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Four Front War: First time in History Israel attacked from Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Sinai

The last time Israel was attacked by multiple Muslim states was the 1967 war (Egypt, Jordan, and Syria).

Today Israel was attacked on four fronts for the first time ever. If the savages keep this up, we will be looking at a Greater Israel :)

Lebanon: Suspected Palestinian gunners have been firing rockets into Israel over the last two days. So far, no injuries have been reported.

On July 11, unidentified gunners launched at least three 107 mm rockets into northern Israel. The rockets, fired around 6 a.m. local time, landed into rural areas of Israel and no casualties were reported.

The Israel Army responded with artillery fire into southern Lebanon. The army was said to have fired some 25 shells toward the suspected rocket launch site.

On late July 12, three rockets were fired from Lebanon and landed near the northern Israeli city of Nahariya. There were no reports of casualties from the attack, said to have stemmed from the southern Lebanese city of Sidon.

So far, Lebanon has reported the arrest of of two suspects. Lebanon’s official National News Agency said one of those suspected was injured during the launches on July 11 and was rushed to a nearby hospital.


The Israeli military has sought to play down the Lebanese rocket fire.

Officials said the attacks mark solidarity with Hamas and its Palestinian militia allies in the Gaza Strip.

“Calmness has prevailed the area and the two parties have shown commitment to respect the UN 1701 resolution,” United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon commander Maj. Gen. Paolo Serra said on July 12 before the latest rocket strike.

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At approximately 11:00 p.m. local time Sunday, Israel’s Golan Heights was struck by a mortal shell from Syria, causing a large fire. Israel quickly retaliated, firing three missiles into where the Syrian strike originated.

“The Israel Defense Forces view the Syrian regime as responsible for what is done in its territory,” said an IDF spokesperson. IDF sources said they believed the attacks were deliberately targeted at Israel. It remains undiscovered as to who is ultimately responsible for the mortar attacks coming from Syrian territory.

Israel-Syria border

Shortly after midnight, three rockets were fired from southern Lebanon into the northern Israel coastal city of Nahariya. Following the attack, The IDF immediately returned artillery fire into Lebanon.

This week, Israel has now faced documented attacks originating from Syria, Lebanon, and both Palestinian territories.

Separately, Egypt and Israel continue to build their mutually beneficial partnership by cooperating to counter the efforts of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood wings in their respective countries. Late Sunday, Egyptian forces found two rockets in the Sinai peninsula just before they were slated to be fired into Israel.

In another important development late Sunday, Israel called up additional reserve units on top of the 40,000 that were called into duty this week.

Additionally, Hamas jihadis sent a rocket barrage into the southern city of Ashkelon, breaking a streak of two hours of calm during the World Cup final between Argentina and Germany. The Iron Dome intercepted seven missiles during the latest rocket salvo from Hamas.


Israel’s Channel 2 News reported that Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal left for Turkey to negotiate a ceasefire agreement; Hamas denied the reports.

At 7:00 p.m. local time, US Secretary of State John Kerry phoned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reportedly telling him that the US is “concerned about the escalating tensions in Gaza.”

A state department official described Kerry’s call to Netanyahu:

He described his engagement with leaders in the region to help to stop the rocket fire so calm can be restored and civilian casualties prevented, and underscored the United States’ readiness to facilitate a cessation of hostilities, including a return to the November 2012 ceasefire agreement.

Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper struck a different chord, promising to stand with Israel without demanding a ceasefire upon the Jewish state.

“The indiscriminate rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel are terrorist acts, for which there is no justification. It is evident that Hamas is deliberately using human shields to further terror in the region,” he said. “Failure by the international community to condemn these reprehensible actions would encourage these terrorists to continue their appalling actions. Canada calls on its allies and partners to recognize that these terrorist acts are unacceptable and that solidarity with Israel is the best way of stopping the conflict.

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