Mapped: The 634 runways where missing Malaysia Airlines plane could have landed


In other words, this plane and these people (if still alive) could be anywhere. And if it landed in one of the many jihadist areas it passed over, then keeping it hidden would not be a problem.

Think Bin Laden in Pakistan. Years of hiding in plain sight.

“Mapped: The 634 runways where missing Malaysia Airlines plane could have landed,” The Mirror, March 16, 2014 (thanks to Van)

Potential hijackers had enough fuel to fly anywhere from Pakistan to Western Australia

Malaysia runways for landiingThese are the 634 runways where the missing Malaysia Airlines plane could have landed after a potential hijacking.

Today Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said investigators believe flight MH370’s disappearance is the result of ‘deliberate action’ by someone on the plane.

During a dramatic press conference, he said satellite evidence showed the aircraft’s transponder was turned off and it change direction shortly before it vanished.

Mr Razak said it is believed to have been heading in a westerly and then north westerly direction.

The revelation gives hope to the families of the 227 passengers and 12 crew that the Boeing 777 may have landed somewhere and they are still alive.

It is estimated that the jet had enough fuel to have flown around another 2,200 miles after it vanished.

WYNC Data Team said based on the size of the plane, there are 634 runways where it could potentially have landed.

They are spread from as far north as Pakistan, to as far south as the west coast of Australia or even Japan.

Other remote locations include Micronesia, Mongolia and the Maldives.

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  • Richard

    Those airfields are meaningless. Had the plane landed on anyone of them it would have been instantly known. If it had landed at all, anywhere on land unnoticed, (very unlikely) then possibly the Tibetan plateau or the Gobi desert but not on an airfield.

    • John

      Let me toss this out for discussion: The Malaysian flight was shot down by an unknown country using either a fighter jet (most likely) or a surface to air missile. Once the aircraft left its route it became hostile. Think 911.
      Whatever country terminated Flight MH370, perhaps India, is not about to go public because of the international outcry.

      • Vinay Sangareddy

        India has 1.3 Billion population, people will be everywhere and nothing can be done in secret. there are about 2.5 million boats or ships go into sea every day. if India has shot down. it will be in news the very next hour. so dont blabber.

        • disqus_khJq6RQTea

          Pretty naive -

      • Richard

        The Malaysian flight continued on its flight for several hours and the two flight tracks have now been tracked – it was not shot down by anyone. Certainly not by India.
        It seems to have been done by the pilot – the senior pilot. He was divorced. His family left the previous day to the flight, He attended a court hearing of the opposition leader the previous day and was very upset. Maybe pilot suicide.
        None of the crew or passengers used their mobile phones to alert anyone. The chances are they were all disabled or killed. The simplest way was to depressurise the aircraft – all possible from the cockpit by a skilled pilot.

        • disqus_khJq6RQTea

          Richard – you have a grasp of this – family and islam going south – there you go. Now the outcome will really be interesting.
          You sound like a pilot

        • Fox

          When you depressurize the plane , the oxygen generators deploy….Oh yea , forgot about those..

          • abinc

            Not at 45,000 ft.

  • Joan Of Argghh!

    Girlfriend, get updated:

    Check out the long history of the sodomy trials against Anwar, and the world’s elites’ political need for Malaysia to appear as a moderate Islamic democracy.

  • Steve

    What about the satellite that – unknown to just about everybody – was quietly being pinged by the Boeing electronics on the aircraft every hour for a few hours after it went missing before finally stopping. If there was some secret landing somewhere wouldn’t that pinging have continued?

    • Vinay Sangareddy

      absolutely. it definitely crashed. on earth or in sea

      • John

        You are exactly right, sir. MH370 did crash on land or sea. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that it may have been brought down by military action.
        Think about it: A commercial jet has veered off course, gone into ‘stealth’ mode and has embarked towards an unknown destination. Then, as now, nobody knows who is in control of the aircraft. No time to get the UN involved, the Malaysian authorities are still running around with their heads inserted in a bodily orifice. Certainly it could be a planned suicide by the pilot but it could also be an impending act of terrorism.
        MH370 must be terminated.

    • Richard

      Not if/ when the engines were switched off. The pinging was not done by Boeing but by the aircraft engines to the Immarsat satellite hence the two tracks from the pings.

  • Aviator

    If you superimpose the red satellite ping lines over these 634 airports, the number of airports within maybe 200-300 miles of this line is far far fewer than 634.

  • Jack Hammer

    Kind of makes you wonder about those all seeing eyes in the sky that can read the date off a stamp on an envelope at midnight in Griffin park.

  • chris wolf

    I watched ABC News tonight (LOL!) where reporter Pierre Thomas said it’s highly unlikely that deplane was taken in order to be used as a jihad flying bomb.
    These are the two reasons Thomas cited to support his sanguine conclusion:
    1) The hijackers had ample opportunity to crash deplane into cities, and;
    2) There’s no evidence the hijacking was associated with terrorism.
    I am serious. That is what ABC News’s Pierre Thomas said. End of subject.
    We’re in trouble.

  • Gertrude

    On the Car Nicobar Island, in lower right area is an air strip which estimates to be about 7,000 feet long.

    • Patriot1

      Too busy, active & Populated….but there is one that is NOT shown on the maps, NE side Adaman island, long enough, no radar or full time presence approach over water, very little population, natives, no major road access…no regular plane use….etc…etc…

  • Albert M. Bliss

    The 239 passengers and crew just might stuck in hanger in Sri Lanka where the plane just might have refueled to enable exended low slow flight. The plane definitely could have landed, discharged the passengers and gone airborne again during the night and no one would have been alarmed. Someone should check for participants in this scheme who are locals and knowledgeable.

  • Oriol

    So many planes vanished along the years… i found a map of all of them: