US military personnel forced to submit to the sharia during Ramadan


Our troops must adhere to the sharia during the Islamic month of Ramadan in Bahrain and other Muslim countries. Subjected to dawah (proselytizing) by an Islamic cultural adviser at the Naval Support Activity, soldiers are forced to sit through lessons on Islam. No eating, drinking, alcohol, smoking during the month of Ramadan.

This is what the Obama administration and the US military are obsessed with as armies of jihad tear through the Middle East.

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Military newspaper Stars and Stripes report:

“It actually made me want to do a lot more research into the religion,” said Petty Officer 1st Class James Ramirez.

Really? How about equal time for the Jewish faith? The Christian faith? The Hindu faith?

US military  are encouraged “to experience Iftar in a Ramadan tent.”

Why anyone who is not a Muslim must stop eating (except in secret) during Ramadan is another example of Islamic supremacism. Unlike Jewish law, which pertains only to Jews, and Canon Law, which pertains only to Catholics, the Sharia asserts its totalitarian authority over non-Muslims.

During the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, Jews fast from sunup to sundown. Nowhere and at no time has the idea of no one else eating been considered. Nor should it.

The idea that our servicemen and women cannot have a coffee on their drive to work is outrageous and indicative of how far the West has gone in the norming of the sharia. Muslims eat a giant meal before sunup, but our boys and girls can’t have a coffee while we defend these countries in many cases? Supremacism and submission.

And it doesn’t stop there. Our soldiers (men and women) must wear long sleeve shirts. No alcohol or smoking  is permitted, and if all this weren’t pathetic enough, soldiers are instructed to say “Ramadan Kareem.”

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US personnel in Bahrain prepare for Ramadan
By Hendrick Simoes
Stars and Stripes
Published: June 26, 2014 (thanks to witness)

Ali Hassan, a base cultural adviser at Naval Support Activity Bahrain, briefs about 150 U.S. personnel about Islam, the Islamic lunar calender, and about customs and traditions during Ramadan, Tuesday.

MANAMA, Bahrain — U.S. personnel accustomed to drinking their coffee on the drive to work will have to put that habit on hold for about a month. It’s one of a few lifestyle changes Americans will have to make during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Officials expect Ramadan to begin at sunrise on Saturday, depending on when the new moon is sighted. The holy month lasts for approximately 30 days — until about July 28. For Muslims around the world, Ramadan is a month of fasting and devotion to God. Most Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, when families gather for Iftar — the meal that breaks the fast.

For the 8,200 U.S. personnel living here, and those serving throughout the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility — including servicemembers, civilian personnel, contractors and family members — the month may require changing some daily routines.

Businesses and government offices will reduce hours and most restaurants will be closed during daylight hours.

While not required to fast during Ramadan, in Bahrain, Americans can be fined or detained by local authorities for eating, drinking or smoking in public when off-base during daylight hours.

Navy officials are requiring U.S. personnel to dress more conservatively off-base during Ramadan. Although not a requirement by Bahraini authorities, the Navy is demanding that men wear long-sleeved shirts and women wear sleeved blouses that cover their elbows. Also, men must wear long trousers, and women should wear pants or skirts that cover the knees.

Base cultural advisers have spent the last few weeks conducting Ramadan briefs to educate Americans about the holy month. Ali Hassan briefed about 150 personnel Tuesday about Islam, the lunar calendar and customs and traditions during Ramadan.

“It actually made me want to do a lot more research into the religion,” said Petty Officer 1st Class James Ramirez. He said the additional requirements during the month aren’t a big deal to him. “For such a small period of time, it’s a small sacrifice,” he said.

Other servicemembers echoed that sentiment.

Hassan encouraged personnel to experience Iftar in a Ramadan tent, many of which are set up at various locations around Bahrain during the holy month and welcome non-Muslims.

“Make it a point to visit these tents while you’re here. You don’t know if you’ll ever come back to Bahrain in the future,” Hassan said during the brief.

While the tents offer a more traditional atmosphere, many restaurants put aside their regular menus during the month and serve special Iftar dinners.

Things to Know During Ramadan:

Eating, drinking, chewing and smoking in public are civil offenses in some Islamic countries.

Men should wear long sleeves and pants. Women’s sleeves should extend below the elbow and pants or skirts should cover the knees.

Avoid critical remarks about fasting or any religious practice.

Most restaurants will be closed except those in 4- and 5-star hotels.

Businesses alter and reduce hours during the day; some open at night until early morning hours.

Arabs are good hosts and may offer you food or refreshments during daylight hours. Such offers should be declined.

All consumption of alcohol by U.S. military personnel is prohibited at any off base public venue in the U.S. Navy 5th Fleet Area of Responsibility during Ramadan.

It’s customary to say ‘Ramadan Kareem’ during Ramadan.

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  • James Mccall

    How about yelling Allah Chingada

  • altoman69

    The U.S. Military personnel should use bacon fat as a repellent of sorts. Eat bacon bits for snacks at all times.

    • eileen

      Lol too funny !

  • OhioHomeowner

    Every Muslim who is adult and in possession of his faculties must fast Ramadan.
    (c) It is also preferable to break the fast when the warriors approach the enemy. Abu Sa’id reported : “We travelled in the company of the prophet to Mecca. We were fasting and we approached Mecca. The Prophet told us “You have neared your enemy and it will give you more strength if you break the fast”.

    (d) If a clash with the enemy is certain, then breaking the fast is imperative. Abu Sa’id, continuing his previous report, said “Then we came closer to Mecca. The Prophet told us “Tomorrow you will meet your enemy ; therefore break the fast.’ And we did so.”
    Sounds like Ali Hassan, base cultural adviser, is a tool.

  • DES

    How about that. We could be planting seeds in the heads of our military to convert to Islam. Why would we encourage this type of activity? Oh I know, the would be imam is living in our house with his family and his DRE(Dog Ready To Eat), BO.

  • Mike Santino

    How about reading the Bible or the Tora ? How about sending them food packages with pork supplies? How about telling the brass to shove it up their asses ? Ware your Cross or the Star of David, Females walk around in your Tee Shirts. Piss on a koran, piss on allah and mohamud.

    • IslamIsTyranny

      It’s interesting that islamic propaganda is allowed to be foisted on US troops without their choice, but no other religion. I thought the US Constitution disallowed the establishment of any religion. Hopefully US troops remember their loyalty isn’t to the collaborators and traitors in the US federal government but to the US Constitution.

      • Mark Leszkiewicz

        You are a complete idiot, you should not be allowed to breed

        • IslamIsTyranny

          Or should I have my head lopped off for daring to criticise your death cult Hajji?

          • Sarge@Large

            This isn’t about Islam. It’s about following the rules and customs of a host country. Listen, I know better than anyone that Islam is a joke and is anything but the religion of peace, but that is another topic for another day. When you are in another country (not on a U.S. installation) you are subject to their laws, regulations, customs, etc. This is nothing new.

          • IslamIsTyranny

            Yeah, there’s big difference between respect and indoctrination though. Of course, you probably serve in the new islamic US military don’t you?

          • Sarge@Large

            You’re completely on the wrong track here. Google the incidents that have happened on Okinawa (Japan). Or try Korea… or Panama. Everywhere we have had bases, there have been situations like this. The big difference and what is getting everyone riled up is that Bahrain is Islamic and Islamic countries don’t have a separation between church and state. Look up “Status of Forces Agreement.” And no, I no longer serve. I did 21 years and retired. I left because I saw the military being destroyed by our current administration, just as our constitution is being trampled and disregarded.

          • IslamIsTyranny

            OK, I see. Just WTF is the US military doing in Bahrain anyway? Training our new islamic-nazi “allies”?

          • Carol Chang


          • GAFA Pilot

            One suspects that geography is not your strong point? Therein might one suggest that you procure an atlas, locate Bahrain, look at its neighboring countries, and then go figure how the USA’s national interests might be strategically best served by having a base there?!

          • islamistyranny

            I’d rather have a base in Israel, Greece or Cyprus than any islamic-nazi state asstard.

          • Christine Golden

            I used to believe as you do, but if we are unwilling to use those forces, why keep them there? I am sick of countries who rely on us for their defense thinking they have the right to day down “the rules of the road.”

            Whether it’s Japan or Bahrain, South Korea or Iraq, this kind of crap only makes us look weak: our money, our troops, our rules. Don’t like it? Fine, ‘goodbye.’

          • Lord_KABIGON

            Japan and S Korea don’t have idiotic constraints like this.

          • Sarge@Large

            Yes… they do. It’s called “Cultural Sensitivity” training. U.S. personnel get these briefings no matter what country they are stationed in…. even here, in the U.S.! What you’re failing to realize is that Islamic countries have religious laws because there is no separation between religion and government. Religion is their government!!!

          • Lord_KABIGON

            Never served in Japan. My sister did. We had some sensitivity briefing when I arrived in Germany. The only thing I can remember was not to give Red roses to a German girl unless you were proposing. The only effect religion had on us was because Schweinfurt was a Protestant town all the exchange shops were closed when ever there was a Protestant holiday.

          • Lord_KABIGON

            The training that was really strange, thirty minutes after I got off the plane at Rhein Main, we are seated in some room at the terminal and a Spec 4 gives a class on how to use drugs safely. Like putting wire screen filters in hash pipes, what legal (Quaalude is an OTC in Germany) and illegal drugs were relatively safe. October 1972.

          • autdrew

            I had cultural sensitivity training in Korea. It did not include religious indoctrination and we were not required to follow the local holidays or religious days.

          • Christine Golden

            “Bahrain is Islamic and Islamic countries don’t have a separation between church and state.”

            Doesn’t matter: according to diplomatic law, those bases are on American soil. Simple stuff: we’re the ones providing the defense forces. If Bahrain doesn’t like it, bring our troops home and let its government deal with ISIS. I somehow doubt Bahrainis will like the jihadists’ version of Sharia.

          • islamistyranny

            Who gives a flying French f&*k what the islamic-nazis who run Bahrain like? They probably finance worldwide islamic-nazi terrorism.

          • Johnny lood

            one sentence and you cant get around your limited vocabulary…do you kiss your mom with that filthy mouth

          • Mike Santino

            Do you blow your father with yours ??

          • Sarge@Large

            Look up “Status of Forces Agreement.” Also, U.S. military bases are not considered U.S. soil…. embassies are.

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            You’re wrong again…I was born on a U.S. military base in an islamic country, and it is considered U.S. soil…it’s not just embassies. The only difference is that the country I was born in gave me the option of applying for fast track citizenship after my 21st birthday…if I so desired.

          • Michael mcGee

            Theocracy sucks, it always has and always will, no matter what the religion.

          • Johnny lood

            usa soil is usa rules..offbase sure..onbase no way..odummas muslim rules are both illegal and setting up a multibillion dollar lawsuit

          • Kathleen Marion

            Separation of church and state are NOT in our Constitution either. It says the state shall not establish a religion it does not say there is a separation.

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            Maybe off duty, or in the community…but when you’re wearing your country’s uniform, in your duty area, in the defense of a foreign nation, they can damn well show their appreciation and concede to let you live your life according to your culture and your religion…if they don’t like it, we can always pull our troops, and let them deal with their own problems without our help…SCREW THEM..!!! By caving into this bullcrap, you are part of the problem. (SSgt., USAF, Veteran)

          • sarge101

            SSGT USAF go back to your lil desk flyboy. My uncle is retired USAF and your lack of respect for a religion or countries beliefs would make him sick. We are guests in most of the countries where they want us to be respectful to their customs and beliefs. We are here to help OURSELVES!!! Not them. Supply…and demand.

          • Johnny lood

            another inzane looney bin..

          • PO2 Guns

            you are just another naive american who probably has never bothered to leave the country to see the world as it is. As guests in most countries we still do what we do. Drink, party, have fun all the while we maintain vigilance and protect assets in quantities greater than you could ever imagine. Before you start on the happy go lucky feel good bull remember 99% of the world already hates us because we have the one thing that threatens their existence and that is freedom. The second reason they hate us is because we are americans and we can go anywhere because we are all rich and they are poor and can never leave their own country or europe or wherever it is and it is illegal for them to go into debt. It sickens me to read drivel like this since I was fifth fleet from 2005-2007, and forward deployed 2007-2009 with small boat squadrons stationed NSA Bahrain.

