VIDEO: Cleric of Chinese Muslim (Uighur) Group Threatens Chinese And Buddhists: “Killing You… Slaughtering You… And Cutting Off Your Heads Is All Good”


I expect the New York Times to feature this righteous cleric in their Sunday magazine, while they excoriate the Chinese government for provoking their bloody jihad attacks.
It’s interesting that this message mirrors the message of jihad groups in America like CAIR, ISNA, MSA, MSU etc) – “money, media, men.”

“Radical Cleric In Uighur Militant Group Video Threatens Chinese And Buddhists: ‘Killing You… Slaughtering You… And Cutting Off Your Heads Is All Good'” MEMRI

On February 24, 2014, the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) released a video-recorded message titled “We Are Coming O Buddhists.” The message is presented by Sheikh Abu Dhar ‘Azzam, who extols the acts of the foreign fighters (muhajireen) coming from Eastern Turkestan and calls upon Muslims to support them with money and men. Addressing the “Chinese and Buddhists,” Abu Dhar warns them of dire punishment for their crimes against Muslims and Islam, and says that killing them and shedding their blood is “good.”

Cleric In Uighur Militant Group


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  1. “Radical(?, i.e. devout) Cleric In Uighur Militant Group Video Threatens Chinese And Buddhists: ‘Killing You… Slaughtering You (9:5, 5:33)… And Cutting Off Your Heads (8:12, 47:4) Is All Good’” MEMRI

      1. And provide them with disability, welfare, Medicaid, ObamaCare, unemployment, section 8 housing, food stamps, with an ObamaPhone thrown in for good measure.

    1. You are a confused moron, China is number one sponsor of Islamic jihadists and terrorists, Report is based deceptive information. So called Uighurs are victims of both islamic and communist terror.
      Islam is the most privileged religion in China, Islamic terrorist organizations and dictator leaders are in strong alliance with china.

      1. Most Noble spirit ,this confused moron needs your help. Does not The Mohamadian religion teach that only Islam is the only choice -either be kufer-infidel and face hell damnation or acccept the teachings of the most low ?? All other religions live in peace with other religions ,why is it that Islam of all religions is at war with the rest ?? Why blow up Buddha statues in Afganistan ?? Why burn Christian Churches and Jewish Synagoges,why cut off the heads of Buddist Monks ?? Are the Uighurs victims of their own teachings perhaps ?? What about forgivness,The Christ teachings ?? What about the GREAT TAO or even Confuses ?? I humbly await your guidance !!

        1. You are double moron by interpreting my message is wrongly, Honestly I feel Islam is bad as other antichrist religions like Catholicism, Maoism and Orthodoxy. But it doesn’t give reason to hate people who are being categorized under those religions. because everyone deserve to have a life with dignity to make the right choices. Smart people wont rush into conclusion about certain community or people being portrayed as bad. There are bigger picture that may look alot different that what media and dishonest reporters want to feed ignorant minds. I have shared the knowledge that how islamic terrorist and jihadist gaining power with sponsorship of terrorist countries. But you still dont get it.

          But the way you condemn the victims of islamic and communist terror makes you sound like one of those fcked up jihadist terrorist who can easily be provoked to vomit hatred. If you really care about genocides commited by religious terrorists read the history, Han Chinese Muslim Government terrorist forces slaughtered thousands of Uighur christians, shamans and buddhist alongside with tibetans. Now you supporting china supporting islamic terror to kill buddhists and christians? You are really being pro-terrorist

          This report and image deceptive image belongs to a pakistani islamic leader who has strong relationship with china and Chinese Muslim politicians

          1. well then Noble Spirit I will make this clear .Iam only against those who believe in violent Jihad,and would force Sharia on those who do not believe in ISLAM !!

          2. Then do the right thing, The way you get provoked and vomit your hate makes you look like Jihadis, This particular report is deceptive, The supporters of real jihadis and islamic terrorists fabricated the false reports to fool people like you. If you want to stop islam being spread then you need to stop acting the like islamic terrorists. acknowledge that every innocents deserve a life with dignity to allow them to make right choices, But when you demonize whole group or race then it will only help those forces to grow bigger, First you need analyse who are the sponsors of islamic terrorists. China has absolutely proven record about alliance with islamic terrorist organizations alongside with maoist – communist terrorist organizations. Terror is important for countries evil evil agenda to manipulate things.

            For this particular report image belongs to pakistani cleric whom has no genetic connection to people being framed by china, Pakistani religious terrorists are getting generous support and sponsorship from China, In India occasionally people being attack by Pakistani jihadists and Maoist terrorists, Forensic findings clearly shows, the sophisticated military grade explosives are china origin. Similar examples exist many conflict zones, being every conflict china has connection directly or indirectly.

          3. All muslims are not trustworthy at all.Islam preaches hate against all non believers and swears to wage war against them.This has been proven in every country they have settled in as immigrants. they are starting to push America, Great Britain and France now into war with them. They are all evil and must be gotten rid of for the world to have any kind of peace. Everywhere in the world where there is dissent it is the muslim extremists fighting. they are nothing but evil warmongers.

          4. There you go you are being evil warmonger as well, you talk exactly the way how those terrorists make their propaganda, They tell their own people same things that you said. Its true that islam is as bad as Catholicism and orthodoxy. But no matter how people being categorized under those satanic faiths we should still do the right thing by inviting to a peaceful ground.

            If you are truly against Islamic terrorists then don’t side China which is the number one supporter of Islamic terrorist organization. Dont be fooled by deceptive report, Uighurs are victims of both Islamic and communist terror. The photo in this report belongs to a pakistani which has no genetic connection to uighurs. However Pakistani terrorists are close ally of China.

            Everybody technically have right to immigrate any part of the world by the condition of obeying the law of the destination country. If the authorities unable to regulate the immigration system then take your action against to authorities instead vomiting mindless hatred.

            The era of war between ideologies has already passed, Now real war between powerful and weak. Capitalist evil governments hand in hand no matter what they believe. especially existence of confused morons like you give such evil powers extra mile, You waste your time preaching hatred against to other people. Whether muslim or atheist or catholic anyone with lots of cash can join to guild powerful people, they can enjoy high class life while ordinary people pushed to live a chaos, hatred and lack of peace.

      2. Is that why there are 1.2 million in the US and 29 terrorist training camps in the US and Obama has opened up immigration to more of them and is planning on at least 30,000 more to come in to the US in the next month and not allowing any Israelis in and planning on letting more in ??

        1. Well I am not defending particular nation as totally angel. Unfortunately almost all countries directly or indirectly supports terrorism. My point is here not get into fight because of the governments, But rather understand the truth and avoid deception. Since this particular article one of the example of Terror oriented Chinese government. I am sharing the information about lies and fabricated report of chinese government. Therefore I am not comparing the countries.

      3. NobleSpirit, I agree. The Uyghur community rejects jihad and chooses peaceful means of keeping their rich history until forced to actively defend themselves against the invading Chinese government and jihadists from those nations to the west of them. In that rejection of the Communists and the jihadists, those forces have a common enemy in the Uyghur people and take every advantage to remove them and their culture from the Earth. Not only will they imitate them and claim to be part of them, but they will also try to absorb them to change them. But within the community and the practice of the meshrep, they are not the people that this story presents them to be. Nor are they the terrorists that the Chinese government claims they are. When I saw this headline, my stomach sunk because I immediately knew it was a claim on the Uyghurs and not from the Uyghur community. I believe Islam is a religion that damns people to Hell, but it is NOT a religion that damns people to terrorism. I wish to God that all Uyghurs would come to Jesus Christ and I know that even if every one of them did tonight, the Chinese government and the jihadists would hate them just as much. Pray for them and pray for all those who want to make them enemies of the world and human decency.

        1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Uighurs brought first christianity to central asia, Christianity co-existed in Uighur society alongside with Tengrism and Buddhism until terrorist fascist Han Chinese muslims attacked and burned many biblical centers, Slaughtered many of Uighurs as considering them kaffirs (infidels – enemies of islam). Islamisation of remaining uighurs were chinese policy.

          Framing them Jihadist muslims are the deception of China, Since rest of the world dont know about real history about Uighurs, China being excused to continue genocide against Uighurs.
          Islamic terrorism is always in alliance with China, However Christiny is most hated in China. Chinese government has no tolerance towards Christianity. A 13 years old chinese girl raped by several police officers and brutally killed because of possession of bible in school. Family of the girl went to Beijing to submit their petition to government, They have been arrested as being terrorists and executed.

          Its so sad, West get fooled with wrong information fabricated by liar chinese terrorist government.

  2. CAIR are you going to protest this Buddhistsphobia?

    NOTE: To: CAIR/Islam/Muslim/Liberals/Media and all other associated sites for projects, links, News, Publications, or Evidence – You do not have permission from me to use any of my information in current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action. (I suggest the rest of you post this notice).

  3. This guy is not dressed like a Uyghur cleric. Perhaps it is not the person allegedly speaking in the video that we don’t have access to, but is translated by MEMRI.

    I would like to hear the video, to see if he speaks in Chinese for myself. So you have access to it where you can hear the speaker?

    1. here’s a scholarly opinion too.
      “Undoubtedly taking the initiative in fighting has a great effect in spreading Islam and bringing people into the religion of Allaah in crowds. Hence the hearts of the enemies of Islam are filled with fear of jihad.”

      1. The more scholarly opinion in Xinhua focused on the specific group and why they chose that specific place to carry out their attack.

        There is no doubt, that Xinjiang separatists are being influenced mainly by the tactics of al Quid’a in making their intentions known.

        I think this was the point by a Chinese scholar, who living in the situation area is better to make an assessment of the situation and explain it to Chinese person.

        This article I shared was translated to English.

        Thank you for your information.

          1. This is the first thing you read when you go to the linked website:

            “…This article may rely excessively on sources too closely associated with the subject, preventing the article from being verifiable and neutral. Please help improve it by replacing them with more appropriate citations to reliable, independent, third-party sources. (January 2012)…”

            Even Wikipedia questions the validity of this source.

            Can you find the scholar that is attributed to your first link?

          2. his name is on the website. shaykh muhammad al-munajjid. it is at the top in the reddish brown field, to the right of the open koran and to the left of the large Islam QA script.
            if the fatawa isn’t signed it is from him. he does have other who make rulings as well, they will sign their name.
            yes wiki is an open source, the pages are created by users. but they do have editors and fact checkers. sorry but i’m not flying to saudi arabia to try to chase down the man’s resume. here’s the resume he claims.

          3. Ahh…
            I thought this writing seemed more like a rant than a scholarly writing. This isn’t a scholarly opinion, this is a fatwah.
            Thank you though for your patience an helping me find this.

          4. nur, yes i know what a fatwa is. and clearly one issued but a shai, say the ayatollah khomeini is not going to have much affect with sunnis.
            and you seem to contradict yourself. you say this isn’t scholarly, it’s a fatwa and then explain a fatwa to be a scholarly opinion????
            maybe it is an opinion yo don’t like or would follow, that’s a good thing. the problem is that he has studied islam most his life and has form the above opinion. it’s like when the grand mufi os saudi arabia says it is ok to marry 10 year-old girls.


          5. mike, yes, he is a scholar, and has formed an opinion based on this study, his madh hab, who he studied under.

            We simply disagree.

            His fatwas do not even appeal to me in their forum. If you want to see a Chinese fatwa, let me see if I can bring one up on the same topic ok.

          6. his school is hanbali. a moderate muslim might be one who argues that the 2 verse of al-nur abrogates the stoning of adulterers. they may believe in freedom of speech. they may say you don’t lash a woman for not wearing a burqa or niqab or even a head scarf. they may even say that some the hudood is no longer applicable. a liberal may even say that sharia is no longer applicable.
            i posted a book of jihad link on the norweign article. if you care to see what the opinion of a hardliner or fundamentalist might be.

          7. mike…
            What abrogation of stoning adulterers is in the Qur’an? I know about the whipping in Al Nur ayat 2 but I am not sure that stoning of adulterers is in the Qur’an at all.

            So Arabi scholars claim that ‘it was written in a part eaten by a goat’, or something like that, but that brings the question if you ask a Hafis , they say no too.

          8. we all know there are several hadith where muhammad stones people. on he stones jews because the “divine punishment rajm” is in the torah. but stoning is not in the koran. but there is one hadith where a guy says it should be. then another where a guy is asked about muhammad stoning an adulterer, if it was before or after the 24th surah was “revealed”. and he says he doen’t know.
            how do you translate zina? muhammad asad says it means both adultery and fornication so the punishment is 100 lashes for both. thus stoning is abrogated. which is funny because he says the whole idea of abrogation, at least between ayats, is false. then others translate 24:2 as fornicators or [unmarried] adulterers. (which isn’t even a concept in the western understanding of adultery)

            1400 years and no consensus. might be time to abandon ship. sorry now i don’t know what Arabi and Hafis are? unless you are calling malik school arabi because he is arab and hanafi has some of the same letters? smh. ;)

          9. Mike, I asked for the abrogation IN THE QUR’AN. Show me from the Qur’an where it is lawful to stone adulterers

            We don’t follow Muhammad, and do not hold Hadiths as Sunn’a or sacred.

            The only punishment in the Qur’an for adulterers is an Nur ayat 2, and it is whipping.

          10. nur, unfortunately the koran is not well written. it doesn’t clearly state when one verse abrogates another, or when it abrogates a hadith. i clearly said that stoning is not in the koran. yet 100s of millions of musllims believe you should stone adulterers. the islamqa guy says islam should be spread by the sword. the books of jihad agree with him. the question is that if this is tha last divine revelation then why is it so confusing. allah needs a new editor. not sure why he started with stoning people in the torah, but if he wanted to change his law with the 2nd verse of “the light” (lol), he should have made it more clear, don’t you think?
            how about this: Let those who commit zina (sex with anyone who is not your spouse) be lashed 100 times. In the past Muhammad carried out rajm (stoned people), but hey we don’t do that no more. :) or better yet, how about not torturing people at all? ya know, considering he claims to be a god of mercy?

          11. mike, you made a claim of ‘abrogation’, of the Qur’an not a claim that the Qur’an is not written well.

            You cant ‘abrogate’ something that never was imposed.

            Doesn’t matter what millions of Muslims believe, what matters in the context of our conversation is, the only punishment in the Qur’an (al Nur 2) is whipping for adulterers.

            Stoning is NOT mentioned in the Qur’an as a punishment for adulterers, and therefore is NOT an abrogation. What Muhammad did is not relevant to what is written in the Qur’an…claim.

            The Torah, or the Bible are NOT relevant to the assertion you made. What god is or is not is not relevant to this conversation.

          12. oh lord. i realize these are difficult conversations to have over the course of days. perhaps it would be best for you to re-read more than just the last comment. let me enumerate, i’ve notice muslims do that a lot and maybe you will follow better.
            1. i never claimed stoning was in the koran
            2. i never claimed a verse to verse abrogation, nor do i even claim abrogation is an accepted principle in all islamic jurisprudence
            3. i asked if the verse abrogated stoning
            4. if so why would any muslim believe in stoning adulterers
            5. so the opinion of 100s of millions of muslims, like that of al-munjjid’s, is very relevant to the conversation. great if you disagree. but until you convince all your brothers and sisters in islam, one persons opinion is near meaningless.
            6. the torah is very much releavent, in that it is believed to be divine in the eyes of abrahamics (present company excluded appearently)
            7.what god is is not relevant to a conversation on religion? i’m seriously worried about you. we seem to have a huge cultural miscommunication going on. you and i clearly are not even speaking the same language.
            8. do you or do you not pray 5 times a day? if so, why? that is not in the koran.

