“Hundreds” of Syrian “refugees” arriving in North Jersey, thousands more expected


The only Syrians we should be allowing into this country are the Christian Syrians who are being slaughtered en masse by jihadist forces. Who is vetting these Syrian Muslims? Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood picks at the DoS? How many of these “refugees” are battle-hardened jihadists? Hostile invaders?

“Syrians by the ‘hundreds’ arriving in North Jersey, thousands more expected in 2015 and 2016″ By Ann Corcoran, February 21, 2014

“Hundreds?” Well, how could that be I wondered, since we are constantly reminded that the unwelcoming US has only admitted a hundred or so Syrian refugees.  It turns out that “hundreds” of those being granted ‘temporary protected status‘ are choosing to go to established Syrian communities, like those in North Jersey, to be with their people.

I continually find it amusing that no one ever questions the desire of ‘immigrants’ to congregate with their ethnic and religious groups in certain sections of cities or states, yet if any people of European background (you or me) would say I want to live with my kind of people we would be excoriated by the diversity-is-beautiful crowd as racist, rednecked boobs!  But, I digress.

Mahmoud Alzouabi, one of the stars of this story, traveled to Jordan with his wife and 8 kids and got a visa to the US. How did he pull that off when several hundred thousand others couldn’t? CARMINE GALASSO/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Back to North Jersey and the Syrians.  Emphasis below is mine.  From North Jersey.com:

Syrians fleeing war and devastation in their homeland have settled in North Jersey by the hundreds since turmoil broke out three years ago. While family members, houses of worship and a social services agency offer support, many struggle to find work, afford housing and deal with grief amid harrowing experiences in war.

Then we hear about the first star of the story (there are always the sad tales in these articles designed to pull the heartstrings of your unwelcoming racist heart!):

Mahmoud Alzouabi, a 42-year-old Syrian refugee now living in Paterson, fled to a refugee camp in Jordan before getting a U.S. visa. Alzouabi saw a close friend shot to death at a demonstration.  [So how did this man with his family, of all the “refugees” arriving in Jordan get a visa to America?—ed]

They want to be with Syrians:

Drawn to North Jersey by long-established Syrian-American communities, many arrive with little more than the clothing they are wearing and with bitter memories of the life-threatening conditions that drove them from their homes.


The Syrians who have come to North Jersey are largely unrecognized as they blend into Arab-American neighborhoods in a diverse state that is home to more than 9,000 Syrian-Americans, according to the Census Bureau.

Thousands being approved to stay in US under ‘Temporary Protected Status’ but as we have reported here at RRW over the years—no one ever goes home!  Just ask the over 100,000 Salvadorans here “temporarily!”  It is a joke.  However, unless they can figure out some fraudulent way to do it, those on TPS are not allowed to dip into welfare (maybe in Maine!) while refugee status confers on those lucky people a whole array of social services.

The United States offers financial aid and transitional help to Syrians who are accepted into its refugee resettlement program, but only 108 Syrians have been officially designated as refugees. Many others are stymied by stringent U.S. security concerns over people arriving with no identification papers. Others face a high legal barrier in the requirement that they prove they are victims of persecution and not merely people displaced by war.

Many of the Syrian refugees have arrived with visitor’s visas and extended their stays, legally, through what is known as temporary protective status, which allows them to get Social Security numbers and authorizes them to find employment.

No work!  (Someone please tell Grover that there are LEGAL Syrians over here looking for work!):

With temporary protected status, he has work authorization and a Social Security number, but he cannot find work. He [another star of the story—ed] applied for health care coverage but did not understand the responses he got. His wife is eight months pregnant.

“Everything is difficult here. Everything is complicated. There’s no help,” said Askar, who has applied for refugee status, fearing religious persecution back home.

They want refugee status so they can get taxpayer-support!

Syrians who are granted asylum are eligible for help from programs funded by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement, including cash and medical assistance, job preparation and placement and English-language training. But only 108 Syrians have been granted official refugee status by the U.S.

