Sharia Sweden: Swedish Newspaper Hacks Disqus, Goes to Commenters’ Homes with Cameramen


Sweden was once wealthy, beautiful, and modern. But all that has changed. It has become as totalitarian as Saudi Arabia or Iran. Their immigration policies have overwhelmed the culture and the treasury of the Swedes. One U.N. report says that Sweden will soon be a third-world nation.

The worse it gets, the more restrictions there are on freedom and speech. Strict enforcement of the blasphemy laws under the sharia — “do not criticize or insult Islam.”

This video is chilling. One of Sweden’s biggest newspapers, Expressen, used criminal hackers to break into Disqus and get the email addresses and identities of commenters online, and to reveal the persons behind the nicknames or anonymous user IDs. The newspaper sent a reporter and a cameraman to one person’s home and asked them about things they had written on different websites. Expressen published the names and photos of some people, which led to at least one person losing his job.

The newspaper should have been shuttered and its editor(s) brought up on charges. But this is sharia, so it was the victims who were punished.

sweden riots


Photo: HUNDREDS of cars were set on fire, a school in flames and Muslim youths hurling stones at the police.  Last year a week of of arson and violence in Stockholm’s immigrant suburbs.

Sweden’s population grew from 9 million to 9.5 million in the years 2004-2012, mainly due to immigration from “countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia”. 16 percent of all newborns have mothers born in non-Western countries. Employment rate among immigrants: 54 percent.

FPM: Sweden now has the second highest number of rapes in the world, after South Africa, which at 53.2 per 100,000 is six times higher than the United States. Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped.

In 2003, Sweden’s rape statistics were higher than average at 9.24, but in 2005 they shot up to 36.8 and by 2008 were up to 53.2. Now they are almost certainly even higher as Muslim immigrants continue forming a larger percentage of the population.

With Muslims represented in as many as 77 percent of the rape cases and a major increase in rape cases paralleling a major increase in Muslim immigration, the wages of Muslim immigration are proving to be a sexual assault epidemic by a misogynistic ideology.



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  • Jupiter C.

    I’m now concerned with Disqus security. Interesting.

    • Gary Rumain

      Disqus is secure. They actually hacked into the Gravatars, a product from Automattic, the same clowns who make TurdPress and IntenseDebate. Automattic have pissweak security in their products.

      Disqus have removed Gravatar support from their product so there’s no issue with it now.

  • dalibor

    go to hell bloody islam pigs

    • Girly

      They’re already in a hell of their own making. I’d rather they went to the moon.

  • Tricky Dicky

    I guess I better start using my fake email address to post, and a proxy too. Don’t want to get busted by the sharia thought police.

    I don’t think I could hate Islam any more than I already do.

  • RalphB

    Sweden is the poster child for the suicide of the west.

    What determines the destiny of nations? The ideas held by their people, most importantly by intellectuals in positions of influence.

    I am reminded of the Winston Tunnel disaster in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” but instead of the supposedly innocent passengers on that ill-fated train, we have here the supposedly innocent Swedes who don’t dare to speak out against the falsehoods that are destroying their country for fear of being called “racist”.

    (Oh, the horror. Since hate speech is apparently speech that hurts people’s feelings, do you suppose calling someone racist will ever be identified as hate speech? Don’t hold your breath.)

    “Multiculturalism”, so called, is the philosophy of altruism applied to immigration and other foreign-relations or cross-cultural policies.

    Under the rules of altruism the interests of everyone else must come before one’s own interests — unless you produce nothing and have nothing to offer, in which case your interests come first and need not accommodate the interests of others

    Under the rules of multiculturalism, every other culture must take precedent over one’s own — unless your culture is rife with ignorance, superstition, fear, hatred, and corruption, in which case your culture comes first and need not accommodate the cultures of others.

    The decades long train of ordinary people who, for fear of being called selfish and cruel, would not speak out against the ideas of altruism and were afraid to challenge those who took absolute power on it’s behalf, finally arrived at the point where they ran out of responsible, benevolent humans and that led to the Winston Tunnel disaster (and the many disasters of the Obama administration, for that matter).

    The decades long train of ordinary Swedes who, for fear of being called racist, xenophobic, or islamophobic, would not speak out against the ideas of multiculturalism and
    were afraid to challenge those who took absolute power on it’s behalf, will soon arrive at the point where they run out of responsible, benevolent Swedes, and the ultimate disaster will be the transformation of a once free and proud nation into a stinking hellhole of despotism.

    Why? Because the ideas held by their people determines the destiny of nations.

    • robertfishercalifornia

      I think we American also fill the profile you describe above when refering to Swedes: We keep silent “for fear of being called racist….etc,etc,etc…..”

    • paendragon

      Altruism is the most coldly calculating thing there is – the realization that ‘the other’ is as equally motivated as the self by fear and greed. So, in order to make one’s self feel safe and happy, one decides to neutralize the other’s fear and cancel their greed, by making them feel safe and happy respectively first.

      And “multiculturalism” IS really only racism.

      “Multiculturalism” pretends that, because all the mere superficial symptoms of growing up in different parts of the world (appearance, skin tone, sartorial variances and ‘preferences’ for, and familiarity with, various types of ‘ethnic’ foods, all really only depending on environment) are of only negligible importance, that “All Cultures Must Be The Same!”

      As if raising generations under the indoctrinating cultural imperative of “THOU SHALT KILL!” would make absolutely no difference in any subsequent social norms, when compared to raising a populace of children with “THOU SHALT NOT KILL!”

      So, having implicitly endorsed the notion that “nurture” (or cultural indoctrination) has nothing to do with why all the islamic nations are at the exact bottom of all the global development indices, the liberals have left only “nature” (or race) as the explanation for it. ‘Either’ that, or (really: and) that the more cunning and intelligent whites have swindled them out of their property and so relegated them to perpetual poverty.

      But in reality, Islam’s own most official instruction manual, the Qur’an, declares islam was created by “god” to violently destroy and replace all “other” religions and cultures in the world. The subsequent actions of their followers confirm this. They slanderously hold it is not only their right, but also their holy duty to their god, to always attack all the non-muslims in the world first, before the ionfidels can “inevitably” attack the muslims.

      Further, they have declared it their “right” to murder anyone who even verbally declares their defensive opposition to the moslem’s attacks, in declaring it “blasphemy” (a ‘crime’ punishable by death) to resist their extortions.

