Germany: Muslims attack Church-goers, force their way into the St. Mary’s Church, shouting “Shit Christians”


Stabbing Christians is not all Muslims were busy with in Germany.
Germany: Muslims attack Church-goers

Yesterday Muslims have attacked Christians attending a Catholic Christmas celebration in the German city of Mönchengladbach-Rheydt. The five Muslims forced their way into the St. Mary’s Church by shouting “Fucking Christians.” Police arrested two perpetrators.


Google translate of this article:

Mönchengladbach: Muslims worship storm and insult visitors (thanks to Medforth)
Apparently Muslim children and a teenager have disturbed the nativity celebrations for children in the Rheydter St. Mary’s Church. There was Beschimpfungen.Die group rioted eyewitness accounts in the church and called “Shit Christians.”

The sexton could hold two of the five interferers. 15.20 clock against the police was informed about the incident. At the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurants a police patrol took the two detained children and gave them to the parents. In an interview with the parents of two children, officials were able to determine the identity of the other three troublemakers. These were two children and a 14-year-olds. On Religion Zug Subjection of interferers, the police were not disclosed. Whether it was a deliberate action to disrupt worship on Christmas Eve or a thoughtless prank children in the incident, would not comment on a police spokesman. The parish presented criminal charges of disturbing the worship exercise. This indicator applies primarily to the 14-year-olds, as all other members of the five-member group are not criminally responsible.

  • Nick Slobodsky

    May the Muslims rape all German girls for they’re a total shit.

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