Sharia in America: Democrats and Muslim Legislators seek to criminalize free speech

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There is very dangerous legislation making its way through both the House of Representatives and Senate that will finish the United States. The sharia bill calls for Islamic blasphemy laws — the criminalization of speech that offends or insults — who, exactly? Well, that is up to the enforcer, is it not?

On Wednesday, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) introduced “The Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014″ (S.2219), which seeks “to examine the prevalence of hate crime and hate speech on the Internet, television, and radio to better address such crimes.” Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) introduced a companion bill in the House – H.R. 3878.

Yes, we see, Hakeem. The first amendment protects all speech, not just speech that we like. Or else who would decide what’s good and what’s forbidden? Hakeem? When I was a young girl, the Nazis were given permission to march in a predominately Jewish neighborhood. In those days, Nazi mean something. Morality was still very much in the American DNA. Good and evil was understood — unlike today, where the left has banished such terms. Despite the horror of a Nazi march, they were given permission, and those of us who were repelled by such a monstrous action understood why permission was granted  because of the underlying premise — free speech. I didn’t worry that their Nazi ideas would take hold, as long as I could speak and others could speak in the free exchange of ideas. I knew I would win because my ideas were better. Individual rights was the greatest achievement of the enlightened.

Now we are here. Our free speech is threatened by islamic supremacists and their Democrat lapdogs under the guise of “hate speech.” The old “hate speech” canard. They will package this revolution against freedom in a pretty package — and will use the Max Blumenthal-inspired racist murderer,  Glenn Miller. But do not be fooled.

It’s bad enough they have all but blacklisted the voices of freedom from media, political and national discourse. Shouting into the wilderness is not freedom of speech.

What next? Burning books? Perhaps just as long as it’s not the quran. And yet there is more hate speech in the quran than in Mein Kampf.

The Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014 (S.2219) is sharia. Start calling your congressmen (click here). Now. Put down everything. Do this. This is the line in the sand. If we lose this, it’s over.

Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Introduce Legislation To Examine and Prevent the Promotion of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech in Media, April 16, 2014

Sen. Markey is author of original provision calling for examination of telecommunications influence on hate crimes

Boston (April 16, 2014) – Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), a member of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, introduced legislation to examine the prevalence of hate crime and hate speech on the Internet, television, and radio to better address such crimes. The Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014 (S.2219) would create an updated comprehensive report examining the role of the Internet and other telecommunications in encouraging hate crimes based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation and create recommendations to address such crimes.

In 1992, then-Rep. Markey, through the Telecommunications Authorization Act, directed the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to examine the role of telecommunications in encouraging hate crimes. Senator Markey’s legislation will provide a comprehensive updated report on the current prevalence of hate crimes and hate speech in telecommunications, as the last report was conducted and submitted to Congress over two decades ago, in December 1993. Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) introduced a companion bill in the House of Representatives, H.R. 3878.

“We have recently seen in Kansas the deadly destruction and loss of life that hate speech can fuel in the United States, which is why it is critical to ensure the Internet, television and radio are not encouraging hate crimes or hate speech that is not outside the protection of the First Amendment,” said Senator Markey. “Over 20 years have passed since I first directed the NTIA to review the role that telecommunications play in encouraging hate crimes. My legislation would require the agency to update this critical report for the 21st century.”

A copy of the legislation can be found HERE.

“The Internet has proven to be a tremendous platform for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. However, at times it has also been used as a place where vulnerable persons or groups can be targeted,” said Rep. Jeffries. “I commend Senator Markey for his longstanding leadership with respect to combating Hate Crimes in America. He understands that in the digital era it is important to comprehensively evaluate the scope of criminal and hateful activity on the Internet that occurs outside of the zone of First Amendment protection. With the introduction of Senator Markey’s bill, we have taken a substantial step toward addressing this issue.”

“I thank Senator Markey for his career-long commitment to ensuring that we have the data necessary to confront and combat hate speech in the media that targets our most vulnerable communities,” said President & CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition Alex Nogales. “NHMC has long-recognized that an update to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s 1993 report, ‘The Role of Telecommunications in Hate Crimes’, is long overdue and desperately needed given the incredible evolution of our communications systems over the past 21 years as well as the ever-increasing numbers of hate crimes targeting Latinos and others. As the author of the original piece of legislation directing the 1993 report, there is nobody better than Senator Markey to join Congressman Hakeem Jeffries and others in calling on the NTIA to study this pressing issue once again.”


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  • Sacke Blabbathe 2

    Needless to say, it is more important than ever that Americans recall and/or vote out all constitutionally weak representatives. And they better get on it now. It may be too late by the time of the November elections. Islam won’t wait for them.

    • Tish

      The dim-witted dems are helping the enemy to sharpen there swords in preparation for there own be-heading..Stupid is as Stupid does !

  • AK

    USA has muslim legislators??? You guys are already screwed.

    • haveittodayray

      Yes. and the sad part is that the Muslim congressmen, swore his oath on the Quran, not our Bible.

      • Trans & Armed

        It doesn’t matter which he swore it ON, cause the Oath is TO the Constitution.

        • Michael Copeland

          “I sweared, but I didn’t mean it”, said the Times Square bomber about his Oath of
          Islam authorises lying.

        • Pray Hard

          It’s called taqiyya. Muslims have no allegiance to anything but the Ummah.

        • Dan Borden

          You really need to understand the concept of taqiyya. Swearing on oath on the Koran is kind of like pissing in the wind. You get a nice warm feeling, but you are not accomplishing the task.

        • Trans & Armed

          Thanx, guys, but I already understand taqiyya. Fortunately, the US legal code does not (yet). A lie is a lie, and punishment does not require the liar’s consent or ideological agreement.

          Now if only there WAS punishment. Or even better, a vigilant citizenry….

    • Habibi


      Like all religions and communities of this country, they are represented in this country. It does not bother you with banks and money are Saudi Stock Exchange NY. I do not mind your money but not your influence in the country’s laws.

      Have a nice day.

      • kevinstroup

        Bothers me. I hope all the muzloids get VD and die. But that’s just me.

        • Habibi


          Why are you so hateful?? It’s all what you as an argument..? And you considered terrorists as monsters heartless but you’re like all those monsters that you hate. I hope that one day Islam will enter your heart and you will reveal your sensitive soul.

          Have a nice day.

          • Wootsauce

            Those sound like not so veiled threats what with radical Muslims being known to cut out hearts and eat them.

          • kevinstroup

            Don’t worry about me, Habib. I took a big mo this morning and I was careful to flush after I was through.

          • Pray Hard

            I hope that one day, like today, Islam and all its adherents will become extinct.

          • Habibi

            Pray Hard,

            You dream! It is impossible. Viewing this video posted a week ago. The number of people who convert to Islam is growing from day to day.

            Have a nice day.


          • Pray Hard

            Why are Muslims so hateful? If you want to address hate, talk to your fellow Muslims, the biggest haters on the planet, as evidenced by 22,825+ deadly terror attacks in the name of Islam since 9/11.

          • Betty4440

            hahahahahahahahahahahahoh hahahahahha you didn’t just say I hope one day islam enter your heart and you will reveal your sensitive you didn’t hahahahahahhahahahahhahahooohhhhh no.

      • Pray Hard

        I got your hypocrisy right here …

      • Trans & Armed

        The money is not trying to criminalize my speech or my athiesm – Islamists who are trying to impose Shariah law ARE trying to criminalize those things. The money is not a legal code that would punish me for my patriotism, or for my status as a bisexual trans-person – Sharia law IS a legal code which WOULD try to punish me for those things,

        There is no hypocrisy in this matter because the money and the Shariah influence are two very different things. Therefore they must be judged by different criteria, and must be met with different responses.

        And on that matter, don’t let my look fool you. I’m usually a sweet and peaceful t-girl, but I firmly believe the correct response to Islamists trying to enforce Shariah law on anyone anywhere in the world is to shove raw pork down their throats before executing them with a bullet to the base of the skull.

        So tell us, Habibi: are you an Islamist, or are you just a peaceful muslim?

        Never mind. Islam says to lie to infidels, so if you said you were peaceful, we could never believe you weren’t just lying to us. And in that case, we have to assume the worst about you.

        It’s not our fault, it’s your religion’s fault. And it’s just one more reason that all legitimately decent and peaceful muslims should leave Islam immediately and completely disown and renounce it thereafter.

    • laura m.

      AK: you got it; the ship has sailed. America is over and done. Voting in any election is a crock of BS as politicians completely ignore the people and they do what ever they want anyway.

    • Paul V Sutera

      All muslims are terrorists? I work with muslims, please tell me they aren’t trying to kill me or convert me! hahahah…. maybe you should get out of Alabama more often!

  • The_Questman

    Democrats believe a law can trump the 1st amendment. It can’t. But it could take years to fight it in court. Democrats HATE the constitution. What we need is a law against those who speak out against the rights granted us in the Constitution. I suggest trial for treason and hanging the next day at dawn.

    • Robert Rambo

      Agreed. How about a bill that when passed would make any law that violates ANY part of the constitution null and void. That would effectively wipe out ALL gun laws since apparently politicians have such a low IQ they don’t know what “shall not be infringed” means.

      • badtooth

        your ‘bill’ is called the supreme court.

        • sooner4ever

          That’s the same Supreme Court that declared we must buy something or be subject to fines, penalties, and taxes, right?

          • badtooth

            if you are talking about obamacare, actually the court declared it a tax. and therefore legal under the constitution, that gives the government the power to tax.
            you have to “buy” social security, right.

          • ThomasThePaine

            The law said it was a penalty: Only the House can introduce legislation including a new tax. ObozoScare was introduced by the Senate. . . That alone should have invalidated the whole scam!
            I’m sure that the fact that John Roberts had over 1 billion dollars in his Vatican Bank account had nothing to do with his betrayal of the American people!
            Even the nine monkeys with quarters could have done better!

          • Larenzo1

            When you make statements like that you harm your own credibility. You do not have one shred of proof that Roberts has a billion dollars any where. Did you read that off that nutty website Prison Planet. Or did you just hear this from your master Alex Jones on his radio show? Good grief. Get a grip Roberts made a bad decision. It is yet to be seen what his tenure on the court will be like. I was disappointed in it as well but I am not going to start spouting nonsense. Vatican Bank Account indeed. Now go join the alumanutty.

          • ThomasThePaine

            There were hundreds of articles on the subject when the Vatican Bank was seized by the Italian authorities in 2010. Most of them have been scrubbed.
            The simple truth is that no matter how bad we think that Washington DC is, they are far worse!
            You are free to believe whatever you like. . . Once you start insulting those who have a different opinion, you become just as bad as the libtards!

          • John Stevens

            Vatican Bank was seized by the Italian authorities

            Never happened. Some assets of the Vatican Bank were seized, but the Bank was not.

            The story appeared about a year BEFORE he made his decision.

            No, no story implicating the Chief Justice of SCOTUS in any relationship with the failure to report the source of the funds siezed (the amount seized in total was much less than a billion dollars) is in evidence.

