BBC: “Up to 3,000 British Muslims Fighting for Jihad”

Andrea Mitchell took a breather from polishing Obama’s knob to report that the BBC’s Katty Kay said that the “radicalization” of British Muslims is a “big problem” adding there could be as many as 3,000 jihadist with British passports currently fighting in Syria and Iraq with ISIS.

The fact is, it’s more.

Kay said, “The radicalization of Muslims in Britain, it’s a much bigger problem than it is here. Conservative estimates are suggesting 500 British jihadist, there could be as many as 3,000. One British MP said there are more Muslims from Britain fighting for jihad than there are fighting in the British Army. That’s an indication of how much of a problem it is.”

As for Kay stating that it is a much bigger problem in the UK than it is here — how would she know? Muslims are under 5% of the population in the UK. It’s nowhere near that here, so it’s all relative.  And how would anyone know? The Obama administration has not made it a priority. In fact, the administration does its best to scrub such information (“workplace violence” “man-made disasters”) we have no idea how many American Muslims are waging bloody jihad in the Middle East. Two of them died in the past couple of days so we can assume it’s a fairly good number.

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