Ms. Magazine Runs Mock Cover Highlighting Child Brides in Islam


In what could only be called a pig-flying moment (no halal pun intended), Ms. Magazine has published a mock magazine cover featuring “child brides.” And while it doesn’t specifically say Islam, it screams it — from the hijab to the references to Yemen ( an Islamic country) and acid attacks (notoriously Islamic).

So many Muslim countries under the sharia allow child marriage, in accordance with  Muhammad’s preferences for child brides.

Just last week, women in Iraq protested new sharia legislation approved by the Iraqi cabinet that would permit the marriage of nine-year-old girls (the age Muhammad consummated his marriage with his favorite wife, Aisha)  and automatically give child custody to fathers.

And while it wasn’t Ms. Magazine’s idea, they were picking up the post from a crowdfunder site, they did run it, and for a sharia-compliant media, that is something.

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 2.14.28 PM(thanks to Louise)

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  • raycom4rt

    GREAT! People need to high profile these insane acts, WOMEN need to be involved, Real Women, not phony feminists for Hillary women!

    • ItsJo

      Good post ray, and true. Just Where is the N.O.W. org. and the women who claim that Hillary is “The One?” This barbarism of little girls NEEDED to be exposed on a worldwide scale, but has NOT been. Thanks to Ms.Geller, this is hopefully going to “break out into the REAL world, NOT HillaryVille who is NOT an example for ANY women to follow.”

      • raycom4rt

        I’m a conservative warrior now, but there will always remain with me, that streak of 60″s hippy. Those “Occupy” kids pissing about Wall St are a freaking disgrace that they can’t campaign on the miriad of injustices in this world!

  • Amy Rohde

    i am not only a mother but a grandma and great grand ma, these people need stopping from the harm they inflict on the female race and these babies because they are still babies who are not fully developed, the men who do this or think it’s ok need putting down.

    • notislam

      Permanently put down– It all is a death fight when all the cards are on the table and we have (BHO’s administration) let them come here by the millions. How to annihilate your own culture –just import shariah Islamists.

  • morticiaa

    Incredible, so if I go and look at a magazine counter, where ever, a bookstore, drugstore, (does anyone still buy mags,) I hope to find this and purchase a copy….Three cheers to Ms. for printing the truth about these barbarians

  • charlie

    finally someone has guts besides geller

  • Mark McDonald

    I am very excited to see how much she is smiling, o wait, Muslims dont smile until it is time to kill.

    Notice the cover page ” rape, acid attacks, kidnapping” way to go Islam.

    Hey CAIR you must be very happy to support rape, acid attacks, kidnapping!

  • JacksonPearson

    ISLAMIC pedophilia…DESPICABLE. Young female children, being sold and enslaved to dirty old men. There’s no other way to describe this so-called cult type ritual. Where in the hell are ALL of these women’s rights groups, why aren’t they speaking out at this barbaric savagery against female children?

    Oh almost forgot. Dirty old pedophile Muhammad, married a six year, and then consummated the marriage when she was nine.

    • Aussie Bloke!

      Did’nt that 60’s feminist Germane Greer come out in support for FGM last I heard?

      • Gary Rumain

        Yep, I heard that too.

  • Miip

    Child marraige is slavery & rape combined. No choice in the matter has she. The muslim father the owner & the daughter is the slave. Pure & simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • notislam

      ISlam where FREEDOM ends and slavery & death are forever under evil.

  • RJohnston

    Couple that with the town in Minnesota that had wear a hijab day for the women on the police force.. something is very wrong in the USA.

    • Guest

      I hope you notice, that they don’t have a “Buddha” day for the Chinese students, or a Ghandi day for the Indian students when they could wear saris , or a Punjabi day, only an Islamic day. Something very odd has happened since Obama became our president.We are seeing everything Muslim promoted and everything Christian banned.

      • ItsJo

        Good post, as Obama HAS given the green light for ALL things Islamic-and he is making America a “Dumping Ground by bringing them here and claiming poltiical asylum, and also pushing them into OUR gov’t as he cares MORE about Islam, than Christianity(he pretends he’s one)
        as he is SILENT on ALL of HIS Muslim Brotherhood, who are killing Christians World Wide.