          • Sue Kemp

            I am so sick of hearing that all Americans are wealthy!! Please do not spread that lie any more. My late husband and I worked since we were kids and have NEVER

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            He wasn’t saying that all Americans are literally rich, he was saying that in the eyes of the worlds poorer country’s, all Americans are viewed as rich. I can’t believe I actually had to explain that to you.

          • IslamHater

            I can only say well done and you ought to be proud of yourselves.

          • junebugmcwilliam

            He didn’t mean for you to take it literally.

          • Stewart

            Excellent comments. 100% on target.

          • Mike Santino

            Don’t you mean you got screwed by the fifth fleet BITCH??

          • Troy

            Well I bet your uncle won’t agree that US troops are forced to worship to a false moon god as known as allah. That is completely different story. That is ok for US troops to respect other countries but they should not be forced to be brainwashed to one religion. Muslims won’t allow non muslims to educate about religions.

          • Brenda Graham

            Troy, Troops are not forced to do anything. they are asked if they go down town they have to be cover that’s assign of respect to their customs. I’m in the Middle East I was here for the first war and the second. When we are in Germany we follow their rules so what is the difference.

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            Following their laws is one thing, being forced to participate in their religious practices is something else again.

          • Stewart

            What an ignorant and misleading article – of course with the inevitable uneducated comments, I assume from semi-literate Americans. Get a life and explore the world I have more problems with various Christians trying to save me than with Muslims. We ( the West and US ) do not have all the answers

          • Mike Santino

            I guess you like the rug suckin’ position, allah snackbar

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            Explore the world you say…you don’t have a clue who you’re talking to…first, I was born in Libya, second, I traveled and lived all over asia with my (military retired) father growing up, then I went into the service and traveled and lived all over Europe and the middle east…totalling 9 country’s in my first 25 years of life, so don’t get condescending with me, I’m pretty sure I have leagues more “real time” experience with the customs and laws of varying foreign countries than you do. My feeling, perceptions, and comments are based on my true life experiences with a multitude of cultures, not like yours, which are obviously based on your sunday morning adventures with the History Channel…so if anyone needs to “get a life”, its clearly YOU…! I have a life, and I can guarantee you that while we may not have all the answers…ours are the best by far, especially when compared to ANYTHING muslim.

          • IslamHater

            I like this because it is a bit like me.

          • Jennifer Marie

            It doesn’t matter what you like or dislike. No one should be forced to perform religious rituals.

          • tamra

            They’re only asking them not to eat in public during the holiday. They’re not being forced to practice any religious rituals. Check it out of fact-check.

          • junebugmcwilliam

            Duh! You’re contradicting yourself.

          • maxprkr

            Ignorant, and misleading are you. And actually you and the people like you are dragging us towards the new period of dark ages under islam.

          • Jennifer Marie

            They don’t follow our laws in Australia. They have changed some of our laws to sharia laws and they are forcing us all to eat halal.

          • Nancy Searle

            EXACTLY – THEY NEVER FOLLOW THE LAWS OF THE COUNTRY THEY ARE IN BECAUSE THEY truly believe they are SUPERIOR and are GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD Please view this video and share it often – it’s vital the rest of the world start STANDING UP TO THESE PEOPLE rather than BOWING DOWN TO THEM


          • Afghan Bob

            When you are told you cannot eat, that is tyranny. I can respect someone who wants to follow a religion, and thinks he can’t eat. But don’t tell me i can’t have water, or breakfast lunch and dinner. I spent four years in Afghanistan. My Muslim friends fasted. I drank and ate. As a Christian, if I fast, i should not expect the next one to do so, nor should i frown on them for not.

          • IslamHater

            That is a fair point. When in Rome do like the Romans. However, they need the West to protect their own backyard so in that respect they ought to show a little bit more respect to the West. And in a footnote: anyone in his or her right mind should be dressed in a decent way, nothing to do with Islam.

          • nmr1798

            umm we do not worship the moon.

          • Annie

            Right. You worship the imaginary friend of a monster. A monster that screwed a little child, raped women and sold then or enslaved them. A monster that had people (including a nursing mother) slaughtered if they did not agree with him. That monster, Muhammed, demanded hate and torture and terrorism and death to all non-Muslims..

            Seriously. what kind of man rapes a 9 year old child? And yes, it was rape. She was terrified and way too young to give informed consent. She still played with her dolls and played on swings with playmates. I read your hadiths and Quran. How can any good person think that such a monster is a perfect example to follow???!!!

          • derbyiter

            Are you sure about that fact ? But hey I read today, ” calling for all followers to kill themselves for their sins ! So, I will say bye to ya all ,now ! xx”

          • Harry Wookiee

            He said, “false moon god”.

          • tamra

            They’re not being brainwashed. They were briefed about the countries laws and customs, no different than if they were in Italy or Australia. This article is exaggerating to promote hate. Check the facts at fact-check.


          • Asphalt_Ranger

            Well sarge101, I respect your father’s service, I even respect your service, but when you decide that it’s ok to force our military members to sell out their religious beliefs to a foreign country that they could very well give their lives defending, then I have to question your loyalties. When we have people dying to keep another country’s ass from being overrun, then we are NOT guests, we are protectors, and should be treated with the same respect that they expect from us…period. And just for the record, my dad also retired from the USAF, as a matter of fact, my family has accumulated over 70 years of military service all over the globe, and in multiple conflicts, so show some damn respect, and stop assuming that the new politically correct approach to selling out our military is in any way a benefit to our country, or our fellow veterans.

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            Well sarge101, I respect your uncle’s service, I even respect your service, but when you decide that it’s ok to force our military members to sell out their religious beliefs to a foreign country that they could very well give their lives defending, then I have to question your loyalties. When we have people dying to keep another country’s ass from being overrun, then we are NOT guests, we are protectors, and should be treated with the same respect that they expect from us…period. And just for the record, my dad also retired from the USAF, as a matter of fact, my family has accumulated over 70 years of military service all over the globe, and in multiple conflicts, so show some damn respect, and stop assuming that the new politically correct approach to selling out our military is in any way a benefit to our country, or our fellow veterans.

          • Mike Santino

            Thank you and your Family Ranger

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            Your welcome, it was our honor to serve.

          • derbyiter

            More of being ” THY POLICE,WITHOUT ANY RESPECT SHOWN BY BOTH SIDES WOULD BE MORE OF A TRUER REAL PICTURE OF IT ALL ! ” all thy whilst they continue killing each other due to the inbred hate,of their own selves…

          • Stewart

            Well said

          • Nancy Searle

            sarge 101 —- you REALLY NEED to watch this video — then let’s hear what you have to say…….this is exactly how they work …………. and everyone here needs to remember who is giving the orders to these troops —- THE MUSLIM EMPEROR OF THE USA ………..

          • Sarge@Large

            I have a question. Are you reading your own comments before posting?! Seriously. Listen to yourself. Go ahead and wear your uniform off base in an Islamic country and see where it gets you. We can’t just “pull our troops” out of Bahrain. It’s the HQ of the Fifth Fleet, for God’s sake! Yea, great idea…. Let’s completely vacate the one place on earth where their religion actually teaches the killing of all non-believers. Let’s let them build their terror camps, train more “9-11 style” maniacs, set up shops and labs to build bio-bombs and backpack nukes; Let’s give them free range to plan and carry out their ridiculous prophet’s Jihad. Oh yeah, Iran will love it if we leave! Those pesky Persians have never been threat before! Also, if we leave the Middle East, you might as well sell your car and anything else you have that uses gasoline.

            Thanks for your service, I respect that… but really, do some research before making ridiculous comments!

          • jsmappy

            Maybe you should do some research if you still think 19 Muslims attacked us on 911. Keep drinking the Koolaid!

          • yohni9

            You are a fool…

          • PO2 Guns

            I would. I was there. 3 fucking years of that shit hole. NO LEAVE. We built Bahrain because it was barely an island off the coast of Saudi Arabia. It was dredged from the bottom of that disgusting gulf. We went in there after the 60s and stayed. We trained the Taliban we created Al-Qaeda. All to defeat the Soviets. We won, but we stayed because at that point the corporations got involved. We were there for the oil. If you believe that BS then you are naive. We were protecting McDonalds, and Chili’s, Burger King, Dairy Queen, the giant computer industries, and hundreds of other Corporations that should have stayed in the US so civis would have jobs still. But when you can throw a US based corporation to sell fast food to the almost 10,000 military personnel you still can make profit and best part is you can charge the same price and pay the TCN that makes it less than $1 per hour to do it. So yeah let their 1600 year war between the 3 factions duke it out still. As long as they aren’t united they won’t come for the infidels as stated in the Qu’ran. But as we continue to do what we do they unite and look to subjugate the people who aren’t of islam. Because islam is sharia and one doesn’t exist without the other.

          • Kathleen Marion

            Yup you experienced what John Perkins wrote about in Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. And we wonder why the people of the world are so pissed at us.

          • Infidel


          • Asphalt_Ranger

            Sarge@Large…read my post again, and point out the part where I said anything at all about wearing my uniform off post. Also, if we pull out our military, and do surgical strikes against their weapons plants, they won’t be much of a problem to anyone anymore. How many more soldiers, sailors, and airmen have to lose their lives in a fight that simply can’t be won…those idiots have been killing themselves for centuries, we’re not gonna change that…look at the debacles known as Afganistan and Iraq, yeah, they were certainly worth all the killed and dismembered soldiers we sacrificed, and are still sacrificing for nothing. And please, don’t even use the oil argument…one of the largest deposits of sweet crude in the entire world lies under the border between Canada and the U.S., it holds enough crude to supply North America’s current oil demands for the next 200-300 years, and probably even longer…when taking into account strides in technology, dependency on fossil fuels will have declined significantly before a shortage becomes an issue. We’re not as dependent on foreign oil as certain entities would like us all to believe. With all due respect to your military service, maybe you should follow your own advice, and do some research before you make such ridiculous rebuttals.

          • Mike Santino

            Start drilling in the USA stop selling them food and giving them foreign aide, problem solved

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            Another dufus with a total lack of reading comprehension…exactly where did I say anything about wearing your uniform off base..? Oh yeah, I didn’t. What I CLEARLY STATED is “…but when you’re wearing your country’s uniform, in your duty area…”, hmmm, “in your duty area” certainly sounds exactly the same as “..wear your uniform off base in an Islamic country…”. If anyone should work on their understanding of the English language, and proofread their comments, it’s you.

          • Randy Davis

            Why 70% of our oil is in the United States you Ignoramus, Yes pull out , And let Israel do the “Neutron Dance” On Them, We are not doing anything with Barack Hussein Obamaas our king

          • Richard Fernow Sr.

            No let’s pull out after we defeat them at thier first act of aggression towards us. And as studied Christian’s, who know the truth (from The Holy Spirit) that their god is the antichrist that is written in the Holy Bible. I thank the LORD who showed me the truth about the Muslim religion” , .People do not be deceived , do not bow down to the antichrist thinking he is one in the same as our Lord Jesus Christ! He is the deceiver who deceives many and makes them lose their salvation and spends eternity in hell for believing the lie and not being lovers of the truth. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life , no one goes to the Father ( to Heaven) except through the Son.. John 14:6 also read Mathew 24 about being not deceived, and other last day warnings and knowledge that we need . God bless you and be strong in Christ Jesus” , not by your own abilities , it is He who will bring us through to the other side of ( these times ) and into heaven !

          • Harry Wookiee

            And you think that they are not doing that now? Dream on.

          • Achmed Al Dufus

            Subject to customs? Law is one thing but why do you think its ok that the US citizens are forced to act like psudeo muslims? If the situation was reversed would you demand that a non American visitor follow all American customs?

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            Achmed Al Dufus…did you even bother to read my comment, and if so, your reading comprehension needs LOTS of work.

