Boeing Source: Missing Plane in Pakistan


A source at Boeing that the company believes the plane did land in Pakistan …. and this according to the Langley (CIA) Intelligence Network:

Malaysia Pakistan

“Boeing Source: Missing Plane in Pakistan,” Lignet ^ | March 17, 2014, 5:30 p.m. 

The Malaysian government reportedly is investigating the possibility that missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 avoided radar detection and landed in Pakistan near the Afghanistan border inside Taliban-controlled territory, according to the UK Independent . . . investigators confiscated a homemade flight simulator from the pilot’s home to see if it reveals any useful information . . . the Malaysian foreign minister told reporters that Malaysia asked several Asian countries for assistance in its investigation, including Pakistan . . . Pakistan dismissed the idea that a Boeing 777 could land undetected inside the country but promised to work with the Malaysian government in its search for the missing plane . . . a LIGNET analyst received information from a source at Boeing that the company believes the plane did land in Pakistan . . . Israel is taking the possibility of a terrorist attack seriously by mobilizing air defenses and scrutinizing approaching civilian aircraft, according to the Times of Israel . . . a Boeing 777 requires a lengthy, 7,500-foot runway, and Pakistan has many of them, meaning Flight 370 could conceivably be hidden in a hangar inside the country . . . U.S. surveillance of the area may be able to shed light on the theory through satellite imagery or signals intelligence.


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  • Howard Rosenberg

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    Dear friends,

    Rabbi Rosenberg has published his new book: A teacher’s guide on Holocaust (please see a synopsis below). Although this topic is widely used in US and Western Europe, there are still a lot of misunderstandings, biases and stereotypes. While few remaining witnesses of these horrible events getting older and fewer, more rumors and deniers emerge, even within J. community. The deniers-conformists-revisionists-opportunists-“comfortmists” (“comfortmists”) typically did not loose anyone and spent WWII at quiet happy homes. Thus, they are saying that it is time to forget and forgive. Our response should be “Never!”

    The Holocaust is a modern extremely tragic, multifaceted, and complex Bible’s scale story and that why appropriate good books (like written by Rabbi Dr. Rosenberg), films, plays, music is so important. Just do not overexploit the topic and don’t transform this sacred topic into another Broadway/Hollywood musicals as some careerists and entrepreneurs have already tried. Be respectful to those 6 mln perished.

    I know that Holocaust topic is especially close to Rabbi Rosenberg’s heart and to mine also since we are both descendants of in fact Holocaust survivors (and very possible victims) and anti-Nazi fighters. We understand that survival of our parents and few other relatives in that horrible time in Europe during WWII depended on hours/minutes/locations, right/wrong decisions, family/community/friend support, and also on their own will and luck. We also understand that current fight with Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism and anti-patriotism with various defamations and distortions are vitally important for national and world civilizations’ survival.

    We know that Rabbi Dr. Rosenberg is a profound scholar, author of several exciting books, numerous interesting articles and countless clarifying/fighting letters. Yet, his professional interests and passion never obscure his vision of concrete people and their needs as well as J. traditions, realities and prospective, both positive and negative ones. Rabbi Rosenberg, is a true fighter for justice, principles and individuals human rights, frequently at expense of his own happiness and comfort. All members of his congregation, many other NJ residents and communities owe him a great piece of respect for his Mitzvahs and deeds. Careers, income, success-yes; most of us care and appreciate this. But not at any expense, not by any means!

    Why do we discuss fate of king Saul who did not fulfill prophet Samuel’s order ~3,000 years ago? Why do we still remember Amaleks who assaulted the weakest J. refugees from Egypt ~3,500 years ago? Why do we read each year again and again the same Bible’s stories rather than forget and forgive? And, BTW, Christians and Muslims are reading the same story, watching the same films, discussing the same topics.

    We still read and believe Bible’s stories probably because they sound trustful and like contemporary ones, reminding similar recent events conducted by modern “Amaleks” with much more stunning cruelty and scale. We also do this probably because we are learning based on this classical examples and are teaching our children and grandchildren. This how Bible has worked and respected for millenniums. So, why should we forgive utmost cruelty and forget our close ones who perished just 70 years ago in unimaginable pain with their families: parents and children, weak and strong, intellectuals and simple, reach and poor-all together, betrayed, forgotten, tricked and misled, unable to fight and conveniently defined as “victim of circumstances”?

    Some “experts” say that enemy’s “descendants” should not be responsible and deserve mercy. I tend to agree under the following conditions: they acknowledged and stopped doing crimes; remorseful; they rectified/purged themselves and compensated losses (at least to some extent). Post WWII Germany and Japan have successfully gone through this practical procedure, which as far as I know just follows Bible-Talmudic rules and common sense. Examples with Nazi’s descendants who converted to Judaism due to their repentance and live in Israel just confirm this classical approach. One can’t revise history for hse’s current needs w/o loosing the key points and lessons.

    Another “example” is Joseph who finally forgave his brothers’ betrayal. The “comfortmists” again cite just a convenient part of their story. A full story includes Joseph’s success and brothers’ guilt’s acknowledgement, remorse and “compensation” (e.g., they brought their elderly father, Jacob, to Joseph and acknowledged Joseph’s seniority). I’m not sure how Joseph would have behaved if some/ALL (?!) of the above conditions had not worked out (e.g., the brothers had not been sincerely remorseful and/or had continued their intrigues and sabotages; and/or Joseph had been a slave with miserable life and grim future for his family and himself). Forgiving/forgetting/ignoring active scoundrels / perpetrators / fugitives has been proven extremely dangerous.

    No doubt that Rabbi Dr. Rosenberg’s new book will be a helpful tool for those who want to fight bigotry and defamation. I would suggest to invite this outstanding scholar and a person of great dignity for presentation of his insights in the most horrifying points of our history, e.g., during Holocaust remembrance in April-May. Sure it would be helpful to many decent members.



    Dr. David E. Verbitsky

  • logdon

    Pakistan dismissed the idea that a Boeing 777 could land undetected inside the
    country ……

    In the same way they detected Bin Laden?

    • James Lovelace

      Pakistan is a terrorist state. Period.

      That’s how it was created. Mawdudi, the man who inspired Khomeini, Qutb, etc. is from Pakistan. Take out those killed in wars, and there are more victims of islamic terrorism in Pakistan than anywhere else in the world. The country with the next highest number of such victims? India, the country neighboring Pakistan.

      Instead, the western media focus on Israel, even when a member of the IDF farts. But the media ignore the massive muslim terrorism in Pakistan, India, and Thailand (the northern neighbor of Malaysia).

      • logdon

        I agree and there are thousands and thousands of them in the West.

        No one trusts them anymore and that’s on top of an already stinking reputation for cheating, lying, bad payment and fraud.

        Now add violence, an absolute refusal to integrate, rape of teens and minors, terrorist threat and act and there you are.

        They now spout out the usual islamophobia nonsense and people just shrug.

        Only the greasy politicians of both right and left stripe seem to defend them and I detect the groundshoots of an awareness even amongst that lot.

        • Pazuzu

          Remember what yassar arafat was always saying with his monkey-faced grin, “We only want peece, it is the izra-ale-eez who don’t want peace,” while standing in front of a still smoldering building the religion of peace just blew up.

        • guesto3

          With Obama placing them or attempting to in very high places in this country.

          • guesto3

            Next in SCOTUS to integrate Sharia Law.

      • Pazuzu

        … AND the “massive muslim terrorism” across the ENTIRE Earth.

    • Softly Bob

      Don’t trust Pakistan. This is a rogue state run by Muslim scumbag liars.

