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British student urges young Muslims to secretly join Syria jihad in online recruitment video

“I came here to answer the call of duty and give victory to the religion of Allah.” The British have a problem, and it isn’t counter-jihadists. The jihad that Muslims from the UK are waging in Iraq and Syria today will be waged on the streets of London tomorrow. Lee Rigby was only the beginning. The British have brought this upon themselves with their craven appeasement of Islamic supremacists and refusal to deal realistically with the jihad threat.

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“British student urges young Muslims to secretly join Syria jihad in online recruitment video,” by Euan Stretch, Josh Layton, Mirror, June 27, 2014:

A British student has appeared in a video urging young Muslims to secretly leave home and help him wage holy war in Syria.

After speaking warmly of his education in East Sussex and of his love of films and swimming, Amer Deghayes, 20, says: “I came here to answer the call of duty and give victory to the religion of Allah.”

He warns would-be fighters not to tell their “selfish” parents where they are going.

And he describes how a brother who died alongside him “laughed and smiled” as “he was killed for a really good cause”.

Amer went to Syria in October with brother Jaffar, 16. They were followed by brother Abdullah, 18.

Abdullah was killed and Amer was wounded as they fought against government troops in April.

Promising business studies student Amer is the star of the 15-minute video “British Jihadist in Syria ” which is sub-titled “ISIS recruitment propaganda video”.

Speaking in a matter-of-fact tone, he says: “If you are planning to go to Syria you need to keep it to yourself and have trust in Allah.

“Me and my broth-ers [sic] came out at two different times and both times my parent didn’t know.

“Parents got to a level of selfishness where they are not willing to allow sons to go.

“Tell them ‘I’m going to this place for a holiday’ and then leave.”

The most frightening comments are about his brother’s death.

He says: “When he ran in the army retreated so he was killed for a really good cause. As he fell back he laughed and he smiled.

“I have a really strong feeling he’s still alive.

“We believe martyrs are alive and enjoying themselves in heaven.”

Amer then calmly talks of his own battlefield experience in three major clashes since joining “various hardline jihadist groups”.

He adds: “You learn from every battle. The last one was the best. When I am in a battle I feel calm.”

The video also has an interview with Amer’s dad Abubaker, 45, at his Peacehaven, East Sussex, home.

The businessman, who once said a suicide attack on Tony Blair could be morally justified, says: “Amer was talking about going to Syria and helping and I thought I convinced him to stick to aid work.”

Last week the Mirror told how up to 500 British jihadist are believed to be in Iraq and Syria.

Amer is not part of ultra-extreme ISIS but has fought with al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Al-Nusra and more moderate Ajnad al-Sham.

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