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Swarthmore students heckle, abuse victim of Egyptian torture


No one is safe. It starts with the Jews, of course. They’re fair game — easy prey. But anyone who goes off the reservation and speaks candidly and openly about jihad is a target. Jew, Christian or Muslim.

Islamic supremacist thugs have taken over our college campuses. Administration and faculty laid down to them. Donors kept donating. The takeover was easy. Taking our colleges back? Not so easy.

The powers that be need spine. And that’s the one thing they haven’t got.

But if I were dean, these college terrorists would be thrown off campuses, and all Muslim Brotherhood-tied student groups should be barred from college life. But they are Obama’s protected terror group.


“Swarthmore students heckle victim of Egyptian torture,” By Elder of Ziyon, February 4, 2015

 Yesterday there was a speaker at Swarthmore College:

Hussein Aboubakr was born in 1989 to an Arab Muslim family in Cairo, Egypt. Hussein studied Jewish and Middle Eastern history and Hebrew literature at the Faculty of Arts and Oriental Studies Department at Cairo University. Persecuted by state police for his research at the Israeli Academic Center of Cairo, Hussein participated in the Egyptian revolution until he was forced to depart Egypt as a political refugee. He now lives in the United States.

A man who was persecuted for his beliefs and research. You can’t get a more liberal cause than that, can you?

However, some students are clearly illiberal. From Swarthmore Independent:

The following is an open letter to the Swarthmore community submitted by Swarthmore Students for Israel.

Today, the Swarthmore Students for Israel held an event with an invited speaker, Hussein Aboubakr. Hussein was a victim of torture (both physical and mental), repression, and hatred from his own government in Egypt. His only crime: studying Hebrew in his native country. We brought him in to speak because we believed his story was interesting and offered an important and original perspective on issues in the Middle East.

Our intention was to open a dialogue. Yet some students who attended behaved contemptuously from the very beginning. They opened textbooks and pretended to read while Hussein spoke. They talked amongst themselves. They interrupted and scoffed at him when he told the most harrowing parts of his story. As he tearfully recalled painful experiences in a military prison of being assaulted and cursed at, our peers prepared to yell at him and say that he “can’t f***ing say that.”

Understandably, Hussein reacted negatively to this rude treatment. The students who had come to interrupt now escalated. Soon our question-and-answer session degenerated into a screaming match. Instead of asking the speaker questions, these students yelled at us for bringing him to campus to spread “hatred” and claimed that his lecture “[didn’t] belong here.” One student stood up and proclaimed that he was shocked to hear such opinions at Swarthmore. We thought people attended college to hear new opinions. We expected to people to disagree with him politically. What shocked us was that a survivor of sustained torture could be treated in such a way on our campus.

We should all be able to agree, at a minimum, that guests to our campus, especially those who have suffered extreme physical and mental abuse, should be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of whether we disagree with what they have to say. Alternative opinions should be listened to, not shut down. Unfortunately, those who most fervently advocate diversity seem to be the ones least tolerant of it when it is presented to them, especially in a civilized forum.

What is amazing is that this is not amazing at all.

You can read a couple of Hussein’s articles at TOI.

(h/t SWU)

  • Liz

    so much for getting views from the other side – the only source you cite is the Swarthmore Independent, which (take note) makes no mention of what was ACTUALLY said. Another campus paper cites Mr. Aboubakr as telling his audience that Islam is a degenerate religion, that the Quran explicitly teaches Muslims to kill Jews, and other false assertions constituting hate speech. Imagine for a second that a student group brought a speaker to campus who said similar things about Christianity; that he told students that Christianity was a bastard, impure religion, that all Christians are raised from the cradle to hate and to kill. In that situation, a student would be lauded for speaking out against such assertions, even if it caused a breach of etiquette. By focusing on the student’s actions, rather than the fact that the speaker was plainly misinformed and harmfully prejudiced, the controversy fails to hold the speaker and those who brought him to campus responsible for their role in events.

    (I’m a senior at Swarthmore)

  • pogee

    The speaker was only telling the truth. Here are 109 quotes from the Koran exhorting followers to commit violent acts:

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