          • Achmed Al Dufus

            Sorry Ranger I posted my comment to the wrong person. It was meant for Sarge@Large

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            No worries… :-)

          • nura

            Nope, just the laws. The uniform rules are the decision of the US military and they are interested in avoiding any slippery slopes of behavior. I saw a lot of clueless westerners (and those from far east) clueless walking around in halter tops and too short shorts. Those people were not accosted, but they were considered to be uncouth and impollite (and broke the rules of the malls not the laws of the country). If you see a no shirt, no shoes, no service” sign, do you get write your local congressman? Or do you figure that you need to put a shirt on if you want to do business there?

          • Achmed Al Dufus

            nura did you read the comment I was replying to? I don’t think you did.

          • johngaltspeak

            In that case, is it impolite for Muslims to wear their religious garb here?

          • Nura

            Why would it be? In the case of ‘religious garb’ it isn’t a uniform, it is simply a standard of modesty. Some of which is observed by Amish, Mennonite, orthodox jews and Christians and nuns. Do you think they are impolite to be modest in the way that they are accustomed to? In America? How dare they?

            When Americans go to Rome, the saying is “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. I guess the difference in Bahrain is that . . . they don’t make good pizza? Wait till you get stationed in Saudi and see how much fun you have off base-EVER.

          • Nura

            Paul said “For though I am free from all men, I have made myself a slave to all, so that I may win more. 20To the Jews I became as a Jew, so that I might win Jews; to those who are under the Law, as under the Law though not being myself under the Law, so that I might win those who are under the Law; 21to those who are without law, as without law, though not being without the law of God but under the law of Christ, so that I might win those who are without law.…” And, you can catch more flies with honey.

          • tamra

            They aren’t being forced to act like Muslims. This article is exaggerating. They were briefed on the local customs. Period. This propaganda is designed to promote hate. Cross check the facts at factcheck.


          • Nancy Searle

            Tamra – I read the article you referenced and I think I’ll go with the article published in THE STARS AND STRIPES rather than some local Florida newspaper thank you…….

          • Sohail Ahmed

            Ssgt USAF, you are more than welcome to pack your bags and leave, you are part of the problem. Who wants you there….

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            Sohail Ahmed…well, stupid, I’m not there, so go take a dump in your 7 day shitters, and shut the hell up.

          • johnson

            haha! what a comeback! whoo!

          • derbyiter

            And it’s ‘WANKERS LIKE YOU’ that want every other ( ARMED SERVICE MEMBERS TO CLEAN UP YA POO!) and yet strange enough, ya also expect them to bend over and be FUCKED over TOO !
            May ” KARMA CUM ALONG AND BITE YA ASS for who’s a fool is clear for all to see,keep showing everyone what a shit you are too !”

          • moedtimer

            that would be good pull out and ISIL will be in Washington for good grow up dude

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            ISIL/ISIS is already in Washington…YOU grow up, dude.

          • derbyiter

            Ha, shit I’m a tru bloody BLU,Downunder Assie bloke,(myself) ! And even I know & see that they [isil +isis] have branched out worldwide….. Gee, who’s been asleep at thy wheel, then eh ?

          • Bee American

            Totally agree! Being considerate of customs & religious coercion are 2 different things. I say pull out for 30 days & let them handle it themselves. As a Christian I will Not bow to anyone except Jesus Christ.

          • nura

            I thiink the US wants its bases in Bahrain and Qatar as much as they wants us there. Probably more so.

          • derbyiter

            And I ” FULLY AGREE WITH YA HERE BRO.. For WTF called who in regards to this matter, needs to be reviewed ! “

          • james-james

            You are helping petrol and gas resources, Defense contractors and war mongers. Muslins that live in USA should live accordingly USA law. Jews should do the same thing and Americans living in Islamic countries the same thing. In some countries is normal to see naked women and men in beaches and nothing happens. Could they do the same thing in Colorado or Penn? In some States is normal to walk half stoned . In other countries could be prison..Normally in USA to get drunk is a normal thing to do. In other countries is not allowed. Respect and be respected. When you go to another country do what they do.!!! Or go back home to get drunk and eat ice-cream.

          • Peter Thomas

            tell that to these animals when they come to the west bloody feral pigs and that is insulting a pig

          • Christine Golden

            American military bases are considered to be US soil, just like an embassy; therefore, the Constitution trumps Sharia. Including the 1st Amendment’s establishment clause.

          • Kathleen Marion

            Not always we lease the land and it does not belong to us. In many cases as with the bases in Spain we occupy the same base as their Navy, Air Force or Army so we are co-occupiers we don’t own the base. Although I must say we do dominate the bases much more than they do in Spain. In Italy I know a couple of the bases are shared with NATO Forces so again we don’t own the base. However, on most bases they do not require you to keep the culture of holidays of the Host country. If they have a holiday and close their stores the Exchange and Commissary are still open on base.

          • Jeff

            which are based off of islam

          • Yomama

            Yeah…just like the muslims do in our country right? Fuckin bullshit.

          • Sarge@Large

            I didn’t say anything about it being fair. It is what it is. Our country has been taken over by PC progressive commies who love Islam and the minority. That’s a whole other issue that will be taken care of in due time.

          • williwomp

            Yes our Country has been taken over by “PC Progressives”
            like you who defend a country that tries to dictate what the U.S.A does while defending their country.

          • Mike Santino

            Somebody tell it to the muslims and mexicans in this country.

          • Brian Hager

            Sarge, well said!!

          • Johnny lood

            youre inzane

          • chipkinsitka

            Its about islamist……

          • Ironweeds

            It’s a shame they have to follow their religion. Really, a shame.

          • KarenAllisonBurn

            Meanwhile they spit on any other culture or host country they are in right?

          • Kathleen Marion

            Not if you are one base! I lived on the Naval Base in Spain we were not subject to their customs or laws that were different than what was on base. If stores were closed off base for some day off or holiday, base stores were still open. These guys ARE on a military base.

          • Annie

            “It’s about following the rules and customs of a host country.”

            Tell that to the Muslims in Europe. Tell that to the Muslims in this country. We are so weak. This is why they can destroy a country like France….and eventually the USA. And they laugh at us while they destroy us.

          • ThomasThePaine

            It is ALL about Islam. . . You don hear the brass telling the troops not to shower or take a bath while in France. . .

          • Mike Santino

            Then why don;t those scumbags do it here????????

          • joanna day

            Like burka women observe western customs? It’s not exctly a two-way courtesy is it?

          • Sarita

            Good for you Sarge! You get it!

          • Jennifer Marie

            Exactly. If we have to follow their customs over there, they should not be allowed to come to westernized countries and start changing our laws to make everything halal.

          • Monte Cheri Brigance

            The problem is not all in these countries follow these edicts, hence the internal murders of those not submitting. Then when a Nation supposedly standing for freedom submits to theses disgusting traditions of faith, what message dose that send to those to weak to fight back. If we don’t stand strong for our Christian faith why would anyone take us seriously? We are just like the Roman empire, we are destroying ourselves!!! >

          • derbyiter

            Hey dipshit, ” who called in who here ?” Come on bud ya need your ass kicked in till ya nose bleeds !

          • AHH!!!

            I guess you have to tiptoe past all the muzzies visiting your church, when you go.

          • bobbie

            How about them learning our customs when they arrive in this country. No, they don’t have to do that, we will bow down to them, we have become a nation of idiots.

          • Proud single mom

            They don’t believe they have to follow the laws and customs of the lands they are living in. They believe that practicing muslim’s are above the law. We should be to. Islam is nothing but a cult.

          • junebugmcwilliam

            Tell this to the Muslims, that have immigrated here.

          • Harry Wookiee

            There’s no law that requires non-muzzies to observe fasting. The list even says, “Arabs are good hosts and may offer you food or refreshments during daylight hours. Such offers should be declined.” I worked in Riyadh, most of the eateries stayed open during daylight hours.

          • smoothsk8r44 .

            no…its about islam…an islamic country that CANT defend itself.
            It should yield to OUR standards.
            Ban islam
            it has no right to exist

          • GKnightBC

            Subject to laws, perhaps, but forced to obey religious strictures? No other religion foists itself so dictatorially on visitors. When did Israel force the Arabs to fast on Yom Kippur?

          • Michael mcGee

            Mark Lezkiewicz is an idiot, a real fucking idiot.

        • nickeldoor5

          No you are the idiot Just like your community organizer the one that is in the white home for a little while longer. His brain has been fried by all that blow. Obummer will go down as the worse president ever. All the Christians being murder by the muslims and Obama doesn’t doesn’t say a word.

        • Guest


        • Mike Santino


          • IslamIsTyranny

            I doubt “Lezkiewicz” is “Mark’s” real name.

          • williwomp

            I agree…

        • Michael mcGee

          You clear have five accounts.

        • Michael mcGee

          I suppose you respect stoning women to death and hanging gays. Sharia law sucks that’s all there to it.

        • chipkinsitka

          Yo mark look up Dhimmitude it might clear up your misconception of how truly this country is being twisted by islamic extremism disguised as a loving cult.. They could take the place of jeff warrens with their treatment of Children..and women..

        • Mike Santino

          Your family should stop breeding, including you and your mother.

          • texasace00

            I have my women get abortions like they are eating potato chips, wouldn’t be fair to raise any child while racist, ignorant Teabaggers like you slithering about…no thank you, I’ll take the coat hanger anyday

        • Tim

          YOU are the IDIOT !

        • AHH!!!


        • stoner

          truth hurts don’t it

      • moedtimer

        dude this US military is not in America they have to respect the low of the country they are in nobody told them to fast they been told to respect

      • bobbie

        That is what I thought too. What has happened to us?????

      • jcalex

        They have a choice…they are just to scared to voice it….Hero`s…ha ha ha ha more like Zero`s.

    • tl cox

      You do know Jews feel the same about pork as muslims … and the old testament also says don’t touch it …

      • Fleming

        Yes, but it’s just food…they don’t attack you if you eat a ham sandwich.

      • Christine Golden

        No, Jews do not feel the same. They mind their own business and don’t try to ram the rules of their religion down other people’s throats. Unlike Muslims, I might add.

        • Jacqueline Waters

          really? Don’t try to ram the rules down other peoples throats, why are so many lawyers Jewish then?

          • Achmed Al Dufus

            That is irrelevant unless they are laywers in Jewish law only AND if they tried to make non Jews follow Jewish law.

          • Lord_KABIGON

            They are not enforcing Jewish law idiot.

          • islamistyranny

            Why are so many more lawyers not Jewish then? Nothing like reading the atypical retarded delusions of the Jew hating moron.

          • Michael mcGee

            There is no connection between Jewish lawyers and Islamic clerics preaching hate for the west. You anti-semetic baffoon.

      • Michael mcGee

        Yea maybe they don’t but they don’t insist on everybody else not eating it.

      • Lord_KABIGON

        During WW II Orthodox Jews in the services were given a green light to eat pork by their Rabbis. Likewise Catholic soldiers were given permission to eat meat on Fridays and forego the Lenten fast.

    • miamigarner

      Obaama had the bible banned

    • Kathleen Marion

      Tora used three times Tora Tora Tora in Japanese means “we have succeeded the surprise attack” I believe you are referring to the first 5 books of the Bible called the Torah!

      But then it seems you don’t know the difference between the bakers WAREs and a military person WEARing their Cross or Star of David. Such is the so called educated that comes out of our schools today. Sad!

    • Stewart

      What an ignorant and misleading article – of course with the inevitable uneducated comments, I assume from semi-literate Americans. Get a life and explore the world

    • moedtimer

      how about leaving their country asshole

    • ThomasThePaine

      Nothing will change for as long as the Saudis can keep on bribing our politicians and news media. . .

    • Snookems

      This is not right! Since when have we become such cowards that we are complying with their sickly customs? This is totally wrong………

      • Mike Santino

        We’re becoming a nation of wimps, sad to say

    • Sarah Walker

      First learn how to spell then comment on anything and talking about pissing, isn’t that what you are after a night out in the pub, “pissed”???

  • Dr. Doomsday

    Time for the Ramadan barbequed pig roast! A multi-cultural event. Islamics are welcome to come and celebrate with us, but thank you, no, we will not celebrate or bow, or give any recognition to Ramadan. Go ahead, court martial me.

    Oh, and James, LMFAO on your comment. ;)

  • carol

    this is bloody sick. is obama going to make muslims fast when its lent? get this traitor scum bag out of office asap. hes done enough to warrent getting kicked out or are the americans to scared to open thier mouths or fight.?

