Watch VIDEO: Muslim Mob Beat and Stone a Young Danish Girl and Her Dog Walking in the Park


Islam in Europe.

These reports of Islamic savagery in the streets of European cities are a daily constant. One French journalist walked about Paris as a Jew and was abused, taunted and threatened. A BritishJew wrote me this note about Muslim abuse in the UK. Jewish people in the States are beginning to suffer similar abuses at the hands of violent Muslims. Rabbis, too.

This young Danish girl was walking her dog before attacked, stoned and kicked by a group of Muslims. Dogs are haram and ‘immodest’ women — well, they are “uncovered pieces of meat.”

All of the denial in the world cannot change reality. And reality is we are at war and Western elites have all but surrendered without the sanction of the electorate.

Video thanks to Sharia Unveiled

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 8.56.02 PM

  • Commieobamie

    That’s why guns are Mandatory. Shiite, if obama was there, the dog would have been dinner.

    • Keith

      No muslims wouldn’t eat a dog they would only kill it as they consider them unclean just like pigs.

      • youngnotfree

        I believe it’s because old Mo’ had his amorous intentions shattered when the dog bit him.

        • Keith

          Hope the dog didn’t get food poisoning after the bite

  • ThomasThePaine

    What’s going top take for humans to start killing those rabid animals on sight?

    • Clare

      Isn’t it that we can only defend ourselves on a case by case basis? If four jihadiis aggressively walk up to me in the park I can pull out my hand gun and tell them to get away from me. I can shoot them if they grab me or threaten me. If our government declared war on jihad on our soil, though, the whole picture would change.

      • Betty4440

        look at it this way we as AMERICANS are afraid for our lives. so we have a right to defend our selves. RIGHT. and if by chance we end up shooting them it is their fault. not ours because they shouldn’t be doing the things they are doing in the first place. you play rough you get dead. next time keep your hands to yourself. and don’t attack me and mine.nuff said.

      • Pray Hard

        You can’t wait till they grab you.

        • Clare

          Well, yes, the best scenario would be to shoot before contact is made and that would merely hone the skill for the second, third and fourth.

          • Proteios

            I see your point. THe problem is we live in a world that, whether it considers itself post-Christian, scular or whatever has at its foundation Christendom. Which lead to a reasonably peaceful, stable world. We were poor stewards of our culture and now we are losing it.

          • Clare

            I agree. Politically speaking, I think that the usurpation and decline of our country became serious the moment President Kennedy was assassinated. Blatant self-interest poisoned representation and we the people have not been able to wrest regard from D.C.

        • No Quarter

          Your Damn right!!

    • Flyercrazy


      • LimeyAL

        You are wrong, it is the muslim mindset, we have muslim taxi drivers in UK who refuse to pick up blind people because of their guide dogs.


          Sue the taxi drivers. Photograph their license plates and report to the police.

          • Patricia

            I hear you SS, but try to litigate these qu’ran-icks and you’ll see where that gets you. Everything they say and do is based on their qu’ran and how that law supercedes any other.

            Including our Constitutional Law it would appear. That’s when I fully expect our Congress and LE to show these qu’ran-icks what law is the Law of the Land, here in the USA.

        • Flyercrazy

          I am sorry, I did not post it properly. I should have said Muslims are bullies in addition to a few more adjectives and adverbs.

          • John Brannigan

            Flyrcrazy. Left= working folk. We do not have a say or things would be different, ie they wouldn’t be here. You mean Right= those who make law ignoring us workers and letting Muslims-and others- get their way ie, You’re on the wrong side blasting the wrong people. Leave us lefties alone please.

          • Flyercrazy

            You are kidding me right? I have never heard the left in the context you are referring to.
            If in your world Left = working folk, in my world Right = working folk
            Do you not realize Obama is on the far left making the laws which are allowing the Muslims sanctuary, ignoring the Atrocities certain muslim groups such as ISIS, ISIL have perpetrated on Christians, Jews and other ethnicities and religions including their own muslim brothers and sisters.
            You may be able to learn something about left vs right if you read the following:

            Maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and got your directions messed up.

          • jon wright

            Yes the left wants to change the system,do not like capitalism. Like the Muzzlems because they’re doing it for them.

          • Flyercrazy

            Our buddy John seems to think it is the other way around, which world has he been living in?

          • grayjohn

            The enemy of my enemy is my friend does not apply to Islam.
            If the enemy of your enemy is muslim, you are dead.
            Islam is the enemy of everything that is not Islam. Islam can’t be bargained with, or controlled. They will accept payment and support, and encourage you to publish lies against your own country, but when they achieve for you what you want them to achieve, they will kill you as well. I hope I can survive long enough to see that happen. I want to see their smug lying faces as they are being beheaded with a pairing knife.

          • Flyercrazy

            Yes, I want to be there as well. However I think a slow roast over a BBQ pit would be more appropriate, I do not think it appropriate to allow them to die so quickly, doesn’t seem right or just, I am a man with great ethics and a need to do the right thing, a beheading is not the answer.

