Savage: VIDEO of Muslims Attacking Jews at Demo for Kidnapped Jewish Teens but NY Times Blames “Economics” on Why Jews are Fleeing France

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There was a humane demonstration in Paris in support of the three Jewish boys who were kidnapped last week by jihad savages. Muslims, of course, attacked the Jews. It’s indicative of just how horrible it really is in Europe — that it is an act of real courage to attend a rally in support of kidnapped Jewish children.

Islamic Jew-hatred – it’s in the quran.

Political and media elites attack and smear me for our bus and subway ads. But did they cover this barbarity? Of course not. The enemedia is hellbent on destroying my colleagues and me. They voluntarily act as the contemporary analogue to Der Stürmer — propaganda arm for Hamas groups like CAIR.

Video thanks to Armaros

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AFDI pro-Israel ad

AFDI pro-Israel ad

afdi islamic jew hatred

But The New York Times story today on the Jews fleeing Europe tries to pervert the motive. The Jews are leaving for economic reasons. The Times resorts to that old antisemitic idea —  it’s about money. Vile. France is the country of these Jews. They are French – imagine what it would take for you to be forced to leave your native homeland. They love France, it is their country. But the NY Times ‘journalist’  Dan Bilefsky sees it this way.

“…the decision is being driven by a complex combination of factors, including the cultural pull of Israel and France’s flat economy, especially for the younger generation drawn by the possibility of other opportunities in a more vibrant Israeli economy.

When Bilsky finally does mention the Muslims, it’s to emphatically state that the Jews and the Muslims is ‘peaceful’.

Miriam Monsonego, daughter of school headmaster Rabbi Yaacov Monsonego, who was killed in a shooting attack at the Ozar Hatorah School in Toulouse

Miriam Monsonego, daughter of school headmaster Rabbi Yaacov Monsonego, one of the victims of a Jihadist’s massacre at a Jewish day school.

Here is the whole article – a stunning indictment of The NY Times bias and twisted reportage:

PARIS — For Tiffany Taieb Nizard, the decision to abandon France for Israel came this month when a French-born man was accused of gunning down four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels in an anti-Semitic attack.

It was just the tipping point. Earlier, Ms. Taieb Nizard, a 32-year-old mother of two, says she was punched on the bustling Champs-Élysée by a gang of Muslim girls who called her “dirty Jew.” Last year, a man in her upscale neighborhood on the edge of Paris complained to the police about her sister’s Sukkah, a ritual hut erected for a Jewish holiday, she said. She insists that her orthodox husband wear a baseball cap over his skullcap to avoid being harassed. A graduate in management, she said, she was also struggling to find a job.

“I love France, and this is my country, but I am disgusted now,” she says. “In Israel there is an army that will protect us. Here, I can no longer see a future for my children.”

While hers was a personal decision, other Jews in France are doing the same. And while the number is relatively small — 1,407 of France’s roughly 500,000 Jews left in the first three months of the year — it is four times higher than for the same period last year, according to the Jewish Agency for Israel, which coordinates the migration of Jews to Israel.


A surveillance camera image of a man suspected of a deadly attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels last month. Credit Federal Police/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Jewish leaders say the decision is being driven by a complex combination of factors, including the cultural pull of Israel and France’s flat economy, especially for the younger generation drawn by the possibility of other opportunities in a more vibrant Israeli economy.

But the main catalyst, they say, is a growing awareness of a seemingly greater acceptance of anti-Semitism, here and in other parts of Europe, where the success of far-right parties in elections for the European Parliament in May, including by the National Front in France and neo-Nazi parties in Hungary and Greece, has created a less friendly, and sometimes, even hostile environment for Jews and other minorities.

Serge Cwajgenbaum, a Frenchman who is secretary general of the Brussels-based European Jewish Congress, stressed that a majority of France’s Jews were remaining in France and constituted a thriving and well-integrated community. He said relations between Jews and the country’s roughly six million Muslims were by in large peaceful.

He also emphasized, however, that the shifting political winds were heightening the anxieties of European Jewery. “French anxiety represents the general anxiety of Jews in Europe, who fear for their safety and future,” he said. “If the situation continues there will be an accelerated movement out of Europe.”

Last year, 3,288 French Jews emigrated to Israel — a 72 percent increase over 2012. For the first time since 1948, the year the state of Israel was founded, French émigrés surpassed the number of American Jews emigrating to Israel. This year, the Jewish Agency for Israel says it expects some 5,000 to make aliyah, the Hebrew word for immigration to Israel that translates literally as “to ascend.” The agency said that while globally emigration to Israel was stagnating, French Jews were the notable exception.

