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There is a silver lining to the craven cancellation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s honorary degree by the quisling cowards at Brandeis University. It’s become a big story and people who have never heard of Ayaan Hirsi Ali are being exposed to her for the first time. Issues that are largely absent from mainstream media outlets, Islamic honor violence, female genital mutilation, jihadic doctrine etc are being discussed openly. It’s revelatory.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was on Megan Kelly’s show last night. She discussed these critical issues and the smear campaign against truth tellers by Islamic supremacists and Islamic apologists. Had Brandeis not canceled, this interview would never have taken place.

The crushing irony is the subject of Hirsi Ali’s commencement speech was to speak to how incredibly privileged these students are, “especially the female students,  that they’re growing up in a world that is free where they have proper education and the way to get to a better world, a world of peace is to get the ability as young people to learn how to think critically. And I know my presence for the Muslim students at Brandeis and at other universities is offensive or controversial but I thought that is exactly what we send our kids to school so that they can be confronted by ideas that they are not comfortable with.”


The reprehensible cancellation of Ms. Ali surprised a great many people. Americans are painfully unaware of the escalating war on free speech and how supremacists with totalitarian agendas are imposing restrictions on certain speech. This one incident brings that terrible truth to millions of Americans. Kelly also interviewed the notoriously deceptive Ibrahim Hooper of Hamas-CAIR who usually gets the white glove treatment from lazy, clueless and compromised mainstream media muppets. Not this time. I will post that interview as well.

The more shows Ayaan Hirsi Ali does like this, the Americans will be awakened.

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  • fathers4fairness

    Pam – well said.

    Here is my friend Karen debunking idea of PC Discourse on Panel for “Political Correctness vs Respectful Speaking and Listening” at our recent “Essentials of Freedom” Conference held in Edmonton AB on Feb 1, 2014. (Valerie Price from Montreal, Alexandra Belaire and Prof Janice Fiamengo from UofOttawa spoke as well – and we are waiting for the rest of the Conf speakers videos to be posted sometime.)

  • Tricky Dicky :<)

    What a wonderful, courageous lady, Ayaan Ali is. Her “honor” is in what she stands for, what she is fighting for. This whole Brandeis debacle has only served to highlight the goodness of her mission, while her enemies have only defamed themselves. A human rights activist cannot “lose,” they are always victorious for having merely tried.


    Yes, Pam, post Megyn Kelly’s Interview(Part 1) with Honest Ibe(The Liar that he is), because she was not happy with his talking over her and his answers in order to be evasive and switch the blame!
    Megyn Kelly said Part 2 of her interview with Honest Ibe will be tonite…..Work him Megyn!

  • Ashish Kapoor

    Pamela needs to be applauded for all she has done to hightlight Ayan Ali Hirshi”s case in the main stream media. All kudos to Ayan for her unyielding stand against a cult which is against freedom and demands submission from all …

  • Donna E Turner

    God Bless this woman. She is heroic and she deserves all of our respect. Shame on Brandeis for their bootlicking to obama, who should be on trial for giving $$ to terrorists.

  • Patricia

    As anticipated, Ayaan Hirsi Ali responded with grace and class. Kudos to Pamela for highlighting it.

  • dutchman

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali

  • haveittodayray

    She should be honored, a remarkable woman. Former Muslim, now speaks out against Islam and Sharia law. Read further here.

  • ML NJ

    Maybe Brandeis could get Brendan Eich to step in?

  • M

    Ayaan is great. Also Bill Kristol mentioned Ms. Ayaan during Morning Joe- I like Joe Scarborough not the liberal aspects of the show. Bill Kristol successfully refuted the “war on women” nonsense spouted by the talking heads and specifically mentioned Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Joe Scarborough praised her and the liberal talking heads did not have much of a response especially when Islam’s sickening sins are mentioned. They changed the subject. Surprise surprise. So I’m glad this decision by the craven turds at the university is turned into media coverage and awareness! Go Ayaan!

  • Helena Beck

    degree or no degree you cannot change the fact that this woman is being 100% truthful in her depiction of life as a muslim woman and about the oppression and subjugation of women and girls in islam…

  • Pray Hard

    The real honor was in NOT receiving an honorary degree from this Islamopandering university.

  • loach

    All kudos to Ayan too she really believes in what she says and is in hiding and under security now for speaking out about the truth about Islam . Is America going back words . Soon it will be like Europe with no free speech . Especially when it comes to Islam,