Christians Flee Syrian Town After Muslims Kill 80, At Least 13 Christians Beheaded, Churches Desecrated, Homes Looted


How many of these savage news reports is it going to take before good and decent leadership fights against this horror?

“Residents Flee Syria Christian Town After Militants Kill 80,” BOS news (thanks to David)

Churches have been attacked, Christians killed, in Syria.
DAMASCUS, SYRIA (BosNewsLife) — Aid workers remain kessabconcerned over dozens of mainly elderly Christians in north-west Syria, after Islamic militants overran a Christian town, killing some 80 people, and forcing thousands of local residents to flee.

At least 13 Christians were beheaded, churches were desecrated and homes looted, said the Barnabas Fund, which supports Christians in heavily Islamic nations.

“Militants from the al-Qaeda-[terror group] linked al-Nusra Front [and groups] Sham al-Islam and Ansar al-Sham attacked Kessab on the Turkish border early on Friday March 23,” Barnabas Fund told BosNewsLife in a statement.

“Around 3,000 Armenian Christian residents fled for their lives, taking refuge in neighbouring Latakia and Bassit.”

However, “a dozen or so families with members too elderly to leave remained in Kessab and were subsequently taken hostage,” Barnabas Fund said. Of those who fed, some relatives were reportedly staying with relatives and and friends, but many Christians were seen sheltering in over-crowded church buildings.


Barnabas Fund said partners in Syria have been helping the displaced Christian families, “who fled empty-handed”.

The group explained that its workers are “are providing food, clothing, hygiene materials and other essentials.”

Following the Islamist takeover of Kessab, a strategically important town, the Syrian army launched a counter-offensive to regain control of the territory but fighting still continues, according to aid workers.

Kessab was the last border crossing with Turkey still in Syrian government hands. It had previously been relatively peaceful and was full of refugees who had fled violence in other parts of Syria, Barnabas Fund said.

Barnabas Fund expressed concern that Turkey, “which has sided with the rebels in the Syrian civil war” has provided access for fighters, money and supplies, and “allowed hundreds of Islamist militants to cross its border on Friday to attack Kessab”.


Christians have expressed concerns that Islamic militants have infiltrated what is known as the Free Syrian Army, an armed structure with a wide variety of rebels.

Tensions between the Syrian government and Turkey intensified when the Turkish military shot down a Syrian fighter jet recently that crossed its border on during a battle over the town.

In published remarks the Armenian National Committee – International, which represents Armenian Christians, condemned the attacks on Kessab and Turkey’s role in them.

“For months, we have warned the international community of the imminent threat posed by extremist foreign fighters against the Christian minority population in Syria.”  The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) has reportedly written to American President Barack Obama urging him to press NATO ally Turkey to stop “facilitating attacks by foreign fighters associated with US-designated terrorist groups.”

ANCA said Turkey’s actions were “a horrifying and bitter reminder” of the Armenian genocide. It recalled that between 1894 and 1923, more than 1.5 million Armenian and Assyrian Christians were killed by the Turkish forces. Turkey has denied there was an Armenian Genocide, saying many died of starvation and hunger. (With reporting by BosNewsLife’s Stefan J. Bos).

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  • Prinz Eugen

    How soon will these murderous attacks on Christians in Syria by khalifa Barak Hussein’s jihadists be brought within US shores? The DOJ, ACLU and other radical groups have been attacking Christianity for decades — in the mideast, the peace-loving moslems are already on the next more violent phase of their crusade.

    And the WH is silent — much like the servile GOP!

  • Tricky Dicky

    Islam is warring, terrorizing, threatening, coercing, politicizing, murdering, and lying its way to world domination, right under our noses. Yet we’re supposed to believe the “religion of peace” has been “hijacked” by radicals. But a hijack implies that these jihadi terrorists are doing something other than what that religion intended. But in truth, they are only doing what their religion commands. So it’s not that Islam has been “hijacked,” it’s more that it’s being “advanced” by these jihadists as a fulfillment of divine ordination.

    In light of what I just said, what does that mean for the so-called moderate Muslims?

    For me, the question is not “Are moderate Muslims guilty?” But instead, “Could they possibly be innocent despite their ostensible guilt?”

    • badtooth

      “it’s more that it’s being “advanced” by these jihadists as a fulfillment of divine ordination.” sounds like manifest destiny.