            Where’s your evidence?

          • badtooth

            the senate can’t introduce legislaton? where did you get that from? mcain-fiengold act.
            what do you think SB stands for? as opposed to HB.

            The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises
            CONGRESS SHALL, congress still means the house and senate.

          • ThomasThePaine

            You libtards trolls are even are even dumber than I though. . . Even a grammar school kid knows that:

            U.S. Constitution – Article I, Section 7

            The Legislative Branch

            Article I – The Legislative Branch
            Section 7

            Clause 1:

            All Bills for raising Revenue SHALL ORIGINATE IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

            Why don’t you educate yourself? Until then, stay out of adult discussions!

            Now I’m done wasting time with you.

          • badtooth

            ok, so the bill didn’t originate in the house. is that what you are saying? you should call someone. looks like all the lawyers in the government somehow missed that. are you telling me that it was challenged all the way to the supreme court and no one argued your point? shm. so we hang all those who voted for it over a clerical error? you sure it didn’t originate in the house? seems hard to believe that you are the only opposition person in america to catch this?

          • badtooth

            “Senate actions[edit]
            The Affordable Health Care for America Act, H.R. 3962, as engrossed or passed by the House of Representatives, was received in the Senate, read into the record and placed on the Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders (Calendar No. 210, Nov. 16, 2009).
            H.R. 3962 as eventually enacted[edit]
            A different bill, under the same bill number H.R. 3962, was eventually passed by Congress and, on June 25, 2010, was signed by the President. This is the “Preservation of Access to Care for Medicare Beneficiaries and Pension Relief Act of 2010.”[31]”

            damn, i don’t think you get to hang anyone. wait, what am i thinking we have to hang them all to save the constitution.

          • Paul V Sutera

            Well he’s certainly voted like a Republican on every other decision, especially his pro-corporate voting record – at least that should make you happy, he sides with the superrich every single time. Isn’t that what you want in a judge?

        • ThomasThePaine

          The Not So Supreme Court is no different than nine monkeys flipping quarters:
          Most of their decisions are 5/4 one way or the other. . . If they were base on real knowledge of the Constitution, they would ALWAYS be unanimous!

          • badtooth

            well the skokie ruling still stands. don’t remember the votes, it was 1977 but i’ll check it out. the westborogh baptist ruling was 8 to 1. the one dissenter being the right leaning scalia, ironic.
            why would you think all rulings would be unamimous? the constitution is a broad document meant only to be a guide. it lack specifics. not to mention it’s great flaw, the ‘necessary and proper clause’

          • ThomasThePaine

            The Constitution is NOT a guide: It’s the LAW of the land and “shall” means SHALL, then and today!

          • badtooth

            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
            so slander and libel should be legal? if my religion practices human sacrifice, it must be allowed? if occupy wall street peacfully assembled on the george washington brigde or in the lincoln tunnel you would say the government SHALL not remove them?

          • ThomasThePaine

            In case that you haven’t noticed, slander and libel are NOT illegal: They are civil matters: The Constitution was created to define the limits and power of government; NOT the people’s.

            Unduly blocking traffic and interfering with the free movement of others, falls outside the “peaceably to assemble” quote.

            Human sacrifice is already illegal in its own context. . . Except of course, when according to libtards, is practiced by Muslimes it in any of their rituals (honor killings, family revenge, stoning, clitorectomies, etc, etc.), then it becomes rich cultural diversity. . .

            The main flaw in the Constitution is the lack of penalties for government scumbags who constantly break it. . . Easily fixed with the 28th Amendment: “Any member of the government who proposes, or attempts to enact any legislation that in any way restricts, infringes or regulates any of the rights of the people under the US Constitutions, SHALL be immediately hung by the neck until dead”. . .

          • Larenzo1

            I must congratulate you for the patients you have displayed. I am so fed up with morons I cannot. Fine post.

          • badtooth

            “Criminal libel is rarely prosecuted but exists on the books in many states”
            so you mean to protect the constitution by throwing it out. genius. are you the one who is going to judge the constitutionality of any proposed bill? you will do the lynching as well. awesome. i’m gonna go out on a limb (no pun intended) and say your bill won’t pass. in fact i doubt you will be able to find a sponsor, unlike the president did with his healthcare non-sense.

            “regulates any of the rights” so you are against searching people before air travel. are you against speed limits as well? you would legalize all drugs and eliminate customes? so you are an anarchist?

          • ThomasThePaine

            I’m going end your idiotic government worshiping tirade by EDUCATING you on the meaning to the word “anarchist”: It means “without masters” NOT ‘without rules”!

            Enjoy the gloved hand of the TSA up your ass: I bet it makes you feel safe. . .


          • badtooth

            even thomas paine understood the neccesary evil of government. so to protect the constitution you would eliminate the legislative ‘masters’ who create rules to regulate. even though it is the constitution that gives them the power to make laws?
            you don’t what to quote ben, “those who give up their liberty for security, deserve neither.”
            ironically i think you and this website would be the first to blame obama if a muslim blows up a plane tomorrow.

          • Larenzo1

            You make a senseless argument that has nothing to do with the constitution.

          • badtooth

            hanging people for proposing a law you don’t like is a “fine post”? his and robert rambo’s idea of eliminating the legislative process and the checks and balances of the constitution with a constitutional an amendment to the constitution is as you say, fine. lol.

          • Robert Rambo

            Who said anything about eliminating the legislative process? Not me. There ARE no checks and balances anymore in this system!! Are you that blind? When side A is checked by side B and they’re both bought and paid for by side C where are the checks and balances? You are either blind or ignorant. I guess you also believe we have a democracy here, you know where 2 wolves and 1 sheep vote on what to have for dinner. What we’re supposed to have is a republic.

          • badtooth

            you are right america is a represenative republic, not a democracy.

            so your new bill that makes null and void any law that is unconstitutional is new how? it creates a new system how? it doesn’t even make sense.
            so what did you think about the supreme court ruling on the michigan law on affirmative action today?
            how about the recent ruling on campaign donations being protected under freedom of speech?

          • Robert Rambo

            Actually you’re not making any sense. The Bill of Rights are deemed to be “unalienable rights”. For those that don’t know that means they are endowed upon us by our Creator.. NOT government. In other words, the government has NOTHING to do with the rights given to us BY the Bill of Rights. The government cannot give OR deny those rights. The 2nd amendment closes with the words “shall not be infringed”. The definition of infringed is “Actively break the terms of” or “Act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on”.

            Therefore, ANY gun law is unconstitutional. The fact that gun laws exist is proof the Supreme Court is a failure.

          • badtooth

            so felons should have guns. murderers, armed robbers? anyone can have a tank or fighter jet? how about a nuke.
            interesting that you think the court has gotten worse. check out the ruling from 1876.

            so what does well regulated mean?

          • Robert Rambo

            WOW!! You really, REALLY don’t get it do you??

            YES. YES. YES.. YES.. Is that enough Yes’s??

            I may not like the fact that felons have those things but YES!! A God given right cannot be taken away.. Which is why I have the right to have a gun to protect myself from said felon, murderer or armed robber. That armed robber by the grace of God has every right to defend himself with a gun against a murderer.

            Arguing with someone with your mindset is FUTILE!! A felon, murderer or armed robber is STILL GOING TO HAVE GUNS WHETHER IT’S A LAW OR NOT!!! Do you really think a murderer is going to say “well I’m going to murder this person but it’s against the law for me to have a gun so I better use a knife”

            I pray to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that you wake up one morning with a brain.

            And again, YES citizens have every right to own whatever weapons that someone else (government, etc.) could use against said citizens.. It doesn’t MATTER about the ruling from 1876, 1976 or 2076!!


            Learn what it means or go find a country with a constitution that you agree with.

          • badtooth

            well i don’t believe in god, so i guess my mindset is much different than yours.
            but if you want guns on planes and in schools and courtrooms, that is certainly your right to that opinion, then yes, even our worldy mindsets are very far off.
            of course felons can still get guns. the KC shooter was a felon. but that is a different arguement. i’m not for taking everyone’s guns. i have 3 guns. many of my friends have guns. my brother-in-law has bought a new gun every christmas for the last 5 years. he thinks he’s a big hunter now. but has only gotten 2 deer.
            but your logic is so flawed it’s like you are a child? so you are agianst the death penalty? against imprisoning people. life and liberty are “god” given rights, right?
            oh jesus, a religious and gun nut. you shouold head out to neveda and stand with cliven bundy. the revelution is at hand. onward christian soldier.

          • Robert Rambo

            You don’t believe in God.. now why does that not surprise me.

            I’ll pray for you.. you may not believe in God, but God believes in you.. there’s still hope for you.

          • badtooth

            how is saying that the supreme court is already in place to judge the constitutionality of law is “a senseless arguement that has nothing to do with the constitution”? does not the constitution set up the supremem court in that very role?

          • notislam

            Islam is an ideology masked as a religion. TRUTH

          • badtooth

            of course it is an ideology. and a bad one at that, it’s draconian, totalitarian, socialist and supremacist. i’m no fan of islam or any other religion for that matter. i’m not argueeing for sharia, in fact i emailed every senator and rep in florida voicing my support of SB386, a bill that would outlaw religious law from florida courts. nor am i for any “hate speech” law non-sense. or blasphemy, abraham, jesus and muhammad can suck my cock. but to say we should have an amendment calling for the hanging of legislators for passing laws is even sillier.

          • Paul V Sutera

            And then you’d better be prepared for Christian influence on government to be challenged too. Islam is socialist? You should learn what the word means before using it.

          • badtooth

            yes christian influence on government should be challenged too. you do realize that in america we have seperation of church and state.
            you don’t think it has socialist leanings. maybe not the european or markist style of control of means of production. but in the sense of socialism limiting the freedom of the individual for the communal good? taxing the individual to redistribute their wealth to the poor? like in the sense that the democrats are more socialistic than the republicans. or the christian socialist leanings with the claim that i’m my brother’s keeper.
            oh yeah, islam is sexist too. that one quite litterally. don’t you think?
            do you know much about islam?

          • Paul V Sutera

            I know people who are muslims. So I know a bit about their religion. These people are the nicest people. The religion is sexist – well that’s true. I don’t defend any religion except Buddhism, which doesn’t have a deity per-se. The muslims I work with are very easy going, I live near to NYC where there are so many muslims and they have one of the lowest crime rates of any group. Absolutely it is sexist. They need a reform movement, just like Judaism had years ago.

          • badtooth

            not sure how far the jews have come. there was a case last year of a woman getting on bus in NYC run by a orthodox jewish organization and they told her she had to go to the back of the bus. and wasn’t there a big bruhaha when some women tried to pray at the wailing wall in jeruselum? as for the buddhist did you see the news out of sri-lanka? the brit deported for a buddha tattoo on her arm. the safron robes are kiling muslims in burma and sri-lanka.
            i was going to ask where gog and magog are. but if you aren’t a muslim you wouldn’t know.
            first reform they need in my book is seperation of religion and governance. but they think they know “god’s law” so not much hope of that.

