Muslim students harass Jewish students in Arizona high school

I received this letter from an Atlas reader. This kind of thing is happening in schools all over the country, and what are school officials doing in response? Taking students on dawah field trips to mosques and — at Duke University — sounding the Islamic call to prayer over loudspeakers. Meanwhile, high school textbooks are being found all over the country to be proselytizing for Islam. If this isn’t stopped, Jewish students at public schools will have to hide their identity — which is already happening all over Europe. And in the UK:

British schools

Dear Pamela,

I love your website and enjoyed seeing you on Hannity the other night!

The whole Islamic issues frustrates me. The schools are pushing political correctness and don’t even cover these stories for fear of lawsuits. Current events was covered in my high school back in the 80’s. Today my kids watch CNN kids news and that is censored.

We are Jewish, and have an influx of Muslim kids in the classes do to our technology companies bringing them here. Ironic, Intel and Motorola employing them. My kids being Jewish have been stared at during Holocaust presentations and are afraid now to even mention what religion they are and want to keep a low profile. Then with the Muslims wanting to push the Koran and supposed Muslim ideas it is losing battle. I want my kids to be proud of our heritage but at the same time don’t want them to be stereotyped and singled out. My daughter had a girl in her high school that point blank asked her because of a conversation if she were Jewish and once my daughter proudly said “YES”! The girl annoyingly closed her binder and got up and moved away across the room from her.

My son is younger and doesn’t want to start with anyone either. I think GOY’s in the world today don’t care and are preoccupied with Christmas and sports and whatever it is – out of sight out of mind for them and they don’t want the realization of what is going on. Should I fight the world or keep to ourselves?? I need to read your books more! Take care and keep up the good fight.

[Name Redacted],
Chandler AZ.

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