      And so it is obvious that from this decision to embrace the brazen rule of crime and chaos, (to always attack first) they have inflicted distrust, stagnation, and barbarism on them selves and all others they come into contact with.

      We, on the other hand, by agreeing to embrace the Golden Rule of Law (most simply put as “Do Not Attack First”) have enabled trust, progress, and civilization.

      So neither of these doctrines is the problem – but libertine “liberalism” surely is:


      “The left: demanding universal human rights – but only for certain groups.”

      The left are group-might-makes-right worshipping extortionist gangsters.
      Leftards are simply criminals, and, like all criminals, they always demand rights (like, to our stuff) without responsibilities (like, for having to earn or otherwise pay for it).

      • IdPnSD

        The problem is economics. All other problems – like Liberalism, Multiculturalism, Altruism are all false. It is the capitalism that created all the social problems. Remove money, and all problems will be gone. Create a moneyless economy. In this system you can have 100% employment, best jobs, best life style you want, with full democracy.
        You may want to research the book at The book also shows why capitalism is the source of all problems.

        • paendragon

          So you think that, simply because people can and do charge a bit MORE than what it cost them to make something, it’s wrong?! But both the buyer and the seller have free will; if your product is worth more to me than my dollar, and my dollar is worth more to you than the product you’re selling, what’s wrong with that?! “Capitalism” used to be simply called “economics.”

          And without someone wanting the money more than their time, and the other person wanting to employ them more than the money they are willing to pay, you will have 100% UNemployment, NO jobs, NO life style, and (obviously) NO democracy at all, because you will have removed free-will choice from everyone.

          Now, if you were to complain about BANKSTER “finance,” in stead of “capitalism,” you’d actually have a point to make.

          • IdPnSD

            First of all, there is no freewill. Let me give you an example – you want to drink coffee – you took your coffee cup and walked through the hallway to the coffee room – you found that the coffee pot is empty – so you could not drink the coffee. So, no freewill.

            How did this happen – because in your corporation, many people are sharing the same coffee pot. In reality we are all simultaneously and continuously interacting all the time. I am not isolated. If someone does something it affects me – some one finished the coffee – it affected me. If I am not isolated, I cannot be free, and cannot have freewill. Your every action is defined by the actions of other people and vice versa.

            More details are in the destiny chapter in the book –

            In moneyless economy there is no money, no dollar. So, there is no cost of producing anything. We can run the exact same economy that we have now, in the exact same way, without any money, and yet give you the life style you want. Look at the chapter on moneyless economy in the book at

            Is there a way to communicate with you directly, instead of populating this old site? My email address is it is also mentioned in above blog site.

            Note that capitalism is controlled by the central bank. So all banks are controlled by the Fed. All problems are created and manipulated by the Fed using the free money and the money power. See the chapter on Central bank at the blog site

          • paendragon

            People have the free-will choice to either act (whether to commit crimes, or to solve problems) or not, when we encounter problems &/or recognize mistakes, including problems and mistakes created for us by others. When we choose to do nothing (like, to Submit like a muslim to despair when we encounter an empty coffee machine) it’s still a choice.

            Sure, demand is limited by available supply, but that’s only temporary: we also always have the choice to help increase our own supply availablility, to satisfy our demands.

            Like I said: “capitalism” really only describes the back-and-forth trade called “economics.”

            However, these days “capital” seems to mean (borrowing) money, and charging interest in advance of real-world economic activity (which is also known as hypothetical image-over-reality speculation and idolatry). It’s also known (in it’s “fractional reserves” form) as FRAUD (lying; a crime).

            Please give me the direct URL/ link to the anti-capitalism part of your site.


          • IdPnSD

            People will not have any freewill to act or not act, just like the coffee room example. Nature always gives you only one choice at any moment. You will behave exactly the way it is written in your destiny. Destiny is a law of nature. Nature always gives proofs of its own laws, including destiny. There are thousands of ancient books in India, which predicts the destiny of 40,000 people of the world at an unbelievable accuracy and details. These books were written by one ancient yogi more than 10,000 years back. Today there are yogis in Himalayas, who can tell you what exactly you will do in next ten minutes. This subject is covered in chapters 2 and 9.

            Capitalism is not just buying and selling of goods and services. Capitalism is about everything that is happening under the rule of central bank which controls the money supply. It is the same money that is creating the wars, running all religions, paying the salary of all of us. This is the same money that raided the private homes of Disqus contributors in Sweden. It is the same money that defines our moral values, behaviors. It decides if I will be homeless, or divorced. This same money runs CIA, FBI, Military, Governments, IRS etc. The philosophy of the central bank is imprinted in every dollar we use, every food we eat, every medicine we take. Capitalism is discussed in two chapters 3 and 7.

            In the right hand side of any screen (near the top) of the blog site you will find the names of all chapters. If you click on any item there it will take you to the correct chapter. In the following link you will find technical data and graphs of
            how the central bank manipulates the economy to create unemployment and poverty.


          • paendragon

            I know how the banks work: they have bribed governments to allow them to commit fraud, to lend out 50 times more money than they actually have in reserve (‘fractional reserves’).

            And selling (aka “renting,” over time, on the installment plan) money always instantly devalues that money, the goods and services it buys and the labour used to earn and pay for it.

            But without the banks’ fraud, “capitalism” is only economics.

            Also :Nature only gives one choice per moment, but in the next moment one can reverse previous choices; life is dynamic, not static; the universe is still always expanding, ad infinitum.

            PS: You should put the hyperlinks to the actual chapters into the chapter titles on the index page for your site as well.


    • IdPnSD

      For a look at destiny you may want to research the book at The book talks about economics, central bank and an alternate economic system.

  • Gleaner1

    The left wing MSM in Sweden, like everywhere, rely on the subject cowering under the lash of the term “racist”, if the mark refuses to cower and bites back with the question, why do YOU hate white people so much? WHY do you seek to displace them in their own homeland ? Do you as a journalist revel in the misery of our women and young girls raped and abused by foreign criminals waved in here ? WHAT kind of FASCIST animal are you ? Would you insist white Swedes be encouraged to take over by rape and violence an African country, supplanting it’s culture and displacing it’s native people in the process ?

    Denial of one’s rights to participate in the democratic process because of one’s views, is a form of political violence, it’s hoped that if you can dismiss the person, you can dismiss the issue. We’re all under an obligation to fight back hard about this.