TPS numbers:

Most have come to this country as visitors and stayed. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has accepted 5,261 applications for temporary protected status from Syrians already in the U.S., approving 2,038 of those and denying 59; the rest are pending. Of those, 335 applications came from Syrians in New Jersey; 150 were approved, three denied and the rest are pending.

Big rush of Syrians expected in US in 2015 and 2016.  Will Mr. Open Borders himself, Chris Christie, be welcoming them on the tarmac at Newark’s Liberty International airport?

With no end in sight to  the war, more Syrians can be expected to arrive in North Jersey. The U.S. government expects to receive thousands of referrals for resettlement from the United Nations’ refugee agency in 2014, with arrivals expected in 2015 and 2016, according to the State Department. It is not known how many will be accepted.

Some elected officials and human rights groups have called for the U.S. to do more and take in 15,000 Syrians refugees. According to news reports, the Obama administration expects to take in only as many as 2,000.

For years we watched the media drumbeat to bring in the Iraqis (and they are coming by the tens of thousands now) and henceforth we will see one story after another, like this one, as the media and the open borders movement builds their Syrian “refugee” PR campaign.  And, just watch, even if their ‘civil war’ ends before 2015, the flood gates to Syrian refugees will be open and they will keep coming (just as the Iraqis are still coming to this day)!

Addendum:  Check out the story we posted recently about one Syrian family getting into the US via Cuba, here.  They too are in North Jersey.

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  • Ajay

    God u r allowing these people who will never blend into your culture and will someday do jihad against you, right in your own soil with your own welfare funds !

    • dad1927

      Islam constantly chews away at the pillars of freedom. Now they want the pledge of allegiance killed

    • gregzimmerman007

      It should be OBVIOUS to all non-liberals just what Obama is trying to do to this country. He is setting up the USA for a Muslim takeover. Once we learn that the guards at the FEMA camps are all Muslim, then we are going to definitely have to worry. Those places should be the first place where the militia breaks out against the government, and NOT in D.C.

  • Guest

    Bill Pascrell has been promoting this. A traitor who has the biggest muslim population which equates to votes and power. Pascrell while in Washington closes a blind eye to the cesspool he is creating in N.J..

  • Clare

    Thank you for the rest of the valuable information at Refuge Resettlement Watch as well; I really appreciate your research and direction.

  • Nelson Stanley

    KEEP Moslems out of America !!

    • Lee Joseph Mitchell

      Uh, yeah, that’s illegal. It’s a violation of the 1st amendment and there are numerous USSC precedents applying to discrimination to citizens–born or naturalized, or legal residents.

      • Nelson Stanley

        If a MOSLEM believes in Sharia Law he or she is against EVERYTHING this nation stands for !! We DO NOT do Sharia in this country. You believe in Sharia ?? Get the fuck OUT !!

      • minted

        Won’t be much longer…! You can shave your beard and return to normality.

        • gregzimmerman007

          Exactly, minted. This guy has just returned from Syria as an al-Qaeda fighter I bet. But, because he is not being too discerning (or not wanting to be too discerning) Obama is letting al-Qaeda into the country and all the other Muslims, too.

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            You really are a moron, sir. I was born in OR and have never technically left the country.

          • minted

            Hmmm… yeah, keep blowing smoke up someone else’s arse, Abdul.

        • Lee Joseph Mitchell

          Who’s going to have to shave their beard? Hell, I have a beard down to my chest now. I have the right as a an American to pray in Arabic, to sport a beard, to wear traditional Muslim almost anywhere I please, accept in the military.

          And you’ll never be able to take that away from me ;)

          • minted

            YES we will! Soon in the near future Islam will be banned exactly like other fascist totalitarian movements were banned before it. You live in an imaginary assumption that you can do whatever you like under the mantle of your pedo-cult. Evil is evil and will be dealt with accordingly.

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            There are over 40 years of legal precedents protecting Islam in the work place alone, not to mention that decades protecting its adherents’ rights to wear hijab everywhere accept in the military. You’d literally have to rescind the 1st amendment. Good look, asshat.

          • famouswolf

            Trouble is, I don’t consider the 1st Amendment covers asshats like you, muzzie. After all, you want sharia, so you can be dealt with according to your beliefs, not any humane ones. I don’t have any problem with that at all.
            We’ll see who is standing when the smoke clears.

