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UK Muslim mother demands investigation, firing after school mistakenly serves son non-halal burger

It was a mistake. The school apologized. But that wasn’t enough. The Muslim mother is demanding an investigation and the firing of the guilty party. This once again is supremacism: the British authorities are fools if they think the Muslims are going to coexist with them as equals on an indefinite basis. They will keep demanding more and more, until Britain is finally a Sharia state.

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“South Yorkshire mum’s anger over school burger mix-up,” The Star, June 27, 2014 (thanks to Halal Pork Shop):

An angry mum is demanding an investigation after her son was mistakenly served a non-halal burger for his school lunch.

Thirteen-year-old Hassan Ramzan was given the wrong meal at Rotherham’s Brinsworth Comprehensive School.

He was told by a friend an error might have been made and when Hassan asked a member of the catering staff she admitted there had been a mix up.

Mum Imtiaz Khan, of Raby Street, Brinsworth, said she had felt sick after hearing about the incident.

“As Muslims we are simply not allowed to eat non-halal meats and for someone to say sorry to Hassan just doesn’t cut it,” she said.

“I’ve been asking the school for an explanation but without success. It’s hard to explain how angry this has made me feel.

“Obviously someone in the kitchen has taken their eye off the ball but they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with an apology – I feel it should be a sackable offence.”

The school has refused to comment but a Rotherham Council spokesperson said the authority was aware of the concerns of the parent following the mistake by catering staff.

She added: “The School Catering Service has protocols that are followed by catering staff in all schools where our meals are served.

“Halal and non-halal food is marked in separate wrappers but this incident occurred on a special themed day.”

The spokesperson added: “This was a genuine mistake by a catering staff member and we will be re-visiting our procedures to ensure that this does not happen again.

“We can reassure all parents that this was an isolated incident, in what is a long-standing record by the authority of providing a mix of both halal and non-halal meals.”

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