Muslim Shooter Behind Philly Cop Killing


The poison fruit of prison dawah. American jails have become hotbeds of jihadism and radicalism.

Fresh out of prison, this Muslim heeded the call of the Islamic State. Back in January, there were renewed calls for Muslims in Western countries to attack intelligence and law enforcement officers.

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Surprise! One of the two killers of Philly cop Officer Robert Wilson has a Muslim prayer bump on his forehead

From Eric Dondero: (thanks to Todd)

Well, well, well… suspect #1 had just gotten out of (Muslim dominated) prison a few weeks before. No media are reporting on his Muslim faith (there is some discussion on Twitter). But his Muslim prayer bump is clearly visible on his forehead.


Two suspects have been charged in the death of Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III, who was gunned down Thursday inside a North Philadelphia GameStop store. Brothers Ramone Williams, 24, and Carlton Hipps, 29, are both charged with 1st degree murder, conspiracy, and attempted murder.

Police say Williams confessed to his role in the robbery. He allegedly told police that he and his brother did not see the police cruiser in the parking lot, and did not see Wilson when they entered the store.


The shooting occurred around 4:45 p.m. Thursday in a shopping center at the intersection of West Lehigh Avenue and North 21st Street. Officer Wilson, a 22nd district officer, was shot multiple times – including a wound to his head.

And this:

Hipps was out on parole, having just been released a few weeks ago after being convicted of robbery. And police say Williams has prior arrests for aggravated assault and theft.

Prosecutors are going for the death penalty. Though note, Pennsylvania now has a liberal Democrat Governor.  So it is possible it will ultimately be overturned.

Let’s hope sooner than later, Hipps will be with Allah.

  • Joan Lee

    All muslims should be shipped out of here immediately and all the filthy mosques levelled and buried . They need to go. And if barry thinks this country is such a mess , he should gtfo out too.

    • Allah Akbar!

      But what if I’m a peaceful muslim and obey the law? should I be shipped out just because I’m a muslim? You don’t even deport Jews when they break the law, so why should i as a peaceful muslim be denied my civil and constitutional rights? Way un fair.

      • Paul in Toronto

        islam is a cancer on the world and should be eradicated – there are no peaceful muslims just as there were no peaceful NAZIS…one and the same – not all nazis carried rifles – muslims are filthy rat bastards.

        • Allah Akbar!

          You are judging my religion and me because of some terrorists. How would you like it if I condemned you to hell and deportation just because a tiny minority of your faith committed a crime, like molesting children? Are all catholics guilty of child molestation because thousands of priests molest kids?

          • roger

            Sorry it is not a tiny minority, 25 % of Muslims sympathise with the terrorists, the rest like yourself are just biding time waiting for the eventual capitulation of the West and the introduction of Sharia law.
            You will probably take part in the inevitable beheadings of those infidels that don’t wish to conform.

          • Allah Akbar!

            I’m “biding time”? Me and my family don’t have time to bide time, we’re too busy just surviving in the land of opportunity. I don’t sympathize with terrorists, and even if i did there’s no law against “sympathy.” I can sympathize with a dead fish if I want to. Speaking of sympathy, what percentage of non-muslims in America backed the iraq war? it’s more than 25%. How many innocent civilians were killed? 135,000? Doesn’t that make those americans “sympathetic” to mass murder? Who’s the real threat to world peace here?


          • Kenneth Masters

            Allah Akbar: Your point of view is showing! What are you doing here in the US? Just as Roger is saying? US is bad? Get the hell out if you don’t like it here, we don’t need you.

          • Allah Akbar!

            I was born here, Im as much a citizen as you! You are the one that should leave. your racial hatred and religious
            discrimination totally contradicts American democracy and
            freedom. I’m more American than YOU are! I don’t
            discriminate against others just for their religion or race. Better YOU should leave and let Muslims live safe and free from your hate!

          • sandra schmidt

            Just because you mother managed to whelp you on our shore does not make you an American any more than the Chinese birth tourist babies are Americans. If you were a true American you would not follow a socio-political creed that calls for enslavement of kufr. That doesn’t exactly support our Constitution.