    • Rick

      Well said Carol. Some of the others on here seem o have lost their minds.

  • usaok59

    Guess they will all be expected to convert to Islam next. This is insane…but so is so many other things that we are getting out of DC now.

  • Mark Leszkiewicz

    Whats wrong with you people, detached from reality? They are in a different country that practices a different state religion, so they were asked to respect their practices while there, just like any other country requires you to respect their laws and customs while visiting, etc….does there always have to be some false, made up outrage over common sense? Are you people that bored and full of hate that you have nothing at all better to do than make this crap up….get a life, get a brain, or just get educated

    • Kevin wright

      What like they respect our cultures pppppppfffff Islam is the disease and needs cutting out, Islam needs to respect the true faith of Christians who follow the King of Kings not Satan, and as for hatred you say well the unholy Quran teaches plenty of that, obviously you don’t understand Islam, all moderate Muslims are apostates who don’t live under sharia law, not my words but Muhammads, Islam is of Satan and i can prove it,before you condemn others wise up on Islam because it annoys me when people talk about thing’s they don’t understand.

      • Mark Leszkiewicz

        Wow, how do I respond to somebody who is obviously very stupid? You aren’t even capable of writing a proper sentence…Since I doubt you have ever traveled..When you goto another country,you are subject to their laws…read slow, doubt it will help…

        • Sarge@Large

          I’m with you, Mark. I think it’s a lost cause.

          • IslamIsTyranny

            It certainly is Hajji. Maybe it’s time for a civil war.

          • Sarge@Large

            By the way, “hajji” is a term of honor among Muslims. You should use “rag head” or “camel jockey.” Much better choices, in my book.

          • islamistyranny

            How about Jew or Yahud?

        • Josh

          I’m not sure how to respond to the dumb stuff you are saying!!!

        • Michael mcGee

          Since when have Muslims respected the laws of the countries they go to, most of them what to change the laws of the host country. Plus they are often extremely ungratefull and ungracious to anyone who does not suck up to them. A women was sacked without mercy in the Uk for making just one mistake, she accidently served nonhalal food to a Muslim child, there was no second chance for her, yet they expect uncondional respect. Well I am offended and so they get no respect from me.

    • Dcreighton

      I have been in many countries I have not once had to worship anyone else’s GOD or religion

      • Sarge@Large

        Nowhere does it state that U.S. military personnel have to become Muslim or worship anyone! Stop reading into the article. You’re only seeing what you want to see. When you are OFF base, you are subject to the laws/rules/customs of the host country. It has ALWAYS been that way…. and in every country we have ever had a military base.

        • islamistyranny

          Sure thing Farid.

    • IslamIsTyranny

      Yes, if they lop off the heads of a few sorcerers, witches or apostates who are we to judge them? It sounds to me like you would be far happier there than here Hajji.

    • Asphalt_Ranger

      Respecting a foreign country’s laws is one thing, being forced to participate in their religious practices is entirely something else again. I’ve been stationed in countries all over the globe, I was even born on a military installation in an Islamic country, and I’ve always respected their laws, BUT, I am not a citizen of any country outside of the US, and I am NOT subject to any law that would force me to actively participate in any religious worship outside of my chosen faith…I never have, and I never will. No country has the right to demand that from anyone outside of their own citizenry…PERIOD.

      • islamistyranny

        This is exactly what’s going on here. Sarge@Large is a lying scuzzlum ape, whether or not he served in the US military is immaterial.

  • prestigio

    this must be
    just like school prayer
    where is the a–h—

    • Mark Leszkiewicz

      LOLOLOLOL, Unconstitutional? It’s another country YOU MORON!
      I cannot believe I found another site with people actually as stupid, more than the idiots at The Daily Caller…this will be too much fun, like batting around cat toys

      • Dcreighton

        Your the stupid one while on a military post you are not required to follow their rules idiot

        • Sarge@Large

          It’s “you’re” by the way. Also, your statement isn’t entirely true. Look up “Status of Forces Agreement.”

          • IslamIsTyranny

            Ever heard the term collaborator?

          • Sarge@Large

            No, never heard of it. I was born in a barn… yesterday. I can’t even spell “colaburater.” Isn’t that sumptin’ they used to put in cars.

          • islamistyranny

            All this story reveals to me is the level of islamic-nazi infiltration and subversion in the US military.

      • Sarge@Large

        These people are only seeing what they want to see. The article doesn’t clearly state that the rules only apply off base.

        • IslamIsTyranny

          But the islamic indoctrination is happening on base.

          • Sarge@Large

            First, it isn’t indoctrination. When deployed or serving anywhere in the world, we get on-base briefings on the laws, regulations and customs of that host country. If this was taking place in Japan, there would be a briefing. Germany… briefing. Korea… briefing. I could go on. Most of the commenters here, including you, are failing to connect two very important dots… Islamic countries do not have separation of church and state, so YES, the briefings also include religious law. Imagine that.

          • IslamIsTyranny

            Gee, when the US military occupied Nazi Germany I don’t remember them getting indoctrination sessions into Nazism.
            Like I asked before, WTF is the US military doing in Bahrain anyway? Training the islamic-nazi military?

          • Sarge@Large

            First of all, Nazism wasn’t a religion. Second, we aren’t occupying Bahrain, which just so happens to be the home of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command and United States Fifth Fleet! Please, do some reading…. go learn something before making absurd comments.

          • islamistyranny

            Nothing like having bases in islamic-nazi states to give you confidence in your government. Tyrannical states that enforce Sharia law and persecute anyone not-a-muslim It’s funny how you don’t have a problem w/that Farid.

        • Mark Leszkiewicz

          Exactly, but it matters not, these people are stone stupid and even when presented with facts, they will still deny it and call you a ‘dirty liberal’ yeah, these people are dumb, very dumb

          • islamistyranny

            Why are there any US military installations in Islamic-nazi states? This is collaborating w/the enemy. In this case, a muslo-nazi petrostate that in all likliehood funds islamic-nazi terrorism you f’ing dirtbag.

      • tarandfeatherthecrooks

        name calling troll

  • Dilbert Delaney

    This would be no different than forcing new Muslim immigrants to observe Christianity or get out of the country. Wait a minute….. that might work!

    • Mark Leszkiewicz

      No, it would not..see, we have separation of church and state, they don’t…..all these idiotic comments, priceless…you people haven’t a clue…do any of you have an education above say, kindergarten? LoL, priceless

      • Dcreighton

        You obviously have not been in the military have you! Bahrain is a base us rules they cannot force you to worship anyone else’s religion we are not in their army

        • Sarge@Large

          The article fails (imagine that!) at clearly stating that these “laws” only apply to personnel when they are off base. When off base, you are subject to the laws/regulations/customs of the host country. Just as when foreign troops come to America to live and train (and they do!), they must follow our laws and abide by our customs, or risk being ostracized. So, Mark is correct in stating that most of these comments are idiotic. Also, there is this little thing called a “SOFA” and I’m not talking about the one you sit on. I’m referring to a Status of Forces Agreement which establishes the rights and privileges of foreign military personnel when present in a host country. Lots of factors at play here. Bottom line, when on base the troops can do pretty much whatever they hell they want, but when they leave the gate, they are IN ANOTHER COUNTRY.

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            Well, I can’t argue that point.

          • carol

            why has this never happened before? all of a sudden they have to abide by islamic rules for an evil religion-cult- that has zero to do with these non muslim mens religious beliefs.. obama should stop acting like a devout muslim and put his soldiers rights first before hopefully they turn on him. that i would love to happen.

          • Sarge@Large

            Just because you’re now seeing it in the media doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened before. This has gone on ever since we started putting bases in the Middle East. Just as it has all over the world. Our troops in Europe/Southeast Asia/South America/Africa also go through “cultural sensitivity” training when getting stationed there. That’s only one example. Believe me, I know…. after 21 years in the military with 8 “paid vacations” to other parts of the world. Stop being a sheep and start paying attention to what is going on in the real world, instead of the left wing/right wing propaganda being spewed forth by those that want you to sit idly by while this country is pulled out from under you.

          • carol

            i dont sit idly by, not that i could do much, but i do have mainly posts on whats going on in the world and britain with islam. i like to think that my many fb friends will read them and pass them on as the media hardly report anything bad about islam.i hate whats going on in britain with muslims and our stupid government putting them first because they dont want to “offend” them. the hundreds of mosques, the unlabled halal meat in all shops, the islam creeping into our schools, the hate preachers who openly threaten us while we cant say a word against them unless you want to get arrested ,the pedo rapists. i loathe islam. id love to be able to do something to stop them like thousands of other people . but i dont sit idly by. i dont want my grandkids growing up in this sort of country. il be a great gran soon and id like to think that when im gone sharia law will not be the order of the day due to leaders being to scared or muslim to stop it.

      • IslamIsTyranny

        Maybe you would be happier living in the islamic-nazi state of Bahrain, or Kuwait, or Soddy Barbaria, or Iran, or Iraq, or Pakistain. You know all those places where criticism of the damned, dumb, Jew hating death cult called pisslam is a capital offense punishable by death.

      • Dilbert Delaney

        Are you familiar, even remotely, with the term “sarcasm?” Geez, what a tool.

      • Christine Golden

        I’d say you’re the idiot if I played the name-calling game. Those bases are on US soil, so the Establishment clause applies – and btw, the only reference to “separation” in the Constitution is the separation of powers.

        • IslamIsTyranny

          Exactly, these US military personnel are being indoctrinated into islam — as the presentation they were forced to watch goes way beyond respecting islam.

      • Michael mcGee

        Tell me Mr Smart Arse, why should Islam have the special privilege of forcing their religion on everyone just because of some special month of theirs, yet no other religion is aloud to do this. You talk about separation church and state yet you preach something completely different, that is the very height of hypocracy.

    • Dcreighton

      They would be sending me home I do not bow before any GOD but my own

  • Thomas Burk

    Sounds very much like an establishment of a religion.

  • arcturus

    Dr. Doomsday – will there be beer?


    It’s only a matter of time until they start brain washing our children within the USA to honor ramadan of the satanic islamic cult. They’ll start with the youngest and it’ll be routine by the time they’re in high school since Americans have become cowards and won’t fight back.

    • Dcreighton

      They already are doing that! Common core

    • tarandfeatherthecrooks

      Celebrating Muslim Month in Crazyfornia

  • Cobalt-Blue

    Perhaps American Muslim soldiers should be forced to participate in a Blot to Freyja and Odin come late October…. Roast a pig, drink the ale. Toast teachers, ancestors, heroes, and the Gods.

  • Dcreighton

    If I was still in , I would be refusing period!

    • Sarge@Large

      And… you would be confined to the installation. People like you “leaving the wire” have caused enough embarrassment to the United States. Stay in your bunk and read your Beetle Bailey!

      • IslamIsTyranny

        What do you think of Berghdahl? Or Major Hassan? American heroes? Or Islamic heroes?

        • Sarge@Large

          Umm, off topic here but I can see what you’re trying to do so I’ll play the game. Bergdahl should have been left where he was…. but now that we have him back, he should be tried and sentenced for desertion. He would do well breaking big rocks into little rocks. Hasan didn’t die from his wounds, unfortunately… but hopefully the chemical cocktail they inject into his veins does the job. Better yet, bring back the firing squad and put a dozen 7.62 rounds into him, center mass. Bergdahl is simply a loser, not a hero to anyone except the idiot masses that fail to do their homework. I’m sure Hasan is quite the hero in the Islamic world.

          • islamistyranny

            Strange that you would refer to 7.62 rounds, instead of the NATO standard 5.56.

          • Sarge@Large

            That comment truly shows your lack of knowledge of anything “military.” Troll.