          13. “We don’t follow Muhammad, and do not hold Hadiths as Sunn’a or sacred.” don’t know who “we” is, but that is good, cause the hadiths are wack.
            82nd book of bukhari. i think the question of whether he is married or not is important:
            Narrated Abu Huraira: A man came to Allah’s Apostle while he was in the mosque, and he called him, saying, “O Allah’s Apostle! I have committed illegal sexual intercourse.'” The Prophet turned his face to the other side, but that man repeated his statement four times, and after he bore witness against himself four times, the Prophet called him, saying, “Are you mad?” The man said, “No.” The Prophet said, “Are you married?” The man said, “Yes.” Then the Prophet said, ‘Take him away and stone him to death.” Jabir bin ‘Abdullah said: I was among the ones who participated in stoning him and we stoned him at the Musalla. When the stones troubled him, he fled, but we over took him at Al-Harra and stoned him to death.

          14. So, once again there is no punishment for stoning adulterers in the Qur’an, there for no abrogation…as you asserted.
            No matter how many times you say Muhammad ordered the stoning of an adulterer, it is not punishment in the Qur’an.
            The words of God are the Qur’an. The doings and sayings of Muhammad are Hadiths. If we followed Muhammad, rather than obey God, why would we need the Qur’an? Which supersedes which?

          15. no i’m not saying the hadiths superesede the koran. i’m saying that most muslim believe it compliments the koran. again, praying 5 times a day is a pillar of islam. does that come from the koran. no it’s the hadith of the journey of the long night were muhammad supposedly goes to heaven and allah tells him to pray 50 times and then…..blah blah blah.
            no i saying the question here is does zina refer to both the married and the unmarried? obviously if half billion or more muslim think you shoud stone an adulterer, they must think it only refers to the unmarried person who commits zina
            THUSLY, to the greater point, your “so-called” divine revelation is unclear and non-sensical and should be no where near being implimented as a set of laws. and you still want to lash people. lmfao.

          16. Mike PRAYER is one of the pillars of Islam, not the number of times you pray.

            Lets look at the DIFFERENCE between the two instances. Prayer and the punishment for adulterers. You are trying hard to re validate the Hadiths, as sunn’a, but it does not work.

            In the Qur’an, there is a prescribed punishment for adulterers, and that is found in al Nur 2. It is whipping. There is NO OTHER PUNISHMENT in the Qur’an prescribed for adulterers….none, anywhere.

            Muhammad (according to the hadith) ordered a man stoned for adultery. It only means that Muhammad did not use the Qur’an to render judgment. What Muhammad did does not mean that the Qur’an is not the word of God, invalidates the Qur’an or God should not be obeyed.

            In the Qur’an it does require us to pray, but it does not say how. So in order to find out how, people looked to Muhammad to answer the question. They used his exemplar (how he prayed) and it became the standard of prayer for all of Islam.

            Now, if you don’t pray like Muhammad, say because you are a pregnant woman, or elderly man are you saying that you aren’t following the sunn’a and your prayers don’t count?

          17. Abrogation means abolition–the act of abolishing. You speak of the “abolition of stoning adulterers.” This would mean that the penalty of stoning for adultery was abolished. Then you say that you “are not sure that stoning of adulterers is in the Qur’an at all.” Your post is very confusing.

          18. The scholar has formed an opinion on the words of the Qur’an and hadiths. Funny how so many scholars see it just the way this scholar has and how disagreeing muslim seems to be unable to refute their evidence.

          19. MuniMula…

            That is like saying ‘that funny, ‘all rap songs sound the same’, while ignoring all the other types of music there are in the world.

            I don’t need to ‘refute’ a position I simply don’t agree with. That is like asking me to refute why I don’t like rap music.

            Get a passport, see the world.

          20. Where did I say the Islamic scholar is right? Where? I simply pointed to an example of a Islamic scholar using Islamic texts and Muhammad’s example to justify Islamic violence in the spread of Islam. Why would I have to defend this scholar’s position? It is his position that has so very much shaped Islamic history, then and now, as we can see violent Islamic Jihad, in every corner of this planet, 24/7 till our eyes bleed. Pick a specific topic? OK how about this Islamic’s scholars view on Islam being spread by the sword? “Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid”
            Show us where he is confused?

          21. “….The scholar has formed an opinion on the words of the Qur’an and hadiths. Funny how so many scholars see it just the way this scholar has and how disagreeing muslims seem to be unable to refute their position. Why don’t you show us how the words from the Qur’an the hadiths and Muhammad’s example they’re using are all wrong…”
            This is YOUR post.
            You are implying that, if a Muslim disagrees with the scholar’s position , they should be able to refute it. This implies that YOU agree with the scholar’s position, and anyone who disagrees is wrong. I disagree.
            You now need to prove I am wrong because I disagree with the scholar’s position.
            Pick a specific topic of the scholar, present his case as he would, and I will rebut it.

            YOU must use the scholar’s position to prove me wrong.

          22. “This implies that YOU agree with the scholar’s position”
            NO, it doesn’t mean I agree, it means that, you can’t, seem to refute the Islamic scholars position using Islamic texts and Muhammad’s example, to show where they’re misunderstanding their religion, and that is your weakness since it is, YOU, so called moderates, who keep telling the kuffar that those same scholars are misunderstanding their own religion….. that is YOUR failing, not ours. And your attempt to deflect that responsibility onto others,exactly why so many people distrust the so called moderate moslems.

          23. Stay on topic please. Lets stick with the challenge to you.
            You implied that since I cant refute the scholars position, I have no basis to disagree.
            I challenged YOUR notion, not the scholar’s position, stating that in order to make that claim, YOU must agree with his position.
            Now, I want YOU to state the scholar’s position (not yours) and then tell me why I am wrong to disagree. After you make your case on why you believe the scholar is right, I will refute your case that the scholar is right.
            I am challenging YOU, not the scholar. So do this in your own words please.

          24. “Now, I want YOU to state the scholar’s position (not yours) and then tell me why I am wrong to disagree”

            OK moslem here is the scholar’s position:

            “The fact that the sword and power were means of spreading Islam is not a sources of shame for Islam, rather it is one of its strengths and virtues”

            I never said you were wrong to disagree with him, did I? Where did I say that? I said, you can’t show us how he has misinterpreted the Islamic texts that caused him to come to that conclusion. Do you think he is misinterpreting the texts incorrectly?

          25. Actually yes, that has been your whole mantra thoughout the thread..
            Your assertion is, that since a Muslim can not refute the claim of the scholar, he has no basis to disagree.
            I disagree with your assertion.
            Now, you have stated (hopefully in your own words) why you support the scholar’s position, now defend your assertion that I cant agree with it because I cant refute it.
            This means, you will stand in for him, and argue the position you agree with him, and tell me why I am wrong to disagree.
            You need to make the case to me, which means you do not need any imput from me. After you have told me why it is wrong for me to disagree with the scholar from his point of view.

          26. “Now, you have stated (hopefully in your own words) why you support the scholar’s position”

            See what a dishonest weasel you are? Islam’s inherent violent screed has nothing to do with whether I disagree with it, or not, which I don’t. I think it’s the most vile ideology to ever infect this planet. To understand that it exists isn’t an agreement or disagreement but an acknowledgement that it exists and is not support, in any way shape or form. And I never said you couldn’t disagree with him, did It? I asked you to show me where I said that and you couldn’t show me. . See more dishonesty from you, but I would be disappointed, because I’ve never in my life ever met an honest moslem.

            “I disagree with your assertion”
            My assertion “is” and always “has been” that the you can’t tell us where the Imam is misrepresenting your religion. I’ll ask you again, for the 3rd time now: Do you think the scholar is misinterpreting the texts incorrectly? Tell us, moslem?

          27. “Now, you have stated (hopefully in your own words) why you support the scholar’s position”
            Where did I support the scholar’s position. You liar. You can’t stop lying. Quoting the scholars own words to show, his position, isn’t an endorsement, you weasel liar but a quotation.

          28. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with the scholar’s position.
            For the zillioneth time, you need to defend your assertion.
            Your assertion is this:
            A Muslim has no basis to disagree with the scholar because the Muslim cant refute the scholar.
            Once again, there is no reason for me to input any information for your case. You made the assertion without my input, and now I am asking you to defend it without my input.

          29. “which means you do not need any imput from me”
            In other words you don’t have the guts to answer the question. Here, I’ll ask you a 4th time now: do you think the scholar is misrepresenting the texts incorrectly?

          30. You made this assertion:

            A Muslim has no basis to disagree with the scholar because the Muslim cant refute the scholar.

            To make YOUR case based on YOUR assertion, you don’t need my input.

          31. So in your utterly dishonest moslem way you’re making up my position, which I never stated, and then basing your reply on a position I’ve never said. LOL so typical of a weasel moslem.

          32. So do you deny these are your words then?

            “….The scholar has formed an opinion on the words of the Qur’an and hadiths. Funny how so many scholars see it just the way this scholar has and how disagreeing muslims seem to be unable to refute their position. Why don’t you show us how the words from the Qur’an the hadiths and Muhammad’s example they’re using are all wrong…”

            If this DOES NOT imply that a Muslim has no basis to disagree with the scholar because he cant refute the scholar, than please state what you ment to say.

          33. Those aren’t the words you posted and tried to pass off as mine, are they moslem liar?
            Here again is the bullshit you tried to attribute to me: “A Muslim has no basis to disagree with a scholar because the Muslim cant refute him…”

            If this DOES NOT imply that a Muslim has no basis to disagree

            It doesn’t imply that a muslim has no basis to disagree because a moslem can’t refute him. That is your delusional interpretation.
            My point is clear that moslems who say he is misinterpreting the texts, and getting it all wrong can’t seem to show anyone “where” he is misinterpreting the texts. And here you are to prove my point. Unless of course you don’t think he is misinterpreting the texts. But for some reason like a weasel you keep sidestepping my point. Tell us moslem is the scholar misinterpreting the texts?

          34. I knew you would try to pull this, but here is a screen shot of your post, complete with the dog.

          35. Show me moslem where you got my quote from, you know, the quote you attributed to me?
            This one:”…A Muslim has no basis to disagree with a scholar because the Muslim cant refute him…”
            What’s wrong moslem caught in your own fabricated bullshit?

          36. Once again, moslem. Do you think the scholar is misinterpreting the Islamic texts incorrectly?

          37. Remember your assertion again.

            “…A Muslim has no basis to disagree with a scholar because the Muslim cant refute him…”

            Present your case based on your assertion.

            There is no need for me to answer any pretexted questions. You made the assertion without my input, certainly you can make your case without it….right?

          38. “…A Muslim has no basis to disagree with a scholar because the Muslim cant refute him…”
            You’ve quoted me but I can’t find where I wrote those words. Can you show me, moslem? Or are you just being a typical moslem and creating your own words and dishonestly attributing them to me.

          39. I never quoted you. I stated over and over that you made an assertion.

            /əˈsɜrʃən/ [uh-sur-shuhn]
            1. a positive statement or declaration, often without support or reason: a mere assertion; an unwarranted assertion.
            This is what you asserted:
            A Muslim has no basis to disagree with the scholar because the Muslim cant refute the scholar.
            Now you must defend your assertion. Since you made this unsupported claim (assertion) you are obligated to defend it without my input.

          40. These are ” ” quotation marks, as if you didn’t know, and when used, they’re not assertion marks. But you already know that, don’t you moslem. You are a moslem dissembler.
            And your assertion of what I said is wrong and then gave you a clear wording of what I meant. But all that is moot isn’t it moslem because all you want to do…DESPERATELY…is avoiding this question: do you think the scholar is misinterpreting the texts. For the 7th time now. How many times do you think you can avoid the question, moslem?

          41. Before you can say I am ‘avoiding a question’ you need to justify your assertion that

            A Muslim has no basis to disagree with a scholar because a Muslim cant refute the scholar.

            Now…defend your assertion please, (an unwarranted positive statement) and we can move on.

          42. I don’t need to justify your “assertion” moslem because as I’ve said your “assertion” of my meaning is wrong. And all this is just a weasel way of avoiding both questions. Eh moslem?

          43. The reason you need to justify your assertion, that at first you claimed I quoted you, not understanding the difference between a quote, and an assertion.
            Then you denied making the statement where you asserted the claim and called me a liar, until the screenshot was produced, and now you claim that you don’t have to justify ‘my’ assertion.
            You are absolutely correct. I didn’t make as assertion, you did.
            So defend it. it was a Muslim has no basis to disagree with a scholar because the Muslim cant refute the scholar.
            We cant move forward in any conversation of any kind until you defend this assertion.

          44. No, I
            showed, not claimed, that you falsely quoted me using quotation

            Here is what
            you posted, molsem, with quotation marks
            and all… “…A Muslim has no basis to disagree with a scholar because
            the Muslim cant refute him…”

            I can’t help it
            if you’re too uneducated to know what quotation marks are for. It is dishonest to assume what I said, and then use you incorrect assumption of what
            you thought I said as my quote. See how
            low you are. The bottom of the barrel.

            “You are
            implying that, if a Muslim disagrees with the scholar’s position , they should
            be able to refute it. This implies that YOU agree with you about the scholar’s

            See that’s how quotes are used when one isn’t

            LOL I don’t
            agree with the moslem scholar I think he is the scum of the Earth because he
            believes in what the scum of the Earth texts say. For example moslem, when your
            war manual says this: “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the
            Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have
            made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were
            given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they
            are humbled” And the scum of the
            Earth moslem scholar believes that the verse is clearly saying what it is that
            doesn’t mean I think it should be followed. On the contrary I think it needs to
            be exterminated or at least contined in shithole countries. Capish?

          45. I disagree with the scholar…period. Now if you can prove why I (personally) cant disagree with him, without imposing your perceptions on me…have at it.

          46. Tell us how he is misinterpreting the text. After all, if you disagree with his interpretation, tell us where he is interpreting it wrong. Simple enough, no? I never said “again’ for the umpteenth time that you can’t disagree with him. I said, and you keep demonstrating, that you can’t, or are unwilling, to show us… where… the scholar is misinterpreting the texts. Why do you keep alluding to that nonsense that I said you can’t disagree with him. You can disagree, but you can’t show where he is misinterpreting the text. Looks like he has the scriptures on his side because you are impotent to show how he doesn’t, eh, moslem.

          47. Now, can you tell me why you think that I cant disagree with the interpretation of this scholar’s scripture?
            I am not alluding the question, I am asking you why you think I cant disagree with the scholar’s interpretation of the scriptures.

          48. You’re not obligated, nor do you owe me an explanation, I simple made my case that the so called moderate moslems who say Islam is being high jacked by scholars, like this one, are impotent to show how they’ve high jacked peaceful Islam. And again, moslem, where did I say you couldn’t disagree with his interpretation? You’ve already said you do, and I have acknowledged that . Are you stupid or something? Even though you disagree, as I’ve noticed, you can’t, or won’t, or are not obligated, to prove the merit of your own claim that he is misinterpreting those texts. I guess your understanding of how he is misinterpreting those texts is a secret, eh moslem? Otherwise just tell us how he is misinterpreting them. LOL

          49. Excellent…

            I am not obligated to you to tell you why I disagree with the interpretation of the scripture by this scholar. Now you are getting it.

            You are making all the claims, not me…remember? You are attributing claims made by others to me…remember?

            All I told YOU was, I disagree with the scholar’s interpretation of the scriptures, and that I am not obligated to tell you why.

          50. “You are attributing claims made by others to me…remember?”
            No I’m not, I’m saying you can’t show us, or don’t want to, show us why the claims of the Islamic scholar are misinterpretations of your scripture. If you can’t demonstrate to the kuffar where these pious scholars are going wrong, then you’re certainly not going to be able convince all these scholars who have apparently high jacked peaceful Islam. It is their interpretations that are attributing to Islam’s worldwide image.

          51. Where did I personally say that these scholars have ‘hijacked peaceful Islam’, or ‘misinterpreted the Qur’an scriptures’ or say I am a ‘moderate Muslim’

            Aren’t you attributing these discussions you have had with other Muslims to me? Do you want me to answer for them? If so, I don’t answer for other people.

            To me, being a moderate Muslim is like being almost pregnant. It simply doesn’t make sense. Does this mean that I think and act just like every other Muslim, or like what they like…no it doesn’t.