    When accused of being a “white supremacist” just answer back with the question
    “would a white supremacist be a man who prevented a Muslim smashing Michelangelo’s statue of David because the Muslim found the naked figure offensive” ?

    The game is on, the match is to be won,Europe is turning away from the left and it’s diktats, will America follow where we in Europe lead ?

    • lisacolorado

      Right–address what the accuser is doing with their act of speech. Let’s never forget we are created equal and our voices are as valid as another human being’s voice is.

    • Mike

      Europe lead? I hardly think so. European countries are being overrun just as we are in the states. Our problem is illegal immigration and our governments refusal to protect our borders or enforce immigration laws. The drain on our economy and the increase in crime in border states alone is a crisis that is not being dealt with. As much as I hate to say it, turn away your immigrants and get your country settled out!

      • Greekstudent

        Your economy is rather drained by wall street and the defense budget, as well as the interest payments from your national debt…

        • tibet

          We seem to be reaching a tipping point. Things are either going to collapse into violence and tyranny, or we may achieve energy independence, vote the ruling elite’s out of power, export natural gas helping our balance of trade, reduce our overseas Empire and begin really investing in our decaying infrastructure. And then go to Alpha Centaurie to make Mr Jones happy.

      • tibet

        But the majority of our undocumented immigrants share many of the values of Christian civilization, the Roman Alphabet and the languages are similiar. Europe is being colonized by the Islamic civilization. They are so screwed.

    • Pray Hard

      You nailed it. Don’t back down, ever. Stare them in the eye and don’t blink.

    • brigid

      Thank you Gleaner1, I needed that.

    • paendragon

      Please don’t use idolatrous inane and vapid lefty terms like “political violence.”

      What you’re describing is the crime of extortion. It’s also known as bullying, intimidation, coercion, duress, slander, blackmail, and, of course, terrorism.

  • Armaros

    They are also trying to lock up “dissenters” into mental hospitals !

    Beware this is coming to America under the ACA !

  • Lotta008

    Pamela for posting this. The story doesn’t end here. The criminal hackers used
    a firm who checked up 400 peoples income and possible crime record which is
    against Swedish law. The only way to get this kind of information is if you are
    about to make a deal with a person. For example
    if you are buying a new TV-set by installments , to buy the set on credit the
    store have the right to check out so that the customer to be don’t have any
    debts and so on. And last but not least we have a new TV-series called Troll
    hunters were the same hacked information is used to expose people yet again.
    The head of the “show” is called Robert Aschberg and he and his team
    follows people or drive to their homes, lure them out and expose them with
    comments the persons have written on different websites which Expressen and
    almost every newspaper in Sweden call hate sites.

    • Jack

      It’s getting obvious they are compiling lists of anyone who speaks out. They are going the route of the Nazi’s, you can be sure of that.

      If you find yourself on that list, they will try everything to destroy you. They work in groups and pass around info about the people they want to target for elimination and will take turns doing “random things” like following you, assaults, break ins, etc.

      When things start getting really ugly, they will just go home to home killing people in lynch mob execution style.

      I live in the United States and became their target for knowing too much and speaking out. They put a GPS on my car unbeknownst to me and had teams following me for months on end. They sabotaged my vehicle one day and my power steering gave out suddenly as I was making a turn. Survived it thanks to the Grace of God. They have kidnapped me several times, tried to kill me more than once, but alas it was not my time and God was watching out for me. Though my health seriously suffered as a result of the attacks.

      Since then I have had to live off the grid. Using cell phones not in my name. Moved and never tying my physical address to utilities or having anything mailed in my name to that location. The list goes on and on.

      My point is they are going after people and they are killing people, one by one. They are going after those they perceive to be threats to their agenda. I know of people they have killed and made it look like a suicide or natural death, coroner’s office never catches on.

      Please be careful and if you have any sense, you should be preparing for the warnings The Bible gives us, and not be caught unprepared for the coming attacks. There will be major death and devastation. Right now is just a warm up for them. They seek to get rid of all Jews and Christians. Be strong brothers and sisters, and don’t be caught off guard, it will come suddenly.

      • Righteous

        Interesting discussion. Thank you.

  • Benghazi Barack

    People at this newspaper should be going to jail for hacking and privacy rights violations. And there should be civil lawsuits filed.

    • Morningstar

      As it looks at this moment nothing much will happen. It looks like high profile politicians has tied the hands of the police. They want the investigations to be shut down. What is truly frightening is the fact that the MSM hasn’t written muvh about it. Our hope is now that Disqus themselves will take action. It so happens that the wealthy family Bonnier also has an american offshoot called Bonniercorp. If they are dragged to an american court they could possibly be sued for billions which could be the final nail in the coffin for them.

  • Mike E. Cooney

    Just another Liberal toilet all due to Islamist dog eating scum.

  • Maxime-Etienne de Gier

    Sorry for my French but fuck Islam Full stop!

    • Gary Rumain

      Les coranimaux peuvent aller en enfer.

  • F.R. Duplantier

    Anonymity won’t protect you, but notoriety might.

    • Dumhammad

      Tell that to Theodore Van Gogh (yes he WAS related to THAT Van Gogh).

      • PunJabber

        That one, he cut off his ear.
        This one, they cut off his tongue.

  • kevinstroup

    That is why I hide behind my REAL name and only say things I would stand behind no matter how outrageous. They wanna come to my front door, go ahead. Punks do not intimidate me.

    • Dumhammad

      The thing is it might not be punks, it could be islam0nazi elements of the FBI, ATF, NSA, CIA etc. I was almost fired from my job when some PC a-hole overheard me criticising pisslam publicly.

      • Tricky Dicky

        We’re up against a lot of ignoramuses that have no clue, they still think Islam is a lovely religion of peace. Won’t THEY be surprised.

        • f

          I don’t believe they are all ignoramuses. It is a lot to do with politics. Commies, the leftists and Islam support each other for their own agendas and both share similar traits ie anti-capitalism etc.

  • M

    This is an excellent article. Thanks for posting, Pamela. Please, get rid of Disqus and institute a new comment format. I can only post as a guest and that is a bit ridiculous. I am more concerned about the security aspect- muslims and foul leftists hacking this site is a real present danger. If you make a change I will be thankful.

    • Gary Rumain

      Don’t be stupid.

      • M

        You don’t be stupid. Don’t act all arrogant just because you’re “registered”. What an inane comment.

        • Gary Rumain

          The only thing you’re showing is your abject ignorance. Read my comment above about Disqus security. Then realise you don’t need an email address to use Disqus. You can also use it via your facebook account or Twitter. Neither show an email address.

          • PunJabber

            Pardon my *abject ignorance* but … *Facebook* and *Twitter* are secure from hacking? [Tasteless excrement jabs at those names here.]

          • Gary Rumain

            I didn’t say they were secure. I merely said you could use those accounts to sign on with Disqus. A moderator doesn’t see an email address if you use those. There’s also Open ID, or there used to be.

    • Carol Chang

      Can you not register?

      • Gary Rumain

        The twit appears to not know what he’s talking about.

  • Rivendale

    The leaders of islam have warned you all for the past 25 to 30 years. They will hang their black flag over what I call the black house. They said they would conquer the world with their evil religion. They have settled in EVERY country in the world and this is how they did it, right in your faces. They became citizens of the country and then infiltrated the govts of those countries. This article describes exactly what is happening in the USA !! No one TALKS about it for the purpose of keeping the people ignorant. The so called media is complicit in this treason. You really should check out the number of muslims barakzebub has appointed to high positions in the USA govt and their backgrounds. You won’t like it. We are being fundamentally changed into a 3rd world country, he is accomplishing what he promised 5 days prior to his election in 08 and you have sat by and allowed him to continue to do it. Many are FINALLY waking up but it may be too late. We as a nation should have stood up and said “NO, HELL NO”.

    • TexasPGRRider

      WELL STATED, R…We have HOPE…

    • TokyoTengu

      Countries that offer unlimited immigration and generous freebies are obvious first targets. Shut off the immigration, close down the free social benefits and you become a far less attractive destination.

      • Lotta

        Tell that to our politicians. Our bureau of immigrations have singlehanded given permanent residencie to all Syrians who can come to Sweden. We’re talking about 20 million people.

        • TokyoTengu

          No. You need to tell that to your politicians. It’s your country they are throwing away. The country I live in has very stringent immigration laws, very limited social welfare (for foreigners), and a decidedly low tolerance for crime of any sort. Back in the 1970s, Japan watched very closely as European nations threw open the doors to immigrants and saw the chaos that resulted. They decided that it would not happen here. It’s not too late for Europe to change and regain itself — yet. However, the window is getting smaller and the consequences and costs are becoming much more severe. It’s not going to be easy, but if you want a Sweden for your children and grand children, you are going to have to act.

          • Sweden

            On December 13, decided the then Socialist
            government to introduce the so-called Lucia decision which meant that only
            asylum seekers under the Geneva Convention would be given permanent residence. The number of asylum
            seekers subsequently declined drastically. When
            a new conservative government came to power a liberal politician named Bengt
            Westerberg tore up the decision. He
            did this to punish a new , democratically elected party called New Democracy
            and its constituents. Each
            year there are more and more people coming here, and the awarding of permanent
            residence is higher each year. Our
            Prime Minister Reinfeldt has since the last election in 2010 a note in the pocket
            of his jacket with 330 000 written on it. There
            are the number of people who voted for Sweden democrats in the 2010 elections .
            you seen the movie you’ll understand that it’s not so easy to do anything to
            change the situation in Sweden . You
            risk not only your job but also your health given the autonomous leftist groups
            that seek out and vandalize your home and beat you up if they get
            hold of you.

          • TokyoTengu

            It’s certainly not going to be easy, but unless you’re prepared to give up and surrender Sweden to the foreigners and become outcasts in your own country you’re going to have to do it. But it will take some serious thinking, planning, and action — that much is certain. The first thing you are going to have to do is decide if Sweden is worth fighting for — and recognize that it is a fight that you can’t win if you play by the enemy’s rules.

            Leftists are experts at manipulating the rules in their favor, ignoring the laws whenever they are inconvenient, all the while screeching with amazing levels of outrage at any perceived violations on the part of the people they oppose.

            They concentrate, always, on grabbing the microphones (media of all sorts) and then working diligently to silence the opposition. This is amply and conveniently illustrated by this very story where they broke the law to uncover the names of people they disagreed with and then went to publicly shame them. Was it illegal? If not it was certainly unethical, but that never matters to the Leftists or the Islamists. All they care about is their winning and your losing.

            However, it is necessary (from their viewpoint) because there is never as many of them as they want people to believe. They know quite well that most of their support would evaporate quickly if the opposition was just given a few short weeks or months to organize unhindered, and to provide safety and support to those who want to join them. Which, of course, is why they are so diligent about spotting, and eliminating, any serious opposition before it has enough strength to threaten them.

            Again, this story is an example. Discus provides a forum where people can say what they want anonymously? Send in the crackers and hackers, find the dissidents and then sic the goons on them. One person publicly humiliated, 10 more discouraged. It’s the same kind of leverage that allows a single overseer to manage the work of a hundred slaves. Unless you clearly understand that point, you have no chance of breaking the chains that have captured you and your nation.

          • robertfishercalifornia

            and what about the old ways of fixing things as revolutions, revolts and civil war????

          • ponerology

            Japan’s immigration ‘doors’ have been shut for a very, very long time, and it isn’t because the Japanese themselves decided it was to be that way. (The Japanese have been called a xenophobic people.) I personally believe they’ve been allowed to continue as such (meaning very little immigration) because it will be easier for the Chinese to step in at some point in the not-too-distant future. In the meanwhile, over the last 80 years, the ‘target’ has been softened up with wars, the Marshall plan, and now, problems with nuclear contamination. The Japanese are also rather obedient to perceived authority even when they know that authority is not honest. Saving face is often more important than truth.
            The hidden hand or ‘msyterious force’ is at work all over the globe. It works supra-nationally. Entire cultures and nations are moved around like chess pieces.

      • ponerology

        Shutting down immigration isn’t going to happen. It is (so) obviously not part of the globalist’s agenda. And every single politico is in their position of power because they know they either play along with the global agenda or they are out. In fact, every politico knows he/she is only in the position he/she is in BECAUSE he/she has played along with the globalist agenda to begin with. And ‘casting your vote’ isn’t going to change a blessed thing. Anyone who still thinks voting is going to change any part of the agenda is truly living in a dream world of their own making. Take a gander at this (and there are many more examples out there)

        • TokyoTengu

          I am not, nor have I ever been, a fan of world-ranging conspiracies, but there are obviously monied interests at both ends of the political spectrum that like immigration in the US. The Republican corporate heavies like cheap labor, the Democrat heavies like more impoverished minorities which translates to more Democrat voters. Both end up screwing the Middle Class.

          However, not every nation in the world is signing on to that model. Switzerland isn’t, the Baltic states aren’t, Poland is digging in its heels, and East Asia is a completely separate ballpark. There will be no massive immigration to Japan, Korea, or even China, for an abundance of reasons, but most of them involve the simple fact that they have seen the results of untrammeled immigration in the US and Europe, have decided that it is national suicide — and they are not feeling particularly suicidal.

          • ponerology

            Then we disagree; because whether you are a ‘fan’ of world-ranging conspiracies or not, they do, in fact, exist. I agree that Japan, Korea and China will not see much in the way of immigration, but the reasons behind that are far from ‘simple’ and have nothing to do with their perceived sovereignty. And as for other commenters who ‘hope’ in ‘operation american spring'; they will be disabused of that hope and sorely disappointed. Any real grass roots effort in that regard will be thwarted and misdirected into and by the ready-to-wear NGOs which are run by those banking interests that decide, among most other things, who will be subjected to immigration and who won’t.

  • Gnomercy9

    “Do not criticize or insult Islam.”

    The real crime under sharia is telling the truth about islam.

    worse it gets, the more restrictions there are on freedom and speech.
    Strict enforcement of the blasphemy laws under the sharia — “do not
    criticize or insult Islam.” – See more at:
    worse it gets, the more restrictions there are on freedom and speech.
    Strict enforcement of the blasphemy laws under the sharia — “do not
    criticize or insult Islam.” – See more at:

  • Georgina

    Soon be a third worldnation – meaning when all the non-pc swedes move to Northern Canada?
    Not long then.

  • Erniesam

    Reaction to RalphB:

    It’s funny you mention it: I’m just reading Atlas Shrugged for the first time and have just finished the Winston Tunnel section. I’m enjoying the book very much. It’s eery to see how much it resembles today’s political climate in the West. The determinating factor isn’t production anymore, but needs. I also liked the section about Robin Hood wherein Rand argues that he was loathsome being in that he stole from the rich, the producers not beacuse he himself needed it or kept it, but because he thought the needy had more “right” to it. Of course, our modern version hasbecome that the rich literally stole it from the poor and abused them so it fits our current definition of justice.

    I cannot understand why some people hate this book (well, actually I do when you disregard the logic of it), because it realy gives an detailed account of a socialist take over. I guess Rand just gives her account of the socialist revolution in Russia, although I do not pretend to be an expert on her or the book. I know there is a lot of resentment agaist the book and the philosophy of Rand as a whole. That in itself is a sign that socialism is on the rise. I don’t agree with everything in the book (so far), but the main argument and her description of the workings and failures of socialism is very convincing, thoughtful and indeed to the point. It seems Rand had a whole philosophy. I’m not familiar with that. I’m not someone who follows a whole system or school of thought: I pick and choose what I like and what I see as useful for my self. If I buy a sweater I do not buy the whole clothing line. I’m not keen on -isms or a whole set of rules. In my opinion individualism is all about choosing and walking your own path, taking things along that you think could be useful.

  • lorenpiller

    The brown shirts have arrived. Time to get even for ’33. Please come to my door. Please!

  • Amberteka

    The Govt of Sweden could deport all of those who do not assimilate now. As the USA could.
    One USA Jewish Blogger wrote this week that Jewish People could not critize Sharia Law. The Mistreatment of Women under ISlam. He did not give a reason.
    I would say the reason is that Orthodox Jewish Women are treated as badly, or as badly as the law till allow in the nations in which they live. Both groups live by laws common to Pre Christ days. orthodox Jews and those who support them………support the suppression of ALL Women.

    Also……….the Big jewish Migration groups..accept NO refugees in Israel that are Not Jewish. They accept no immigrants who are not Jewish. Christians cannot own land there. Vote there.

    Someone needs to FORCE ISRAEL to take their share of these Muslims. Then it would stop. Not until then.
    and ORTHODOX JEWISH WOMEN…….who cries out about the brutal treatment of them? their lack of person hood?

    • Dumhammad

      FUCK YOU.

    • bribri

      Jewish people don’t burn cars, don’t explode in markets, don’t disable women for life, don’t try to take over for the right to chop people’s limbs or stone them to death. So like dumhammad says, fuck you.


      How’s it feel to type your true feelings, Mohammed?
      Got some time in your day in-between beating your 12 year old wife and raping your goat?

      How about Israel puts you dirty Muslim filth in your place? How about that you vile, stupid, inbred, insane, rag of human excrement?

      Now go home and pray Israel nukes you soon so you don’t have to go on with your pathetic life another minute longer.


    • f

      You need to give your head a wobble. U iriot.

    • Rob Shapiro

      You’re wrong. There are arab & christian citizens all over Israel. Muslims live a freer/healthier life in Israel than anywhere in that region. High generals in the Israeli army are also Arab. Do your research before spewing your hate

  • Amberteka

    I hate the Polticians and Professors and Billionaires who force them down our throats, take money to bring them here………….knowing many of them will kill many of us
    they are the spawn of Satan. Ditto Muslim Men. Muslim women and children & Orthodox Women and girls………are slaves. Slaves in 2014 and everyone knows it.

  • Pray Hard

    Let someone show up at my front door.

  • Pray Hard

    Don’t back down, ever. Don’t blink, don’t stutter, don’t apologize, don’t avert your gaze, don’t lower your head, don’t shift your feet.

  • Pray Hard

    We are heading down exactly the same road.

  • honeybee

    Where have all the Vikings gone

    • Morningstar

      Nearly a century of socialism has brainwashed most people into complacency. :(

      • honeybee

        Surely the genes of Ragnar Lothebrok are still some where in their souls???

    • robertfishercalifornia

      they went into politics and Gov.

      • honeybee

        No the Vikings immigrated to the USA and left the descendants of their slaves in Scandinavia.

  • Pray Hard

    Muslims don’t recognize our laws; therefore, don’t recognize theirs. Don’t apologize, don’t equivocate. We have something like 2,000+ years of developing this civilization and we do not have the right to let it go into the hands of savages. We have an obligation to the blood of history to defend and protect what we have and we DO NOT have to apologize for or explain such to anyone.

  • Gusto Smooth

    It is not immigration. It is invasion and conquest, and the Swedes brought it upon themselves. I hope they can purge themselves.

    • robobbob

      “brought it upon themselves.” without knowing anything about sweden, but alot about nwo, I bet if you yank that string hard enough you’ll find it leads to to a bunch of globalists working the One World agenda that has nothing to do with the swedish people. and its the same agenda being carried out in all the western countries. sweden is just feeling the bite a little sooner and harder than the rest.

  • Faye

    Why is Sweden so DUMB and ashamed to be a white country??? I wish they would come to my house! I will tell them OFF in two hours. Watch CBN’s special on how Sweden will soon BE a Third World Country. Sweden believes WISDOM and COMMON SENSE = RACISM! Which means SWEDEN IS DUMB ‘O’ DUMBER. SWEDEN IS DUMB, IT IS STUPID AND IT’S BEING RUN BY A BUNCH OF LIBERAL CRACK HEADS. SWEDES NEED TO STOP BEING AFRAID AND THEY MUST PROTEST AND MARCH AGAINST THIS STUPIDITY.

    • Cause I’m Happy

      Faye, I fully agree with all your comments.

      I’m an American and have seen the problem in Sweden first hand. It comes down to major forces (think George Soros and company) funding groups like Expo and others, to terrorize any dissenters.

      The police in Sweden will never do anything, they refuse to recognize the problem. Dirty money has bred made it’s way into the hands of those controlling the country, and they will continue to let this happen as long as the money keeps flowing.

      Muslims have emigrated for one reason, and one reason only. This was told to me some years ago by a Muslim who I convinced I was Muslim.
      He said to the effect, “We have come to kill all the men and rape all the women and make them bear our seed.”

      • Faye

        This explains the rape problem.

  • Kenneth Dreger

    Well, we need another HAMADEN month! How about we do it in June! Bacon, Ham, pork everything PORK for the whole month and rub it in the Muzzies faces….

  • Morningstar

    I can fill in with some information as I am one of the affected. The daily tabloid Expressen hired an independent group called Researchgruppen (The Research Group). They in turn are a sub-division of an extreme leftist group called Expo. One of the leaders of Researchgruppen is one Martin Fredriksson. He has been prosecuted for violent crimes and arson. He is also the co-creator of The Pirate Bay. Another high profile of the group is one Mattias Wåg. He also has a rap sheet of violent crimes behind him. He also bragged on Twitter that his group was the new Stasi and that their purpose was to persecute thought criminals.

    In the hacking they came over little over 6000 emails. Later they managed to identify over 400 of these 6000. I’m one of the 400. Not much has happened to me – yet. But people has lost their jobs. One even got his home bombed by the communist stormtroops. Us 400 in january got mail from a company called Bisnode, which also has ties to Expo. They told us that a company called Seppuku Media (Researchgruppen) had aganst swedish law checked our credit status. So by this we knew that they not only knew our email, but now had our names, addresses and social security numbers.

    The leader of Expo is Robert Aschberg, one nasty piece of work. Earlier this week the first episode of his new television show Trolljägarna (Troll Hunters) started. In the first episode they exposed one guy that was actually nasty. But we think that was just for starters, as to sell in to the public that all “net haters” as they call us are like that. For all we know the purpose is to persecute dissidents like us.

    Robert Aschberg is also the grandson of Olof Aschberg a k a The Red Baker or even Lenin’s Banker. He helped fund the russian revolution and made a fortune of stolen gold and icons. The gold was smuggled to Sweden and melted down. So maoist Bob has a long history of marxist ties within his own family of dubious reputation. Don’t buy crap like The Girl With The Golden Tattoo. The late author Stieg Larsson also had ties to Expo. So don’t buy the books or the movies. By doing so you support an extreme leftist organisation in Sweden.

    • Privacy Please

      Morningstar, knowing what I know about this group of people I know that they are working towards making it a hate crime to say anything criticizing Islam. They seek to silence Free Speech and prevent anyone from giving their opinion and to stifle their movement to take over.

      I’ve had the enemy hack into my email (never give your primary email out to anyone you wouldn’t want knowing where you live!) and find out where I was and follow and harass me. Always use a throw away email address for anything public like these comments.

      I use a proxy and JonDoNym anonymous software to keep their prying eyes away.

  • deathmerchant

    Return all muslims to their home countries. Any terrorist act results in total destruction of the terrorist home country. Time to get hardline.

  • jtak101

    What glee to liberals achieve destroying their own country??. Most of Europe has been permanently destroyed by liberal immigration policies flooding their countries with Eastern European and middle east trash. The get on the dole, pump out babies, and demand locals conform to their ignorance and 3rd world ways. It’s happening there and it’s happening here.

  • Time To Hesitate Is Through

    What a cowardly bunch of pussyfied liberals with a collective deathwish for their own race.

    • Hill

      you said it.

  • White_and_Proud

    God has given the followers of Islam up to this great delusion. To keep then separate from us. Unfortunately we have not lived up to our end of the bargain and have allowed them to contaminate our political, social and religious systems in America. The cancer is here, if it is not eradicated soon it will destroy us.

    • Hussein

      LOOL, you have colonized other countries, stole their resources, massacred in masses and created Geo-political problems in a lot of ways (drawing borders..etc) and now say laughable jokes like ” To keep them separate from us”. I would not like mass immigration in my country, but to claim the above is ludicrous, I feel pity to you.

      • White_and_Proud

        I guess you blood thirsty slave to a moon god myth have not studied your own murderous past. But before warned sand n*gg*r WE ARE ARMED TO THE TEETH. And if necessary we shallshoot you all down like to disease spreading rats that YOU are!

  • fromaway46

    I’m not sure you are accurate in labeling all of this immigration as “Muslim” and all of the crime committed by “Muslims”. Just because immigrants are coming from a certain country or group of countries does not mean they are all Muslims. This does not mean I am in favor of Europeans ruining their nations by allowing this drastic change in the make up of their people to occur.

  • robertfishercalifornia

    well, in Europe we have those people breaking havoc. Here in California (or Mexifornia), we have what we have… The elites want to keep pushing and pushing…It’ll be a time for a revolution or for a serfdom?

  • anon

    I often wonder what mental illness is overtaking countries like Sweden (even America has this same multiculturalism crap slowly but surely assisting various other ill conceived central planning initiatives in destroying my nation and society). The Muslim religion is clearly written out in the Quran demanding its faithful followers overwhelm the non-believers into submission to the Muslim faith. It clearly outlines two processes to accomplish this. The first being the Jihad involving outright conflict and the second being a Jihad that is similar to a building castle strategy in the middle of the unbelievers lands.