In a November 2013 survey of Jews in eight European Union countries by the organization’s anti-racism agency, nearly a third said they had considered emigrating over the last five years because they did not feel safe as Jews. The study showed that France, Hungary and Belgium are perceived as having the most worrying levels of anti-Semitism. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed said they stayed away from Jewish events or locations for fear for their safety.

In France, for instance, Jews are the victims of 40 percent of hate crimes, according to the Jewish Community Protection Service, which tracks anti-Semitic incidents.

Jewish community leaders here say apprehension has escalated following a series of high-profile anti-Semitic attacks against Jews, most recently in May when two young brothers were beaten by two men with brass knuckles as they left a synagogue in Créteil near Paris.

In January, courts banned a series of shows by Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, a comedian of French and West African heritage, after state television had broadcast a video in which he said he regretted that a leading Jewish journalist had not been killed in the gas chambers. He also is credited with popularizing an inverted Nazi salute embraced by his many supporters.


A makeshift memorial at the entrance of the Jewish Museum in Brussels last month. Credit Georges Gobet/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

The Jewish community is still haunted by a 2012 killing rampage during which Mohammed Merah, a young Frenchman with Algerian roots shot and killed seven people, including three children and a rabbi, outside a school in Toulouse.

Ariel Kandel, the French-born director of the Jewish Agency’s French office, said that high-youth unemployment in France and an emotional connection to Israel were also spurring emigration. But he said growing social acceptance of anti-Semitism was a catalyst. “You have Marine Le Pen on the right and then you have Islamic radicalism and Jews are caught in the middle,” he said.

The Mediterranean city of Netanya in Israel has attracted so many French, including retirees drawn by sunny weather, that Israelis have called it the French Riviera. French-speaking real estate agents, notaries and lawyers in Israel catering for the new arrivals say they can barely keep up with demand.

On a recent evening, about 70 French Jews considering departing for Israel packed an information session at the Jewish Agency’s heavily guarded offices in Paris. An Agency official overseeing emigration, Eliaou Zenou, a Frenchman who had made aliyah, laid out the relative advantages — and challenges — of moving to Israel.

The would-be emigrants, he noted, would have to bid adieu to France’s 35-hour workweek, learn Hebrew, forsake foie gras in favor of hummus, find a job, work on Sundays, give up five-week holidays and, depending on their age, serve in the army.

In return, he stressed, they would gain cultural empowerment from living in the land of their ancestors and benefit from a dynamic start-up economy. And despite Israel’s reputation as a land of perpetual war and conflict, he added, Israelis lived an average 81.8 years compared with 81.5 years in France. “You gain three months,” he said.

“No one is saying you will become a C.E.O. overnight. But if you learn Hebrew and are willing to work, there are opportunities,” he said. “What you are about to do takes courage,” he added.

Don’t read the rest. You know what The Times is trying to do. Make the Jewish emigration out of Europe about anything but than what it really is – the jihad against the Jews.


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  • Jon Sobieski

    Making the pravda division proud. You really have to work and work hard to avoid Islam, Moslem and jihad, but they did it! They should be proud.


    islam = neo-nazis.

    • IslamIsTyranny

      Interesting idea considering islamic Jew hatred pre-dated the existence of the modern German language.


        islam = paleo-nazis


        • IslamIsTyranny

          Yep. After all there were no Germans when muhammud was spewing his Jew hatred. The Germanic tribes were illiterate pigs at the time.

        • shrugger

          I’d go with
          islam = Nazi template

  • Judi

    Well, from what I could see in the video, the police were out in full force and did go some way to protect the Jewish crowd before the savages could do too much damage.

    • Atikva

      But did you hear one policeman shout to his men who were restraining one of the muslims attackers: “Let him go, let him go, or it will degenerate” ? (my translation). The police can’t do a proper job when muslims are involved without risking a riot, the burning of their precinct and the lives of their men. They have been instructed by the authorities a long time ago “not to make waves”, to “keep a low profile”, in other words, to let the muslims do whatever they want to do.

      The whole country is like Dearborn, MI. The government is complacent, the police and the people are scared and don’t know what to do.

      • Almach

        It’s ALL about the Petrol Prostitution of the West.


          There is NO reason for Petrol Prostitution.

          The US and a coalition of worthy countries must take over the oil fields of the Middle East and lower the price of oil back to $10 per barrel.

          • Almach

            Absolutely, that goes without saying. But European countries will keep to bend to muslim’s demands, largely because of Petrol Prostitution, especially the UK.

    • Ulysses

      Really, Judi? I thought they could have done much more. When they caught one of the guys, the one in the dirty gray sweatpants, did you not here the other cops saying “Lache le, lache le” ? That means let him go, let him go. I think they were scared that if they made an arrest and took him away, there would be more Muslim rage. All that protective gear and they behaved like pussies.