            Do not EVER associate me with calling someone kuffair or a blasphemer. I never have, and never will. It is something I personally don’t do.

            You have to understand something about me, that I have made clear throughout my posts here. I don’t care what you think of Islam or Muslims, I don’t answer for other people, I don’t defend Islam to non Muslims, and I respect your opinions, even if I disagree with them.

          52. So you don’t think all the Jihadists and scholars, like the one we’re talking about, have high-jacked peaceful islam and you don’t consider yourself a moderate moslem? OK. We hear so often that these Imams who supposedly misinterpreted Islamic scripture and inspire violent Jihad are high-jacking peaceful islam with a twisted version of Islam. It’s good to see that you agree with me that they are not high-jacking peaceful Islam.

          53. I did not say what I thought of the scholars, including the one we are talking about now, and the jihadists that follow them except I PERSONALLY disagree with their interpretation of the scriptures, I PERSONALLY would not follow the scholars including the one we are taking about , nor would I PERSONALLY engage in , condone, encourage, or participate in violent acts ‘in the name of Islam’.

            I did not take YOUR side, in any way shape or form. YOU own your own position as I do mine. Do not imply that I agree with you, unless I explicitly say so.

            Once again, it is not my PERSONAL obligation to tell you why I disagree with the jihadi scholars, or anyone else. I don’t own Islamic terrorism, cant answer for it, will not apologize for ANY bad act I don’t participate in, condone, or support, or that I have no beforehand knowledge of, or could not have prevented.

            I am not a victim, but thank you for your concern.

          54. Do you believe in Sharia law? Including the stoning to death of adulterers, the execution of apostates, amputations for thievery and so on?

          55. There is no stoning for adulterers prescribed in the Qur’an. an Nur ayat 2 says that each participant in an adulterous act will be given 100 lashes.
            Things like excessive punishment, marrying underage or pre pubescent girls, genital mutilation (both male and female) of children are not civilized to me, and religion should reflect science and modernity, including Islam.
            The Hadiths, nor following Muhammad are sunn’a, or supersede the Qur’an.
            No religious law is ‘democratic’, that is, no religious law gives the right to a person to define himself, and or decide for himself. So if you mean ‘shari’a law as imposed and interpreted by a state, ABSOLUTLY NOT !!
            Now, if a person wants to impose shari’a law on him or herself, or voluntarily joins in with those that practice it, as long as they do not impose themselves on me or others, they should be free to do so.

          56. So why do you think hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of moslems do believe in, totalitarian, primitive savage barbaric Sharia law? How do you suppose such an incredible number of moslem have so spectacularly misunderstood their own religion? . And here you don’t think it is your place to show them how they’re misunderstanding it all.

          57. I don’t know why people do what they do unless they tell me. even hunderds of millions of people. I don’t know why they believe what they do, or act the way they do.

            I don’t know ‘how’ so many people can ‘spectacularly misunderstand their religion’ (your assessment, not mine) nor can I answer for YOUR personal assessment.

            I don’t think I need to show YOU what I would do to point out why I believe that the scholars who preach violent jihad and the people who follow them are wrong.
            It does no good here in this forum.

          58. So you don’t know why Muslims believe in Sharia Law? Doesn’t seem you know much, do you?

          59. I don’t know why you do what you do either, does that make me ‘not know much’?

          60. LOL you’re just full of… “I don’t know” When half of you evil co-religionists believe in something you have no idea why? LOL You’re so full of shit.

          61. lol…you keep responding…lol

            lol, instead of whining, take the power you have and stop responding…lol.

          62. ” due to advances in our civilization and scientific advances in medicine”

            How do you suppose your allah didn’t have the intelligence to know that old men having sex with children wasn’t a good thing like we do now. Does that mean mankind today is more advanced then your deity allah is?

          63. Why do you suppose your allah/satan never told his messenger it wasn’t a good thing and in fact it was an evil thing for him to have sex with a 9 year old child? You know it’s a bad thing but your all knowing deity didn’t?

          64. Now, coming to the PRESENT time, and speaking to a person born in the 20th century in a civilized culture. Regardless of what this person believes about God, it is WRONG to marry or have sex with an underage or pre pubescent child.

            Due to the advances in science, social normal, and protection of children under the rule of law, we the civilized people would not approve of any adult marrying or having sex with a pre pubescent child. It is not healthy for them physically or phycologically. If Muhammad were to do that during my lifespan and in the places where I live and know, he would have been arrested and punished. I would have agreed with the arrest and punishment of Muhammad, the same as any other man.

            Yes, taking the innocence of a child by an adult is always a bad thing.

          65. “Yes, taking the innocence of a child by an adult is always a bad thing”
            So why didn’t your allah/satan know as much as you do? Why didn’t your deity tell your evil prophet to not have sex with the 9 year old child. Allah/satan told Muhammad so many things but not to have sex with a 9 year old child wasn’t one of them. Why would allah/satan choose a man in the first place who was capable of such a vile and despicable act as his messenger? Is it any wonder islam is the sewer of the world.

          66. You keep asking me why someone else does what they do.
            How would I know why Muhammad married the girl, or why

            God chose him?

            So, back to the relevant time and place.

            I live in the 21st century, in a culture that protects children. Where I live, the CRIME against the child is punished, and how that person perceives a deity is not relevant to the law.

            As you have been told before, I don’t care what you, or other people think of Islam. I don’t defend, promote or preach Islam in this forum. I don’t answer for other people…or God.

          67. “So, back to the relevant time and place”.
            Oh, but history “is” relevant, it shows us what evil happened, and as you’ve noted there is no good reason for an old man to have sex with a 9 year old child…then or now! So your allah/satan is “evil” and his pick of an evil man for his messenger is a clue for anyone with a brain, which my leave you out. We see many little girls in the sewer of Islam being married off as young as 8 years old to old men, and we even see them in divorce cases at 8 years old. This is all made possible by your evil Allah’s messenger and his sick example of child rape. I get that you don’t care, you only care for yourself and not the horror those little girls go through. And you too are evil for not having the guts to pull your head out of your ass and condemn the act as evil.

          68. Well, it is a good thing then, that you disassociate people who harm children with humanity.

            We have found something we can agree on.

            To me, it doesn’t matter if you like me, or agree with me on anything else…as long as we agree that harming children is inhumane, and needs to stop.

            You work in your own way, and I will work in my own way.

          69. ” Well, it is a good thing then, that you disassociate people who harm children with humanity’
            I also disassociate people from humanity who support the evil ideology of the monster allah. So looks like we don’t agree, eh evil one?

          70. We agree again…I am pretty sure I am evil in some kind of way shape or form.

            However, we still agree that people should disassociate from humanity those who worship a ‘god’ who condones or orders inhumanity toward others.

          71. “we agree that harming children is inhumane, and needs to stop”
            But it is your evil Allah’s evil prophet’s example of child rape that is the foundation for todays child marriages in the sewer of Islam, and you are a willing part of that same sewer who will not condemn Allah’s evil pick or Allah’s evil messenger for causing today’s children to from child marriages. And your way is to protect Islam and the evil monster Muhammad’s legitimacy. Your Arab conquerors really have robbed you of your moral decency.

          72. I am not Arab, and not sure how mentioning Arabs or history of Arab conquests have to do with the modern problems associated with child abuse.

            However, regardless of the excuse, I am sure that we have already agreed that harming children is inhumane, immoral and needs to end.

          73. I never said you were Arab, did I? Arab conquests have “everything” to do with the global problem of sick evil child marriages, for it is the Arabs who brought with them their evil ideology of Islam and their sick evil false prophet’s example of acceptable child rape.

            As long as Muhammad is revered by moslems as the perfect man then his evil will be copied, s we see all through out the sewer of Islam wherever the evil infection of Islam has spread.

          74. I agree, and see your point of view.

            Whether it is Arab and Islam or Europeans and Christianity, any conquest that destroys the social structure of a society in order to spread their ideology is always harmful to the global well being.

            We still suffer the effects of world conquests, and a lot of it is irreversible.

            Women and children suffer the most in all cases.

          75. “agree that as long as people are taught that they are ‘chosen’ or exceptional, over and above all others”
            But moslems are taught that they’re special and superior, when the truth is, and they’re the scum of the Earth, for they revere an evil warmongering child rapist as their perfect example. We see how they are inferior slaves to their conquers evil ideology and lose their human decency, by not condemning the child rapist Muhammad as an evil man who fabricated his deity so you he could spread his evil on the rest of the planet.

          76. Curiously this comment of yours never made it to the thread:

            “As I said in the comment before this one…I am not a victim, I don’t need saving, Thank you for your ‘concern’.

            Here is our parting song…much prosperity to you. :)

            Attribution: Sara Bareillies, ‘Who Made You King of Anything”

            Where did I ever say I was trying to save you? I don’t want to save you, I don’t think you’re worthy of it. Anyone who is stupid enough to follow a child rapist’s religion is hopelessly evil.

          77. I addressed that comment to someone else, but it applies to you as well…so lets make it official.

            I am not a victim, I don’t need saving. Have a prosperous life.

            Here is my parting gift to you.
            Attribution: Sara Bareilles- “Who Made You King of Anything”


          78. And I’ll repost my response, again.

            Where did I ever say I was trying to save you? I don’t want to save you, I don’t think you’re worthy of it. Anyone who is stupid enough to follow a child rapist’s religion is hopelessly evil.

          79. This has got to be the saddest day of my life.
            I called you here today for a bit of bad news.
            I wouldn’t be able to see you anymore
            Because of my obligation,
            and the ties that you have.

            We’ve been meeting here everyday,
            And since this is our last day together.
            I wanna hold you just one more time.
            When you turn and walk away, don’t look back.

            I wanna remember you just like this
            Let’s just kiss and say goodbye.

            Attribution : Lyrics “Let’s Just Kiss and Say Goodbye”-Manhattans, Composer Winfred Lovett


            Video attribution “Let’s Just Kiss and Say Goodbye”-Manahttans, Composer Winfred Lovett 1976

            Let these dapper gentlemen make it easier on you. Enjoy ;)

          80. Why not say goodbye to your evil allah/satan and become a decent person for once in your life.

          81. No…I don’t think that this would make on the charts today. You know how it is, people want talent, they want the words to at least be somewhat coherent and less like a rant.
            What is worse is the video, people like flash and a story told with actors. Lots of dance, props…like that Katy Perry Video with the Allah pendant that was all the rage last week.
            This is just not going to make it. I am going to have to reject this. You certainly didn’t think this would pass for some kind of music…did you?
            You heard that new song…I forget by who, singing about having a gay relationship? That is what music buyers like now.

          82. Of course you reject it you’re an evil moslem who loves a sick child rapist called Muhammad. Tell me moslem, how do you think 9 year old little Aisha felt the first time the filthy pig Muhammad forced his 53 year old penis into the child’s tiny underdeveloped vagina? Do you think the sick sack of shit let the child hold onto one of her dolls while the monster raped here young body? You know this man you love so much?

          83. Oh my…come on now. Stop, get off your knees begging before I call security to remove you from my office.

            The video sucked…period. There is nothing I can even say to redeem it.

            I told you to go down the Atlas Shrugs Productions and pass it off there. They will go gaga over it, and it will be plastered all over buses and train stations.

            I cant help you.

          84. Let me ask you again moslem:

            how do you think 9 year old little Aisha felt the first time the filthy pig Muhammad forced his 53 year old penis into the child’s tiny underdeveloped vagina? Do you think the sick sack of shit let the child hold onto one of her dolls while the monster raped her young body? You know.. this man you love so much? The founder of your Death Cult.

          85. Wow, you are sick. I am reporting you now to Disqus. They can track you down and call the police to go to your house to see why you have such an obsession with child rape.
            I will save this screen shot too.

          86. Let me ask you again moslem:

            how do you think 9 year old little Aisha felt the first time the filthy pig Muhammad forced his 53 year old penis into the child’s tiny underdeveloped vagina? Do you think the sick sack of shit let the child hold onto one of her dolls while the monster raped her young body? You know.. this man you love so much? The founder of your Death Cult.

          87. Do you really have no shame at all?

            Why do you address your obsession with old men molesting little girls with me…you are one sick person.

            I am only looking at your posts to screen shot them for Disqus.

            You are sick.

          88. “Why do you address your obsession with old men molesting little girls with me…you are one sick person”
            A better question, is why do you love this sick monster muhammad who raped little children. To hate child molesters is not sick moslem… to not hate them is sick. Something that seems to escape you. Why is that moslem? screen shot them all moslem. You are the one who is sick.

          89. oh my goodness. I don’t like Pam Geller’s politics, but I am sure she would not want someone like you and your sick obsession with old men being with little girls.

            Anyway, I am saving your screenshots to Disqus. I reported you as being obsessed with describing sex acts with children.

            No shame at all do you

          90. “and your sick obsession with old men being with little girls”
            Don’t you mean my sick obsession of “hating old men who fuck little girls? Because that is my position, clearly. What is your thoughts on your 53 year olds prophet’s deed of raping his 9 year old victim Aisha. That doesn’t seem to concern you at all does it moslem? How about the legions of poor muslim children all around the world who are victims of this horror because of your filthy prophets evil deed . You don’t seem to care about that do you moslem You’re not upset that it is happening, you’re upset that I protest it.

          91. You are right about my hate of child rapists, no matter who they are or what religion they claim.

            I am sure that then the police come to your house to investigate you…once again obsessing with an old man raping a child, they won’t care either. If you are, there is no jail dark enough you need to be in. because you are correct, I hate old men who rape little girls, and all the other kinds of sick things you obsess with.

            You have not one little bit of shame to hide your obsession do you?

          92. “I am sure that then the police come to your house to investigate you…once again obsessing with an old man raping a child, ”


            LOL you’re delusional aren’t you moslem because I’m confident the police all have IQ’s far above your 75 and can see my position is one of hate for child molestation. Here moslem let me show you real world proof of your child raping prophets legacy




          93. Yes, haven’t the police arrived there yet? I told you I don’t want to see your sick friend’s websites.

          94. More of your sick obsession with old men raping children…sick, really sick now that you are sharing your friend’s websites too. I don’t want to actually SEE what you obsess with.

            Sick and shameless you are.

          95. You’re not fooling anyone moslem with your childish ploy of trying to turn the tables on me. You’re nowhere intelligent enough to do that

          96. You keep obsessing with child porn, sharing your nasty websites on the internet. You are a shameless terrible person. I hope that I didn’t waste my time reporting you to Disqus. I wish there was some way I could call your police directly so that they can come and see what sick child porn websites you share on the internet.

          97. I notice you never commented on all the newspaper stories of young Islamic children who are victims of accepted child marriage. I guess that means you don’t give a shit what those poor children have gone through or the legions more who will endure the horrors of child marriage in Isalm. You don’t give a fuck about them do you moslem?

          98. I don’t watch any porn. So no, I did not look that those filthy webpages you posted.

            I think you and your filthy friends who make those websites describing in detail rape and torture of little girls by old men should be arrested quickly

          99. They weren’t porn sites moslem, and you know that, because you can see the urls, which show they’re from well known newspapers. But one would have to give a shit about young moslem female victims of child marriage which you so obviously don’t.

          100. I am sorry, I had to go vomit because of the filth you were obsessing with, and your lack of shame in describing a child raped in detail, right down to the poor child’s doll

            NO THANK YOU. I don’t want to see your filthy porn friend’s websites. They might have child pornography on them like you seem to be obsessed with.

            You have no shame at all do you?

          101. All those filthy sites moslem are newspaper stories telling of poor moslem childred who are marriage victims, and of the Islamic Imams that support it because of your dirty filthy sick child molesting prophet’s example when he raped his 9 year old bide. You’re OK with all that, aren’t you moselm. I mean, you say you hate child molesters, ALL BUT ONE your child raping prophet. The one whose example makes child marriage possible today.
            And you ask me if I have no shame for being against all that. See how evil and sick in your mind the Death Cult has made you.