  • Kenneth Dreger

    I heard that we were going to get rid of our Wild Hogs in the US by flying all of them over to these 3rd world Islamic countries and dumping them there! Sounds like a really great idea and solves 2 problems….got to go and check the hog pens in the morning….:-)

  • Sarge@Large

    These “Ramadan Laws” only apply to personnel when they are no longer on the military installation. Once you are outside of the confines of a U.S. Military Base/Embassy/Consulate, you are no longer on U.S. soil, so to speak… and at that point you’re subject to the customs, laws and regulations of the host country. It has always been this way. Just as when foreign troops/diplomats come to the United States to work, live, train (and they do!), they must follow our laws and abide by our customs, or risk being ostracized and sent home (I’ve seen it happen!). Also, there is this little thing called a “SOFA” and I’m not talking about the one you sit on. I’m referring to a Status of Forces Agreement which establishes the rights and privileges of foreign military personnel when present in a host country. People, stop being sheep. The wolves are coming… either join the pack or become prey.

    • IslamIsTyranny

      “The wolves are coming” eh Ahmed? So you’ve joined them eh?

      • Sarge@Large

        Yes, I am a Wolf…. 3 per center…. Patriot for American Liberty and Freedom. Whatever you want to call us. What is REALLY funny is that you’re too ignorant to see that we’re on the same side. Unfortunately, you bleat and I howl. When the time comes, you will be eaten. Take my advice and wise up, before it’s too late.

        • islamistyranny

          I fully expect to die, but I’m hoping to take out as many islamic-nazi collaborators as possible before I do.

  • Josh

    I’m not sure who Mark Leszkiewicz is but from the idiotic comments he is making it seems as though he has never served. He is the one who should not be allowed to breed. It does not matter if you are in another country you should not be made to to follow any religion. According to his dumb way of thinking if you are in Japan you would be required to adhere to Buddhism. I completely believe in freedom of speech, it would be awesome if people such as him think about what they say before spewing dumb sh*t.

    • Sarge@Large

      Actually, Mark is right and you are wrong. Read the article carefully…. and you will see “off base” mentioned in several areas. I know it’s in small print and I blame the author for not pointing it out more forcefully… but then she wouldn’t be doing her job at getting all these people so riled up, now would she? Drama and vitriol sells, just like sex.

      BOTTOM LINE: The Ramadan Rules only apply when OFF BASE… meaning, “off” of the U.S. property (base/embassy/consulate), at which point you are in a FOREIGN COUNTRY, subject to their laws, customs, regulations… and in the case of a Muslim country, religious laws and customs… because Islamic countries do not have a separation of church and state, like we do.


        Hey sarge…

        Americans can be fined or detained by local authorities for eating, drinking or smoking in public when off-base during daylight hours.

        those letters are the same size as ALL OTHER letters

        Not small print

        And those letters are quoting Stars and Stripes, they are not HER letters riling people up

        • Sarge@Large

          You don’t understand, do you? Go back and read the entire article, then read my comments. You even said it yourself by copying and pasting this sentence, “Americans can be fined or detained by local authorities for eating, drinking or smoking in public when off-base during daylight hours.” Key words being OFF-BASE!!! Of course they can be fined or detained when OFF-BASE, they are no longer on U.S. Property!!! I don’t know how to make it any clearer…. when you go to another country, you are subject to their laws. I’m guessing you’ve never left your hometown!?!?! I’ll tell you what, go do an experiment. Maybe that is the only way you will learn how this works. Travel to Saudi Arabia during Ramadan…. stand out on an open street corner and the middle of the day and smoke a cigarette. WHEN YOU ARE PHYSICALLY OUTSIDE OF A U.S. MILITARY INSTALLATION/EMBASSY/CONSULATE/BASE/CAMP/POST/FORT IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY, YOU ARE SUBJECT TO THE REGULATIONS, LAWS, CUSTOMS, NORMS, OF THAT COUNTRY, NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN THE WORLD!!!

          • islamistyranny

            I’m sorry but the indoctrination session went way beyond proper etiquette and behavior and into outright dawah.

  • James Smith

    This whole thing is BS. I know people there and this isnt true at all. I dont know why they spread these lies and spread hate but its all BS.

    • Sarge@Large

      They just so happened to minimze the part about the rules applying when you are OFF base. 99% of the comments I am seeing on here are people that think it means it applies to everyone, all the time. Typical… people are getting riled up because they don’t look for other sources to confirm or deny what they are reading. Sheeple.

      • IslamIsTyranny

        I’m sorry but this particular incident is indoctrination. It’s way beyond respecting the “host” country.

        • Sarge@Large

          Nope. I’ve been there and done that and I haven’t been indoctrinated. Actually, quite the opposite… the more I learn about Islam, the more I understand that it is a dead religion that has no place in our world.

          • islamistyranny

            Yeah right. You’ve pegged my bullshit meter Sarge.

          • Sarge@Large

            Glad I’m finally getting somewhere with you, even if you think it’s BS…. Troll. Maybe you are capable of learning. Maybe.

  • WendellWillkie

    I understand being in a place where you have to abide by specific religious laws in the community or face jail, but forcing a military member to fast from ANYTHING goes beyond every rule in the book, on the book under the book, and I would NEVER observe any of that trash. Thank goodness I’m almost all the way out of the IRR. And I would never encourage anyone to join that organized garbage again. Defend your house. Molon Labe mother f******.

    • Sarge@Large

      Just because you’re a military member, that doesn’t make you impervious to host nation laws and customs… Especially in an Islamic country. Once you are off base, you are in THEIR country.


        Sarge, what are the mudslums paying you to lick uplifted mudslum anuses here?

        • IslamIsTyranny

          He could be one of them. A lot of US military personnel have been indoctrinated into the religion of peace lie.

          • Carol Chang

            Oh for heaven’s sake you ignoramuses, Sarge is right. As long as you are on base there are military rules. When you go off base you adhere to local customs It doesn’t matter which country you are stationed in Of course there are always the idiots that manage to embarrass the whole base, not to mention the entire USA. As much as I abhor islam, you two sound as if you would be the idiots embarrassing Americans in general. Easy solution…
            stay on base the whole time. There. No problems.

          • islamistyranny

            Israel doesn’t let muslime wankers serve in their military — because they, aren’t, that, stupid.

        • Sarge@Large

          I can’t believe oxygen thieves like you are walking the earth. Go kill yourself.

          • islamistyranny

            What’s interesting is I’ve never read anything by Sarge@Large here at Pamelageller before. Seems to me you have an agenda. Seems to me you never bother to comment on the various islamic-nazi atrocities being committed by scuzzlums here ever.

          • Sarge@Large

            I had never been to this page until a few days ago when a friend of mine sent me the link to this article. After reading all of these idiotic comments by those of you foaming at the mouth, I’ve made it my “agenda” to introduce some sensible, intelligent input, seeing as how I have been stationed overseas, all over the world and in Islamic countries. Anyway… keep grazing witht he rest of the sheep and think whatever you want. I know the truth and refuse to be brainwashed by this mindless propaganda.

          • Michael mcGee

            Excellent point.

  • Mistergilgamesh

    Dont worry about this one. Those troops are smart, amd witty. They will use every opportunity for what the military does very well when faced with complying with stupid orders: Malicious Compliance. It will be a hoot.

  • Mike

    Note that is for U.S. personnel while OFF BASE ONLY in a Islamic country.Not on base. When you are off base, you are subject to the host country’s laws regardless of where you are stationed.

  • Henry Hawk

    pure bullshit. Will the military be required to pay a jiyza tax to breathe the same air as the 7th century camel humpers?
    But then we have a Muslim in the oral office.

    • Rick

      “oral office”. I like that one Henry. Or how about anal office?

  • Pete

    Ok… I need to chime in because this is blown out of proportion… Off base in Baharain, an Islamic country, yes people can be fined for breaking their laws. On base, they can still get coffee, eat when they want and drink beer. And the fasting is from sun up to sun down… The linguists I worked with when I was in Iraq observed it, just like my Jewish friends observed the Passover. Don’t blow an incomplete report out of proportion… I confirmed it with my friends still there

  • Ann Elida Hodgkins

    will it also be “customary” for Muslims to say “merry christmas”? now, if this is happening in THEIR country, that’s their laws, we should follow them. we would expect the same if they come to our country. but if this IS happening on OUR soil…it’s an outrage, that’s all there is to it. other religions are not allowed to even be spoken of, if you’ve been paying attention lately. notice only Islam is allowed to be talked about? when it comes to the GOVERNMENT? pay attention ppl…but like i said, if it’s THEIR country…OBEY their laws

  • Lord Paper Clip

    wtf – seems like Ramadan would be a better time for an offensive than for cosplay.

  • winterdog1

    Sorry US along with the UK and Europe you’re done

  • Janeen

    Why why why is this even a thing? Let them practice their religion if they must. Leave the rest out of it.

  • Tommy Guns

    I can’t wait till Christmas when the troops get to exchange gifts with the mohammedans.

  • Sarge101

    I am a soldier stationed overseas. They are not forcing anything on us at all. They simply want us to be respectful and mindful of our surroundings. It’s not that serious. We cannot smoke….eat….drink….in public. In local towns and cities….during the DAY!! Everything is CLOSED anyways. While commuting they want us to not chew gum…eat…or drink while in vehicles. It’s just respectful we are GUESTS in their country. Stop crying about it.

    • islamistyranny

      And WTF R US troops doing there? Free military training for the islamic apes? Free weapons and ammunition? Collaborating w/the enemy of the entire free world?

    • Bob G

      Your not a guest. You are cut mandatory orders to be there…it’s not voluntary. I’ve never seen an Arab respect a Christian or Jewish religious holiday out of respect. Your commander in chief is a closet Muslim and his defense secretary is a complicit puppet. Get real with the respect crap.

    • willieboy50

      So, we have to do that when we’re over there, yet when they come to the U.S. we have to allow them to do whatever they feel like, is that it ? Young man, you need to stop drinking the Koolaid, get some respect for the uniform and start reading some books about United States exceptionalism…………………

  • willieboy50

    How about we just pull ALL of our troops out of there and let the raghead sand n**%^rs go back to killing each other……………………

  • Jeff

    I can tell you right now this story is complete and utter BS.

  • Jeff

    well im celebrating a new holiday with my family here in America . its also called Ramadan . We will eat pork atleast one time a day and drink as well . Happy Ramadan.

    Mohammed Bansoy

  • Don

    Perhaps the Pentagon will celebrate ritual mass beheadings come Ramadan?

  • Regi64

    Read the article from “Stars and Stripes” (below this one) before you believe this article. Whoever wrote this, left out the words “OFF BASE” and put in their own word “FORCED”.

  • Adam Bieber

    When I was in Iraq we were briefed on it simply as a cultural thing and to try to show the locals who were living on base with us a little respect. We were not forced to participate in anything.

  • Randy Cullinan

    I would be court marshaled, and jailed for life for my response right there on the spot!

  • Randy Cullinan

    Our president has installed radical muslims in the US Government at all level and we will pay dearly for it. He is a traitor and should be dealt with accordingly. Meanwhile he can’t get a soldier out of jail in Mexico for taking a wrong turn, and allows Mexican police and military to enter the US at any time and even shoot Americans. This madness must stop.

  • Ozpatriot

    I suppose if you are stationed in an Islamic country you should observe their customs etc. but if not why? If my CO told me to observe Ramadan here in Australia I would be up on a charge of insubordination as a result of telling him where to go!

    • Barbara Gruner

      No-one should be forced to follow religious beliefs that oppose their own beliefs no matter where you are. Would Islamists do it in a Christian country? I don’t think so! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander as they say.

  • JoFlemings

    If you are a guest, even a ‘paying’ guest in another nation, good breeding demands respectful behavior. If the entire population in public is held to a particular set of civil restrictions, any visitor in their midst should expect to abide by the same restrictions- this is in no way an unreasonable expectation, it is just decent human behavior. Likewise, if I am in a predominantly Catholic area, I won’t complain about only having fish on Friday, or all local businesses closing early on Good Friday. Or if I am in a Jewish neighborhood, I am certainly not going to demand bacon for breakfast. Serving in a Muslim country, Americans should show appropriate respect for the culture and the law.

    • IslamIsTyranny

      This went way beyond respecting islam. This was nothing more than dawah.
      And what kind of respect are muslimes showing for anyone from any other faith? The respect of killing and persecuting them — as borne out by how the najjis kaffir are treated in all muslime states sweetheart.

