Muslim Caucus in Washington Says Islam Commands All Muslims to Vote in a Bloc


Here is further proof of what I describe in detail in my book, Stop Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. The same religious edict has been in practice at the UN, where the largest world body, The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), 56 Muslim countries and the Palestinian Authority, vote as one bloc. Hence all the anti-Israel and restriction of free speech resolutions.

“Muslim Caucus in Washington Says Islam Commands All Muslims to Vote in a Bloc,” By Daniel Greenfield,| FrontPage Magazine (via Blazing Cat Fur)
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A little taste of the Islamization of America.

Well that’s good news for democracy. You can see why Democrats want more Muslim immigrants. What’s better than a choice between a bloc vote and a beheading?

The endorsements are flying ahead of next week’s D.C. general election, but only one group’s have come with a religious edict.

That would be the endorsements of the D.C. Muslim Caucus, a group that is backing the Democratic nominees in the races on the D.C. ballot, plus independent at-large council candidate Elissa Silverman and two candidates in nonpartisan State Board of Education races. It is also urging a vote against Initiative 71, which would legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

What sets the Muslim Caucus apart isn’t the candidates it is backing but this sentence in the Monday news release announcing those endorsements: “According to Islamic tenets, Muslims participating in democratic elections are obligated to vote as a bloc based upon a consensus of the Muslim community.”

Asked about that exhortation, Muslim Caucus spokesman Talib Karim offered two publications he said supported the view that followers of Islam should vote en bloc for favored candidates. One is a statement adopted by a council of Islamic legal scholars at a 2007 meeting of the Muslim World League in Mecca…

No need to worry about Islamic Sharia law coming to America. I doubt the Washington Post would have written this up if they hadn’t called for voting against legal pot. It must be tough for liberals to choose between marijuana and political correctness.

  • It should be noted that the legalization of cannabis – Initiative 71 – passed with 70% of the vote. Evidently the Muslim voting bloc in DC is not that large.

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