Sweden: Police attacked by 50 “youths” in Muslim-dominated area

We see a continuing escalation of this low-grade civil war in Europe. What next, walled off city-states?

One thing is for certain. Europe is going to explode.

Sweden Muslmis adhan.jpg1Jihadwatch: Extremist imams, patrolling Muslim father groups and homemade sharia courts can operate safely in Europe’s Muslim-dominated areas, while non-Islamic authorities are regularly attacked. I am glad to see that the Swedish police won this one, though I fear that they will not be able to control the streets in just a few years. Via 10news.dk, translated from Avpixlat by Nicolai Sennels:

On Sunday evening in Skäggetorp a riot broke out involving some 50 youths attacking the police with stones and fireworks.

It all began with an assault at 18 pm, when a man was ambushed by several masked attackers.

A police officer was injured when he was hit on the leg by a stone. Another police officer went to the hospital with a hand injury. Besides throwing stones and firecrackers, the “youth” built road blocks with road signs.

At midnight, the police managed to encircle about 30 youths from the mob, and got them down on the ground and then arrested them. 50 of people who attended the attack have been identified, most of whom were born in the 90s and are affiliated with gangs.


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