Minneapolis City Hall Declares ‘Hijab Day’


Imposing Islam in Minneapolis. This is a violation of the establishment clause. The Police Chief ought to be fired. This is dhimmitude on steroids.

The dhimmi Police Chief  and city council members all wore the hijab.

When are they having FGM Day?

Minneapolis City Hall Declares ‘Hijab Day’

According to a Facebook post, Somali staffers that work at Minneapolis City Hall declared February 28 “Hijab Day” at City Hall and convinced the police chief and female city council reps to wear hijabs on the job.

Pictures include: Minneapolis police chief Janee Harteau (who recently married her favorite female sergeant – not very hijab like), city council members Elizabeth Glidden and Lisa Bender as well as other staffers.

The Facebook page is that of one Ilhan Omar, whom reader’s might recall reportedly instigated the violent outbreak at a recent Democratic caucus meeting in Minneapolis. Somali Muslims brawl abruptly ending Democratic caucus.


Meanwhile, the sons of hijabis in Minneapolis were busy striking terror at an LA Fitness where police responded to 147 incidents in 2013 and 24 incidents this year.

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  • Juliett13

    This is a direct violation of the constitution!! So does Separation of Church and State only apply to Christian faith!!?? This Islamic favoritism is getting way out of hand, what about other faiths?? Where are their rights??? Kids can’t acknowledge any Christian or Jewish holidays in the public schools but adults can “celebrate Islam in our City Halls and police Force???!! What has happened to society when a faith that glorifies oppression of women and pedophilia is celebrated by people who we are ALL suppose to look up to and trust as Public Servants while all other faiths are ignored or suppressed!!!?? Our Constitution means NOTHING anymore!!

    • Edwar Khoshaba

      I totally agree. If you burn a quran it’s politically incorrect, but if you burn a Bible it’s ok. Thats messed up isn’t it? Jesus is the only way!

      • Juliett13

        It is very disrespectful to Christians. I am not a Christian, ( I am a follower of Druidism) but I believe there is something “out there” as I have seen too many coincidences to think otherwise. I also stand behind the Christians and the Jewish in their fight against being treated like their faith is some kind of disease when all I ever see them doing is going out of their way to help others no mater what beliefs the people needing help have. ( Good example being I understand that most Christians don’t approve of being Gay, but they don’t go around calling for Gays to be murdered.)
        What really bothers me is how our society has been promoting, protecting, and even blatantly favoring Islam when these people advocate Islamic supremacy ( which is NO different then the KKK or Neo Nazis advocating white supremacy), the subservience of women, the act of pedophilia, cutting off people’s body parts in public even for God’s sake! WHy are so many civilized and intelligent people seem to not be seeing the atrocities Islam stands for when it is right out there in their faces with story after story of how everyday, average muslims marry little girls to have sex with them and treat women as slaves and still insist it’s only “the radicals” that do these things? WHen Imams are on National TV yelling over and over about how Islam will one day be the only religion? When we hear constantly about how they want to eradicate the Jewish ( and now the Christians, the Sikh, the Hindus, and even the very peaceful Buddhists) yet the majority of society just sits there defending them while they overrun our own countries.
        I just can’t understand.

  • Momo Luvy

    when is wearing a cross day? Should I run out and buy everyone a cross and make them wear it?

    • St. Michael Defend Us

      You can buy them crosses, but I’m sure there would be a struggle if you tried to get them to wear them. Stars of David, too.
      This is another outrage played against the citizens of the USA.

  • Walt

    Minnesota? Who cares. They’re the morons that elected Al “Freak” Franken and Jesse Ventura into office. They’re right up at the top of the idiot pole with The Massholes of Boston.

    • Boomer

      No, Al Freakin stole the election with some magically appearing votes, 300 of them to be exact, which were found in someone’s car trunk right after the polls closed. The libturds in the Twin Cities control politics in the entire state & somali muslims make up a large part of that liberal voting block. Outstate Minnesota is mostly conservative and did not vote for our cowardly governor or our liberal democrat state legislature. Maybe we could get annexed by North Dakota. God save us from libturds destroying our country!