          • Paul V Sutera

            there are bad people everywhere… I grew up with reformed Jews and most Jews are reform or conservative, not orthodox or Hasidic. I live 75 miles from NYC, we have Jews and temples everywhere. I left the Catholic church 40 years ago.

          • badtooth

            interesting. comment in moderation.
            yes there are bad people everywhere. and bad ideologies too. and until there is massive reform in islam, it will be at the top of my list. caste system is a close second but it has technically been outlawed in india. still goes on, but that is a start.
            anyway, i read your post below. are you insane? the word nig*#% (i typed it out) is not illegal. ‘hate speech’ is very much protected by the first amendment.
            as is gun ownership by the second.

          • EclecticHorseman

            No, what we have in America is a prohibition against an establishment of religion, meaning a religion designated by the government as the official religion of the country. “Separation of church and state” is nothing but a well-entrenched atheist myth based solely on a sentence in a private letter written by Jefferson without force of law or even support in the actual language of the Constitution.

          • badtooth

            ok, so the prohibition against the government establishing a religion means what then?
            you don’t want an offical religion, just a set of religious law? what is your point?

          • John Stevens

            There are three choices when writing legislation:

            1) Write moral laws.
            2) Write immoral laws.
            3) Write amoral laws.

            The government, by the First Amendment, is not allowed to establish a state religion that people must join (and attend the worship services of and tithe or give to).

            That, however, is a totally different thing from passing laws based on the public morality teachings of the Church.

            Passing a law that conforms to the Christian moral code is (so long as it restricts itself to the public morality), not a violation of the First Amendment, and your attempt to equate laws based in Christian beliefs with the establishment of a state religion is a false equivalence.

            Either that, or you are arguing that we should pass evil laws, or almost as bad, arbitrary laws (which is what tyranny looks like, up close).

            What “a Christian Nation” means, in a very real sense, is one whose laws, public institutions and processes follow the public morality part of Christian philosophy.

            The nation’s people do not need to be Christian in order to have a Christian nation, though in practical terms, the religion of the either the majority, or that minority that has sufficient power, will eventually become the basis of the public morality that informs the interpretation, enforcement and creation of laws.

          • Trans & Armed

            Separation of church and state is no myth, since the 1A clearly separates them. Jefferson knew it and merely stated it.

            Even though the 1A phrases it differently than he did, the meaning is the same. Similarly, the 2A phrases “gun rights” differently than we sometimes do, but the meaning is the same.

            Also: a government that operates according to a religion and/or surrounds itself with its paraphernalia is establishing it as the DE FACTO official religion of that country. Which is not illegal per the Constitution, but we the people must remain particularly vigilant against government officials who do that, and citizens who advocate it.

            Because it leads to things such as handing out Bibles in public schools – just Christian Bibles, without the Torah, the Koran, the Satanic Bible, or anything else. And that IS establishment of an official religion in the official schools run by the official Officials. You can’t get a whole lot more Establishment than that,.

            But if my perspective doesn’t convince you, try looking at it from your own perspective: the separation which protects the government from your religion also protects your religion from the government. Because a government which establishes a religion (or wants to) is a government which has legislative power OVER that religion (or wants to).

            You know perfectly well that government is a power-grabbing and destructive force, laying waste to nearly all that it touches. What could possibly make you believe that your religion will be an exception?? (Assuming it’s even your own brand of Christianity which becomes established.)

            Of course it wouldn’t be an exception at all: it would be just one more thing under government control, and its practitioners would eventually need special deals with the government and special favors from it. Do you REALLY want to end up as a Crony Christian??

            That Wall of Separation – which you will hopefully give more thought to now than before – is the only thing which keeps you and the government from needing to go to war OVER your religion. It is one of the very few potential powder kegs we don’t have to worry about these days.

            So please, just leave it that way.

          • Trans & Armed

            ….And actually, “Crony Christian” just became my term for anyone who wants Christianity to have special acknowledgement from or influence over any level of American government.

          • Native American

            agree…The Supreme Court is to interpret the law not make new law…

          • Booo

            This laws from bench has been a very large part of the demo/social/Marxist agenda for a very long time. If not given term limits to the black robes, We the people are going to see the legislation from the bench forever.
            Why we the people allow these robes to go undermine our votes is way beond my rational thinking. Dysfunctional is the word.

          • ThomasThePaine

            For the same reason that the sheeple allow themselves to be groped by the perverts of the TSA. . .

          • Betty4440


          • Doug Blanck

            Out of curiosity, to what “legislation from the bench” are you referring? SCOTUS does one thing: It determines whether a law is constitutional or not. That’s not “legislation from the bench.” It’s deciding if legislation passed by Congress and signed by the president is within the bounds set by the Constitution. You’re free to agree or disagree with their decisions, but understand that just because you don’t agree with a decision about a particular law (previously passed by Congress and signed by the president) doesn’t constitute “making new law.”

        • Trans & Armed

          Actually the “bill” is called the Constitution. The agreement by government officials to obey it is called the Oath. Nothing more is needed except a lot of heart and ammunition.

          • badtooth

            yes, the constitution is already the constitution. so a bill to punish legislators for passing a law that is unconstitutional is not needed. an it is the job of the supreme to judge what is and isn’t constitutional.
            here in florida in the 90s the state legislature wanting to raise some revenue without raising taxes on the voter came up with a plan. they passed a law on people getting a florida license for the first time would have to pay a $400 fee. millions did until someone challenged it and it was struck down as unconstitutional by the supreme court. so, under robert and thomas’s proposal those legislators who voted for that law should be hanged.

          • Trans & Armed

            I don’t know anything about Robert’s or Thomas’ proposals, and I don’t have time to read all the comments. So I don’t know if this is an issue here, but until someone declares or overtly starts a civil war, it’s still peacetime, and in peacetime nobody gets hanged without conviction by a jury in a fair trial.

            Further, not every law is like the blatantly unconstitutional Brady Bill; some laws would be determined on finer or more esoteric points. I’d hope that no one is saying that proposal and passage of those would justify jury trials.

            Regardless, we all need to get away from legislative thinking. It’s been drilled into us by the statists all our lives that laws are the answer, but it’s misdirected energy since no law or religion or social policy can ever replace an educated and vigilant citizenry.

            Just as you can’t legislate morality, you can’t legislate vigilance.

          • badtooth

            the legislator that does the lest is the best in my book. i always laugh when people say they hate gridlock in washington. i love it. if i had my druthers there would be no department of education, health and human services, etc in washington. the cabinet would be the department of: war, infrastructure, science (which would be the CDC and NASA), argiculture/commerce and state.

          • Trans & Armed

            I’d narrow it down to depts of war and state. Infrastructure, science, agriculture and commerce all are (or should be) privatized, thus are none of the governments damned business.

            I might add a couple if I wanted to take time to think about it. Maybe a Dept of Property Rights to oversee things like pollution, intellectual property issues, eminent domain and such.

            The term “gridlock” is what Ayn Rand doubtlessly would have called an “anti-concept”: bullsht that stresses something unimportant, and thereby makes you forget about something that IS important. These are really common today, and are a symptom of a culture that is literally losing its sanity. You could call them intellectual diversions.

            “Gridlock” conjures vague images of infighting, right? So while we’re worried about how horrible THAT is, we forget about opposition being a check against one-party governance.

            When someone complains that the government isn’t “efficient” and can’t “get things done” because of all the “gridlock”, remind them of a few governments which didn’t have that problem, such as Nazi
            Germany, Soviet Russia, N Korea, Mao’s China….

            Nobody can say that they failed to “get
            things done”.

        • Robert Rambo

          A liberal supreme court who doesn’t uphold the constitution?

          • badtooth

            so let’s hang scalia for his vote in the westboro baptist case. he was the only one to vote against freedom of speech.
            as for gun laws, not sure what you think is happening, but this court has sided with gun owners more than any previous one i can think of.
            maybe you have evidence to the contrary? i would love to see it. assualt weapons were banned after columbine for ten years.

          • Robert Rambo

            Evidence to the contrary, as I just posted as reply to you above. The existence of ONE gun law period is evidence of failure of the Supreme Court. You can link to whatever you want but you’re too “smart” to understand the big picture.

          • badtooth

            “The existence of ONE gun law period is evidence of failure of the Supreme Court.”
            so guns on planes?
            a guy is on trial for murder, he is allowed his ar-15 in the courthouse?
            kids in high school?
            so you would allow prisoners to have guns?
            big picture, i see the big picture. you don’t see the details though. it’s you who can’t see the trees for the forrest.

          • Robert Rambo

            Your argument is a joke and you have no idea what you’re talking about.. Your heart may be in the right place but you still don’t get it. Oh, I see the forest as well as the trees..

          • badtooth

            so outlawing guns in schools is evidence of the failure of the supreme court? my heart has nothing to do with anything, this is pure logic. when my dad was a kid he would take his hunting rifle to school sometimes. but that was a differnent time and a different place. logic dictates you wouldn’t knowingly let a 16 year-old in a school today with a gun. why is that arguement a joke?

          • Robert Rambo

            Because you STILL fail to understand what unalienable rights are AND your argument of “pure logic” is exactly the oppsoite:

            so outlawing guns in schools is evidence of the failure of the supreme court? YES

            it doesn’t matter if I agree with it OR you agree with it..

            You somehow believe that the 2nd amendment is different than the others..

            Freedom of speech – It doesn’t say freedom of speech “IF” you’re between the years of 18-60 or “UNLESS” your speech hurts someones feelings.. There is no Freedom of Speech “UNLESS” clause..

            Freedom of religion – It doesn’t say you have the right to practice your religion “as long as” it’s Catholic or Protestant or “IF” you’re a man, or a woman.. There is no Freedom of Religion “IF I AGREE” clause..

            But yet you and countless others think it’s OK to put conditions on the 2nd amendment..

            I’m done arguing with you until you learn what the true meaning of unalienable rights is and what it means to NOT infringe upon them.

          • badtooth

            so you have an unalienable right to freedom. again, are you against imprisioning people. unaleinable right to life, so you must be against the death penalty? yet you call for hanging people. smh.
            but if you do imprison someone you must let them have a gun in jail. i will say your arguement is unique, never heard anyone say that before?

          • John Stevens

            so you have an unalienable right to freedom. again, are you against imprisioning people

            No surprise that an atheist doesn’t understand the simple concept of a moral right.

            That you have a right, does not mean you are entitled to the possession of the thing you have a right to.

            The question of prison is quite simple: you retain the right to freedom, but the right of your victims to be secure in their lives and property exceeds your right to exercise your right to freedom.

            Absent some real and proven threat, your exercise of your rights should not be hindered. Fear of a threat that has yet to materialize (yet to become real) does not rise to that standard.

      • cowboy

        there is marbury vs madison. supreme court,

        any law that goes against the constitution is null and void.

      • Denver Girl

        That is the best idea I have heard of in a long time.

        • Robert Rambo

          Thank you.

    • David Rossback

      They hate freedom ,the Constitution ,and God because they are DEMONcrats .

    • JAMES

      When you bend your laws to accommodate other peoples laws soon those other people will bend you to their laws

    • Angela

      I For the life of me, cannot understand their livid hate of our Constitution, nor their constant championing of Obama. I don’t get it…is it an amoral stance, immoral, or just a non negotiable clinging to the Democratic party despite its the party not the man? I see that same thing in the Republican support of the RINOS, even though they are no different than the hijacked Democratic party. Both parties are filled w/ corrupt, self serving, narcissists hence the major reason why this administration has not been held accountable on any treasonous issue..Benghazi, Fast & Furious, drone kills of USA citizens, and the list goes on and on..

    • AuthorLee

      “Democrats believe a law can trump the 1st amendment.”
      They can if we let them get by with doing so. Same for the Second Amendment.

    • Paul V Sutera

      Hate speech is hate speech, it’s not protected. You can’t go yelling the ‘n’ word, you can’t go yelling ‘kike’. These are not protected by the constitution. And in what way does limiting hate speech mean you are implementing sharia law? I mean it’s illegal to yell ‘n*gg**’. Does that mean if you restrict hateful expressions, you are implementing sharia law? What planet did you fly in from?

      • The_Questman

        People use those words all the time. There is no prevention anywhere in the use of those words. Using those words while committing a crime against a person or their property may be grounds for a hate crime Not the words themselves. If the N word was a crime there would be few black people, from rappers to politicians, left in society. Sharia prevents me as a free citizen of the world from voicing my opinion about a lot of things especially Islam. I want no part of it in America. NONE.

    • Paul V Sutera

      Hate speech has never been protected by the constitution. Go running down the street yelling the ‘N’ word and see which judge will protect your right to do so. Ha!

      • John Stevens

        Actually, “hate speech” is protected by the Constitution.

        And yes, a judge who is following the law will uphold your exercise of that right, so long as your speech doesn’t constitute assault (the directed and immediate threat of physical harm).

    • Michael Hudson

      This is nothing more than that “camel’s nose” under the tent in an effort to eventually get our legal system to recognize Sharia Law and needs to be prevented at all costs.

  • coastx

    Crisis Strategy Think Tank CON> Examine and prevent the promotion of hate crimes and hate speech in media 1) STRAW MAN humanitarian event threshold alleges internet speech lofts hate, 2) INTERPOSITION AGENT PROVOCATEUR (politician) presses legislation Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014, 3) MERC criminalization of the 1st amendment and confirmation of felon leadership and 4) rendition.

    The reason they are getting away with this is America is a hedonistic society addicted to debauchery via fast food, snake ball sex and degenerate entertainment, Americans thus disengaged from the constitution. They don’t think about it. They don’t know what it is. They can’t use it to self-protect AND they elect hedonist legislature to further debase them in a funk with self-fulfilling prophecy and victim psychopathy.

    You baited to debauchery, folks. You get debauchery for leadership. The easy way out of this is disconnect from the decadence. People laugh at this because they want BOTH a self-indulgent lifestyle AND protection from the consequences of such behavior, Not happening.


    • Pray Hard

      Are you a Muslim? Not that I don’t agree with you.

      • coastx


  • Date_Palm

    I believe the blasphemy law will be interpreted in such a way as to support a politician, who claims to fulfill the hopes of all religious faiths.

  • Ashish Kapoor

    Pamela is absolutely correct. More Anti- sharia laws should be supported in all the states so that such UN-American and anti-America debates do not crop up so the future . Let the American culture be an American culture and not something similar from the seventh century culture from the middle east period!

    • haveittodayray

      I agree. Islam and Sharia belong in Saudi Arabia, not America.

      • Pray Hard

        Islam and sharia belong in the past, like dinosaurs, extinct.

        • Betty4440

          right on. in the past. non in the future not in AMERICA.

    • Habibi


      Therefore, it is permissible to criticize Islam but it is forbidden to criticize the Holocaust. I’m sure if someone criticizes the existence of the Holocaust, there will be problems. Hypocrisy at its best.

      Have a nice day.

      • sooner4ever

        Criticism of the existence of the Holocaust is outright lying. We have documented proof that it happened. Criticizing a group of people who want to exterminate the Jews and anyone else who doesn’t believe in the pedophile prophet is something completely different. Islam is nothing more than a death cult created so that men could abuse women and get away with it anyway. It’s a very immature way of life.

      • badtooth

        in america it is not haram to criticize the holocaust. you seem to have us confused with the germans and other european countries. i see you say hypocrisy a lot. is not your god the biggest hypocrite of all? he keeps claiming to be merciful and gracious, but he has created a place of unimaginable horror to throw people who don’t bow down to him.
        you have a nice day too.

        • Betty4440

          badtooth what in the world is your problem? are you a muslim and can’t have your way so your have to cry about it. go talk to cair they will try to get it straightened out for you.

          • badtooth

            i’ve got no problems, it’s all good. not sure why you would think i’m a muslim, perhaps my use of the word haram confused you? clearly the muslim doesn’t understand american freedom of speech, so i thought i would use at least one word she would understand. but unfortunately i think her english comprehension might be better than yours?

      • afftongrown

        Those who suffered the Holocaust didn’t come to this country, making demands to have everyone change to their ways! They never were a problem!

      • Alvian Chavez

        There are groups that criticize the holocaust all the time and nobody dares to call it a hate crime because it’s usually liberals and muslims who do it.

      • Richard

        Habibi, you have got everything by the tail. The Holocaust was genocide, where millions of Jews and others were killed (not only Jews there were Poles, Gypsies, Russians, Serbs, homosexuals also). This was a blot on Germany and Europe. So they made it a crime to deny it.

        Muslims on the other hand want to make it a crime to acknowledge the killings and genocide carried out by them. All murderers and murderous bastards should be exposed and there should be no censorship in reporting their crimes.

      • Pray Hard

        Why don’t you criticize the sun arising in the East and setting in the West? If the Holocaust was fabricated, then Mohammed and Allah are fabricated. No, wait, Mohammed and Allah were fabricated, period, regardless. I guess we didn’t go to the Moon either, huh? And, Islam is a religion of peace, huh?

      • Betty4440

        the best medicine I think is to insult islam any time we want and old mo. the rapist these thing are evil and people need to know about them.

      • Ashish Kapoor

        Don’t get me wrong. Nothing is forbidden in free speech. All I am against is what is prescribed as repression of women like in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia or Iran. FGM another issue not negotiable or for that matter child marriage we see in Yemen and other Islamic societies. To be ruled by Mullahs in Iran or Saudi Arabia a big no no.Lets stand against all that is evil that’s all I am saying including the repression of innocent Palestinians in the middle east or the discrimination against muslims in a free society.Lets have a set and a fair standard for all and ofcourse the most important of all is Freedom for all. Lets not shy away from defending freedom at all costs. Hope you get it..!

    • Trans & Armed

      OMG clueless!! The anti-sharia law is the Constitution and all that is rightly derived from it. “Anti-shariah laws” for the purpose of stifling debate is no better than the proposed law in the article we are discussing. But thank you for giving the muslim pig Habibi half an argumentative leg to stand on, as he did below.

      Maybe a case can be made that since Islam is a criminal code of conduct, any attempt to MANIFEST any part of it should be a criminal offense, the same as manifesting any other criminal codes of conduct. If you think you can make that case, please make it.

      • Moa

        Habibi doesn’t even understand his own religion. Becoming or being born Muslim does not make on an expert on Islamic Doctrine. Habibi probably does not even understand something as basic as “abrogation”, and has probably never even read the Qur’an in his native tongue. He has never read the ahadith so know *nothinh* about what the warlord Mohammed really got up to – so he just listens to the propaganda and lies coming from the enslavers of the most enslaving ideology ever.

        Sorry Habibi, it is clear you have no clue about your own superstition. Shukran, but that’s a fail.

        • Trans & Armed

          I was responding to Ashish who wanted anti-Shariah laws hoping they would stifle debate. But I do agree with all you just said here. :-)

  • Joe Westphal

    Thank you for everything you do Pamela.

  • Richard

    The guy who introduces the bill is “Congressman Hakeem Jeffries”. Hakeem sounds like a Muslim name but Wikipedia says he is a Baptist. And Ed Markey is a Roman Catholic. Dont they have a clue?

    • Grantman

      No. Next question.

      • Richard

        Will they ever get a clue?

        • Pray Hard

          They will when Muslims are sawing their heads off in their own front yard and raping and slaughtering their family in front of them. When it affects them negatively and personally, they will begin to squeal like the proverbial pig under a gate.

    • colin

      Richard smell the muslim money,nuf said

    • afftongrown

      Probably a muslim hiding behind the cross!

  • amongoose

    “recommendations, consistent with the First Amendment to the Constitution, that the NTIA determines are appropriate and necessary to address such use of telecommunications”
    That’s scary considering the trampling of the 2nd, 4th, 5th, that they have passed under the “keeping us safe” ruse.
    Sounds like an internet crackdown that they are after.

    • Pray Hard

      Of course they are. What else would control freak politicians want to do with the best tool in the history of the planet for free speech?

  • irish7_1sg

    Hypocritical Liberals! This is the same crowd that claims burning the American flag or defacing Christian religious statues was “Free Speech”.

  • Tricky Dicky :<)

    It’s astounding to me how stupid our bureaucrats can be, let’s just legislate hatred out of existence. And how does one measure the “hateful” connotation of the words they
    convey, or to what degree others will interpret what they say as hateful. To many just relating certain facts about their faith is considered “hateful,” e.g. Islam. Free speech is no longer “free” if it must bow to moral or literary absolutism, it becomes instead a servant of the prevailing power or sentiment, and its most essential character is lost.

    And what happens after the law is passed and “hate” morphs into a new matter of speaking? We in Atlas Shrugs could merely use new expressions, like, “Gosh, I sure do LOVE Islam, it’s so TOLERANT and not at all inclined to kill me for my Christianity.” What then, outlaw sarcasm too?

    • Betty4440

      yep you got it.

  • Free Speach
  • Covadonga

    Rep. Markula of Chevy Chase, decades in the House without doing anything, never being seen by his alleged constituents in Massachusetts, couldn’t find his own home in his old district with a GPS, gets a shot at the Senate, and look what happens.

  • Habibi

    @pamela geller,

    There is nothing wrong in that. In France and Germany, criticizing the existence of the Holocaust is punishable by prison.
    Again, Ms. Geller practicing a double standard.
    Stupid Pamelape Geller. LOL!

    Have a nice day.

    • sooner4ever

      What part of “this is not France or Germany” don’t you understand. The first amendment recognizes our right to make fun of, criticize, or dislike any group, religion, or lifestyle that we may choose. Many of us choose to despise and criticize islam because it is evil.

    • colin

      No its not,islam is a cold hearted cult as we have seen in Syria with beheadings,of fellow muslims as well as Christians,what part Habibi,don’t you understand about these vile creatures,and the book of hate the Koran

    • Pray Hard

      Go do to yourself what you Muslims do to your women and girls.

      • Betty4440

        I think all muslim men should have done to them the same as women and girls are having done to them. that would teach them a lesson. just think every time they do any thing to these women or girls they should drag out a thousand men and do the same to them. I think that would put a halt to it. starting with all imams. should have been done to mo.

  • haveittodayray

    Totally agree, when free speech is silenced a Country is doomed.

    • Pray Hard

      Speech control is thought control. The Muslims and politicians know this.

  • Patick

    The sad thing is Americans voted for these people.

    • Betty4440

      not all. ob had ships bringing in his voting people in not long before voting started. they came through south Miami. they were talking about on the news.ob maybe insane but he is smart in his evil way.

  • cigarfintan

    We need to take the country back. Period.

  • kevinstroup

    Try and enforce it, socialist scum.

  • Mary Brown

    Neither bill has more than a 3% chance of being passed, they will die in committee and not make it to a vote. Neither would stand up to a supreme court challenge.

    And Muslims can go back to whatever sandy he!!hole they crawled out of if they don’t like our constitution. To bad so sad we are NOT going to change it just because you don’t like me calling Mohammed a child molesting fake prophet and islam is nothing more than a political party bent on domination, especially of women.

  • Dennis Richmond

    NO badtooth it’s NOT!!! What Robert Rambo want’s WE already have it’s called the Constitution PEOPLE should try reading it !!!

  • ThomasThePaine

    The only law we need:
    “Any member of the government who proposes, or attempts to enact any legislation that in any way restricts, infringes or regulates any of the rights of the people under the US Constitutions, SHALL be immediately hung by the neck until dead”. . .

  • Hoser

    There is a reason why the 1st Amendment is backed-up by the 2nd Amendment. Questions???

  • right teacher

    It is crap like this that makes me very ashamed to live in MA. I can say that I didn’t vote for ANY of the losers in congress from MA and that they don’t represent me. It is sad what this commonwealth have cone to.

    • DowntotheBone


  • garyamusic .

    The 2nd amendment which specifically states “shall not be infringed” has been so now they’ll go after the 1st. The attack on the Constitution and the Bill Of Right continues. Some day, perhaps one day we’ll get sick and tired of this stuff, arrest and prosecute some of the prostitutes that currently sit in the house and senate.

  • Radiomann

    It never ceases to amaze me me how liberals, who claim to be the champions of women’s and gay rights, can support a religion that severely abuses women and kills gays. How do liberals justify this?

    • Robert Alan Taylor

      Obviously they are succumbing to either bribes or threats from their Muslim buddies.

    • Trans & Armed

      Many don’t.

      The rest never justify it at all, they simply FEEL the way they FEEL, and double-think doesn’t bother them because they don’t even mono-think.

      If you try to have a civilized argument with leftists, many of them will get mad, run away, and rarely if ever talk to you again. Literally. It has happened to me countless times.

      Not even the anemic weak-kneed “conservatives” are quite that insecure.

    • Pray Hard

      They just stay in denial and shout “racist”.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Congressman MALARKY from ASSachusetts……

  • blagostwin

    Liberalism is a complete contradiction about what it claims to be and what it actually is.

  • Clare

    I heard a savvy radio talk show host say in regard to ‘hate crimes’, “you mean there are love crimes?” That’s just it. This kind of language is unAmerican. All crimes are hateful. Motivation for crimes is from mental illness, bigotry, ideology, greed, and so on, and all are hateful. To dumb American down by using this kind of alien, crass and meaningless categorization is not needed and is not necessary.

  • ThomasThePaine

    May 16, 2014 The American Spring. . . The Tree of Liberty Needs refreshing!
    Bring your own rope. . .

  • Arizona

    THE LORD says their going to REWRITE the US CONSTITUTION,and in the new constitution,you will have lost all YOUR RIGHTS,beware,you better be GETTING READY,…THERES A “WAR” COMING and if you think they aren’t after your children,you don’t know anything about SICK PERVERTS,its your children they really want,YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO “FIGHT” THESE CRIMINALS,or you’ll lose your children to them…….guaranteed…..they will come to the schools and try to KIDNAPP them,START TRAINING your children to RUN ,when they try to take them to a secret place on the buses,you will never see them again if you don’t teach them to run……have a secret meeting place for them to call you from…IF YOU go to the schools,you won’t be leaving either……………

  • Scot Hickerson

    LOL Good luck with that. Muslims in America are a bunch of week cry babies. They murder and kill Christians all over the world and here in America they have to go running and crying like a bunch of little girls to their Muslim brotherhood Lackie Obama and his Liberal for protection.. No matter what Gun Control laws or laws banning free speech they pass they need to learn that we will say kiss our butt. Americans don’t tolerate tyranny. IF Muslims don’t like they can go home.

  • Pingback: URGENT: Dems, Muslim Lawmakers Want US Blasphemy Law | actjonesboroar()

  • Rocky Lucchetta

    As a Canadian, it seems to me that YOUR American constitutional rights are rapidly eroding. Your first amendment, which I believe, protects your freedom of speech, is being chipped away at, bit by PRECIOUS bit.
    Your political correctness is beginning to look like a runaway train, with no brakes.
    Doesn’t that frighten you??

    • Pray Hard

      Yep, because we sure don’t want to become like Canada.
      But, there doesn’t seem to be a solution except a violent one.

    • Betty4440

      yes it does some rock. but it makes me so mad to think we as AMERICANS ARE SO STUPID to let this happen. so many want open their mouth about it. and that is the worst part.and if they do it is in a whisper so no one else will hear it. it needs to be shouted from the roof tops.

  • Rosso Giallo

    This is happening in Italy as well. Speaking the truth about islam with us is regularly branded as racism and, unfortunately, we also have horrible antiquated laws in our criminal code which punish blasphemy against the deity and offence against religion. Because we no longer have a state religion in Italy, at present all religions, including islam, enjoy the same degree of special protection.

    The biggest leftist party in Italy (curiously, another ‘democratic party’) overtly supports illegal immigration from Africa, that is mainly Moslem immigration, and seeks to build enormous mosques in every major city, including Venice. Can anybody imagine a huge mosque in Venice, a city which has a long history of war against the Ottoman Turks? All this is happening now, when there are quarters in our cities being turned into suqs and kasbahs, in the name of tolerance and integration. It’s clear we’ll end up having devastating banlieue riots like in France, which our politicians will eventually blame on us, because we cannot integrate more.

    It seems everybody is fervently committed to self-distruction, while this suicidal irenic policy of tolerance toward islam is openly and actively supported by all rightist parties and by the Vatican. Even Pope Bergoglio himself promotes true islam as a religion of peace, while there are Christians being slaughtered in every corner of the world at the hands of Moslems.

    • Pray Hard

      “Can anybody imagine a huge mosque in Venice”

      Yeah, Muslims.

    • Betty4440

      islam is an political ideology and very little religion in it. when they build a mosque it is theirs in their eyes that is why the want the space at the 9/11 site because they did jihad there and now it should belong to them.

  • Jeremy White

    Hate speech on the internet? Does anyone still doubt the government is watching over us? There are only so many ways to find out what I typed online. But since our politicians no longer are “for the people”, but for whoever has the biggest checkbook, it unfortunately has a chance to pass. Maybe not in this form, but they will keep attaching it to various necessary bills until it does. It’s amazing to me more women aren’t deeply upset by this possibility. After all, once sharia takes over, they will be the ones most affected.

    • Pray Hard

      They’re too busy dreaming up new ways to hate white men.

  • David Carmichiel

    people u need to get off your azzes on this one or web pages like this one where you can freely air your views will soon be a thing that gets you 10 to 20 years in a federal penitentiary if your lucky and the loss of your head if the islamisist azzhats get control of our country

  • lafonda

    I turned in a comment on Facebook for abuse because it actually threatened terrorism against whites…actually used the word terrorism, and facebook said it was just fine and dandy. That’s what the whole country has to look forward to.

  • Gary Hook

    the only thing that can fix this country is a full out revolution!

  • shrugger

    You can see what people actually think of this Bill as well as the one in the Senate.
    I expect the supporters are from Hamas-CAIR

    H.R. 3878

  • libertytribune

    Go and ahead and try, it wont go anywhere nor will it hold up as hate speech is protected speech and the supreme court has ruled it that way for over a century.

  • Denver Girl

    Thank you Pam for keeping us on top of it. I called all 9 Colorado Reps. 2 Senators and 7 Congressmen.

    • pamelageller

      You are fantastic! MWAH

  • radiofreedixie70

    I’ve noticed many jewish political people calling for the destruction of the white race or as he calls white privilege , tim wise being the one . the splc of today is heade

  • YoshiNakamura

    Our freedom of speech, as guaranteed in the First Amendment, is our last refuge. We must treasure it and guard it with all our might.

    • Barry Hirsh

      No, our right to keep and bear arms, as guaranteed in the Second Amendment, is our last refuge.

      You can, literally, talk yourself to DEATH.

      When the time comes for action to replace talk, without the Second Amendment you are dog doody.

      • Christopher Bowen

        wrong. The 1st amendment is the FIRST amendment because it is the most important core principle in a free society. .

        • Barry Hirsh

          The key words being “free society”. If a government with a monopoly on guns decides that you should shut up, you then have no choice but to shut up.

          Don’t think so? Just look northward to our Canadian brethren, or across the pond to our English forebears. In both those countries, if you openly criticize “minority” groups (like, say, homosexuals or Muslims) you can be fined and even tossed into the pokey.

          These are so-called Western democracies. So much for “free speech”.

          Unless you have the means to protect free speech, you have no free speech.

  • phillyfanatic

    Dems do not understand any history. In Europe now, nations are wondering just why they allowed any Islamists into their country. America will wonder too if sharia, madrasses, Islamist CAIR baloney is institutionalized. It is time to stop all Islamist immigration and to call out CAIR and any type of violent mosque in America. Frankly, nothing Muslim or Islamist has contributed to America in its founding or its credibility. Nada.

  • Barry Hirsh

    “I didn’t worry that their Nazi ideas would take hold, as long as I could speak and others could speak in the free exchange of ideas.”

    And, you didn’t worry because the Second Amendment and your right to keep and bear arms for the core principle of self-defense enabled you to SHOOT the bastards dead in flagrante if they did “take hold”.

  • 1_That_other_guy

    Here, let me help with the solution. GET RID OF THE MUSLIMS in the US and the issue will go away.

  • Paul V Sutera

    Hate speech is not protected. That has legal precedent. Stare Decisis honors legal precedent. We’ve decided that hate speech is not protected under the Constitution quite some time ago. As far as I know, that has nothing to do with Sharia law. The fear of Sharia law is meant to scare people who are in the early stages of dementia. When the Westboro Baptist church protested at soldier’s funerals, they were forced to stand basically where no-one could hear them. Because hate -speech is not protected.

