fullfiling their obligations!
      Second: The Congress is fully in with this crap – they just confirmed Lynch!
      With the current revelations against the klintoon crime family and the obie cabinet members – I’d be willing to bet that the bastards sucked crying juannie and MuckChannel and MuckStain and Ms Lindsay in on this deal — gonna be a fun playout over the next few weeks – get the popcorn and beer ready!

  • Carolyn Edwards

    They should be history as we speak!But we have spineless,boot licker for Prez!

    • sandra schmidt

      He is one of them.

  • Bilbo

    Time for The Fifth Crusade.

  • mjazzguitar

    American refugee companies import somali muhammadans using our tax dollars and get paid well for it:
    Somali crimes in the US:

  • Carlo Martell

    IF THE GO SOFT ON THESE BASTARDS SCUMBAGS THEN THEY DESERVE WHAT THEY GET. NOTHING LESS THAN 10-20 years HARD LABOR for such brutality and their behavior or lack of remorse in court. They should be SHOT ! DENMARK GET SOME GONADS PLEASE !!! GET BACK YOUR VIKING SELVES- YOU NEED HUGE POSSE’s of people to clean house and level the mosques and runt hem out of the country . . no other way ! THESE CRIMINALS ARE TO BE HUNTED !

  • Hans

    One problem here i see in the future is if the police don’t get on top of this the public will take matters into there own hands – but at the end of the day there are many problems as to why this can happen and the high five in court is sickening.

    • Budvarakbar

      self deleted message

  • Carlo Martell

    IF THE GO SOFT ON THESE BASTARDS SCUMBAGS THEN THEY DESERVE WHAT THEY GET. NOTHING LESS THAN 10-20 years HARD LABOR for such brutality and their behavior or lack of remorse in court. They should be SHOT ! DENMARK GET SOME GONADS PLEASE !!! GET BACK YOUR VIKING SELVES- YOU NEED HUGE POSSE’s of people to clean house and level the mosques and run them out of the country no other way ! THESE CRIMINALS ARE TO BE HUNTED !

  • conan_drum

    Silly woman she does not know her place, Women should never interfere in what men are doing! I hope these cowardly thugs get really heavy sentences. I expect it will be probation and community service!

    • KD Elkins Gaur

      You’re an idiot! Has nothing to do with being a woman or man, but everything to do with being HUMAN!

  • IslamIsFascism

    Denmark’s present, our future.

  • Warren

    Perhaps about ten to twenty years in prison would wipe those arrogant smirks off their faces.

  • Pray Hard

    Muslims consider us a joke and as long as we tolerate them, we are.
    Go armed.

  • Pray Hard

    “Sometimes the world doesn’t need another hero.

    Sometimes what it needs is a monster.”

    Dracula Untold

    (The Hollywood story of Vlad Tepes)

    • Budvarakbar

      A bunch of leaders that are combos – of Richard the Lion Heart, Vlad the Impaler, Charles Martel, Sobieski, Cromwell, Grant, Sherman, Pershing, Churchill, Halsey, MacArthur and Patton are sorely needed!

  • “second generation immigrants” – a euphemism for Muslims?

    I would put the “Muslim” reference in the article and not the headline.

  • gdad

    I’m sure folks here realize there are hoodlums in the U.S. with absolutely no links to Islam who act like this as well. Not something to be proud of or celebrate, but this certainly isn’t just a Muslim thing.

    • sandra schmidt

      They aren’t taking over large swaths of territory and setting up their own state.

      • gdad

        Really? Tell that to areas of large cities in the U.S. that have been run by gangs.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Crime and incarceration statistics in Denmark prove your theory wrong Mahmoud.

      • gdad

        Please attempt to make some sense when you reply.

  • ..

  • Ron Cole

    Did the mu%%ie look like this?

  • Michelle

    Its time we took the battle to them and beat them senseless and throw them back to the sea if they don’t repent and renounce Islam as to them we all non muslims are fair “sport”, and only we need to arm ourselves for protection and start mass deportations back to the desert or sea they crawl out of before the streets are filled with blood. Our blood!