      • Tricky Dicky

        Yep, I suppose to them it is. They are fully committed to serving their demon god at the expense of human rights and peaceful coexistence with non-Muslims. They started this war, I guess it’s up to us to finish it.

        And don’t think I didn’t notice that you slipped that in there. I remember you, you little trouble maker.

        • badtooth

          i hope you remeber. it only been a few hours. it wasn’t meant to be slipped in. it was meant to be a flare to light your hypocracy. the GWW who claims to be an atheist speaks of a “demon god”. how queer.
          so when did this war start? and when and how are YOU going to finish it.

    • Joan

      Great post. But you forgot rape in your list.

      • Tricky Dicky

        Yeah, sorry about that, it’s hard to keep track. I suppose I could have added “pillaging” too. I’ll be more careful next time. ;) If there are any others I missed, anyone, feel free to add to my list.

        • me

          you’ve gotta be fuckin kidding me

  • tpellow

    “Syria has descended into a nightmarish sectarian civil war as the government bombs its own cities as if they were enemy territory and the armed opposition is dominated by Salafi-jihadist fighters who slaughter Alawites and Christians simply because of their religion. Syrians have to choose between a violent dictatorship in which power is monopolised by the presidency and brutish security services, and an opposition that shoots children in the face for minor blasphemy and sends pictures of decapitated soldiers to their parents.”

    -By Patrick Cockburn

    “Al-Qa’ida, the second act: Syria’s secular uprising has been hijacked by jihadists”

    • neilvs

      British bullshit propaganda. Assad is not half as bad as they make out to try and justify there sponsorship of opposition terrorists. He has more support than the west will dare admit. Sorry but UK and US mainstream media can no longer be considered reliable sources for journalism ;-)

      • badtooth

        “assad is not half as bad”. so how bad is he. how bad was his father? the alawites? people here seem to call for the genocide of 1.5 billion people because of the death of 3,000 americans. so when the (father) assad regime killed 10,000 or maybe 40,000 (depends on which end of the estimates you choose) you call that not so bad?

  • tpellow

    “Thick As Thieves: European Criminals Take to Syria’s Battlefield”

  • Walter Sieruk

    In spite of this, and all the other murders commited by Muslim because of their religion there are still the apoligists for Islam who call Islam “a peacefull religion.” What Gall ! Those people need to wake up to the reality of the truth as to what islamic actually is. It’s a death cult. Islam has proven this in its own books and by the actions of its folllowers

  • tpellow

    “Former Guantanamo detainee killed while leading jihadist group in Syria”

    Read more:

  • murrayw

    The MSM will not even bother to report this.

  • tpellow

    “Syria conflict: 29 rebels* killed as vehicle primed for car bomb attack explodes prematurely”

    * (‘rebels’ = Islamic jihadists.)

  • Jeffrey C. Jones


  • Paul Bell

    “I studied the Quran a great deal.
    I came away from that study with the conviction that by and large there have
    been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammad. As far as
    I can see, it is the principal cause of the decadence so visible today in the
    Muslim world and, though less absurd than the polytheism of old, its social and
    political tendencies are in my opinion more to be feared, and I therefore
    regard it as a form of decadence rather than a form of progress in relation to
    paganism itself “- Alexis de Tocqueville

    • apophis

      Wow. As an Egyptian immigrant and convert from islam you are one of so few American’s that “get it”. Islam is indeed not any type of religion. It is a semi theocracy that gains power by rewarding the most morally corrupt within it’s power. Born of a pedophile islam allows men to have sex with “quite literally” anything, living, dead, plant or animal. The wealthy muzlims take the women and the rest enjoy raping non-muzlim women, boys, girls and animals at will. Next to food sex is a strong motivator and allowing anything conveys power. Without getting too lengthy here I will say that the president is an absolute perfect example of islam in action. It is as if moohammed taught him how to lie, deceive, cheat, sex men all while claiming otherwise. Only God can help America now and the west traded God for abortion and homo marriage.

      • Lie_Buster

        Obviously neither of you have studied the Talmud. You’d be much more shocked. Be my guest and verify these things for yourself.

        “Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

        Baba Kamma 37b. The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has “exposed their money to Israel.”

        Jews May Lie to Non-Jews

        Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies (“subterfuges”) to circumvent a Gentile.

        Non-Jewish Children are Sub-Human

        Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals.

        Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.”