    • Jeanne DeSilver

      According to sharia, a Muslim is can be offended even if what you say is true. You can state something that’s true and if a Muslim wants to claim he’s offended then sharia would convict you of a hate crime. You need to understand how they are using our laws to undermine us. The educated Muslims are very smart and their beliefs are very strong. They will literally stop at nothing to achieve Islam’s objective of world domination. They believe this quote: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominate. The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” Omar Ahmed, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)

      • Paul V Sutera

        Right, that’s all well and good. But they don’t have the numbers to occupy all the judgeships. Again, personal experience with muslims is that most muslims are not converting people. If anything, their daughters and sons are being subsumed into our culture. Nothing in hate crime law prevents anyone from criticizing a religion, criticizing police action, criticizing gays or blacks. Muslims have one of the lowest crime rates in the country. They will stop at nothing? I have muslims working with me at IBM before I retired last year. You cannot speak for majority muslims. “They believe this quote…”. Yes there are extreme views held in very high places. There is always a separation of church and state. Again you equate a hate crime law with establishing sharia law. Did establishing a hate crime law against gays start turning the whole country gay with the “gay agenda”? You’re making a huge leap.

  • the1maverick

    Any effort by either a candidate for or a current office holder in both houses of congress which would undermine the tenets of the Constitution should be
    viewed as treasonous in fact and Intent.
    To subordinate the ” Free Speech ” guaranteed all Americans by our Constitution with all its ” Inalienable ” Rights to another culture bent on the
    destruction of our Country, Our People, Our Culture and et al. and alllow
    the furtherance of Sharia Law and ” Hate Laws ” in our country aimed at
    denying the rights of the indigenous population is guilty of Treason.

    Our only hope is that Americans of all ages, come together and demand complete accountability of all elected officials, and to vote out all regardless
    of affiliations or verbage and replace them with common people who by
    nature have to balance check books, pay for medical care, and buy groceries. We should ALL become involved in ” Retaking Our Country ”
    and giving it back to our people.

  • the1maverick

    The Right of the People and The Common Good must take preference over the Right of the Government as the Extent of Government Power versus that
    of the People are what the Intent of the Constitution was in the thoughts and writings of our founding fathers. As Jefferson and the Jeffersonians argued
    endlessly over the size and authority of the Central Government in their
    opinion ( As is mine ) that Government need be small and close to the People, and argued for the limit to keep all government small with the main
    authority being that of the State and States Rights, finally to the individual.
    The Federal Government need only address those issues of Common Concern such as mutual defense against foreign Interference, Interstate
    Commerce, and methods of uniform currency the general
    sense not the time to discus the remaining issues associated with this.

  • the1maverick

    Lastly, in regards to the Right to bear Arms, the government is hard at work
    framing a very small amendment to the 2nd Amendment which would be inserted the Right to Bear Arms ” By a well regulated Militia ONLY ”

    An all out effort to unseat current encumbents on both sides of the aisle must
    be made by the people to return this government back to its people and insert reason and practicality back into the government while reducing the size, scope and Power of the Federal Government and returning most of it back to the states and the people.

  • IsThisAmerica

    It has started. The Constitution will be null and void if these muslims have their way. They should not have their way, this is not their country. NEVER HAS BEEN! Militia are you aware of all this?

  • Daniel

    Anis Shorrosh, author of ”Islam Revealed” and ”The True Furqan,” is a Christian Arab-American who emigrated from Arab-controlled Jerusalem in January 1967.

    A refugee from the Muslim Middle East thinks he has discovered Islam’s 20-point plan for conquering the United States by 2020

    1. Terminate America’s freedom of speech by replacing it with statewide and nationwide hate-crime bills.

  • The Lazy Comic

    I hate both political parties. The Repubs are not who you THINK they are. The Demoncrats… well, they are just evil. We need to get rid of this whole party system. Why do we need it? Plain an simple… we don’t. Randy, The Lazy Comic… and I Opprove this comment.

  • Daniel

    “It’s bad enough they have all but blacklisted
    the voices of freedom from media, political and national discourse. Shouting
    into the wilderness is not freedom of speech.

    What next? Burning books? Perhaps just as long
    as it’s not the quran. And yet there is more hate speech in the quran than in Mein

    The Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014 (S.2219)”

    More hate in the Quran than in Mein Kampf.
    Can’t be Pamela?

    The first casualty of the Hate Crime Reporting
    Act will be the Quran. Why you say ?

    There is no hate in the Quran you say. Oh really?


    And about the other things like inciting violence, insulting other religions, promoting religious enmity, disturbing public tranquility, promoting on ground of religion feelings of enmity- ( see below)

    The real issue raised by the Petition was not what Muslims believe about the Quran but what behaviour patterns the Quran inculcates in its votaries vis-à-vis the unbelievers.

    Let it be realized by everybody
    concerned that India has always been and remains, the citadel of the most
    bigoted and bloodthirsty zealotry of Islam. The historical reasons for
    why it is so, are many. I do not have the time to detail them here. The
    main reason may be told. Islam in India has been what it has been because
    India has continued to stare at Islam as its greatest failure. Islam in
    India has never been able to relax, as it could do in countries which it
    converted completely. And it will not relax till Hindus learn to knock
    out its ideological fangs which are rooted in the Quran.

    Muslims in India have often sought
    shelter under Sections 153A and 295A of the Indian Penal Code (I.P.C.) for
    preventing every public discussion of their creed in general and of their
    prophet in particular.

    Quite a few publications which examine
    critically the sayings and doings of the Prophet or other idolized
    personalities of Islam, have been banned under Section 95 of the Criminal
    Procedure Code , as a result of pressure exerted by vociferous, very often
    violent Muslim protests.

    Little did they suspect that the same
    provisions of the law could be invoked for seeking a ban on their holy book,
    the Quran.

    Now the summary of the petition-but read
    the whole thing:

    2. The respondent (Government) is a
    public authority having in terms of Section 95 Criminal Procedure Code, 1973,
    read with Sections 153A and 295A Indian Penal Code, a public duty to forfeit to
    the Government every copy of a book,

    which incites violence, disturbs public
    tranquility, promotes, on ground of religion, feelings of enmity, hatred and
    ill-will between different religious communities and insults other religions or
    religious beliefs of other communities in India.

    3. The Koran, also spelt as Quran, the
    so-called religious book of the Muslims the world over, written originally in
    the Arabic and available throughout India in the original Arabic or in its
    translation in Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, English, etc., is ex facie guilty of each
    one of the above offences.

    4 For example, (see the many examples
    given in chapter 4)(one quoted by the London beheader of Lee Rigby)

    For example, in Surah 9, ayat 5, the book
    says, When the sacred months are over, slay the idolaters wherever you find
    them. Arrest them, besiege them and lie in ambush everywhere for them.

    Surah 48, ayat 29, it says, Muhammad is Allahs apostle. Those who follow
    him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another Through
    them Allah seeks to enrage the unbelievers.

    surah 49, ayat 15, it says, The true believers are those who have faith in
    Allah and His apostle and never doubt; and who fight for His cause with their
    wealth and persons.

    surah 8, ayat 39, it says, Make war on them (idol-worshippers) until idolatry
    is no more and Allahs religion reigns supreme.

    surah 2, ayat 193, it again says, Fight against them until idolatry is no more
    and Allahs religion reigns supreme.

    surah 2, ayat 216, it has made fighting obligatory for every Muslim. In
    surah 9, ayat 41, it exhorts Muslims to march on and fight for the cause of
    Allah, whether unarmed or well-equipped.

    surah 9, ayat 123, exhorting Muslims to make war on infidels 16 who dwell
    around you, it says, Let them find harshness in you.

    surah 66, ayat 9, an exhortation is given to the prophet to make war on the
    unbelievers and deal sternly with them.

    surah 9, ayat 73, it again exhorts the prophet to make war on the unbelievers
    and to be harsh with them.

    surah 8, ayat 65, it asks the prophet to exhort the Muslims to fight, saying,
    If there are twenty steadfast men among you, they shall rout a thousand
    unbelievers. More or less the same thing is repeated in ayat 66 of the same
    surah 8.

    surah 47, ayats 4 to 15, the Koran calls upon the Muslims to strike off the
    heads of the non-Muslims when the two meet in the battlefield, without minding
    risking their own lives, for if any of them are killed fighting in the name of
    Allah they are assured of admission in the paradise.

    surah 8, ayat 12, the Koran exhorts the Muslims to strike off the heads of the
    non-Muslims and to maim them in every limb.

    surah 69, ayats 30 to 37, the Muslims are asked to capture non-Muslims and bum
    them in hell-fire after fastening them with chains.

    surah 8, ayats 15 to 18, the Muslims are exhorted not to run away while
    fighting the non-Muslims and thus incur the wrath of Allah.

    surah 25, ayat 52, the Muslims are exhorted not to yield to the non-Muslims but
    to fight them strenuously, while according to surah 9, ayat 39, if anybody does
    not fight, he will be punished by Allah sternly.

    surah 9, ayat 111, the Koran exhorts the Muslims to kill and be killed because,
    it says that Allah in exchange of promise of heavenly garden has already
    purchased the lives and the worldly belongings of the Muslims.

    surah 3, ayats 157 and 158 a believer is told that if he is killed while
    fighting the unbelievers, he will get Allahs mercy all the more.

    surah 8, ayats 59 and 60, the believers are told to muster all the men and the
    entire cavalry against the unbelievers so that it may strike terror into

    surah 9, ayats 2 and 3, the believers are exhorted to proclaim a woeful
    punishment to the unbelievers.

    surah 9, ayat 29, the Muslims are exhorted to fight the Christians and the Jews
    until they embrace the true faith, that is, Islam.

    surah 4, ayat 66, it is stated that the prophet does not take people captives;
    he simply kills them.

    surah 4, ayat 84, the believers are roused to fight. In surah 29, ayat 6,
    it says, He that fights for Allahs cause fights for himself.

    surah 9, ayat 14, it exhorts the believers to fight them. Allah will
    chastise them at your hands, and He will lay them low and give you victory over

    surah 9, ayats 20 and 21, the believers are assured that those that have
    embraced the faith and fled their homes and fought for Allahs cause with their
    wealth and their persons are held in higher regard by Allah. It is they
    who shall triumph. Their Lord has promised them joy and mercy, and
    gardens of eternal pleasure where they shall dwell for ever.

    surah 3, ayat 142, a dangerous statement is made in the interrogative, Did you
    suppose that you would enter paradise before Allah has proved the men who
    fought for him and endured with fortitude?