          102. don’t you ever stop spreading your filthy obsession about old men raping young children…such a slime you are…sick and shameless.

          103. Actually moslem, it’s the worldwide media’s obsession with reporting the filthy Islamic crimes of young child bride victims, that you so obviously could not give a fuck about.

          104. I know you have friends all over the world with a sick obsession with perversion and filth. Don’t share your filth with me.

            No, you are right, I don’t want to participate in your filthy obsession. I do care that you and your friends are caught and put in some kind of facility where you can be away from children.

          105. “I know you have friends all over the world with a sick obsession with perversion and filth”

            You mean those friends of the Guardian Newspaper, and the Toronto Star, and the BBC, and so on and so on? LOL those friends. Tell us moslem why do you claim to worry so much about child molesters and how they should be put away but ignore Islamic child marriage and love the founder of your Death Cult who, he himself, was a child molester and the cause of all today’s child marriage victims? You’re far to transparent to be claiming concern of child molesters.

          106. I don’t care what your friend’s names are. I don’t want to know. The police will figure that out.
            What is sick to me is that somehow you would think I would be interested in you obsession, describing a sex act between a little girl and an old man, in such graphic and sick detail that you describe the doll the little girl had.

          107. “What is sick to me is that somehow you would think I would be interested in you obsession”
            Yes, it was foolish of me to think that you would give a fuck about the victims of Islamic child marriages, or even have one iota of care concerning the horrors Muhammad’s 9 year old child bride must of had to endure when the monster first rape her. You have zero human decency. But then you do revere a child rapist so I guess it’s normal for you to be cold of feeling.

          108. I do care, that is why I reported you to Disqus, because you described the rape of a little girl in detail on the internet, and then you tried to post other creepy websites like that.

            I would say YOU don’t have decency with your obsession with child rape and sharing it over the internet.

          109. “I do care, that is why I reported you to Disqus”

            You keep saying that like I care or something. Go ahead moslem knock yourself out. Don’t forget the FBI, CIA KGB etc, etc. LOL

          110. I already did. I care therefore I report even the hint of an obsession with raping children.

            You were describing the rape of a little girl…even down to her private area and her dolls make me sick.

          111. “You were describing the rape of a little girl…even down to her private area and her dolls make me sick”

            Yes, we know that about you now. The description of your evil prophets crime, in detail, upsets your delicateness, but, not the horrific crime of your 53 year old prophet raping the 9 year old child itself. Your feigned indignation is so telling.

          112. And you never did answer my question moslem: do you think your 53 year old child raping pig of a prophet muhammad let 9 year old Aisha hold onto one of her dolls, you know, for comfort, during his horrific sexual assault on her? Personally I’m thinking that any man that sick and perverted couldn’t careless about her feelings. Hey!! …another thing you two have in common.

          113. Cant you stop obsessing with perversion and filth. Do you not have one little be of shame?

          114. Why would the police investigate me?

            I didn’t share a detailed story on the internet about an old man raping a little girl…YOU did that. I don’t know why you think I would be interested in such sickness, and not report you.

          115. “I didn’t share a detailed story on the internet about an old man raping a little girl..”.

            You mean that graphic description of the sexual rape that your 53 year old prophet perpetrated on his victim, 9 year old Aisha?

            LOL funny, isn’t it moslem, that the description the muhammads rape upon 9 year old Aisha upsets you, but, not the evil of the child rape itself. Says soooo much about you, doesn’t it moslem?

          116. YOU described IN DETAIL including describing the child’s private area on the internet and playing with dolls while this perverted man raped her?

            Don’t lie now. I have screen shots proving you are obsesses with describing rape scenes with old men raping little girls.

          117. “You mean you didn’t describe IN DETAIL including describing the child’s private”
            OMG I said the vagina word and the penis word on the internet…quick call Interpol.
            What a fucking moron you are. See moslem you’re upset over the world vagina but you’re not upset of about a 53 year old man raping a 9 year old child. The evil crime doesn’t upset you in the least but the description of the crime is what upsets you. AGAIN…it reveals soooo much of who you really are.

          118. You described a rape scene with an old man raping a little girl. You described something about her private parts, and playing with dolls while she was being hurt IN DETAIL.

            You did it more than once too.

            Yes, child rape is an evil crime, but people that fantasize and obsess with it, and describe it in detail should also go to jail too…that would be you…you sick person.

            Yes, I know who I really am, and right now I am a concerned person who may see children around you in danger of being forced into fulfilling your sick obsessions.

          119. LOL you’re insane if you actually think your childish and infantile tactic of pretending that my describing your pig of a prophet’s rape of 9 year old Aisha makes me a rapist. But, it does seem that you’re incredibly stupid and perhaps thinking your IQ around 75 was way to optimistic.

          120. The insane are those who OBSESS with child rape and describe it on the internet in detail. That is what YOU did.
            No matter what your IQ is, you need to be stopped before some child gets hurt

          121. I am insane? You are one sick person. You expect me to not react while YOU are telling stories in DETAIL about old men raping little girls over and over again?

            I don’t care what your IQ is, you are sick and need to be locked away from children.

          122. “YOU are telling stories in DETAIL about old men raping little girls ”
            YOU forgot to mention, moslem, that the detailed story of old men raping children is about YOUR evil sack of shit child raping prophet, Muhammad. LOL

          123. Umm…Remember, the screenshots?

            YOU described in detail the rape of a little girl by an old man. You described the child’s genitals and the mans as well, and something about the victim playing with a doll on the internet, and you did it more than one time.

            You posted websites of people doing the same thing.

            I call that a perverted obsession with rape. You are one sick person. They need to take you off the streets before you make those perverted fantasies of yours real.

          124. pssst- that is a nasty troll you have there. You might want to stop playing with it, before it gets its loathsome subhumaness on you.

          125. psst…I am exposing a pervert who repeatedly shows his or her obsession with the rape of little girls by older men.

          126. LOL What I described, moslem was your sick sack of shit prophet Muhammad’s rape of his 9 year old child bride. And the other links were TODAY’S Islamic child bride victims, you know those child brides you couldn’t give a fuck about? Here is another example moslem
            Modern examples of the child raping false prophets legacy:

            By Mohammed Jamjoom

            (CNN) — A Saudi judge has refused for a second time to annul a
            marriage between an 8-year-old girl and a 47-year-old man, a relative of the
            girl told CNN


          127. Modern examples of the child raping false prophets Muhammad’s legacy:

            Religion Minister Rejects Child Marriage Reform

            KUALA LUMPUR
            (AFP) – – Malaysia’s religion minister on Tuesday defended Islamic laws that
            allow girls under 16 to marry, amid a controversy over two youngsters who were
            married off to middle-aged men. The issue has flared in Malaysia
            after reports that two girls aged 10 and 11 were wed in the conservative
            northern state of Kelantan last month. They have now been removed from their


          128. You should not edit other people’s work in such a way to try and prove your points.

            From the same article you posted. Why did you edit the article in your post?

            “…Malaysian authorities are investigating the case of the two girls in Kelantan, both linked to a man who is accused of leading an Islamic cult. He is accused of marrying the 11-year-old girl and giving away his 10-year-old daughter to a family friend. Sharia court officials told the New Straits Times Tuesday the 11-year-old’s marriage was not approved in court…”


          129. LOL but but I thought you refused to look at the porn sites you falsely claimed I was posting. See what a phony loser you are? I guess you never happened to notice the “MINISTER OF RELIGION IS FOR CHILD MARRIAGE. Funny isn’t it moslem that the Minister of Islam would be for his child raping prophet’s example of child marriage and that CHILD MARRIAGE IS RISING IN YOUR ISLAMIC SHITHOLE.

          130. Here’s some more for you moslem:
            Modern examples of the child raping false prophets legacy:

            Gatestone Institute: More than a dozen Muslim clerics at some of the
            biggest mosques in Britain
            have been caught on camera agreeing to marry off girls as young as 14. The
            documentary, entitled “Forced to Marry,” was first broadcast on
            October 9 and involves two reporters posing as the mother and brother of a
            14-year-old girl to be married to an older man



            Immigration: ‘Child bride’ loophole can’t be

            TOM GODFREY, QMI Agency

            First posted: Thursday,
            March 11, 2010 04:40 PM EST |
            Updated: Thursday, March 11, 2010 04:49
            PM EST

            Federal immigration officials say there’s little they can do to stop
            “child brides” from being sponsored into Canada by much older husbands who
            wed them in arranged marriages abroad

            “”””The marriages are permitted under Sharia Law””””


          132. So you are saying that Canadian law exempts Muslims from the law of Canada regarding child marriage?

          133. Where does it say Canadian law exempts your evil child marriages? It says the Islamic scum are taking the child victims to the Islamic shithole they were spawned in and marrying them there and then come back. They don’t announce the evil act to Canadian authorities and the shithole Islamic communities in Canada are OK with it. Capish.

          134. What does that have to do with the Canadian authorities being frustrated because they cant stop Muslims from sending their children to countries where the laws allow them to marry off their under aged children to older adults?

          135. Why does it concern Canadian officials. LOL because the Islamic scum reside in Canada and the evil act is illegal there. it’s just not a Canadian problem, it’s in the UK its in America its anywhere this Islamic vermin have settled.

          136. What those nations you mentioned to solve the problems they perceive is up to those nations. I have no say, so my opinion on how to handle it is not relevant.

          137. Did you watch the 11 year old girls plea, moslem. I’m sure you don’t give a shit about the child’s plight but just for laughs you should watch it.

          138. I did, and I posted it on a ‘sisterhood’ website I belong to, so that other women can see it. Thank you.

          139. You’re a liar moslem because you just said:
            “What those nations you mentioned to solve the problems they perceive is up to those nations I have no say, so my opinion on how to handle it is not relevant”
            Did you have a change of heart moslem? LOL

          140. So…posting a You Tube Video on a website (that I didn’t name, and you have no idea who the people are that participate, other than they are more than likely women) so that other people can discuss it makes me a liar?

            How does that work exactly?

          141. You’ve already stated moslem that what happens in other countries is irrelevant to you and your opinion is irrelevant. Why is your opinion or actions in this case any different moslem the child isn’t from you country. See how you’re so full of shit.

          142. “How does that work exactly?”
            Tell us moslem how does it work that you say you’re against child marriage but you follow a religion where it’s founder was a child rapist.
            Tell us how that works?

          143. I see.
            Well there are more pending matters in our part of the world right now than your personal obsessions.
            There are 220 people who left Malaysia on a plane a few hours ago who haven’t been heard from, and haven’t reached the intended destination.
            In a nation like ours, not used to citizen on citizen violence, it concerns us dearly as a people that the plane is lost.
            So…be well.

          144. LOL

            Oh, and before you think I’m laughing at the plane situation, I’m not, I know your country is only 60 percent moslem so there could be decent people on that plane.

          145. wow, deciding who is ‘decent’ based on their religion. that is pretty sad if you ask me.

            Usually when an international fight leaves a place, going to another nation, most of the passangers are from the destination.

            You should really travel more often. Get to know people. The more places you have been in the world, the less likely you will have such a narrow view of it.

            Then you would understand that not all of your ranting ment to provoke someone to anger doesn’t work on everyone.

          146. “wow, deciding who is ‘decent’ based on their religion. that is pretty sad if you ask me

            NO, actually, it’s quite logical, for any group of mindless zombies that follow the most evil monster to ever walk the face of the Earth the violent warmongering child rapist Muhammad, can’t possible be decent, unless they to ignorant know the monster’s true character.

          147. I bought my train ticket, and will be leaving Islam tomorrow.

            I will be arriving in your city of Obsession at noon the next day.

            We stop in Fear, and Victimhood on the way there

            Bye bye now.

          148. “I bought my train ticket, and will be leaving Islam tomorrow”
            Lying is effortless for you moslems, isn’t it? You can’t leave the sewer of Islam, you belong there.

          149. Ya…you are right, My passport is no good in Obsession.

            I will just stay here, and be happy, live life and so on.

            Bye bye now.

          150. “Ya…you are right, My passport is no good in Obsession”
            You’re right, it’s only good in the sewer of Islam

          151. ya ya…but I am happy. You should be too, our worlds will never cross.
            To you, isn’t that good? I think so too. There is always something good to be thankful about on both sides…
            bye bye now.

          152. “You should be too, our worlds will never cross”
            They’re crossing now, via the internet. See why moslems can’t seem to win real Nobel prizes. LOL

          153. What are the odds, molsem, that Islamic scum brought down the Malaysian airliner? After all, Malaysian Islamic scum are good at making bombs to kill people?

          154. When they find the plane, forensic experts will go over the it, to find out what happened, and if terrorists were involved, they will be delt with I am sure.

            It is best to have evidence to make an accusation, than it is to speculate, and in some cases wish for something evil to have happened to further the hate mongering and blood lust for war.

          155. We’re talking about the “odds” moslem that is an exercise in speculation, and since it is almost exclusively Islamic shit that bomb planes, and two passengers were using stolen passports the odds to seem to be great enough that most people are at least speculating the it was the sewer of Islam that cause it.

          156. Maybe in your culture you minimize people’s lives to throwing dice or card games, but we don’t. There were 220 and more humans on the plane, not horses on a betting track.

          157. Nobody is hoping evil is done, moslem, but evil exists in this world, evil like the Death Cult, itself, started by the evil violent warmongering, rapist of 9 year old Aisha, the monster Muhammad. If the plane was bombed, it will surely be, Islamic shit, follower’s of Islam’s evil prophet, the creep who said: I’ve been made victorious with terror.

            “Bukhari:V4B52N220 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror.'”

          158. Yes, evil exists, so does catastrophic failure of the aircraft structure at high altitudes, mechanical failure, and other things that will be investigated and determined by examination by experts.

            However, hoping, betting, or asking for ‘odds’, speculating and spreading falsehood and rumors, hoping that someone had been made a victim of evil doers in order to promote bigotry, and hate is evil too.

          159. I guess the newspapers are guilty of spreading hate a bigotry, eh moslem?

            “There were suspicions that yesterday’s incident marked a new escalation in the terror campaign by separatist Muslim Uighurs


            Oh, look moslem and who are the newspapers supicous of LOL well it Islamic sub-human jihad shit of the Uighur kind.

            More hatred spread by the BBC moslem.


          160. As I said before, the investigators will not ‘speculate’ on the cause of the crash. When the find the plane, they will study whatever they can find and come to conclusion from evidence.

            If it was terrorism, the police in a lot of nations especially the nationalities of the people on the plane will come together and take care of the criminals.

            Yes, it is evil to wish that something has evil origins to further hate and bigotry.

          161. But you so, purposely and conveniently, skipped right over the newspapers, didn’t you moslem? So are the newspapers and media “evil bigots streading their hate? Moslem why didn’t you address that? Why? because you’re full of shit, eh moslem?

          162. I don’t have to address anything. I told you, I don’t bet, wager, wish, speculate, or spread rumors in order to further bigotry and hate. I don’t think the news outlets do that when they speculate, they just lure people like you to click on it so they make money.

            As I keep saying, the articles even admit they are speculating. Maybe you are used to ‘speculation’, but I like facts and evidence.

            Of course, if it was terrorism, the police from the world will come together and get the criminals based on facts backed by evidence from investigation.

            Oh yes, it is EVIL to wish that evil happened so that you and your kind can further the hate and bigotry.

          163. “Yes, it is evil to wish that something has evil origins to further hate and bigotry”

            It’s not me, or the newspapers, furthering hatred for the Death Cult, moslem, it’s the moslems themselves. The world is getting sick to fucking death of the evil stench of Islam. 24/7 everyday more article about Islamic Jihad scum blowing people up, chopping of their heads for Islamoporn.

          164. So tell us moslem are the newspapers and media “also” spreading hate and bigotry. They admit by your own words that they’re speculating so tell us moslem are they too spreading hate and bigotry?