          • John Brannigan

            Hi Fltercrazy. Read your bumpf. wonderful right wing propaganda. Lies damn lies ect. Republican twaddle. I have little time for Obama as a working man but your right and my left should be happy to remove all traces of horrible Islam. I’m sure were both honest people who want to get back on track. John B

          • Flyercrazy

            Yes, I am sure we both want to get the govt and the presidency and the respect of this country back on track is right. We are not going to do it with this president kissing anyone’s hand or ring. Bowing this nation down before anyone is an anathema, how dare he do that!!
            So, you think the truth I speak is worthless, I hate to say it but your understanding of the left and right is upside, backwards and inside out. Time for you to do a little homework to see what the right stands for, I know what the left stands for, the president is out there everyday trying to sweet talk murders into becoming good people, that is not going to happen.
            Best of luck to you, I really hope you learn right from wrong with regard to the two sides.

        • skinhead

          better yet smash their windshields! provoke them to get out of their cars then let loose some pit bulls on them. screw them fat Islamo loud mouths and their whining. they are on Aryan soil which is not their ground. we need to boot their asses back to the hot baked soils they came from.

        • Patricia

          Hubbs just came back home from grocery store, got an Iraqi cab driver. How it began, I don’t know (and don’t ask;) but my other half said to him, that generally, our pres was a pos and the driver let him know that Obama was indeed a Muslim AND a rooster smoocher (had to pretty that up a bit to pass the censors).

          Driver said he’s been in Houston since 1972. He said he didn’t like the President at all. The crap at the WH Summit was just to silence American dissent of islamic terrorism.

          Yep, we know.

      • ThomasThePaine

        Amazon has some great deals on keyboards with fully functional caps lock keys. . .

        • Flyercrazy

          Thanks, I’ll have to send you one so you can speak up with a little more passion regarding this issue, I moved from talking to screaming when necessary, the next step will be action. Are you going to be ready to take action when necessary or will you be buying keyboards that work to your satisfaction. IF I WANT TO SCREAM MY GD HEAD OFF I WILL DO SO WHEN AND WHERE EVER I WANT TO..IS THAT CLEAR FIDO?

    • ThisObamaNation

      Kill them?
      Get real!
      It is taboo, and in some parts unlawful, to even speak about them truthfully.

      • jmiky

        Including the U.S.

    • Flyercrazy

      By the way, you can install spell check on your computer at anytime, I think it is free to do so. What in the hell does “What’s going top take for humans…….

  • MargaretMary

    I have seen this before but it is a fabulous example of what those sweet ole muslims imam obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands will bring to us. Listen up muzzies go near my dog and I will do whatever I have to to protect her innocent life. What evil mindless savages imam obamas boys are.

    • Big Al

      Bosnia pt. 2

    • Jerry

      Hey mudslimes , try to ever tell me what to do or ever hurt anyone in my family.

    • Blake

      when it’s 5 against 1 it’s hard, unless you want to shoot them dead, but then the media will brand you an ultra far extreme right wing islamophobe

      • No Quarter

        Don’t forget it was 5 against 1 young women. Cowards. Get a side arm and a conceal and carry permit. Oh and go to the range and learn how to effectively use it.

        • Proteios

          protect yourself and those you love. They are deceivers. They are liars. They behave like any predator. Their role model mohommed was much the same way. ISIS and I agree on one thing – they are the true believers of islam. They are living it to the letter.

      • Janet Noll

        Screw the communist media, shoot them too

    • Janet Noll

      I can’t wait to hear a story about some Muslims getting out of hand with a women in the US who blows them away then lets the dog tear off their ugly disgusting Islamic lips.

  • Richard

    Savage animals will do what savage animals will do. Who are at fault here is the Danish government for pretending the savage animals are humans, which they are clearly not and admitting them into their country to attack their citizens, values and way of life.

    They simply do not belong in civilised society. They should be sent packing to the hell holes from whence they or their parents came from and never let back in again.

    • Elizabeth

      Please DO NOT refer to these depraved barbarian savages as animals, because to do so is to demean & insult the entire Animal Kingdom!!! Even animals display better manners & a higher moral code than monsters like these who would gang up on & launch an unprovoked attack on a lone defenseless woman & her innocent canine companion!!!

      • Keith

        Yes but that is the only type of person a gang of unarmed muslims can deal with. I bet the dog was only a small one as well not something like a doberman or and German Shepherd.

      • Richard

        Yes I apologise. Most animals are very noble creatures
        . Certainly most dogs are. In contrast to those brainwashed, sadistic, Muhammad clones that attacked that poor girl and her dog.

      • youngnotfree

        I used to call them animals too but I realised it’s unfair to animals as
        the savages are lower than animals..hence I now call them “animal

        • Blake

          even animal shit is a compliment for muslims

  • William Fuzi

    Too bad I don’t live there. I would have to take my wolf hound for a walk.

    • nondhimmidude

      I’d take my 140lb male Newf…oh, and my Glock 40 cal. LOL

  • Don Briscoe

    Believe I’m for a new crusade to eliminate these animals and leave not one standing.

    • Robert

      You had a chance when Serbs were fighting the same kind of scumbags in Bosnia and Kosovo. Instead we were bombed by US-NATO.

      • The sad thing is that they would bomb Serbia again if they tried to get their territory back.

      • LimeyAL

        As an Englishman I am deeply ashamed that we were part of a nato force that attacked the Serbs on behalf of muslim terrorists.

        • Keith

          Don’t forget we were never given the truth about that war, we were told that it was nasty violent christian Serbia attacking peaceful pacifist Muslim Bosnia.
          And so it continues to go on and on and on and on…….