    5 The book promotes religious enmity, hatred and ill-will between
    different religious communities in India.

    (see the many examples given in chapter 5)

    example, in surah 60, ayat 4, it says, We renounce you (i.e. idol-worshippers);
    enmity and hate shall reign between us until you believe in Allah only.

    surah 58, ayat 22, it says, You shall find no believers in Allah and the Last
    Day on friendly terms with those who oppose Allah and His apostle, even though
    they may be their fathers, their sons, their brothers, or their nearest

    surah 9, ayat 23, it says Believers! do not befriend your fathers or your
    brothers, if they choose unbelief in preference to faith. Wrong-doers are
    those that befriend them.

    surah 3, ayat 28, it says, Let believers not make friends with infidels in
    preference to the faithful; he that does this has nothing to hope for from

    surah 3, ayat 118, it says, Believers! do not make friends with any men other
    than your own people.

    surah 4, ayat 144, it says, Believers! do not choose the infidels rather than
    the faithful for your friends. Would you give Allah a clear proof against

    surah 9, ayat 7, it says, Allah and His apostle repose no trust in idolaters.
    In surah 8, ayat 55, It says, The basest creatures in the sight of Allah are
    the faithless who will not believe.

    surah 25, ayat 55, it says, Yet the unbelievers worship idols which can neither
    help nor harm them. Surely the unbeliever is his Lords enemy.

    surah 5, ayat 72, it says, He that worships other Gods besides Allah shall be
    forbidden Paradise and shall be cast into the fire of Hell. None shall
    help the evil-doers.

    surah 9, ayat 28, it says, Believers! know that the idolaters are unclean.

    surah 5, ayat 14, it says, Therefore, we stirred among them (i.e. the
    Christians) enmity and hatred, which shall endure till the Day of Resurrection

    surah 5, ayat 64, it says, That which Allah has revealed to you will surely
    increase the wickedness and unbelief of many of them (i.e. the Jews). We
    have stirred among them, (i.e. the Christians) enmity and hatred, which shall
    endure till the Day of Resurrection

    surah 5, ayat 18, it says. The Jews and the Christians say, We are the
    children of Allah and His loved ones. Say, Why then does He punish you for your

    surah 5, ayat 51, it says, Believers! take neither Jews nor Christians for your
    friends. They are friends with one another. Whoever of you seeks
    their friendship shall become one of their members. Allah does not guide
    the wrong-doers.

    6 The book insults other religions or
    religious beliefs of other communities in India.

    (see the many examples given in chapter 6)

    example, in surah 5 ayat 17, it says, Unbelievers are those who declare, Allah
    is the Messiah (i.e. the Christ), the son of Mary. Say, Who could prevent
    Allah from destroying the Messiah, the son of Mary, together with his mother
    and all the people of the earth?

    surah 4, ayat 157, it says, They denied the truth and uttered a monstrous
    falsehood against Mary. They declared, We have put to death the Messiah
    Jesus, the son of Mary, the apostle of Allah. They did not kill him nor did
    they crucify him but they thought they did.

    surah 98, ayat 6, it says, Me unbelievers among the people of the Book (i.e.
    the Christians and the Jews) and the pagans shall bum for ever in the fire of
    Hell. They are the vilest of all creatures.

    surah 68, ayats 10 to 13, it says, Give no heed to the disbelievers; they
    desire you to overlook their doings that they may overlook yours. Nor
    yield to the wretch of many oaths, the mischief-making slanderer, the opponent
    of good, the wicked transgressor, the bully who is of doubtful birth to boot.

    surah 22, ayats 19 to 22, it says. Garments of fire have been prepared
    for unbelievers. Scalding water shall be poured upon their heads, melting
    their skins and that which is in their bellies. They shall be lashed with
    rods of iron.

    surah 22, ayats 56 and 57, it says, Those that have embraced the true faith and
    done good work shall enter the gardens of delight, but the unbelievers who have
    denied Our revelations shall receive an ignominious punishment.

    surah 5, ayats 36 and 37, it says, As for the unbelievers, if they offered all
    that the earth contains and as much besides to redeem themselves from the
    torment of the Day of Resurrection, it shall not be accepted from them.
    Theirs shall be a woeful punishment.

    surah 15, ayat 2, it says, The day will surely come when the unbelievers will
    wish that they were Muslims.

    surah 72, ayats 14 and 15, it says, Some of us are Muslims and some are
    wrong-doers. Those that embrace Islam pursue the right path, but those
    that do wrong shall become the fuel of fire.

    surah 41, ayat 33, it says. And who speaks better than he who calls
    others to the service of Allah, does what is right, and says, I am a Muslim?

    surah 4, ayat 125, it says, And who has a nobler religion than the one who
    surrenders himself to Allah?

    surah 3, ayat 85, it says, He that chooses a religion other than Islam, it will
    not be accepted from him and in the world to come, he will be one of the last.

    surah 8, ayat 38, it says, Tell the unbelievers that if they mend their ways
    (i.e. embrace Islam) their past will be forgiven but if they persist in sin
    (i.e. idol-worshipping) let them reflect upon the fate of their forefathers.

    surah 31, ayat 13, it says, Luqman admonished his son. My son, he said,
    serve no other God instead of Allah, for idolatry is an abominable sin.

    surah 29, ayat 41, it says, The false Gods which the idolaters serve besides
    Allah may be compared to the spiders cobweb. Surely the spiders is the
    frailest of all dwellings if they but know it.

    surah 37, ayats 22 to 25, it says, But We shall say, Call the sinners, their
    wives and the idols which they worshipped besides Allah, and lead them to the
    path of Hell. Keep them there for questioning – But what has come over
    you that you cannot help one another?

    surah 7, ayat 173, it makes the Muslims say, Our forefathers were indeed
    idol-worshippers, but will you destroy us, their descendants, on account of
    what the followers of falsehood did?

    surah 21, ayats 66 and 67, it says, He answered, Would you then worship that,
    instead of Allah, which can neither help nor harm you? Shame on you and
    on your idols! Have you no sense?

    surah 21, ayats 98 to 100, it says, You and all your idols shall be the fuel of
    Hell; therein you shall all go down. Were they true Gods, your idols
    would not go there; but in it they shall abide for ever. They shall groan
    with pain and be bereft of hearing.

    surah 6, ayats 22 and 23, it says. On that day when We gather them all
    together, We shall say to the idolaters: Where are your idols now, those whom
    you supposed to be your Gods? They will not argue, but will say, By Allah, our
    Lord, we have never worshipped idols.

    surah 6, ayats 40 and 41, it makes the believers say, Say, When Allahs scourge
    smites you and the Hour of Doom suddenly overtakes you, will you call on any
    but Allah to help you? Answer me, if you are men of truth. No, on
    Him alone you will call, and if He pleases, He will relieve your
    affliction. Then you will forget your idols.

    surah 6, ayat 149 it says, The idolaters will say, Had Allah pleased, neither
    we nor our fathers would have served other Gods besides Him.

    surah 2, ayat 221, it says, You shall not wed pagan women, unless they embrace
    the faith. A believing slave-girl is better than an idolatress, although
    she may please you. Nor shall you wed idolaters, unless they embrace the
    faith. A believing slave is better than an idolater, although he may
    please you. These call you to Hell-fire, but Allah calls you, by His
    will, to Paradise and to forgiveness.

    surah 24, ayat 3, it says, The adulterer may marry only an adulteress or an
    idolatress, and the adulteress may marry an adulterer or an idolater.

    surah 5, ayats 116 to 118, there is given this imaginary dialogue between Allah
    and Jesus Christ, which is highly insulting to the Christians: Then Allah will
    say, Jesus, son of Mary, did you ever say to mankind, worship me and my mother
    as Gods besides Allah? Glory to You, he will answer, How could I say that to
    which I have no right? If I had ever said so, You would have surely known
    it. You know what is in my mind, but I cannot tell what is in
    Yours. You alone know what is hidden. I spoke to them of nothing except
    what You bade me. I say, Serve Allah, my Lord and your Lord. I watched over
    them whilst living in their midst, and ever since You took me to You, You
    Yourself have been watching over them. You are the witness of all
    things. They are Your own bondsmen. It is for You to punish or to
    forgive them. You are the Mighty, the Wise one.

    surah 25, ayats 17 to 19, there is given another imaginary conversation, this
    time between Allah, the idols and the idol-worshippers, which is highly
    insulting to Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. On the day when He
    assembles them with all their idols, He will say: Was it you who misled My
    servants, or did they wilfully go astray? They will answer: Allah forbid that
    we should choose other guardians besides You. You gave them and their
    fathers the good things of life, so that they forgot Your warnings and thus
    incurred destruction. Then to the idolaters Allah will say: Your idols have
    denied your charges. They cannot avert your doom, nor can they help
    you. Those of you who have done wrong shall be sternly punished.

    7 While the Koran abounds with saying
    which incite violence, insult the religious beliefs of other communities and
    even exhort the Muslims to kill and murder non-Muslims, the problem is
    aggravated by yet another fact which has been true in the past and is
    universally true in our own times that unlike other communities Muslims are,
    and even fresh converts tend to become, highly orthodox people and follow the
    sayings of the book with a fanatical zeal with the result that whichever
    country has their sizable number amongst its population can never have peace on
    its soil.

    (This was said in 1985 and it is still true today 2014!)

    8. The offending expressions contained
    in the Koran and quoted in paragraphs 4, 5 and 6 above are not so offensive in
    their translation in which they are so quoted as they are in the original
    verses in Arabic or in Urdu, the very sound of whose inimitable symphony not
    only sends the Muslims to tears and ecstasy but arouses in them the worst
    communal passions and religious fanaticism which have manifested themselves in
    murder, slaughter, loot, arson, rape and destruction or desecration of holy
    places in historical times as also in contemporary period not only in India but
    almost all over the world.

    No hate in the Koran?

  • Bob Graham

    Just because Pamela Geller says so, does not make it true. (Read her garbage – she makes things up as she goes along – probably should send her for a psych evaluation since she’s not living in the real world) This is NOT about Sharia law. It’s to address the very real threats to all of us. Perfect example? The white, American, Christian member of the KKK that killed 3 people last week. He hated Jews so he killed two Methodists and a Catholic. (oops) Do you know how many teens have killed themselves due to hate speech in social media?

    • Amichai

      Sorry man, I don’t care what your “compelling reasons” are, there is absolutely NO exception to free speech. PERIOD. That’s why it’s the very first amendment. It’s knee-jerk reactions to things like the killings you speak of that will doom us all. I’m sorry, but 3 peoples’ deaths do not warrant restricting the rights of over 300 million people. The teens who killed themselves? TURN OFF THE COMPUTER! Perhaps the uninvolved parents who let their kids be babysat by TV, Facebook & Twitter should be held accountable, NOT my right to free speech.

    • Trans & Armed

      OMG denialist!! Just how many Americans have the jihadists killed right here in our borders?? And does Islam preach murdering Jews or does it not?? ANSWER those questions before you assert that someone other than yourself is not living in the real world.


      Overt explicit threats are already generally and rightly illegal because even if spoken or typed, they still are not speech, they are FORCE that is merely announced in advance.

      Beyond that, I don’t care if *ALL* teens kill themselves over “hate” speech; I will not allow their suicide OR their grieving parents OR you OR the government to begin violating my individual right to free speech. This is no-compromise. You might feel all icky-poo and butt-hurt about it, but you have to grow the hell up and live with the fact that not everyone is going to conform to YOUR little opinions.

      If you can’t manage to do that, then killing yourself is a valid option.

  • BobbyHead

    If they get their Muslim loving way; this Nation is doomed.

  • ldkjfdfkj

    Fight these commies forever in the courts of law and demand our legislators defeat their anti-American agenda. I won’t b3e silenced from speaking out and exercising my constitutional rights. I could care less if they like what I say or not.