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            I don’t want Sharia, in fact most Muslims that immigrated here don’t want it, either; which is precisely why they left.

            And you don’t get to pick and chose who’s a citizen, and to which of those citizens the 1st amendment-or any right, for that matter-applies.

          • famouswolf

            We’ll see about that.
            Actually I DO have a say about who’s a citizen, pal. A taqqiya practicing moslem ape saying the sh*t you do means nothing at all to me.
            You ain’t welcome in my country.

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            Actually, in my case, you DON’T have a say. I was born to two US citizens (non-Muslims, btw) and have nothing more than a couple speeding tickets, which are immaterial anyway.
            And I don’t think the Natives really wanted you here, either, but look, here you rot.

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            Tough shit, by the way. Just because YOU DON’T think I’m covered by the constitution, doesn’t mean decades of precedents say otherwise. Now who’s the asshat that thinks he can deny to whom he wills the inalienable rights of this country?

          • minted

            Lol! You will all be flogged and skinned alive. You can always file a complaint after that…. Muslims are not human beings. Satanic entities have no human rights.

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            perhaps unfortunate for you, we are equally covered by the constitution, no matter what bigots like you may fancy ;)

          • minted

            And you are such a wonderful, non bigoted human being who just loves stoning of women, sodomy, zoophilia, incest, throwing gays off high buildings, decapitating people for no other reason than thinking different, legalized rape and abuse of women, persecution and preferably genocide of anyone who doesn’t bend to the Koran. Thanks for being such a “light” to the world!

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            I haven’t done any of those things. So are we at all times responsible for what other coadherents do? Are you therefore a child-molesting, cousin-screwing, abortion doctor-killing, Jew-hating, funeral-protesting Christian?

            I’m guessing probably not.

            Bigotry, hatred and murder in the name of ANY RELIGION is quite simply still bigotry, hatred and murder.

      • dad1927

        Their allegiance is to islam and sharia. That makes them inadmissible. They cannot truly swear allegiance to the USA

        • DB1954

          First of all, Obama has only granted them temporary asylum. The problem is that in a few years Democrats are going to start demanding that we make them citizens. It’s almost inevitable once they’re here. And that’s what Obama wants–to flood this country with people from every conceivable alien culture on earth–including culturally hostile FREAKS like Muslims. That’s because Obama–just like his old buddies Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, and his “beard” wife, Michelle, HATE whites. Obama isn’t just a racist; he’s a GAY racist. He blames all the world’s troubles on those “greedy,” racist, white (heterosexual) men (aka the Anglo-Saxon ‘capitalists’) that held ‘his people’ in chains (over a 150 years) ago. Moochelle Obama oozes hate and venom for whites from every pore. You can look in her eyes and see the hate. That’s one angry black woman, and she considers her position as FLOTUS as ‘pay back’ to all those white people she hates.

          • arcturus

            “His people” as you state it, possibly were involved in the slave trade, themselves, and I doubt if he had any ancestors that were slaves, as he is not African black, but muslim brown.

        • arcturus

          Numerous places I have written the same thing. Many of them have publicly said that they are not accountable to any laws than that of sharia. When they take an oath of citizenship, what are they swearing that oath on? The koram, I’ll bet. They cannot assimilate and be good muslims. Fight global swarming.

      • gregzimmerman007

        Newby. Nothing in the first amendment says anything about immigrants and citizenship. You must be clueless.

      • DB1954

        WHAT is illegal? When it comes to immigration Congress can do any damn thing it wants.The 1st Amendment says that CONGRESS cannot pass a law making speech criminal. Another section says that Congress can’t pass a law establishing a religion or preventing citizens from the free exercise of religion. And another part says that Congress can’t pass a law that makes it a crime for the press (the media) to print or say something. Where do you find support for your ignorant notion that Congress can’t keep foreigners out of the US? There’s no right to US citizenship or asylum either.

      • MacFly1

        The Nazi’s practiced a pagan religion and they weren’t allowed in, not because they were pagans but because of their hatred and violence. Islam is the new Nazism.