          165. “They admit by your own words that they’re speculating so tell us moslem are they too spreading hate and bigotry?”
            Can’t answer? I didn’t fucking think so. LOL

          166. Well, the reports we are used to are conclusions made by experts after examining the evidence.

            Yes, they are speculating, that isn’t news to me.


            THE HADITH SAYS

            Sahih Muslim Book 008,
            Number 3310:

            Aisha (Allah be pleased
            with her) reported: Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) married me when I
            was six years old, and I was admitted to his house when I was nine years old.

            OF THEIR DEATH CULT®

          168. From talking about plane accidents to your obsession with horrid perverted sex acts again.

            You cant help yourself, can you?

          169. “From talking about plane accidents to your obsession with horrid perverted sex acts again”
            Those HORRID PERVERTE ACTS are your vile and despicable false prophet’s acts moslem.
            You don’t like people talking about them but you are perfectly comfortable with Muhammads HORRID PERVERTED ACTS AS YOU SO RIGHTLY CALL THEM.

          170. You know, that is so true.

            While discussing a plane accident, a commenter out of the blue, and totally off the topic suddenly starts to describe a rape between a little girl and an old man with such vivid detail.

            I would call that person sick, and dangerous, and a pervert, wouldn’t you?

          171. “”From talking about plane accidents to your obsession with horrid perverted sex acts again””

            Here is another perverted act by your evil prophet, as written in.. YOUR.. Islamic texts


            1, Book 4, Number 231:
            Sulaiman bin Yasar:

            I asked
            ‘Aisha about the clothes soiled with semen. She replied, “I used to wash
            it off the clothes of Allah’s Apostle and he would go for the prayer while
            water spots were still visible. ”

            TO THE SEWER OF ISLAM.

          172. wow, now you are adding more to your story, as If it was not sick enough

            You are totally obsessed with telling, and adding to your fantasy of a little raping an old man. First it was something about a doll, and describing his genitals in comparison with hers. Then it was describing her genitals in derogatory terms, and sex acts about menses. now you are obsessed with telling us what happened after he was finished raping his girl.

            I hope this is a fantasy for you, and that you aren’t really doing this.


            Yemen child bride dies giving
            birth: rights group

            Hammoud Mounassar (AFP) Sep 13, 2009

            — A 12-year-old Yemeni girl, who was forced into marriage, has died during a
            difficult delivery in which her baby also died, a children’s rights
            organisation said on Sunday, demanding action to stop Yemeni men taking child


          174. Wow, now you are telling me your friends have the same obsession with telling stories about rapes of little girls.

            You belong to a gang of child predators?

          175. I see, so they are the same religion as you? A sick cult you belong to? I agree with you, those who are doing those things, and obsessed with spreading their sick fantasies all over social media are the scum of this earth.

            You should leave that cult. Report your co religionists, and redeem yourself from that obsession you have.

          176. No they’re followers of the most evil deity every created… Allah/Satan. By a sick cult called Islam, started by a sick piece of shit called Muhammad, who at the age of 53 fucked with his foul cock his 9 year old rape victim Aisha.
            Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64

            Narrated Aisha:
            that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years i.e. till his death.

          177. So is that your sick sack of shit Muhammad who at 53 fucked his 9 year old rape victim Aisha the scum of the Earth too, moslem? Or is he worthy enough for you to follow his Death Cult.

          178. Of course I am sick at whoever obsesses with telling a rape story over and over. It just isn’t normal to describe it as if that pervert was right there watching it.

            That person who described it so detailed had to be there, and if he didn’t do anything about it, he should be tried in court as an accomplice for letting it happen.

            What do you think about the person who describes it so detailed. Do you think he was watching it? It is pretty sick when you tell the story over and over, and never dial the police.

          179. ” It is pretty sick when you tell the story over and over, and never dial the police”
            Yes moslem, you’re right, it is a pretty sick story about.. YOUR DIRTY PROPHET the founder of your vile DEATH CULT.
            Why do you follow the despicable Muhammad a monster who fucked the living shit out of his 9 year old victim of rape the child Aisha?
            Have you no humanity?

          180. Would you let your 9 year old daughter marry a sick 53 year old child rapist like Muhammad? Knowing that the sick animal was going to be violating your 9 year old daughter with his cock? This is the founder of ALL YOU BELIEVE. Your Arab conquerors have destroyed your soul.
            .Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64
            Narrated Aisha:
            that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years i.e. till his death.

          181. “That person who described it so detailed had to be there”

            The person, you moron, who is describing the crime isn’t an accomplice it’s, Aisha herself, and if you had a brain you would see that in your Islamic texts it’s HER telling the story (narrated) not like you give a fuck what the poor child must of had to endure at the hands of her rapist Muhammad.

            Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64
            Narrated Aisha:
            that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years i.e. till his death.


            Volume 9, Book 93, Number 639:

            Narrated ‘Aisha: The
            Prophet used to recite the Quran with his head in my lap while I used to be in
            my periods (having menses).


          183. That is pretty sick of someone to describe in detail a perverted sex act between a little girl and an old man, right down to describing female genitals in derogatory terms.
            sick, sick, sick

          184. Bwhaahah guess who is fucking describing what YOU call perverted, moslem, It’s your own Islamic text narrated by Aisha herself.

          185. I agree, someone who describes over and over again a sex act between a little girl and an old man is perverted and sick.

            I am not wrong here, most people would agree with me that someone who is totally obsessed with repeating a story of a little girl being raped in detail, even describing her private areas in derogatory terms is a pervert.

            Wouldn’t that be a pervert to you? Someone who over and over again, tells a sick story about the rape of a little girl by an old man?

          186. It’s true moslem I’m totally obsessed with telling the truth about your sub-human sack of shit Muhammad, and his evil act of marrying a 6 year old child and fucking that child at the age of 9.
            The world needs to know what a filthy piece of shit Muhammad really was.

          187. If this is ‘the truth’, and you describe it so vividly as if you were there, you should seek help.

            Maybe you saw it when you were a child, and repressed it in your memory until now. Maybe you will help solve a crime that happened in your past.

            Seek help, because what ever creates your obsession with describing this rape in such vivid detail is dangerous.

          188. “”and you describe it so vividly as if you were there, you should seek help””

            LOL yeah, I know, like every other adult on this planet, how sexual intercourse works moslem, and for your piece of shit Muhammad’s consummation to be successful the sick bastard had to achieve an erection and then shove that 53 year old filthy cock of his into his tiny 9 year old rape victim’s vagina. Yeah, moslem that’s how sexual intercourse works or are you to fucking ugly for any man to have tried?

          189. “Yes, evil exists”
            Yes and one of the most evil monsters to ever walk the face of this earth, is that sick bag of garbage Muhammad. You know, that violent warmongering filthy pig who raped a 9 year old child. LOL That monster is who inspires the Islamic scum who perpetrate 99% of terrorist massacres.

          190. Holy crap! You are a Muslim from Malaysia and you are preaching to me about women being discriminated against on RS ?

            I am floored. Who in the world are you to criticize anything in regards to women considering where the laws of your country. Again, I am floored.

          191. Holy crap, you mean I cant have moral and ethical convictions…I am floored, my parents were WRONG for telling me to use discernment and experience to make decisions…damn bad parents.

            Stupid parents, making me be born in a damn foreign country where people don’t learn exceptionalism and objecticism, and making me be raised in an eastern philosophy society.


            Muslim Book 008, Number 3311:

            ‘A’isha (Allah be
            pleased with her) reported that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) married
            her when she was seven years old, and he was taken to his house as a bride when
            she was nine, and her dolls were with her; and when he (the Holy Prophet) died
            she was eighteen years old.



            Today: CHILD MARRIAGE OUR RIGHT AS MUSLIMS, Dokubo tells critics, says “It is
            not your business” July 20, 2013

            Asari Dokubo Defends Under-aged Marriage Law In Nigeria… “We
            Muslims Can Marry Girls Of Any Age”. A prominent Niger Delta Muslim, Alhaji
            Mujahid Abubakar Dokubo-Asari, has lashed out at critics of the moves by Nigeria’s
            Senate to approve under-age marria


          194. And here is the reason for all of this:


            Sahih Bukhari
            Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64:
            Narrated ‘Aisha:

            that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his
            marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine
            years (i.e., till his death


          195. yes, and this has what to do with Canadian authorities being frustrated because they cant stop Canadian Muslims from sending their children to countries that allow under age marriage?

            I have never called anyone a ‘perfect man’ because there is no such thing as a perfect man.

          196. How are they going to stop it if it’s underground in the Islamic sewer of a culture? What they need to do is deport every muslim in their country back to whatever shithole created them and shut the down on the incoming sewage.

          197. What Canadians do to solve their problems is something I have no say over. What Canadians do about this problem is up to Canadians in my opinion.

          198. “What Canadians do about this problem is up to Canadians in my opinion”
            Yup, and they should kick the Islamic sewage out and plug the hole.


            THE HADITH SAYS

            Sahih Muslim Book 008,
            Number 3310:

            Aisha (Allah be pleased
            with her) reported: Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) married me when I
            was six years old, and I was admitted to his house when I was nine years old.

            OF THEIR DEATH CULT®

          200. If you are looking for me to defend underage girls marrying older men, no matter who or why…you are looking at the wrong person.

          201. LOL, you just love the monster that is the cause of all the horrors of Islamic child marriage.

          202. Here’s a story moslem about a child who makes a youtube video protesting the attempt to make her a child bride.

            Watch it I’m sure you get a kick out of it.

            Girl’s online plea highlights plight of Yemen’s child brides
            By Abubakr al-Shamahi Sanaa

            In a three-minute video posted online, Nada al-Ahdal, a slight and pretty 11-year-old girl, has caught the attention of millions in her home country, Yemen, and abroad, as she tells her story.


          203. After all moslem, I know you’re pretty fucking stupid, but did you know, that if a full grown man forces his penis into an undeveloped vagina.. of a young child…serious physical damage can occur, and certainly terrible, psychological damage. I’m quite sure you don’t give a fuck about that because you willfully ignore Islamic child brides and their suffering. And you certainly won’t condemn your prophet for his rape of a 9 year old.

          204. Don’t you ever stop spreading that filth. Don’t you have any shame for what you are doing?

            How could you keep obsessing with describing perverted acts and rape in detail, even describing the child’s personal area.

            You need help. They need to get you off the street before you turn these sick stories into hurting a real child.

            Yes, and I condemn you for obsessing with this sick stories of old men raping little girls

            I how they get you off the street soon

          205. “Don’t you ever stop spreading that filth. Don’t you have any shame for what you are doing?”
            The filth, moslem is in your evil religion and your sick sack of shit child raping prophet. And NO I never tire of exposing the filth of Islam

          206. Oh look!!! On a moslem website the learned Islamic scholar answers questions as to why young underage gilrls should marry old men and he uses the child molesting prophet as his guide:

            Here it is: Question:

            What is the suitable age for marriage for men and women, because some young women do not accept marriage from those who are older than them? Likewise, some men do not marry women who are older than them. We request a response and may Allaah reward you with goodness. Answer:

            I advise young women not to refuse marriage from a man due to his age, such as being ten, twenty or thirty years older than her. This is not a reason, because the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi was salam, married ‘A’ishah, may Allaah be pleased with her, when he was fifty-three years old and she was a girl of nine years old

          207. What, you’re calling the police because I have a working knowledge of sexual intercourse and loath filthy child molesting pigs, like your prophet. LOL go ahead moslem. So you want to report discussion about your filthy pig of a child molesting prophet’s deed.. LOL again go ahead moslem.
            I do have an obsession, about scum, who sexually violate children…. then and now. You are the one who doesn’t give one shit of the horrors poor Aisha had to go through, or the horrors of child marriage that legions of 9 year old moslem girls must endure today, because of the sack of shit child molester Muhammad’s example.

          208. OH, and for your information, there is no record of your post to “someone else” in that thread. Don’t you ever get tired of lying? Oops, I forgot, you’re a moslem and it is second nature to you.

          209. This has got to be the saddest day of my life.
            I called you here today for a bit of bad news.
            I wouldn’t be able to see you anymore
            Because of my obligation,
            and the ties that you have.

            We’ve been meeting here everyday,
            And since this is our last day together.
            I wanna hold you just one more time.
            When you turn and walk away, don’t look back.

            I wanna remember you just like this
            Let’s just kiss and say goodbye.

            Attribution : Lyrics “Let’s Just Kiss and Say Goodbye”-Manhattans, Composer Winfred Lovett


            Video attribution “Let’s Just Kiss and Say Goodbye”-Manahttans, Composer Winfred Lovett 1976

            Let these dapper gentlemen make it easier on you. Enjoy ;)

          210. Since you have no idea why half your co-religionists believe in what they do maybe you can tell us why “you” revere your prophet a 53 year old man who married a 6 year old child. That is something you can revere? Have you no shame?

          211. I don’t have any ‘co religionists’. I have told you before, I do not answer for other people.

            Muhammad was the prophet who brought Islam to us. It doesn’t matter if I ‘revere’ him or not to be a Muslim. I have not told you that I ‘revere’ Muhammad. Please to not assume something I have not explicitly said.

            I can’t ‘revere’ someone that had nothing to do with my personal guidance. I would think that you would ‘revere’ your parents, or a teacher, or someone who had a specific impact in your life.

            In the time, place, and society I live in now, due to advances in our civilization and scientific advances in medicine, social normal and laws that protect children, it is wrong for an adult male to marry a 6 year old. If Muhammad did that now, where I live, he would be arrested, and punished. I would agree that this should be so.

          212. So you’re a moslem, but, other moslems are not co-religionists. I’m not sure you understand English enough to have an intelligent conversation,

            Here’s a clue for you:
            co·re·lig·ion·ist (kō′rĭ-lĭj′ə-nĭst)
            One having the same religion as another.
            Not that you’re smart enough to understand a dictionary.

          213. So, you think it is wrong for a man today to have sex with a 9 year old child, but , it was OK in the past for the monster prophet. Do you think normal men in Muhammad’s time were sexually excited by naked 9 year old children, because normal men today are not. How is it any different then back then, moslem?

          214. It is WRONG for a man to have sex with a nine year year old at any time, now that we have science, civilized social normal, and phycology that tells us that adults having sex with children is harmful to them.

            Again, living in the 21st century, taking the innocence of a child is just as you have described it.

            Knowing what I know NOW I cant condone it at ANY time. If they knew what I know then, then they are just as you described them.

          215. Since your molesting prophet said: I have been victorious with terror I guess you think his actions were wrong too? “Bukhari:V4B52N220″Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror.'”

            How about when you Satan/Allah says: Qur’an:8:12″I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

            You disagree with Allah/Satan’s words too, eh, moslem?

          216. yes move on. to the room you keep your med’s in and take them ppppllleeessseee. and shut up.

          217. Betty

            If the fish will jump in the boat, why would you put a pole in the water?

            You didn’t move on and ignore my post…did you Betty.

          218. Nur, I’m delighted that you’re keeping us informed about what the Chinese are doing. On the other hand, I don’t care whether this strange little man is a scholar or not. I don’t care whether Muslims must heed his call to jihad or not. All I know is that he’s a jihadist and making threats against non-Muslim people. He’s oblivious to the danger he has created for everyone around him. Are you oblivous to that fact as well, based upon your professed Islamic faith?

          219. Perfect. Whether this man is a scholar or not isn’t relevant or related to the situation in Kunming Station, until the CHINESE investigators link him to it.

            They, I am sure will not just rely on a MEMRI translation of his words in This site, that we cant hear, or link anywhere else. If this man is linked to the terrorist attack, he will be delt with.

            If it is relevant to the situation, I am sure that before Pamela Geller posted it on her website, the Chinese were on the case.

          220. jesus fucking christ. it’s like watching a monkey try to fuck a football. (that’s an american football) nur, you don’t understand at all. what she is saying is that if you can refute the man’s opinion, then refute it. but she doesn’t think you can. if you don’t know the hadiths then say so. say you can’t speak to the hadiths he veiws as a guidance to this opinion because you don’t follow the hadiths. and you could at least throw out the standard 2:256 there is no compulsion in religion and the partial quote of 5:32 to kill an innocent life …is to kill all mankind and to save a life is as if you saved all mankind

          221. mike…her ASSERTION is,

            that a Muslim has no basis to disagree with a scholar because a Muslim cant refute the scholar.