          • Big Al

            Nothing but more lies from the propaganda machine.

          • Frederikahere

            I remember at the time thinking,”Why are we fighting against Christians FOR Muslims?” It didn’t make sense to me then but it did become apparent we were being lied to.

          • Proteios

            we have always been told that. Were still being told that. And all the beheadings, sex slaves, and burying children alive and were still being told that.
            Its as if we are all saying the Detroit Lions won the superbowl with anger when someone doesn’t agree. Yet every bit of evidence indicates otherwise. The lie is being called out – so they develop new lies to justify the new atrocities. Those wont end well.

      • jon doe

        I remember when that was happening. Before 9/11. Before I left college and entered the real world and still thought like a liberal… I had no idea what we were fighting for. Who we were fighting against. And I don’t think I could have told you what islam is or what a muslim was. Seems like a long time ago. And now I know. I know that we were fighting against a people that were dealing with jihad, and we bombed them instead of helped them. I know that our leftist progressive POS president, Bill Clinton, just had a sex scandal and was looking for a distraction. I now know that is why we fought the Serbs. I now see the same thing happening all over Europe, and elsewhere, as what happened to0 the Serbs in Bosnia. And I still see the same liberal progressives making the same damn excuses and repeating the same damn mistakes. I cannot even begin to tell you how sick to damn death I am with islam. I am ready for the next crusade. Ready, willing, and able. I cannot tell you how sory I am for the actions of our ridicluos former president for his use of our military in Bosnia. We should have bombed every last mulsim right out of that country. Instead we helped them. And it seemed our government learned nothing. Well I have.

        • Flyercrazy

          Hit it Jon….nicely stated..
          When we turn the white house upside down and restore sanity to our government then and only then will we rid the world of the demons crawling on our shores and overseas..

      • Isahiah62

        yes under anohter DEMOCRAP admin- CLINTON – do not vote for HRC or any Dem party

      • mark

        Yes non mulims were being genocided by muslims for years and our dhimmi leaders went in to stop them giving it back to the muslims.

        But remember, lying muslims in our countries have been lying to our leaders for many years…. often as paid advisors.

      • ShiningKnight

        Maybe the Serbs should have killed Mujahedeen instead of civilians……things may have turned out differently for Serbia.

        • Are you still believing your own propaganda? Serbian children were being crucified and sent down the river. Serbs were NOT targeting civilians but unfortunately civilians do get caught up in too. Maybe you should listen to what General Lewis McKenzie has to say instead of CNN. That massacre in Sarajevo was not perpetrated by the Serbs. It was set up by Bosnian Muslims. Ask the general or find out what he says about the whole propaganda war waged against the Serbs.

          • Proteios

            I don’t know the details, but the Armenian genocide comes to mind. THe quran says the preferred method to kill Christians is crucifixion. Which they did to Armenians, Recently to Egyptian copts and Im guessing many more we don’t hear about because we don’t want to ‘offend’ any moslems by pointing out their cult of death encourages murdering everyone or selling them as slaves. That would be naughty to say that…so let the bodies pile up.

      • Big Al

        WE didn’t side with anyone, let alone the dog-eating, rug monkeys. It was the NWO who made that call.

        • Flyercrazy

          dog eating rug monkey’s lol,,,,good one.

      • givenswayne

        Yes big mistake , I thought so too at the time .

    • miranda

      I dont know why we are not in a new crusade already. It is a long time coming!!!!

      • jon wright

        with Ayatollah Buraq O at the helm,it” ain’t gonna happen”

    • jy kelly

      These people are Koranimals…

    • Cate

      Je Suis Charlie Martel!!

  • iaminfidel

    All these Islamonazi maggots need to die!

  • Lysy2


    • carol brooner

      Right on, My sentiments exactly!

    • Cross Criss

      Just wait. They will chop and chisel at 2nd amendment till it is gone or at least watered down.

      • Elizabeth

        I have no doubt those on the left will try . . .

      • Np Quarter

        This we must not let happen!!!!!!

    • ThisObamaNation

      Any backlash against muslims that involves firearms will result in the declaration martial law and gun confiscation. Once this starts it will be a fight to the bitter end.

      • lolwut?

        Too many guns and not enough cops to pull that off.

    • Elizabeth

      Amen to that–I hope & pray they EVER try their shameful tactics on my loved ones or me because they would soon be schooled to the error of their ways!!!

    • jon doe

      It is under attack like never before. And so is the 1st. And it will take a lot more than words to keep them both.

  • Clare

    We are at war and because governments do not declare it, citizens like this young girl and her dog are open to attack by these Mahometans jihadi bastards. Were countries to declare war, things would change fast. Mobilization of citizens’ defense in wartime happens and steps are taken against the enemy (who has been identified). Citizens must rely on personal protection and caution and make safety rules for themselves with their friends, family, and workmates.

    • Pray Hard

      We can’t wait for any government to do anything.

      • Clare

        I think that is one of the reasons that I frequent this site.

  • Eric Guilbault

    You know ,what they want in England, France, Europe and most of all the USA! They bring those savages in and the when they beat up our wifes,daughters , sisters and mothers we will take revenge and this will lead to civil war! Then Imam Obama will declare martial law get the army in and establish a Caliphate and become master of the USA for life! Welcome to the future islamic united states!