        The 1st Amendment says:

        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

        • minted

          The NUMBER ONE worry the founding fathers expressed when the amendment for freedom of religion was created, was that future generations would misunderstand it and be lenient to Islam and apply that freedom to Islam.

          How about that? They tried to assess the risk of the evil cult even then.

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            Treaty of Tripoli, signed by the second POTUS in 1798:

            “Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,—as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims],—and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan [Muslim] nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.”

  • Gayle

    Our government is completely out of control. Gov’t practices are in general completely unconstitutional. Removal of “Bill Pascrell” is only a good start.

  • http://earnalot.org/ EarnaLot

    America is arming and financing the terrorists in Syria and is the root cause of the refugees from Syria so should take them ALL

    • DB1954

      No, we should cut off the aid, deport the Muslims, and bring in the Christians.

      • Lee Joseph Mitchell

        How do you suspend civil rights based on religious freedoms when those civil rights protect religious freedom.

        • Betty4440

          really religion? this is a cult in real time.

        • gregzimmerman007

          U.S. civil rights don’t apply to non-citizens, meaning refugees numbnuts.

          And religious freedoms are in the U.S. Constitution which also applies ONLY to U.S. citizens and NOT refugees and immigrants.

          The USA can do what it wants with immigrants/foreigners who are here illegally and typically the Law states that they are to be deported.

          The reason these people have been permitted to be here is because the POTUS has made a special case for them.

          However, the point DB1954 has made is:

          WHY THE HECK HASN’T HE BROUGHT IN THE CHRISTIANS when they are the greatest proportion of the refugees which have left Syria?

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            How do we decide which immigrants to refuse? It’s quite easy to say, “I’m not Muslim”. People lie all the time, it’s a trait common to far-right.

          • DB1954

            Lee, jeezus what a numbnuts you are. CONGRESS decides who comes to this country. Congress can do ANY DAMN thing it likes when it comes to immigration. You see, Congress makes the LAWS! Congress makes the immigration laws. Now that we’ve answered your unbelievably bone-headed question, I’ll attempt to explain the other misconception: The immigration and naturalization authorities have a million ways to go about finding information about individuals and groups who come apply for entry this country. With regard to individuals, did you know when a foreigner applies for citizenship based on a claimed marriage to an American citizen, ICE (formerly INS) agents interview both parties to the alleged marriage. Guess what? Those INS agents have methods and questions of finding out who is telling the truth and who isn’t. Typically, they schedule separate interviews with the couple. ICE agents ask them dozens if not hundreds of questions, and they can demand a second, third, forth, or more interviews with either or both would-be spouse. ICE agents find fraudulent marriages every single day at every ICE office in this country. ICE can and does deport liars when they catch them lying–whether or not the marriage is legitimate. Whether a foreigner is seeking temporary or pemanent asylum or citizenship, the burden is on the foreign applicant to PROVE everything he or she tells ICE. One lie, just one, will get them deported, and it happens hundreds of times every single day. If ICE has means of determining whether an applicant is lying about matters pertaining to marriage, don’t you think they’d know or could know when people are lying about religion? ICE may not catch all liars, but they definitely catch well over 98 %. You’re really just not very bright, if you think ICE cannot know when someone is lying. They’ve been doing that for centuries, and they ARE law-enforcement agencies.

        • DB1954

          First of all, the Muslims Obama has let come to this country are here because O’Zero granted them TEMPORARY ASYLUM. That’s not a status that gives them the full protection of the Constitution because they are not yet citizens nor do they have permanent residency status. As long as they remain here as temporary guests, the US government CAN deport them. You’re assuming that the whole world has the full protections of the US Constitution. They don’t. SOME constitutional protections are reserved for US citizens. You’d know that if you were a lawyer, or if you had been paying attention in US history class in high school, but you weren’t. It shows … boy.

  • RCCA

    Unfortunately they get homesick and that’s when they turn to religion and get fanatical about it.

  • dan schmanski

    living nightmare

  • dan schmanski

    where are the persecuted christians

    • dad1927

      Dead by the hands of our new “guests”

    • DB1954

      Zero considers Syrian Christians as the persecutors–never the persecuted.

