ISIS Releases PHOTOS of Mass-Execution Of Captured Syrian Soldiers After Seizing Main Airbase…

Rational and decent human beings do not understand why these savages would boast and brag about their barbarity. The Western mind cannot fathom such inhumanity, but that mentality is unique. These photos and videos are recruiting tools for like-minded devout Muslims who live and die by quranic imperatives.

Here is the horror of the Syrian airbase that I previously reported was conquered and captured by the Islamic State.

“Islamic State documents takeover of Syrian airbase,”
By Bill Roggio, Long War Journal, August 27, 2014


The Islamic State released photographs that document its recent takeover of the Syrian Air Force’s base in Tabqa in Raqqah province.

The photographs, which were published yesterday on the Internet, show the aftermath of the Islamic State’s latest conquest against the Syrian military. Islamic State fighters overran the Tabqa airbase last weekend.

Tabqa was the last bastion for Syrian military forces in Raqqah province, which is now fully under the control of the Islamic State.

The photographs from Tabqa show what appear to be the bodies of dozens of Syrian soldiers who were killed during the fighting. The Islamic State also provides images of several Syrian soldiers, including at least one pilot, who were captured during the assault.

One photograph shows seven captured soldiers kneeling on the ground as Islamic State fighters shoot them from behind. The Islamic State has previously released similar photographs of Iraqi soldiers who were executed by the jihadist group.

Additionally, the Islamic State published photographs of various weapons systems and munitions that were captured or destroyed during the takeover of the airbase. At least three MiG fighters, as well as anti-aircraft missiles and other weapons systems, tanks, and anti-aircraft guns, were seized or destroyed by the Islamic State.

Photographs from Tabqa

Islamic State fighters stand on top of a tank as the bodies of dead Syrian soldiers lie in the foreground:

An Islamic State fighter brandishes a knife in front of a group of captured Syrian soldiers:

Islamic State fighters execute captured Syrian soldiers:

An abandoned Syrian Airforce MiG fighter:

Two abandoned Syrian Airforce MiG fighters in a shelter:

Missiles seized by the Islamic State at Tabqa:

Crates of munitions now under the control of the Islamic State:


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