Anglican Vicar of Baghdad: “Child I baptised cut in half by ISIS”

Why are there never any mass Muslim protests against this savagery? Why aren’t those “moderate” Muslims who violently demonstrated against Israel in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, etc., protesting the Islamic persecution of Christians in Egypt? Nigeria? Syria? Why aren’t Muslims protesting the over 175,000 dead in jihadi wars in Syria? The jihad in Iraq? Honor Killings? Clitordectomies? Why is it that only Jews defending themselves set them off?


“Anglican Vicar of Baghdad: ‘Child I baptised cut in half by ISIS,’” ACNS, August 8, 2014:

The five-year-old son of a founding member of Baghdad’s Anglican church was cut in half during an attack by the Islamic State1 on the Christian town of Qaraqosh.

In an interview today, an emotional Canon Andrew White told ACNS that he christened the boy several years ago, and that the child’s parents had named the lad Andrew after him.

“I’m almost in tears because I’ve just had somebody in my room whose little child was cut in half,” he said. “I baptised his child in my church in Baghdad2. This little boy, they named him after me – he was called Andrew.”

The fact that Andrew’s brother was named George after St George’s Anglican Church in Iraq’s capital demonstrates the strong ties the family had to the church there. The boy’s father had been a founder member of the church back in 1998 when the Canon had first come to Baghdad. Canon White added, “This man, before he retired north to join his family was the caretaker of the Anglican church.”

Though the move north should have proved safer for the Iraqi Christian family, the Islamic State made sure that it became a place of terror. “This town of Qaraqosh is a Christian village so they knew everybody there was part of their target group,” said Canon White. “They [the Islamic State] attacked the whole of the town. They bombed it, they shot at people.”

The Islamic State group captured Qaraqosh overnight Wednesday/Thursday after the withdrawal of Kurdish forces.

The boy’s family, along with many other townspeople, have now fled to Irbil. However, news reports suggest this may be the Islamic State’s next destination….

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