  • Andy

    and what about those poor christians who are being slaughtered by the hundreds everyday, they should be the ones who we let in first wont be long till north jersey is turned into a hell hole just like parts of the uk cause thats what happens when these horrid people become the majority in the area they occupy

    • gregzimmerman007

      It’s simply because Obama does not see the Christian refugees worth saving over there.

      The fact that al-Qaeda “coincidentally” got the aid at the time the aid was supposed to be delivered to the refugees makes me really wonder if the government hadn’t placed that aid right into a “drop zone” for the al-Qaeda members, and then simply said it was “intercepted” or “stolen” or “retrieved” in error.

      Obama definitely is persuaded to help the Muslim peoples where he is not inclined to help the Christians.

  • Bob Nordberg

    First Obozo changes the law for terrorist coming to America…Then this!

    • DB1954

      The idea is to change the face of America. When you’re at war with white Americans, this is what you do.

      • Lee Joseph Mitchell

        Lol yes, it’s the global conspiracy to eradicate whites.

        • minted

          You mean like the global conspiracy to eradicate Christianity? There’s no more than 3% Christians left in the Middle East from all the slaughters lately. A lot of reality and very little conspiracy.

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            Lebanon alone has 35% Christians, Egypt hovers around 15%. Your facts are probably from Yemen or some other backwater part of the region.

          • minted

            No it’s from the Muslim dominated world. It’s your “facts” that are old and outdated.

            Also correction to my previous post. Christians make up 5% of total population and numbers are quickly going down (as is the numbers of other minorities):

            “Christianity in the middle east is characterized with its diverse beliefs and traditions compared to other parts of the old world. Christians now make up 5% of the population, down from 20% in the early 20th century.”

            They are not “down from 20%” because they have willingly converted.

            “Christians in the Middle East face continuous persecution and are often isolated…. Christians in the Middle East face many difficulties in terms of jobs, housing and equal rights.”


        • Betty4440

          one world as ordered.

          • DB1954

            Did Lee Joseph Mitchell just call his parents white trash? Oh but he’s not a racist either, I’m sure.

        • gregzimmerman007

          Lee, u jihadist, what do u know?

          U are a muslim looking to eradicate all other religions and that means ALL races which do not follow Sharia Law and Islam.

          Just because the USA let u back into the country once, doesn’t mean we’ll let u in a second time when u go back to fight in Syria.

          Face it, you are an extremist, Muslim terrorist and u are going to make one mistake after another in your life.

          You better tread carefully while u are back in this country because we have a much lower tolerance for criminals that does the Middle East.

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            How am I a Jihadist? And ‘let me back into the country?’. You really are a moron, you know that? I was born here and have never left the country. I’m Lebanese Catholic converted to Islam. I’m not looking to eradicate Christians, my Mother and Father are Christians. Why would I try to eradicate my own parents? White trash.

          • DB1954

            So you went retrograde, back to the stone ages? Would you mind if we asked you to take your dirty little religion of pedophiles and sodomites and get out of our country?

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            I assume you don’t know how to read? I was born here, I’m a US citizen, so this is my country, too. Our passports both bear the same nation.

          • DB1954

            I don’t give a damn where you were born or where you have citizenship. You don’t belong here. Do us a mutual favor and get out.

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            I rather like it here ;) And, there is nothing compelling me to leave.

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            Yeah, actually, I would, i was born here, so this IS my country.

          • DB1954

            I didn’t say it wasn’t YOUR country. I asked you if you’d mind if we asked you to take your filthy religion and yourself and get out of OUR country. And it is OUR country.

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            I guess I don’t really object to the request, as I have no reason to comply, nor do you have any way to compel me. It is in fact MY country, too :)

          • DB1954

            Because if you’re a Muslim you have a duty to engage in Jihad against your own country, fellow Americans, and possibly your own parents if you are called to do so. That you would deny that you have any such duty is merely a confession to your co-religionists in Islamic terrorist groups like Al-Queda that you’re an insufficiently zealous Muslim. I don’t know what they would do with you if you refused to kill your own parents or anyone else they might have in mind, but I can’t imagine they’d be very enthusiastic in supporting your form of independence or non-violent passivism

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            There are 5 pillars in Islam, Jihad is not one of them. It is also not compulsory, meaning, Jihad is bidah or “excess”. Also, Jihad doesn’t translate to holy war, it means a ‘grand effort’. The word for war is ‘harb’.