    The ‘castles’ in my analogy are the worship centers of Islam known as mosques. Sharia law is considered to be the only valid law system Muslims will operate under in their Mosques, and as they grow in strength and number in the unbeliever’s community, they will begin operating more and more under Sharia Law and forcing unbelievers through threat, coercion, deceit, asymmetric violent attacks (that would be the rapes against women not following Sharia practices and the violence directed at specific vocal people opposing the Muslim goals for said community), and eventually outright force on the whole population to submit to various tenets of Sharia until such time as the Muslim strength in the unbelievers community/ lands is able to completely and forcibly alter all of that groups laws to reflect Sharia law. At this point, the entire community and/or country becomes effectively a conquered Muslim nation and the oppression of unbelievers will quickly become both Draconian and violent at the whim of the Muslims who now control all levers of power (both legitimate and illigitimate).

    It is perfectly alright according to Sharia law and the teachings of Islam to lie and deceive the unbelievers as the Muslims are gaining a foothold in the unbelievers lands. They use this tactic to keep the unbelieving population from putting an end to the power grab that is occurring by the Muslim community. The Quran teaches that lying and deception to advance the Islamic faith /overpowering of unbelievers is alright (Quran 3:28 and 8:17 specific to the word ‘Taqiyya’), and that explains the severe labels of ‘Racist’, ‘Nazi’, etc. that are automatically applied to the unbelievers who oppose laws and policies (immigration law, multiculturalism in policy, and eventually favoritism to Muslims over unbelievers) that would allow the Muslim community to gain more power and strength over the unbelievers land/government.

    It is sad to see an industrialized, somewhat Western society regressing toward a 3rd world nation status, but the destruction will continue unless the unbelieving population reverses this course and is able to stop the slow/steady implementation of tenets of Sharia law over the whole society.

  • Malakie

    I would love to see these people come to MY home and try that. They will get a reception they will never forget… To these sharia loving islamic nutcases, I say bring it on… come try and talk to someone who is more than willing to tell you how ‘F’ed up you and your skewed religious fanatical banality is … to your face.

  • mikesbuffalo

    start taking your country back , gather them up and send them back its that easy.

  • amongoose

    Extending tolerance to an intolerant people has worked really well hasn’t it?

  • karl

    If you want to forget your proud past and turn into a nation of serfs and womenish men, Sweden feel free to do so, But stronger men WILL take your land and your wealth and your women. Slavery is the price of weakness.

  • uUDintBillit

    So I guess all those tools who love to use Sweden as the Ultimate Socialist State-ist’s wet dream are not doing their homework? ..go figure.

    Thanks for the info. Keep it coming.

  • Jim

    It’s not the immigrants; it’s your leaders. What are they up to? What’s the agenda? Trust me – it’s your leaders!

  • Mike

    look how the muslim Obama kneels to Saudi King then you know their agenda

  • sam541

    It is because fools think immigration solves the world’s problems when in fact it must be tightly controlled. Otherwise you just import problems from elsewhere. Build third world nations there as a solution, don’t attempt to bring them all here.

  • Puhpoww

    The worldwide changes to immigration policy in white countries is because of corporations taking control of political policy. The “baby boom” of the 50’s ended with the introduction of birth control and abortions. White countries population levels started to level off in the 80s. Corporations need two things – cheap labor and more consumers. They see open immigrations as the solution to their problems and they don’t care if it destroys your culture or your country.

  • Jakob

    This is typical racist propaganda and Ingrid Carlqvist and her Dispatch International is a fascist and very racist netmagazin. Do not believe a word of what this video says because it is 100% islamophobic.

    • Kalle

      Bullsh**. Everything in the video is true.

      • WilmotRobertson

        People like jakob have used the terms “racist” and “fascist” against any white person who cares about their people for so long that we’ve become desensitized to it. Words like those no longer have the magical effect of silencing those they disagree with (which is how they were designed). They don’t need to debate, or use anything based in reality, they just need to make you feel bad for existing. Its no wonder many European and western countries have had to enact speech laws; if they can’t make us feel bad for asserting ourselves, they’ll just throw us in jail, or make life really hard in that we’ll lose our jobs and be shunned socially. And they call us fascists. Call them what they are: Marxist totalitarians, NOT leftists, NOT liberals.

  • Jopper Ashley

    I had no idea this was happening in the once grand country Sweden. This is why not allowing a free-for-all immigration pass is vital..but too late. It’s horrifying.

  • Nobody

    Your “beautiful” hate ensures that war and violence will never end. Give yourselves some applause!

  • Richard de Meath

    This is all part of an international plot which has at its heart the enslavement of peoples, the abolishment of democracy, the theft of property and the enforcement of sharia.
    Who is behind it?
    Every politician in Europe who refuse to admit this is true!

    • WilmotRobertson

      “Who is behind it?
      Every politician in Europe who refuse to admit this is true!”

  • Ariel Berger

    We must never forget that 666 Million of the Chosen Ones got gassed to Death in the Shoah-Holocaust by the Evil Goyim…So – those who speak against Multi-Racialism they are very much Anti-DEMONcratic & Anti Semitic Racialists insulting God…

  • irishbrother

    Europeans need to turn Nationalist and Unify,there is an attempted genocide going o here,mass immigrations needs to be stopped and mass deportations to begin,all traitor politicans behind this attempted genocide need to be hung

  • Richard de Meath

    I started my own blog which is building a nice little following of like-minded people. I refuse to be quiet and as I am 70 next month (May) I refuse to let the ‘thought police’ win. It riles me when I see the kind of people who want to take control, usually those whose idea of the perfect world is one where they can exercise compete control over the masses.

  • Justin Time

    I like to call them Muslimes! They are a filthy, vile group of people that practice the shit religion of Islime. This is truly disgusting in a modern world allowing them to fulfill their plan for worldwide sharia while we sit on our hands and let it fucking happen! They WANT WW!!!. They WANT to die. I say we help them meet their bullshit prophet!!

  • Charlotta Jones

    Out dhimmying themselves out of existence

  • WB6

    This is quite shocking to me. I have naively believed I’ve kept up with what’s going on in the world, yet I was not aware that Sweden was that far along the progressive-fascist path to national doom. Little do their leaders seem to grasp the suicidal march they’re on.

    Is it fair to say that native Swedes are even less apt to stand up against this destruction of their country than Americans – most of whom I perceive as being oblivious to what’s really happening? That Sharia has penetrated so far, so soon, is scary as hell.