      • Ulysses

        Meant to write hear, not here. It’s late. I’m tired.

  • John Doe

    Why batons go with machine guns…its obvious anyone that’ll attack Jews are anti-semitic, blow them away-send them to Allah, then on to the next one.

    I thought Europe learned the lessons of WW2, beat down fascist anti-semitic ideologies, well Islam is the grand-daddy of anti-semitism and fascism.


      Islam is at war with the entire world.

      The proper response is that the entire world wage war on Islam UNTIL Islam surrenders to Infidels and locks up the 150,000,000, the 15% of Muslims who give Islam a bad name.

      • Ewade

        The other 85% that remain silent are 100% in concurrence. They just let the 15% do the heavy lifting. Read the Qu’ran, they all believe the same doctrine, that the infidels must be eliminated.


          They insist,

          So we must resist.

  • Paul

    Time to bring out the weapons against these savages – and i dont men air rifles.

  • M

    muslims in European countries need rough, harsh treatment.

    • Almach

      they need to be shown the exit and their mosques rased to the ground.


        The answer is to do to Islamists what they proclaim they want to do AND do to others.

        • shrugger

          It’s difficult for Westerners to achieve that level of Barbarity.

  • Jeff

    This is what happens to country once you let this evil surge into a country, once they out number us then the true islam ( which hates everything not muslim, jews, infidels, etc.) THIS IS PROOF that we need to start fighting back against this evil cancer that is spreading around the world!!! WE THE PEOPLE need to convince our traitor politicians and governments of what this scum really wants (which is to make the world shariah compliant) anyone that doesn’t bow to allah or worship mooHAMmud will be killed!!! PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES, STAND UP TO THJIS EVIL!!!

  • ML NJ

    This won’t end until these swine are shot dead on the streets.

  • Trend Prophet

    Jews and others need to do similar things on Al quds day marches etc.

  • john700

    In 20 years whites will be in the same situation.

    • kikorikid

      No, in twenty years, Diversity will be a dead concept.

  • conservative

    The one woman wrecking-crew of the Jewish people’s image

    • Santos2

      Shut up.


      The image of the Jewish people is a bit better than the image that al qada, taliban, boko haram, saddaam hussein, fascist iran and its ayatollahs, assad family dictatorship has representing Islam, the religion of peace.

      Socialism is discredited for its support of regressive islamism.

    • IslamIsTyranny

      Shouldn’t you be banging your head on the floor for allah about now? Preferably in some islamic hellhole somewhere?

    • Jack Smith

      Unfortunately almost all US Jews (sans Orthodox Jews) are slaves to a radical, liberal / progressive dogma and are blinded by extreme PC’ness, as such they are literally self defeating… and a liability to the survival of the Jewish people… Many Israel loving/admires are flabbergasted by the unfathomable duality in the so called “Jewish world” that includes on the one side a tiny, freedom loving, brave, resilient, resourceful, smart, giving nation that survives and prospers as a vibrant democracy in an ultra hostile environment against all odds and on the other side, self indulgent, self righteous post Jews that prefer the emotional gratification of promoting a Utopian mirage of achieving absolute Justice to what is mostly a fabricated injustice (including the social acceptance that comes with this morally corrupt stand)

      American Jews that continue to pressure Israel (J-Street et al. self loathing “”Jews””) into giving away large chunks of their historical and legal/legitimate (League of nations resolution 1920-47-48) heartland to Arab terrorists or at best self proclaimed “ex terrorists” (which aid and abet their terrorist compatriots and can be removed at a drop of a hat) in the name of their imaginary “”Justice””, are traitors to their people, identity and religion, more so when Iran the genocidal arch enemy of Israel is on the cusp of pulling of the biggest Geo-political swindle of a the last century, on a radical revolutionary and/or nitwit POTUS and the swarms of Godless ISIS mass murderers that are the hot blooded/primitive version of Nazis that are gaining a foothold in the ME (what will happen to IL when ISIS takes Jordan??) while the progressive impotent/clueless “Messiah”, does essentially nothing…

      American Jews that voted for H0 for POTUS, not once but twice!! are enemies of Judaism, the Jews & Israel

  • Whatsmyname2

    France has gone to the dogs like Great Britain and Sweden. The most progressive, modern, open and free societies of Europe are now awash in this totalitarian terrorism. It is eerily reminiscent of Jews running from the rabid German mobs with the police standing idly by in Hitler’s Germany. It looks like these countries are just falling to more oppression and control, whether in the name of tolerance and multiculturalism today, or cultural purity and order as in the past. The new world order has a third Reich odor I once heard it said.
    There are Muslims dancing and laughing while the Jews are running for their lives and the police are just standing on the sidewalk. Then a few go after the Muslims and yell what are you doing and arrest one. The rest are like home free.
    The problem with moving to Israel is not hummus and military service and a different work schedule. The problem is that it is very far away and you have to leave all of your possessions and things and people behind who you know to go somewhere completely different where you don’t know the language or culture. Israeli culture is very strict and intolerant in some ways. They don’t welcome Christians to live there and they don’t allow intermarriage.
    The country is being pulled apart by religious extremist Orthodox fanatics on the one hand, and ultra liberal, no sympathy for the Jews or their safety compromisers with the NWO on the other hand. I think it is a big chaotic mess to try to live there. But there is that at least that that is where God is calling the Jews.