  • IndigoRed

    I don’t subscribe to the hijack theory, believing there was more likely a cockpit fire disabling the electronics, but I won’t get into that. However…

    If the 777 was hijacked, there are essentially only two destinations – Somalia and Pakistan. Both share the same initial route. Pakistan would require flying very low over water to avoid Indian radar and a military air response. It is somewhat beyond the range of the 777 with the detour around the southern tip of India, but with one engine turned off and reduced speed, careful flight management might have got the plane to Pakistan. If the 777 is indeed in Pakistan, the next time we see the plane will possibly/probably be with a nuclear device on board, Israel the probable target. However…

    Pakistan International Airlines owns all three Boeing 777 designs – three 777-200ER (Extended Range), two 777-200LR (Longer Range) and three 777-300ER. Stealing a plane from Malaysia seems more complex than necessary when a local plane could have been used with far less attention and without the hassle of 239 passengers that need to be cared for or eliminated.

    • keyesforpres

      The pilots were muslim. They were just doing their jihadi duty…don’t ya know!

    • Commieobamie

      No. If islamos use a hijacked plane, they the world won’t be able to blame any islamo country for the murders, only the “rogue islamos”. Definition of “rouge islamo” : ANY islamo moslim.

    • jusmeagain

      Not if they wanted to establish that they could do it and get away with it. Just like we wrote off the WTC bombing as amateurish, we would be fools not to follow Israel’s lead. We are, after all, the Big Satan.

    • guesto3

      Could be testing a dry run in order to see just what they could get away with in the future…..using a model they are familiar with….without detection of one of their own or wasting one of their own.
      Wonder why, if pilot/s was planning some kind of suicide mission in the area in which searchers are now looking, they wouldn’t have simply used a flight from Malaysia to Australia rather than have to go through all the gymnastics of a sharp turn backwards, etc.

    • Zakk Sinurge

      so riddle me this the 239 passengers u pass off as care for or eliminate are the weapon
      terrrorists fly this plane carrying 30 chineese 3 american and 22 other nations people on board they fly it to isreal and dare isreal to shooot down chineese iranian and american civilians

      I guess my point is those passengers are worth more to them then your careing to see or let on what sort of diplomatic nightmare will it be if say the us has to shoot down those civilians?

      as far as radar goes you dont have to dodge radar if abdul hamza derka derka is manning the radar tower for you
      Remember this is pakistan the one place in the world osama bin ladin found freedom

      Boeing tracks those engines independantly of the airlines they leaked/said it landed in pakistan why say that ? just for fun?

      • IndigoRed

        Frankly, I don’t even understand your comment enough to reply cogently.

      • ATrober

        Ascend to 45,000′, depressurize the cabinet, vwalla, zero resistance inside the plane.

        Then, use the *plane* for reasons TBD.

        • IndigoRed

          The 777 series is flight qualified for 48,000 ft. though not recommended because of icing on the wings and in the fuel line. The plane does not depressurize at 45,000 ft., the report that it does in poppycock.

          • ATrober

            It depressurizes if the pilot does just that.

          • IndigoRed

            Indeed, that can happen, but not because of X altitude.

            Cabin depressurization was the cause of the Helios Airways Flt 522 crash in 2005. That wasn’t intentional though. The crew went through the procedure of shutting off buss circuitry. They thought they’d found the problem in an air circulation system and went about the flight. They were wrong.

            It’s interesting the Helios flight lost comm capability after 20 minutes. The current Malaysian flight went comm dark after 26 minutes.

    • ATrober

      The fire option has to be ruled out. At first, protocol was violated by the pilots if they didn’t tell ground control. Second, it only takes a second to do that while tending to whatever needs to be done fighting the fire.

      On the other hand, it’s now clear the plane was (a) PRE-programmed to turn EXACTLY on the border of Malaysia/Vietnam airspace, (b) it turned EXACTLY under flight SIA68, then (c) disappeared from radar.

