Muslim Cabbie in California gets 6 years in prison for providing aid to Islamic terror group

A Muslim cabdriver was sentenced Friday to six years in prison for his role in a broader San Diego-based conspiracy to provide material and logistical support to the Islamic terrorist group, al-Shabaab. Another US Muslim cabble convicted of supporting jihad. Only 6 years? This is treason, aiding and abetting the enemy in their singular goal to topple and destroy the United States of America. He should be at GITMO, and his family sent back to Somalia. He was part of a jihad cell that included an ….. imam.

Ahmed Nasir Taalil Mohamud did not act alone. He was part of a jihad cell here in America that included an imam (yes, another imam), other cab drivers, and a sharia finance Muslim. All of them, and their imam, getting Islam “wrong” in the exact same way as millions upon millions of other Muslims. Uh, who exactly is getting it wrong? Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 4.17.33 PM

Cabdriver Gets Six Years in Conspiracy to Aid Al-Shabaab by Abha Shankar  •  Feb 3, 2014 at 12:53 pm

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