          • Lee Joseph Mitchell

            Quran 2:256 “There is no compulsion in religion”.

        • DB1954

          The conspiracy, if any, isn’t global. It’s in Washington, D.C. in the person of Barack Hussein Obama, a man (and his wife) at war with white Americans. Zero is a racist who comes from a family that was at war with the United States. Where do you think he gets those ideas about globalism or his patently racist views of America? Well duh ..He got them from his Marxist parents and/or Frank Marshall Davis, the racist and communist who raised him from age 10 to 18.

    • Betty4440

      Evil pure and simple there is some one else behind all this ob hasn’t time or brains to come up with some thing like this. he has to spend time in drought stricken Ca. playing golf. you know on the greens plus.

  • Tsarnaev

    Awesome! More muslim immigration. But I guess it’s a good thing because that fraud, Michael Savage, tells us in all his infinite wisdom that muslim piety, modesty and morality will save Europe and the West. This fanciful nonsense is so extremely naive and devastatingly dangerous that I don’t even know where to begin!

    Why must white Western Christian countries take in all the world’s muslim and third-world “refugees” and “cultural enrichers”? Why don’t the muslim countries take in their own filth? The guy was in Jordan so why can’t he stay there to be with his own people? What about big rich Dubai? Oh, I guess the muslim world is too busy obsessing about Israel and slaughtering Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and even their own fellow muslims.

    • DB1954

      I seriously doubt that Savage said that.

      • anotherjoeblogs

        more like A savage said that.

      • SoCalMitch

        I’m afraid Tsarnaev is right. Savage did say that. I almost crashed my car when he was said that. I was shocked and got so angry listening to Savage spewing this B.S.!

    • NoChip4Me

      Exactly, and now they are being allowed to come over here and the fun will start.

  • chris wolf

    al-bama and his tragic dupes Kerry, Clinton, Biden, etc bringing jihad to an America near you.

    • chris wolf

      This is the essential al-bama policy wherein which all else points.

    • Betty4440

      hey you for got the Bushes. they are in this up to their eye balls.

      • gregzimmerman007

        Betty = clueless.

        • NoChip4Me

          Betty is actually right. GWB signed the Patriot Act as well as got us into Iraq by lying. Read Paul Walman’s book, “Fraud”.

          The Bush’s are also a bunch of lying, murderous, scoundrels.

          You did not add to the discussion with that reply you simply used a bullying tactic of name calling like a first grader.

    • gregzimmerman007

      I can hardly believe the votes (and power) are so important to these politicians that they would TOTALLY SELL OUT their country for these (this). And I can hardly believe that they are able to pull the wool SO EASILY OVER they eyes of their sheeple followers!!

  • DB1954

    Zer0 deliberately missed an opportunity to protect Christians in Syria while at the same time welcoming thousands of Muslims to the United States. They’ll all vote Democrat when he issues the executive order granting them permanent asylum and American citizenship.

    • gregzimmerman007

      U know, the Liberals HAVE to have amnesty… not because they need the votes, but because it is the “right thing to do” for these squatters. yeah, right. *sarcasm*

      • NoChip4Me

        We have enough problems here in America with our economy and the real rate of unemployment………….my job was handed over to someone in India at 57 years of age and 16 annual “exceeds expectations” reviews.

        Leave the Middle Eastern Syrian Refugees over there and let’s concentrate on America’s problems.

      • DB1954

        It would have been the right thing to do to extend temporary if not permanent asylum in the US to Syrian Christians.

  • Whatsmyname2

    Patterson has been considered a rough area for a long time because of the angry blacks. Now it is turning into a little Mideast. You can get some very bad vibes there. I wonder how many of these refugees really see the USA as a refuge and not just another land to conquer? Even if they are victims of the war, won’t they resent the USA for supporting the war? Assad was the one defending the real victims and Assad has been declared the enemy by the USA.