      Where it disappeared, somewhere nearby, should be debris. Instead, the plane was *confirmed* to fly north or south per the Immersat arc.

      SIA68’s flight path is on Programming the same flight path (the pilot has that info), MA370 could’ve stayed behind SIA68 over/above until in the “ik-stan” airspace, peeled off and landed.

      A devout Muslim pilot with confirmed resistance involvement just committing suicide makes less sense everyday w/ more info coming out about SIA68 theory.

  • Mackie

    Where is a plane like the SR 71 blackbird when you need it? The retired jet could photograph an area of 100,000 square miles plus in a few hours. Todays cameras are beyond sophistication of that era with digital technology that can read a license plate from 60,000 plus feet. Do we have such assets out there mapping the suspected area or not?

    • Commieobamie

      The U.S. HAS the capability to read a license plate from space 22,600 feet. It’s easy to detect a plane. Have had that capability since the 1970’s. Today’s satellites have even better, more precise cameras.

      • Mackie

        Experts say the better pixel photography still rests with aircraft photography with the comparable equipment. The SR 71 was retired in 98′ and many still say it is a missed asset. Though the cameras can be put in other supersonic aircraft today that are cheaper to operate overall. .

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  • Mary2333

    It will be an EMP bomb to turn the lights off. The question is, who is helping them stay off the grid? (What difference does it make? It exposed treason in the White House…)

    • rootvg

      Someone at the top was helping them. Almost for sure.

      We could track the spacecraft coming back from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions but lost a triple seven in the Far East? It’s stupid to even suggest such a thing. We know better.

      What’s coming is a world war. Finally, something’s happened that’s hitting us right in the face. Let us hit them with a tactical nuke and we’ll just see how quickly they fold up their tent.

      • ATrober

        With Progressives in power, the U.S. will get nuked or EMP’d and they’ll come out apologizing for the U.S. causing it.

  • LaughHammer

    I am surpised that they’re aren’t talking more about the 20 or so employees or Texas based contractors from the company named Freescope (I think it is). There were some from Malaysia and some from China that are working on radar eluding programming for defense contractors in the aeronautical engineering field. It was mentioned only briefly when they first talked about the passengers on the news, but that has been squashed since then.

    • Molly

      Yes, that information has never been mentioned in context.

  • Molly

    They know where it is and there is a news blackout

    • ATrober


      No need to cause a stir if it can be avoided.

  • Dolph Ramey

    There has to be an easier way of stealing a jumbo jet. 2 crazy Malay Muslims in the cockpit, crusing into an area easy to become invisible in, then flying to Pakistan in the wash of other commercial jets?

  • Stillwitty

    My….and why would we doubt any statements from our good friends in Pakistan…

    • ATrober

      because we PAY them to be our friends.

      Sounds like they’d be loyal then, right?

  • Emily Ann

    the same Pakistan we fund the sh!t out of AND they have nukes…

  • Zakk Sinurge

    the fact the us sent exactly 1 air plane to help search the south indian ocean screams its not going to be found in that area it also screams the plane is in pakistan to me
    I believe weve known since the day it went missing

  • ATrober

    Well, Pakistan says they didn’t see it. So, I guess we’re on the wrong track, right?

    • daniel

      just like they never saw bin laden too. lol

  • A_to_Z

    The Republicans and Democrats have gradually been laying down legislation over the years in a manner to allow them to seize control of the country and run it under martial law. All they need is a reason to do so and allowing terrorists to explode a atomic weapon above a American city would give them a reason. A far more worrisome problem would be a series of emp weapons as several nuclear based emp weapons exploded in the atmosphere would render every single item that uses electronics as nonfunctional. That would mean, overnight, no cars, trucks, trains, jets, farm tractors, electricity, computers, or anything else. Food would run out at every grocery store within a week or less. We are looking at overnight transferring the U.S. population into a Mad Max scenario, which is far more dangerous than exploding a conventional nuke.