    • Clare

      Many a slip between cup and lip.

    • famouswolf


    • harbidoll

      funny how they are fewer in number in US where we are better equipped to handle them than EU. Maybe that would bring things to a head too fast.

      • ThisObamaNation

        Generally they don’t start showing their true colors until they get to be about 10 percent of the population.

    • Pray Hard

      Not as long as I’m alive.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Purge the muslims then purge the politicians.

    • Mike_W20

      No, the other way around.
      The quisling politicians are protecting the mohammedan vermin.

      • WhiteGuy2

        either way, i’m flexible.

      • Big Al

        Bingo. Start putting these sellouts on ice and the word will spread.

      • ThisObamaNation

        Follow the Saudi Oil money.

  • natalien555

    Heart breaking….but she never said that Muslims attacked her….just wondering where the information that they were muslims came from. My assumption = muslims don’t like dogs, stoning took place? Is that the reason we are told in this article it’s muslims? I just want to know before I share this and get challenged. I am in no way a muslim sympathizer on any level so please don’t misunderstand my post. .

    • ljm4

      I’d say both. They didn’t like the dirty dog nor the skimpy clothes.
      They told her, huh…

    • Keith

      I admit the translation does not at any time mention muslims but the first attack was on the dog, then they attacked her. Muslims do not like dogs and they believe that any female not covered by a marquis with face covering and gloves wants to be molested and even raped. Normal people may have attacked her but would most likely only have attacked the dog in self defence whilst the dog was defending it’s owner. They would not have attacked the dog first.

      • Clare

        I figured that it must have been verified since ‘Muslim’ is in the title on the video.

  • Leonard Halstead

    take a couple of American pit bulls or a couple rotweillers and see how these animal hating Muslims fare when they try to attack you and the dogs.

    • ThisObamaNation

      People need to start carrying pepper spray, and firearms, and start intentionally walking attack dogs through the “no go zones”.

      • Pray Hard

        Carry a big can. Those key chain cans are no good.

  • Islam wants the world on fire attacking Muslims. This is there prophecy to bring about the last Mahdi who will lead Islam into a one world Caliph following the the guidance of Mohammed. There is no end to this until Jesus returns or the west rises up and slaughters every single Muslim on the face of the earth.

    Here in Wyoming we pack weapons and I would not hesitate to put those scum down dead and buried if I ran across this going on. I will never stand for this. Muslim’s are evil followers of Satan.

    • Michelle

      Why are these attacks not mainstream news about time muslims are threatened by the LAW that should be there to protect us from them so that these aliens can be rounded up on mass and shipped to Saudi Arabia to have their hands and feet cut off for assaulting innocent women who have a right to be able to walk about without the threat of attack

      • Keith

        If you deported them to Saudi Arabia they would not have any punishment because it is not illegal for a muslim man to molest an infidel woman. In fact it is halal.

      • Templar Knight

        here here Michelle. And Thomas. My blood is boiling at this blatant daylight attack. THEY are getting stronger and bigger with no control on family sizes (getting more benefits for more children). In UK it is too late. Scandinavia wake up.

        • Norseman

          Demark should let loose packs of pit bulls on areas where these thugs operate and let them be ripped apart. give the Muslims what they hate and think unclean, “dogs”, let dogs be their demise. the answer is to KILL those who try to kill and injure innocent women and their dogs!

      • youngnotfree

        Maybe a class action can be taken out against politicians / government for not providing a safe place to live??

  • GeoffreyBenFriedberg



  • Your Friend Clem

    Just right now I’m feeling the same emotions that arose when I heard Brigitte Gabriel recount getting dressed in her finest dress and having her mother comb her waist length hair and tie it up with a white ribbon. I need a tissue. hope the Danish girl has
    friends /family to shower some love and affection on her. Damn, that girl could be my daughter, she was in Europe on a working holiday , but came home at Xmas last year. I was SO SO SO happy to hold her at the airport I was worried about her every day she was away.
    As for the assailants , well whats to expect with a culture that reinforces low inmpulse control, whose members are generally outliers on the far left of the Bell Curve, and wallows in puerile resentment and truculence?

    • Pray Hard

      Low impulse control? Now there’s the euphemism of the week.

      • jon doe

        how about: “low frustration tolerance”. This is the kind of PC jibberish one has to familiarize themselves with to understand the progs when they use jargon to sound smart when they spout on about things they know nothing about.

  • pissed off American

    Thanx Pam for exposing these barbarians, each week, brings us closer to the final solution, and when it comes down, all will know why, their day comes……..

    • Big Al

      Give them two choices: stay here below the ground or back to your home country above it.

  • Lia

    The bravery of muslims: a crowd against a single young girl & her dog.

    • Betty4440

      HEY TELL YOU what lets all get a pig to walk how does that sound. along with the dog that is. cant ever have to much of the good things you know.

      • Lia

        Betty4440, I have a confession to make: I don’t like dogs (perhaps I’m caninophobic?) but the pig sounds doable.

    • Pray Hard

      They have a chimpanzee mentality.