    • ejeff

      I would guess you are a Progressive Joy. The point is there is no freedom of choice in such circumstances. This isn’t about respecting your hosts. This is about domination and proselytizing. If an individual would choose to submit to Ramadan requirements, then so be it. If a person would choose not to, then what?

      • Billy D.

        Funny, bc while I was there not once was I required to submit to Sharia. ejeff get off of the political bantering.

  • carol

    bloody disgusting. these pigs push thier evil cult down everyones throat at any given time. no wonder the world hates islam so deeply. as this ramadam nonsense is about thier devil god does it mean they wont be running wild decapitating people and raping women and children? islam makes more enemies every day i just wish people would have the guts to fight back and say no i wont pray to your devil. if al non muslims in the services refused to acknowledge islam what can they do ? what can obama do if they turn on him? islam is the devils cult and should be wiped from the face of the earth along with all islamic war mongers ,fanatics and believers of this cult.

  • ejeff

    This is how Progressives roll. Keep voting progressives like Obama, Hillary, Pelosi. Reid into positions of power in the US and we will all come under the elitist’s control and America will be unrecognizable. Example, the State of NY can tell you how much soda to drink. Nationwide, Obama has forced everyone to buy healthcare- their kind of health care, not your choice. And also, tens of thousands of illegal children are flooding across the border and entering our public schools and accessing healthcare placing a severe financial and resource burden on an already struggling system.

  • ken345

    They would have to court martial me if I was still active duty and in Bahrain. When I was there during ramadan there were plenty of locals going into the tourist hotels and eating and drinking during the day, and I’ll be damned if I would give up my rights and religious freedoms due to an illegal order by the 5th fleet.

  • Johnny lood

    can you say mulltibillion dollar lawsuits

  • chipkinsitka

    I want to see them pry me Red Bull smoothie extra Raspberry please- from my shaking hand along with my AK 47……. ; ] and my pork rinds!!!!!!!!

  • ckmitch88

    Having been to Bahrain, I can see no reason to leave post…ever

  • Tmast

    bullshit…the army would NEVER force anyone to pray or attend a religious event

  • Ironweeds

    There can’t really be a need to participate in a hosting country’s religion. Really.

  • GrannyBug

    Would they conform to any other religion for a month … no? How about a week … no? How about a single day … no? Not even an hour … no? I certainly didn’t think so! This is BS!!! Why is our government sticking their noses in this and requiring our military to do this? Why? Because we have and Islamic president (and yes I know that President is supposed to be capitalized. He doesn’t deserve the title and won’t get a capital “P” from me!) Why is it okay for this religion to be forced upon our military, yet any other religion being practiced is frowned upon. Christian military members are not supposed to have their Bibles out in the open or even allowed to discuss religion. Are we awake yet? One inch at a time it creeps in until it becomes the norm. Before you know it, we will all be under Shariah law and our Constitution will be null and void. Keep sitting idly by because you think it doesn’t affect you and one day, when you do finally wake up, it will be too late.

  • Me

    Glad I am no longer in the military. At this point, it would have became grossly incompatible with me. I will never allow myself to be forcefully made to submit to another’s religious beliefs. It just wont happen people would die first before it did.

  • PO2 Guns

    First off this is all BS. Since during Ramadan and living off base you have to abide by the laws. So what if you don’t get your morning coffee. Just wait until you get to base and get breakfast and coffee or whatever then. This article is off because this isn’t happening at NSA Bahrain. What is being shown is indoc for those just getting to that duty station since Ramadan is soon if not already started. The photo is absurd because those are not the uniforms Sailors or Marines don.

  • Billy D.

    Talk about a biased story. I was stationed in Bahrain last year. Yes, we did have to wear longer clothes during the Holiday and we were told not to eat or drink in public during the day. But, for most troops, those rules are non-existent on base and inside our residences out in town. Every one stationed on the base goes through base indoc which includes a session on Islamic culture and beliefs. But, even as a born again Christian, I would hardly say it was proselytizing. It was factual based not preaching.
    Use your critical thinking skills and see that the author is trying to emotionally sway you to believe that troops are being forced Islam. This is crap! Keep believing the lies, sheeple.

  • Robert Werdine

    Now, when the Saudis, in Thanksgiving 1990, insisted that George Bush Sr. could not say grace on Saudi soil before eating Thanksgiving dinner with our troops
    stationed there, troops PROTECING the Saudi kingdom from being Saddam’s next
    victim, and forcing him to eat his dinner off-coast on the carrier USS Durham,
    THAT was an outrageous demand on their part, as well as an equally outrageous
    and craven act of servility on our part.

    (For more evidence of American obsequiousness to the Wahabbi theocrats of the House of Saud, read this 2002 article by Daniel Pipes,

    In this instance, however, it seems necessary to point out that no one is is being commanded to partake in any observance or course of action that is contrary to, or in violation of, their religious faith or conscience. Ms. Geller, in one of her usual Baroque embellishments, says that our troops are:

    “Subjected to dawah (proselytizing) by an Islamic cultural adviser at the Naval Support Activity, soldiers are forced to sit through lessons on Islam. No eating, drinking, alcohol, smoking during the month of Ramadan.”

    This is patently false, all of it. No one is being “forced” to do anything contary
    to their beliefs, and being asked by the 5th Fleet Navy Command (and
    not the Bahraini authorities, BTW) to dress conservatively and refrain from eating,
    drinking, and smoking during the day while OFF-BASE for the next 30 days is
    hardly a surrender to “Islamic supremicism”; it is simply, and respectfully, observing a custom of the host country in which they are based. Our troops, God bless them, face many dangers, and bear many burdens to protect our freedoms, ‘tis true, but braving the rigors of Ramadan while off-base in Bahrain for the next
    month, is, I daresay, a survivable burden for the rank and file, and on-base,
    they can eat, drink, smoke, and dress to their hearts’ delight.

    Also, “Dawa” (i.e., “invitation”) is Islamic missionary work, the act of prosletyzing
    in an effort to convert someone to Islam. For a cultural advisor to instruct
    the troops on the customs of any holiday (in this case, Ramadan) being observed
    by the local population with whom they live and interact with is first and
    foremost an act of useful information and education. To conflate this with an
    act of “Dawa” is shamefully disingenuous.

    Lastly, the pictures posted here, obviously meant to portray a US Army cravenly surrendering itself before the tyranny of the Shari’ah, are not even included in the original Stars and Stripes article. The top one is of Muslim-American soldiers praying at Fort Jackson, South Carolina during Ramadan, 2009, and
    the second picture is one Sgt. Senan Zengana of the 51st Translator
    Interpreter Company as he “speaks to audience members about his experiences as a Muslim U.S. Soldier and immigrant during Fort Irwin’s Celebration of Unity during Ramadan at Sandy Basin Community Center, Fort Irwin, California” in 2012.

    The author of the Stars and stripes article, Hendrick Simoes, complained on his twitter account that “many blogs out there completely distorting article on Ramadan.” I wonder who he meant?

  • sakovkt

    And you wonder why we haven’t won a war since 1945.
    Next time we get into a political squabble, let’s just surrender and get it over with.
    What’s the point in fighting these things?
    Even when we win, we throw it away.

  • gregzotta

    “example of Islamic supremacism. Unlike Jewish law, which pertains only to Jews, and Canon Law, which pertains only to Catholics, the Sharia asserts its totalitarian authority over non-Muslims.” Creeping Sharia!

  • gregzotta

    Islam is a
    political and military system masquerading as a religion. Muslims can lie to the infidel to promote
    Islam, so they cannot be trusted.
    Radical Muslims believe Americans are infidels; and the infidels will
    have to convert to Islam, be enslaved or be killed. The Muslim Brotherhood
    calls for a “Civilization-Jihadist Process,” in which they would destroy the
    Western civilization from within and impose Sharia Law on this country. They
    state, we do not want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy. That
    is what we want.

    Sharia Law is
    not compatible with the US Constitution. Nevertheless, there was a judge in New
    Jersey that used Sharia law in his decision. It was overturned, but he did it.
    Another Judge in Florida used Shariah law to rule in a civil case on February
    23, 2011. Harold Koh , as an adviser / Czar to the President,
    thinks the United States should follow international laws and believes Sharia
    law could be implemented in this country. Michigan Democratic/Statist Representative John Conyers proposed a resolution that the federal
    government should take steps to counter anti-Muslim sentiment and he is seeking
    cosponsors. The UN wants to impose a law where no one can speak out
    against Islam.

    Muslim cabdrivers are refusing to
    pick up passengers with dogs or alcohol, Muslim cashiers are refusing to check
    out people with bacon and in the Courts, Muslims are being allowed to wear
    their headgear. The prison system makes accommodations for Muslims in the
    prisons. At the 2010
    Labor Day State Fair Muslims passed out literature on Islam to people inside
    the grounds. Yet, Christians in Dearborn Michigan were arrested June 2010, for
    handing out excerpts of the Bible on a public street outside of a Muslim
    festival to people who wanted the info. The Christians won their case and are
    now suing for Civil Rights violations, but they were arrested.

    Barack Hussein Obama is an appeaser and shows
    weakness to the World endangering Americans.
    As a State Senator, Obama said we must have empathy for the jihadists
    who attacked this country on 9/11.He also invited the Muslim Brotherhood to
    attend his 2009 speech in Cairo, Egypt. Obama told Israel they need to go back
    to the 1967 borders. America is supposed to be an ally of Israel, unfortunately
    Obama does not know who America’s true allies are.

    Look at what has been happening with Muslims
    in Germany, Great Britain, Italy and France. These things are happening TODAY
    and that is why we must remain vigilant against this invasion.

  • janmit63

    Oh hell no. I would not be following this garbage & they could not make me.

  • JohnDeVries

    I was stationed in Bahrain when I was in the Royal Air Force and our people did not and would not have required us to put up with shit like this. Just what the hell has your commander in chief got in mind for his armed for and the United States?

    • FM505


  • Daniel BenAvraham

    Just an FYI! It may have been corrected already, and if so I apologize. But on Yom Kippur, the Jewish fast is closer to 26 hours and NOT just sunup to sundown. It begins before Sundown the day before and goes through and after sunset the next day.

  • Kathleen Marion

    We fast on Yom Kippur from SunDOWN to SunDOWN a full 24 hours unlike the
    fake fasting of these fools by gorging themselves all night then
    sleeping and not eating in the day. Chicken Crap!


    How about who gave the order? where did it originate from. Well I have read three different versions of the koran and I will now see they are put into the garbage where they belong.

  • Randy Schilling

    Who writes this propaganda BULLSHIT?!?!? WOW!!! You people really think that, as a Soldier, I or any of my Soldiers for that matter would be forced to submit to this. People, there is enough real shit going on in this world. This is bullshit propaganda to keep you distracted from real issues. Learn the difference

  • Peter

    Ummmm another Tea Party Right Wing Nut propaganda? Here is the correct article from the army’s own web page. Please get your facts straight before you spew your lies out in the public.

    • Judy Jackson

      These right wing nut jobs don’t believe in facts.

  • Veronica R.

    I would like to say as a Born proud American who converted to Islam 3 years ago..To me and the Quran forcing someone to do something IS sinful and do not agree with this at all! if they volunteer to try it that is ok but if they choose not too, that is their own right and this has nothing to do with Sharia Law either ! that is made up! There is no such thing as a book alone that is Sharia, that was created by man falsely, the only book for Islam is the Qur’an and that is it. And those men should not need to ‘bow’ down for anything! that is stupid and doesnt even make sense! I know they might want to show what Islam really is and not how its pro-trade in the media and I respect that but there are other ways. But forcing or anything, I do not agree with and Islam and according to God forcing someone to do something or pushing your Religion on someone is highly sinful. I just want to make that clear. Much Love & Peace to All

    • ssgncng

      You probably need to read the Haddiths then because you are missing 50% of your new “religion”.

  • elaine

    I will now bow down to anyone, ever, but Jesus Christ our Lord.

    • elaine

      I will NOT bow down to anyone, ever, but Jesus Christ our Lord.

  • dms70

    This seems a bit extreme. Isn’t that what America was fighting against? Extremist regimes? This leaves a hypocritical stench in the air.