            I want her to defend that assertion ONLY.

          222. yeah, everyone can go right to the source. you can ask him ( questions or search words for old fatwas. if the salafist/wahabbist ideaology is what you want presented to her as the face of islam. then so be it.
            you seem to totally not understand. she says you can’t refute it because it is a tenet of islam. if you say it is not, then explain why it is not. at least go with the “out of context” or the “totality of the koran”. i mean this is just sad.

          223. I would be for that if SHE confronted him, and made HIM answer to his own positions.

            I think I have made it clear here more than many times. I only answer for Nur, no one else.

          224. I have another question for you moslem: why do you revere the most evil monster to ever walk the face of this Earth? An evil warmongering child molester. Do you think it was OK for your sick 53 year old prophet to marry a 6 year old child and then rape that child at the age of 9? Why would you revere this sub-human creep?

          225. Remember that there is a question already pending, on words you accused me of lying about.
            Here is a screenshot of the words…in case you dispute them again. (click the image below to make your words bigger)
            Defend your assertion that:
            A Muslim does not have a basis to disagree with a scholar because they cant refute the scholar.
            Then we can move on to your next question.

          226. I’ve already addressed that your, assertion, of what I said was.. WRONG…, moslem. I can’t help it if you lack the critical thinking skills to understand what I write. Here, I’ll try again to render down what I said into the simplest form in order for you to grasp my meaning.

            I never said moslems had no “basis” to disagree I said that seem “unable” to refute them. Here let me expand on my point so you can try to assimilate it. Scholars like like this shakyh interpret Islamic texts the way they read them and moslems like you can’t seem to show us how the texts have been misinterpreted. And here you are to prove my point. So I’ll ask you for the 7th time moslem do you think the scholar misinterpreded the texts?

          227. So now that there is a screen shot of your words, after you called me a liar, and denied you posted that comment you are willing to own it.


            I didn’t say you SAID that Muslims have no basis to disagree, I said you ASSERTED it (that is you made an unwarranted claim)

            So, once again defend your assertion that a Muslim has no basis to disagree with scholars because they cant refute the scholars.

            Since you ASSERTED this without my input, you can defend it without my input. Remember again what ASSERT means.

          228. looks like several of my comments have disappeared. anyway did you not see my comment below?
            and the question is simple. can you refute al-munjjid’s fatwa? also, if you can go to the norwegian article i would like to see what you think of the book of jihad?

          229. The only thing I will do in this forum is disagree with al Munjjid’s fatwa. My personal reasons are these.

            I don’t like this scholar. I don’t like this or any his other religious opinions, and I disagree with the Wahabbi sect of Islam all together.

            I am not obligated to REFUTE his findings. That is like asking me to refute why I don’t like a certain song.

          230. true, you are not obligated to do anything. i just thought maybe as a muslim you had an answer as to WHY he is wrong. like i flyo asked my why i don’t like a song, i could answer you. don’t like the lyrics, the melody, tempo, to fast, to slow….etc. etc.
            anyway, i thought at least you would throw 2:256 and 5:32 out there. but it looks like you and i don’t even speak the same english. have a good one.

          231. Here’ I’ll ask you a 5th time now moslem:do you think the scholar is misinterpreting the texts incorrectly?
            What’s the problem, moslem? Jinn got your tongue?

          232. Actually, I think the so called moderate ones are the most dangerous. They are carriers of the evil ideology, even if the evil lies dormant in them, it spreads to those who want to follow the war mongering molester’s example.

          233. The learned Islamic scholar uses Islamic texts to demonstrate his point that Islam “was” and “is” to be spread by the sword. Looking at the textual evidence I’d say he has jurisprudence on his side. Anyhow it seems we have shiploads of Muslims who say it isn’t right, but I’ve yet to see any effective effort by so called moderate Muslims to show them exactly where it is they’re going wrong. Which is why I believe so called moderate Muslims are even more dangerous since they are nothing more than virulent carriers of the ideology.

            This is the fatwah we are discussing. It was introduced into the conversation by commenter ‘mike’

            Yes, this is true, but a fatwah, and the scholar may not be in the same school of jurisprudence. He is certainly not someone who would appeal to me, because he seems more to rant, than to educate.

            I only read the fatwah and the ayat he used to justify his position. I disagree with his position.

          235. I see what you are saying, and I made a mistake. This IS a scholarly opinion and I will edit it to mean what I say. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

            Unfortunatly, you are right, many Muslims follow the fatwas as if they are edicts, mainly because they follow people (yes, and beginning with using Muhammad as an exemplar) sheikhs and Imams rather than worship and try to obey Allah in the best way they can.

            Muslims in the west tend to ‘convert’, learn to recite a few scriptures, learn to tie a headscarf and think that is all it takes to be Muslim. They seem to never study, and if it sounds credible, it is usually wrong, and something repeated from some Imam.

            I don’t know what a ‘moderate Muslim’ really is or does. To me that would be like saying ‘almost pregnant’.

            I do understand how you feel, and honestly how you got there. I am not here to change your mind though.

          236. You should be careful not assume we worship the same deity. Judging by your other posts here, we do not.

        1. I disagree with your whole assertion. muslims believe even what their imam, or the cleric down the road says most of the time, just because they are trained to accept whatever is told, and not to rebel. But in this particular case, the MUSLIM is citing the satanic Koran: the part that says that violence will incite fear in the hearts of the unbelievers (those who do not believe in the black stone’s magical powers) the non pagans really.

          1. Lea, there is a difference between a discussion…even a heated one, and a rant.

            I don’t do rants. There are many here that would love to sing in your choir…but not me.

            Much prosperity to you… ;)

          2. I’m very puzzled by this Nur woman. I don’t know why she comes here other than to try to convert English speakers to Islam. Fat chance.

          3. Your pious tone does absolutely nothing for me, in particular, it in no way fools me into thinking your are righteous, for anyone who believes in the false prophet mo, is a deluded demon bound human being. May Jesus Christ be your only blessing.

          4. Jesus Christ is a blessing to all of humanity…if only I could find a Christian to exemplar, I might follow his lead.

            You know how it is Lea right, the first time someone sees you are Muslim, they start with the demonizing and the fire and brimstone…and after a while, and after enough Christians do that to me, I become convinced that there really aren’t any Christians who follow Jesus’ exemplar.

            Tootaloo ;)

          5. Jesus Christ called a spade a spade and did not shy away from confronting evil, and islam is evil. He also taught us that the enemy is not flesh and blood, something that Muslims fail to understand since Islamic morality is whatever the sinful mohammed did, and his teachings and lifestyle are vile, to say the least, and we see his legacy today destroying peoples lives, in particular muslim lives. Jesus told us clearly that you judge a prophet by the fruit of his legacy, so, if you are a clever lady, and are able to do some proper research into your own Islamic writings you will come to understand too, that Islam is a mimicry and mockery and a distortion of the one truth that comes by the one nation, Israel, which is Jesus Christ, who also taught us not to follow men, but to follow him. You are looking to other people, and to a exceedingly sinful man called mo, to lead you to God? You will end up in hell if you continue on this path. There is only one who can save you, turn to him, and he will show you the way. His name is Jesus Christ, not Lea.

          6. Really?

            Jesus talked about Islam. You are kidding. Jesus foresaw 600 years ahead of his lifespan to talk about Islam.

            What Biblical scripture did Jesus mention Islam? Muslims?

            I like how you claim to speak for God, and then at the end you use a disclaimer to excise yourself from your rant…good one…not Lea.

          7. Well, since you appear not to understand plain English, who am I to argue the point. Jesus Christ foresaw the end from the beginning, yes, he is divine, the Son of God. It is all in the Bible, the only place you going to find true revelation, if that is what you are seeking. He is knocking, all you have to do is open the door and let him in.
            Have you noticed the distinct difference in your self righteous little stance which seeks to divert the issues and my forthright statements of fact?

          8. Wow…

            Imagine that, a Christian demeaning someone, demonizing their beliefs, and then wanting them to believe a book they are offering has all the answers, and truth, and stuff.

            Now, if you ask me ‘not Lea’ the self righteous one is the one who thinks they speak for God, and insults, and demonizes someone, then claims that they have something to offer that will save him from your berating.

            I don’t need saving. I am not a victim, I think this song says it much better. I like Christianity, but not Christians. NO THANKS.


            Attribution for video:
            Sara Bareilles-King Of Anything

          9. You are on a website that REJECTS ISLAM UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY. I am here to read about the Muslims Uighars who are carrying on an UNHOLY JIHAD on INNOCENT people in China. I found you, busy trying to stick up for your psychotic pagan death cult, and in the process trying to point fingers at the rest of us who OPPOSE ISLAM. And we oppose it for very good reasons too. The topic of this page is just one small fraction of the reason why you should also REJECT ISLAM. You did not come here to convert to Christianity, you came here to insult non muslims. If you knew Jesus Christ, you would love him and REJECT ISLAM, which is a cult because it follows a manmade ideology swathed in the religious ideas stolen from the Christians and Jews, so that it can masquerade as a Abrahamic religion, when it is in fact, in opposition to the ONE TRUTH FOUND IN THE BIBLE ONLY. I offer you nothing except Jesus Christ. If you don’t like my forthright tone, I am sorry, because I have no tolerance for a INTOLERANT MILITANT POLITICAL IDEOLOGY that is at the root of most, if not all, the wars and chaos and human suffering in this world right now. But all Muslims can do is blame everyone else for their miserable lives and countries. Yes, Islam is a demonically inspired cult, we know this from the conduct of muslims worldwide.

          10. I like Jesus, but those who claim to follow Jesus I have met in my lifetime.

            I keep my religion, and you keep yours ok.

            I don’t want to live my life like you.

    2. Nur, you’re right of course. But guess what? The Chinese leaders don’t CARE about you or anyone like you. From their perspective, they don’t care about the morality of military oppression. They only care about achieving what they want.

      1. There is a saying in China about the government.

        “they don’t care if the cat is white or black, as long as the cat catches mice”

        So, you can say that about the Chinese government, or any other government to be honest. At least the Chinese are honest.

  4. That’s kind of odd. Have the Muslims given up communism as a bugaboo to wage jihad against? It’s just the Buddhists and the Chinese? I guess they don’t want to remind us of Afghanistan, which is disturbingly close to China.

    1. These al Quid’a religious extremists come from Pakistan mostly and influence the Uyghur separatists. The border between Pakistan and China is unguarded because it is so harsh. The man in the picture is dressed like a Pakistani cleric.

        1. Well, it looks like that will be changing as we speak.

          A lot of people took pictures with their devices in the Kunming station. They are pretty ugly to see.

          People in China are mad, and a lot of things will change in a little time.

          1. So you’re predicting a revolution in China? A revolution led by Uyghur separatists and Muslim jihadists? Not likely.

          2. No, I don’t speculate. Going by the Weibo ‘tweets’ and so on, people are mad, and they want the police to do something.

            A lot of pictures, some of them pretty gory are posted on WeiboSina (what you call it in the west) from people who were there.

            As I say, I am in touch with my family who live in Ningxia HAR.

            If there is something relevant to this situation, I will post it…but not the pictures.

          3. Well, it’s good that you’re in touch with your family. Umm, on the other hand, I hope you’re telling them that this freakazoid holy man might very well get them killed on account of his insane threat. If I were in that situation, I’d be the first to rat him out–to tell them exactly where the madman is, if I knew. Who wants to die because some freak like this threatened the biggest bully on the block?

          4. We are well aware of the situation. They are being informed as the situation develops, as it relates to China, the Chinese, and Chinese perceptions. Unlike speculation, rumor and propaganda, investigation takes time.

            I will inform you of any OFFICAL reports I find, or that my family shares with me.

            There is plenty of real grief, self reflection, sympathy, and empathy and sharing of affection in our own way.

          5. Yes, the ones that were caught alive. All of the criminals were from Yunnan. (the city where the train station is)

          6. Do you know how china concluded almost instantly those were not locals but from xinjiang?

          7. Yes, there is a community of Uyghur in the city of Yunnan. This is what the official reporting is saying. They caught the people who did it, or they are dead.

          8. Your pro-china conclusion is scary, Whole thing was setup to create ground to blackmail innocent uighurs those who are victims of both islamic and communist terror. Why CCTV footages not released? for such cases security takes live footage and they flash the identity to the camera. For this case why Chinese security distabled CCTVs around the area. These kind of slanders are similar to previous kinds, remember guandong toy factory incidents uighurs brutally killed by chinese savage terrorists by accusation of uighurs being rapist of a chinese girl, Until now no proof given about rape incident. This incident reminds of dark times of US, When the blacks being treated as criminals, they have been executed by public for the crimines that never committed including rape and murder. Eventually honest americans brought the things to lights and found series of setup has been done by fascist white supremacists like KKK to criminalize blacks, But at least americans mostly have sense of compassion and courage to criticize wrong doings, That doesnt exist in china.

          9. No names no actual identities but immediate racial profiling of so called perpetrators even before incident happen, does it ring the bell?

          10. Kunming incident plotted by Chinese government to justify further oppression and genocide against Uighurs. Before incident took place authorities called alternate new agencies and warned to avoid any report other than Xinhua version. There were CCTV cameras, But disabled by Security forces before incident happen. So its impossible for smart people think its a setup.

          11. James Hamilton made a point, why you are unable to answer? you stupid idiot, do you have the real photos and videos of what happen other than liar chinese government version?

          12. You deserve these one trick ponies in this forum.
            commenting here is like stepping in dog poo. Keep up the good work oh blind minion.

        2. Not Just pakistan as country but pakistani terrorist jihadist groups are close allies of china. For smart people China being target of Jihadist is very stupid theory. Uighurs always called as Kaffirs (infidels) by han chinese muslims. China and radical islam cannot be enemies.

          1. I have family in Ningxia HAR. I was raised there as well. For years, the people of Ningxia knew that Pakistani clerics were influencing the people in Xinjiang into changing from attacking military instillations to killing civilians in order to protest their occupation.

            It is believed by a lot of people that they cross the frontier between Pakistan and China, and set up terrorist modules, and these people go back into Pakistan and do their evil.

            I would hope that the Chinese would guard the outland borders better, and destroy those terrorist modules if they exist.

            Their targets used to be in Yinchuan, Shizuishun, and Bayan Nur because they don’t like the Hui for not taking their side, but The Clerics tell them that killing other Muslims don’t have the impact that killing others has.

      1. If I were Uyghur, I would run from the separatists as far as possible and hope the Chinese show mercy on me. I fear that the Chinese will resort to genocidal slaughter of innocent Uyghurs in their determination to eradicate the Muslim and separatist threat.

        1. Well, they live in the bordering province of China that I grew up in. I am talking to family now, and they say things are ‘changing fast’.

          Where the Chinese really have to go is to the border of Pakistan, and into those unguarded areas and find these al Quid’a nests and wipe them out. This is probably where they run to when Americans run them out of Pakistan.

          1. The Americans haven’t run any al-Queda militants out of Pakistan. We’ve killed some there but not run any out of that country.

          2. Ok, so what’s your point here? He’s dressed like a Paki cleric? So what? The Chinese will will go where they need to go, do what they need to do and be willing to kill countless innocent Uyghurs or Pakis just to eliminate one terrorist. The Chinese Army is enormous, and they have nuclear weapons. What kind of FOOL is this man? Is he loco? He seems oblivious to the reality of what the Chinese can do: i.e., KILL him and everyone within a 200 mile or more radius, depending on their choice of tactical or strategic nukes or something in between. And what gives him the moral right to get all his neighbors killed? By the way, don’t you think it’s a bit ODD that it’s the CLERGY of Islam who issue threats like this? I mean, there haven’t been warrior Christian clerics since the 1600’s I’m guessing, and Islam is a umm … “a religion of peace” is it not?