        • apophis

          Well you are well versed in Taqia. Just as the queeran states to be kind to the “people of the book” but no muzlim would ever finish the sentence; “offer thgem conversion, slavery or death”, so is your use of the Talmud. The phrase you take is surrounded by God’s orders for protecting the Jews fleeing Egypt. They have been betrayed by the gentiles and pharaoh. The pharaoh is using animal of the gentiles to pursue the fleeing Jews because God destroyed all of the animals belonging to the Egyptians.
          BTW. When an atheist decides to be pompous it is quite obvious. Why would anyone be shocked by reading the Talmud. Indeed what is happening NOW is what is shocking and to listen to apologetic s like you try to dissuade one from being shocked by comparing it to behaviors thousands of years old is reprehensible. I will pray for you.

          • Lie_Buster

            Seriously, do you actually believe such nonsense?

  • mjazzguitar

    Forgive me for the graphic photo, but this is what the “rebels” did:

    • Tricky Dicky<:)

      This is a knife that goes straight through the heart of every decent living soul. This is Islam full face, with its rape, murder, pedophilia and hate, exposed in one horrifying act. Look at those pictures and tell me that’s not satan in action.

      • mjazzguitar

        You put into words precisely what any decent human being feels.
        What could this young girl have done to those Saudis to possibly deserve this? I agree 100%- it was demonic from the very beginning when muhammad saw the evil spirit in the cave.

        • Tricky Dicky :<)

          I swear, evil Islam has cast a spell upon the dhimmi world. The evils of Islam are as obvious as the blood on their hands. Yet we continue to kowtow to this demonic ideology like a low-caste dummy before the sacred cow. The world needs a heavy dose of smelling salts, or this ideological poison is going bury us up to our necks in depravity and everlasting misery.

      • Clare

        “The cultic acts of Satanic pedophilia are considered by professionals to be the culmination of the Fallen Angel’s rites.” – from The Keys of This Blood, p. 632 by Malachi Martin. In this book, Father Martin writes critical essays of the Vatican for harboring criminal pedophiles, but I am applying this as well to Islam because of course it’s the same ‘footprint’. He went on to refer to the act of suicide, which is a satanic rite. Islam uses suicide assassins to murder innocent people. Islam is consistent with (as Fr. Martin points out the definition) being amoral, that is, having no rules.

        • Tricky Dicky :<)

          Islam is the true satanism, not like that Hollywood satanism of Levay. There’s no time wasted on pansy rituals for these Islamic demons, just pure evil, chopping heads, raping, torturing, extorting, kidnapping, terrorizing, enslaving….And it has the unmitigated audacity to describe itself as a “religion of peace.” And our dhimmis kiss up to this evil. To me, anyone that supports these Islamists is an accessory to murder and an enemy of mankind. There’s nothing spiritual or religious about the jihadist agenda, it’s just plain, old-fashioned, murder.

        • FloridaMum

          Good point, Clare. Malachi Martin was an amazing man.

    • Jessie

      God bless this little girl

    • Aboud Dandachi

      Wrong. That girl was a Muslim girl massacred by your beloved Assad’s shabiha war criminals;

      Sixth picture down. Seriously, how do you people not know how to use Google reverse image search yet?

      But of course, Geller depends on the stupidity and ignorance of her readers to push her crap. Disgusting people.

      • mjazzguitar

        I posted it, not Pamela.
        How do we know what you are saying isn’t tekkiya?

        • Aboud Dandachi

          Tekkiya? Mighty big words for someone who doesnt know how to use Google reverse image search. Get someone to show you how its done, and you’ll see that same picture appeared online months ago from a Sunni town called Houla.

  • Buck

    This is Islams definition of peace . wake the hell up !!!

  • badtooth
  • James Mcdonough

    we are at war with islam not terrorist .wakeup people arm yourselves ,if you live next to a muslim take notes watch everymove protect yourself.

  • Ann Trumble

    Why are we allowing them to come to this Country ? That is the burning question
    Oh , I forgot , the Leftists who want to undermine our Judeo – Christian
    values .

  • Ann Trumble

    People – we are in a war. Wake up . We have Islamic Jihadists on the one
    hand ( some say they are involved in Mexican drug cartels now and are coming across the border ) and our leftist , corrupt and inept government and
    media on the other .

    Stay strong . Stay involved . Keep calling and writing your ‘officials ”
    from all parties . Be a voice . Stand up for our Veterans , too .