  • Sharon Hodge

    I do not ask muslins to acknowledge my religion so why should an American be force to practice theirs I get it that is their religious holiday but I do not force them to celebrate Christmas or Easter and do not make them practice my Baptiste faith and neither does any of the soldiers your faith is your preference and should not be Forced on others that are not muslin. why should an American solder that has been shot at by muslins and blown up by them be forced to live like them come on America wise up that is a bunch of crap are we trying to be excepting of terrorism I think not If that makes me a races so be it

    • Judy Jackson

      Muslin is fabric used in making draperies. I don’t know anyone who worships muslin. I am guessing you dropped out of high school to make babies? Go back, get an education & try again.

      • Sharon Hodge

        So I pushed n instead of m so what the hell I am sure you are perfect but I am sure everyone else got what I was saying and was not a total ass about  the point that I was making. . If you think that anyone should be forced to practice a religion that they do not believe in than maybe you do not know what being an American is all about the last time I checked in America you have the right to practice what ever religion you please and your right should be respected. Our guys are not prisoners there they are there so that we can be here and not be afraid. they are there so we can enjoy the freedom that we have here. I am proud to be an American and will continue to support our troops rights. And as for your comment about dropping out of school to have babies I will forgive you for being rude because I am a forgiving person

  • Nasty

    Unless something has changed “Drastically” since I retired in 2006, there is nothing to this story.

  • Nasty

    You can check the Army Regulation for yourself @ Page 40. The different branches mirror each other on Religion. No one religion was ever forced on me in 20 years of service. However the Christian church attendance was HIGHLY encouraged if there were no other religion of mine prohibitive of it. As for “drinking”, THAT is nearly a secondary requirement in all but Combat environments. My conclusion is that this is a made-up story. A Fake story. Designed to enflame the religious (uneducated/uninformed) right. You really should educate yourselves before you fall for such crap “Christians”. You embarrass yourselves with your rage and lack of information.

  • barbi

    Yom Kippur lasts sundown to sundown.

  • Kathleen Marion

    After reading several similar articles, here is what they are actually being asked to do. This does not say they have to keep Ramadan, it only says they can’t
    drink their coffee in their car on the way to work for one month. It
    does not mean they can’t eat during the day, just no eating in public
    places off base. If you or anyone were in Jerusalem on Shabbat (Sabbath)
    you could not drive, you could not push the button on an elevator, in
    fact all elevators have a Shabbat setting so that the elevator stops at
    each floor. They are only being asked to respect the host country while
    they are off the base in public regarding their holiday. In fact I think you might be hard pressed to find a ham sandwich in the State of Israel.

  • 220VOLTS

    What a load of unmitigated bull. I currently live in a country under military dictatorship. Middle Eastern men continually come over here for vacation – and chase women – booze it up – and generally debauch. Religions (all of them), stuff it where the sun never shines.

  • Poorlaggedman

    FAKE. Completely fake.

  • Nayd Nabil

    “forced to submit to the sharia during Ramadan” this is a ridicoulous lies. I am muslim and i know that no one is forced to submit to chariaa.
    Muslim or not muslim everyone has a freechoice man. STOP THIS PROPAGANDA against the Islam and muslims

    • ssgncng

      That is absurd, everyone in a Muslim nation is subject to sharia. To suggest otherwise is a lie. Sharia is the legal code in Saudi Arabia and other Arab states there is no way to NOT be victimized by sharia.There is no civil, non-theologically based legal system in those nations except Turkey.

      What is occurring in Bahrain is that US service members are being compelled to obey the law with respect to Ramadan rules against eating, drinking, and such in public. It’s their civil law as well as religious law. US personnel are not being required to recite the shahada or to convert to Islam. No eating or drinking or smoking in public during daylight hours, that’s it.

      Frankly, we have no purpose being there anymore anyway and this should be our queue to exit the region and let ISIS knock off the governments in Kuwait, Saudia Arabia, Bahrain, and Syria after they finish with Iraq. If you’re gonna do Islam, might as well go pure, unadulterated, whole hog Islam right?

  • JJJ

    These soldiers carry guns. Did it ever occur to any of them to point that gun at anyone who demands they stick their face in the dirt to pray to some fake God that don’t exist. What’s the authority going to do? Shoot them for not submitting to Islam? Shoot back. Fight back. If we don’t hurry up and impeach this foreign born muslim from office, all our country will be bowing to Islam. But most Americans have no fight in them.

  • Joe Torres

    I believe those orders I’d refuse with pride if I were stationed in those hell-holes.

    • Faff

      Given that this is obviously a troll article referencing cultural orientation training and that any soldier reading this would see that straight away, I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess that you are not in fact in the services.

      • Joe Torres


        • Faff

          Calm down dear, no one is being asked to bow down. This is cultural orientation training and it serves a strategic purpose. Cultural understanding is why the British won the Malay insurgency. A lack thereof is why the USA lost the Vietnam insurgency.

  • ssgncng

    Check out the facebook page for the US Army Chaplain Corps where on 28 June they make the amazing theological declaration that:

    “This weekend marks the beginning of Ramadan, a month of fasting when Muslims commemorate when God revealed the Qur’an (the Muslims’ Holy Scripture) to Muhammad (the final Prophet of God).”

    They don’t say this is what Muslims believe, they say that:

    “God revealed the Qur’an to Muhammad”

    they also declare Muhammad is the “final prophet of God”

    Interesting because on Easter they don’t say “Jesus Christ rose from the dead”. They don’t even say “Christians believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead”. Not once, yet they repeat Islamic theology as if it were a fact of life.

    So much for a non-sectarian government.

  • Brian Murphy

    a load of nonsense; Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood member; this servility only makes the Muslims less tolerant of Christians living in Muslim countries, where they are second class citizens and have to pay the Muslims a special tax to live there in addition to other humiliations

    • 1PierreMontagne1

      Good Questions – How much does the U.S. Government have to pay in (unavoidable) Jiza Tax for each U.S. facility in any Muslim country?
      Is the tax applied by faclity or on the number of personnel or is it applied on both the Facility and Personnel ?

  • RicknKaren Sloan


  • Chuckles

    This article is utter garbage.

  • Karen

    Since when is deployed…. being a guest? Screw them, bring our troops home and let the idiots fend for themselves.

  • Dave

    this is obviously a bullshit, made up story

  • Ericia Oquinn Thompson

    i will respect their religion but i will not bow down and pray to their god. oh no no no …. and no man should be forced to do so. we dont force them to learn of our relationship with Jesus Christ. it should be a choice no matter where you are stationed.

    • Faff

      Just as well absolutely nobody is being forced to do that then eh?

  • Brit

    WTF so obama your converting the troop too!

  • MSG Marine

    This article and conversation is ridiculous. First, I am an 8 year Marine Corps Vet. Did security for two American Embassies and lived in Okinawa for a year. I am also a very conservative Christian. READ THE ARTICLE!!! First off it says the service members have to abide by those customs WHEN OFF BASE. Really, what is wrong with respecting and being mindful of another countries customs and laws? Why is that a bad thing? Doesn’t the Bible command us to live at peace with our neighbors when possible? Are there not great examples of the Apostle Paul using great tact when addressing others when in their country?

    It does not say the service men and women have to abide by those customs when on base, just off base as that is what everyone in the flippin country is doing. If you agree with the customs or not, are you completely incapable of respect or tact when off base and in the community?

    Also, it says that it is customary to use a certain greeting during Ramadan. It does not say the soldiers are instructed to say it. That is a stretch by the person who wrote the article. My goodness people. Seriously. Why don’t you try actually reading the article and apply come common sense.

  • Tiger Michaels

    Sorry folks this is mostly BS spin. US Forces in these host countries DO NOT enforce sharia law on US Air Force and Navy bases or Army posts. When OFF the base or OFF post ALL US citizens are subject to host country laws (just as any foreigners are in the USA). Most soldiers, sailors and Airmen DO NOT live on the foreign country economy but live on the USA Forces base or post. No the servicemen aren’t indoctrinated nor woken-up 5 times a day for prayers during Ramadan. After 3 years living in Muslim countries, Ramadan was a small inconvenience for non believers. The host countries ask for little more than basic adherence to their laws during Ramadan in deference to their citizens. Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen are routinely schooled in the local society wether that be Muslim or Vatican culture. Bullshit articles like this are seeded out there to incite trouble.

    • 1PierreMontagne1

      The article did not say anything about enforcing Sharia law on US
      bases. It clearly delineates the “on base” and “off base,

      Try a remedial reading course and work on your “functional
      illiteracy” problem.

  • Cool

    Simple LEAVE the country :P …. are they captives ? :D…..

    nothing more i can say…. :P

    Lol this was the funniest post of the millenium for me……
    The writer is *********** …. :D

  • Faff

    ‘While not required to fast during Ramadan, in Bahrain, Americans can be fined or detained by local authorities for eating, drinking or smoking in public when off-base during daylight hours.’
    – So basically, this foreign country has its own laws which even Americans are required to abide by. Oh the humanity!

    ‘soldiers are forced to sit through lessons on Islam.’
    – It sounds like they were given basic cultural awareness training, something which actually serves a strategic purpose despite the crowing of naysayers. Stationing soldiers in a country and not telling them anything about local law and custom has always been a recipe for disaster.

    • tom721

      Think Japan, or Korea.

  • Unified Militia

    I’ve got a better idea. Nuke Mecca.

    • 1PierreMontagne1

      Nuke Mecca?
      That’s already a goal for the Iranians

  • Guest

    This crap is Tabloid made up

  • Solomon Deniro

    Hello People addicted to this made up stuff, Wake up< Its pooh pooh pop culture,No way could they be told to pray to Allah

  • Stewart

    What an ignorant and misleading article – of course with the inevitable uneducated comments, I assume from semi-literate Americans. Get a life and explore the world .

    • 1PierreMontagne1

      What a blatant and misleading coment from a wilfully blind “Stewart”?
      Your last name is Taqiyya?
      Stewart the Taqiyya Troll it is.

  • Ruth Vanderwater

    NO~ they would not hear of this if the situation were reversed and Christian beliefs were being forced on them~ or ANY other beliefs or lack thereof for that matter~ What has become of our military?

  • Bernadette

    They resemble a bunch of pork sausages ready for barbecue.

  • nonohbo

    You would’nt see my ass in the air!!!

  • Marvin Shaver

    When off base you must follow the laws and customs of the country you are in. While on base you are only subject to military laws not the laws of host country. I think someone has there facts wrong.

  • Sam

    I read some of the comments and i would like to explain something: This is not sharia , it’s courtesy. Sharia is the rules given by God in the Qur’an. it’s not in those rules that non-muslims must pray or do acts of worship like Muslims. In the picture the writer posted i see american soldiers prostrating , which is a part of the Islamic prayer. No one whatsoever will join a Muslim prayer if he is not a Muslim. Not allowed. Non Muslims are not allowed to even step into a Masjid. Those in the photo must be Muslim Americans, which you have in millions in USA.
    now, for the rules about not eating or drinking in public, among fasting people, I thought you will have the decency to consider respecting fasting people’s feelings, while you are there in their own countries. You are there, not to protect them, you are there to protect yourself and your interests. don’t fool yourself.

  • Maude

    This article is a bunch of lies. NO ONE is forced to fast. While they might be invited to a ramadan tent for breaking of the fast, no one if forced to not eat. Most muslim countries do not allow people to eat OUTDOORS during the fasting period. It is a muslim country is it not, just like France is a secular one than bans the hijab!

    People can eat indoors. Alcohol consumption is banned in half the muslim nations but NOT in all of them. In the UAE, once can consume alcohol at bars but no music is played etc.

    If the US army is asked to LEARN about islam or visit it is purely an INVITATION and not forced upon them in any way. And like in MANY COUNTRIES not only muslim ones, people are asked to dress APPROPRIATELY anyway!

    So all you idiots out there who think this article is right, you guys are a bunch of IGNORANT idiots.

  • khurshid

    Pamela Gellar, you are sharing false news,to motivate people against islam,,,you plan and plot ..God too plan and beware he is above you!!!…have some shame,dont forget we all are going to die one day!!!

  • planetman

    I just hope this is a fake story, I can’t imagine this.

  • Annie

    I read the Quran and the Islamic hadiths. What a hateful bunch of garbage. The ‘prophet’ Muhammed was having sex with a 9 year old child when he was 53. What kind of man screws a little child? He raped women. He sold women. He owned and traded slaves. He had people slaughtered if they did not agree with him. He demanded terrorism and torture and slaughtering non-Muslims. THIS is the root of Islam. This is who all Muslims say is the perfect example to follow.

    Indeed I hope people DO read the Quran…AND the Islamic hadiths. And They should also understand abrogation as it relates to the Quran. And be very sure to learn all the dishonest tricks Muslims have up their sleeves when you ask them about Muhammed.

  • Pete Sikes

    This only applies OFF-BASE, nothign changes on base.

  • ThomasThePaine

    We need to pull our troops from EVERY Islamic country. . . If and when Islamic radicals raise their ugly head, we should dimply carpet bomb the area and leave at that.. . Sooner or later they will get the message!

  • scott01634

    i would just not leave the base for a month

  • AlBro

    A few comments:

    1) Pamela Geller wrote: “…During the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, Jews fast from sunup to sundown…”.

    This is wrong, the Yom-Kippur fast lasts approximately 25-hours, it starts a little before sundown and end a little after sundown the next day, (Jewish calendar days start and end at sundown)… see:

    2) If I understood correctly, the orders for clothing and eating apply for off-base only, in compliance with local laws.

    Isn’t this logical? for example, you wouldn’t allow the troops to rob banks in foreighn countries now would you?
    If the troops need to be ordered it’s because they are not familiar with local laws.
    If they break those laws they could be jailed, or worse, so this is done for their own safety.

    3) As for the classes on Islam, for a soldier to learn about the local culture and religion is not a bad idea, but the fact that it’s mandatory for Muslim countries but not other countries is indeed alarming!

    4) The headline for this article is not only misleading, it is inflammatory, and offending, even for a non-Muslim person like myself.

    US military personnel ARE NOT forced to submit to the sharia during Ramadan!!!
    They are forced to comply with local laws OUTSIDE THEIR BASE.
    The fact that these laws are taken from the kuran is irrelevant.

    In conclusion:

    I’m not in favor of Islam, nor am I against it, I think all religions have their place in society.
    The fact that Islam is almost more of an expansion system than a religion is alarming to me, as it should be to any free person.
    The fact that the Kuran is very easily interpreted into a way of violence and death wories me, as it should for any (sane) human being.

    But attacking US military compliance with foreign local laws is wrong, and portraying that compliance as “submission to sharia” is misleading and inflammatory, and serves only to stir up negative emotions and violence.

    IMHO Pamela Geller should demand higher standards of herself!
    IMHO you, the readers, should demand higher standards !!!

  • setemfree

    Screw this bullshit. We are Christians and Muslim religion is nothing but a hate mongering cult.

  • Rebel Alliance

    Oh hell no.! I will not perform Muslim rituals in uniform ! This is an unlawful order and should be treated as such. Get up and leave.

  • Sarita

    Actually, the writer is this article erred in insinuating one could not have coffee or eat in an Islamic country in the morning. If you rise early enough you can have a couple of delicious meddjoul dates and a cup of coffee before going out of your home to face the world! The dates and coffee areis very satisfying and will carry anyone til night fall. I think I recall it is permissible to have water! The Iftar meal is a feast (all kinds of delicious food). The middle easterners are tea and coffee drinkers and yes alcohol is prohibited but so what! Families and friends visit and celebrate and are mindful of their blessings! Ramadan is also a time of great generosity and charity in their world! If you get in the spirit, you will find it is very wonderful celebration! Yes, have the soldiers follow the customs only shows the US is an educated and mindful nation. It is the matter of common good matters to respect the host country and their culture. There is an old adage in that I have heard often, “When in Rome do as the Romans do!”

  • nura

    When Boeing posts people to other countries, they encourage them to follow the laws,not to offend local custom and to appreciate the opportunity to experience another culture. That isn’t creeping Sharia, it is being a good guest in another culture-and military or no,they are guests in the other country. Being an ugly American is not generally touted as a desirable thing in travel guides. One interesting thing to note, even a huge employer like Boeing sometimes misses the mark on what is or is not offensive to locals. We were told a few things that were just wrong and weren’t told a lot of things that would be helpful. Often, we erred in the direction of not giving any reason for offence. The not drinking coffee while driving? Locals laughed at the idea that it would get anyone in trouble or cause real offence. Some restaurants were open but eating in public during Ramadan when most are fasting rude. In the Islamic countries that I lived in, it was not illegal-just bad form. You could buy food and eat anytime. There are a lot of Muslims who for health or other reasons are not fasting. If some countries have elevated good manners into law-don’t confuse that with ‘sharia’ law. You can eat, just use good manners appropriate to where you are.

  • Trueblue

    This is a giant lie and you should be ashamed of yourself. These are MUSLIM American soldiers.

  • Jennifer Marie

    We are already being forced to adhere to sharia law in western countries, by most restaurants and brands of food being certified halal.

  • Judy Jones

    we need to take bahrain, we have the troops there and they don’t …all they have is oil and money. we could and should take it all. cowtowing to the death cult is what will lead to a caliphate, cook the frogs degree by degree…get used to bowing before a false god at the commander in chief’s dictate. shameful behavior for our military. they should be catering to our military, they need us more that we need them, imho.

  • Sibor Hanady

    Islam is stated to be a religion of peace and compassion. But this is not how Bosnian Serb and Bosnian Croat Christians perceived Islam in Bosnia. The Al-Qaeda and US-sponsored mujahedeen were supposed to provide protection to embattled Muslims in Bosnia. Most of the mujahedeen were able to gain entry to Bosnia posing as workers for so-called Islamic humanitarian and charity organizations. But the war crimes and atrocities the mujahedeen committed in Bosnia against Bosnian Serb and Bosnian Croat Christians showed the utter contempt Islam has for Christianity and for Christians. The mujahedeen war crimes put Srebrenica in perspective. They also showed that co-existence between Islam and Christianity was not feasible in Bosnia. The Bosnian Serbs maintained this all along, contrary to US propaganda. The mujahedeen war crimes proved this point. What US foreign policy sought to accomplish in Bosnia was the domination and subjugation and marginalization of the Serb and Croat Christian population by Muslims.

  • Tim

    ANY contact with islam and/or muslims is cruel and unusual punishment and
    COULD BE a hazard to your well being. USE EXTREME CAUTION ! ! !

  • Tim

    Trying to talk to a muslim is like pissing against the wall. Why even bother with that insane muslim bull shit …..

  • tamra
  • The_hobbit

    we must stop this..I believe the picture dispicts muslim men dressed in fatigues ,these are not our service is a fraudulent picture to mislead us..

  • Kilkee

    You mean US troops will have obey local law? Shocking. The article does not support the alarmist headline. No “Sharia law” is imposed on them that is different from, say, German law or Japanese law — when off base, local law applies.

  • Gabrielle Wolf-Stahl

    Granted-I am sooo not a fan of Islamic nations; however. …

    And seriously why isn’t this kid gloves sensitivity extended to other religions as openly?

  • AHH!!!


  • Rodger

    Please armed forces of the United States of America, you have trained and conditioned yourselves to be the best in the world. If your Leaders are not and require you to submit to a murderous demands, there is this little clause in the Uniform Military Standards that allows you to tell them to go ( ya not here), please next time they tell you to do this again. You know the drill.

  • Chandler

    It’s easy to see this post and be offended, obviously. I have to admit I was too at first. That seems to be the idea. However from what I understand about Bahrain, it is one of, (if not the most essential strategic naval bases we have. And they are hosting our operations there. The petty officer she quoted in her article seemed un offended by the situation as well. I agree it’s at first pretty unsettling, but I see it as a sign of respect and global professionalism in a world that is becoming more connected every single day.

  • John Camping

    This is crazy..

  • isthissiteajoke

    HAHAHAHA, wow, I’m seriously a little concerned that you really believe some of these things are true. Not only do you fail to provide a SINGLE piece of evidence to back up your claims, you are literally just scare-mongering, making up absolutely nonsense and pretending it’s true. There is NOTHING indicating that soldiers are forced to fast–just think about it for two seconds and the idea is fucking ludicrous. I know plenty of Muslims who fast during their holiday and none of them give any fucks whatsoever if anyone else eats. Why would they? Why would anyone? You are literally just making shit up.

  • Reg Borrow

    Claim: U.S. troops stationed in Muslim countries are being ordered to fast and practice Sharia law during Ramadan.


  • opinion

    I only believe that those solders are Turkish, not US. Except the one with microphone. I saw a photos of Turkish solders/army/artiliery and they are just dressed as the photo. This is why I believe that those soldiers are not US army except the photo of the one with microphone. Those soldiers are Turkish army. If you see photos of Turkish army they are dressed I those uniform.

  • Dan Miller

    it’s amazing how the liberals in this country can spin and twist a story just to piss off conservatives.

    We have a large number of Muslims in the military and they are getting their desire to honor Ramadan. These are Muslim American soldiers that you see in the picture

  • Vesna

    Those who are on top photos are Turkish troops. I think the ones who are kneeling are not American troops but those are Turkish troops. The one that stands must be Muslim American soldier. This is unheard and can not exist.

  • Jose Elizabeth Allen Hawkins

    I really want to vomit… this is not only a disgrace to civilised people, it is pandering to a dirty religion. The English are beginning to understand how disgusting are these people…but only after years and years and thousands and thousands of raped and constantly abused children. It is about time we in America understand how pernicious and revolting these people and their so called ‘religion’ are.

  • Kaffir#1

    Well I just threw up my breakfast! Are you f*cking kidding!

  • jcalex

    Hero`s?? That`s what the MSM calls them.I dare that Airborne Soldier to stand next to any soldier over 50 yrs old and preach such crap.

  • mksharma62

    Shameless fellows – such Americans and their leaders should be buried deep under the Atlantic and Pacific oceans!

  • Patriot

    Being a Muslim Serviceman is a direct contradiction to America’s Laws and Constitution! They should be kicked out of the service immediately!

  • Stoogie

    I didn’t know American soldiers were such weak cowards, don’t get on your knees.

  • Dan

    This was bs when I came out months ago and still is.

    this story is a hoax

  • Nancy Searle

    EXACTLY – THEY NEVER FOLLOW THE LAWS OF THE COUNTRY THEY ARE IN BECAUSE THEY truly believe they are SUPERIOR and are GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD Please view this video and share it often – it’s vital the rest of the world start STANDING UP TO THESE PEOPLE rather than BOWING DOWN TO THEM

  • Brien Doyle

    This is precisely the problem! We are giving special privilege for a religion over our civilised mores and modes of normal behaviour.
    No! Our troops should not obey that which is unreasonable and have the right to not obey an illegal order.

  • Guest

    Court martial me and send me to Leavenworth. I would NOT comply. I’ll die fighting before they force me to adopt another bullcrap faith.

  • Jack Mahogoff

    Arrest me, court martial me, and toss me into Leavenworth. I’ll die fighting before I’ll adopt any part of any other religion, other from any I choose for myself.

  • Attilashrugs

    Pam you know we fast from sundown to sundown on YK. Not sunup to sundown.

  • smoothsk8r44 .

    HELL NO.
    there would be NO compliance

  • joe langley

    Piss on the goat f*ckers.

  • johngaltspeak

    This is utter insanity. Also, it violates OUR religious freedom.

  • Michael Sultana

    here’s an idea….why doesn’t the U.S just get out of Bahrain, go home and do whatever they want ?

  • Jude


  • Jean Hazel Kincaid

    This is not right. This is not the freedom that our soldiers fought so hard for. What is wrong with the Pentagon that it allows this. What Someone needs to read the Constitution again and with special emphasis placed on the government and religion.

  • Jean Hazel Kincaid

    This is not right. Our soldiers have fought for centuries for freedom of religion and for freedom from religion. Someone needs to review this order again. Our soldiers do not need to submit to a religion that they do not follow. Read the Constitution.

  • Fadereaper


  • thepaulrevereshow

    Well then.. If it’s such a big problemo – how about getting the troops out of Bahrain and all the other places on the planet where they’re being used to service Jew interests?