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[ June 28, 2017 ]

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[ June 28, 2017 ]

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[ June 28, 2017 ]

Trump’s 5-Year Ban on Welfare for Immigrants Gets Thumbs-Up From 62 Percent

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[ June 28, 2017 ]

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[ June 28, 2017 ]

Beheaded Bodies Of Filipino Civilians Discovered, Butchered By ISIS Jihadis

[ June 28, 2017 ]

U.S.-Trained Police Officers in Syria Give Nazi Salute

Israel elections: “The right-wing is in danger – Arabs [Muslims] are voting in droves.”


The radical left Haaretz is reporting this on the Israel elections: “The right-wing is in danger – Arabs [Muslims] are voting in droves.”

We can thank the Obama administration and Obama’s Jews for that.

Alisa Doctoroff, President of The UJA Federation, is listed as a “bridge builder” at the Abraham Fund website, an extreme left-wing organization currently involved in getting the Arabs out to vote in the upcoming Israeli election. And who are the major donors – highest level – to Abraham Fund? As can be seen plain as day on their website, both the US State Department and UJA Federation of New York are highest level donors of this organization.

The New Israel Fund is a despicable anti-Israel organization. The Jews who donate to them – including Alisa Doctoroff and Karen R. Adler of Jewish Communal Fund and JCRC — must stop giving and must be excommunicated from Jewish life.

And how does anyone expect them to vote? Islamic Jew-hatred is in the Qur’an. The very existence of Israel is offensive to devout Muslims.

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  • WhiteMamba46

    Tragic that even some Jews can’t recognize the danger and are welcoming this evil into their lives apart from the Obama Administration and these Anti-Semitic organizations’ attempts to skew the Israeli PM election. Let’s hope that enough sensible people vote for Benjamin Netanayu today. Mr. Netanyu is the Winston Churchill of our times, one of the true international voices for freedom, and a strong leader in the fight for a free, just, and prosperous Israel!

  • Darrell Standing
    Hmmm … one these people is not like the other … one of these people is not the same!
    Clue … the poseur on the right is Chamberlain … this was his most recent picture!

  • Darrell Standing

    This just in DEBKAfile has just called it for Bibi … not official but a really good sign! STFU Obama!

  • Darrell Standing
    Arab vote turnout to be much lower than expected!

    Apparently the Arab voters pushed by Imam Pretendident Zero must have been to busy eating shish kebab and planning their next attack on their wonderful host country! STFU Obama!

    • Linda

      Darell , as someone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, I find your comment offensive to the Arab Christian population of Israel. Most of my Arab Israeli friends are devout Chrostians who often complain to me from both Islamic radicalism and racists like you. Please show respect to the Christians of Israel.

      • Darrell Standing

        Sorry … you’re correct … I was not thinking about the Christian Arabs … only of the Muslims! BTW … how dare you call me a racist … you know nothing about me … not very Christian of you is it? Maybe you need to crack your bible a bit more … arrogant hypocrite!

  • Beagle

    Spinoza was excommunicated but kapos get promoted to positions of influence. Judaism, you have a problem.

    Anyway, congrats to Bibi for apparently pulling out a squeaker.

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