    Instead of black inner city riots and crime, is it being turned over to Islamic ones? They seem to be laying kind of low for now, but what about when the balance tips some more? Will they decide to go on killing sprees and slaughter the Christians? Will they burn down churches and rape women in the streets?

    Chris Christie is no help. He even appointed a SHARIA LAW JUDGE to the SUPERIOR COURT OF PATTERSON. It is like they want to turn Patterson over to the Muslims.

    I really wonder how friendly these refugees are going to be because a lot of these asylum seekers are not friendly AT ALL.

    • Betty4440

      Cristie is another obama didn’t toy know that.

    • Betty4440

      I am sure you will soon find out how friendly when they can’t get every thing they want in a split second. off with you head. parents keep your children close. hey got an idea lets start teaching bulling because that is what we are going to face real soon.

    • gregzimmerman007

      What’s my name,

      Actually, Syria is a very complicated political landscape.

      The Christians are the sheep to be led to the slaughter no matter which Arab party is ruling. Islam is divided: the Sunni Muslim, Shi’ite and the Kurds.

      The Kurds are usually the lowest and just above the Christians, so that means the fight for top ruler(s) is usually between the Sunni and the Shi’ite.

      The Shi’ite is in the majority and the Sunni the minority in Syria. Most the time the Shi’ite have ruled the country until (I think) al-Assad’s grandfather took power and rule over the capitol.

      Many in the majority were not happy, but his grandfather created stability. Afterwards, the Shi’ite took over rule again.

      But thereafter, al-Assad, the grandson took over rule of the country once again meaning the minority party was again in charge.

      al-Assad again created stability, but many said it was at the expense of the people and a policy of creating an environment of open fear (like north Korea).

      He was a dictator who ruled with an iron fist, much like Kim Jung Un.

      He agreed to give a base to the Russians so that Putin could have a port in the Mediterranean.

  • tpellow
  • Maritimer

    A country that has rejected Christ will now be ruled by a ruthless religlion. God is not mocked.

  • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

    So, how many of these so called ‘refugees’ are actually Muslim terrorists? Obama is sitting in the White House right now, laughing his as* off at all of us.

  • gregzimmerman007

    How should we process their refugee status forms? take all the forms, keep the 10th form for every 1 through 10 forms which come in to be processed.

    Take the other 1st through 9th forms and run them through the shredder. If the 10th one is approved (and not denied) then put them on the taxpayer’s dollar.

    The others can re-apply every month until accepted. In the meantime, some of these applicants will ‘drop out’ and take to the streets. It’s unlikely they’ll get jobs so will become homeless.

    Since being homeless is unlawful, the police will pick them up to be processed (tried) for jail. Perhaps they’ll go in for three months the first time (and an extra month more for every time they end up homeless on the street in the future).

    Thus, they’ll end up in jail for three hots and a cot, and under the taxpayer’s dollar again.

    Hopefully in time they’ll learn English, get a job and become more independent, otherwise fly them back when the Syrian civil war is over.

    • NoChip4Me

      No I don’t want ANY of them over here. Read Ayaan Hirshi Ali’s books on what these folks do to their little girls and women.

      Obama should leave them over there. Why bring a culture that believes if you don’t convert to Islam they have the right to behead you.

      Pretty soon we are going to have public hangings from cranes, female genital mutilations on six year olds, pedophilia child brides and men banging goats.

      Leave them over there, unless they are Christian.

  • Gary Mccallum

    This is just great, so this must be Obamas plan to get more and more terrorist into our country plus this is also going to be taking away jobs from the American people and now we are going to have more and more people on welfare more gangs and so on and so on .. we have enough problems as it is and now we are going to have problems here that we have never had before … Impeach!!!!Impeach!!!

    • NoChip4Me

      Right you are and Obama is hell bent (pun intended) to ruin America. These Muslims will not blend in and in large numbers wreck havoc both crime wise and economically on any country they pile into.

      Let them fight it out, leave them over there.