  • Anticonservative

    So once again the police were conveniently absent from the scene and no one else around wanted to get involved? Sounds so typical of what’s happening all over the world. This is when the men of the neighborhood need to become vigilante- If the government won’t protect the women then the people have no need of the government and have to take care of their own. As a man I wouldn’t be able to hold my head up again in public if I witnessed this and did nothing. You shouldn’t have to wait until it happens to your own Mother or Daughter to feel enraged as if this act of cowardice is let go unpunished it will, sooner or later.

    • harbidoll

      women must play their part also! She wasn’t exactly dressed for war , (fight or flight) now was she? We must All get our heads out of Utube land & especially not drugged up ! Teach the kid lest they perish!

    • Betty4440

      hate to say this but the way I am seeing things to day in AMERICA we fave few men left. if the women in this country want their family and them selves to be safe we will have to arm our selves and do the mt 70’s and seen our so called men go from strong men into cry babies let the women do it. SO WE WOMEN WILL HAVE TO DO THE JOB WE ARE THE STRONG ONE OF TODAY. AND BESIDES MUSLIM MEN WANT GO TO HEAVEN AND GET THEIR 72 VIRGIN’S IF KILLED BY A WOMAN FIGHTER. to me this great news. to all WOMEN ARM UP.

      • Flyercrazy

        WTF… have no clue what you are rambling on about. However if you want to join in please do so but do not exclude anyone because you think you are now superior to men, you will never be at any point humans are on this earth.

        • Betty4440

          well I am a proud AMERICAN. are you a proud man? or a proud he/she? I will not keep AMERICA OUT OF ANY THING. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. well you got the message. even if the spelling wasn’t up to par. you. and your pc crap.

          • Flyercrazy

            I am not a pc, believe me I am one of the most politically incorrect right leaning American loving people around, one reason why I don’t care if it pisses you off that I correct your spelling. If you are going to represent America I would like the left and our enemies to think you are somewhat educated and not dogs like they are.
            I welcome your willingness to fight even if you are more man than woman as you were born a woman,in other words a shehim, I have no problem with that as long as you know how to fight and your teats do not get in the way. Might be nice to have teats while on the battlefield or nice to prop your rifle on.
            Sorry about the spelling thing but when you put men down you are going to get a mouthful.

          • Betty4440

            well Fly I didn’t say all men did I? and another thing have you really looked at some men lately? if not maybe you should and you would know what I am talking about. not saying you aren’t man. and I hope your are.( a man that is).

          • Flyercrazy

            OK, my bad…lets kiss and make up….pucker up big girl, I’m all yours :>)…yes all man I am, I do not have Bruce Jenner syndrome :>) I suppose you have a good point, which age groups are you referring to regarding the lesser men or are they in all age
            groups? I know our military men are as much men as the men who fought in our prior wars..yes/no?
            I can think of a few families which will need the women to learn to fight, my apologies, you are correct about that. There are so many non men, men who have abandoned their families and left women to fend for themselves and their children, if that is what you are referring to then please excuse my ignorance, you are 100% on target.
            As for the real men, we are real men, believe me we are real men. The others who leave their families to create another family to create even another family, boy I would like to meet those bastards because they are destroying our society almost as much as the crazy bastards wanting to burn us alive and chop our heads off while we are still breathing. Sorry for the post, if I can remove it I will.
            Best of luck to you,

          • Betty4440

            ok Fly peace kiss,kiss.

          • jon wright

            good 4 u Betty!

        • Bloodnut The Flatulent

          Really? Is that the best you can do?….

          • Flyercrazy

            No, not the best I can do, I didn’t mean to let you down, I must have been drunk due to drinking a few beers while doing some major planning and organizing spelling bees for those who cannot spell beyond a 5th grade level. I’ll give it more thought and do better next time and leave the beers in the refrigerator.

  • conan_drum

    You do not understand, once Muslims arrive in a country it belongs to them – FOR EVER

  • Water

    Terrible. Beautiful young lady & her sweet pet. I wish she mentioned that they were mozlems though. At least the lady illustrated our complete & utter lack of bias. I kept initially not comprehending that this violent crime is because of Islams mozlems. It gave me an extra chill as there were Pashtun Talib parading around to Sydney mosques to tell all the mozlems that 9/11 was going to happen. I know this as the moz could not resist throwing their weight around & boasting about by alluding to the fact that a big event like what happened on 9/11 was about to happen. This behaviours was exhibited by all types of moz incl Shia (whom oft claim the opposite, ie: that they are the victims ect). Well when ‘push comes to shove’ they all band together against their common enemy – that’s any or all kaffir. 2wks b4 9/11 I was walking into a small supermarket, & there were 3 Pashtun Talib filth including a little boy. I was just walking normally & they were freaking right out because a ‘filthy Kaffir’ (& a woman) was (shock horror!!) going to walk thru the store door 1st. What shocked me most was the little boy who couldn’t be more than 10 was already a terrorist. I don’t doubt he already done his 1st beheading or at least had been taught during ‘halal’ butchery. (Would u mind not allowing moz to train how to behead us by using animals in halal butchery to train their kids, & desensitise them to that level of violence!!! For GODS sake!) if I hadn’t ‘submitted’ to them they would’ve thrown me on the ground & kicked the living shit out of me. The kid was looking at me like I was a monster, he’d been totally brainwashed. He was gone. I was dressed in ordinary jeans (not tight a loose but well fit clean t shirt boots underneath & no make up) it doesn’t matter how I was dressed of course. But there was nothing these psychos could complain about in my appearance – looked at the kid like it was evil. It was looking at me that way. It didn’t make one spec of difference to the way he thought of us. Over the age of 7 the die is already cast. You could only send him back or place him in an asylum. He was already another useless mozlem. I don’t like any moz having access to our food as I stopped using this store as most moz had a thing about opening all the bread & groping it , then leaving it there. I expect this is the same as spitting in our food. You don’t know which mozlems are going to do that but they are all told to spit in our food 3 times, (to get islum into us). I witnessed most mozlems were doing this to our bread, I expect in part to check the freshness (tho it was all fresh) but most of all to do their islamonazi supremacist crap on us. Please not only don’t fund moz businesses, BUT NEVER ACCEPT FOOD from mozlems. You just have no way of knowing.