          3. If you are going claim that everything I write that you don’t agree with is a diversion from your point of view, why don’t you stop commenting to me.
            There are plenty of people here who want to sing in your choir. join them

          4. You’ve also said that YOU’RE a Muslim. And you’ve likened the violence of some Muslims to the act of a person lighting a match while standing in a pool of petrol–as if to suggest that Muslim jihadists have all the moral accountability of a puddle of flammable liquid.

          5. They have less accountability than a pool of petrol. They don’t need a spark to ignite.

            Jihadis of any religion have no morals, and no ethics, just a blind thirst for blood based on the arrogance born of belieing they are ‘chosen’ or exceptional, over and above everyone else.

            The religious jihadist only goal is to spread their religion throughout all the world, and will do it no matter what, even if they have to kill us for our own sake.

        2. You dont know about Uighurs, they hate islamic jihadists, But framing them as islmic jihadist is china’s ugly setup. Uighurs are traditionally into tengrism, christianity and buddhism, When Their land illegally occupied by chinese muslim warlords they have been forced to convert to islam. Many christian, shaman and buddhist uighurs have been brutally slaughtered by han chinese muslim general Ma Bufang. But media often manipulated by Chinese government so getting truthful information about actual events really big challenge.

          1. Perhaps it’s true that China is framing the Uighurs as Islamic jihadists when in fact the majority of Uighurs are neither Islamic nor jihadists. My point is that the man in this video issues threats against the Chinese, and it should come as no surprise that the Chinese will take extreme military action to eliminate the threat. Am I mistaken that the man in the video is a Uighur Muslim?

            Moreover, I said that when the Chinese government takes military action, they will not attempt to separate innocent Uighurs from the minority who are genuine Islamic converts and jihadists. I didn’t say that the Chinese will be acting from the moral high ground. I said that the Chinese will act without regard to the moral dimension of military action.

            Nur is a Muslim by her own admission. Although she claims that she isn’t violent and that Islam doesn’t require her to be violent, she has made remarks suggesting that Muslim jihadists have no more moral accountability for their actions than a “pool of petrol.”

          2. The image belongs to a Pakistani who has close ties with Chinese government. Traditionally Jihadists are in close alliance with china. There is no reason Jihadists will attack own ally unless if china become a pro democratic country then will have real conflict with Islam. Shariah law of Islam is the similar system that Chinese government. Only terminology is different, In Shariah law if you criticize leaders you will be executed under blasphemy charges, In communist china if you criticize even for good reasons and peace you will be framed as terrorist and you will be executed too,

            Even Islam is erroneous religion, people being categorized under that religion have right to draw own path provided if they are living in a country provides freedom, Bosnians for example they are not anywhere close to arabs or pakistanis, They are genetically slavic race influenced by balkan traditions. Mostly they are peaceful. Nur lives in Malaysia’s only non Sultanate state which has relatively more freedom.

            Even if you go countries under heavy islamic dictatorship, there are overwhelming proportion of those communities are non muslims at home, But only family members know. Iran for example, have huge number of surface muslims whom practice Christianity, Judaism Zoroastrian religions in secret. Iran was a great democracy example, at least was on right track to liberate the people. But west hijacked Shah’s regime and supported islamic revolutionists, Iran pushed to dark ages with the sponsorship of West

          3. All I know is this: ALL jihadists are Muslims. When they come for Americans we’re not going to be able to know who the peaceful Muslims are, and who are the jihadists. You must see that this task is all but impossible. As long as jihadists continue war on my country, we will be at war with them. In ALL wars, innocents die. That’s the greatest tragedy of war, I suppose.

      2. Yes Cleric is Pakistani its probably deliberately put by the reporter to justify uighurs are muslims, because real uighurs mixed between mongoloid and caucasoid, Usually mainstream media portray muslims as dark skinned.

        Its not true that Pakistanis influence uighurs against china, Pakistani Taliban and Other radical islamic groups are in strong alliance with China, Pakistanis hate uighurs, They do manhunt for China and handover uighur refugees for china to execute. Because uighurs dont really practice islam, But rather connected their ancestral religions Tengrism and Buddhism.

        1. It isn’t race that makes the Wahabs of Pakistan hate Chinese, it is their difference in religion.
          Unfortunatly the Uyghurs are being influenced by the Wahabs, and they strike out against the Hui because they aren’t radical.

          1. Again you are missing the point. I agree many muslim terrorist organizations have violent agenda, But Uighurs are not even considered as muslims by most muslim countries, uighurs are victims of chinese terrorism, They outrage often because of so much oppression on their own lands, They are not allowed to do business, they are not welcome to work anywhere, They are being called as animals by fascist han chinese, Their kids being kidnapped by government for organ trade and collagen production. Teenage girls being forced to relocate without their and families consent, Most of them end up being slave workers or forced for prostitution. I cant believe you do not have compassion for those little girls.

            By looking at your name I can see you might be a muslim in Sarawak a destination that I occasionally go there and mingle with local people. Sarawak can be a good example also a future xin jiang, recent years chinese took much power and openly discriminate locals not just muslim malays but iban and bidayuh as well. I have personally witnessed job ads in sarawak companies openly discriminating non chinese for job recruitment, such as “chinese preferred’, “open for chinese applicants only”, “bumiputra no need to apply” etc.

            I have nothing against your choice of belief but you need to understand Muslim countries especially Pakistan, Saudi arabia and other certain arab countries breed terror alonside with China. If you think your are peaceful person then you need to stop supporting countries that sponsor terrorism. Malaysia government have unreasonable ban for ordinary israeli citizens. They cant enter malaysia. Thats outrages and very much hinting that Malaysia taking side of terror. I am not ruling out the autocracies of Israeli army, But ordinary israeli citizens are good people. There are many activist defends Palestinians rights one of the very prominent israleli activist who defends Palestinians has been killed by Palestinian suicide bomber.

          2. I don’t make Malay policy, but I agree with them that Israel should not be recognized until it recognizes itself, and codifies its borders. Certianly a ‘state’ should never be recognized over people.
            To Malaysia, there is simply nothing to legally recognize.
            If you were a Hui Muslim, living in a place like Yinchuan, you would not be saying that the Uyghur are peaceful people at all. The difference between the Hui and the Uyghur is like night and day.
            I do agree with you that it was not until recently, maybe in the past 10 years or so that the Wahabi sect of Islam started to cross into China. They use the Wahab terrorist tactics to do evil in the name of separatism.

          3. You are always implying hate against uighurs as a whole race, Wahabism or radical islam adopted by Huis or Han chinese muslims. Evil Han Chinese General Ma Bufang was one of them who couldnt tolerate to see buddhist, christian and shaman uighurs. he organized brutal genocides against them, Hui muslim savages who were under command of Ma bufang raped and killed thousands of uighurs, Little kids are not spared. So please have some sense of objectivity. You need to understand such sour past requires reconciliation and apology mutually, but way you like to frame them as only wrong party is showing your willingness to avoid any possible peace, That makes me thing your Islam is religious of “piss” but peace. Dont fool the people with lies.

          4. oh my, you have some proving to do there.

            What I hear was that Zhang Guotao and his Uyghur army (remember, he sided with communists) crossed the yellow river and they were slaughtered as invaders.

            I admit it was bloody, but they did cross into Gansu, even across the river until they were met by Ma Bufang.

            That may be where the animosity between the Hui and the Uyghur originated, but, it is there. For along time after that, the Uyghur held bitterness and anger toward the Chinese, but especially the Hui.

          5. During those days, Soviets have always pivotal role for that region, It was a balance policy for the community survive, even thou most of the community members had no political view other than securing future and avoid possible genocide.

            Ma Bufang wasn’t really anti-communist but he decided to choose the side that can give him more power. Slaughtering Uighurs wasn’t based on political ideology but rather racial and religious, He destroyed Uighur temples and burned Uighur libraries. He openly said that Uighurs cannot be muslims but real kaffier and enemies of islam as uighurs have history of refusing islamic law.

            So far i couldn’t see your willingness to accept dialogue with Uighurs. Uighurs have indeed bitterness, They have trusted Hui people like their own during those days but Hui jihadists slaughtered them under command of Ma Bufang, Having such history obligates Hui people to speak up and apologize for the genocide against Uighurs, I am sure uighurs will be more than happy to make peace with Hui. But now only very tiny fraction of Hui community free from hatred against Uighurs, So if you guys have so much hate towards them how you want them to trust you.

            Hui’s are still being terrorist chinese government’s propaganda tool for every damn thing Uighurs are blamed, Such blame even without ground criminalize and penalize uighurs in china. I gave you example of how the white fascists in US criminalized the black people by dirty setup, China is still doing the same dirty setups When the Malaysian Airlines went missing first statement of XinHua, was Uighurs behind the terror on Malaysian Airlines.
            That was very outrages, mean and dishonest statement that can give clear clue about china’s dark agenda, Most experts found it extremely unreasonable to come up with racial profiling of “terrorists” even without any evidence of terror. china government repeatedly encourage communist fascists to spread anti-uighur rumours especially raping the chinese girls. Until now many uighurs being attacked and killed because of such rumours however no evidence found about rape or whatever.

          6. I noticed that you tried to portray the Hui as people who just woke up one day and decided to slaughter the Uyghur without a historical content. Uyghur are not innocent people. They are bitter against the Chinese, and especially bitter toward the Hui.

            Now you are admitting that Zhang Guotao was working with the Soviets, and the Uyghur were fighting with Communists.
            You forget that the Uyghur were warned and warned not to keep advancing, but when they took down Linxia in a sort of humiliation toward Ma Bufang, that is what made him bloody mad, and, as I said, he showed no mercy routing the Soviet backed Uyghur out of Gansu.
            I never said that Ma Bufang was an angel, you and I both know that, but he was stanchly anti Communist, and the Hui have always been Chinese. While the Uyghur plotted and planned with Soviets, the Hui were fighting the Japanese during the occupation of Manchuria.
            I don’t know about you, but everyone loves their homeland, for better or worse. Most certainly China is not the most free place, nor is it the most humane place to live as far as the government policies are concerned…but I a love the land of my legacy, and that wont change.
            I don’t know where you get this ‘the Uyghur have always trusted the Hui’ but that has never been true in my lifetime at least.

          7. You are being subjective, I never defended a particular group is totally not at fault. However your way of demonizing Uighurs without seeing any fault on chinese or hui side is just not helping.
            The wave of communism from soviets created social tension even among same people. It wasnt just uighur case, Uigurs like other communities were looking for possible road map that they can be part of stable society, Not a matter of communism or anticommunism. But Uighurs had reasons to have own society that more secular without religious doctrines unlike hui and han chinese muslim warlords. That was the difference. Prior to arrival of communism Uighurs had better relationship with hui people. It was common to see intermarriage between hui and uighur. Perhaps we can blame the spread of political waves soured relationship. But Hui people should be more neutral when the chinese supremacy lead wide scale of genodices against non chinese. You need to acknowledge Hui committed great sin when they started genocide agains to christian, shaman and buddhist uighurs. I cant understand how do you feel its ok that hui killed thousands of innocent uighurs raped little kids.

            Now you have the opportunity to reconcile and stop supporting false communist china propaganda but rather seek peace. You still unable to make any explanation about blackmailing by china towards uighurs, falung gong, christians, tibetans.

            China openly said Uighurs raped chinese girls many occasion, but no prove given until now, Malaysian airlines went missing, China’s first report was uighurs “terrorists” behind hijacking of malaysian airlines even without any evidence of terror. If another country say hui terrorist did it will you also have same reaction? Until now china’s false claim cannot be proven, China never apologized for slandering vulnerable individuals.

            There are real proven reports chinese navy ships violeted international law and entered vietnamese waters, killed vietnamese fishermen. The location is within close proximity of where Malaysian Airlines went missing without trace. China never talk about those navy ships.

          8. Lets face facts. Xinjiang ‘separatists’ (or Uyghur Muslims using that tactics taught to them by Arab Wahabbi terrorists) went into Kunming Station and stabbed random people.

            There is no disputing this.

            Now, I want you to show me here Xinhua EVER claimed or speculated that Uyghur Muslims were behind the loss of that airplane.

            You are just confirming what I said. That the Uyghur have a special bitterness toward the Hui because the Hui don’t take their side.

            I don’t know how much more I can stress to you that Zhang Guotao, and his Uyghur, Soviet backed army advanced well beyond Xinjiang Province, and well into Gansu, all the way to the Yellow River because Ma Bafang went on a rampage.

            Fighting back is self defense. I am not going to say that the Hui were right in the very ugly inhumane tactics that took place, but understand, had not Zhang Guotao advanced so violently, especially at Linxia, it would not have happened.

            You have to remember too that the Hui Army was the only thing keeping the Soviets out of China, while the Uyghur were helping them.

          9. You are talking nonsense, Uighurs are victims of both Islamic and communist terrorists. Kunming incident was an obvious setup by chinese security forces to justify genocide against natives.

            If incident happen is it has been told why china hiding the footages? Why they didn’t expose the attackers during the capture and shooting? Do you have answer for that?

            There are hundreds of reports when the Malaysian airlines incident was still fresh, Xinhua has made such report, You can check the news published during the MAS. http : // www. straitstimes .com /the-big-story / missing-mas-plane /story/ missing-malaysia-airlines-plane-officials-not-ruling-out-uighu

            Can’t really understand your bias towards evil chinese muslim terrorists and bandits like ma bufang. Although you know the names right, but you have altered version of the actual events.

            Lets back to present, You are slandering uighurs for being jihadist without seeing the fact that uighurs hate islamic jihadists, In fact many uighurs practice christianity, tengrism and buddhism in secret since those religions are totally banned. Forcing uighurs to go to mosques is chinese muslims idea. You can see almost all imams in across uighurs lands all imams are Chinese muslims.

            Chinese muslims have great relations with terrorist pakistanis and all other terrorist organizations. Uighurs never considered as muslims by islamic terrorist and dictator countries, You can see the proof with the reactions, If a palestinian terrorist being killed by israeli army all those muslim jihadist countries reacts so loudly. But thousands of uighurs including kids are systematically being slaughtered and their organs being sold to those islamic countries, If china wasnt ally with islamic terrorists and the uighurs were really considered as muslims there will be strong reaction from those jihadists. But there none. Only good people of the world regardsless of their religious profile acknowledge the act of crime against humanity committed by terrorist evil china.

          10. Your answer so dumb, you are typical pro-china terrorist’s hate preacher without sense of truthfulness.

          11. Commenting in this forum is like stepping in dog poo.
            Good luck o follower of the Goddess Pamela.

          12. Indeed, thanks to people like you who are fierce supporters of Chinese terrorism and Chinese lies. You have no compassion to people who are being killed daily including little kids.

          13. Nur, you are a muslims terrorist backer & a racist begot. You are living in Borneo our very jungle homeland, so don’t practice bias behavior towards us, we are not UMNO, we are victims of UMNO except that our main problem have been we are not cruel & too tolerant unlike you & your people in your home origin. If you feels people behave violently after they’d been provoked religiously, racially or in our case your community provokes/deprives us by not sharing earning opportunities, so please stop these provocation once & for all or go back to your home origin & help your people attain peace. To condemn Pamela is condemning free speech & peace. You are.

          14. I am not UNMO either, and never have been. I am not bumiputra either. Don’t think that everyone who is Muslim support the UNMO. That is just a bad reflection on your part when you ‘assume’ things about people.
            In fact, that is what I hate about the UNMO…only Muslims and the bumi are fully accepted. In fact I used to belong to the MCA until they joined with UNMO (before it became just the BN)

            I am DAP…and have been since the MCA merged with the UNMO.

            Oh, and I cant return to my hometown…it doesn’t exist anymore. Remember the political purges of 1965 until 1967 in Indonesia? My parents just happened to be ‘the wrong political party’ for the CIA backed Saharto and his junta.