          • arcturus

            “If we are practicing muslims, we are above the law of the land.” -Musfafa Carroll, Cair TX

            “Ultimately, we (Muslims) can never be full citizens of this country…because thee is no way we can be fully committed tot he institutions and ideologies of this country.” -Ihsan Bagby, -CAIR

          • 1PierreMontagne1

            Those two quotes certainly bind the peaceful Muslims to having to support by default the demonstrably extrreme views of IISIS.
            ISIS is just putting those views into action lke any other self respecting jihadists.

            Good quotes

          • Betty4440

            you may have been born here but by no means does that make you an AMERICAN.

          • ReaganAK47

            It makes no difference if you are born here. You would have been born anywhere. To be born here is not an achievement. It is a privilege. Why don’t you ask your parents what demon pursued them here? Maybe you will calm down if you hear their story and how they have to lie and cheat their way to America. You are not American. You are evil and your loyalty is to your womaniser prophet. We simply don’t want Muslims here. Please go to Muslim lands. This land is not yours. You can go take the passport of your indegenous country and leave God’s own country for God’s own people.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            We crushed the KKK we crushed the nazis and we’ll crush you too. We know how to deal with hate groups in the USA buddy, you should know.

          • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

            Isn’t it amazing how the “moderates” will get on here and try and sound rational… But then when they can’t convince anybody they resort to screaming “racism” and telling people to get out of America, but all the while they are not working on getting their leaders to separate themselves from the terrorists? This apparently is the same modus operandi Muhammad used when he was trying to convince Christians and Jews he was the real deal.. And upon failure… Well we know what happened after that.

          • mezcukor

            Not only his point is showing but his name says it all.

          • Jimi Belton

            Mr Akbar, while you are biding your time why dont you be an active voice against your deadly Koran, and its awful satanic verses….and please do not deny that it is satanic to teach unstable godless heathern, that has been recuited from the dredges of humanity…..Yes that is your religion, that it is their god ordained mission to KILL and KILL innocent people….A religion truely from SATAN…. And FYI it will never happen here in USA like France, We are Just to roll over and take your blade, or your lashes….Most of us non muzzies is quite capable of turning the tide against your monster religion….I don`t give a hoot in hell how many of his parisite pals from ISIL or any of the IS, meaning any Scum muzzy, comes to the the welcoming of this muzz terr-orist we have in the WH…we will never be defeated in America….Your religion is from hell and I implore you to seek the true and Living G-d, and His name is Yeshua Christ….or also known as my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ…I do not think that too many of your religion has ever weighed the cost of eternity in hell is all about….

          • Allah Akbar!

            Okay, fine. Let me ask you, how often are YOU an “active voice” against certain crimes? How often do you speak out? against illegal drugs, rape, gang violence, pedophilia, corrupt politicians, murder? How many protests do you attend to stop these crimes? How many parades and meetings? How much money do you donate for their eradication? WHAT? You don’t do these things!!!!!? Then you should leave this country, because you are guilty of supporting them! Now do you see how ridiculous your criticism of me sounds?

            Christ is god? you say. How many people in history have been tortured or murdered for Christ? how many wars fought? I wouldn’t be too proud of myself if I were you.

          • ReaganAK47

            Have you ever seen any sect in this world with a vision of taking over the whole world aside from Islam? Have you ever seen a prophet as violent as Mohammed? Have you ever seen a book as full of hate and immorality as the Koran? Have you ever seen any sect shouting God is great as the slaughter people? For your information, the crusade was a response to Islamic jihad and moslims are once again provoking another crusade. This time it will come from the infidels. By the time we kill a billion Muslims the rest will calm down and the world will once again know peace. Have you ever read the Koran and the Hadith or are you dummy? How can any sane literate compare Christ with your violent bandit called prophet?

          • sandra schmidt

            The Iraq war ridded the people of an oppressive dictator. In the days after shock and awe, people were happily pulling down the statues of Saddam. It is not the fault of the US that the Iraqis were unable to build a proper civil society even after being freed. Look within loser – it is your Islamic sectarian tribalism which is the problem.

          • Steve Brown

            Your biggest danger might be radical muslims not non muslims.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            No it isn’t, he’s waiting to join, most would turn in a second if facing a threat.