  • Cross Criss

    Looks like all we do in Europe is now subject to muslim approval.

    • ThisObamaNation

      That’s because it is. They own you. Grow a pair.

    • Flyercrazy

      YOu people should have kept your guns, time to start buying some, do whatever it takes.The US will no longer be coming to your aid due to a weak president and a muslim sympathizer…sorry, I would love to help but it will be up to you as a group of citizens to band together and get rid of them.

  • ThisObamaNation

    Before feminism and political correctness emasculated all the white males on the planet this sort of behavior would have resulted in a Muslim lynch mob. Now this poor woman will be left to defend herself.

    • Pray Hard

      Not all.

  • Diana Michelle Bailey

    Heartless savages. Thats what we have that they don’t, a heart. Thats how they will take over.

    • Flyercrazy

      They are demons, not simply heartless humans but demon possessed. No human could do what these people have done, referring to the way they have killed people lately.

  • sunil reddy

    Welll sorry to say, but you European nations deserve this .

    • Pray Hard

      Actually, they don’t deserve it, but they did bring it upon themselves.

  • Larenzo1

    Where are the damn cops. Get out young lady leave.

    • Pray Hard

      Minutes away when seconds count.

  • DrStroganoff

    Cowardly bastards, four “men” against one women and her dog?
    Their families must be so proud of them.


      Too bad the dog wasn’t a pitbull to tear those terrorist asslifters a new asshole.

    • Pray Hard

      They ARE proud of them. They don’t have the same values as us and they have no shame.

  • Mike E. Cooney

    Find the muslim apes and cull the herd or have you European pansies given up on your women ?!! You pussies had better man up and mete out vengeance PDQ !!!!

  • Alissa

    We should send this video to Linda Sarsour because according to her muslim children are being executed in the US dont cha know.

  • How far away can hand-to-hand combat be in this World War M (World War Muslim)?

    • Pray Hard

      You’d better start training, now.

  • MannieP

    Time to go slime hunting. Wear a Kippah and go out armed. Even better, go out in armed groups and start a few pitched battles. As long as the slimes have a monopoly on violence, they will keep up their terrorism. Kick in their faces.

    • youngnotfree

      I read that the muslimes in ISIS are calling for Viagra to help them with all of their sex slaves plus other rapes. I reckon a couple of million poison LACED pills might be the trick!

  • Pray Hard

    Thing is, even if the men were gutsy, they won’t necessarily be there when something like this happens. And, even if they are there, they almost certainly don’t know anything about self defense/offense and or won’t be armed. Neither will the cops. Therefore, man, woman or child, it is incumbent on each and every one of us to train in martial arts and or be armed. Neither of those things will guarantee your safety or your life, but they do raise your chances significantly.

  • Did she call the cops? I believe there is going to be a showdown against Muslims in the west. This new group, with no name, is going to rise and start attacking Muslims in retaliation of something huge. Something so terrible is about to happen… It will drive all of them out of the US and the UK. The UAE will be a wonderful, new destination for Muslims in the west.

  • Arthur Larason

    A lot of shepple do not know that islam hates dogs. Glad there are none where I live.

  • Some fake name

    Islam will only gain followers, and all the scary videos you fox news loving bend-overs circle jerk to won’t stop the very fact that Islam is growing, and, wait for it, there is nothing you can do to stop it ;) have a nice day

    • Demsci

      No, Islam is not growing, because a lot of Muslims, like those of ISIS, are described, by many Muslims themselves, as “having nothing to do with Islam”. Those you cannot count.

  • Lia

    Dear Pray Hard, I don’t know enough about chimps. Do they hunt in packs?

  • Alissa

    Just curious. Does anyone know if the identity of the lorrie driver in Scotland was ever revealed. He ran into a bunch of pedestrians around Christmas time.

    • Gleaner1

      All I know was he had a name which suggested he wasn’t a Muslim Alissa.

  • GSD lover


    • Betty4440

      G S D= goats, sheep, dogs.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    They’re jealous of dogs because dogs can lick their privates and they can’t…

  • And some folks question why I feel the need to be armed when I leave the house nowadays.

  • Paul Cardin

    “The Nazis (Islamists) entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everyone else, and nobody was going to bomb them. At Rotterdam, London, Warsaw and half a hundred other places, they put their rather naive theory into operation. They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind.” Bomber Harris

    The fact that thousands of British girls were raped by anti-British immigrants on their own British soil is absolutely sickening. Those poor girls whose FREEDOM and SAFETY were paid for in British blood, and British lives in WW II, only to be left unprotected on their own streets! The way to beat Cameron is to change the momentum. A steady drumbeat that reaches into the future.