    • Betty4440

      why don’t the Jews want Christians to live in Israel?

      • Whatsmyname2

        Because the psycho rabbis say that they aren’t Jewish and they don’t want to lose their culture to Christianity.

        • IslamIsTyranny

          I’d figure just because Yeshua and his apostles were Jewish doesn’t make everyone Christian Jewish.

          • Whatsmyname2

            No I mean actual Jews who believe in Jesus are not allowed to make Aliyah unless they fight for it.

          • IslamIsTyranny

            What about Jews who accept muhammud as a prophet of G-d?

          • Whatsmyname2

            Yeah I don’t know any of those, do you?

          • IslamIsTyranny

            Pamela Geller featured an article right here in which a reformed woman rabbi had accepted muhammud as a prophet of G-d.

          • Bryan Katz

            No one will pay attention to one or two crackpots. My guess is they end up converting to Islam, but…it’s more of a hypothetical scenario.

          • Larry S.

            Not sure what you mean by “believe in Jesus”. But once you accept Jesus as the Son of God, you are a Christian, not a Jew.

    • IslamIsTyranny

      I don’t really like the pacifist credo of Christianity. I don’t like Christians who practice Chrislam. If you turn the other cheek to the islamic-nazis, they’ll cut your f’ing head off.

      • kikorikid

        Eccl 3: “there is a time to gather stones.”

  • Almach

    It’s really really bad in France, I for one have been ashamed of being French, how could my fatherland have gone down so low. This is the full version for the demonstration in Paris. Towards the end there’s this lady who affirms that the media is not telling the whole truth about the escalating antisemitism in France and it is not protecting the Jews of France who have been living in that country for countless generations, they no longer feel safe there. As Pamela says, the enemedia is being is being too lenient with islam. I’m sick of reading things like: “they get radicalised in prison” and “they get radicalised when they go to Syria”, when this is way far from the truth. Islam is the problem and they get radicalised at the very mosques where they go to.

    • The Mad Jewess

      Dont feel bad, USA is headed in the same direction

      • IslamIsTyranny

        And how is Israel handling its infestation of muslime rats? I’ve noted muslime members of the Knesset collaborating w/the islamic-nazis of Hamas. Who set the Mt. Carmel fires? Christians?

      • kikorikid

        SShhhh. Don’t tell them
        that we did not give up our arms.
        It’s a surprise.
        Islam always does well
        in unarmed societies.

  • Almach

    ISIS, and the problem with the West’s Petrol Prostitution:

    • Clare

      Thanks for posting.

  • Anonymous

    The West and the Europeans are cowards. They were brave to face up to the Nazis.
    But they are now cowards cowering to the Islamo-Nazis without a fight and throwing away our hard-won freedom.

  • Judah

    The photo of little Miriam is heartbreaking. How could anyone harm, much less,
    kill such a sweet inocent little child….Jesus warned those that would offend a
    child…and He keeps His promices

    • IslamIsTyranny

      Because islam and muslimes are evil. You can’t be a good muslime in the same way you can’t be a good nazi.

  • Metatrona

    The New York Times appears to be a Muslim tool. I wonder who is pocketing the Muslim money at the Times???

  • RevnantDream

    My advice to Jews is get out while the getting is good.
    It won’t get better that’s for sure for them. Not in Europe.

    • IslamIsTyranny

      This kinda islamic-nazi BS is spreading across the world. Jewish students have been harassed and threatened at US universities.

      • kikorikid

        They have indeed. Mostly the work of MSA, a proxy for the
        Muslim Brotherhood.

        • IslamIsTyranny

          The MSA at USC, in Southern California, quoted one of the hadith that call for the worldwide extermination of Jews on their home page.

  • AltheSpiceman

    Islam = Dirty Bastards.

  • Cindy

    God Bless you, Pamela. Thank you for all you do. Keeping you in my prayers.

  • brenrod

    euro jewish leaders are the same dummies who had their head in the sands before the holocaust. They should be saying to the Jews: “get out now while you are still alive”!