    • Budvarakbar

      Do not make the stupid mistake of expecting them to repent and renounce — it is NOT in them — just think of how much crap these SOBs have caused all over the world – particularly the last 20-30 years and how few of them have publically repented and renounced — can count on fingers of one hand – do not even need a thumb!

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Wrap ’em in bacon and hang ’em high

    • Budvarakbar

      Do not waste the bacon

      • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

        Also, it’s not right to desecrate pigs remains with islamist filth.

  • Flabeina

    Any person who takes a chain and whips someone like they are acting like Daryl in the Walking Dead TV show are criminals. It does not matter what religion or belief system they follow. Then to sit in any Court of Law and laugh about it, just proves how much of a low life scumbag they truly are, and they should get extra time just for laughing. There is no remorse inside, just dried up soul that has turned evil and loves their sins.

    • palintologist

      I’ll go further. I don’t think they should just get time. Society doesn’t need scum like this.

    • Budvarakbar

      Wake up — they are just acting out their Islam sacraments — remember kiddo – that was ON Christmas!

      • Flabeina

        I understand Islamic sacraments. It does not change how I feel about their actions.
        I woke up in the early ’90’s.

  • kktex12

    I have a perfect answer. A piano wire rope dipped in pigs blood attached to a strong limb that is attached to a tall tree. I would even spring for the cost of a 45 round for each but the tree is cheaper.

    • Budvarakbar

      22 short at the base of the skull will take care of the problem

  • Henry Hawk

    Muslims are jealous cause they smell and can only get goats and camels. Decent woman like civilized men not batshit crazy 7th century lunatics.

  • gramsoft

    The attackers are “second generation immigrants” (a ‘Danish euphemism for Muslims) – several of them Somalis. – See more at:

    NO, this is NOT Danish euphemism for Muslims (This is a LIE); it is exactly what is says. And there is not any Somalis counted in this registration.

  • search4truth

    Baberism exists also in Christianitys teachings. Read the old testament it’s full of it. The difference is these muslims are still singing from said hymn sheet. Makes me personally question the righteousness of all of it. How can something be gods word one minute and then when it don’t fit, change it accordingly. I call bullshit! .

  • search4truth

    Just to clarify. In case I’m misunderstood. Shitty people do Shitty things. All religions can be a great uplifting enlightening path. If you follow religion but lack empathy it becomes nothing more than a scripture to support hatred. You will only take out of it what you put in.

  • Merchantseamen

    Coming to a corner near you.

  • jon wright

    Not PC but You now what I couldn’t care less about the Europeans and their encounter with Islam. The Jews there get it both ways Muzzlems and Europeans.May Hashem protect the Jews and bring them out (another Exodus) of that hell.

  • Farty Fartsalot

    I’m sure she’s a 50 shades fan & has nobody to blame but herself.

  • Eugene Koshanof

    My gooodness. I knew a couple of Muslims and they seemed kinda nice. What did I miss?

    • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

      That was probably a long time ago.

    • Sloppo

      “Good muslims” are permitted to pretend to be friends with infidels.

  • james

    What you mean USA is following what Europe has done? US funded hitter at the start of ww2, if you hadn’t he wouldn’t of been able to do what he did. Anyway there is no excuse for this sort of crime those who think there is just as bad as those who committed the crime.

  • annonymox

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  • steve

    Obama treason for bringing more muslims in to destroy our country. Obama needs to go to jail.

  • שבי בנדר

    In a Muslim country – would behave as a Muslim, do not say no to a man, and you chose to be a Muslim country

  • stopthesocialism

    The Liberals are just as guilty for bringing this scum into their countries.

  • Chr Fre

    We scrap our own culture and values, so not-integrable people with a stone-age-culture replace our population and our own kids need to go through a thousand years of rennaissance and reformation? Kick this vermin out of here and force everyone to convincingly accept our constitutions before it is too late.

  • Kelvinator

    Filthy human garbage. And Obama can’t get them here fast enough so he can register them to vote democrat.
    I say, if we’re going to bring them here, let’s enlist them in the police departments in Baltimore, Chicago and Ferguson. May as well put their skills to use.

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