    Well, Cameron etc. you are in charge now, but when we gain power we are going to set up an extensive public inquiry and revisit this Rotherham issue, and many others, and the justice that should have been delivered WILL BE delivered. Everyone will be accountable. We will also discover all those who failed in their civil servant capacity, and they too will brought to justice. Keep repeating that simple message. The fear of “what if” will eventually take hold. No one can betray British society like this, whether insider OR outsider and not pay a huge cost. And that cost has not been paid yet. Victims will be compensated for suffering needlessly, and the worthless perps will be severely (not lightly) punished before they are sent back to their homeland. Their British citizenship has been forfeited, and if no country wants them—cut them loose at sea. Nobody treats the British like that. I know I’ve said a lot here, and I’m a Canadian, but it isn’t right the apathy and lack of direction many parts of non-EDL Britain seem to be have right now.

  • avenging angel

    the Somali Muslims who did this brazenly evil crime against this poor Danish girl and her dog deserve to have every limb of their body broken and then be urinated and defecated on.and left to die in the wilderness with no help.

  • High Plains Drifter

    I just want to say that the punk ass Somalis Muslims who attacked this beautiful women and her dog are going to “wish they had never been born.” the time for their judgment will arrive and it will be without mercy. and there are not enough Muslims in the world banned together that can stop whats coming to them.

  • DaveGinOly

    I take it that there aren’t many concealed carriers of firearms in Denmark. But I wonder if they have Little League. Small aluminum baseball bats could be very useful and are probably not illegal to carry.

  • drdias

    Islam the Male dominated ideology of death and enslavement can only delivers peace and tolerance to those it can enslave, traumatize, tyrannize, and murder in cold blood!

  • Gleaner1

    The young committed males in that place need to escort young western Danish girls
    in high risk areas, and do it with what ever it takes to break a few arms or legs, because nobody should suffer this because of the left’s anti white race hatred and policy of race replacement.

    Fight back guys, next time it may be YOUR mother sister or girlfriend, prevail.

  • jy kelly

    Islam is the 90 lb. weakling that wants to be the school bully. It can’t punch you in the face, so it stabs you in the back and then blames someone else. When you punch it back, it plays the victim.

  • John Brannigan

    Sorry to hear about this dreadful incident. Hope you and your dog get well soon. Do not let this affect you mentally, stay strong. Jesus will help you. Ask him with confidence because this day you met the workers of Satan. He will be there for you if you let him. John B

    • grayjohn

      Jesus could have helped her when she was getting kicked and knocked down.
      He didn’t. If she was living here she could buy a gun and name it Jesus. Then Jesus could help her. Jesus doesn’t trouble himself with our petty squabbles.
      Take care of yourself, take care of your own.

  • Patricia

    Well, she’s traumatized for a couple of decades.

  • newsnose

    Too bad she isn’t allowed to conceal carry to defend herself. One dead Muslim like that is one less problem. No one should suffer assault without protection. The world needs to stop living in a fairy tale – there are vile persons out there and they need to be stopped.

  • Isahiah62

    Just Muslims practicing their religion of [not] peace… Hadith tell the story of Muhammad’s order to kill dogs. Muhammad
    said he would like to have all dogs killed. He wanted them killed, NOT because packs of
    dogs were tormenting the citizens of Medina, but rather, because a puppy stopped the
    mighty angel Gabriel. Muhammad’s solution was to kill the dogs. He first said he
    wanted all dogs killed but then made exceptions for dogs that are used for farming,
    hunting, or watching (outside). Further, he ordered that all black dogs be killed and
    called them “a Satan”.


  • Richard Smith

    I wish I was there – I really do – it would have been a much different story.

    Attacking a woman with a dog – this is pathetic.

    There is no honor among these animals.

  • Stephen Powell

    The problem is not Islam. Islam has not changed in 1600 years and is unchangeable by definition. The problem is the total collapse of Western leadership and its replacement by the magical thinking of ‘multiculturalism’ that dictates state sponsored mass immigration of hostile cultures, and the necessity to accomodate hostile immigrant cultures until the host culture ceases to exist.

  • Richard Smith

    I wish I was there, I really do, it would have been a much different story.

    What kind of animals hit a woman or kick a dog?

    No honor at all among these barbaric animals.

  • Rosie Dale

    She said guys, not Muslims. Everyone jumping to conclusions.

  • Ray Hicks

    a dog is far more valuable than a scuzlim

  • jon wright

    Yes I feel awful for that young girl. Unfortunately this is the norm for these children of Satan. But this incident brings back memories of how the Jews are/were treated there for thousands of years.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Send them back to the sewer they crawled out of!

  • Mal

    They were jealous of the dog.

  • dad1927

    upgrade the dog to a bull mastif. Lets see the cowards then

  • Lucy Iluvbacon Castillo-Riley

    Miserable savages!

  • MrModi

    she should have offered pork to them, they like it

  • Jaem

    It is sad that the dog had more self control than that group of Muslims. Perhaps they were rabid.

  • Ray Baldassari

    Is all this true? Why is America uninformed? ABC, NBC, Fox, help please?

