Swedish police beaten up in Muslim area

And the jihad keeps steamrolling across the continent:

Swedish police beaten up in Muslim area, By Jihadwatch, Jun 7, 2014 

Swedish PoliceA couple of days ago, a young man was severely wounded in Gothenburg’s 22nd shooting this year. Last year, Gothenburg, a major Swedish city, had 60 shootings, mainly in Muslim-dominated areas. Via 10news.dk, translated from Avpixlat:

At 15:30 o’clock on Wednesday afternoon, police tried to take action against a gang of youths in the immigrant-dominated neighborhood of Araby in Växjö. The youths reacted by kicking and punching the police. More youths arrived to the site and attempted to free the young people arrested.

The police were forced to call reinforcement and it required 10-12 policemen to disperse the violent mob. They were also forced to use pepper spray to get some of the young people to calm down. Four teenage youths were arrested on suspicion of including rioting, assaulting a police officer, threat to officer and assisting escape.


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