Tweets of a Treasonous Administration: Official tweet, “Was Bergdahl’s unit ‘long on psychopaths’?”

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In the natural and logical progression of the Obama administration’s fear and loathing of our armed services, Obama officials are making the case for treason and betrayal …on twitter, of course, where the Obama administration conducts all of its foreign policy initiatives.

The only way to describe what’s happening is a coup — a  real coup without firing a shot — unless, of course, it’s our troops, ambassador or attaches getting killed. Then that doesn’t count, according to the O-ministration and his enemedia lapdogs.

The Obama administration is sounding like Hamas groups in the US.

“HUD official tweet: Was Bergdahl’s unit ‘long on psychopaths’?” By Sean Sullivan, Washington Post, June 4, 2014

A HUD official sent out a series of tweets Wednesday evening defending Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl against criticism that he is a traitor who abandoned his post before being taken captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan, suggesting in one the possibility Bergdahl’s platoon may have been “long on psychopaths and short on leadership.”

Brandon Friedman, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, sent out five tweets on the topic Wednesday evening on his personal Twitter account. They are embedded below:






Bergdahl was released from Taliban custody Saturday after nearly five years in captivity. In exchange, the U.S. government released five Afghan inmates from the Guantanamo detention center. They must remain in Qatar for at least a year.

Bergdahl disappeared from his platoon in 2009 in Afghanistan after apparently becoming disillusioned with the U.S. military effort there. He has faced criticism over his decision by veterans and soldiers who served with him.

A biography posted on Friedman’s Tumblr page says he served in Afghanistan and Iraq as “an infantry platoon leader and executive officer in the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division.” He also worked for the group

Neither the White House nor HUD immediately responded to a request for comment on Friedman’s tweets.

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  • Ban Liberals

    I don’t know about his platoon, but for certain Washington, D.C., from the top down — is indeed LOADED WITH PSYCHOPATHS!

  • empiresentry

    Vets: pay attention. From 2007 to 2009, Friedman served as the Vice Chairman of, a fake front dog an pony show for hire to the regressives. They do NOT serve vets.
    Friedman sells out every time to the highest leftist bidder at any opportunity to promote their propaganda…the very same propaganda so important to their ratings and polls.
    Since their decisions made on polls and opinion are more important than protecting us and our solders, it puts all of us, our families, our vets and solders at risk
    Of course, the W House had to trot out the flunky from HUD. They don’t want to get their hands dirty while trashing our solders. Disgusting.

    • dj

      They’ve used up any semblance of ethics, Susan Rice, Clapper, any dem dirtbag congress member, any member of obamdirtbag administration past or present has zero credibility,any dirtbag dem that has ever appeared at a congressional hearing they’ve reached the bottom of the barrel so now the barrels are tweeting.

  • Rodolfo Alexandro

    He’s not a fan of speculation, but he offers nothing but. What a fuckhead.

  • sheikyermami

    I have a lot more confidence in this platoon than the subversives in the white house and their propaganda machine.

  • Chris (UK)

    A poem In the style of the DNC propaganda factory:
    What if?…..

    What if no one buys the baloney?
    What if people trust the soldiers who didn’t abandon their posts?
    What if Daddy Bergdahl has a Jihadi sympathizing trail on the internet as wide as the river Nile?
    What if “our boy” Bowe left a note saying he was “starting a new life” before he left? (a bit odd to be “starting a new life” in a hostile country where you would presume instant death upon capture- who is he – Lawrence of Arabia? )
    What if he emailed his Daddy saying he was ashamed to be an American and being a US soldier was the “lie of fools”?
    What if 6 men really did die looking for him?
    What if “no man left behind” doesn’t apply to people who willingly desert?
    What if reciting Koranic phrases on the White House lawn in a big press conference isn’t just a charming act of cultural understanding but could actually mean something?
    What if the secret services had already suspected him of “going native” to the point they made a report on it that the President must have been privy to?
    What if those 5 senior Taliban terrorists let back into the wild cause another attack in Afghanistan or the West?
    What if people start asking why soldiers were sent in the first place?
    What if people start believing their own eyes, ears and minds?
    What if A actually does equal A sometimes?

    I like this game. But we’ll have to wait for the trial before we speculate.

    Not Bergdahl’s, Obama’s…

  • AltheSpiceman

    That guy is a POS.

  • dj

    This guy is beyond disgusting, some day even this sick evil government will wretch and regurgitate pukes like Friedman.

  • colony14author

    Some might wonder how a person who calls U.S. troops psychopaths gets a job as a U.S. government public affairs specialist.

    • pdiffenbacher

      It’s a joke. It’s all a joke.

  • seaarrow

    We are short on leadership starting with Obama going to Harry Reid and then to John Baoehner or maybe they are just psychopaths.

  • rabrooks

    All things being equal, I’ll trust the people who were there! When you are in a fight for your life, being a “psychopath” is a valuable trait, and has distinct advantages.

  • No One Important

    If Obama wanted to get rid of these guys, 2 of them are wanted by the UN for war crimes.Why didn’t Obama turn 2 of them over to the UN years ago, huh?Because, this was never about “justice.”This was about Obama setting them free. . . .not justice for crimes against humanity.This was about Obama, in his tangled moral values and twisted priorities, he thinks Gitmo is a problem, not the rabid hatred of radical Muslims. . . . .Of course, none of Obama’s moral values stands up to common sense when you point out, Gitmo didn’t exist when we were attacked on 9-11. . . .

  • No One Important

    What will the liberal sycophants say if/when it’s reported that Bergdahl was on the “capture/kill” list.Kimberly Gilfoyle reported “it’s true. He was on the capture/kill list.” (She has contacts and apparently that’s the shoe this is still waiting to drop.)If/when that is reported and found to be true, Obama will sink even farther in the eyes of the military and the American people. . . . .the disgust will be palpable. . . .