Islamic State to Hamas: Before We Support Your Fight Against Israel, We Must Attack America First


Obama supported these devout Muslims in Syria. He provided lethal weapons to the “opposition.” ISIS is the opposition. He pulled our troops out of Iraq. The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. Obama created that vacuum. We are witnessing the disastrous fallout of his moral failure.

Obama has put America in grave danger.

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“ISIS Spokesman Explains Why ‘Islamic State’ Not Supporting Hamas,” INN, July 11, 2014

Spokesman for radical jihadi group says the time is not right for a confrontation with Israel.

The Islamic State, or ISIS, has responded to critics who have questioned why its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is not actively supporting Hamas in fighting Israel.

After capturing vast swathes of Iraq and Syria, ISIS declared the regions under its control as a “Caliphate”, or Islamic state, and appointed Baghdadi as “leader of the Muslims”. While many jihadists celebrated the announcement, others – including Al Qaeda, which ISIS broke off from last year – have criticized the move for a variety of reasons.

Since the recent escalation between Israel and Islamist terrorists in Gaza, some of those critics have questioned why a self-declared “Caliphate” is not rushing to the aid of Muslims in the Hamas-controlled territory.

In a statement a spokesperson for the group, Nidal Nuseiri reaffirmed that conquering “Bayt el-Maqdis” (Jerusalem) and destroying the State of Israel is central to the group’s “jihad”, or holy war.

However, he pointed out that ISIS has been taking a systematic approach in its campaign, and outlined six specific stages it said needed to be fulfilled before taking on Israel.

Some of those “stages” – building a firm base for an Islamic state in Iraq, and using it as a springboard to wage war in Syria and Lebanon – have already been achieved. But he said a number of other criteria still needed to be fulfilled before challenging Israel directly.

Among them, Nuseiri said that the US – seen as Israel’s greatest ally – needed to be weakened politically and economically via attacks on the American mainland, as well as US interests in Muslim countries. Additionally, the existing “Islamic State” needed to expand its borders to cover all of “Greater Syria” (which would include Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and possibly Gaza); such a state, he said, would then be in a position for a direct confrontation with Israel.


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  • Dilbert Delaney

    There can be no denying that the changes that Obama made in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and the Middle East in general has been a disaster. Think about the relative calm that was there before he took office. And yes, el presidente Jorge Boosh, made the first disasterous mistake by taking out Sadam Hussein in Iraq. Hussein and his Sunni followers kept Iran in check. Now look what we have — Iran on the verge of obtaining nuclear weapons and funding the ISIS Shiites waging terror all over the place. And Hamas has no doubt been emboldened by Obama’s Reverend Wright-like view of Israel.

    • Freedom Squandered

      ISIS is Sunni not Shiite.

      With the political bickering nowadays, it’s easy to forget the post 9/11 national alarm. WMD’s in the hands of Islamic terrorists was a huge concern and CIA reported that Sadaam had them. Both Dems & GOP believed the reports at the time. Sadaam probably was held in contempt by GWB so there may also have been an ulterior motive. GWB had strong favorables at the time and Iraq was conquered quickly. The other war – the Afghan war – went on & on and as fatalities of US troops mounted and mangled bodies returned home, we became war-weary on the homefront and GWB was criticized more & more in the MSM and the public. Nevertheless, the figures in history (Bush1, Clinton, GWB & Obama) cannot be remembered without remembering the context of world events occurring around them.

      Obama’s legacy in the the history books will certainly be one of great failure – unless the history books are written by Muslims or bureaucrats in the United States of Socialist Democrat America.

      • Ruth

        There WMD’s in Iraq. The ISIS found them and plan to use them or did you not read the report.

        • Freedom Squandered

          Yes, I’ve heard the reports that ISIS has Saddam’s WMD. Although it is certainly entirely possible that there actually Saddam had WMD’s after all, it is only a report until it is somehow confirmed by a credible source. My own suspicion is that Saddam was hiding them in Syria with the help of Assad.

          • irish7_1sg

            Captured Iraqi Generals admitted that they moved chemical weapons to Syria just before we invaded. Bush was authorized the use of force by virtue of Saddam’s failure to comply with UN guidelines from 1991 alone. Obama is more than just a fool. He is a traitor. He has appointed Muslim Brotherhood members to key cabinet positions. He toppled regimes in Africa that were allies. He is selling out our only real friend in the region, Israel.

          • MeeM

            Israel isnt freind of America. Israel is father of america. as USA always support his father against all world specially arabs

          • MeeM

            how saddam and asad can be freind or helping each other ?

            Asad is shia , saddam was sunni.

        • chipkinsitka

          Sorry Ruth compute hard drive crashed. Lost all E-mails…….

      • IIslamDownpressesHumanity

        The United States of Socialist Democrat America? Or the United Islamic States of N. America?

    • Freedomwriter

      I don’t see how Saddam could have held up against ISIS. On the one hand people say he didn’t have WMD and was really weak and on the other everyone seems to think he could have defended Iraq against ISIS when Assad couldn’t defeat them. I don’t think Saddam would have made much difference. What we discovered in Iraq was that these terrorists are virtually unbeatable because they play so dirty and are so fanatical. I think we are delaying all out war with them too long – it’s cowardly. We should finish them off however we can ASAP before we all live to regret it. They are absolute monsters after all.

      • MeeM


        no they are not dangerous. if america stop supply of weapons to them. they wont be able to kill a fly.