  • francis

    Impeachments and High Treason and Murder gangs

  • Floyd Hair

    I fought for the rights and the Constitution and will continue to fight for it any one who goes against the Constitution should be IMPEACHED FROM OFFICE and TRIED FOR TREASON against the people of the UNITED STATES

    • the1maverick

      High Crimes and Misdemeanors.. As well you can challenge any law or directive if it fits into two sectors, the first is Is this Kaw or ? Arbitrary and
      secondly is it capricious ? In a word does this law make reasonable sense
      and does it affect all the same way.

  • Mamajoy2013

    It won’t be democrats passing it… the U.S. House of Representatives, Republicans hold the majority with 242 seats

  • carol

    when was the last assassination in america?

  • Frank_Jones
  • Frank_Jones


    where you can read the bill and send an automated e-mail to your representative, telling them what you think of it!

    It wont take you more than 2 minutes.


  • Obama the Muslim shit eater

    I squat over Obamas open salivating mouth and shit str8 into his mouth! Eat Shit Obama!

  • Max Factor

    You might reasonably come to the conclusion that perhaps the next ultimate aim for sharia is the offence of reading a Koran unless being Muslim or in the process of conversion. In Australia, law reforms are currently before parliament that will preserve freedom of speech over political correctness.
    “I have always said that freedom of speech and the need to protect people from racial vilification are not inconsistent objectives. Laws which are designed to prohibit racial vilification should not be used as a vehicle to attack legitimate freedoms of speech.” – George Brandis, Attorney General

  • Mathematicaster

    Liar. The bill requires that an examination be made of speech encouraging criminal conduct. No speech is made illegal. Liar.

    • Lea

      Well, then the muslim and atheist websites should be the first to go.

  • irish7_1sg

    These are the same type of scumbags and traitors that said burning the flag was free speech. Mudslums own the Democratic Party.

  • jqanderson1

    You listen to this crap and in the meantime, the reich wing Christians are succeeding in making their form of Biblical law take over for the Constitution. You will be told what to believe, where you can worship and how you can think. They are already doing the last thing. This article show that very clearly. What a bunch of morons.

    • FreedomSpeaks

      While the gays and atheists are busy attacking Christianity, Islam rises. When Islam is done using them, they will begin to attack them. Gays and atheist will either convert or be beheaded. Then, and only then will they wish they had some Bible-Thumping, Gun toting “God Bless America” Christian patriot around to save their ass!

    • Lea

      What absolute rubbish! Christians are definitely not seeking to install any kind of totalitarian government. Christianity is at the root of democratic freedoms. In fact if Christians wanted to install this kind of governance then they could of and still can, but all they in fact want to do is practise their religion openly without fear or condemnation and since the outcome of Christianity is good, you too will benefit. Western civilisation is destruction because Christianity is under attack. Islam is rising while the atheists have no compass because everything is relative to them.

  • Rocky Lucchetta

    If they want to censor free speech on the internet, I suggest they start with these jihadi, moslem extremist sites first. It’s time to draw that line in the sand!!!!!

  • Peni Elika

    I told you so.

  • Dianna

    I agree that as US citizens we all need to take a stand to prevent Sharia law to ever happen in our County. Who can we trust? Only God Almighty himself! Christians, get your heads out of the sand, and pray for God’s intervention. Most people don’t even believe or know it is happening right under there noses. God is in control not the government! Does anybody believe in the 2nd coming of Christ? Get ready! Sharia law is the beginning of the takeover of America.

  • Lea

    Americans, do something about Obama and his Marxist muslims.

    • the1maverick

      I just witnessed on television a large group of ” Illegal Immigrants ” parading
      around the front of some town or city hall with signs and chants. They were
      doing it totally unbothered by the police or any authorities whatsoever with brazenness and Gall.
      They were demanding, in their own, or someone elses words which is more likely as I doubt they are that literate, to everything we had and what they
      ” DESERVE “. That last word made me mad, it hit a raw nerve. They are getting the whole ball of wax, free everything.
      When and What is it going to take to make American citizens take control of their out of control and treasonous government especially in light that Obama
      is again to use his phone and pen and exercise executive orders to get what
      he wants, and that means obamacare, illegal immigrants boarding airplanes
      in central america and flying into middle and Northern states directly bypassing the borders altogether.
      We the indigenous citizens need to take to the streets as well to make our voices seen and heard by all.
      The People must be made to understand that the ultimate power in our country is the People not the government which only derives a strict amount of authority if we empower it, none if we do not. We the People
      are the Power, the Government cannot hold power beyond that which we
      authorize. No great secret. We must take it back, send the majority of federal power back to the states, Cities/Towns and the People. Anytime someone wants to discuss a movement of grass roots aimed at voting out
      every encumbent pol. Do away with the IRS, NATO, UN and send them packing, and take back all our equipment, manpower, Weapons, Munitions
      generator and water tanks ( They will work good on illuminating the Mexican border )
      Pull out every last soldier and airmen along with all our assets along the 38th parallel and stretch them out along our southern border. We’ll have
      the needed fencing, armor, artillery, generators, power, water, everything
      you need to stop all the coyotes and Illegal Immigrants, with other military
      divisions becoming the northern defense force which will need to stop all
      the illegal immigration coming across the seemingly endless Canadian Border and believe me it is extremely porous, much more so than the Mexican.
      We must stop the Latino Illegals, the Islamic jihadists, The Roma’s, etc.
      We must stop this while it can still be stopped, but it is going to take this
      country in a united effort to get it done.

  • the1maverick

    We the people have and have always had the necessary Authority and Power to render the Lying King harmless, a political eunuch, and turn him, his associates, aka
    Kerry et. al. along with the Bildebergers and NWo.

    The government is not capable of possessing any power whatsoever, at the very best they can only act as custodial actors in matters of public affairs and interest in which the People have expressly authorized a specific act to be acted upon in a manner we prescribe.
    The problems arise when the true Power and Authority, We the People, become so apathetic, lazy or wrapped up in ourselves so as to not see what is occurring to our
    Country on our watch. We have allowed these criminals to act in a manner both treasonous and irresponsible. we have allowed them to act without any accountability or responsibility and now they believe they are beyond reproach.
    If we do not act by standing up together in the very near future and retaking our government from these miscreants than we deserve whatever they wish for us.
    We must stand together, fire each and every politician currently employed in this country, and in a move to recover our sanity and respect, remove government ( For the most part ) as far away from DC as possible and as close to our state capitals as possible. We need to retake the governments power and remove towards we the People. Give much of the business of government back to the States and the towns/cities and lastly but most importantly to the People.
    But no matter your beliefs, we cannot sustain much longer the course we are currently on.

  • the1maverick

    The Power and Authority to which the politicos grovel and pledge their eternal soul for but can never be theirs in our version of a Constitutional Republic, we stopped being a Democracy right after the Founding Convention convened.
    The Power to run this country for the good or the bad, has and will always be the sole
    property of the People, I reiterate for the good or bad, for in the last 50 years we have gotten lost on the way to school or the dog ate the homework but whatever the
    case, we have not done our jobs either ( As the pols have not obviously ) and despite
    the fact that our just power is a gift to us from a Higher Power, and since it is Inalienable, as no one outranks God, it is ours to do as we see fir.
    And all we have done is give away what is left of our country, and in so doing we have
    become the first, in history, generation, to rob our children of their future. We are the
    first generation to leave our children a country far worse than when we accepted it from our fathers. Congratulations fellow pirates. boy, have we really blown it.
    But I do not know why, for the Love of God, We still have a chance ( A long shot I admit ) to pull us out of this death spiral and regain the keys to the kingdom or the family station wagon.
    Government has become far to far big and must be reduced, along the lines of the
    Virginia;s founding fathers ie. Mason, Madison, Jay and Jefferson et. al. The by far majority of Governmental over reach must be reduced down and removed from federal gov’t. to States. Localities and the Peoples themselves.
    We must be vigilant as to not throw the Baby out with the bathwater, We must not
    allow any further action by current authorities, as we need to convene state by state Common Law Grand Juries by which to try these pols and remove them all from office now or in the future.
    And the rest, well it is quite obvious

  • the1maverick

    There is another scary little item which comes along with the spread of Islam into lands of ” Infidels “. In essence its called ” jizyrh ” and in todays going market it is
    When Islam takes over an area those who are not Muslim have a couple of choices
    issued to them by the Muslims, You can either, Stay ( And Die as an Infidel )
    Leave ( My personal choice in lieu of no alternative ) Stay and as an infidel pay a
    ( Tax ) if you will to the Muslims, the current going rate is $450 and after paying you
    work in service to the Muslims, you can change to Islam or just be killed. Thats it, thats all she wrote, the stories over.
    How long can we allow this barbaric Cultish gang to chew us up by the yard and spit
    us out by the pound. It is all over Europe, the Netherlands ( Check with Geert Wilder ) England is already under siege and were next. We had better all get it together, and do so quite quickly.

  • Kristi17

    Demonic / Evil / Satanic Sharia Law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL in the USA!!

    All muslims bow down to the FALSE PAGAN moon god allah / satan five times a day!!

    Please STAND with the USA with Christians NOW as we are a Judeo-Christian NATION and NOT an evil islamic one!!!! WE THE PEOPLE NEED to STAND up against Obama-Nations muslim brotherhood that is in our Nation!! The satanic muslim brotherhood are RACISTS / BIGOTS!!

    ❤Love and Shalom, YSIC , Kristi Anne❤

    Love and Shalom Everyone!! YSIC o/

    Kristi Anne

    ❤✡“Am Yisrael Chai, Yeshua Adonai”✡❤

  • Umar Shaikh

    Erm. Isn’t kicking Muslims out of the country elliminating the first ammendment? Anyone heard of freedom of religion?

  • mksharma62

    Constitutional Courts have judicial review powers but they are very thrifty in using those. Moreover when a bad law is challenged, though the badness is shocking, it is not suspended till the final verdict but generally allowed to run riot and do all the damage before finally it is struck down. Instead there should be a way and a practice through which if a prima facie case is made against a bad law – especially that infringing freedom of speech or right to life, it should be/could be suspended forthwith by the Supreme Court. That way even if Legislature, driven by various pressures and inducements takes that anti-libertarian course, Courts would be able to protect and promote the freedoms.

  • carlito cruz

    I’M USING ALMIGHTY GOD NAME IN GOOD FAITH !!! , WHAT HAPPENING NOW , NEED ” IRON FIST” if they want to kill and be killed to go to heaven , let them be !!!specially the leaders and their believers ,lift-off DEMOCRACY from them ,if proven guilty , 2 options ; FIRING SQUAD or EATING PORK-MEAT !!! my sympathy to bereaved family for losing love one !!!” NAIVE LEADERSHIP IS THE PROBLEM HERE”

  • Smith

    Islam needs to be eradicated. Wake up people the cult of Islam is all about murder, rape and intolerance. Mohammad in “their” sacred text was proud about raping a 9 year old. Let us Vow to not give muslims a job or feel welcomed in America.