  • Judah

    Dogs behave so much better than mooslims,,, Even dogs know what love is

  • John Dolby

    Muslims (or indeed Arabs/south Asians in general) are parasitical savages. Letting them immigrate is national suicide, you have the traitorous liberals and Jews to thank.

    • mark

      Keep your likely islamic, Jew hatred to yourself you savage.

      • John Dolby

        If I have “Islamic” Jew hatred why am I calling Muslims parasitical savages? Moronic liberal.

  • mark

    An article yesterday I think, showed obama is upping the import of syrian terrorists to the US.

    So far at least Camerlooooooon has let in less than a hundred from syria… its not known that any of them were syrian christians though.

    We do know camerloon has forbidden any uk charities that also get money from the government from sending any aid to coptic christians.

    Yes like many others camerloon claims to be christian but then so many others do, assuming they are, without even knowing how someone actually becomes born again.

  • Tallus

    Just a practise run this time , wait till we have the full deal with a baying and participating crowd audience – saudi style – coming soon to a town near here !

  • papaalphamike

    What “brave” so called men these are. A girl and her dog on a nice day out for a walk and to be treated like this. Any charges laid? or would that be racist. I am fed up. If they don’t like dogs or women dressed the way we do, go back to a country that has all the rules you like.

  • grayjohn

    Note to all members of the Religion of Peace. You try this with me and you will regret it. You kick my dog and I will empty a ten round double stack into your goat fucking face. This is not Denmark and your jihadi bullshit will get you nothing but dead. Our president is on your side, but he is only one illegal alien, and does not speak for the rest of us. Bring it here at your peril. We know who and where your sleeper cells are and they won’t last more than a few minutes. You know nothing about the real America. We are waiting if you are foolish enough to try. I’m going to finish my coffee now, and head to the range for an hour. See you soon if you’re stupid.

    • Clare

      Thank you.

  • Truth Please

    Shame on 4 males ganging up on one female and her dog. Did the authorities ever catch these perps?

  • Rob Hyland

    Chicken shit cowards! Where are the Danish Men to go throw these assholes a beating! Damn!!

  • Rob Hyland

    Draw on your Viking Ancestors, knock the hell out of this hollow heads!!

  • Telstar

    Time to start shooting the Muslim scum where ever you find them. Turn about is fair play.

  • ShiningKnight

    Time to take up arms and take our countries back.

  • Nuron

    this is horrible but she doesn’t say anything about muslims nor does she show her dog.. Please enlighten me

  • Nuron

    As my comment was deleted I am going to ask again, when did she mention that Muslims attacked her? And why didn’t we see the dog in the video?

    • Big Al

      It’s the internet, not a police report.

  • givenswayne

    And it continues , we need to make muslims uncomfortable and harrass them when they are in public anywhere except at the international departure gate at the airport .

  • pinnie

    A very cowardly breed.

  • Ron Roffel

    How is immigration doing for Europe now?

    This is but one example of the intolerance and hatred Muslims have for all that is not to their liking. The founder of their ideology hated dogs, so it has followed for centuries that Muslims also hate dogs. There was good reason that dogs hated the founder of their ideology: dogs can recognize psychopaths and will react accordingly.

    Were there any justice and guts left in the west, governments would exempt Islam from freedom of religion laws, since it has been proven over and over again that the followers have no respect for anyone and will use brute force to impose sharia law on the world. The Arab supremacist ideology has a thin covering of religion over it to disguise the utter political agenda at it’s core. The leaders of Islam want to impose a universal caliphate over the world and are willing to do anything to get there.

    Time to wake up, people. The ideology known as Islam is purely and utterly a political entity masquerading as a religion.

  • Janet Noll

    Europe this is why we Americans keep our guns. If this would have happened to me and my dog I would have blown three Islamic pigs away.

  • wayne

    The fight back will start very soon and it won’t be pleasant

  • SID

    this had nothing to do with a dog. she has short hair so if their simplistic views here is a girl trying to be a boy so they probably felt she was a lesbian and islam is against that

  • Dawood Al Mukhled

    Wow! Well aren’t all of you really pathetic. I bet all of you uneducated assholes, spend too much time on Fox news and pro-republican sites. I’m not going to apologise on behalf of all 1+ billion muslims in the world, for what savages do. I don’t see all Jews having to apologise for what Israel did over the summer, I don’t see Americans apologising for the Vietnam war, and I don’t see any of you fucktwits apologise for your obscene comments. Instead, what I’m going to do, is tell you the truth. I personally believe that these people who, do not follow by the book of Islam, and just kill mindlessly are disgusting and a joke to the human race, let alone a joke to Islam. There is such a thing as free speech, and there is also the abuse of free speech. Likewise, there is also a thing as terrorism. Not Islamic terrorism, but terrorism as a whole. You guys are quick to point fingers, and act all macho, behind a screen, and support an anti-islamic petition, but that doesn’t prove anything, what it does, instead, it shows you in a hating light. Granted what those muslims, did to the danish girl, was a blatant act of treachery not only to human kind, but as to Islam, but what you all are writing, are just showing you, to be human-loathing animals. You call all Muslims savages, when it’s only the actions of a handful, and let alone, write disgusting comments, which only prove of your hypocrisy. In short, it’s not on the actions of a handful, that we are all deemed as savage, and barbaric terrorists.

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