  • Prinz Eugen

    Cross day? Star of David day? Bacon day? Jan Sobieski Day? Charles Martel day? Christian Crusaders day? Osama Eradication day?

    Shouldn’t Holder and the DOJ step in to nullify this linking of mosque and state?

    • Maxime-Etienne de Gier

      Perhaps also one day a Charles Manson day.


    Hijab = Jihad.

    • Maxime-Etienne de Gier


  • francesca9

    how perfectly disgusting that women …considered half a man’s worth….by the muslim’s would don these abhorrent costumes. the police chief I guess is gay and the muslims would kill her and her lover. how stupid people are…..they don’t think!

  • Gleaner1

    Has no-one thought of fighting this tendency with the OTHER side of the coin ?

    What about insisting on an “How to fit in and become an American” day?

    To show “cultural awareness”, “sensitivity” and “tolerance” why NOT insist on all Muslim women show their legs in skirts or dresses, wear heels, sleeveless tops, open neck blouses, bare their hair, let MEN actually see their EARS, eat a ham sandwich, sit with a western male who’s NO relation, go mixed swimming {in a one piece suit}, be looked at by shock ,horror, – MEN who have no interest in molesting them etc then go to the media with the story – local AND national.

    How can you lose ?

    • Keith

      I agree with you. Tolerance is supposed to work both ways but it only appears to work in the direction of those who are intolerant of all others. Obviously we in the west are missing how tolerant the religion of Islam is. We can see this every day by the calls to impose Sharia law wherever Muslims live.

      Look how Sharia is so caring and understanding of homosexuals, Christians. Jews, atheists, Buddhist’s, Sikhs and anything else that people want to call themselves. You can be any of these under sharia as long as you pay protection money to your local Muslim overlord. In fact if other organisations try to make people pay protection money don’t governments around the world jump on them?

  • Maxime-Etienne de Gier

    Just one question, are they all mad over there in the U.S.A? I do not hope so.

    • David

      No we are not ! i have two questions for you. 1. Where do you live ? 2. Are you allowed to have male friends there ?

    • famouswolf

      Yes and no. We have a VERY vocal minority who push this sort of thing and the rest of us who are getting really angry about it.
      I think things will come to a head sooner than later.

  • Mark McDonald

    The Islamic attack on 9/11 killed over 3,000 American. We though this was over. Then Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s went on a Islamic rampage and shot our Troops in the back. Then the attack in Benghazi, killing 4 Americans there to help. Americans were shocked again, but the Boston Bombing attack killed more Americans. Leaving Real Americans to confirm that you cannot trust any Muslims.

    • Betty4440

      yes and obama is bringing 80 thousand more in this year alone. and by the end of his term he wants 100 million. AMERICANS BETTER WAKE UP AND FAST 2016 WILL BE HERE BEFORE YOU KNOW IT AND PEOPLE JUST WANT TO SLEEP AND NOT THINK ABOUT THIS AT ALL. SICKING i TELL YOU.

  • Mark McDonald

    Rape and child molestation are such a big problem in the Middle East, Islamic Cleric Suggests women Wear Burqas (burkas) to Prevent Rape and molestation. Not once has an Islamic Cleric Suggests that they punish the Rapist. if they are so worried about protecting their women with religious clothing, why do they beat, kill, throw acid on their women?


  • Mark McDonald

    The Muslims/Somalians in the United States, are trying to take over our Police Departments to implement Shari Law. They just published a booklet “their guide to Policing” in the United States. Google “law_enforcement_guide” CAIR to view it.

    • Betty4440


  • chris wolf

    We need — in the most desperate way — for the Americans in government, media and education to stand up to the disrespectful, passive-aggressive muslim ingrates, who have weaseled their way into our institutions, in defense of our country, our culture, our people, our future. Americans need to really wake up from their blissful slumber to the fact that the die is cast here and we are going to have to FIGHT for our freedom and our way of life. The people we need to fight are the evil muslims.