    • DB1954

      At a minimum they trying to get as many people from hostile foreign cultures into the US as quickly possible The “multicultural” confusion that will result will confound that nasty old “white racists” to the max! That’s always the plan of Leftists like Obama.

  • joshuasweet

    and these are the ones with little compliance with the terrorist demands.

  • amuncat

    I believe it intentional to flood the US with foreigners, legal and otherwise, to dilute the American culture! It seems to be working….

    • DB1954

      It worked like a charm in Britain. The UK will soon be a Muslim nation after only 3 decades of mass Muslim immigration.

  • NoChip4Me


    Because I keep trying to tell everyone we have a foreign born Muslim President that does not like Christians or Jews.

    It’s not bad enough we have our own problems to contend with, this moron of a President wants to bring over more problems.

    Obama has planned in to allow between 50-100 MILLION MUSLIMS into America.

    The only ones we should be allowing in should be Christians as allowing in Muslims is going to result in utter chaos and carnage. They do not want to get along. They believe in their hearts that one either lives their way or they have the right to behead you and their culture does not and will not ever mix in well with our Western culture.

    Obama is simply the PR man for satan.

    The King of Saudi Arabia funded Obama’s education.

  • Mary Brown

    The USA is bankrupt, we can no longer keep supporting every crappy hellhole country around the world. Solve your own frigging problems instead of asking for a handout from us.

    • Sissy

      Yes, our economy has not improve, unemployment has not improve, WELFARE recipients is going high, LOTS of homeowners foreclosed their homes, and WHY we have all these problems and issues WHO to be blamed? Prez Clinton who approved OUTSOURCING jobs…while U.S.A people needs work and that is how the economy went down the tube to date… THERE IS NO WAY TO IMPROVE OUR ECONOMY UNLESS THE MINT JUST PRINT MORE GREENS AND DISTRIBUTE TO PEOPLE UNDER $30,000 INCOME!

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  • Mark McDonald

    Chris Hussein Christie, like Perry of Texas, does not have the greatest Governor record. Both states received a lot of stimulus money. Both governors favor Islam and Illegal Immigration. New Jersey is full of Illegal Muslims. New Jersey job market is still one of the worst in the country. Governor of News Jersey, Chris Hussein Christie says Obama is more concerned about being right than “getting things done.”

    • Sissy

      And who created problems of “terrorist”? U.S.A- should not allowing these people to come in the U.S.A…. and the agencies are monitoring and hacking people’s FB accounts and or social network accounts. WHILE people, constituent needs help, JUST as they fought so hard to protect this country and ALLOWING these people to come as a “FREELOADER”? While our veterans are suffering homelessness, starvation, and healthy issues of their own, over 600,000 vets…WOW, wtf!

      • Mark McDonald

        they are down sizing our military so they can pay these refugees to live here

  • Jane Smith

    Hey I have an idea. Lets all go out with a bucket and catch as many deadly poisonous snakes as we can find, bring them home and dump them out in the middle of the living room floor. Christians don’t behead people or cut out their hearts while they are still alive. I seriously doubt all of these are Christians.

  • Ranger_Ric

    As if the Marxist muslim 0bama was not already allowing enough radical muslim terrorists in this country through our southern border.

  • Sissy

    HERE WE GO AGAIN… we have already issues w/ economy, we already deported some ILLEGALS, and now this? ARE WE ALL THE SAME PAGE FOLKS? Cannot even take care the Vets of over 600,000 waiting for their benefits, and now WHAT? This country is really a Mr. Nice, Mr. U.S.A, and Mr. Gold Bar! I DISAGREE W/ THIS FREAKING DECISION BY OUR U.S GOVT OFFICIALS…and let the vets and other people homeless, starve, and die everyday? SUPPOSE TO BE “CHARITY BEGINS @ HOME”!

  • ted

    I am surprised Wilhelm is not volunteering to bring them to NYC.

  • arcturus

    “Drawn to North Jersey by long-established Syrian-American communities, many arrive with little more than the clothing they are wearing and with bitter memories of the life-threatening conditions that drove them from their homes.”

    Now they can recreate the life-threatening conditions over here.