  • Jenny Star

    Sadly, they will probably be called “racists” by the so-called “feminists” who stand up for the rights of everyone these days EXCEPT women. I left the feminist movement in disgust some time ago when it became a constant tug-of-war between girls bragging about being the biggest slut they could be and girls ragging about who could whine the most about “racism” and “cultural misappropriation” and “Islamaphobia” the most. No room left to talk about any issues that actually hurt real women!

  • Armaros

    Lets watch the universal denouncing of this “racist”. “islamophobid” report on MSNBC, HUFF and CNN. Holder may even investigate Ms for “civil rights violations” a

    • notislam

      Coming soon to your TV-liberal network —the Muslim Brotherhood demands on Ms Mag. for getting too uppity. Nothing about CIVIL RIGHTS -just become dhimmi—-ugh-sick of the islam0nazi demands on our RIGHTS TO FREEDOM!

    • Guest

      I wouldn’t be surprised, they have sold out to the Muslim Brotherhood and keep spouting about Islam being the religion of peace. Women and children are treated worse than swine! And here in the USA we have dumb and dumber in education having a celebrate Islam day in our schools when the children are told to dress in Islamic garb to celebrate religious “diversity”. Planned Parenthood in America is already celebrating “perversity” by pushing a u-tube film for teens about sadistic-masochistic behavior as being” power sharing.” a practice common among homosexuals. Parents, you’d better be sure they are not invading your schools.

  • shrugger

    Oh, dear Feminists. This is still not enough. Please take off your selective blinders and join the rest of us out here in the real world. We’re patiently waiting for you to catch up.

  • Chuck T

    Applause to Ms. Magazine! (words I never thought I’d say.) Now, how long before their offices get bombed or their staff gets attacked by frenzied, crazed Muslims? Every act of courage has, by default, the potential for unwanted consequences.

  • Carl Gottstein

    Looks like some on the pathetic left are finally seeing what a war on women really looks like, about time.

    • ItsJo

      True, and they should ALSO realize that it is Obama who is pushing this war on women, thru his PUSH FOR ISLAM here in America. He is backing HIS Muslim Brotherhood, who are Terrorists, killing Christians world wide, but NO ONE IN THE LAPDOG LIBERAL MEDIA IS TALKING ABOUT THAT EITHER.

  • Golda Rebecca

    I am rushing out to buy this extraordinary copy.Is this copy a fluke or will TIMID AMERICAN WOMEN TAKE UP THE LEADERSHIP GAUNTLET TO AID THEIR

  • Golda Rebecca

    Send encouragement to Ms Magazine to continue their leadership role in exposing the oppression of Islamic women.

  • referenceyoustatements

    I do not see anywhere on the front page cover where it states that this is from “Ms Magazine” nor do I see any references in her article so that we can connect to the original article.

  • Northern

    This is actually a “suggested” cover for a magazine by Anita Little – who is an associate editor at Ms magazine. This is NOT an actual Ms magazine cover – unfortunately.

  • arcturus

    Hillarious Cliton spoke in Vancouver recently to thunderous applause from her kind.

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  • Guest

    You’d be surprised to know how few people know that old muslim men are Today marrying little children, even babies! Women pray not to have female children in those savage countries…and who can blame them? Where is ANY outrage from ANY democrat in congress? Any outrage from ONE DEMOCRAT feminist? you can hear a pin drop.Guess both the obamas will remain “neutral”..although, I would expect that maybe Michelle Obama who was born and reared in the USA would comment, after all, she has two daughters born here and would not want them subjected to the horror girls are subjected to in arab lands.

  • anonajude

    Rather disappointed that they didnt mention the “Joys of Clit Cutting”, and how it makes your husband proud to know you will have “no feelings, at all, ever, for anybody!!”

  • Pavvy

    This is a link from the Guardian, explaining how this, and other fake covers, came about.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Thumbs up for Ms. Magazine!