          • sandra schmidt

            That is the beauty of a free country. We can express our contempt for you wretched followers of the pedophile. Free people are sick of you Islamist scum and all the havoc you have wrought in the world over the past 20 years.

            Don’t bother comparing yourselves to the Catholics. Nowhere in Catholic doctrine is pedophilia acclaimed. In Islam, since stinky ol’ Muhamad married Aisha when she was sick and deflowered her when she was nine, it is part of your religious creed. Odious, as are you.

          • Allah Akbar!

            Jesus was a terrorist against Rome. Using your logic, I guess that makes catholics a supporter of terrorism. Hypocrite. And I’m scum!? Western nations were slavers and killers as much as anyone else. Wasn’t long ago blacks couldn’t even drink from the same white fountain. How soon we forget our own sinful past.

            And pedophilia may not be “acclaimed” in catholic doctrine, but it sure is practiced. Surely good catholics could do more, protest more, these disgusting crimes. They sure seem guilty to me. Why, I think they agree with it, they sure don’t speak out against it, not the majority anyway.

          • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

            ALL Catholics speak out against it! And MANY have left the Church because of it. In case you haven’t noticed, the Church has paid out MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars because of lawsuits. There are MANY Catholics who don’t agree with the canonization of Pope John Paul II because they don’t feel he did enough for these cases and MANY happen to be glad to see the backside of Benedict VI. The truth is both of these men are products of their generation… Sweep it under the rug/don’t talk about it. They actually thought it was an “American problem” until they found out it was a rampant worldwide disaster.

            So Jesus was a terrorist against Rome? Hmmm… Wonder what kind of a muslim that makes you, since “moderates” claim Jesus was a prophet.

          • 1PierreMontagne1

            I don’t think you noiticed it but Allah Akbar is using his reasoning in defense of extremism claiming christians did it too. His argument is to give tacit support to extremism by the so called moderates. Where his argument fails is that his claims against Christians killing others are ancient whereas Islamic atacks are of today. As for his accusations agains catholics and pedophelia the church is actually expelling and exposing those priests to prosecution. We see no such purging going on in Islam with Imams known to exploit young boys. Neither do we see any condemnation in Islam for honor kiling of women. We see only an increase in the numbers of honor killing deaths and clams that Sharia Religious law allows it..

          • disqus_HlH4Faibhw

            I did notice. That’s why I said what I said. His reasoning is the same as all terrorists and their supporters and all the apologists… Just as you’re explaining. All these idiots use the same fallback… Christians and the crusades. Even if their garbage was true they’re using DEAD people as an excuse. ALSO to add to what you are saying, the crusades were a response to MUSLIM aggression… The Pope gave his permission for Christians to respond/defend themselves against muslims who were attacking Christians due to Islamic expansionism… Attacking Christians in lands that previously had been CHRISTIAN lands that muslims invaded. Even history shows portray Christians as having responded with even more brutality than muslims… Well so what… Muslims shouldn’t have put themselves in that position in the first place… Stealing people’s land by killing them and forcing a false religion on them. Or more specifically nutjob Arabs who believed ONE jerk who said he had visions after going into the mountains to meditate…. No witnesses of any kind. Even if they don’t believe Jesus was God why are they taking the word of an alleged “prophet” who even they say was only human?? They call Christians idolators but become anything from highly offended to murderous if you insult Mohammad. What do you call that? And now they want to force their idolatry and sociopathy on the rest of us. Like Pam said.. It’s inverted morality. And the ones who are so innocent need to fix islam instead of getting on here preaching the same damn thing. While they’re allegedly so worried about islam’s reputation, muslims and Christians and Jews are being slaughtered all over the place… But we’re supposed to worry about their itty witty feelings. Fukk them.

          • ReaganAK47

            You don’t know your history Allah Akbar. If you do, you would have known that your forefathers were forced at sword point to accept Islam. Because you are born a Muslim you think you must be a Muslim. You are an adult, read your history and make up your mind. Do you know how recently saudi arabia stopped slavery? Do you know what the Arabs did with their slaves long before the history of slavery we all know about? Do you know the Arabs/Muslims and Mohammed castrate the male black slaves and use them to fight their unholy wars? Do you know they use black women as sex slaves? If your forefathers were given a choice, do you think they will become Muslims? How people like you feel comfortable in the west is beyond me. You need to be bundled to your Muslim land so you can enjoy your sharia and talibans and taub and burqas.

          • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0

            Jesus is the Son of God made flesh allah ashhole don’t you forget it.

        • 1PierreMontagne1

          It appears that there are only two types of Muslms.
          Jihadists and peaceful Muslims.
          The truth is that the Peaceful Muslims are peaceful and they will admit they are peaceful while are awaiting Allah’s call to Jihad. Once they believe they have received Allah’s call they too begfin Jihad against all infidels.

      • sandra schmidt

        Islam is a seditious socio-political system. If you believe in its tenets, you are a traitor and should be deported or imprisoned. Pedophilia, bigamy, and spousal abuse, as well as cop killing are all felonies in the good old USA!

      • Joan Lee

        ala akbar ? Yeah.

      • Betty4440

        you already crying? yes deport all muslims. and another thing Jews may break the law. but they aren’t out looking for heads to chop off,and little girls to rape and little boys, they don’t do honor killing and cut girls, they have respect for women and girls,. denounce islam and we may think about letting you stay. other wise leave the country please. you are not wanted.

      • ReaganAK47

        There is no peaceful Muslims. Every peaceful Muslims I know have coverted to Christianity. If you are a peaceful Muslim that means you are more moral than your prophet. Can you be more Islamic than Mohammed? You are an apostate and disobedient to Mohammed, the Hadith and the Koran. I will believe you are a peaceful Muslim whenever you become a Christian or an infidel or a Jew. The over six billion Christians, Jews infidels Sikhs animist etc are complaining about Muslims killing people and you still have the audacity to talk about Jews breaking the law. Can you see how peaceful and Muslim you are?renounce Islam or be shipped out to your indigenous jihady hell hole. You need to walk the walk my friend otherwise stfu.

      • ReaganAK47

        You need to preach that human right to all the muslim countries practicing the barbaric sharia. We practice civil law and you are not qualified to talk to us about fairness. We will soon give you a taste of your own medicine

      • Joan Lee

        Your name indicates my comment is correct.

  • roccolore

    Democrats will defend the copkiller, just like their hero Wesley Cook.

  • Bullfrog

    Our idiot governor Wolf isn’t allowing the death penalty right now , wrote an executive order like his buddy Obama does.


    Islam in prison is another gang – like the crips, bloods, aryan beasthood.
    Eliminate the gangs and peace will reign.

  • lionel verney

    Here is an article I found a few minutes after the shooting … I’m sorry I didn’t come here sooner to post it!

    Here’s the rotten POShiite’s muzzie name Taajuldiin Mutaasim ibn-Sunni … the article at the link here talks about traumatic brain injury due to them banging their foreheads on the ground five times a day! So … to sum up 1. Insane “religion” 2. 1400 years of inbreeding 3. traumatic brain injuries … what could possibly go wrong?!

  • ConnectingDots

    President Obama,

    If you had two sons, would they look like Ramone Williams and Carlton Hipps?

    If not, why not?


  • roccolore

    And of course, the fascist left will defend the copkillers.

  • John Urban

    Any further evidence of his Muslim faith besides a prayer bump? Facebook? Prison records? Need more than this, Pam

    • pamelageller

      That zebiba speaks volumes

      • Jimi B

        Pam, Thank you for all you are doing….I want to say that 0b0m0 is ordain-ed by the forces of dark-ness, as Judas was…There is no doubt that some awful times are coming any day here in USof A…..We as a nation have murd-ered way too many little ones in the wo-mb,,without any mercy…and I could write a book on why we will have to reap and harvest the seed that we have planted…I will say this now, and we shall see in 2 yr. 0b0m0 will somehow wrest the control of this nat-ion away from ”We the People,” and there will be mass b-lood-shd…G-d bless you and protect you dear Jewish friend…Jimi Belton

      • sandra schmidt

        Exactly. The mark of the beast.

      • John Urban

        It does to us, but not to Joe Schmo out there. A mosque affiliation perhaps?

  • Betty4440


  • The death penalty should be used on this cancer of the earth.

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