    • Mike Bromley

      I rather think Iran finds ISIS a major pain in the arse, rather than supporting them. Shiite Iran wouldn’t find financing a Sunni group very sensible, as far as sensible things go in Iran.

    • MeeM

      What ? Iran funding ISIS ?

  • I Love Israel

    If you read the book “End of America” written by John Price, one can’t help but wonder if ISIS is the group that will be setting off suitcase nukes in multiple American cities which would wipe us out of the world within an hour. Our administration is partnering with EVIL and rejecting the normal and rational people of Israel. The American people with PAY DEARLY for this. The irony is that I’m sure ISIS will target D.C. for sure and Barack will find out firsthand what a foolish man he is.

    • jim shirreffs

      ISIS or any other enemy for that matter, would be very foolish to target D.C. with a weapon of mass destruction. Taking out the nations leaders in DC would mean putting the military in change and that could get very ugly for who ever attacked us. No, an enemy would leave leadership in place so they could negotiate some kind of peaceful solution.

      • I Love Israel

        That would not be much comfort if they take out New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles. If they got multiple cities in the wintertime, millions of people would die from exposure. In the famous words of Killary, “what difference would it make” if D.C. did survive if they took out several other cities. The United States as we know it would be over. They would kill BO as well for his support for gays, women’s rights, etc.

  • dad1927

    While we share his sentiment (which we doubt is
    much of a concern to the US MIC as it will merely provide one set of
    US-made weapons to destroy another set of US-made weapons) we repeat
    that there is a very simple solution. It comes from Andy Borowitz, who appears to have read our mind, and is breathtakingly simple.

    Presenting: The Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form

    After announcing, on Thursday, that it would seek $500 million to
    help “train and equip appropriately vetted elements of the moderate
    Syrian armed opposition,” the White House today posted the following
    Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form:

    Welcome to the United States’ Moderate Syrian Rebel Vetting Process.
    To see if you qualify for $500 million in American weapons, please
    choose an answer to the following questions:

    As a Syrian rebel, I think the word or phrase that best describes me is:

    A) Moderate
    B) Very moderate
    C) Crazy moderate
    D) Other

    I became a Syrian rebel because I believe in:

    A) Truth
    B) Justice
    C) The American Way
    D) Creating an Islamic caliphate

    If I were given a highly lethal automatic weapon by the United States, I would:

    A) Only kill exactly the people that the United States wanted me to kill
    B) Try to kill the right people, with the caveat that I have never used an automatic weapon before
    C) Kill people only after submitting them to a rigorous vetting process
    D) Immediately let the weapon fall into the wrong hands

    I have previously received weapons from:

    A) Al Qaeda
    B) The Taliban
    C) North Korea
    D) I did not receive weapons from any of them because after they vetted me I was deemed way too moderate

    I consider ISIS:

    A) An existential threat to Iraq
    B) An existential threat to Syria
    C) An existential threat to Iraq and Syria
    D) The people who will pick up my American weapon after I drop it and run away

    Complete the following sentence. “American weapons are…”

    A) Always a good thing to randomly add to any international hot spot
    B) Exactly what this raging civil war has been missing for the past three years
    C) Best when used moderately
    D) Super easy to resell online

    Thank you for completing the Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form.
    We will process your application in the next one to two business days.
    Please indicate a current mailing address where you would like your
    weapons to be sent. If there is no one to sign for them we will leave
    them outside the front door.

    • chipkinsitka

      I’m going to take wild guess and go for C on all of them for now. Because you Americans say a grade of C is average. Now can I get Sting Ray singer missiles. We love Police, PC, UT, Rock the Casbah to (many beautiful jets).

  • Mike Bromley


  • EJO

    ISIS destroys shrines and mosques, may be targeting Mecca

    By Perry Chiaramonte / Published July 10, 2014 /

    ISIS is leaving a path of destroyed churches, shrines and mosques in its wake as it storms across Syria and Iraq, and has even set its sights on Mecca — Islam’s holiest site.

    The nihilistic jihadis, led by self-proclaimed descendant of Prophet Muhammad Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, have already bulldozed or blown up some of the most sacred places in Iraq, and seem bent on killing, and destroying anyone or anything that does not measure up to their vision of Islam.

    A total of six mosques across the northern Nineveh province of Iraq have been destroyed by ISIS forces.

    This is fairly long. But just in case…

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      I don’t care how many mosques are destroyed. The more the merrier.
      The holiest man in islam, muhammud, destroyed anyone or anything that didn’t measure up to his vision of islam either. The actions of ISIS are commonplace in islamic history, it’s the nature of islam — just look at what the islamic-nazis did in Afghanistan (an area once inhabited by Buddhists and Hindus) or the Indian sub-continent.

  • Christer Eriksson

    As a Swedish soldier in Afghanistan, I have taken the lives of at least 57 Islamists. And I continue to be happy with the Islamists in Gaza.

  • Almach

    Oh that’s good news. Before they turn their stupidity towards the tiny Jewish state they’ll have to contend and get obliterated by a much larger and stronger army, though before that even happens, they’ll get crushed by other muslims, because there’s no denying that they’re very good at butchering one another.

  • John Barleycorn

    Wake up America . . . .OBAMA is the ENEMY ..

  • Hossein

    as a muslim, i say “death to ISIS” and Al-qaeda. Despite these radical groups, almost 95% of muslims want peace and security.

  • Hossein

    ISIS is a threat to all countries including the U.S