            You figure out what happened, and right in front of me and my mother. Then they took her away too. I never saw them again.

            That is why I lived in China until I was old enough to return to Indonesia, and settled in Malaysia.

          15. Personally I do not agree anyone should discriminate one another, But being subjective rather than objective will always trigger another form of discrimination. Chinese controls almost all businesses in Malaysia, its almost impossible to compete with them. I have a malaysian muslim born friend who was an achitect in malaysia, He established a company provided jobs for malaysian chinese, malay and indians jobs. His job always been praised for his precision and the quality of the result. many times he has been turned down from official tenders. Even thou his project and pricing was the best. He got so disappointed when he saw all the projects given to chinese, whom assign him as subcontractor. He got furious and confronted with the people who makes the selection. They have admitted that its not possible to give to project to own race. They will be malu to ask own race to give them bribe. But Chinese always bribe Malaysian officers and they get selected even if their work so lousy. Same like in politics, Malay policy makers follow chinese lobby’s instructions. Sanction against Israel is partially Chinese Lobby’s decision, As they fear Jewish entrepreneurs may get into competition with chinese. Honestly ordinary malays have nothings against Jews as they support Jewish owned franchises without any issue.

            As much I want you to be not discriminated and I urge you to recognize your fellow Chinese people’s discrimination against other races.

          16. Chinese don’t have anything against Jews either, they do have something against Zionists. If you know anything about my part of the world, we do not associate Jews, or the Jewish religion to Zionists and Zionism.

            Don’t conflate the two, they aren’t the same thing.

            Those of us who support the DAP in Sarawak make it the nice place it is. It is the only place where the UNMO, or some worse radical Islamic party doesn’t rule completely.

    2. You seem to know nothing about China nor Afghanistan. Radical islam and China is always in alliance. There is no other version is possible, But the stories you hear about china being victim of islamic terrorists is a fabricated news since what west want to hear and accept china creates false information. Currently worlds most established islamic jihadist terrorist organizations have full support from China, They too protects China’s interests beyond China’s border, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Hizbollah and Taliban are some of the close allies of China,

      Uighurs however extremely hated by muslims, They are originally believers of Tengrism and Buddhism (tibetan version mostly), After 12th century overwhelming number of Uighurs adopted christianity. Islamisation of Uighurs by force was the idea of Muslims Han Chinese Generals and Warlords.

      Afganistan was a country with tolerance and harmony of faiths, Harmonious situation have damaged by communist influences but still survived the values until US used afganistan as bait to fight russia, Americans disappointed by afgans unwillingness to fight with russians. So Americans decided for plan B, Sponsored thousands of islamic jihadists from pakistan and middle east with money of american taxpayers. American taliban alliance emerged and gained momentum with war against russians. With american support tabilan abolished all the values of afganis, Burned libraries, cultural centers and destroyed temples and other religious buildings. Afganis forced to practice shariah law, If anybody object get beheaded.

      By end of 90s American-Taliban relations soured, Taliban changed the direction to east for new Ally “China”. Since then china is biggest ally of Taliban and responsible for continuation of chaos and terror in Afganistan

      1. All of what you said until the Wahab form of Islam became major in northern Pakistan and Afganistan after the Soviets left in the 1980s

        1. But you are missing the point, Radical jihadist wasnt the natives of aftanistan, They have been imported from pakistan and arab countries also small proportion of han china muslims. When US stopped sponsoring those jihadist, they formed stronger alliance with China. Since they Jihadist terrorist are working for China, many military grade Missiles and explosives found originated from china. Despite my western background I am able to talk about wrong doing of Americans and West, But why dont you do the same, Why in your posts you can agree about US and west wrongdoings but you cant talk about any wrong doings of China? Are you really for truth or distort the truth?

          1. You are right, they were brought in by the powers that used them as proxy soldiers against the Soviets when they occupied Afganistan. What used to be the Mujahadeen turned into, under the leadership of Usama bin Laden into the Taliben that we know today.

            We must also note that Pakistan never really shook off their colonial masters, and have always been funded by the west from day one. That is why I say that it is disingenuous for you to blame China, when this whole mess was not cleaning up after the Soviets left, and leaving these radicals to spread their evil on this side of the world.

            I don’t think you know where Yinchuan is. It is where my family originates, and it is close to the frontier of the Uyghur lands and Pakistan where these clerics come from.

  5. If China takes care of this infestation like it did it’s drug addicts, it won’t be long until no muzzie remains in China.

  6. The terror of Islamic Jihad now reaches the whole world wherever Islam exited. And China will not be lenient like the Western countries, so the brainless Muslims are going to face a merciless enemy!.

  7. So odd that the chinese does’nt eradicate these islamic groupuscules, c’mon there’s been Tian’anmen where china killed its own people in 1989. My chinese grocery owner told me that there was 120 something millions muslims in china….it’s a lot to drill, but noone can cope with china anymore….especially united states….actually China is the new U.S.
    I’ve always tought that communist-china and muslim were going to meet one day…this time has come it seems….
    Poor muslims, no luck against china…

    1. You got a tiny fraction of the truth, Radical Islam and China never been enemies. 100 million over muslims are han chinese and very much communists. In fact islam has the least sanctions among all religions in china. Han Chinese muslims are allowed to marry underage brides and practice polygamy,. Uighurs never been considered as real muslims, They are called kaffirs (infidels) or fake muslims by Han Chinese muslim majority as well as Pakistani and Middle eastern muslims. You can see the reactions of Muslim world, if a Palestinian terrorist get killed by Israel. all muslim countries condemn israelly so harshly, But thousands of slaughter of Uighurs alongside of tibetans and christians never get any reaction from muslim world but rathe praise for china. Executed uighur organs exported to Pakistan and arab countries which is a lucrative business.

      1. In communist regimes, religion is “tolerated”… atheism is the base of comunism. I don’t truly get it,…but like you told me i “got only a fraction of the truth”….that you must be the main depositary.

        1. Well if Soviet communist that would be correct statement. China communism is quite complex more towards authoritarian and capitalist dictatorship, Pro-communists from different part of the world are vocal about china being disgrace to name of communism. I am not defender of communist either, I believe democracy, However I can say Russian communism was better than china communism in terms of equality of different races. Educational and social rights. In China Non Han-chinese race considered as sub-humans or cockroaches as you can see those opinions are being shared on Sina-Weibo. Even Cantonese speaking people being called as dogs, Beijing University professor openly called hongkongers (Cantonese speaking population in context) are dogs on national TV. Most pro-china netizens saluted his statement.

          Dont get me wrong i didnt measure your knowledge but that particular message was a tiny fraction of the truth. Having said that I do not claim I know everything, But I am passionately seeking the truth.

          China has many faces, That you can surprise, perhaps check out about Sun Tzu. It may give some idea about possible tactics of China.

          1. I do agree with your description of russian communism: it was rude repressive…but at least people were equal, they were nothing. Just like in china with Tian’anmen. I don’t know if you live there (in china), but you’re surely better situated than me to get the big picture of what is China. Anyway, being you , jews,arabics,caucasian,black people, “yellow” people, i sincerely find it sad : religions are making so much trouble around the world…..I believe in something, but not in god, Allah or else, i believe in “the meaning of the universe”…

  8. The Chinese will not stop with attacks on their own country. They will turn Mecca into a wide glassy plain….

    1. I seriously doubt that. Money talks and right now Chinese govt. & it’s people are as greedy as any other western govt. They have trade relations with Saudis, Kuwaitis & other wealthy Islamic nations and their business interests in north African Islamic nations. The most European & US/Canadian governments will try their best to stop a Chinese crack down on islamists in it’s own country and China may have to bow down to their demands because of business partnership with western & American govt.

      1. Nonsense. The U.S. government has no interest whatsoever in trying to stop a Chinese crackdown on Islamists. Obama has opened Pandora’s Box and all hell is ready to break out in the U.S. on every conceivable front. What China does internally is of no concern whatsoever to any political figure in this country especially now that Obama’s world is going to being rocked to the core by the scandals that are days away from eruption. That is not even to mention the disasters the feckless Obama administration has caused throughout the globe. The Chinese leaders aren’t the slightest bit concerned–nor should they be–with what or incompetent President has to say about its internal affairs. They also know that there’s nothing the U.S. could do about any Chinese crackdown on an al-Queda affiliated group on the other side of the world. And you apparently are not even aware that the U.S. is running a record trade imbalance with China–to the Chinese side of the ledger. My God, only an imbecile could think that the U.S. has any leverage with the Chinese in terms of international trade.

    2. IF necessary, I believe they would, but what they will do to their own border regions and Pakistan would be more than sufficient to terminate the threat at hand.

    3. Let’s hope they do, there’d be less immigration to the West. Considering the muslims don’t like Westernisation there’s a blooming lot of them heading this way…..

  9. and just where is this piece of shit from the back side of the profit hiding at when, this closet gay, drunken mulum? scum makes these statements. Not in the from lines that is sure (just like the obamassss and kerrry) but hiding under a bunch of pigs where no mulum will find him/it. Yes just like the obamassss they lead from the back…… far back as they can, that way they can not be killed like the asss in from can. That is one good thing you can say about leading from the back, right obamasssssssss.??

  10. The Chinese will inevitably respond with genocidal slaughter because–like the Russians–they simply don’t care how many innocents must die to exterminate an existential threat to China.

    1. There is only one absolute moral : to survive. Supported by a golden rule of reciprocity. And if muslims started the world wide spread of anger, backwardness and slaughter – the first and second rule gives absolute moral no choice. Kill and be killed, threaten my familly and I will kill yours, Behave and I will behave.

    1. Izlamists are Fatalists/ They believe that if something is meant to be that God will make it so but if not meant to be, then it will not happen. This is why when at the parade in Cairo, Anway Sadat heard shots and stood up and looked to see where it was coming from and got killed. He believed that if it was “the will of Allah” then he would die but also that he would be safe if it was not “the will of Allah.” Therefore, in relation to the picture above, this is logical.

      If it is “the will of Allah” then the site will be kept safe. As they believe it is holy, then Allah will protect it. However, if something does happen to it, then the rational argument would be that the existence of Allah must questioned. But Muzlims do not think like we do. They’d just think it was put there to test and prove that the Infidel must die by being destroyed.

      No matter what, the Infidel must die. This is how they are raised from infancy to think. What we think or rationalize to be the case does not matter, the Muzlims do not think the same way we do. Therefore, it is a mistake to think they use the same logic and/or play by the same set of rules that we do.

    2. Lol ..

      this is the best post photo. you are damn right.

      that what we used to make fun in the past in the middle east. but we never put it in drawing or photos as you did.

      I am a middle eastern Christian Catholic. and we knew the danger of extremest islam before you face it back in 911 and all attacks around the world. the problem the government in the US still thinking that all the Chaos around the world by a peaceful demonstrators. Wake up America and the west.

      Christianity started from the Middle east from Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon (what called the Sham Land) all this barbaric movement is funded by the gulf and Saudis which it was proven in 911 attack and most of world’s extremest islam related incidents.

      Wake up . wake up. wake up.

    1. Do you have proof, if you have i will salute you or else you are just like fucking jihadist islamic pig who has nothing but full of lies and hate. The image belongs the a pakistani which has no genetic connection to Uighurs. Story fabricated by chinese government to fool morons like you. Reality is Christianity and Buddhism is banned in china but islam not. China is ally of islamic terrorists and islamic dictators. So are you siding a terrorist country?

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  12. Vain men,the judgment of ORIGIN was approaching, which is the god of the Orthodoxy of Universal and Eternity(OUE)and the father of our universe.
    t→+∞,society(t)→communist society.

  13. the Orthodoxy of Universal and Eternity(OUE)

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  14. LOL!!! I don’t know. Maybe I am wrong. The Chinese are the last bunch of people I would want to threaten. They will take that idiots pointing finger, cut it off, and stick it where there is no sunshine…Apparently this malignant Mooslime is not familiar with the Chinese “One Thousand Cuts of Death.” Shivers me timbers just knowing of it…

    1. You are wrong, China is closest ally of Islamic terrorist, This particular report is deceptive because uighurs are victims of both islamic and communist terror.

  15. Deception is the greatest weapon to fool morons Nowadays. Its true islam has elements of violence and encourages terror like other antichrist fake religions such as Catholicism and orthodoxy, But it cannot be justified to call all people are bad under those religions.

    Today’s radical and well established terrorist organizations are in strong alliance with China. Especially Boko Haram, Hizbollah, Taliban, Al-Shabab and Maoist terrorists have that alliance very long time.

    China is supplier and often sponsor of bloody conflicts. Don’t underestimate power of conflict and social unrest, That will give powerful evil nations an advantage to manipulate and control everything.

    Unfortunately China’s influence and pressure on global media prevents ordinary people to see the truth. This report one of the deceptive one, First of all the image of so called cleric appears to have pakistani or indian features. Uighurs are Caucasoid race, They don’t look like pakistanis.

    Uighurs are originally believers of Tenrism and Buddhism. However 12th century onwards many Uighurs accepted Christianity. Such religious choices have survived until china occupied their lands by force. Muslim Han Chinese Generals and Warlords performed wide scale of terror against to Uighurs with those religions alongside with Tibetans. Islamisation of Uighurs was the idea of Muslim Han Chinese Generals. However even until now many Uighurs practice their ancestral religions and Christianity in secret despite brutal crackdown on Christian uighurs.

    China is a dishonest terrorist state with moral values. Fabricating made up news is the way to justify their genocide and oppression against particular racial and ideological groups. Uighurs are not only target, Tibetans, Mongolians, Manchurians and Ordinary chinese people with democratic opinions or believer of state banned religions like christianity also being blackmailed. However recent years of Uighurs appear as “terrorists” get more popular. After Human rights groups exposed brutal oppression and human rights violations such as harvesting Uighurs organs and slaughtering toddlers for collagen production brought china under heavy criticism. By taking advantage of hatred against muslims. China created a view that Uighurs are muslim terrorists. Unfortunately such deception worked and shared by global mainstream media. However most intellectuals and experts about China’s policies think China is fabricating fake reasons to oppress natives.

  16. The United States should stop viewing China as an adversary. Instead, view China as a working partner to eradicate every last vestige of Islam from the face of the Earth. Now is the time to send all elements of this evil cult to hell.

    1. You are so fool, Terror or islamic terror is always tool for evil countries to do things when the bureaucracy doesn’t work. Taliban has been created by US, Funded heavily by taxpayers of many good Americans who are fooled without knowing their leaders are up to no good. US wanted to use afganistan to attack Soviet Russia, But Afganis werent keen to get into any war as they were in a peaceful state, So americans brought jihadists terrorists from Pakistan and Arab countries. Americans paid huge amounts of money and provided weapons to them to destroy russians. Also americans supported them to destroy the peace of Afhanistan, Many afhani intellectuals and artists beeen executed/beheaded by American supported Taliban terrorists.

      When american alliance with Taliban ended China took the opportunity became ally of Taliban and eventually most islamic terrorists organizations to extend “protection” for chinese interests outside china.

      The image belongs to a pakistani which has no connection to Uighurs in anyway. Uighurs are victims of both islamic and communist terror. evil chinese muslims leaded the occupation of lands of uighurs, slaughtered thousands of Christian, Buddhist and Tengrian Uighurs, Rest of them force to convert to islam.

      This report has been fabricated by china to fool people like you.

  17. The Chinese will get rid of this pestilence by stealth……one day there will be Mussies and the next day – they will be gone.

    1. You sound just a moron with the deceptive report, Man in the picture is pakistani which has no genetic connection the Uighurs. Uighurs are victims of terror both islamic and communist terror.

      China is biggest ally of Islamic terrorist organizations including Taliban, Boko, Haram , Hizbollah and Al Shabab.

      Before making hate comments get some facts.

  18. Man, you would think that after the Chinese and Buddhists have been given the “heads up” they would go into defensive mode and seek out the group that has announced they were coming to kill them. We can only hope!

    Chinese and Buddhists
    Chinese and Buddhists