  • Lingling

    I wish a Muslim would come to my door, Id love to show them my base ball bat.
    It has a picture of Porky the Pig on the end of it.

    • Richard Watson

      I’ll go one better, let them show up at my door and a bucket of pig blood will spill from above ala Carrie. Then they can come out back for a small koran bonfire.

      • Lingling

        If Islam is the religion of peace, then why is it that no matter which country the Muslim population rise in number, the level of violence rises with it…… What a coincidence ????

  • Say cheese

    In the Netherlands the same . The making only new Ghetto,s town after town .

  • chirisdex

    The first guidance we got was to modify our Disqus information to personal. Better be secure than sorry. The social marxists has been maintaining partners worldwide for more than 80 decades, so earlier or later they are going after individuals in other nations as well.


  • angelphillips18

    Sounds pretty much like Soviet Union. Learn to read between the lines, get your information from alternative sources, don’t trust a word coming from the government sources, filter every word your utter in public; praise the party’s wisdom and hotly approve of the current agenda. Have conversations in the kitchen with a few trusted friends and make sure kids are trained well to keep their mouths shut.

  • Dan Breen


  • Olof Aschberg

    Please read this witness report from Sweden!

    One thing that need to be addressed, for you Americans to fully understand the situation in Sweden, is that the same media – who alongside the militant left is chasing regime dissidents/population replacement opponents – routinely conceal the identity of immigrant criminals, and as far as it’s possible; party affiliation of regime loyal politicians who commit crimes .

    Yes, Expressen – who went home to for example; the retired private person, Jim Olsson, and confronted him on camera, for comments he had not even done (just because he had written on some sites that our prime minister is a psychopath , Quisling and traitor) at the same time however – would never confront for example Somali al-Shabaab-reqruiters/financiers in our suburbs, for their activities.

    Yes, even when the worst terrorist attack in Swedish history was stopped in Denmark, by the Danish and Swedish security police, most media did what they could to protect the perpetrators’ identities, often refusing to show pictures of them. Yes, even after they were convicted of plotting to murder the ca. 300 journalists (who work on the joint office of the newspapers Jyllands Posten and Morgenavisen in Denmark), saw their heads off, and roll them down the street – media did the propaganda so good, that most Swedes don’t even know this has happened.

    And this despite the fact that one of the men, was son in law of Islam’s most important person in Sweden, Helena Benouda, the closest you can get to an “Islamic bishop ” in Sweden. Yes, Benouda is the president of the largest umbrella organization for mosques in Sweden , and is often invited to television to deny Islamic extremism, although her own daughter Safiyya Benouda (who have children with and is/was married to one of the convicted in Denmark) have been taken by the CIA around the world, in various war zones, along with other terror “Swedes”, such as Mehdi Ghezali who sat at Guantanamo Bay.

    Read all about it on the Swedish-Danish “hate site” Snaphanen :

    But the protection of foreign criminals is common practice in Sweden, for all types of crimes. It’s just that if it’s a really ugly crime, and especially if it’s was a Swede affected, the media do it’s best conceiling the perpetrators’ identities/backgrounds.

    In Sweden, for example, most believe that the two worst rapists in Swedish history, are “the Haga man” and the “Örebro man”, when in reality just the muslim serial child rapist “the Alexandra Man” – alone – was a worse serial rapist than the two Swedes combined. Why? Because the lying media brainwashed them about these two Swedish rapists, to move the focus from the rape epidemic, that washes over Sweden in the tracks of the mass immigration from muslim countries.

    Yes, the media even goes so far as to “vitpixla” immigrant criminals [pixelate and brighten the skin of the perpetrator (even on hands, arms and feet if necessary), to get immigrant criminals to seem as ethnic Swedes].

    Here are som examples:

    Please dig deeper into the situation in Sweden. We need all the help we can get here!

  • BiggerFatterPolitics

    Peace In the Middle East Through Food Click HERE and See Why and How

    Muslims in the US are mostly peaceful and law abiding because they are content and well fed. All I am saying is give peas a chance! This is doable and scientifically proven!

  • jonrp

    Any actual men left in sweden that will stand up to this nonsense??? This is what happens when liberals are in charge…

  • Mona Ali
  • Mona Ali
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  • usahakecil

    I am reminded of the Winston Tunnel disaster in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” but instead of the supposedly innocent passengers on that ill-fated train jenis bisnis rumahan , we have here the supposedly innocent Swedes who don’t dare to speak out against the falsehoods that are destroying their country for fear of being called “racist”.

  • WebAddict1

    In the U.S., when we feel like a site’s anonymity has been compromised, we protest by posting pictures of kittens and puppies with no text. :)

  • IdPnSD

    Do you not see that it is a problem of economics? If you could give very good high
    paying jobs to all the immigrants in your country, then you would not have
    faced these social problems. That is true for sure, isn’t it? But now why can’t
    you give them good jobs? Because, you would say, there are no good jobs. But
    that is a ridiculous answer. People are hungry, people cannot go to moon, there
    are so many things to do, and you are saying there are no good jobs. No, no
    jobs, is not the correct answer. The correct answer is you do not have money
    for such jobs.

    So now you know that it is an economic problem, it is not religion, it is not
    race, not even politics. It is all about economy. Now ask the question – why
    you do not have money? Money is free, isn’t it? Money is not an object of nature;
    it does not follow the laws of nature. Money is therefore free, it is an
    abstract object. All abstract objects are free, and abundant. Consider another
    abstract object – real number. Real numbers are free, abundant, you can type in
    any number, million, billion, trillion, all are free. Money is also a real
    number, so it must be free too.

    But then why can’t you get enough free money to give jobs to all these immigrants? This is because the supply of money is controlled by the Central Bank (CB). Money is free and abundant, but the CB will not give it. So the root cause of the entire social problem is CB. That is why the Nobel Laureate in Economics, Milton Freedman said that the CB must go. That will solve all the problems. So, you may want to research the book at
    The truth is very dangerous. The CB does not want you know the truth, so it diverts your attention to some other problems. From the book please learn about the nature of truth.

  • Maman Seo

    I guess I better start using my fake email address to post, and a proxy too دانلود فیلتر شکن

  • Sam Houston

    My friends in the 70’s and 80’s growing up were seniors and retirees. One was a escaped Sweden before the Nazis took over. She would have been aghast to see the immigrant takeover an hatred caused to her Sweden.