  • Joycey

    Unbelievable!!!! The United States is really being taken in by Islam and will be destroyed from the inside via the Trojan Horse method, ie immigration of Muslims who will demand sharia rights to be implemented, which of course will destroy everyone else’s rights….

    Turkey’s prime minister Erdogan even admitted:

    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

  • carol

    do you protest enough when this happens as it seems to be going on quite a lot in the usa. maybe you should retaliate by wearing crosses ,st christophers, star of david etc. have a christian march ,take your protests to someone higher up than city hall. fight fire with fire before this scum get to much leeway. stop them or have the devils desciples overrun your country. allah is the devil, god says all idols are devils and allah was an idol. halal meat should be banned to as god said we should not partake of food sacrificed to the devil. its against the christian religion to eat halal meat. all our supermarkets sell it unlabeled asda( walmart) as well. an eye for an eye. muslims are sadistic mutilators. rapists , murdering pedos only happy when shedding blood ,be it man or animal. they should be sent to an island with electrified fences and left to kill one another until all muslims are dead. only then will we have peace in the world.

  • carol

    people can only be pushed so far. one day the muslims will feel the anger that good people feel for them. then they will be on the recieving end and learn to do as non muslims tell them ,or go back under thier rocks to die. down with all muslims.

  • Judi

    How about “IMPEACH OBAMA DAY” !!

    • YouHateMe

      How about lop off the head day??

  • otherles

    Minneapolis has been under the domination of the Democratic Farmer Labor party (yes, it’s as bad as it sounds) since the 1940’s under major Hubert Humphrey. For all practical purposes there is no city government here.

  • notislam

    Minn, City Hall -Do you realize how terrible you look? Why don’t you start learning about how COUNTER CULTURE Islam is ? You act like (IT’S ok) BUT IT IS NOT!’
    This garb is representative of SLAVERY. iT IS NOT something to keep out of the cold. It is like accepting HALAL and FGM – AND all that is against FREEDOM.’
    Where are your leaders to give you the low-down on the evil of Islam; It is like ObamaUNcair –It is about CONTROL (NOT HEALTH). This is Sharia and slavery.

  • einundselbe

    Will they wear a Star of David at Passover and then a crucifix at Easter? Will the City Hall place a 10 Commandment memorial at the front door? Why only one day? Why not every day? One day, unannounced, was to make the court question moot so that a fed court would decline (dismiss) the case. You elect them, you live under them, you deserve them.

    • YouHateMe

      Nope. Too controversial…………

  • Simon Mayrand

    What’s new in that: we (north american people), are talking a lot, but doing nothing. Go outside wear a Hood….ANYWHERE in canada and United States and you get the cops after you within 5 minutes…..Double Standards…

  • YouHateMe

    Good luck, America. I’m going with JESUS. Peace, out.

  • animalaura

    Screw that! What next?? “Circumcise Your Daughter Day”?

  • http://pislamonauseacentral.blogspot.com/ Gary Rumain


  • fairandequal

    That’s the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard, no to mention a gross lack of understanding of the Constitution. We don’t forbid people from wearing Christian crosses or the Star of David or a yamulke and plenty of people who work at city hall do. The establishment clause forbids government from endorsing religion it doesn’t forbid individuals who work for the government not wear expressions of their singular faith. As for Islam endorsing oppression and pedophilia, no religion gets off the hook from oppressing women. How many strains of conservative Christian faiths tell women to submit to their husbands? And how many argue that the state should police women’s reproductive heath? Plenty of Christian sects force young girls to marry older men as well. If you’re going to be a bunch of freakin’ bigots at least be an equal opportunity hatemonger.

    • John Blowers

      Finally, a sensible individual is commenting. Gawd.

  • EveLerieux

    I find it so strange how far down the women have went. The Middle East I remember from years past had women wearing western clothing out shopping and smiling. Now we see this cult like black sheet look which is ridiculous. Why didn’t they care back then if it is so important? And let’s hope they don’t confuse this hajib day with jihad day hmm?